#45 Paleo Organic Skincare with Trina Felber

Trina Felber, founder of primallifeorganics.com, talks to Leigh and Wendy about her totally primal skin care line. Why omit wheat, dairy, irritants, toxins and chemicals from your diet, only to allow them into your body via the skin from the products you use. They’re considered Paleo because they only use ingredients our primal ancestors had available to them from nature.

We are going to be talking about personal care products and why you seriously need to reevaluate the products you are putting on your body every day. They are likely harming your health and making you fat. That’s right, your shampoo is making you fat! Learn why on this podcast.


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About Trina Felber

Trina Felber, is the founder and Creator of Primal Life Organics. Trina is a mother of three, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, CrossFitter, and Paleo advocate and educator. By nature, she loves creating products that heal, sooth, mend and repair the body and soul.

About Primal Life Organics

primal life organicsPrimal Life Organics is organic, paleo, gluten-free, vegan skincare for 21st Century cavemen and women. Organic skincare and primal products with natural ingredients our primal ancestors could have used for their own skincare. The 21st Century Caveman is subjected to unique environmental elements and stressors and deserves organic skincare that does not add any toxins or chemicals directly into the body. It’s about the perfect balance and physical vitality. When you make the commitment to follow a paleo diet, they feel you should also make the commitment to follow a pale skincare regime.  Why omit wheat, dairy, irritants, toxins and chemicals from your diet, only to allow them into your body via the skin from the products you use.  They have products for men, women and babies ranging from body care to makeup.

Primal Life Organics’ products are made fresh when ordered. There are no products on their shelves, just ingredients. Their products do not contain any preservatives and have a shelf life of up to 12 months to maintain freshness. Primal Life Organics does not contain any phthalate, petrochemical, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrance, sodium laurel sulfate, 1,4-Dioxane or chemical preservatives.


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Wendy Myers, FDN, CHHC, is a functional diagnostic nutritionist, certified holistic health coach and founder of Myersdetox.com. Her passions include getting you healthy, Modern Paleo, retoxing and detoxing. Discover her Myers Detox Protocol and enjoy freedom from fatigue and brain fog with metal detox.

  • Audra Dunning

    I use quite a few products from primal life organics and I couldn’t be happier! Trina is awesome!!!

  • I love Primal Life Organics! I’ve been a long-time listener since the podcast launch, and I’m curious as to what type of skin care routine would be optimal for a woman in her late 20’s, who is already eating a nearly perfect diet, exercising regularly and wants to keep her skin as young-looking as possible. I’d love to know the best preventive anti-aging routine I can follow to keep that youthful glow. Maybe, you can get a guest on the show to talk about it, or point me to another article on the site? Thanks so much for all you do, Wendy! [P.S. I’ve got my hubby busy on planning out our DIY infared sauna.]

  • HI Mindi!!
    It doesn’t matter what your age, your routine would be the same. I have tried EVERYTHING! I whittled things down to what I know works and gives me flawless skin. I NEVER get facials, but am VERY diligent about caring for my skin and have washed my skin 1-2 times a day since I was 13 and did a routine similar to what’s below.

    I’ll tell you my routine! I wash once-twice a day with a cleanser that doesn’t strip your natural oils too much. I use primal life organics ocean cleanser. Then I spray the primal life toner or essential oils Neroli toner from Benedetta (biodynamic organic), then I use a thin layer of Renu Ozone gel to oxidate chemicals and other toxins, then I moisturize with a number of different moisturizers (Benedetta facial oils, primal life intensive moisturizers, zatik, etc depending on my mood. I exfoliate a couple times a week with MD Skincare alpha beta pads. Sometimes I do a kelp mask from Benedetta to really mineralize the skin. Kelp has over 100 minerals. I also drink tons of spring water and do coffee enemas (which gives you FLAWLESS skin). Skin health is very much connected to liver health. The coffee enemas are the BEST at detoxing the liver. Also, omega-3 fish oil (or eating fish 3-4x a week) and zinc supplementation (60mg/day)with chelated zinc is very important to aid skin repair. that’s my secret! I rarely wear sunscreen unless I’ll be out in the sun for more than an hour.