Top 4 Natural Cancer Therapies

Cancer treatment today is an abomination. It leaves the patient with more toxicity, increasing the chances of relapse, even if they are lucky enough to survive chemo and radiation. There are very effective natural treatments that do not destroy the health of the patient and heal the disease. These are in my opinion the top 4 natural alternative cancer treatments that one should consider if they receive a cancer diagnosis. 

Cancer is one of the most important diseases of this century, and one that wastes millions of lives.  Close to one of every two Americans will be diagnosed with it, and the cancer rates are similar around the world.  Many others die as a result of a hidden cancer that causes another problem such as a ruptured artery or a stroke.

For these reasons, cancer evokes terrible fear today, probably more than most other illnesses.  Yet I have seen full recoveries from cancer, even advanced cases.  This statement is based on over 33 years of assisting over 50,000 people with their health.

My own experience with cancer began with my brother’s diagnosis of Hodgkins’s disease in 1967.  He did not survive, in large part because I didn’t know how to help him.  However, I discovered, quite by accident, that there is an entire world of alternative cancer therapies that goes unrecognized and is often actively suppressed by the mainstream medical profession and the media.  This article is a research report on my observations as a doctor who is willing to search outside the mainstream medical literature for answers.

WARNING about most holistic, alternative, or complementary cancer care.  Alternative medical care for cancer is a jungle and full of problems in my view.  Most of the holistic doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, and others do not have enough experience or do not know enough to do a good job.

Handling Cancer Cases

For doctors interested in helping others, assisting those with cancer is quite difficult.  The reasons are:

1. Self-sabotage is common among cancer patients.  Self-sabotage means that the patient often does things that destroy the effectiveness of the natural program.  They may forget to follow the diet, or forget to take supplements, or something else.  The reasons for this are explained, in part, below.

2. Most with cancer are confused, scared and perhaps angry.  This gets in the way of success in some cases.

3. Medical pressure.  Doctors often put a lot of pressure on patients and their families to follow conventional protocols.

4. Family and other social pressures.  Families and friends often put a lot of pressure on patients to avoid natural methods and follow conventional methods.

5. Legal pressures. In some states, political authorities insist upon conventional drug, radiation and surgical procedures for cancer and prosecute anyone who offers alternatives, even if the conventional methods do not work.  This is rather insane, but one must recall that conventional cancer therapy is very costly and is big business.

6. Use of very toxic medical remedies.  Some cancer patients have already had chemotherapy and radiation, and perhaps surgical therapies that have compromised the body’s ability to heal itself.  This complicates natural therapies.


Why do you not hear more about metabolic therapies for cancer?  You will generally not hear about the alternatives I will suggest because they do not involve patentable drugs.  As a result, the drug industry cannot profit from them.  This sounds very cynical, but it is the truth, and nothing but the truth.

The pharmaceutical industry has infiltrated medical care to an enormous degree.  They mainly profit from patentable products, which does not include foods, vitamins, minerals, oxygen therapy, herbs and similar products.

The drug industry and their allies strongly discourage the public from using natural cancer therapies mainly by controlling what doctors learn and how they practice their trade.  Control is accomplished through the medical licensing laws, hospital regulations, laboratory regulations, and extensive media control.  Several books have been written about the sad and insane control of the drug companies over medical care, and particularly as regards cancer therapy.

The AMA (American Medical Association) and other powerful medical groups do not like the competition from natural cancer therapies.  Doctors who offer it are often harassed by federal agents and some lose their licenses for helping people recover from a terminal disease.

Medical studies of cancer remedies

One must be wary about medical “studies” about cancer because most are biased and manipulated to achieve a certain outcome.  Here are ways the studies are rigged to produce a certain outcome:

1. Studies often discuss the “5-year survival rate” of various therapies.  If a person lives for five years, he or she is considered cured.  If the person dies even one day after the five years is up, the person is still categorized as “cured”.  This, of course, is insane, since most people want to live more than five years.  But this is how the statistics are set up, although most people do not know this.

2. Drugs are often tested for only a short time, during which the drug may show “promise”.  The drug maker knows that if they extended the time a few more months or a year, it would fail, but they do not report this fact.

3. A special group of people are used in the study that the authors know will do well on a drug. Yet this is not revealed.  Alternatively, when “studying” a natural therapy, the authors of the study may select participants that they know will not do well, but they do not reveal this fact.

4. The “study” of alternative methods are done with only one or a few participants.  This should not be considered valid, but it often is.  Medical studies of hair analysis typically were rigged this way.

5.  The study authors are paid to conclude something the study really does not show or confirm, often while ignoring the real facts or conclusions.  However, you would not know it unless  you read the study very carefully.

6. A “study” can easily discredit a new method of cancer therapy by using the wrong dosage, the wrong protocol for the product, or even the wrong product.  This is done very commonly.  It might look like a “mistake”, but it is no such thing.

