Is Chronic Low Energy Limiting Your Full Experience of Life?
Let me show you how detoxifying your mitochondria - especially from toxic heavy metals - will give you your energy back, transforming the way you look AND feel, every single day!
Are Chronic Symptoms Robbing You of Your Wellness and Vitality?
If it feels like your body is working against you, and no matter how hard you try to get your health on track it's an uphill battle - you're not alone.
Chronic Low Energy
You wake up tired, need coffee to wake up, feel drained throughout the day
Mood Swings
You encounter unpredictable feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression
Baffling Brain Fog
Your mind never quite feels as clear or sharp as it should be
Accelerated Aging
You have more wrinkles or fine lines or hair loss than seems normal
Stubborn Weight Gain
You have a hard time losing weight even when you eat right and work out
Shaky Immune System
You seem to catch whatever is going around or get sick/run down easily
Heavy Metals May Be Damaging The Energy Factories Within Your Cells
Heavy metal exposure is on the rise at alarming rates.

You are exposed daily to toxins in:
Heavy metals first enter the blood and then get stuck in organs and fat cells, often remaining there for years, damaging vital organs.
Fatigue is the First Sign of
Heavy Metal Toxicity

Heavy metals short-circuit energy production by attacking your mitochondria - the energy producing power plants within your cells.

The result is mitochondrial dysfunction - a root cause of fatigue, weight gain, aging skin, stress, reduced exercise performance and recovery, sleep difficulty, lack of mental sharpness and chronic health concerns.

But what if you could safely, effectively, and rapidly detox the heavy metals wrecking your mitochondria's function?

What if you were able to restore your energy and vitality, boost your performance, and improve the quality and duration of your life?

Introducing The Mitochondria Detox
The first detox protocol on the market engineered exclusively to:
This comprehensive system mobilizes harmful toxins, binds and removes them from your system, and supports your cellular health on a long-term basis.
Included in your protocol:
About Wendy Myers
About Wendy Myers

Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC, CHHC is an expert in detoxification, heavy metals, and minerals, and host of The Medicinal Supplements Summit and Heavy Metals Summit.

She is passionate about educating the public on the importance of long term detoxing considering our toxic world. She healed her own health issues through hair mineral analysis and developed a unique detox and supplement program. Wendy wants to help others do the same.

"Everyone is at risk for metal and chemical toxicity today. Knowing how to detox quickly and safely is key and Wendy is one of the most knowledgeable detox experts I've met, I highly recommend her program for anyone wanting to recover their health, stay healthy and age well."


"Wendy is a wealth of knowledge and I highly recommend her and her programs."


"I never knew you could eat plenty of food and stay slim. It's really not that hard, but Wendy helped me wade through all the information that's Out there about diet and nutrition. I HIGHLY recommend her!!!"


Everything You Need to Accelerate
Your Detox, Healing and Transformation

The Mitochondria Detox Guide

This ​19-page guide​ tells you everything you need to know about supporting your mitochondria and energy levels through ​safe, ​effective​,​ heavy metal detox.

It ​explains, in-depth, ALL the major metals that might be reducing your energy, the hidden sources ​of metals ​that we're ​each ​exposed to on a daily basis, ​why it's beneficial to your overall health to remove them, ​AND the most effective ways to ​do so.

The Mitochondria Detox Instruction Manual

This manual​ takes you, ​step-by-step​, through the Mitochondria Detox​ protocol​.This manual​ takes you, ​step-by-step​, through the Mitochondria Detox​ protocol​.

Refer to this for all the information you need on starting your detox, understanding how to take the supplements in your Mitochondria Detox kit, staying on track, what to expect, and so much more!

This ​instruction manual is ​the perfect tool to help you maximize your detox with the ​your Mitochondria Detox ​​supplements in your order.

The Mitochondria Detox Digital Download

This simple, one-page, "quick glance guide" is something you can put onto your fridge or counter as a reminder of the simple actions involved in the protocol. Perfect if you are in a hurry and don't have time to flip through the instruction manual each day!

It will help keep you on track and progressing toward your goal of detoxing your mitochondria and reclaiming the abundant energy that is your birthright.

Plus, you get the following products for the protocol portion of the program:


CitriCleanse is a 3-in-1 detox solution that restores your mineral balance, pulls toxins and heavy metals out of your bones, cells, and nervous system, and binds those toxins so your body can flush them out.

CitriCleanse (which is digestible citrus pectin) is a polysaccharide derived from the pulp and the peel of citrus fruits. This formula also contains fulvic and humic acid, along with cilantro extract for the optimal detox impact. Fulvic and humic acid floods your body with minerals, while the cilantro extract mobilizes metals like mercury, cadmium, lead, and aluminum.

Binders like CitriCleanse MUST be taken when you do any kind of detox because they help bind mobilized toxins to prevent them from recirculating and distributing in other places the body.

CitriCleanse absorbs almost all metals and many chemicals, making it one of the most powerful natural binders that help to detox the body. It also reduces unpleasant detox symptoms.

Ageless AF

Ageless AF contains the most advanced silica on the market today with so many benefits! First of all: it’s all natural. Second: it contains silica, a mineral compound in which most people are deficient.

But Ageless AF has special kind of silica. You see, you just can’t take normal or natural silica, like that derived from the horsetail plant or bamboo silica. Ageless AF contains Orthosilicic Acid and that is what sets it apart.

A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that soluble Orthosilicic Acid aided in the reduction of aluminum and helped to prevent the build up of this toxic metal in the body. This active ingredient binds to hard-to-detox metals that reduce our body’s ability to make energy (like aluminum) and helps eliminate them from the body when other products - and forms of silica - fail.

