Transcript #361 Do Ionic Foot Baths Really Work for Detox? With Glenn Wilhelm


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  1. Find out what’s in store for this Myers Detox Podcast with Glenn Welhem, VP of Business Development for A Major Different, who joins the show to discuss ionic foot baths, how they work, their many benefits, and how they can help your body detox.
  2. One of the main reasons for skepticism in the efficacy of foot baths is the fact that the water will change color even when there are not feet in them. Find out why water will change with or without feet in the water.
  3. The IonCleanse Foot Baths that AMD makes uses a low level electrical current to free up and mobilize toxins in your body. Learn more about how their ionic foot baths work, and their patent on a dual polarity system.
  4. On top of helping your body release toxins through the skin, the ionic foot baths also help your body to relax, activating your body’s parasympathetic state, which helps your body overall ability to detox. Learn more about how this works.
  5. A Major Difference has performed a variety of research studies, some showing urea, creatine, and glucose in the water, and others showing a net reduction of 34% in glyphosate levels in people using IonCleanse. Find out more about their impressive study results.
  6. The colors you find in the IonCleanse after a session indicate what toxins were removed and what meridians the toxins came from, such as the liver and gallbladder. Find out exactly what the colors of the foot bath water indicates.
  7. For a normal adult, it is recommended to use to the foot bath every other day for about 30 minutes. Learn more about how to optimize your foot bath detoxing regiment.
  8. One of the two top ways that IonCleanse is superior to other products out there is that they use a medical grade power supply that has a duel polarity, thus preventing electrical shock, electrical pollution for electrically sensitive people, and the ability to detox your body more optimally. Learn more about these benefits.
  9. IonCleanse comes in two different models, the IonCleanse Solo, and the Premier. Find out how much each of these units cost, their differences, and Glenn’s recommendations for purchasing.
  10. Glenn recommends using symptomology checkers during the 60 day money back guarantee period to see just how effective the IonCleanse is in helping your health. Find out how to do this.
  11. Those with electrically implanted devices, pregnant or nursing woman, and people on medications that are life-sustaining, are a few of the main groups that should not use the IonCleanse. Find out who should or should not use an ionic foot bath.
  12. Read Glenns final thoughts on the IonCleanse, like when to use it, and other detox modalities you can use with the IonCleanse to make the most efficient detox regiment.
  13. To learn m0re about IonCleanse and purchase a unit, click here!


Wendy Myers: Hello everyone. My name is Wendy Myers of Welcome to The Myers Detox Podcast. Today we have my friend Glenn Wilhelm on the show. He’s going to be talking about ionic foot baths and do ionic foot baths really work for detox? We’ll talk about that. We’re going to talk about how ionic foot baths remove glyphosate, and the research proving that. We’ll also talk about that color of the water. What does it really mean? Is it the toxins in the water? Is it the salt? What is it?

Wendy Myers: We’ll talk about how toxins are removed in three different ways with ionic foot baths and we’ll dispel some of the myths out there. There’s lots of BS on the internet that ionic foot baths don’t work. They do. They absolutely work. I use them personally. We discuss the research to prove it. There’s tons of research showing that ionic foot baths work.

Wendy Myers: We’ll also talk about my favorite ionic foot bath that I recommend and use. I’ve been using one for a couple of years. Honestly, I wish I had discovered them earlier. I had heard about them but I never got one. I wish I had started using one years and years ago. I really enjoy them. I enjoy my foot bath sessions. I can do it while I’m working, so it doesn’t take any time out of my day. It’s very easy to use. They’re relatively inexpensive. It’s great for people who want to detox but they can’t really afford an infrared sauna, they don’t have room for one, they’re very, very ill or they have a young child they want to detox. It’s perfect for all of those situations and more, as well.

Wendy Myers: I wanted to give you guys some updates about me. I am really excited to announce that I moved to Mexico. I moved to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, which is about an hour south of Cancun. I just felt like I’d always wanted to live abroad. I thought about it with the lockdowns happening in California. I was living in Huntington Beach. Then with the lockdowns in May, I decided to move across the country to Houston, Texas, where the majority of my family is and my mom. I lived there for about six months.

Wendy Myers: Then I felt like, with all the uncertainty going on, all the craziness and the election, that  I wanted to get the heck out of the United States. So I moved to Mexico, which I love. I love Mexico. I’ve been here probably 30 times over the years. I just decided I wanted to live abroad. I’ve always wanted to live abroad, so that’s what I did. I pulled the trigger and bought a used airstream, a really old one. I filled it full of my belongings, my sauna, my ionic foot bath, my Spooky2 rife machine, my biohacking equipment, my supplements and natural supplies.