7. Something is added to or omitted from the “study” protocol that wrecks the intended effect. For example, if a natural product also requires a healthful diet along with it, the dietary part is omitted and the product “studied” without the diet.  Alternatively, a drug therapy is added that the authors know will negate the positive effect of the natural product.

These are just some of the ways the public and the medical profession are kept in the dark about the dismal performance of much of drug medicine.  This ignorance and deception today pervades the entire medical establishment, even the most elite medical centers.  However, it is perhaps most pronounced in the area of cancer therapy. 


Introduction.  This article discusses several alternative cancer therapies.  They are the only ones I suggest.  All the others are either not safe enough, or not effective enough.

The methods I suggest use fairly non-toxic cancer-killing agents.  These therapies work quite well, when done properly and faithfully.  With proper use, many cancers go away, often quite easily.

WARNING: I do NOT recommend herbs, mushroom therapy, germanium, cesium, chelation therapy, homeopathy, chelation, IV vitamin C, iodine therapy, IPT (or insulin potentiation therapy), electrical machines, raw food diets, vegetarian diets, beta glucan, IP-6, or baking soda treatments. I would strictly avoid all of these therapies.

In my experience, these methods simply do not work well enough.  They may cause some improvement for a while, but they do not work deeply enough.  Some will guarantee death, in fact.

Also, if you choose the three methods recommended in this article, you must do them correctly and faithfully.  Do not fool around and change the protocols!


Root-canal filled teeth. I strongly suggest that anyone dealing with cancer have ALL root canal-filled teeth removed at once.  I know this can be costly and drastic, but is often very important if you want to live.  You would be surprised how toxic most root canal-filled teeth are.  The only solution I know of is to have them removed, at once. 

Dental amalgams.  DO NOT replace dental amalgams when there is an active cancer.  Wait until the cancer is in remission.  The reason is the mercury removal process releases some mercury into the body.  This can flare up the cancer and kill you.  Also, never have more silver amalgam dental fillings placed in your mouth, as they are quite toxic.

Glandular products (such as adrenal or thyroid glandulars).  DO NOT take glandular products if you have cancer.  Some cancers are hormone-driven and products such as adrenal or thyroid glandular supplements can make things worse.  I also would avoid herbs that stimulate the glands or contain hormone-like substances for the same reason. These include licorice root and other “adrenal herbs” and tyrosine or “thyroid herbs”.

Eating raw liver.  Eating a little raw liver daily may help very ill cancer patients.  This technique was first used by Max Gerson, MD and later by William Kelley, DDS. Due to its taste, the best way to do it is usually to buy fresh, raw, organic, free-range calf liver.  Take it home and immediately cut it into small squares about 1-inch square.  Place these in the freezer on a pan or plastic ice cube tray so they won’t stick together. Each day, eat about two of these directly from the freezer.  The coldness of the liver obscures its strong taste.


As stated earlier, conventional cancer therapy – radiation, surgery or drugs – is generally quite insane, in my view.  Its effectiveness is generally poor, its adverse effects are sometimes worse than the disease, and its cost is much too high.  It basically poisons the patient and the cancer, hopefully poisoning the cancer a little more than it poisons the patient.

However, it is all that is permitted today in mainstream medical care.  It is also often the only therapy that health insurance will pay for, because the insurance industry is heavily regulated and controlled by the drug industry.  Otherwise, the insurance industry would realize that several natural therapies are better and cheaper, with fewer side effects.

The best conventional therapy.  This is often surgery.  Surgery is fast and does not leave the patient as poisoned as does chemotherapy and radiation.  However, one does get a lot of anesthesia drugs that must later be removed from the body, ideally.

Surgery is often not needed if one uses the correct natural therapy.  It should ONLY be used in cases in which 1) the tumor is enormous and thus difficult to digest and remove naturally, or 2) if the tumor is pressing on a vital structure such as an artery or a nerve, and must be removed to save one’s life.

Also, one should use the natural therapies described in this article before and after surgery to prevent areccurence of cancer, which is always a systemic disease.  This means that one cannot remove all cancer surgically.  It is always lurking elsewhere.  Surgery is just good to remove large or life-threatening tumors, but not to heal the whole body.

Combining natural therapies with conventional cancer treatment.  This is certainly possible. Nutritional balancing can be done along with conventional cancer therapy.  It is certainly better than doing conventional therapy without a natural healing program.

However, keep in mind that conventional cancer treatment is extremely toxic, the opposite of the goal of natural therapies, in general.  Secondly, conventional treatment wastes the patient’s energy, usually depletes their nutrition, and often has other adverse effects.

Combining several natural therapies.  DO NOT DO THIS.  It will usually wreck the Kelley program or a nutritional balancing program.

Nutritional balancing for those undergoing conventional cancer therapies.  Nutritional balancing can be used as an adjunctive and supportive therapy for those who have elected to pursue conventional cancer therapy such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.  


The following are the ONLY natural cancer therapies I suggest.  Please be careful.  I do not like most of the natural cancer therapies, as they are not good enough, no matter what some claim.


