#349 Preventing Your Child From Falling Behind During and After Quarantine: Learning, ADHD, and Regression with Carol Garner-Houston

Carol Garner-Houston joins the show to discuss her proven techniques to improve learning at home, and address underlying root causes of neurological disorders.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • Addressing neurological disorders without pharmaceuticals.
  • How medicating children leads to stimulant addiction, which does not address the underlying root cause of neurological disorders.
  • Using the Mozart effect to calm kids.
  • Signs your child is hyperactive or hypoactive – and the different approaches to calm or stimulate them.
  • How to improve learning in the home setting.


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About Carol Garner-Houston

Carol Garner-Houston is an Occupational Therapist with 23 years of experience in treating neurological disorders without pharmaceuticals. She is the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Brain Harmony which specializes in applying the principles of neuroplasticity of the brain through the experienced hands of licensed Occupational Therapists. Her company provides life changing interventions with a nationwide home program which allows for the tools to be shipped to the home, with an assigned therapist to coach the family through the program via telemedicine.

Her outcomes are the best in the world with clients gaining years worth of skills in several month’s time frame. She specializes in neurological disorders including PTSD, anxiety, sensory and auditory processing, stress and sleep, speech and communication, behavior, autism spectrum, attention and regulation, learning and dyslexia, TBI, stroke and Parkinsons.

Learn more about Carol and her work at www.brainharmony.com


4 Steps to Set Yourself and Your Kids Up For Successful Home Learning Guide

Carol’s team of Occupational Therapists put this FREE tool together to help you manage the chaos and establish C.A.L.M. in your body and home. They begin by helping you change your perspective of how you manage your environment and daily routines resulting in more access to fun and function while building the neurological framework for optimal brain performance and resiliency.

Use this guide to improve behavior, focus, social skills, and stress-response!

To download Carol’s FREE guide CLICK HERE!


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