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Top Takeaways

  1. Coffee enemas are an incredibly powerful and beneficial detoxing tool.
  2. Coffee enemas can mechanically detox your liver.
  3. They can increase cell energy production, enhanced tissue health and repair, enhanced cellular regeneration, better immunity, and clearer skin.
  4. They are great for constipation, cramps, nausea, headaches, and can relieve pain associated with many health issues.
  5. Coffee enemas work by dilating the capillaries in the liver to dump its toxic contents into the intestines for elimination.
  6. The best time to do a coffee enema is in the morning because the caffeine can keep you awake.
  7. Coffee enemas are performed by elevating a bucket or bag full of coffee with a hose attached, which is then inserted into the rectum to allow the coffee in.
  8. It is recommended to start by adding a little into the rectum to clean out your bowels, and then add more to hold in the rectum for up to 15 minutes.
  9. The frequency at which to do them is every two to three days, but they can be performed more frequently when needed.
  10. Too many coffee enemas can reduce the electrolytes in the body. Adding a little sea salt can help with that side effect.
  11. If you are caffeine sensitive you can start by with just an 1/8th of a teaspoon of coffee in your brewing process.
  12. Wendy prefers coffee enemas over colon irrigation or colon hydrotherapy because coffee enemas utilize caffeine to stimulate and clean out the liver.
  13. Some good alternatives to coffee enemas are colon hydrotherapy, infrared saunas, liver enhancing supplements, or foods that enhance liver function, but these can be less effective than a coffee enema.
  14. Wendy recommends taking a binder about 30 minutes to an hour before doing a coffee enema.
  15. Wendy also recommends using freshly ground whole bean coffee, which still contains a lot of the beneficial compounds, unlike pre ground coffee.
  16. The best type of coffee to use for the enemas is coffee enema specific coffee, which is organic, blonde, and has a higher contentof caffeine and palmiticacid.
  17. A coffee suppository will have a similar effect on the liver as a coffee enema, but without the more immediate evacuation of the toxins.
  18. The best way to prep your coffee is to brew course, freshly groundbeans directly in a pot of water on the stove, strain the beans, and then add a small amount of cool water.
  19. Because coffee enemas change the pH of colon, making the colon more acidic, they are able to expel and then prevent parasites.

Wendy Myers: Everyone, my name is Wendy Myers of myersdetox.com. Thank you so much for joining me today for the Myers DetoxPodcast.

Wendy Myers: Today, we have a very interesting show. It’s all about coffee enemas. How to do them, why on earth you would want to do a coffee enema, everything you never wanted to know about coffee enemas.

Wendy Myers: Coffee enemas are an incredible detox tool. They’re something I love to do. I’ve been doing them for years and years and years. They’ve been an incredibly helpful tool to help me feel better, help my liver to detox, just to control symptoms. They’re an amazing way to mechanically detox your liver. They’re not necessarily for cleaning out your colon like a lot of people think. They’re not for just evacuating the colon. They’re actually a great way to purge the liver of toxins. We’re going to be talking about everything you wanted to know, lots of tips and tricks, how to do a coffee enema on today’s show.

Wendy Myers: This is a Facebook live that I did and it was very, very popular as a Facebook live. It was very popular on YouTube, so we decided to just bring it to you as a podcast on the Myers DetoxPodcast today. I think, coffee enemas are fundamental in any kind of detox protocol and we did lots of Q&A with this Facebook live, so any questions that you may have, probably somebody else asked and it will be answered today on the show.

Wendy Myers: If you want to learn about you relative levels of heavy metals, have been curious if you may be toxic or not, go to metalsquiz.com. I created this amazing quiz that has about 14 questions, will not take you very long to go through it and it’ll give you an idea of your level of metals in your body and some solutions to help with that. Go to metalsquiz.com to take the quiz.

Wendy Myers: Here’s today’s show and no further ado. This is the Facebook live that I did. We had hundreds of people on this Facebook live and so, enjoy.

Wendy Myers: Hello, everyone. My name is Wendy Myers of myersdetox.com. Thank you so much for joining me on today’s Facebook live. I’m going to be talking about coffee enemas, using coffee to detox your body, detox your liver and it’s an amazing way to detox your body and to mechanically detox your liver and your liver working better, so if you have any type of liver issues, liver problems, really, really important to do coffee enemas. That’s my detox protocol that I’m going to be talking about today.

Wendy Myers: We’ll be talking about how coffee enemas clean and detoxify your body, why you should start integrating them into your detox routine and how to do a coffee enema, more importantly, and the benefits of doing a coffee enema, why on earth would you want to put coffee in your colon and we’ll talk about the dos and don’ts of coffee enemas. Some tips and tricks, common mistakes people make and why to keep doing them.

Wendy Myers: Thanks everyone for joining me. I do this every week, every Tuesday at 5:00 PM Pacific, 8:00 PM Eastern, I’m going to be doing a Facebook live and talking to you all about detoxification. Different strategies that are reasons why you want to be detoxed. Stay tuned every week. I love having you guys here and helping to educate you, so thanks for everyone who’s joining in every week with me to our little Facebook party here.

Wendy Myers: One second. I got to take a little coffee break.

Wendy Myers: Let’s start with some reasons why you want to do a coffee enema. First off, today, people’s livers are really toxic. People today are exposed to a lot of different toxins. Our livers are overwhelmed, overburdened because our poor liver has to bear all this burden and take the brunt of all this and break down all these toxins and our bodies, our livers have to deal with all these stuff.

Wendy Myers: Let me talk about some of the benefits of doing coffee enemas. Number one, you’re going to have an increased cell energy production, you’re going to have enhanced tissue health and repair, enhance cellular regeneration, better immunity, much clearer skin. You’ll find that when your liver is toxic, and you’re kind of backed up or overburdened so to speak, a lot of toxins won’t come out of your skin, so people tend to have liver spots or they’ll have congested skin, they’ll have acne, they’ll have rashers. They’ll have chronic skin issues and this is a sign of liver health.

Wendy Myers: You also have a healthier colon. You also can kill parasites. The coffee actually changes the PH In the colon, so that people will start expelling parasites and things like that, when they start doing them and when they continue, I’ve had some clients who have reported they have clumps of worms coming our of them. They’re have big rope worms and somehow these lovely photos that I just love to give and I want to share all the benefits of the coffee enemas that they’re receiving.

Wendy Myers: It also is really one of the most effective and quick relief of constipation. A lot of people who suffer from constipation. It’s a real problem because all these toxins in the waste product that you’re supposed to excrete stay in your colon and again, start to reabsorb. That’s really a bad situation for your health. If you’re suffering from constipation, obviously, ideally, you want to get to the root source but if you’re not able to and you get to troubleshoot these things, figure out why you’re having constipation, can take some time, in the meantime, it’s great to do coffee enemas to relieve the constipation and get out that fecal matter that can be causing various issues.

Wendy Myers: It’s great for reducing many of the some of the general toxicity. For instance, this morning, I woke up really nauseated. I don’t know why I just woke up nauseated. I did a coffee enema. Nausea went away. It’s one of the ways that I deal with nausea, I’ll deal if I very rarely, I’ll get a headache, but sometimes if I do get a headaches, I’ll do coffee enema. Goes away. Could be due to the caffeine from the coffee but whatever works. A lot of people that have pain, if you have cramps, people have cancer, really, really important to do coffee enemas to relieve many of the symptoms of those health issues.

Wendy Myers: It also increases the acidity of the intestines making it less hospitable to parasites, yeast and bacteria and improves digestion as well. Headaches can disappear as a result of doing coffee enemas. People report a better mood. They have increased mental clarity. That’s the number one thing for me when I do a coffee enema, I definitely have much better mental clarity when I do a really, really important podcast, where I really want to be sharp, I’ll do a coffee enema right beforehand.