Wendy Myers: I didn’t drive. My now husband, I also got married, drove with his son across the country from Houston to Playa del Carmen. It is not recommended. They had a lot of encounters with police wanting to see what they were transporting across the country. You know that was interesting. They made it and we’re settled in a beautiful house. You can see I’m on a golf course here and I’m in a beautiful house. I have a peacock. The house came with a peacock. So with this beautiful peacock, I have coffee every morning.

Wendy Myers: We got some ducklings and I have four ducks. We’ve got two rabbits. I’m really, really happy. I’ve had a big smile on my face ever since I arrived here. The water here is seven shades of turquoise. It’s absolutely gorgeous here. It’s really, really hot but I love that, thankfully. I’m really looking forward to my new life here, so I wanted to let you guys know that. Lots of big changes are going on.

Wendy Myers: Our guest today, Glen William, is VP of Business Development for A Major Difference, the manufacturers of the IonCleanse foot bath detoxification system. Glen has been working with AMD for 10 years and has seen or administered tens of thousands of IonCleanse sessions, at different conferences around the country. In addition to working with individuals, Glenn trains practitioners from all over the world on how to integrate the IonCleanse system into their practice, so they can improve their client and patient outcomes. You can learn more about the IonCleanse by AMD foot bath at Glen, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Glen Wilhelm: I am absolutely honored to be here and glad we could finally make it happen.

Wendy Myers: Yes, I have wanted you to come on the show for so long because I absolutely love the IonCleanse AMD foot baths. I’ve been using them for a number of years. I wanted to have you come on and talk about why people want to use them, why they’re effective and to dispel some myths about foot baths. There are a lot of skeptics out there and there shouldn’t be. Why don’t we talk about that? There’s a lot of skepticism, like I said. What are your thoughts on that? Why do people think that ionic foot baths don’t detox your body?

Glen Wilhelm: Absolutely. Well, I’ve been with the company for almost 10 years. When I interviewed with the owner of the company, I was all excited. What did I do? I went home and got on the internet like everybody else. I read all these articles about how they don’t work and they’re snake oil. It all really comes down to one thing and that’s the color of the water. If you run the machine with no feet in the water, there’s going to be color change. As a manufacturer, we’re very upfront about that. Let’s dive into that.

Glen Wilhelm: Why is there a color change with no feet in the water? First of all, what we’re doing, Wendy, is we’re creating charged ions in the water. What do ions do? They attract and neutralize oppositely charged particles. That’s their job. What I always share with people is that  ions don’t play favorites. They’re going to do their job if there are no feet in the water, or if there are feet in the water. If you run it with no feet in the water, what are they neutralizing?

Glen Wilhelm: We’re using tap water. You don’t need special water. Just regular tap water. However, the average city water has 200 plus chemicals. The ions are going to neutralize what’s in the tap water. Typically, you need to add a little bit of salt. Our machine will actually tell you whether or not you need to add salt. If you do, we just need enough conductivity in the water so we can generate those ions. That salt has a charge. The array plates, that’s the metal part that goes in the water with our system, made up of stainless steel and copper, those have a charge too.

Glen Wilhelm: If you run the system with no feet in the water, you’re going to get color change. In most places in the US, that base color is going to be more of an orangey-brown. After a 30-minutes session, which is the normal session time, as the body starts to excrete or release into the water, that’s where we’ll often get different colors, textures and even smells, from one person to the other. A person can oftentimes override the color change that would occur naturally, even if there were no feet in the water.

Wendy Myers: Okay, fantastic. Let’s go through what the IonCleanse by AMD foot bath is, exactly. This is a detox system, but can you describe it a little bit?

Glen Wilhelm: Yes, literally, what we’re doing is we’re taking a tub of water. As I just said, we’re filling it full of tap water. Temperature-wise, it has got to be warm to hot, whatever you had run your bath or your shower at. What we’re doing is we’re introducing a very low-level electrical current. First of all, when you think of electricity, you don’t think of water. We incorporate and integrate a medical-grade power supply, and safety is paramount. Even if that control unit, that machine, fell in the water while you were doing a cleanse, you’re going to be absolutely safe. I just want to address that. Safety is paramount for us.

