Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy (PEMF): the Best Way to Reverse EMF Damage

The earth and its atmosphere produce a wide range of very low EMFs that are healthy for the body. These are referred to as pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF). In fact, all life on this planet evolved with these frequencies and they are necessary for optimal health. We will talk more about healing PEMF therapy in this article…

Today, however, we are cut off from natural frequencies through a ceaseless bombardment of overly powerful and harmful man-made frequencies from modern technology. Science is increasingly linking this EMF pollution to health risks and complications, such as cancers, brain diseases, sleep problems, and hormonal imbalances.

If you are a health-conscious person you are likely aware of which foods to eat and which supplements to take, but are your cells getting a diverse “diet” of earth-generated electromagnetic frequencies?

While it’s true need to protect ourselves from the harmful EMFs emitted by Wifi, cell phones and towers, electricity, etc., did you know our bodies also need “good” EMFs, and a wide variety of them? After all, we are electrical beings and are very sensitive to outside frequencies, both good and bad.

Let’s explore more on the subject of PEMF therapy, Earth-based EMFs, and EMF pollution…

In this article, you will learn:

  • The human body is exposed to extreme amounts of EMF pollution compared to just 100 years ago. 
  • You must reduce your exposure to EMF pollution with smart usage of cell phones, tablets, WiFi, and electrical appliances to better protect yourself.
  • Manmade EMFs deprive our bodies of vitally needed natural frequencies generated by the earth. These are called pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF).
  • A PEMF deficiency can contribute to myriad health disorders, such as insomnia, depression, chronic inflammation, fatigue, pain, hormonal imbalances, and more!
  • You can boost your body’s need for vital natural magnetic fields with a PEMF device, such as the Purewave Home Cellular Therapy Mat.

We Are Deficient in Good EMFs

Although we are bombarded with strong levels EMFs, we are also deficient in good EMFs generated by the earth and its atmosphere. The first US and Russian space programs discovered that the human body requires earth-generated EMFs as much as it requires food, air, and water. Without them our bodies more quickly degenerate. Today, astronauts are equipped with suits that pulse with magnetic fields to help buffer the damage of being deprived of the earth’s electromagnetic fields.

The earth and its ionosphere produce beneficial magnetic fields in a wide variety of gentle frequencies. Our cells depend on these different frequencies to help stay “charged” so we feel well and function smoothly. 

When we become deficient in earth-generated PEMFs, cellular function suffers and we become susceptible to chronic pain and disease, poor sleep, autoimmunity, and other health imbalances. Many researchers suggest that the rise of chronic disease can be traced in part to a magnetic field deficiency. In fact, in Japan fibromyalgia is referred to as “magnetic field deficiency syndrome!”(1)

How to Replenish Your Body with Natural, Safe, and Healthy PEMFs – All About PEMF Therapy

Unfortunately, we are cut off to a large degree from these earth-generated PEMFs because of the overwhelming amount of manmade EMF pollution. We are also cut off by living in buildings and spending so much time on concrete and asphalt. If we are on natural ground, we are wearing shoes. Because EMFs are now part of the atmosphere, there are few places free of them anymore.

What’s worse, the earth’s natural PEMFs have declined 50 to 65 percent in the last 2,000 years, further contributing to magnetic-field deficiency.

Fortunately, however, it’s possible to replenish our body’s need for natural PEMFs with a PEMF device. Many years ago, a very forward-thinking German company developed an in-home device called the Purewave Home Cellular Therapy Mat that simulates the magnetic fields we are supposed to be receiving from the earth and its atmosphere. 

PEMF therapy is extremely supportive for chronic pain, inflammation, fatigue, insomnia, autoimmunity, wound healing, bone fractures, hormone balancing, and other conditions. By meeting the body’s requirements for beneficial magnetic fields, cellular function improves, and the body can more easily heal, regenerate, and repair.

The technology is widely used in Europe and has more than 2,000 studies backing it conducted over the last 40 years.