Wendy Myers: Coffee enemas also reduce many types of pain, like I mentioned, clear acne and skin congestion and just generally improve your health and facilitate detox. It’s really, really important when you’re doing any type of detox protocol, to do coffee enemas, because you’re mobilizing a lot of different toxins, your liver’s having to deal with a lot of different toxins. When you’re doing infrared saunas, when you’re taking supplements like my activated silica that helps to mobilize metals that cause fatigue from tissues. If you’re taking any kind of chelator, any kind of product, it’s really helpful to facilitate the liver’s excretion of these toxins.

Wendy Myers: Let’s talk about the mechanism of the coffee enema. How are these coffee enemas working exactly? What happens with the coffee enema is … Why are you using coffee of all things as opposed to water? The reason we’re using coffee is because it contains caffeine. The coffee enema coffee that are specifically for coffee enemas, actually contain more caffeine because it makes them more effective. It makes the coffee enema more effective. They also have more palmitic acid, which makes the coffee enema more effective. What the caffeine is doing is it’s dilating all the capillaries in the liver and causing the liver to dump it’s toxic contents into the intestines for elimination.

Wendy Myers: It just speeds up a process that’s already happening. Yes, your liver’s already detoxing you. It’s working 24/7 doing that but the coffee enemas just help to speed that up and provide a way to mechanically purge a liver, which is especially important if you’re really ill, if you’re really toxic, you have cancer or some other health issue. A lot of the natural cancer clinics that people go to around the world, their cancer patients do coffee enemas four, five, six times a day because they just want to purge, purge, purge, purge as many toxins as they can because they’re on a time clock. Coffee enemas, that’s essentially how they work. They dilate the blood vessels and the liver purges it’s toxins into the intestines and then you excrete them.

Wendy Myers: Let’s talk a bit about how to do a coffee enema. Let’s talk about actually the first … we’ll talk about when to do a coffee enema. The best time’s preferably in the morning. You probably don’t want to do an after 3:00 PM because you do get a jolt of caffeine and that can keep many people awake if they are sensitive. Caffeine stays in your system for 12 hours. After you consume it, whether it’s in your mouth or whether it’s in your rectum, it does stay in your body for 12 hours, so it can keep some people awake, but people have different sensitivities to caffeine.

Wendy Myers: There are some people, a very common question I get is, “I’m super sensitive to the caffeine, can I still do a coffee enema?” The answer to that, if you have a sensitivity is that you want to use a tiny little amount. I’ll use a big heaping tablespoon, sometimes two tablespoons of coffee, for a person that’s really sensitive to caffeine. Perhaps, their liver doesn’t process caffeine very well. You can just use a tiny bit, like an eight of a teaspoon or a quarter of a teaspoon in a whole bucket of water. A whole bucket like this, just an eight or a quarter of a teaspoon. You don’t have to use a lot. You only have to use the amount that elicits a response in your body that gets those blood vessels dilating. If you feel a little bit stimulated from a small amount of coffee brewed in a large bucket like this, then that’s fine for you. That works for you. You don’t have to have a lot of caffeine to get the response that you need to have the coffee enema be effective.

Wendy Myers: Guys, if you have any questions, whatsoever, while I’m talking, just throw them at me and I will answer them after I’m done with the little lecture here, teaching you guys. Again, on that note, if it’s 10:00 PM at night and you are in a lot of pain or you have a headache, do a coffee enema. Yeah, you might sacrifice some sleep but if you have to do a coffee enema, then do one. Sometimes at night and I feel like I need to do one, I’ll just do a water enema. I’ll just do that like say, I go to a restaurant and have a really huge meal or I’ll even have some gas that’s uncomfortable, I’ll do a water enema and it just gets sort of all that matter inside you that’s making you feel really full or sick or get rid of gas, so that you feel more comfortable. That’s another really good benefit of it as well. You’re not suffering all night with gas or a full stomach that prevents you from sleeping well. When you eat a big meal, that can interfere in your sleep.

Wendy Myers: Anyway, let’s talk about how to do a coffee enema. I have an article on my website on myersdetox.com. Number one on how to do a coffee enema, I’m going to bring that up right now and I’ll walk you through all of the steps on how to do one. First, you need the equipment. You want to start with a little enema bucket or an enema bag works as well. I have a bag that I’ll travel with if I am going on a longer trip. I prefer the bucket because it’s easier to clean. Any type of bucket works and then you’re going to attach your hose to the bucket and the hose will look something like this. This is a brand new one. You attach the end of the hose to the bucket. This is not working but you just attach the end of the hose to the bucket and then you attach your tip here to the other end. This is not working. To the other end here. Then, this is what you’re going to insert in your rectum to have the coffee enema go inside you.

Wendy Myers: What you need to do ultimately is you have your coffee brewed. The bucket needs to be kind of up high, so that gravity pulls the coffee down through the tube and then, you can insert a little bit into your rectum. Usually, what I do first is I will put just enough liquid just before I evacuate, just enough to facilitate that process, so you want to clean out your bowel. Then, you can fill up again and then you can hold that for as long you can. For some people, that’s 2 minutes, some people that’s 5 minutes, some people that’s 15 minutes. Everyone’s going to be a little different in their tolerance, in their ability to do that and the length of time which they can hold it.

Wendy Myers: Again, everyone is different. Some people can only hold it for a couple of minutes until they need to evacuate and then, fill up again and then, evacuate and then, fill up again. But it’s great, because you have plenty of liquid here to make mistakes to evacuate if you need to. There’s no perfect picture of what it needs to look like and the instructions on my website, I say you want to hold it 15 minutes. You can hold it for 15 minutes total. Do five different sessions but have a total of 15 minutes and you’ll have the same effect as if you just held it for 15 minutes. I know a lot of people complain they can’t hold it very long and everyone has a different tolerance like I’d mentioned.

Wendy Myers: Let’s answer some questions right now. Everyone, again, thank you so much for joining me. If you think of anything that you want to ask me about coffee enemas, just shoot. Missy, “I love coffee enemas. I’m right there with you too.” I love the little coffee cup emoji. Liz, thank you so much for joining me. “How many is it safe to do in a day? Thank you.” The frequency with which you should do them, generally is about every two to three days. I think it’s a very good piece for many people to do. That’s what I do. But everyone is a little bit different. Some people need to do them a few times a day if they have a pain syndrome, if they have cancer, if they have a number of health issues, they maybe warranted for them to do the coffee enemas a few times a day.

Wendy Myers: It just depends on your health status and your situation. If you’re generally healthy, I don’t recommend doing too many in a day because there’s some people that are especially sensitive to losing electrolytes, when they do coffee enemas. There’s some people that, for whatever reason, if they do too many, some people even on a daily basis, I do see their minerals going down on a hair mineral analysis. Granted I have not seen this that often, but I have seen it with some people, but if you’re doing a program like the Myers Detox Protocol, you’re taking lots and lots of minerals, you’re taking electrolytes, you’re taking trace minerals, so you’re taking things to replace what you might be losing with the coffee enema.

Wendy Myers: Another thing you can do is add sea salt to the coffee enema to reduce the amount of electrolytes that you might lose but it kind of burns a little bit. But again, everyone has a little bit of a different tolerance for that and so, adding some sea salt to the coffee enema may be a good thing to do for you guys. But I generally recommend, every other day, every two to three days, I think it’s a really nice pace, but again, you have to find what works for you as an individual.

Wendy Myers: Bill Thompson, “I’ve resisted for a long time. Now, I do one every day.” Good for you. Yeah, sometimes a lot of people resist because you know, it’s not the most glamorous thing in the world to do, to do the coffee enemas. Especially a lot of men, they have some sensitivity around doing coffee enemas, but understandable and as a lot of my male clients can be resistant but once you try them and you’re successful with them, associate feeling really good with doing the coffee enemas, people kind of just, they’re … Go out the gate on the race and they’re ready to go. They want to keep doing them.

Wendy Myers: For me, I’ve been doing them for about maybe seven years now, maybe eight years, maybe longer and I might flake out on some of my other detox stuff I do. Sometimes I’ll fall off the wagon. I won’t do a sauna for a little while to I won’t take a supplement or what not, but I don’t even miss my coffee enemas. I really, really need to do them. I kind of judge with my body also on how often I need to do them. I can kind of feel toxic, so to speak or I kind of just feel yucky or whatever, so I know it’s time to do one.