Cantron or Protocel, a similar product, was developed about 70 years ago by Dr. Jim Sheridan of Detroit, Michigan, USA.  Cantron appears to disable the energy-producing mechanism of the trophoblast, a cell line that many believe is the basis for cancer.  In addition, Cantron has components that help the body dispose of dead or necrotic tumor tissue.  This is critical because one can die due to toxic poisoning from necrotic or dead cancer tissue.  This remedy is a liquid that is fairly simple to take, although it must be taken 4 or 5 times daily.  Cantron costs about $50.00 per month.  Protocel costs about $200.00 per month.

Always combine Cantron with a complete nutritional balancing program.  Cantron or Protocel are sold as stand-alone products.  However, I would strongly recommend combining it carefully with a nutritional balancing program.  I find this works much better, and will take care of most cancers.  With Cantron, I suggest:

1. A general dietary protocol.  Follow the Slow Oxidizer Diet in almost all cases.  In addition, those with cancer must avoid all red meat and eggs for a year, at least, due to their high iron content.  I also suggest eating very simple meals of one or two foods at a meal only.  Usually this will be plenty of cooked vegetables and either one protein such as chicken, or one starch such as brown rice.  This is much easier on the digestion, which is always weak with cancer patients.

2. Two coffee enemas and two sauna sessions each day. I also strongly suggest two or three daily coffee enemas.  Also, do two or three near infrared lamp sauna therapy sessions daily of 30-50 minutes each. Do not use traditional saunas or far infrared saunas, but only near infrared lamp saunas.  For more on this read Sauna Therapy by Dr L. Wilson.  For more about enemas, read Coffee Enemas on this site.

3. Avoid all glandular products.

Detailed information and cautions with Protocel and Cantron.  When one buys Protocel, one will also receive warnings about combining it with certain foods, procedures and supplements.  While well-meaning, my experience suggests that it is not all correct.

For example, it is not necessary to do a “cleanse” first if one follows the dietary protocol above.  Also, you may eat any cooked vegetables you like with Cantron or Protocel, including broccoli.

Also, I find that the nutritional supplements used with a nutritional balancing program do not interfere with the action of Cantron or Protocel.  In fact, they enhance it.  Perhaps this is because people are so malnourished today, or because a nutritional balancing program based on a properly performed tissue mineral test is able to balance the body so that the food supplements do not interfere with the product.

Do not combine Protocel or Cantron with more than:

  1. About 1000 mg of vitamin C daily.
  2. About 300 mcg. of selenium daily.
  3. About 100 mg of coenzyme-Q-10 daily.
  4. About 3800 mg of kelp daily.
  5. About 900 mg of omega-3 fatty acids daily.
  6. No more than about 200 iu of natural vitamin E daily.
  7. Limit vitamin D to about 5000 iu daily.
  8. Do not take any glandular products.
  9. I would avoid all mushrooms, and all spirulina, chlorella and blue-green algae products.  I would also avoid germanium, cesium and most of the cancer remedies on the market.  I would also avoid all medical drugs as much as possible.

Cantron or Protocel are quite amazing remedies, in my view, and better than all the other cancer remedies put together except for the pancreatic enzyme therapy that is used with the Kelley metabolic cancer therapy described below.

Many prominent politicians and others know about these therapies.  Ronald Reagan and Betty Ford are just two among many who received natural, alternative cancer therapies and succeeded.


Dr. William Donald Kelley, DDS was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 1968.  He was given little hope of survival, and, as a result, began researching alternatives.  He read about the trophoblast theory of cancer, and began taking pancreatic enzymes.  He soon felt better, and continued to research even more.  Eventually, he evolved a cancer protocol that he continuously refined for 35 years.  Dr. Kelley died in 2009 from other causes (not cancer) at age 88.

He wrote a small book entitled One Answer To Cancer as a guide for patients.  He was an excellent doctor and trained a number of doctors and consultants to continue his work.

I usually suggest the Kelley metabolic cancer program or ‘Kelley program’ for more advanced cancer cases, as it may be a little better than Cantron, but it is much more expensive.

Dr. William Kelley is mentioned in a separate article on entitled The Cancer Pioneers.

The Kelley program, as it is called, is based squarely on the trophoblast concept of the origin of cancer, and its results appear to me to be superior to most other natural or medical cancer therapies if it is done correctly.  It involves:

1. An extremely healthful diet of purely natural foods with little animal protein, at first, and containing mainly cooked, and NOT RAW vegetables, with a little whole grains, and very little or no fruit or sweets.

2. Near infrared lamp sauna therapy with two sessions daily. No other type of sauna may be utilized.  This was added by Dr. Kelley late in his life, and is a fabulous addition to his program.  The sauna must be used a minimum of twice daily and perhaps three times daily, for at least 30 minutes and up to 50 minutes each session.  For details on this type of sauna, read Near Infrared Saunas Kill Cancer.