Glen Wilhelm: We’ve been in business for 18 years. We have an absolutely perfect safety record. What is the whole goal? Why are we creating these charge ions in the water? I love the work that you do, Wendy. You’re so knowledgeable on detox. If you understand this, that when we have toxins in our body, they’re stored where? Typically in the fat cells and tissues of the body. If the body is unable to process those out, then they go into storage. The whole goal of the IonCleanse system is to free up or mobilize those toxins, so that we can then get them out of the body. That’s in essence what we’re doing. Creating this ionic charge in the water to mobilize those toxins, so we can excrete them out of the body.

Wendy Myers: The foot bath is essentially grounding your body, correct? It’s creating a negative charge on your body, which a lot of people are lacking because EMFs in our environment will elicit a positive charge, and people aren’t grounding. They’re not swimming in the ocean. They’re not walking barefoot. They live in high-rise buildings. People are very far removed from how our bodies are supposed to be grounded. A lot of people are far removed from that. I feel like the IonCleanse foot bath is helping to reestablish that negative charge that our bodies need.

Glen Wilhelm: That’s one of the side benefits of the IonCleanse system. Literally, what we’re doing and if I may, can I just walk through what a session normally looks like for an individual? A normal session time is 30 minutes. We have a patent on our design that enables us to create what we call a “dual polarity system”. Meaning, for a period of time, we’re going to create negative ions. Then the machine is going to switch. We’re going to create positive ions, then negative ions, then positive ions.

Glen Wilhelm: Why do we do dual polarity? We have toxins in our body that are positively charged. Those predominantly are heavy metals. But there are a lot of toxins that are negatively charged, so we need to be able to create those positive ions. That’s part of what’s really unique with our patented design, the fact that we can do that. I’ll give you an example. When most people think of toxicity, they think of heavy metals. Well, heavy metals and pesticides. Those are the bulk of your positively charged toxicants.

Glen Wilhelm: What’s negatively charged? Glyphosate as an herbicide which is actually negatively charged. Ammonia and candida are negatively charged. When you’re talking endotoxins which are very prevalent in Lyme disease, when those people are feeling their worst, it’s that die-off. Those are the endotoxins. Endotoxins are negatively charged. With the IonCleanse system, we are addressing toxicity at all levels within the body.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic. So, tell us about the color of the water. I already know the answer to this question, but other people think all the toxins are going into the water. What’s really happening in your body? Where are the toxins coming out of your body when you do a session with an IonCleanse foot bath?

Glen Wilhelm: Great question. You’re right, everybody is fascinated with the color of the water. I know I’ve seen you at conferences before, and you’ve seen me. We run four or six machines at a time. We’ll have two people try it and their colors, at the end of the session, are very similar. The person next to them, where normally it might be brown, might be dark green. This person has white and bubbles. The individual can override that color change that would naturally occur.

Glen Wilhelm: Everybody is fascinated by that. In reality, we do release from the body under the footbath. People say, “Come on Glen, how do you expect me to believe that we’re going to do that?” Well, it’s the same way as when you’re putting on deodorant that has aluminum in it. You’re going to absorb that aluminum under your skin. You now take medication through patches. Same thing works this way. We can absorb through the skin. We can release through the skin and into the foot bath, as well. Especially when you have that ionic charge that’s pulling.

Glen Wilhelm: Now, that is part one and the smaller overall detox effect. I’ve had so many practitioners who have done heart rate variability testing, as well as a ton of anecdotal evidence, of where people are at, after a session. It’s like, “I am so relaxed.” You may have seen it. I’ve had people fall asleep in my booth. They’re so relaxed after a session. What happens? When we can take the body out of “fight or flight” and put it into “rest and digest”, we’re activating that relaxation response. We’re activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Glen Wilhelm: I’ve done a lot of research on this. When our body is in a stress state, what happens to our organs of detoxification? They contract. The liver contracts, the kidneys and the colon. Conversely, when we’re in parasympathetic dominance or that relaxed state, our organs are no longer under stress and they work better. They work more effectively, more efficiently. Let’s take a step back. The goal is to free up mobilized toxins. During that 30-minute session, we can and do release some toxins into the foot bath.

Glen Wilhelm: But now what happens? The machine turns off. While we still have these freed-up mobilized toxins, now we have added that relaxation response to our organs of detoxification. We’re going to continue to detox for the next 24, 48, or even 72 hours post cleanse. Part of that medical grade power supply is we’re filtering out all of the EMF. I’ve shared that in a presentation. People pop out their meters and say, “Oh, are you sure about that? We’re going to test,” and undetectable EMFs are coming off the IonCleanse. There’s no leakage current or hazardous voltage or AC ripple.

