#53 REM Rehab with Evan Brand

Evan Brand talks to Leigh and Wendy about his new book REM Rehab about how improve the most important facet of health – SLEEP! So many things can affect sleep. Learn all the tips you need to troubleshoot why you’re not getting the quality sleep you need.


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About Evan Brand

Evan Brand

Evan Brand is the writer and researcher behind NotJustPaleo.com, a website about ancestral health and much more! It’s not just Paleo. He hosts one of the top health podcasts on iTunes called the Not Just Paleo Podcast. After struggling with depression, incessant sleep issues and irritable bowel syndrome, he set out on a path to discover the true nature of these conditions and how they occur. While studying business, geosciences and communications at the University of Louisville and Indiana University, he also gave lectures at local crossfit gyms in the Louisville area discussing nutrition’s impact on mental and physical health. He performs private consultations worldwide and currently lives in Austin, Texas.

Evan’s New Book

Check out Evan’s new book REM Rehab and discover the many ways to improve your sleep:


  1. The dark side of poor sleep — exactly what it does to your body (in laymans terms) that makes you fat and sick.
  2. The dozens of hidden actions you take each and every day that rob you of sleep and how to fix them.
  3. How to eat specifically for better, deeper, more restorative sleep — which foods to include and which to avoid.
  4. What a perfect bedtime routine looks like from 2 hours out — a step by step guide to setting yourself up for success.
  5. How to “calibrate your cave” and build an environment for PERFECT sleep, every single night.
  6. Sleep hacks, strategic supplementation, advice for dealing with specific sleep problems, and SO MUCH MORE…


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