3. The use of coffee enemas every single day.  Dr. Kelley recommended from one to four of these daily. Dr. Max Gerson, MD, who pioneered the use of the coffee enema, used even more, but this seems unnecessary, time-consuming and harmful when one does the entire Kelley program correctly.  To read more on this fascinating procedure, read Coffee Enemas on this website. The best way to use the enemas may be to do two coffee enemas back to back in the morning, and two more, back to back, in the afternoon or early evening.  However, this is still being researched.

4. Highly concentrated pancreatic enzymes, taken orally, between meals, in large quantities. These were suggested by John Beard, MD, over 110 years ago!  They act a natural chemotherapeutic agent in a most remarkable manner that seems to allow the body to break down tumor tissue, which is not easy to do when the body is in a debilitated state.

5. Some basic nutritional supplements, especially some calcium and magnesium, zinc, copper, vitamins in small doses and a few others.

6. A healthful lifestyle.  This means plenty of rest and sleep, a little gentle exercise, deep breathing, stretching the spine, and excellent general hygiene are most helpful for healing cancer and all diseases, in fact.

7. Mental attitude.  Cancer patients are often discouraged and angry underneath.  Some seem sweet and loving, but underneath are resentful of others.  Such negative emotions severely impact the emotional body, the liver, and the sympathetic nervous system.

Therefore, a key to healing all cancers is to give up anger, practice forgiveness and gratitude daily, look on the positive side of everyone, even your sworn enemies, as Jesus taught, and move on.  Let go of all grudges and hatreds, and realize that all are doing their best, even through it is far from perfect.  A number of articles on can help you, including the ones entitled, Meditation For Healing (excellent), ForgivenessGetting Along With OthersLetting Go, and others.

Drawbacks of the Kelley program are:

1) The cost of the pancreatic enzymes, which can be $800-1200.00 per month for at least one or two years. If this is a problem, then I recommend the use of Protocel or Cantron instead of the enzymes.  This may not be quite as good, but often works well and is far less expensive.

2) The program requires some discipline and several hours each day to carry out the various dietary and other procedures.  In other words, a commitment of time and energy is required.  I strongly suggest to anyone who is even concerned about a possible cancer that letting go of your fast-paced life and taking the time to heal is absolutely necessary and absolutely worth any other sacrifices that you may need to make.

How to Enhance a Metabolic Therapy Program

Here are a few keys to success that may not be emphasized enough by some books or practitioners.

1. Rest a lot more.  This is primary.  Rest will help any healing process.  Go to bed by 8:30 PM each night, nap each afternoon and try to get 10 to 12 hours of sleep daily between these two.  The early hours of the evening are the best times for sleeping.

2. Drink about three quarts of quality spring water each day.  Steam-distilled water is also excellent for detoxification.  However, I use it usually for only a few months, and then one must change to spring water because too much distilled water will remove some vital minerals from the body.

The next best water to drink is usually carbon filtered tap water.  Be sure to change the filters every six months or more often.  Reverse osmosis water is deadly and should be avoided.  Alkaline water will provide positive benefits at first, but for long term use they poison the body with platinum or other toxic metals, in my experience, and should be strictly avoided.  Also, avoid other “designer waters”, as a general rule.  Read What Kind of Water Should I Drink? for more on this subject.

3. Perhaps do an extra coffee enema and/or an sauna session.  These will not, in our experience, interfere at all with Protocel or Cantron, and they are an important part of the Kelley program. The use of a near infrared light sauna was added very late in Dr. Kelley’s life, so many practitioners do not know about its benefits.

Stay away from far infrared saunas, especially those with large carbon heaters.  I believe they are emitting frequencies that may be harmful.  Most saunas can be converted to a near infrared sauna by just adding the heat lamps to it.

4. Stay positive. The cancer cells themselves actually secrete substances that may contribute to depression or discouragement.  Purification and healing reactions that are, in fact, beneficial can also cause fear.  At times, these can unnerve even the most stable and dedicated person.

Research by the Simontons and other doctors indicates that staying positive is critical for the best success. Here are several ways to do this:

  • Read to understand all you can about your program.  It can help you to have faith and confidence in what you are doing and why.
  • Do your best to concentrate on the positive and ignore the negative feelings. This may seem impossible, but is a skill that can be learned.  It involves letting go of the negative because you realize it is just “old tapes” playing over and over in your head.  After a while, they begin to just fade away.
  • Use methods that help you to stay positive.  This might include uplifting books, CDs, inspiring movies, or talking with positive friends.  It may also be taking walks in the woods or a park, meditating properly with the Roy Masters exercise, but not others, or any other helpful and healthful activity.
  • Think spiritually.  This means to know you are more than your physical body.  This is what I mean by “think spiritually”.  It allows us to have a greater love for the self and for the world as well.  Some ways to act spiritually are to go to church, or to read and study high-quality spiritual material.  Many opportunities are all around you.

5. Meditate in a special way.  I strongly advise all cancer patients to use the Roy Masters meditation with my modification.  It is explained in the article Meditation For Healing, where you can also download an audio version free of charge.

The exercise takes some time and patience to practice daily.  However, it is excellent and very grounding, an important factor for those with cancer.  I credit my own health recovery in large measure to doing this exercise daily, which I still do.