Glen Wilhelm: All of that dirty current, when we take that out of the way, we’re going into that parasympathetic dominance. So there are two parts to that overall detox effect with our system.

Wendy Myers: I even had a friend of mine who was showing that radiation was coming out of the body and into the water, as well. They showed a Gauss meter was checking for radiation. They checked it before the start of the session, and then checked it after it. It was just bleeping a little bit. Then afterwards, it was going crazy, showing that radiation had been pulled out as well.

Glen Wilhelm: That doesn’t surprise me. One of the negatives about being a non-medical device is, I have story after story that I wish I could share, but due to FDA regulations, mums the word on a lot of the responses that we do get from so many different users.

Wendy Myers: I’m sure you have thousands of testimonials from people. What about research? I know you guys have done quite a bit of research. Can you talk about that?

Glen Wilhelm: We have quite a bit of research. Actually, on our website, we document or did a blood study which also showed urea, creatinine and glucose in the water. That’s all on our website, which is There have been practitioners, and I know one of them, Terry Hirning, who actually did a glyphosate study. There was, I believe, 10 in the control mind and therapy group. Over a course of four weeks of cleansing on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, it showed a net reduction of 34% in glyphosate levels. This was just by introducing the IonCleanse, alone. That testing was done through Great Plains Laboratory.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic. I know you guys have done a number of research studies. Are there any others that you can discuss?

Glen Wilhelm: There are several that have to do with specific illnesses, or conditions that unfortunately I’m unable to talk about. If you know of any, I can’t talk about them. I will tell you that there’s one, when I talk about the bigger detox effect, and I’ll make this available for you as well. We actually evaluated the heavy metal excretion in the urine, post cleanse versus prior to therapy. We have some of that on our website.

Glen Wilhelm: Each individual did a 24-hour urine collection and sent it off to Genova Diagnostics, using their toxic element clearance profile tests. This basically looks at all the toxic heavy metals. They did that five days in a row. We wanted to see what that person was excreting. They did one IonCleanse session and followed that up by another, and then they did five days of a 24-hour urine collection. On average saw at 34% increase in heavy metal toxicity in the urine, post cleanse versus prior to therapy. There’s a lot of evidence that indicates that it actually does work.

Wendy Myers: Yes, that’s where most of the toxins are coming out. It’s through your urine a few days after the session that you did.

Glen Wilhelm: Right, you’re absolutely correct. That being said, I’ll share this exact information and this whole dialogue at a conference. I’ll have six MDs sitting there and what happens after a session? They say “Oh my God, look at my water. What’s in my water?” We are fascinated with the color of the water. I do want to talk about that because we are the originators of the color chart. I do believe, Wendy, the color chart is accurate if it’s in use for its intended purpose. What I mean by that is we’ve got to take the base color, normally orange to brown in most areas, into consideration.

Glen Wilhelm: What happens if somebody has a dark green color? That is indicative of a releasing from the gallbladder meridian. That person may not even have a gallbladder, but they still have that meridian, the meridian interchangeable with that part of the body. The problem is there are so many people out in the internet-land that have tried to diagnose from the color of the water. If you end up with black water, indicative of releasing from the liver meridian, it doesn’t mean you have a liver problem. You release from that part of the body. I do believe it’s accurate there. Unfortunately, a lot of people have taken liberties and you just can’t do that because it’s not accurate.

Wendy Myers: I know. I’ve been using mine for quite some time. When I first started, my water was a really dark brown, like reddish brown. It’s gotten lighter and lighter and lighter, as I feel like I’m cleaning my system more and more and more.

Glen Wilhelm: Absolutely, you’ll see that. Then you’ll notice it on the next cleanse. We’re so overexposed to toxicity. We’re not even really talking about that. I know you talk about that all the time. Without a doubt, we are in the most toxic environment in earth’s known history. Even if you have filtered water. Even if you eat organic. Even if you have an air filter. We are just so bombarded with toxicity that, for me nine years later, I still cleanse on average twice a week.

Glen Wilhelm: I miss a couple of days and I’ll definitely know it. I’ll see a difference in my end result, in the color of the water. I know that that doesn’t really matter because a detox is going to occur afterwards. A lot of people ask me, does this pull minerals? Do I have to do a mineral supplement? The answer is no. The IonCleanse does not pull minerals. Once it’s assimilated, once we assimilate a mineral, it loses its charge into the body. That being said, do we support being on a mineral supplement? The answer is yes, for two reasons.