Wendy Myers: The very common question just came to mind is if you do coffee enemas, will you have issues evacuating your bowels on your own? Will you have trouble going to the bathroom? Will it cause constipation if you don’t do a coffee enema on a regular basis? Here’s the thing, when you do a coffee enema, you’re excreting all the fecal matter that’s in your colon. You’re probably not going to go to the bathroom for a day or two after doing a coffee enema. That’s perfectly normal. You just evacuated it, doing a coffee enema. But if you do one every other day, then you’re probably not going to be going to the bathroom on your own because you’re mechanically evaluating the fecal matter.

Wendy Myers: This does not in anyway destroy your motility, which is the peristalsis that happens that naturally helps to evacuate your bowels. It’s not going to affect that. You will still be able to got to he bathroom on your own even if you do coffee enemas on a regular basis. They’re not addicting, like you won’t be able to go to the bathroom on a regular basis but everyone’s a little bit different. There maybe some people, when they stop coffee enemas, they may not go to the bathroom for a little while when their bodies somewhat adjusting. But your body will get back to normal at some point. Again, everyone’s a little bit different in that respect but it’s not going to harm you in any way.

Wendy Myers: Raymond, “Hi Wendy, you’re awesome. Thank for sharing your knowledge.” Thank you so much for that. Bernadette, “Great part of any detox program.” I agree. Cora, “Hello from Seattle.” Thank you for joining us. Let’s see. Brennan, “You had sea salt, correct? What else can you add to boost enemas? Is this great for adrenal fatigue? Will this throw off your normal digestion?” No. Coffee enemas will not throw off your normal digestion. They might just throw off your evacuation because you’re mechanically evacuating, so you’re just not going to be going to the bathroom on your own, so to speak.

Wendy Myers: Is this great for adrenal fatigue? Yeah. It doesn’t matter what health issue you have, whether it’s adrenal fatigue or trouble with hormones, coffee enemas are very beneficial in a lot of ways because it helps to eliminate toxins that interfere in hormone production and interfere in a lot of the body’s metabolic functions and the adrenals are no different and they make the sex hormones and stress hormones, so really, really helpful to do coffee enemas no matter what the issue. They help your body detox and help your liver eliminate toxins better.

Wendy Myers: What else can you add to boost enemas? You can add ozone to coffee enemas. I certainly used to do that. It’s not ozone. I used to add a Sia water which helps to redux molecules in your body. Those are really nice for those but those get expensive because it’s $40 a bottle. If you have an ozone machine, you can certainly add ozone to the coffee and that’s really helpful for killing bacteria and parasites and other infections that maybe inhabitating your colon. But also, the ozone will absorb through your intestines and get into your body, so that’s really helpful.

Wendy Myers: You can add other things. If you have trouble holding the coffee enema, like you have trouble retaining it, you can add some blackstrap molasses and that has lots of minerals in it and for some people, that can help to routine the coffee enemas. That’s a little tip that you can do.

Wendy Myers: Some people will add things like Quinton minerals. They’ll add sea salt like I mentioned. You can really add anything to the coffee enema. Some people will do a coffee enema, and then the last one we’ll do is some water with some bifidus and with that, directly insert that into their colon. Some people like to put chlorella into their colon. Lots of things you can put in your colon to improve the health of it. That’s a few tips there.

Wendy Myers: Helena, “So, I heard coffee enemas are great for detoxing liver. I hope to feel more comfortable about trying to it after this session.” Yeah, a lot of people are a little squeamish when they first start, but there’s an article on my site. I’ll just leave the link right now. There’s directions on how to do a coffee enema. I’m going to put that right here in the show notes or in the comments, so you guys can have that.

Wendy Myers: How to do a coffee enema. There’s going to be directions on here, just step by step on how to do them. Because it takes a minute to get the hang of them. The first one or two can be a little messy, but I promise you, it’s worth it to try it and see how you feel. I recommend trying it two or three times before you give up and throw in the towel, because like I said, the first time or two can take a little minute to kind of figure it out, figure out how to use the equipment, so it just takes a second.

Wendy Myers: Terry, “I’ve been doing coffee enemas for several months now, but sometimes I spill blood. Is this blood or does this happen from time to time?” Some people can have, they can have blood from polyps, they can have blood different fissures in their intestines or other issues going on in their intestines. But if it continues for awhile, I’d probably go have that checked out by a physician just to see if it’s a polyp or it’s something going on, because you don’t really want to have blood on a regular basis. I’m sure it’s going to happen sometimes. We all have blood in our stool at times and that’s normal. We can get cuts, like the tube can cut us on the inside of our body and whatnot, but if it happens … Usually, I think it’s fine but if that happens on a regular basis, I might be concerned. Just go have a colonoscopy and have that checked out.

Wendy Myers: Suzy, “Coffee enemas relieve my knee pain instantly. I only use organic coffee. Two tablespoons boiled 15 minutes in a cup of distilled water and then, add three cups more to it.” That’s what I do too. I do about two heaping tablespoons and I boil my water for about 10 minutes. 15 minutes is probably better. I boil the water on a stove top. I grind it fresh. Then, I boil the lose coffee on a stove top with distilled water. You can use any type of water but you don’t want to use tap water. Tap water has a ton of toxins in it and all kinds of crazy chemicals. It’s going to defeat the purpose of the coffee enema. You have to use distilled water or filtered water, reverse osmosis, spring water, whatever you have, anything except for tap water.

Wendy Myers: Then, I’ll boil that. It’s about, I don’t really know the measurements but it’s a small pot of water and then I’ll add cool distilled water to that until it gets to a little above body temperature. It’s a little bit warm and then, pour that. Fill my bucket all the way to the top here and usually do about four or five evacuations and it takes about maybe 30 to 45 minutes to do that. Thank you Suzy for the tips there.

Wendy Myers: Joan, Joan from [inaudible 00:25:42], “I’ve done coffee enemas a couple of years ago. I need to get motivated again.” Yeah, just try one and see how you feel. I mean, people can fall off the wagon and kind of forget why they’re doing them, but I think they’re really, really important in today’s toxic world to do coffee enemas on a regular basis. You feel the difference. I mean, when I first started doing them, I had all these-

Wendy Myers: … and you feel the difference. When I first started doing them, I had all these clogged pores and blackheads and my skin just looked kind of sluggish. I started doing the coffee enemas, and my skin totally cleared up within a couple months. I was really, really surprised.

Wendy Myers: Then I fell off the wagon. I stopped doing the coffee enemas for a little while and then all the clogged pores came back. I thought that’s really interesting. Then I started doing the coffee enemas again, and my skin cleared up again, so I made that association. There are other associations with how much better I feel, how much clearer I feel. For me, I get a lot of benefits from them and so they’re just a regular part of my health regimen.

Wendy Myers: [Louena 00:26:44]. “What should someone do if they can’t tolerate coffee?”

Wendy Myers: I answered that question a little bit earlier if you’re late joining me. Don’t worry, you can watch this whole video as soon as I’m done talking and lecturing about coffee enemas. The video will be available on the Myers DetoxFacebook page and so you can watch it at any time. It’s just not going to be loaded and ready to start from the beginning, the beginning until after I’m done talking. This will also be uploaded to the youtube.com/WendyMyers YouTube page, so you can watch it at any time there as well.

Wendy Myers: If you don’t tolerate coffee, it’s totally fine. You can just use a tiny little bit of coffee because there’s a different effect you get from drinking coffee versus taking the coffee rectally, so it’s a very different sensation. So, someone who may have trouble orally taking coffee in their mouth, tolerate caffeine, they could tolerate it when doing a coffee enema. You just want to start with maybe an eighth of a teaspoon of coffee, and a huge bucket like this and just see how you feel. If you don’t tolerate that, then coffee enemas aren’t for you. Coffee enemas are not for everyone. I think most people tolerate them really, really well, but for many people, it’s just not right for them.

Wendy Myers: Debbie Hanks. “I don’t do enemas. No, thanks.” Well, you’ve come to the wrong Facebook live because we’re talking about coffee enemas. But, hopefully, this lecture will change your mind, and you might want to try one.

