#271 How The Pure Harmony Pendant Improves Relationship Communication and Connection with Robert Marking

Robert Marking, founder of Pure Harmony Pendant, joins me to reveal the most unique way to improve relationships, communication, and connections, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • Why couples fight over nothing and how to stop it
  • The role that your autonomic nervous system plays in your
    connection to other people
  • Wendy’s hack for hotter romance
  • How stress is effecting your relationships
  • How to release stress and improve your intimacy

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About Robert Marking

Robert Marking is 55 years young and has been a nutritional consultant for the last 27 years working with elite athletes, world champions, and clients in the areas of energy medicine, anti-aging, sports performance, weight management, internal cleansing and detoxification, nootropics and food sensitivities.

In 1999, he began incorporating applied kinesiology in his practice to help detect hidden food allergies and sensitivities.

He invented the Pure Harmony Pendant that helps to harmonize one’s energy field to improve performance, energy, brain function, and protect the body from EMF and much more.

Pure Harmony Pendant

The Pure Harmony Pendant works through a harmonizing process to support the body in resetting the autonomic nervous system and the body’s energetic field.

It really is the simplest, most effective way to help restore relaxation, connection, and intimacy in your relationships.

It also makes a great gift!

So grab one now so you can take advantage of our special Valentine’s Day sale now…and get harmonized with your partner and loved ones!

To try the Pure Harmony Pendant, and take advantage of our Valentines Day Sale, Click Here!

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