6. Be realistic and grounded.  Always keep in touch with your practitioner.  Healing cancer is not a do-it-yourself proposition at all.  Not all reactions mean you are healing, by any means.

For several years I followed a Natural Hygiene regimen of mostly vegetarian raw food.  I developed rashes and other symptoms that I believed were indicators of healing, and others around me agreed.

In fact, I was becoming more ill.  It cost me dearly in terms of my health.  Fortunately, an acquaintance finally convinced me to quit the regimen.  I had surrounded myself with others who thought like me, but the method simply didn’t work, in spite of my best efforts to follow the regimen faithfully.

This is why I only recommend working with someone who has an excellent reputation with cancer patients, not a general type of practitioner.  Healing cancer with any approach is challenging, even for a seasoned practitioner.  For this reason, I do not work with cancer.  It is just not my specialty and I admire those who have made it theirs.


Extra oxygen can kill cancer cells.  It is a fairly safe, and often a fairly simple therapy, as well.  I would only use it in conjunction with one of the two therapies listed above, as it is not enough by itself.

Oxygen is available in various forms and modalities:

  • Ozone.  This is probably the best way to increase oxygenation of the body.  It can be taken rectally, in an IV solution, breathed in, in a bath, or in your drinking water.  Ozone is O3, an unstable form of oxygen that gives off one of its oxygen atoms to your body when it is placed inside the body.  You will need to find someone knowledgeable in its use, although anyone can buy an ozonator/ionizer air purifier and set it up in your bedroom, preferably, and breathe some ozone all night and day, as well.  Click here to learn more about getting one of these machines.
  • Hydrogen peroxide.  This is a very corrosive compound that can be added to baths, mainly, or possible added to drinking water.  I do not suggest it quite as much as ozone because bathing in tap water is too contaminated.  However, it is widely available and inexpensive.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen.  This is a chamber with oxygen pumped in under pressure.  The chambers are quite costly, but sometimes you can find one locally that you can use at low cost.
  • Deep breathing. Finally, you can practice deep breathing every day, and this, too, will enhance oxygenation of the body to some degree and is very easy.  Do deep breathing for at least 1 hour daily.


This is an old native American herbal formula used to remove skin cancers, but it also works on some internal cancers.  While it is somewhat irritating, it usually does an excellent job!  It is also extremely inexpensive and non-toxic.

It is an ancient Native American remedy containing bloodroot and other herbs.  It can easily remove cancerous and pre-cancerous moles very easily, as well as some skin infections.

A book about it is called Cancer Salves by Ingrid Naiman.  For much more information about black salve and how it works, read Black Salve on 


Doctors differ in their beliefs about exactly what cancer is.  According to some, however, it is a normal type of cell line that simply expresses or grows at the wrong time and place.  The cell line is called the trophoblast.

The word trophoblast means “to nourish the blast or baby”.  The cell line should only arise during the first eight to twelve weeks of pregnancy.  Its function is to nourish the fetus until what is called the critical period of pregnancy, when the placenta grows and takes over the job of nourishing the fetus.

According to the theory, as our bodies age and break down slowly, this older tissue line becomes active in the wrong time and place, and this is cancer.  As early as 1902, John Beard, MD, a brilliant embryologist, wrote The Trophoblast Theory Of Cancer.  To my knowledge, the theory has withstood many tests, yet one rarely hears about it.  I wonder if the reason is that if it were shown to be true, the answer for this disease recommended in 1902 would have to be applied, and the entire cancer “business” would end. 


Cancer is one disease that is far better to prevent than to treat, in most cases.

It can be very advanced, and fast-moving, yet no symptoms may be present.  Just last month, a friend called because his 28-year-old young son had minor surgery for an abdominal problem.  Much to everyone’s surprise, his abdomen was full of cancer, and he soon died.  This is unfortunately a common story.

Dissolving tumors is not that easy for the human body, especially one with impaired eliminative organs. This greatly slows healing of cancer and causes many failures in natural and conventional cancer therapies.  The body’s detoxification system is just overwhelmed.  This is one reason I only suggest the two natural methods that I do, and no others at this time.  It is also why coffee enemas are a key to natural cancer therapy.  Skipping them is just foolishness.

All illness is more difficult to handle in older people, and these are the ones who usually suffer with cancer.

Cancer is life-threatening and will take the life if one does not stop it.  Thus, just slowing it down is better than nothing, but is not enough, as it is with many other illnesses.  Cancer must be stopped, as a general rule, or life will end sooner, if not later.


Infrared_saunas-in-depth-with-nikki_mosesIf one is serious about cancer prevention, include the use of a near infrared sauna as a primary preventive therapy.

The use of a near infrared heat lamp sauna each day for half an hour or more is a simple, cost-effective method of cancer prevention.  A far infrared sauna is not nearly as good, and may be harmful due to the stray electromagnetic fields they all produce.