Wendy Myers: Diana. “So, based on what Wendy is saying, sounds like she uses coffee enemas to deal with symptoms, nausea, headaches, not figuring out why she has those problems.” For me, I know why I will have certain issues. I tend to be prone to nausea if my liver kind of gets backed up, if I’m kind of toxic, and I just tend to be prone to nausea. I have been my whole life, so it’s one of the ways I deal with that. I’ve been detoxing for quite a number of years now, so I know it can be from toxins. I don’t really know why I have that or deal with that, but I’m not terribly worried about it. I just use a coffee enema and then I’m fine.

Wendy Myers: With the headaches, I get those maybe once every six months. I get probably more tension headaches than anything, but, yeah, I’ve definitely got to the root cause of most of the health issues that I used to have.

Wendy Myers: But stuff pops up every day. I’m human. I have stuff that happens, I have stressors. Sometimes I eat bad food, and I get a headache from that or make bad choices, and I paid the price for that. I have ways that I deal with them, like doing coffee enemas, but not too worried about my health. I have perfect tests with all my doctor, and I feel great, so not terribly worried about any underlying root causes of my health issues. But, thank you for caring.

Wendy Myers: Zara. “I have a Colema Board and I’ve known about colon cleansing for over 30 years. I’m happy to hear you teaching.” That’s a very good point to talk about the difference between doing colon cleansing or a colon irrigation or colon hydrotherapy versus coffee enemas.

Wendy Myers: What’s the difference? I personally prefer coffee enemas simply because the caffeine gives you that stimulation to your liver’s capillaries to dilate and then that has this kind of [inaudible 00:30:09] factor, the stress response where it makes the liver dump its toxic contents in the intestines for elimination. That’s the whole point. If you do that, if you use water, you’re only getting that benefit of cleaning out the colon. That’s not why you’re doing coffee enemas. It’s part of it, it’s a side effect of doing it. But it’s really getting that caffeine into the liver and through the portal vein from the rectum. The caffeine travels to the portal vein to the liver to elicit that response, that stress response to get it to detox.

Wendy Myers: You’re not going to have that with water, but colon irrigation is great. I’ve definitely done series of those where I’ve taken binders, where I’ve taken psyllium husks, taking those for a couple days and then done some colon hydrotherapy, and you have all this fecal matter that comes out of you. I’ve done a series of 10 of those, and I felt great. It’s a long process. It was expensive. You have to pay $75 or more per session.

Wendy Myers: Where with the coffee enemas you can do those at home. You only have the expense, like a $50 coffee bucket and some maybe $10 a month or so for coffee, so relatively inexpensive. I think they’re more effective for detox purposes, which was why I recommend them, and just easier and less expensive to do at home.

Wendy Myers: But they’re both great. I just think the coffee enemas are much more effective.

Wendy Myers: What are some good alternative to enemas if you’re allergic to coffee? Well, you can do the colon hydrotherapy, you can do infrared saunas. Infrared saunas are a great way to sweat out all kinds of metals and chemicals. You don’t have to do coffee enemas. They’re just a great tool that you can have in your arsenal.

Wendy Myers: You also take liver-enhancing supplements. So take like a Perfect Press milk thistle oil, which is amazing milk thistle. You can take other supplements to help your liver. I drink beet juice on a regular basis. I eat burdock root. I get it at this Korean place where they have this fermented burdock root, which is great for your liver. There’s lots of different foods, dandelion roots, greens, things that you can help to facilitate liver function if you can’t do coffee enemas.

Wendy Myers: Luanne. “I’ve heard that adding beet root powder also helps. Is that true?” Yeah, conceivably it might help, but I’d probably want to ingest the beet root powder like in a smoothie or something or drink fresh beet juice or eat beets, as opposed to using beet root powder, but I presume it would work. But I don’t know if I could recommend that.

Wendy Myers: Jennifer. “Is it okay and beneficial for someone with a COMT genetic mutation to do coffee enemas? Also, can children do coffee enemas? What would be a good age to start?” I, personally, am of the band where I don’t think you should traumatize your child with coffee enemas. I’ve had a few clients whose parents force them to do coffee enemas and there’s no way in hell I’m doing a coffee enema because they were traumatized by it.

Wendy Myers: So, yes. Would it provide a benefit to your child? Certainly. But I think with children, I think that they shouldn’t be done. I think children should kind of … unless they have a severe health issue or cancer or something like that, sure. But if they really don’t have any major health issues, I don’t think it’s something I’d be doing. I’d wait when your child is old enough, and you’re modeling that behavior, and they’re curious, and they want to try it or they’re of the age to make that decision for themselves. I don’t think I would do it. I won’t do it with my daughter, either. I think it’s just too invasive for a young child, unless it’s a health issue, and it’s beneficial to save their life. For instance, if they had cancer.

Wendy Myers: So, as far as is it beneficial for someone with COMT? Yes, I think it’d be great to do if you have a COMT genetic mutation. I did also. My liver doesn’t metabolize caffeine very well. I’ve tested my liver function, my liver’s ability to detox. I’m a slow caffeine metabolizer, which means I’m somewhat sensitive to caffeine. But I do great with the coffee enemas and so I think it’s perfectly fine if you have the COMT genetic mutation.

Wendy Myers: Amy. “Should we take a binder before doing the coffee enema?” Very good question. Yes. I think it’s great to do a binder to take a binder about 30 minutes to an hour before I do a coffee enema. My CitriCleanse, modified citrus-pectin sits in your body for about 12 hours once you ingest it. So that works, too, at any point 12 hours before the coffee enema, but ideally 30 to 60 minutes before the coffee enema. That binder will get into your intestines and clean up the bile were all the toxins are and then you’ll eliminate the modified citrus-pectin.

Wendy Myers: Some you’re going to eliminate through the colon, some through … The modified citrus-pectin gets into your blood also. So you’ll will release some toxins through the kidney because your kidney will be processing those toxins, but you’ll definitely be cleaning the bile with the modified citrus-pectin binder and so it does make the coffee enema a little bit more effective.

Wendy Myers: I take my CitriCleanse, modified citrus-pectin every single day, so I don’t really worry about doing it right before my coffee enema. But that’s certainly something that you can do. You could take it 30 to 60 minutes before a coffee enema if you haven’t already taken it that day prior to your coffee enema.

Wendy Myers: Bill. “What is the best coffee to use, whole bean or pre-ground?” I’m a big proponent of whole bean coffee and grinding it fresh because the pre-ground coffees are just oxidized. Unfortunately, a lot of the healthful compounds in the coffee, the antioxidants, the oils and other things are going to be lost because they’re going to be oxidized. They’re going to have evaporated with the oxygen molecules, take it away. That’s what oxidized means and so I’m not a fan of pre-ground anything, pre-ground seeds, pre-ground coffee for that reason. I recommend just getting like a little cheap $10 grinder and grinding the coffee beans right before you brew it. I think that’s much, much more beneficial and you get a lot more out of the coffee enema as long as you’re spending the time and the money and the effort to do it.

Wendy Myers: So the best coffee to use is coffee enema-specific coffee, so blonde coffees, the bean is kind of blonde. I think they make the coffee enema more effective. They have more caffeine, they have more palmitic acid. SA Wilson is a really nice coffee. I think it’s called PureLife Coffee is great also by Seeking Health. That’s a really nice one, and I use that one. But any organic coffee works also. The coffee enema coffees tend to be about $20 a pound, but you can get organic coffee for $8 a pound and that works just fine too. But I just think you get a little bit more benefit by using the coffee enema-specific coffees that are kind of blonde as opposed to dark brown.

Wendy Myers: Kristen. “Is it okay to use a Fleet brand when traveling?” Yeah, that’s perfectly fine. I don’t recommend using the Fleets that have perfume in them. Some of them are scented. I’ve definitely use some, some Fleet enemas myself if I’m traveling. I don’t have my stuff with me and I just feel like having some relief, so the Fleet is perfectly fine.

