#163 An Alternative to Vaccines – Homeoprophylaxis with Cilla Whatcott

Cilla Whatcott informs us that there is a safe, effective alternative to vaccines – homeoprophylaxis. Learn how you can inoculate yourself and your child from disease naturally without the risk of toxic vaccines.

Tune in to the podcast today to hear:

  • What is homeoprophylaxis (HP)?
  • The difference between HP and vaccination
  • The clinical trials showing HP is 90% effective against disease
  • Why vaccines are not 100% effective – viruses and bacteria mutate and change


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About Cilla Whatcott

Cilla Whatcott holds a B.A. degree from Arizona State University, a diploma from the four year professional program at Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, Minneapolis, MN and a PhD in Homeopathy. She is an instructor at Normandale Community College and the author of There Is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis and co-author of The Solution – Homeoprophylaxis.

Cilla has published articles in Pathways, Homeopathic LINKS, Organic Lifestyle Magazine, Holistic Mom’s Magazine, Natural Health365, GreenMedInfo, Fearless Parent, HealthyHomeEconomist, and WAPF’s Wise Traditions. Cilla has over 1000 hours of post graduate education including certification as a CEASE therapist for reversing vaccine injury.

She is the director of WorldWideChoice.org – an organization familiarizing medically licensed providers to with homeoprophylaxis. She offers homeoprophylaxis programs for travel or in place of childhood vaccines.

Cilla has been a guest lecturer in France, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, Indonesia, the USA, and Canada. She has organized and directed international conferences about homeoprophylaxis with leading researchers from around the world.

As the mother to children adopted from Russia, Taiwan and China, and one biological child, her deepest desire is to help mothers and children everywhere.

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