Balancing a New Year

Carol Harblin

Many people feel they need a tangible date to get things started, and in many cases this is true. The downfall to setting intentions on the first of the new year can be more demanding on the psyche, which in turn will be setting the person up for failure.

First and foremost, everyone requires daily support and encouragement if there is intention of quitting anything. When it comes to any sort of health commitments people require a health practitioner to guide them through the process. One of my pet peeves is hearing somebody being their own DIY nutritionist or health coach. Doing the DIY thing is only setting yourself up for a huge disappointment.

When people think they can do it alone they are only seeing one particular trend that the media has announced or they are only seeing one aspect of something. A health practitioner, preferably a holistic health coach, is more of a big picture thinker and have been trained to know all different viewpoints.

Would you be your own DIY hair dresser?
Would you be your own DIY acupuncturist or chiropractor?
So why do people feel they can be their own nutritionist when they do not even have a degree in Nutrition Science or Dietetics?

Be wary when the media starts spouting off “new trends” in nutrition because it’s not big picture thinking. New trends are only a very miniscule part of nutrition and health.

So here we are starting off another new year with a clean slate and so many wonderful intentions. Just remember to do the best you can TODAY and do all you can possibly do for TODAY. Know your limits and boundaries by not living someone else’s dreams and by doing someone else’s errands.

Helping someone else is a good thing, but not at the expense of our own dreams and desires. Don’t forget who we are and what we want to do. Nobody said life would be easy and nobody said balancing our own lives with helping others would be easy either.

Finding a support group, an official class, or a health coach is key to maintaining success through the whole year. We cannot do anything alone; support is always crucial to a successful journey of any kind. One hand washes the other too. Remember that your right hand would be lost without the left hand!

Happy 2014!

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Carol Harblin is a writer and holistic nutritionist with a specialty in ayurvedic dietetics. When she talks about food, she also talks about the other elements of life that feed us too.