Slower Breath, Longer Life

Carol Harblin

Many Americans are always in a hurry.  It is seen everyday, whether on a highway going to work, school, or even shopping.  In the stores, there are people who don’t smile and are always searching for the quickest and shortest line at the register.  There is little to no recognition with one another.

For many people, the first week of December is also the first week of advent.  Some people make or buy advent calendars.  An advent calendar is a special monthly calendar for only December, leading up to the 25th.  For each day, there is a special gift.  Isn’t this what living is all about?  Taking in the day as a special gift and recognizing that day in a unique way that is different from the next?

Breathe and feel a complete breath, know that with every breath is a gift to do a special and good thing.  How can we celebrate life and care for our one body?  It is important to care for the one body we carry through life – especially in today’s health care crisis.  Through meditation, and embracing in seasonal activities (hopefully outside more often) will allow us to celebrate the Earth we live on and by taking full advantage of our lungs and our legs.

In December, one good cardio activity that is also not expensive is ice skating.  Ice skating can be found in some malls and rinks, outside in plazas, on ponds or even lakes.

When we decorate the Christmas tree, what activity can we do that makes decorating more festive?  Stringing popcorn (unsalted, of course) and putting it on the tree is even environmental because we take the tree down, the popcorn string goes outside for the birds to eat.  When we string popcorn, it can be a fun activity to be done with the whole family.

When you do any sort of activity, do it with 100% of your energy and compassion.  When sending out Christmas cards, make sure to block out at least three hours so that you can take the time to make each one personal, to embrace each, so that the receiver see the care and personal touch.

Taking the time for life and cherishing each day is important for our souls and hearts.  When we hear stories of our grandparent’s and great-grandparent’s youth, they used to live life to full measure and never in haste.  When we are waiting in long lines in the stores this Christmas season, choose to take the longest line and while waiting, chat with the person behind you or in front of you.  It is important to embrace where we live and where we are at in this world.

Smile and breathe, being grateful for the air in our lungs everyday. Slower breath, longer life.

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Carol Harblin is a writer and holistic nutritionist with a specialty in ayurvedic dietetics. When she talks about food, she also talks about the other elements of life that feed us too.