Glen Wilhelm: One, most people don’t get adequate minerals on a daily basis. Two, what happens when you detox? When you’re detoxing, you use more minerals during the detox process. It’s totally fine to be on a mineral supplement. To me, the most important thing is hydration, hydration, hydration. When we’re detoxing, and you know this better than anybody, we have to have enough water because those freed up toxins continue to flush those through the urine after the cleanse is over.

Wendy Myers: I highly recommend to hydrate maximally with Watt-Ahh. I love this stuff. You can get it on I also put some of this in my IonCleanse foot bath.

Glen Wilhelm: Interesting.

Wendy Myers: I feel like it helps pull out radiation and pulls out more toxins. You can get that on I love this stuff. I’m addicted to it. Structured water is also going to hydrate you if you don’t have access to this. Structured water’s great. Yes, you have to take minerals anytime you’re doing any type of detox. Minerals push out and displace metals from the body. You want to talk about the color chart? Do you have a slide or something you’d like to show us? People are all about the color of the water.

Glen Wilhelm: Let me do this. Let me go into a screen share. I don’t have the color chart handy, per se. However, what I do want to show is an example of what I was talking about earlier. This was literally right at the 30-minute mark. That’s when I talk about that orangey brown. That’s what you’ll get in most places with no feet in the water, compared to somebody’s feet actually in the water. That’s an example there. You’ll see it profoundly. This is the beauty or the advantage that I have when I do conferences. Wendy, I bet I’ve seen over 10,000 cleanses in my day. When you have two machines side by side, you can really see the difference. That’s a dramatic difference right there.

Glen Wilhelm: This was actually from a lady who bought a machine and said, I just did a cleanse. My water is identical to my daughter’s. I even took pictures. Well, these were the identical results that she was talking about. When you put them side by side, you can tell they’re not identical. This was at a conference. This was more from the practitioner training. This was 15 minutes in and these two ladies were very skeptical. I said, “Well, go ahead and have a seat. It’s not going to hurt your dramatic differences.”

Glen Wilhelm: I love this picture in the middle. We were actually at a Dave Asprey Bulletproof Coffee Conference. This young gentleman in the middle, he was about 23 or 24 years old. I’m looking at his water and I’m like, “Dude, what do you do for a living?” He says, “Well, I’m actually unemployed, but I’m training to be a pilot.” He went on, Wendy, to share that he is flying a 1930s or 1940s small plane. He just smelled jet fuel the entire time.

Wendy Myers: Yes, that’s manganese. People get manganese poisoning.

Glen Wilhelm: These are a little bit extreme, but I’m sharing this to show that not everybody is going to be exactly the same.

Wendy Myers: This is really not appetizing at all.

Glen Wilhelm: Oh, there’s my color chart. I said I didn’t have one.

Wendy Myers: Oh, awesome.

Glen Wilhelm: There you go. This comes in our instruction booklet with either system that we have. As you can see, orange is more joint meridian. Your brown to black could be liver meridian. 

Wendy Myers: That explains my brown water, it is my liver.

Glen Wilhelm: You see that white foam if we go back, so that would be more your lymphatic. If you see black flecks, that’s heavy metals. Usually, what’s on the surface of the water is more indicative of what that person is excreting or eliminating, versus what’s in the actual tub. What’s in the water is usually what’s being neutralized just from the water, the array plate and the salt, generally speaking.

Wendy Myers: Dark green is gallbladder. Then we have the red field is the blood flow.

Glen Wilhelm: Right.

Wendy Myers: Interesting.

Glen Wilhelm: We’ve seen that a few times, but we don’t see that very often.

Wendy Myers: What is the light green one? I can’t read that.

Glen Wilhelm: Light green is kidney or bladder. I really see this orange with a lot of athletes where their water is very, very orange.

Wendy Myers: Interesting. 

Glen Wilhelm: Yes.

Wendy Myers: I definitely would be very scared if I had black water. I’d be very concerned.

Glen Wilhelm: It’s funny. You get used to it. People are like, “Oh my God. This is disgusting.” I’m like, “Man, that is a thing of beauty.” The more that we excrete, it’s a wonderful thing. It does take a little bit of getting used to, however.