Wendy Myers: The vinegar ones are nice. The baking soda ones probably nice, too, but it’s not the same as a coffee enema. I’m sure there’s some products out there that have the coffee already in the coffee enema. I know there’s coffee suppositories that people can use as well that may have a similar effect, that won’t have the colon cleansing effect, but you’ll have that caffeine stimulating effect for your liver with the coffee suppositories. I think that BioPure, that’s Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s brand. They have a coffee enema, I believe. But, yeah, it’s not … Like I said, the Fleet enemas are not the same as doing a coffee enema, but if you need relief from constipation, perfectly fine. Just avoid the ones with perfume.

Wendy Myers: Missy. “Does an enema coffee or water reduce the healthy bacteria in the colon?” Very good question. Very common question. “Is it important to replenish with probiotics afterwards?” The coffee enema is not going all the way up your colon. You have your large colon here. It goes around your body like this, so there’s three parts of it. The coffee enema is only going up this first-third of your colon. You’re only putting a small amount of coffee. The most you could probably take in any one time is two cups. That’s only going to go up the first-third of your colon here, so you have the rest of the two-thirds of your colon where you are not washing out bad bacteria. You’re not going to destroy your gut bacteria that you’ve been working so hard for with all your bone broth and probiotics and fermented foods and all this stuff.

Wendy Myers: You don’t have to worry about that. I’ve been doing them for years. I’ve recommended thousands of people do coffee enemas. I’ve only had one person that had reported having some issues with thinning of the lining of their colon, but she had cancer. She was very, very ill. Her health was compromised in many ways. But for her, she was just very, very sensitive. Maybe the coffee she was using was too acidic and that kind of thinned out the lining of her rectum and intestines. It was really problematic for her, but I haven’t heard of any other problems other than that, working with thousands of clients. Granted, some people are going to have problems with coffee enemas. Like any procedure, any detox protocol and detox supplements, someone somewhere is going to have a reaction. But as far as the healthy bacteria, I don’t believe that the bacteria are affected in any way whatsoever.

Wendy Myers: I don’t really think you need to replenish, so to speak, with probiotics. I think it’s important to eat probiotic enhancing foods and probiotic-rich foods. My CitriCleanse, modified citrus-pectin, there’s studies that show that that product does feed good bacteria in your gut, in your intestines because it’s a fiber, so it feeds good bacteria. I think if you’re eating a healthy diet, you’re eating tons of fiber, you’re taking probiotics or eating probiotic-rich foods, you really don’t have to worry about that at all with doing coffee enemas.

Wendy Myers: June. “How long does it take you to do a coffee enema start to finish?” For me, it probably takes me about 10 minutes to brew it and set up and then it’ll take me about probably 30 to 40 minutes to do a coffee enema. I take my time, do it right. But for some people they’re just zoom in and out in 20 minutes. They just don’t need that long, or they fill up with the coffee and they could just hold up for 15 or 20 minutes and then they’re done. So, everyone’s a little bit different in how they approach it. I like to fill up and evacuate four or five times. That, for me, works really well. Other people just want to do one shot and be done with it, so everyone’s a little bit different in that respect.

Wendy Myers: [Lona 00:41:58]. “Will a coffee suppository work the same as a coffee enema? Will you get the same results of detoxed liver?” Yes, you will. If the coffee suppository has caffeine in it, that caffeine will go through your portal vein to your liver and have the same effect. I don’t think it’s as pleasurable because I don’t think you’re going to be able to have that evacuation of the colon, evacuation of the fecal matter out of your colon. You won’t get that benefit, but you will get a detox effect.

Wendy Myers: But I think part of the detoxification mechanism is evacuating your colon where the liver is dumping its toxic contents, and you want to excrete all the toxins out of your colon, excrete the fecal matter. I think it’s fine, but I don’t know if I’d recommend that by itself. I think you want some evacuation of the colon.

Wendy Myers: Jessica. “If you’re using coffee enemas for pulling parasites or for flushing out heavy metals, would you still do it every two or three days? What other supplements do you recommend to do along with the coffee enema?” If you’re trying to do like a parasite cleanse or if you know that you have parasites in your colon, you could do them more often. If you’re doing a parasite cleanse for four weeks or whatnot, you can do them more often on a temporary basis. You do them on a daily basis, get real aggressive with the parasites. You probably want to do coffee enemas more often.

Wendy Myers: I think infrared saunas are great also for that. Parasites are really sensitive to heat. They don’t like that two to three-degree raise in body temperature that you get with using an infrared sauna, so that’s a great method as well to use while you’re doing a parasite cleanse. You want to get real aggressive with them, but yeah. I think it’s fine to do them more often if you’re trying to do an aggressive parasite cleanse. But apart from that, every two to three days is fine.

Wendy Myers: Katya. “Can you please explain why often I do not feel like evacuating at all and so it all gets absorbed. Is it because I do not use a sufficient amount?” Yeah. This is something that does happen with some people. They take in the liquid, they take in the coffee and then it disappears, and it doesn’t come out. That’s because you’re dehydrated. You can help that by either putting in more liquid. Maybe you are holding it a long time. You’re holding it a long time, and your body is absorbing that because it’s dehydrated. You can just add more coffee inside you until you’re able to evacuate it.

Wendy Myers: This does happen for a number of people and they get perplexed by it. Or they take in the coffee and then nothing comes out. So they keep adding water and still nothing comes out. There’s a reason for that. Your body is very intelligent. It will absorb water wherever it may come from, whether it’s orally or rectally. So this does happen with some people. It’s not something to really worry about. Your body is happy to get that extra hydration.

Wendy Myers: It happens with me, too. Sometimes I feel like I’m dehydrated and I will retain more of the coffee than I expel. It does happen sometimes. But it’s not something to really worry about. You’re still getting the benefits of the coffee enema with the caffeine, so nothing to really worry about. Just add more liquid.

Wendy Myers: John. “Can coffee enemas pull out all heavy metals or is it selective?” We’re not selectively pulling out heavy metals. We’re just enhancing the liver’s ability to release toxins, enhancing the liver’s ability to break down toxins because your body will enhance or increase glutathione production by 600%, give or take, while you’re doing a coffee enemas. So, it’s a great way to enhance production of glutathione without having to take it orally if you’re not wanting to take it or you don’t tolerate it for whatever reason.

Wendy Myers: Some people don’t tolerate NAC, which is a precursor to glutathione, or they don’t tolerate glutathione at all, so doing coffee enemas is a great way to naturally increase your glutathione production, which will enhance your detox ability to excrete metals and other chemicals out of your body. I can’t really tell you exactly what metals coffee enemas detox. We’re just facilitating, enhancing the body’s ability to detox with the coffee enemas, not looking for specific excretion of a specific heavy metal.

Wendy Myers: Martin. “Does this procedure damage the good bacteria?” I answered that question earlier. So just listen to the whole Facebook Live again once we’re done. I answered that.

Wendy Myers: Adrian. “Hi, Wendy. Thanks so much for doing this Facebook Live. I’m learning so much. I did five weeks of Quicksilver Cube with R-lipoic acid, glutathione and the Black Box Liver detox. I also did Pekana Big Three Spagyrics, Dr. Zach Bush’s Restore and so on. This is after three molar amalgam removal with metal and the root canals and mercury still in a cap pending removal in two weeks.” Yeah, it sounds like you have a mouthful of mercury.

Wendy Myers: “I did a scoop of IMD with the protocol per day. In the second week, I got swollen thumb joints after eating some sheep goat yogurt. I continued due to it being a chelation effect, but got scared it was new onset of autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis. I had cadmium show up in my metals test.” Cadmium is a classic metal that causes joint pain. If you’re getting really aggressive with detox, and you’re releasing cadmium, it can be coming out of joints and causing inflammation and pain. Very common cause of joint pain.

Wendy Myers: “I went to see the doctor, and she thinks this new onset or flareup of osteoarthritis, not gout or rheumatoid arthritis. All my blood work is negative.” When you go to the doctor, they’re just not looking for underlying root causes. Unless they’re like a functional doctor, even a functional doctor, they’re not always going to know what’s causing something or know what is the underlying root cause. I think people go there looking for answers, and many times the doctor just gives it a label like osteoarthritis. But if you’re doing this type of detox and, following that, you have a flareup of symptoms, it’s probably being caused by the detox, the new changes you have in your body, which is introducing these new supplements.

