#223 Harmonize Your Body’s Vibrational Blueprint with a Pure Harmony Pendant with Robert Marking

Transcript 223 Robert Marking

Robert Marking talks to us this week about a revolutionary pendant that helps to harmonize your body’s vibrational blueprint to improve sleep, energy, brain function and more!

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • The real reasons why your mitochondria are not working to produce energy
  • Remove the frequencies under which lyme and mold thrive and you remove lyme and mold – and symptoms they create
  • How to neutralize your personal kryptonite (infections) quickly and easily


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About Robert Marking

Robert Marking is 55 years young and has been a nutritional consultant for the last 27 years working with elite athletes, world champions, and clients in the areas of energy medicine, anti-aging, sports performance, weight management, internal cleaning and detoxification, nootropics and food sensitivities.

In 1999, he began incorporating applied kinesiology in his practice to help detect hidden food allergies and sensitivities.

He invented the Pure Harmony Pendant that helps to harmonize one’s energy field to improve performance, energy, brain function, and protect the body from EMF and much more.

Get Your Own Pure Harmony Pendant

A Pure Harmony Pendant can restore balance and harmony to your energetic field — and you’ll feel the difference in every inch of your body.

I wear mine every day!

Benefits include:

EMF protection
More energy
Pain relief
Stress relief
Improved performance
Better sleep
Mental clarity

The Pure Harmony Pendant in its unique design aligns and channels the 8 main energetic pathways of the body that are upstream from all others. In doing so, this causes the energy flowing through the pendant to resonate a frequency that matches the core vibrational blueprint of the body, establishing harmonic resonance between the two vibrating systems (pendant and the body).

The result of this harmonic resonance is a powerful vibratory state that amplifies and restores the natural core vibrational blueprint of the body back into harmony and balance, thereby energetically releasing past trauma, stressors, and energy blocks. This restores and rejuvenates the biophoton field regulation that controls all the biochemical and metabolic programs of the body, empowering the body’s own innate healing potential to be working at 100%. This provides the path to optimum health.

Get your Pure Harmony Pendant in the Myers Detox Store today!

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