Near infrared sauna therapy helps remove two dozen toxic metals, hundreds of toxic chemicals, and often a dozen or more chronic infections in the body.  It also has many other therapeutic effects. Listen to this podcast on Infrared Saunas.

Saunas do far more than just reduce the risk of cancer, and is not a specific cancer therapy, unless combined with other products and procedures.  Thus, it can also help prevent a dozen other devastating illnesses, at least, and actually rejuvenates the body as it does so.

To build a sauna is not difficult.  Free plans are on my website at Sauna Plans.  I offer a book, Sauna Therapy, with more plans.


Certain metabolic patterns that are visible on a properly performed and properly interpreted hair mineral analysis are more associated with cancer.  Here are those that occur most often, though there are others as well.

1. Sympathetic dominance

Excessive activity of the sympathetic nervous system inhibits healing in at least five different ways.  If this factor is not dealt with, no therapy will be too effective. The tendency to overuse the sympathetic nervous system, which we call sympathetic dominance, is often unconscious.  This only makes it worse, because the person thinks he or she is just living “normally”, but in fact the person is stuck in a trap or vicious cycle of tissue breakdown or catabolism due to the overuse of the sympathetic nervous system.  I tell people it is as though they believe they are being chased by a pack of tigers all the time.  This inhibits digestion, elimination and the immune response severely, and slowly tears down the body.

On a hair mineral test, it is indicated by a potassium level of 4 mg% or less, or three or four highs pattern with a slightly elevated sodium/potassium ratio.  Secondary indicators are an elevated sodium/potassium ratio by itself, and/or an elevated calcium/magnesium ratio if the sodium/potassium ratio is high.

Pancreatic enzymes and Protocel may actually help to correct this tendency, and this may account for some of the feelings of fatigue that people with active cancer may feel for a time on these products.  Coffee enemas and sauna therapy is also excellent to counteract sympathetic dominance.  Sympathetic dominance is a very critical subject.  To read more, about it, read Sympathetic Dominance.

2. Four lows pattern

This pattern is also common, and consists of low tissue levels of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.  For more on this interesting pattern, read Four Lows Pattern.

3. Elevated copper, calcium and/or cadmium

A copper level greater than about 10 mg%, a calcium level greater than 400 mg%, and/or a cadmium level above about 0.03 mg%, are other possible cancer indicators on a properly performed hair mineral analysis. As these correct, the likelihood of cancer will decrease, in my experience.

4. A sodium/potassium ratio less than 2

Dr. Paul Eck noted that on a properly performed hair mineral analysis in which the hair is not washed at the laboratory that a sodium/potassium ratio less than 2.5 is associated with an impaired immune response.  As the ratio becomes lower, the tendency for immune deficiency and malignancy increases.  For more, read Low Sodium/Potassium Ratio.

5. Phosphorus less than 12 mg%

This is a low vitality indicator.  For more information, read Phosphorus.

6. Other toxic metals or severe vital mineral deficiencies

High levels of mercury, lead, arsenic, nickel or other toxic metals may be associated with the development of cancer.  Poor eliminator patterns are also associated with cancer.

Very low levels of zinc, for example, may also indicate a severely impaired immune response.  More research is needed on the specifics of these indicators. 


Breast cancer. Breast cancer screening and diagnosis are important subjects.  For more on this topic, please read Breast Cancer Screening And Prevention.

Biopsy errors.  Please be warned that biopsies can be unreliable.  They can produce false positive and false negative results. Try to confirm biopsy findings, if at all possible, since false positive results can cause extensive treatments when they may not be needed.  This relates to the next topic.

Defensive medicine.  Today, many doctors practice what is called defensive medicine.  This is really not medical care, but legal care.  They may diagnose an early cancer even if they are not sure, because this is preferable to missing the diagnosis and getting sued.

I appreciate their careful approach.  However, a person can end up on very toxic drugs, or having toxic radiation therapy and surgery without needing it.  They can also become very depressed and anxious for no reason.  So please beware of this situation in today’s medical care.  The answer, in my opinion, is that if you receive a diagnosis of this type, go on Protocel and a nutritional balancing program.  This will almost always take care of the cancer without the need for further medical intervention.

Beware of medical “preventive testing”. Mammogram X-rays of the breasts, for example, increase cancer incidence. Ultrasound or infrared thermal imaging called Thermography, by contrast, are much safer.  This is just one example of how prevention must be carefully thought out.

A very good and simple serum-based cancer screening panel is available from American Metabolic Laboratories.  No doctor’s prescription is needed, as they send you one.  See the reference section of this article for more information about this laboratory test.

Beware of genetic testing.  Genetic testing (really protein synthesis testing) is the newest form of medical testing that is used today to screen for a tendency for certain cancers.  However, it is fraught with problems, in my view.  For more on this subject, read Genetic Testing.