Ageless AF detoxes thallium, arsenic, tin, cesium, and aluminum; these are specific metals that poison enzymes that transport nutrients into our mitochondria. And as we’ve explored in this guide, our mitochondria are our little cells’ powerhouses that make our energy!

You've got to remove these roadblocks to energy production if you ever hope to reclaim the energy and vitality of your youth. Diet, supplements and exercise are not enough in today's toxic world.

Included in your protocol:
Standard 1-month Supply

30 Days of Detox



Most Popular Option

60 Days of Detox



Real Success Stories

Wendy helped me lose 40 lbs. She made it seem so easy Every week she added one or two more things I needed to do Other the course of six months, I was easily able to slowly ircorporate each step into my health routine Her continuous encouragement kept me motivated rve tried Weight Watchers. Jenny Crag. Lindora, you name it. She helped me realize that those starvation diets make you rebound eat when you're done with the diet Wendy saw the mistakes I was mak.nq in my weight loss efforts and helped me understand what I was doing wrong that was preventing me from losing weight, I could not have done it without her! She developed an eating plan for me of healthy. whole foods that I can continue for the rest of my life - not a temporary diet to just lose weight. I never thought I could ever eat this healthy and love it!

Oceanside, CA

"Wendy has been a life saver for me. I came to her to lose weight. but found she could help me With my fibroids and chronic pan that was told my doctors that I just had to learn to live with as they just labeled it fibromyalgia and could not determine the cause, much less a solution Useless! Thanks to Wendy. I know that I DO NOT have to live with pain She taught me that my pain is being caused by heavy metals, narnely copper. and chemicals Irritating my nerves I am on her program to nd my body of these chemicals to rule out that likely cause Next, she put me on sorne herbs and coffee enernas, They help so much When my pain gets really bad She also referred me to a brilliant physical therapist to clear any alignment issues that could be causing the pain I am functioning so much better and have a much improved quality of life I am looking forward to continued improvement as I continue her prograny I am blown away that my fbroids have shrunk The doctors only gave me surgery as an option With no information whatsoever that they could be shrunk. Wendy is helping me rid my body of excess estrogen.which makes them grow. Why a doctor never told me this is beyond me Seems quite simple, What I thought was a quest to lose weight has completely changed my life. I cannot recommend her enough!"

San Diego, CA

"l have been dealing with IBS my entire life I have been to doctor after doctor, who just told me to take Imodium for the diarrhea and that there was nothing more that could be done except for stopping dairy I knew there had to be more that could be done for my condition. Wendy gave me a complete plan with so many things that I could try to pinpoint the cause of my IBS After abit of trial and error, I finally pinpointed the cause. I needed probiotics and have a sensitivity to dairy. I also needed to do a few other things like avoid certain foods until my digestion improved and quit a few lifestyle issues like smokinq She motivated me to commit to a bnq term plan to resolve my IBS, as she assured me it would not clear up over night Today, only have Issues ocxasionally, but am not tortured like was my whole life, My life has Improved dramatically! Thank you so much. Wendy!!"

Los Feliz, CA

I think I have had a thyroid problem my whole life! I have all the classic symptoms, but have been told by my doctors that my levels are the normal range and not to worry about it. "Everyone is tired." "You can't have a thyroid problem, as you are thin." And, "You just need some antidepressants." I feel like someone has given me a present and it has armed me with such valuable information. Thank you! Wendy I so enjoyed my health coaching appointment with you and hearing that there is hope. I had no idea that could heal my thyroid, that if I am symptomatic, that indeed I have a thyroid problem. I am actually very excited to change my life. I am so thankful I found you!

New York, New York

I discovered Wendy through her podcasts I enjoy listening to her podcasts because they are full of valuable information on nutrition, minerals, and detox Wendy's knowledge and passion to teach others about wellness is evident through her podcasts. I hired her to create a mineral power program based on my hair mineral analysis I had been struggling with candida, food intolerances, low energy, and insomnia. I was struggling to get through 3 hours of work and unable to run any errands after work. I started taking the supplements, minerals and following the program that she had customized for me I instantly noticed increased energy with the supplements she recommended. I was ecstatic to be able to work With more energy AND be able to run 2-3 errands after work. However, the next thing that happened surprised me the most. The minerals that she had recommended healed my "Insomnia," thought it was too good to be true and didn't share this good news with anyone knew until it had continued to occur for three weeks. I had previously been waking between 1 and 3 am, remaining awake for 10 hours, then finally falling back to sleep for two more hours until my alarm went off l'd been dong that for over 11 years! I've spent lots of money over the years on supplements, prescriptions, books on how to encourage better sleep NONE of them helped. I now sleep between 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 hours without waking in the middle of the night! My body has been depleted of minerals for a very long time It has been almost three months now and I'm feeling so much more energetic, rested and well can work an 8 hour day and then go home to make dinner for my family! I expect as I continue to work on my program that my body will see further improvements. My candida has been slowly improving, I don't react to natural sugars nearly as much as I had been prior to the program. My food intolerances are present, but my digestive system is not as sensitive as before I started the program. I look forward to seeing how this program continues to heal body from years of toxicity and mineral depletion. Wendy has been attentive to any questions that have had during the course of this program and she has always seerned genuinely caring. I am so grateful for her help!

Jennifer R.
Included in your protocol:
Standard 1-month Supply

30 Days of Detox



Most Popular Option

60 Days of Detox