Myers Detox Protocol
Developed by Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC, CHHC
Restore Radiant Health with Detox
Your body is unique. Your symptoms are unique.
I believe your detox should be unique as well.
Introducing the Myers Detox Protocol
The Myers Detox Protocol is a powerful detox and wellness program that is custom designed to fit your needs and unique body chemistry. The program reads your body's levels of toxicity through testing, detoxes the heavy metals that are harming you, and replenishes the vital minerals you need to heal and to thrive.
The result? Improved health, mental clarity, and limitless energy!
How it Works
Just like you, the Myers Detox Protocol is unique.
Every component of this comprehensive program is designed to successfully bring your body back into balance and to heal. It includes:
1. Testing
It begins with a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test (HTMA, for short), which detects all of the toxic heavy metals lurking in your body.
2. Customization
Using the blueprint revealed in your HTMA, a detox protocol is designed to fit the specific needs of your one-of-a-kind body chemistry. You will be set up to succeed, not to fail.
3. Support
Receive individual attention from a qualified detox coach who will teach you the ins and outs of detox while guiding you on your journey to better health. We're with you every step of the way.
4. Supplement Recommendations
Remove the toxic buildup impeding your health and replenish your body's natural minerals with the exact supplements you need to treat those deficiencies. Nothing more. Nothing less.
5. Diet Assistance
Following the Modern Paleo Diet, you will receive guidance on crafting delicious recipes that will help you detox, along with meal plans and grocery lists.
The 3 Major Steps
Remove heavy metals and toxins
Replenish Vital Minerals
Heal the Body
Positive Results
Clients on the Myers Detox Protoco​l have reported numerous life-changing benefits, including:
And so much more!
Why I Created the Myers Detox Protocol
My work in the field of detox began immediately following the death of my father from esophageal cancer. Devastated by this loss, I committed myself to learning what made him sick, what the underlying causes were that lead to his illness, why he died, what role the modern medical treatments (chemotherapy, radiation, countless medications) he received may have played in his demise, and how I could avoid the same fate. The more I learned, the more I discovered the alarming effects our exposure to heavy metals, chemicals, and other toxins have on our health. They truly are at the root of all disease.
After years education and research, I developed the Myers Detox Protocol. Incorporating all I had learned, I created this unique detox and re-mineralization program to address the very things I know contributed to my father's death. Using it, I was able to restore my own energy and health, which had long been in decline. I am also proud to say that Myers Detox Protocol has successfully restored the health of thousands of clients who have tried it as well. Will you be next?
Why You Need to Detox
We are all suffering as a result of today's toxic world. Every single day, we are overexposed to chemicals and heavy metals that damage our body and weaken its natural ability to detox. When that happens, these toxins to find their way into our system and get lodged there - including in our fat cells and brain tissue. They can even bioaccumulate over time, making you sicker and sicker.
Sure, you can minimize your exposure to toxins and heavy metals, but you cannot avoid them completely​.​ ​They are everywhere​ and have infiltrated nearly every aspect of our environment​. They are in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.
That's why heavy metal detoxification is essential - not only for your survival - but for your well-being!
You CANNOT achieve optimal health and vitality without detox. It is the only way to truly reverse disease, heal the body, and meet your health goals.
​What Makes the Myers Detox Protocol
Different From Other Detox Programs?
Detox built for YOU.
This is not a one-size fits all program. Your body chemistry is one-of-a-kind. Your supplements and detox program should be, too! ​
Personal attention.
My coaches and I are here for you every step of the way. We have also created a wonderful online community where fellow MDP detoxers can gather, share their stories, and support each other on their detox journey! In the world of detox, no man or woman is an island!
The Myers Detox Protocol is a wonderful standalone detox program; but it also works wonderfully with any diet or wellness protocol you may already be trying - even NES Health Bioenergetics!
It works.
Check out some of the amazing testimonials from my clients below. Myers Detox Protocol helped them reclaim their health and it can do the same for you!
What causes mineral deficiencies?
Mineral levels are lower in people today due to such things as:
Are you ready to discover more energy? To get a more restful night's sleep? ​To be free of chronic pain? ​​To FINALLY be able to rid your body of all the harmful metals and toxins that are dragging you (and your health) down?
With the Myers Detox Protocol, you can do just that and finally start living the life you want.
Scratch that. You can live the life you deserve.