Wendy Myers: It’s out of your body. It’s getting out. It’s one of those things where if someone isn’t able to do an infrared sauna; or they can’t afford one, or they don’t have room in their house, or they have a child, or a very elderly sick ill parent, or what have you, the foot bath is so simple and easy to use for anyone. That’s why I like it too, because I can do it while I’m working. I’ll do two or three a day, honestly. I’m really trying to process as much stuff out of my body as possible. So, I’ll do two to three a day. That might be too much for a beginner. I’m more advanced, so I’m trying to push things along.

Glen Wilhelm: That’s a great point because I literally have some people who say, “Glen, I don’t know if I can use this machine. I am so chemically sensitive. I can’t be around a computer.” We deal with people with lots of different chronic situations, some very severe, some not as bad. For some people it’s like 20 minutes and they’re wiped out. Typically, for an adult, it’s a 30-minute cleanse. Our general recommendation is every other day. You understand this. Detoxification is a lifestyle.

Glen Wilhelm: It’s something that we’re doing ongoing, because unfortunately it’s not getting any better as far as our exposure to toxins. I often will do a 45-minute session. The nice thing is there’s not only one way because let’s be honest, I could have a twin. We could live in the same house. We could eat the same food. Toxicity can literally affect every system of the body. It could affect his immune system. It could affect my whatever system, there are totally different outcomes that toxicity can have on an individual.

Wendy Myers: I agree with what you said earlier. You were talking about how you’ve been detoxing for 10 years and you’re still doing it. I’m the same way. I’ve been detoxing for well over 10 years and I still am working at it. It takes a long time to get this stuff out. You’re constantly exposed to different toxins every single day. I moved to Mexico recently, and there are definitely a lot more toxins here in the water and in the air. It’s not as regulated here. I’m definitely doing my foot baths every day.

Glen Wilhelm: You’ve got your tools.

Wendy Myers: Exactly. I took everything down here. In an airstream, I put my sauna, my foot bath and my Spooky2 Rife machine. I put in all my biohacking tools and brought them down here. There’s a number of different foot bath systems out there. How does the IonCleanse by AMD differ from other cheaper models that are out there? What should people be concerned about?

Glen Wilhelm: You can literally find them for a hundred bucks online. The big difference is technology, we’re very proud to be the industry leader. One of the things that we will never compromise on is safety, and I can’t stress that enough. If you are in the market, first off, make sure it’s CE tested. You have the CE test. Make sure it has passed the FCC radiated emissions or conducted emissions. These are very important safety standards that a lot of these importers are bypassing, to reduce cost.

Glen Wilhelm: Having that medical grade power supply is vitally important, especially if somebody has any sensitivity levels at all. I’ve worked with a lot of chiropractors, a lot of practitioners who do applied kinesiology, aka muscle testing. For a lot of these units, there’s so much electrical pollution coming off the machine, they can’t even muscle test their clients. If you’re dealing, say, with a child who has certain health conditions, not only does that throw them into a stress response but it may take them a week or more to get back to where they were. It’s that safety that’s really, really important.

Glen Wilhelm: I also talked about that dual polarity feature as well. The ability to create both negative ions and positive ions. If you’re dealing with a mono-polarity system, because we don’t have a patent on creating a dual polarity, we have a patent on our design that enables us to do that. A lot of people don’t invest the time or they don’t have the knowledge and the engineering to create a dual polarity system. Thus they say that it’s not needed. What we have found, and you know this, what’s on the rise? We see a lot more mold exposure. We see a lot more Lyme. We’re seeing a lot more glyphosate.

Glen Wilhelm: What do all of these have in common? They’re all negatively charged toxins. Having that ability to create positive ions is becoming more and more important. Your mono-polarity machines don’t have that. They only create negative ions.

Wendy Myers: I would personally be concerned with a cheaper model or something you just randomly found, that doesn’t have the history that your company does. You’re putting your feet in water with these electrical components in the water. I mean, I’d be worried with a cheaper model, about being shocked not electrocuted, but being shocked because you’re putting electrodes in water.

Glen Wilhelm: There’s some units out that actually have a wristband. That’s how they actually ground the device. I have talked to people who say, “I got burned.” I mean, literally got burn marks on their arms. If you touch something that’s grounded, what happens to that current? It goes from the outlet through the machine, through water, through you, back to ground. It can be very, very dangerous. Again, there are a lot of differences as far as the overall technology.

