Myers Detox Podcast #262 Catalyst Foundation Benefits and Uses with Kevin Newsome

Kevin Newsome, founder of Solaris Plant Science, discusses his flagship product, Catalyst Foundation, and all of the benefits and uses of taking this revolutionary supplement.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • How this revolutionary supplement targets any type of infection, while leaving healthy cells and tissue alone.
  • How Catalyst Foundation kills mold, viruses, bacteria, candida, fungus and other infections.
  • How Catalyst detoxes heavy metals and chemicals.
  • If your infections keep coming back, learn how Catalyst Foundation can stop recurring infections.

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About Kevin’s Solaris Plant Science

The science of Kevin Newsome’s company, Solaris Plant Science, involves a new way of looking at the building blocks of life and a new way of thinking about how living organisms are affected by various elements in the environment.

Their new approach involves novel ways of enhancing, controlling and manipulating the building blocks of cells for positive and predictable results. Their chemists have uncovered many mysteries and cracked codes that were thought to be impossible, giving us the ability to unravel the strands of countless proteins in order to stop and in many cases repair the damage done to healthy cells.

Why I take Catalyst Foundation every day!

I have been taking Catalyst foundation for one year almost daily. I now take it every day. I have never found an all-in-one product that addresses all types of infections and helps the body detox. I recommend it to all my clients.

Catalyst Foundation helps to kill parasites, candida, fungus, bacteria and viruses and do a heavy metal and chemical detox. Catalyst is made of natural plant esters that find low sodium markers on these problematic intruders, including heavy metals and chemicals, in the cells and dissolve them, leaving no residue. Healthy cells with high sodium markers remain unharmed and the bad guys are dissolved. This is one of the most phenomenal products on the market today for detox of all kinds.

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