Wendy Myers: The key is just to slow things down. If the symptoms, the detox symptoms are too intense, just need to slow things down. Just pull back a little bit. It sounds like you’re throwing a lot at your body, a lot of different things and it’s great. You’re trying to be proactive and detoxing, but your body is telling you it’s too much. Because detox should be slow and safe and you should be somewhat comfortable. Some people, depending on the amount of metals they have or their sensitivity, some people are going to not be always super comfortable while they’re detoxing. They can have flareups, the very symptoms that they’re trying to get rid of, because the metals are causing the symptoms. When they’re coming out of tissues and the body is processing them, they can be uncomfortable.

Wendy Myers: You have to take more [inaudible 00:49:27] when that’s happening. You can take Quicksilver’s Ultra Binder, you can take my Myers DetoxCitriCleanse, you can take more of it and that can help to alleviate symptoms. But if it doesn’t, then it’s time to pull back on what you’re doing and take it a little bit more slow.

Wendy Myers: Your question is, “Should I be doing more coffee enemas?” Yes, because coffee enemas are great at relieving pain, relieving detox symptoms. You said you’re having major fatigue during the five weeks. That’s going to happen. It takes energy to detox. If you’re being really, really aggressive with it, it can cause a lot more fatigue than it really needs to and is really necessary. If that’s the case, more binders, more water. Coffee enemas are great. They help the liver get rid of this stuff that you’re mobilizing.

Wendy Myers: Because people can get all happy, go crazy. They order all the really expensive supplements and they started taking everything. They start mobilizing all kinds of toxins and they’re already sick. Maybe their body isn’t ready to detox. Then they got all this stuff, all this gunk floating around in their blood, in their system, in their bile and the body isn’t able to process it all. You have inflammation and symptoms and pain and headaches and fatigue and nausea and all the classic symptoms that people can have when they’re detoxing. Like I said, more binders, more water. Coffee enemas are great.

Wendy Myers: I had a great article on my site, it’s called the Tips for Dealing with Detox Symptoms and Healing Reactions. You can just type in ‘detox symptoms’ or ‘healing reactions’ on myersdetox.com. Lots of different tips and tricks on how to reduce detox symptoms there.

Wendy Myers: Paulina. “Please go over the coffee enema prep. Do I need to grind it first?” Yeah. You don’t want to do the pre-ground coffee. The best thing to do is to grind your coffee fresh. I brew it on the stove so that I can brew it for 10 or 15 minutes. I really extract all the caffeine, all the yummy stuff that’s in the coffee to maximize the benefits of my coffee enema.

Wendy Myers: I don’t recommend brewing it in a coffee maker because it just doesn’t have enough contact with the coffee. That’s perfectly fine, but it’s not ideal. I don’t recommend brewing it with a paper filter because you’re going to lose a lot of the oils and a lot of the healthy benefits and antioxidants that are in the coffee in the filter, so I don’t recommend that, either.

Wendy Myers: The best thing to do is just put the water on the stove, brew it there, then …

Wendy Myers: Just put the water on the stove, brew it there. Then just put it through a little strainer so you don’t have any of the grounds that are going into your coffee enema bucket. Then get comfy. I do it on the floor of my bathroom. I put down a bath mat and it’s how … And a couple of pillows, get super comfy, and I’d put my coffee and my bucket about three or four feet above my head on top of the bathroom counter so that the gravity will pull the coffee into your colon. People can also do vaginal coffee enemas as well. Many coffee enema kits come with a vaginal douche.

Wendy Myers: That’s really recommend, like say if you have endometriosis or you’ve got fibroids or you have a lot of reproductive issues, I think it’s great to do vaginal enemas, vaginal coffee enemas to help dilate all the blood vessels there and just get everything moving and detox that area. That’s what I would do if I had those health issues as a female, I would be doing vaginal coffee enemas.

Wendy Myers: Dr. Wilson, Dr. Lawrence Wilson on drlwilson.com has a great article on vaginal coffee enemas. Not a lot of info about that on the internet, but he’s got a great article about that if you have female reproductive issues.

Wendy Myers: Bill, “What is the best position to be in for an enema? So I’m laying on the right side the entire time.”

Wendy Myers: I don’t think that it matters. I lay on my back and I think that’s fine. I mean, you can lay on your right side so that when you put in the coffee it will go more into your transverse colons. You have your colon right here where most people, the coffee enema will go into if you’re laying on your back.

Wendy Myers: If you lay on your right side, the coffee will maybe theoretically go into your transverse colon, which crosses the span of your abdomen. So that’s fine, but I don’t think you really have to do that to improve the benefits of it. But some people like to do that, and that’s perfectly fine.

Wendy Myers: Rob, “Do you need binders during around the enemas? Which ones in general?”

Wendy Myers: Binders are great to take, because binder will absorb all the toxins in your bile that are being excreted when you’re doing a coffee enema. So my citro-cleanse, Modified Citrus Pectin, is a great one to take 30 to 60 minutes prior to doing a coffee enema, but you can take it any point during the day prior to doing enema, because it stays in your bloodstream for 12 hours. So that’s perfectly fine to just take it on the day of your coffee enema. Ideally, 30 to 60 minutes before the coffee enema is ideal. But any binder is fine.

Wendy Myers: You take activated charcoal. You can take the Quicksilver Ultra Bind. Lots of good binders out there, but I think Modified Citrus Pectin is better, because the activated charcoal is indiscriminate. It will grab on to a lot of minerals. It will grab on to a lot of things, a lot of nutrients and things like that, which you don’t want. I don’t recommend activated charcoal on a daily basis, but on occasion, totally fine. Once a week or twice a week is probably okay.

Wendy Myers: Is it okay for people with MTHFR? Coffee enema is okay with people with the genetic mutation called MTHFR. Yes, perfectly fine, because that’s no problem, whatsoever. There’s no contraindication if someone has MTHFR with doing coffee enemas. People with MTHFR have a compromised ability to detox. Yes, you want to be doing things that enhance your body’s ability to detox, and coffee enemas are a great way to detox

Wendy Myers: Susan Lahey, thank you so much for joining. She’s one of my oldest friends. It’s so nice to see you.

Wendy Myers: Debbie, “Can you dump too many toxins with coffee enema? I’m very sensitive and have to use very small amounts of binders.”

Wendy Myers: Yes, you can dump a lot of toxins with the coffee enemas. Some people are super sensitive and it can be a little bit too much for them. Just do what works for you. Just use a small amount of coffee, like a one tablespoon or two tablespoons is just too much for you. When you’re first starting them, start small. You can use a half a teaspoon of coffee. If you’re super, super sensitive, you can use just a quarter of a teaspoon, or even an eighth. You can always work your way up from there and see what amount works for you. So everyone’s different in that respect. There’s no hard fast rule.

Wendy Myers: Kim, “Should we use organic coffee, and what about the mold in the coffee?”

Wendy Myers: Yes, you want to use organic coffee. If you’re worried mold, you can certainly use a Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Coffee. Dave Asprey’s coffee, the Bulletproof Coffee is not organic, but it is certified mold-free.

Wendy Myers: There’s a coffee called Purity, Purity Coffee, that’s organic and mold-free, that you can use. But if you’re worried about mold, just find a coffee that’s mold-free. Yeah, that’s ideal, because there are a lot of coffees out there. They’re not stored properly and they can have mold on them. Certainly, the stuff from Starbucks and the large companies, large chains are going to have mold just by defect. So I definitely don’t recommend those. Any mold-free certified copy will take care of that problem.

Wendy Myers: Jude, “Should a plain water enema be done first or is it okay to go straight to coffee?”

Wendy Myers: You can certainly do a plain water enema first just to evacuate the colon, because for me, if I have a full colon, I just can’t hold the coffee inside me. I can’t retain it. Doing a plain water enema can be done. Just evacuate the colon with some warm water and then you can do the coffee and then fill up with that. But it’s just more time, maybe a little bit more effort, but it could save you money and save you coffee. That’s an option for some people. Perfectly fine.