A nutritional balancing program can cause what looks like cancerous growths, but they are not. Recently, two people who were on nutritional balancing programs suddenly developed “lumps”, that were then diagnosed with cancer.  However, upon closer investigation, one was actually told she just had pre-cancerous cells.  In both cases, the problem was a healing reaction and the lumps went away on their own.  Reasons for the confusion and possible misdiagnoses are:

  1. Only on a nutritional balancing program, the body can move toxins easily into a cyst or benign tumor to make them easier to remove.  So a lump appears.  It is not cancer, in my experience, but a process of ridding the body of cancer, even though it contains some abnormal cells.
  2. Most cancers require 5-10 years to develop.  Nutritional balancing programs do not tend to promote cancer growth, and in fact the opposite is true.

Common medical errors in handling cancer. These include:

  1. Treating cancer as a local disease instead of a systemic one.  This tends to cause relapses or recurrences. Doctors then treat these as “new” cancers, when they are just the progression of the same illness that was mistreated the first time with drugs or other methods that do not strengthen and detoxify the entire body.
  2. Using extremely toxic drugs and radiation as a first line of treatment, rather than as a last resort in most cases.
  3. Ignoring very high quality nutrition and diet, drinking water, food supplements, and perhaps other lifestyle factors when addressing cancer.
  4. Ignoring wonderful detoxification procedures such as coffee enemas and the daily use of a near infrared sauna.
Miracles can occur with any healing method.  However, they don’t happen that often.  So use your common sense at all times when dealing with cancer.


I will mention four factors that are common reasons for failure, so that you can avoid them.  These include too much stress, starting too late, the nature of cancer and the inability to follow the program exactly.

1. Stress.  For success, you must minimize all activity and stress in your life.  You must rest at least 12 hours daily.  Stress weakens and disturbs the body severely.  It can include financial, social, work, family or other types of stressful conditions.  To be successful, plan to rest most of the day for at least a year or two.  This will conserve your energy for healing.

2. Starting too late.  I am aware of people with extremely advanced cases of cancer that recovered fully using natural therapies.  Therefore, it is never too late to begin natural therapy.

However, there can be no foolproof “cure” for cancer.  Anyone who offers you one is lying.  The main reason is that cancer is a stealth disease and you never know how extensive it is, no matter how many x-rays or tests are run.  Also, you never know just how low your vitality level is, and vitality or adaptive energy is required to recover from cancer, as with all diseases.  It takes some time to turn around any disease condition, and one never knows if one has that time.  Also, digesting and disposing of dead tumors takes a lot of the body’s energy and can be another problem, even if the cancer can be stopped.  Therefore, if you suspect cancer, start your alternative program immediately.

3. Failure to follow the program completely and faithfully.  This is the most common reason for failure.  Here are some reasons this can happen:

4. Altering the program.  This is all too common.  Doctors or patients often just omit parts of the program, such as coffee enemas.  Others try combining programs, often with disastrous results.  Others alter a few items, such as the diet, because they are afraid or have read something that influences them.

A hard and fast rule is to avoid changing or omitting anything that is required, even if you don’t understand it.  The Kelley program, as administered by Pamela McDougle – but not anyone else – is the result of literally years of research.  You are not likely to improve upon it.  Dr. Kelley tried many remedies, and rejected most of them for very good reasons that are not known to most physicians and patients.

Nutritional balancing programs are also the result of 40 years of research.  Patients do not realize that we have tried most, if not all of the remedies, methods and products available on the market.  So if it is not recommended, stay away.  If it is recommended, use it, even if it makes little sense.

Holistic physicians, often with little real experience with cancer, are among the worst offenders here.  They may attend a seminar or workshop and suddenly feel they can do better than the masters.  Adding extra products often wrecks a program, and the reasons can be subtle.  Be very careful about this.

5. Inability to do the program.  This may be due to financial issues, mental confusion or even a lack of strength to carry out the instructions perfectly.

6. Lack of adequate supervision.  This is also common.  Always consult your practitioner if you are not sure what to do in a situation.  Too many people end up in an emergency room, or stopping their program when this is not the correct solution to a flare-up or other situation.

Doctors who help people with cancer must be available for phone calls, at least, and should supervise patients carefully.  Remember, cancer is not a simple illness in most cases.

In fact, cancer is more like a climb up a steep slope where you cannot see the goal clearly at first.  There are wrong turns and hazards to avoid, so use care in whom you choose as your guide, and keep in close communication when necessary.

7. Lack of commitment. Any natural approach takes commitment.  It will usually not be easy sailing at all times and one must persist, even when it seems like things are not going well.  This occurs during what are called healing reactions, for example.  For more on this critical subject, read Retracing And Healing Reactions.

8. Quitting too soon.  This is another common problem.  Plan on staying on your therapy for several years, at least.  The diet and lifestyle should be lifelong choices. One must stay with the natural therapy for at least a year after obvious tumors have shrunk or one feels much better.  Otherwise, relapses can occur easily, since cancer is a degenerative condition.

9. Lack of emotional and moral support.  This, too, occurs often with alternative cancer approaches, more than with any other illness I am aware of.  Some people feel they must have the support of their families, the media and the medical world.  Otherwise they feel uncomfortable with their cancer regimen.

