Meet Diahanna White

Diahanna is a Health and Wellness coach, certified in the practice of NES Health Bioenergetics. She is deeply passionate about helping others align themselves to feeling good and helping them navigate the path to get where they truly want to go. Her belief is that everyone is a “work in progress”.

She has spent the majority her life helping her clients gain better insights and emotional stability, releasing emotional blocks, triggers and emotional struggles. She works with individuals who are often dealing with chronic degenerative diseases and with emotional depression that often follows long-term chronic conditions.

Education and Certifications

In addition to being a certified Practitioner in NES Bioenergetic Wellness, Diahanna received her certification in Transformative Medicine with Dr. Dahlke at the Intelligent Optimist. At the Institute of HeartMath, she studied the Heart’s Intelligent Magnetic Field and the communication links between the heart, brain and nervous system.  She is currently pursuing her PhD. with Quantum University for Integrative Medicine.

Other Works

Diahanna is the founder of “Insights for Wellness” an integrative healing practice in Morehead City, North Carolina. She is a life coach and speaker in the field of self-development. She found her passion sharing her knowledge with larger audiences when asked to become the host for a weekly radio show, “Awakening your Soul with Diahanna.”