Wendy Myers: Raymond, regarding binders, I purchased your citro-cleanse and the Quicksilver Ultra Bind. If I use one in the morning and the other in the evening, would I be detoxing twice as fast? Theoretically, yes. You would be detoxing twice as fast, but you’re definitely absorbing a lot of toxins. So that’s perfectly fine to do. You just want to make sure the binders are taken 30 to 60 minutes away from food supplements and medications so you’re not absorbing anything that is nutritional that you want to be absorbing.

Wendy Myers: Bernadette, “How long do you hold it for? I try for about 15 minutes.”

Wendy Myers: The goal is 15 minutes total. You don’t have to retain a coffee enema for 15 minutes at one time. It’s perfectly okay to hold it for like two or three minutes and then evacuate and then maybe five minutes and evacuate, five minutes, evacuate. Two or three minutes and evacuate. That’s perfectly fine. Every time is going to be a little bit different. Some people are like a champ. They can hold it for like 30 minutes. Other people, they just can’t seem to retain it.

Wendy Myers: For those people, you just kind of have to train yourself if you’re going to clamp down. Try to hold it as much as you can. Maybe try some Blackstrap molasses in the coffee enema. Maybe a tablespoon to help with retention. Take some practice also, but it’s okay if you can only hold the first one for a minute or so, evacuate, and just keep trying. Keep trying, fill up. Hold it as long as you can, evacuate. Fill up, hold it as long as you can, evacuate. There’s no contest here. You don’t have to hold it for 15 minutes at one time. Just total is the goal. 15 minutes total.

Wendy Myers: Terry, “Is it normal to have blood in the expelled enema every now and then?”

Wendy Myers: Yes, it’s perfectly normal to have blood every now and then. That’s perfectly fine. But if it’s every time obviously or if it’s very often, you want to go have that checked up by a doctor, but I think everyone has blood on their stool at times. That’s perfectly fine.

Wendy Myers: Deborah, “How often should you do the coffee enema?”

Wendy Myers: I recommend every two to three days or roughly every other day, but every one is a little bit different. Some people like a piece of having them every single day. Some people every day causes too much of an electrolyte loss, and that’s too much for them. Some people once a week. I have one friend for like … She’s been doing them for 20 years. So she does them every Saturday, and that’s a good pace for her. But she eats a super clean diet, super clean lifestyle. For her, once a week is perfectly fine.

Wendy Myers: For me, I like them every two or three days and you’re just going to find a pace works for you. I tend to go by how I feel, get a feeling like I need one or I’d feel better, have a nice little boost if I did one, and that’s when I do one.

Wendy Myers: Michelle, “If you’re doing detoxing to get well, but you live in a place where they spray the lawns a lot with pesticides way too much, can you still get well or is it better to move?”

Wendy Myers: For some people that live near areas where they’re spraying a lot, the option is to move. But the reality is that everywhere you go, when you’re going to city, parks or when your neighbor is putting glyphosate, they’re putting roundup on their driveway or in their yard, it’s really hard to escape the glyphosate. That’s what’s being sprayed on the lawns.

Wendy Myers: The solution is maybe talk to your neighbors. Inform them. Talk to the gardeners. Just try to do what you can to control your environment. If it’s making you really sick, you may have to move somewhere where you have more control of your environment and there aren’t people around or neighbors around that are spraying all these chemicals and pesticides. Even if you do that, there are still toxins in the air, food and water. You’re still breathing stuff in, but you can certainly find a less toxic environment in which to live especially if your health depends on it. But it’s a tough one.

Wendy Myers: I mean, we do live in a very toxic world. So it’s hard to find places that are pristine, so to speak, because there’s a lot of ignorance around people wanting to kill weeds or wanting to … Governments are spraying fire retardants on fires if there’s a fire nearby. We have that a lot in California. I get really stuffy and sneezy when there’s a lot of fires and the governments are spraying … The firemen are spraying fire retardants and it just blankets Los Angeles when that’s happening, in the area where that’s happening and there’re toxins in the water.

Wendy Myers: Just hard to escape, so that’s why I do what I do trying to educate people about and motivating people to add regular detox protocols, like coffee enemas and infrared saunas and certain supplements to add detoxification to their lifestyle, to their healthy lifestyle. That’s really the ultimate solution, but you do want to remove toxins, move away from toxins as much as you can if you’re not able to convince your neighbors to stop the spraying and use alternatives. Because there’s always natural alternatives that work just as good.

Wendy Myers: For me, when I would have pest control issues, I’d call an organic exterminator. They’re a little bit more expensive, but not that much, and they’d spray thyme oil or they’d spray oregano oil or depending on what the pest was and just kill them naturally. So there’s always alternatives and solutions. You just have to get creative and try to talk some sense into your neighbors.

Wendy Myers: Let’s see. So, Christian, “Some sessions I feel euphoric after the enema, and sometimes the next time I will feel bloated. The stomach ache kind of feeling right behind the belly button. Have you experienced that or know the reasoning behind them?”

Wendy Myers: I had the same thing. Sometimes I feel amazing after the enemas and sometimes I just feel ugh. For whatever reason, sometimes your liver is just not doing so hot. The enema doesn’t help to improve that. Sometimes people want can do enemas back-to-back. They can do more enemas, if that’s the case.

Wendy Myers: Sometimes people … I do hear that a lot. Sometimes people feel bloated after them. Their liver can feel like achy afterwards. Because it’s getting like a little workout there. Sometimes you’re not going to feel better. It’s nothing to really worry about. It’s just every time is different. Every enema is a little bit different. But I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

Wendy Myers: Thanks, Wendy, for your explanation. I’m using the coffee enemas to detox from heavy metals, and you’re so right to encourage people to keep trying this. It’s taken me few rounds to figure out a routine, and I’ve now gotten it down to under two hours, 30 minutes to heat some of the coffee. 30 minutes … I think it’s easier to just heat it for like 10 minutes and then add cool water too to cool it down and then you’re ready to go.

Wendy Myers: [Zara 01:05:26], I do use organic coffee. I use eight tablespoons and one gallon of distilled water. The climb aboard is awesome. You lay down with your butt over the toilet, and I have a five-gallon bucket. I’m definitely into coffee colon cleansing.

Wendy Myers: Yey! We have a lot of fans here. Lots of people that are interested in coffee enemas.

Wendy Myers: [Devona 01:05:48], “I’ve never done a coffee enema. What are the most important things to know for a beginner?”

Wendy Myers: The most important thing to know is that the first timer too probably is going to be a little bit messy. It’s going to take you a minute to figure things out, to brew the coffee right. I posted a comment, a link in the comment section about how to do a coffee enema, have very detailed instructions. You can also type on myersdetox.com, how to do a coffee enema. Lots of great instructions and reasons why to do a coffee enema. But that’s probably the most … The best thing you can do is just look at those instructions and follow along as best as you can and don’t give up.

Wendy Myers: Try them at least one or two, maybe three times before giving up and deciding they’re not for you, because sometimes it could take a minute to figure it out. It can take a minute to associate feeling good after the enema, because not every enema, you don’t always feel amazing after every enema. But I find for me, most enemas I feel really good after. I feel much better after. For some people, it takes a minute to make that association with them, especially maybe if they’re not so in touch with their bodies. They may not feel the benefits of them as much as someone who’s more in touch of their body.

Wendy Myers: Melissa, “Is it okay if you don’t have a gall bladder or appendix?”

Wendy Myers: Yes. Coffee enemas are perfectly fine if you don’t have a gall bladder or appendix, and it might be even highly recommended for you as well so that you can really help to clean your bile and get your liver working a little bit better. It just facilitates digestion.

Wendy Myers: Raymond, “When you buy whole bean coffee, do you grind it fine or large grinds? I think large grinds are easier to filter.”

Wendy Myers: Yeah, probably a large grind would be perfectly adequate and easier to filter as well.