Glen Wilhelm: I will tell you, we don’t resell anything. This is all we do, Wendy, and you know this. This is all we’ve done since 2002. It’s our sole focus. That’s why we are the industry leader. When you go to a medical conference, it’s either the IonCleanse by AMD  and there’s usually no other foot bath there. There are a lot of differences. I don’t want to make this a sales pitch, but there’s significant differences. Do your homework. Look at everything I already shared with you about our safety testing. It’s all on our website. We’re very transparent.

Wendy Myers: How much does the system cost? I know you have different models.

Glen Wilhelm: We do have two different models. We have the IonCleanse Solo. Anybody that’s an individual looking to cleanse for their family, we recommend the IonCleanse Solo. That unit is $1,995. We do have the Premier unit. It’s $900 more. The Premier has five different programs settings on it. Conversely, the Solo has one. The setting that’s on the Solo is identical to the default setting on the Premier. It’s not that you’re getting less power or output. With the Premier, you can really hone in for a given individual based on their unique circumstance, because we do have different output ratios of those negative and positive ions on the IonCleanse Premier.

Glen Wilhelm: If I were in the market for my family, I would purchase the Solo. What’s beautiful about what we do, because there’s so many things that we can’t say, anybody whether a practitioner or a consumer, gets a full 60-day money back guarantee with your purchase. This is basically unheard of in our industry and we take it a step further. It doesn’t start until the system is delivered to you. Unlike most companies, where you’ve got to call to get a return authorization and you’ve got to fill out a form, we have a no-questions-asked return policy.

Glen Wilhelm: I tell everybody I’m on the phone with, the day you get it, go 55 days later and put an IonCleanse question mark on your calendar. During that time, follow our cleansing protocol. If you don’t feel like the results are significant enough, put it in the box and send it back. You get all your money back. No questions asked.

Wendy Myers: I highly, highly recommend anyone that is interested in detox, get an IonCleanse foot bath. I can’t even tell you how much I enjoy using it. I wish I’d gotten one a lot sooner. I’d heard about foot baths. That goes back like 10 years ago. I really wish I would have gotten one much, much sooner. There are just so many benefits to it. It’s so easy and simple to do. How is someone going to know if it’s working or not?

Glen Wilhelm: Sure.

Wendy Myers: How do they definitely know that they’re detoxing with the foot bath?

Glen Wilhelm: That’s a great question. A lot of people say, “Hey, do I need to do lab tests?” Ultimately, it comes down to how you feel. You could do this easily with a sheet of paper. Write down the top five things that are bothering you. You can do an emotional component. You could do a physical component. Do I have stress? Do I have anxiety? Do I have brain fog? On the physical side, do I have inflammation? Do I have joint pain? Do I have X, Y, or Z? Whatever you have, rank them on a scale of 1 to 10 on how they’re affecting your life.

Glen Wilhelm: Set that aside. Then once you get through that 55-day period, keep the same categories and rank them on a scale of 1 to 10. Compare the two. I highly encourage everyone, when you’re investing in your health, do something quantitatively, because what happens is we start here and then a month or two later we’re here, and what happens? We forgot where we started. I think it helped, but I’m not really sure.

Glen Wilhelm: There’s a lot of great tools on the internet that have symptomology checkers that you can use. If you don’t have one, make your own. Then refer back to it and complete a brand new one before that money-back guarantee period expires.

Wendy Myers: Are there any contraindications? Is there anyone that perhaps shouldn’t be using a foot bath?

Glen Wilhelm: Absolutely. Those with electrically implanted devices, i.e pacemaker is the biggest one. As with most forms of detox, we recommend pregnant and nursing women not cleanse during that time frame. All of this is on our website, and comes with the system. If you’re on a medication that you consider life-sustaining, meaning if you missed a dosage, that is potentially life-threatening. We’re very, very cautious when it comes to contraindications. Those two that I just talked about are the two biggies.

Glen Wilhelm: Regarding seizures, if you’re on medication for grand mal seizures, we recommend you not cleanse. Grand mal, for those people who aren’t familiar, those are the ones that drop you to the floor. If you’re on medication for grand mal, it’s typically contraindicated, being very conservative in who we suggest not cleanse.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic. Any other tips, tricks, or thoughts about the foot bath that we haven’t discussed yet?

Glen Wilhelm: There’s a lot of questions. One of the beauties of the IonCleanse, is if you are already doing this. You’re taking binders. Maybe you’re doing chelation, you can use the IonCleanse. They work great. They’re a great complement to other forms of detox because it’s safe and it’s non-invasive. You can use this with cold laser therapy. You can use it with your sauna. I own a sauna as well. This morning I used my sauna. I’m going to do my IonCleanse as soon as we hang up here. You can use this with virtually every other modality out there, because it is safe and non-invasive.

