It Takes a Village

Carol Harblin

Christmas is more than a day of presents, it is a day of grace and gratitude. It isn’t about “getting loot” from people, but to recognize how fortunate we are and just what we have. Even the poorest person is able to see just how fortunate they are by giving thanks that he has his health. If a poor person is on the street without a job couldn’t that person volunteer to help someone who may not be able to do anything for themselves?

Christmas is a season that should bring more of an awareness to all people to help and care for others not just at Christmas time but the whole year through. Everyone can do something and there is always something to do.

It is obvious that a wealthy person is able to come and go whenever he wants and do anything he wants in the whole world. He could even write a check for any dollar amount to any charity. Money of all amounts will always be appreciated, but what will be remembered at the end of the day?

The person who spent time ladling out food to a whole dining hall full of people while talking with them and getting to know them more on a weekly basis OR the person who writes a check once a week?

Money is undeniably something that will always aid in people’s lives; it also helps to boost the economy and empowers businesses, but human contact and embracing one another also helps to boost the economy in more ways that one.

By embracing and helping others we create a smile and ease the emotional pain that another person may be harboring. In Habitat for Humanity, a house is built by a whole group of people and at the end of the project there is one less family who is struggling.

Every community project requires a group of willing people. When a hurricane hits a village, it takes that village to clean it back up and to let the energy flow again.

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Carol Harblin is a writer and holistic nutritionist with a specialty in ayurvedic dietetics. When she talks about food, she also talks about the other elements of life that feed us too.