Introducing Wendy’s new book The Modern Paleo Survival Guide

This book is about how to survive in our toxic modern world. The Modern Paleo Survival Guide: Diet. Lifestyle. Detox. Survive. takes Paleo to the next level. Not only does it go into minute detail about the Modern Paleo diet, a less restrictive, updated version of Paleo based on the latest cutting-edge science, but it gives you evolutionary lifestyle tips and explains why you must detox to live a healthy, disease-free life. This is your survival guide!

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It’s no longer enough to tell people to “eat more fruits and vegetables” or eat grass fed meat. We need to eat the most nutrient dense diet possible. Paleo provides a template. The MPSG takes this template to the next level – a guide on how to eat the most nutrient dense Paleo foods.

Many foods today are no longer healthy. An alarming amount of produce is largely devoid of nutrients because it is grown in nutrient poor soil. Some varieties of fruits and vegetables are astoundingly more nutrient dense than others. This book provides a break down of each food group, including each fruit and vegetable, so you know exactly which foods will maximally nourish your body.

Then there’s the issue of food sensitivity. I believe it unnecessary to tell people to eat a traditional Paleo diet because many have adapted to new foods in our environment since Paleolithic times. The ones that have not adapted to certain foods have what is called a food sensitivity, which cause all kinds of health issues, even mimicking disease. It is vitally important for your health to identify the foods that don’t work for your body. Thus, you can design your own Paleo template.

We would never have survived as a species had we not adapted to new foods! There is no need to cut out perfectly nutritious modern foods simply because cavemen could not enjoy them. This idea is too simplistic and frankly outdated. The MPSG delves into detail about how to identify food sensitivities and add nutrient dense foods to your diet that work for you.



Diet is essential for health, but so is adopting healthy lifestyle habits. To be healthy, one must adopt habits in sync with how our bodies have evolved over millions of years. I reveal the most effective evolutionary lifestyle tips on sleep, exercise and many others.

Many people’s lifestyle habits go against how their bodies were designed and, therefore, contribute to stress and a decline health. We are not designed to live on five hours of sleep a night for months on end. Or stare at bright computer and smartphone screens until we go to sleep. Nor are we designed to do intense exercise every single day or never feel sunshine on our skin. How we manage our stress, play, sleep and exercise have a profound impact on our health. You must get in sync with your body’s natural ancient rhythms and start livin’ the caveman lifestyle.


Have you ever wondered why so many are sick at younger and younger ages? Or why most of your relatives over 50 are on medication? A big factor is an unnatural diet out of sync with our biological needs, but the major underlying reason is heavy metal and industrial chemical toxicity. Even if you eat the healthiest Modern Paleo diet outlined in this book, you are still faced with the deleterious effects of modern toxicity and pollution that our distant ancestors never faced. Our ancient bodies are capable of handling some toxicity, but it is simply not evolutionarily designed to handle the extraordinary toxic burden we face today.

No one is exempt in our modern world from toxicity. Toxins are in our air, food and water. Even if you feel fine today, one day you inevitably will succumb to health issues caused by heavy metal and chemical accumulation. You cannot be truly healthy unless you remove heavy metals and industrial chemicals from your body. The MPSG will teach you the most effective detox techniques and how to heal your body from subtle health issues to disease.


The Modern Paleo Survival Guide details the ideal diet, evolutionary lifestyle tips and a life-long detoxification plan so that you can live far longer than any caveman that ever walked the face of the planet!


Enjoy the 28 handy Survival Guides I have created so you can quickly and easily reference most of what I discuss at length in the MPSG. Don’t you hate it when you read an amazing book and you have to endlessly search for the key information again? Not to fear, the Survival guides are here!

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Wendy Myers, FDN, CHHC, is a functional diagnostic nutritionist, certified holistic health coach and founder of Her passions include getting you healthy, Modern Paleo, retoxing and detoxing. Discover her Myers Detox Protocol and enjoy freedom from fatigue and brain fog with metal detox.

  • Your book looks Awesome and I know it will also save lives!!!

  • Thank you!!!!

  • Excited to check out this book when it comes out!

    • Thank you Hilary! I’ll be excited when it’s finished! Writing a book is a bear!

  • Lulu

    Hi Wendy! Will you include in your new book the recipe for the bone broth? And other recipes too?? Please let us know, Thank you!!

    • Unfortunately, this book will not have any recipes, but I am planning the companion cookbook right after the book. And I’m starting next week to do a cooking show on my youtube channel. So, I will make sure the very first recipe I do is for bone broth!!! Just for you! I make bone broth about once a month to drink and to cook with. I love it! It should be up in a couple weeks. Just subscribe to my youtube channel and you’ll get it in your inbox.

      • Actually, scratch that! It’s going to have recipes!!

  • Alligee

    I can’t find this book anywhere…has it been released?

    • sorry! it’s not out yet!! I’m working hard on it!!