It is also safe and easy to use — you simply lie on the mat a couple of times a day for a few minutes. You can also wear Purewave Home Cellular Therapy goggles to deliver PEMF frequencies to the eyes, or use the pen, which concentrates the frequencies for a small area. The pen can be used for injured areas or to stimulate acupuncture meridians, but it is especially known for urovaginal and prostate applications.

I can tell you this therapy works wonders for myself and my readers. It has helped me and many people to achieve deeper sleep, more balanced hormones, more energy, less pain, and better management of chronic health conditions. 

Which PEMF Therapy Device is Best?

Although various companies offer PEMF therapy devices today, including some that are sold through multi-level marketing, I use the German designed and manufactured Purewave Home Cellular Therapy Mat for several reasons.  

For starters, it was the first PEMF system in the world. Every other PEMF mat is an imitation that came after it. The Purewave developers have also been the leaders in research, having invested millions of dollars over the years to study the effects of PEMFs on health, and it has patented signals that makes it the most effective PEMF device.

It also offers the largest variety of frequencies and offers the lowest amplitude. That may seem like a counterintuitive benefit, but in truth our cells do best with not only a wide range of frequencies, but also very gentle frequencies. We have such a strong belief system in our country that more is better, or stronger is better, and sometimes that’s true. But when it comes to PEMF technology and the inner workings of each of our microscopic cells, gentler is better.

One of my other favorite qualities about the Purewave Home Cellular Therapy Mat is that it generates the lowest manmade EMFs of any other mat on the market. Because it’s an electrical device it generates EMFs, which you don’t want counteracting the therapeutic value of PEMFs. But the makers designed the mat in a way to make it extremely safe for even the most sensitive people to EMFs.

Lastly, the Purewave Home Cellular Therapy Mat is one of the easiest mats to use. It is very soft and flexible so you can sleep comfortably on it at night — many people report much better sleep using the Purewave at night. People who use sleep-tracking devices have been able to show improved sleep quality after just a few weeks of sleeping on the Purewave mat.

The Purewave Home Cellular Therapy Mat mat uses non-toxic materials that do not off gas so it’s appropriate for chemically sensitive people. Because it is soft and flexible, it is durable and easy to transport. Other mats are stiffer and thicker and only fold in half. They are quite large to carry and not comfortable enough to sleep on. You also have to be careful what kind of surface you use them on so you don’t risk damaging the inner coils. The Purewave mat is much more user friendly and durable.

By supplying your body with the natural magnetic field frequencies it requires, you can help protect your health from the harmful effects of EMFs while boosting cellular function. You simply need to lie on the mat two to three times a day for at least 8 minutes. There are also applicators you can use for areas of pain or discomfort. 

Other Tips to Survive EMF Pollution

Many people regard EMF pollution the way we once regarded germs: as something that doesn’t exist because it’s invisible.

Many frequencies in the US are much more powerful than what’s legal throughout Europe. In Europe, the health risks of EMF pollution are taken seriously, and they regulate the population’s exposure to frequency emissions. The U.S. has no regulations, despite scientific evidence that it adversely affects our health.

In addition to using a PEMF therapy mat, here are some other tips on protecting yourself from EMF pollution.

  • Wear the Harmoni Pendant, which I sell on my site. Users who are tested with an EMF meter before and after wearing this pendant show a significant reduction in EMFs with the pendant on.
  • Spend time outside regularly barefoot in a natural area that will be safe for your feet. 
  • Do not hold your cell phone to your head; put it on speaker whenever possible. Never let children hold cell phones to their head. 
  • Do not sleep next to your cell phone, iPad, or other electronic device. 
  • If possible, turn off the WiFi and use Internet access through Ethernet cables in the wall. 
  • Turn off your WiFi at night.
  • Avoid home cordless phones, which emit very high levels of EMFs.  Use a hard-wired landline phone if possible. 
  • Limit your time in front of computer and TV screens as much as possible, especially at night. 
  • If your power company installed a Smart Meter on your house, try and opt out as these emit wireless signals day and night. 
  • Avoid living near power lines, cell towers, or cleverly disguised cell phone antennas placed on many buildings or in trees. 

You can also learn more about protecting yourself from EMF damage  – including more about PEMF therapy – in this article.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions about EMFs, please comment below!


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