Alternative methods do not offer this.  For best success, one must be far more independent of the attitudes of others, realizing that they are usually terribly uninformed and misinformed.  Often they are also terrified of cancer by the media and not thinking clearly about you and your real needs.

g)  Lack of faith in the program.  If you believe strongly in someone or something, you will tend to relax, follow orders better, and have a better attitude.  If you think you are wasting your time and money, no approach will be as effective.

For this reason, watch out with whom you speak or share your condition, and your plans.  Thoughtless or stray words from doctors and others can have a great influence on one who is ill.

If you seek counseling or other help from a counselor, pastor, family or friends, make sure  they all understand your natural healing program, and is fully supportive.

h) Reduced will to live.  Cancer often causes a person to question the will to live.  In fact, it is one of cancer’s blessings.  It forces a person to examine why he or she wants to be well at all.  This is a challenge for those who have not examined their lives carefully, or who have lived less than wholesome lives.  There are ways to enhance the will to live, such as reading spiritual books, reading certain articles on my site that explain how life works, and why life is precious, and others.

Unrealistic thinking and approaches will get you killed with cancer.  I know this warning may sound like it is coming from the American Medical Association, but please be warned.  Be open-minded but never rigid, if possible.  If you are not succeeding, something has to change.  Do not stay with a program if it is obviously not working for you.


If the program you have chosen is not causing any changes within a few weeks, even subtle ones described below, it may not be working.  Fortunately, with the therapies in this article, this rarely happens.  Early changes may be subtle and even have little to do with your tumor or cancer.  They may be emotional improvements, for example.

For example, you may have more energy, feel happier or have less pain, even if the tumor has not changed. In fact, do not expect your tumor or even your general health to change quickly in many cases.  Only with the therapies mentioned in this article and perhaps a few others, tumors occasionally even grow larger for a short time as they soften and disintegrate.  Also, tests such as x-rays and blood tests may also look worse, at times. This can be part of the process of tumor necrosis or destruction of the cancer.  So, be sure to work with a practitioner who understands this.

Also, do not just pay attention to x-rays or other medical tests, which often cannot detect subtle changes inside tumors.  However, if there are no changes at all, even subtle ones, don’t waste your time on something that is not working.  Stop what you are doing and change to a different approach.  The exception here is that when a healing reaction or retracing is taking place, one must stick with the program.  This is difficult, and this is where a professional who understands the program deeply will be of great help.  During all retracing, one’s judgment is affected and everyone needs outside help to see their way through.

Should you spend a lot of time with conventional doctors while on a natural therapy program?

This is a difficult decision, at times.  It is up to you how often you visit your conventional doctor, but I found that staying away from the medical world as much as possible is often very helpful.  This is not always the case, but here are my observations based on working with thousands of people:

  1. The medical world can be very depressing and discouraging.
  2. Doctors and other medical personnel are often deeply afraid of cancer, themselves.  They speak and gesture in a way that unconsciously instills fear in you.
  3. Most doctors, including holistic doctors, are not well-informed about healing reactions, the Kelley program, nutritional balancing science, etc.  So they often inadvertently wreck the programs by suggesting other remedies, other diets, or other therapies.
  4. Sadly, the cancer establishment is corrupt.  You may not think this is true, as most doctors are well-intentioned, as are most hospitals.  However, the licensing boards control medical care and do not want the truth about metabolic cancer therapies to be known.

There is a built-in bias, in other words, against unusual natural therapies that doctors do not know much about.  Their journals do not teach them about natural cancer therapy in an honest way, sadly, because they are supported by drug ads.  I know this for a fact.  So one cannot expect to hear the truth from one’s conventional doctor.

Indeed, many patients are often “railroaded” into complying with doctor’s suggestions in various ways – even legal means.  I am sorry to have to say all this, and I wish it were not true, but it is.

Do not be deceived because your doctor is very “nice”, or concerned, or because he was educated at very fine universities.  In my experience, none of this matters.  This is very hard for some people to fathom – that with all their learning and research staffs, that their doctors might be almost totally ignorant when it comes to metabolic and natural approaches to cancer.  However, it is the truth.

1. This article and all material on this website is for educational purposes only and not intended as diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any health condition, real or imaginary, physical or mental. 
2. Nutritional balancing science is a relatively new method to correct body chemistry through systems principles.  It is not a cancer treatment at all.  However, in combination with other procedures, it can cause improvement in health, in some cases.
3. Nutritional balancing is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any disease, mental or physical.
4. None of the material on this website has been reviewed or approved by the US Food And Drug Administration (FDA), the American Medical Association (AMA) or any other organization.
5. A nutritional balancing program alone is not sufficient to correct cancer.  Therefore, I suggest several remedies and programs above for its correction, in addition to a nutritional balancing program.
6. Anyone undergoing a natural cancer method should have a regular physician, also.  This is for the purpose of testing and to have someone to call in an emergency.
7. No promises or guarantees can ever be made with any therapy.  This must be made absolutely clear. However, the right natural methods have helped many people with cancer.

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