Wendy Myers: Bill [McCullough 01:07:46], “I lay on my back when I do my coffee enemas.”

Wendy Myers: I don’t really get to worried about lying on my left or my right side. The coffee, it makes it way into the liver. It makes its way through the portal vein into the liver. It doesn’t matter how you’re laying in your back, your left, your side. I just find it’s easier to lay on my back to do them. So that’s what I do.

Wendy Myers: What reactions should we look for with coffee enema use? That’s a very good question. After the coffee enema, people tend to have really … They get low blood sugar, not always, but I do find for me if I have an empty stomach or I haven’t eaten something, I’ll definitely get low blood sugar after the coffee enema and I’ll need to eat something right away. That’s something to definitely be aware of and you might want to have a little snack or a meal before the coffee enema or a snack right after you do the coffee enema, because you can feel a little bit lightheaded.

Wendy Myers: Other reactions are people can definitely have improvement of symptoms. People can have anxiety. People can feel a little bit jittery, because you do get a caffeine jolt after inserting the coffee rectally. So that can be … For some people that are sensitive to caffeine, they can feel a little bit of anxiety. If you’re doing it too late in the day, you can have some insomnia or you could have some reactions in that way where you’ll have trouble sleeping that night. Just be aware of these things and just adjust the timing of your coffee enema or the amount of coffee you’re using in the enema accordingly.

Wendy Myers: Michelle, “My neck has no disc anymore. Is this common from heavy metals? I’m also late diagnosed lyme.”

Wendy Myers: The no disc … I mean, I’m not aware of any heavy metals that really affect the discs so much, but typically people, as they age, the disc will compress and get dry and they can get more brittle. So it’s really important to keep them hydrated, keep hydrated with water. It’s one of those things that I think it’s more of a physical health issue that some people suffer from more than others, but it’s more of a physical health issue I believe.

Wendy Myers: [Laron 01:10:11], “Can you share who are your favorite resources for coffee enemas aside from Dr. Wilson?”

Wendy Myers: I can’t really say I have any resources for coffee enemas other than Dr. L. Wilson for his website, but there are definitely lots of great places on the internet. There are a lot of websites dedicated only to coffee enemas. You’ll just have to search on the website, search on the internet and find them.

Wendy Myers: Helena, “When you say evacuate four to five times, within what time periods?”

Wendy Myers: So that’s about 45 minutes. They’re like 30 to 45 minutes. I’ll hold each one a few minutes and then evacuate. Usually about 30 to 45 minutes.

Wendy Myers: “How long would I need to stay near the THRONE?”

Wendy Myers: 30 to 45 minutes.

Wendy Myers: Elizabeth, “Are there any adjustments for those who have had their gall bladder removed?”

Wendy Myers: Not really. It’s going to be the same process for you guys.

Wendy Myers: Mickey, “Is there any harm in doing a coffee enema every day? I’m one year into recovery from CIRS mold toxicity. What procedure do you like the best? Left side, back, right side?”

Wendy Myers: I’m a fan of just the back, and I don’t think there’s really harm in doing a coffee enema every day if you tolerate that, if that works for you. If you’re doing them every day, you want to be aware of taking minerals every day, taking magnesium, taking zinc, taking selenium, taking trace minerals, electrolytes, things like that. You want to be aware that coffee enemas for some people can drain minerals, can be … Coffee enemas every day can be too much for them. So you want to make sure you replace those minerals if you’re doing them every single day.

Wendy Myers: You want to be doing that anyways, whether you’re doing coffee enemas or not, but it’s just something you want to be more cognizant of if you do coffee enemas every single day.

Wendy Myers: I’m a little late to the Facebook Live. So if some of the questions are asked already, don’t worry. What procedure … Do you think it matters how far up the coffee enema goes?

Wendy Myers: No, I don’t, because I don’t think it really goes up very far. It only goes up that first third of your colon. Your colon wraps around your body like this inside. It only goes at the first third. You don’t really have to worry with the coffee enema going up too far. You’re putting a very little amount of liquid into your colon.

Wendy Myers: The max amount you probably want to put in at any one time is two cups, but some people can only do a little bit of the liquid. There’s no contest. You don’t to feel like, “Oh, I need to put two cups in.”

Wendy Myers: If I did that, I would be exploding. I’d explode before I got to the toilet, which many people find when they first start doing them. They put in too much liquid and they can’t hold it and they don’t make it to the toilet in time because they can’t hold that much liquid.

Wendy Myers: You need to start slow. Just put in a little bit of liquid and hold it as much as you can. So you just have to get the hang of things when you’re first starting. Just put in a little bit of liquid and then at some point will get the sensation like you have to go to the bathroom, go to the bathroom. Then put in a little bit of a liquid. Just test things and see what amount of liquid works for you. What amount of liquid can you hold in your colon for 2, 3, 5, 10 minutes before you have to evacuate?

Wendy Myers: Many times your body will signal to you that you have to evacuate when you have some fecal matter coming down the chute. Sorry, we’re getting really graphic here. We are talking about coffee enemas.

Wendy Myers: If you have some fecal matter ready to come out, your body is going to tell you and you’re going to want to evacuate. Just heed the call, listen to that, go to the toilet and then you can always fill up again and then hold it.

Wendy Myers: Michelle, “Do coffee enemas help getting rid of parasites?”

Wendy Myers: Yes, they do, because they change the pH in your colon and they change the environment or a parasite super, super happy and make your colon less hospitable, and a lot of people do find if they’re digging around the toilet after they do a coffee enema, they’ll find some little parasites. Or some people have huge rope worms, they have clumps of worms coming out of them. We all have parasites, so invariably if you start doing coffee enemas, you will probably have some parasites coming out of you whether you see them or not.

Wendy Myers: Let’s see. John, “I love doing coffee enemas. I’ve been doing one to two per day for nearly five months. What do you think about introducing castor oil?”

Wendy Myers: I don’t think I’d take castor oil internally. It’s fine to do castor oil packs on your liver, because that’s going to be nice and comfy and that can be really helpful for drawing out toxins and making you feel better, but I wouldn’t take castor oil internally.

Wendy Myers: Bill, “I’ve been using coffee enemas for almost two years treating lime and coinfections. Is there anything else you would add in addition to coffee to detox even more?”

Wendy Myers: I went over this a little bit earlier. You don’t really have to add anything to the coffee enema, but if you have a lot of infections in your body, it might be good to invest in an ozone machine and put some ozone into the coffee that you’re putting inside you. That can be really, really helpful to infuse the ozone into your body and you can absorb that through your colon into your body and kill off infections, if that’s your goal. I think that’s really healthy for anyone to be doing that. Yeah, that’s what I would add if I was dealing with the health issues that you’re dealing with.

Wendy Myers: Elizabeth, “Is there a good starting ratio of coffee to water just in general?”

Wendy Myers: What I do is I think it’s more about the temperature. I brew about a quart of water with two table … About one or two tablespoons of coffee. I don’t really measure it. I just take a shot glass of coffee, I grind it and I throw that into about a quart of water. Then I brew that and then I will add water to this bucket until it’s filled up or until it’s about warm, a little bit warm.

Wendy Myers: Unfortunately, I don’t have the ratio really down for you, because I eyeball it myself. But you want to be thinking more about the amount of coffee grinds that you’re putting into the water and what amount works for you. I’ve got detailed instructions about how do to this on my website on myersdetox.com. You can search for coffee enemas.

Wendy Myers: I have a podcast on coffee enemas. It gives a lot of tips and tricks as well. I’ll paste that in the comments here, and a lot of other tips and tricks and very detailed instructions on how to do them. A lot more of the benefits for doing coffee enemas.

Wendy Myers: But that’s it for it today. I talked out here, pretty much answered every possible question there is to answer about coffee enemas and the benefits of them. So I’m going to leave it at that and I’ll post more resources here in the comment section.

Wendy Myers: Thanks so much for joining me. Thanks so much for listening and tuning in every week. I’m here every Tuesday at 5 PM Pacific, 8 PM Eastern. I’m talking about various subjects regarding detoxification. So thanks so much for joining, and I will talk to you guys next week.