Wendy Myers: It seems to make sense to take a binder when you’re doing a foot bath, because you’re mobilizing a lot of stuff. Your body’s got to process that. What are your thoughts on adding binders to your session?

Glen Wilhelm: Absolutely. If I had to put a percentage on our users who use a binder, it would be less than 10%. I agree with you. Absolutely, if you’re doing binders, they work great together. I’m going to compare chelation to a binder. It’s very similar. Chelation is obviously much stronger and targeted for a specific metal. A lot of people that I have talked to have responded poorly to chelation. It has almost a 50% dropout rate. Why is that?

Glen Wilhelm: That chelator, Wendy, is going to do its job. It’s going to attract what it’s designed to attract, and it’s accumulating that toxicity. Now what happens if it’s not exiting the body? That’s where people feel poorly. Introduce the IonCleanse and we’re giving additional channels of elimination. We’re helping to put the body into that parasympathetic dominance, so they work great together. Binders with the IonCleanse go hand in hand, as well.

Wendy Myers: That’s one thing that I think is really important with the IonCleanse foot bath, is that you have to be in a relaxed state to be able to detox. A lot of people have trouble. I’ve worked with thousands of clients, almost everyone coming to me is in this chronic stress state. Especially as EMF or electromagnetic fields from WiFi internet and computer satellites are now eliciting this chronic stress response in the body. People just can’t get into that state that they need to be in to detox.

Wendy Myers: The IonCleanse is fantastic in that it relaxes the body and gets it into that state it needs to be in, which is not easy to do. A lot of people do things to try to relax. They meditate, they do yoga or they do other things. Then, 30 minutes later, they’re back into that chronic stress state that they were in prior.

Glen Wilhelm: That was a great point. People ask me, “Hey, should I cleanse in the morning? Should I cleanse at night? When is the ideal time to cleanse?” You just nailed it. Whenever you’re most relaxed, you’re already starting to go into parasympathetic. We’re going to get you even further there with the IonCleanse. Whenever you’re most relaxed, for me, is the best time to cleanse. For some people, that may be first thing in the morning.

Glen Wilhelm: I cleanse in the afternoon because I’m energized. After I cleanse, I get up. I have more bounce to my step. I feel good. My wife, on the other hand, she’s ready for bed so she cleanses at night. I cleanse during the day, but that’s what works for us. We’re two different individuals and we detox differently.

Wendy Myers: Glen, I think that’s all the questions that I have. Again, I love my IonCleanse. I use it consistently. I highly recommend it. Anyone out there listening and wanting to detox, it couldn’t be easier to use. It’s very relaxing. It’s nice to put your feet in the water and turn it on. Just add some salt to it. It’s just very simple to use and very effective. I definitely want to squash any of the garbage you read on the internet about foot baths, that it is just the salt that’s changing the color of the water.

Wendy Myers: No, that is not true. IonCleanse foot baths do detox metals and other toxins from your body. You continue to excrete toxins for a few days after your session. Anything else you’re reading is nonsense. You guys have the research to back it up. You’ve got study, after study, after study proving that it works. So the proof’s in the pudding.

Glen Wilhelm: I appreciate the opportunity to dispel some of these myths. I will end on this note. If you guys have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call. I run the sales department. Whether you get me or anybody here, we’re not going to try and sell you a machine. We’re here to provide information and answer your questions to the best of our ability. Again, everything I’ve shared is on our website, which is

Wendy Myers: That’s AMD, so the IonCleanse by AMD and it’s Fantastic. Well, Glen, thanks for coming on the show and enlightening us on foot baths. I’ve been meaning to do a podcast with you for so long. I’m glad we did it.

Glen Wilhelm: So are we.

Wendy Myers: Everyone, thanks for listening to The Myers Detox Podcast. I appreciate you guys joining in, every week. I love teaching you guys and interviewing people about heavy metal and chemical detoxification. I’m so passionate about it because it’s such an important missing component for so many people’s health regimes. Thanks for tuning in. You can find me at I have hundreds of free articles and hundreds of free podcasts.  Tons of stuff to dig into. If you’re just now tuning in to the show, there’s tons of free stuff for you guys. Thanks for joining us and I’ll talk to you guys next week.

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