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  • 00:01:00 Meet Wolfgang Scheinhart
  • 00:02:30 About Homeopathy
  • 00:04:30 Memory in water and research by Dr. Jacques Beneveniste
  • 00:06:30 Dr. Luc Mantagneir expands on Beneveniste’s work
  • 00:08:30 Peter Fraser and the implications of water memory on health
  • 00:11:30 The Body-Field as the Master Control System
  • 00:17:00 Homeopathy 2.0
  • 00:19:30 Resonance
  • 00:21:00 Using resonance information with the NES WellNES systems
  • 00:24:30 The interplay of technology and new healing modalities
  • 00:29:00 The body does the healing work
  • 00:31:30 Addressing the root causes of disease rather than blocking them
  • 00:35:30 A new model of providing treatment

Harry Massey: I’m Harry Massey, the director of The Living Matrix movie and I’m really privileged today to be welcomed by Wolfgang Scheinhart and he really does have a shining heart and he’s an expert homeopath and well-respected Silicon Valley technologist and also a NES practitioner in his spare time, which he doesn’t have so much of. What we’re going to do today is we’re going to cover some of the science of homeopathy and its history and more interestingly where the advances are going and how some of the cutting-edge science and research into structured water and the memory of water help to explain some of these principles. Well, anyway, welcome Wolfgang and yeah, perhaps you could just give us a bit of context and history about what homeopathy does just for the audience.

[00:01:00] Wolfgang Scheinhart: Sure. Well, thanks for having me. Yeah, I mean the homeopathy is such, goes really back over 200 years. It started with Dr. Hahnemann in Germany and he discovered essentially that illness is related to energetic distortions in the body and that’s a key. From that, he developed different medicinal approaches, but ultimately, it all came down to that he said, what is important is to understand that energetic distortions really causing illness in the body and therefore, it requires an energetic medicine to really address the problems that illness develops. From there, homeopathy is such really covered the globe. It even was present in the late 1800s as almost a very strong and prevailing system in the U.S. Unfortunately, at the time, the allopathic society didn’t quite like the idea about homeopathy. They shot it down pretty much in the U.S. for many, many years. In the interim, it kept on developing throughout Europe. It’s a very accepted practice in Europe, in various other countries, Latin America for example, it’s being used in Africa as well as in Asia.

The essence of it is you can use either minerals or plants, but it’s really about capturing the energetic resonance of the different material and it’s really about putting that reference of resonance back into water and it’s being diluted to the point where there’s no substance left in the water itself. It’s only the energetic imprint and the idea is really to identify the similarities between that substance and the energetic imprint that, that substance create in water and relay this with the client’s constitution that they have so there’s sort of a symptom mapping between what the map displays in their illness with the symptoms that have been identified via taking some of these remedies. The problem that is still until today is that many people ask the question, how does it work because you’re diluting something into water. There’s practically no substance left so what does happen? I think this is a challenge that we, as homeopaths, have still today and we cannot really explain this. We know it works because we see the results of it, but we can’t really explain at the technical or at the science level, what happens there.

Now I’m asking you Harry, I think there are some new advances that you might be able to talk about today and that maybe shed some light on how that actually works.

[00:04:30] Harry Massey: Sure, well, I mean I think what’s really interesting when you’re looking at homeopathy and information medicine is actually, well, there’s a lot of parallels and perhaps we’ll see homeopathy, this was started and existed 200 years ago, but if we just look at the last 50 years, there’s been quite a lot of prominent research that have looked into this curious thing in water where water can have a memory. One of the first people to do that was a French man called [Dr. Jacque] Benveniste, and he basically ran a number of experiments where he would take some pollen, in fact, yeah, he would dilute it to the point that there was no molecule left where there was just information in that water. Then he would basically put a cell and then, sorry, he would have a cell, put that diluted homeopathic water with the allergen next to the cell. Then he found that the cell would react to that allergen just as though a normal allergen was there.

That idea actually, he ended up, well, he tried to get it published in Nature and Nature wouldn’t publish it to start with and there was a whole hurrah. Nature did end up publishing it and then also Benveniste managed to repeat that experiment in a number of other labs across the world. Unfortunately, because it really went against the sort of the more conventional biochemistry viewpoint, he was, well, in fact, things got so bad and he had so much pressure from the press and science. He actually committed suicide so that wasn’t a great ending. Another Frenchman who, she won a Nobel Prize for his, after discovering the HIV virus, which was Professor Luc Montagnier. I think it was about 10 or so years ago, he basically took Benveniste’s work and made a quite a large improvement. This experiment was basically absolutely groundbreaking.

[00:06:30] If people don’t believe in the principles of homeopathy, yeah, they really should look up Luc Montagnier on the net and watch some of those videos because what he was able to do is basically, he was able to take a bit, a virus and basically the genetic information from a virus, he would then record it with a very, very finely tuned microphone. Well, basically, the virus would sit in water, but there was enough vibration within the water from the virus to be able to basically create a frequency distribution. That sound was recorded and then he would then transmit that digital information back to another vial. He would add a number of base pairs to this liquid and just from the information sent to that vial electromagnetically, basically, the DNA base pairs were able to then recreate that viral fragment I think to 98% accuracy, which is basically just, it was completely incredible and shows how information itself is able to basically provide a framework for proteins to go on to be made and do their job.

[00:08:30] That research was sort of taken a step further by another scientist who was called Professor Peter Fraser who I was fortunate enough to spend 10 years with him back, I think 14 years ago now. What Peter did is he looks at it from a clinical point of view and basically, worked out the information sets that could create an epigenetic expression so that, I mean, if you imagine how your health actually gets repaired and how tissues grow, ultimately, your RNA and DNA basically split and different proteins are then made to then go and repair different parts of the body, but it’s the water that’s surrounding the genetic material that will actually go on to, basically it’s the water surrounding them. It’s actually mechanically giving the proteins the instructions with what to do. I think Peter was really the first person to say, “Well, you know this is great, but clinically what matters.” He basically ended up mapping out the information of different organ systems like different cellular tissue and the different functions of the body so we could stimulate the body’s heating process in a particular way.

It’s become a bit more effective than the normal homeopathy because it’s just more precise, but yeah, I know that’s how I [crosstalk 00:10:03]

Wolfgang S.: I think this is very interesting because one of the issues with homeopathy obviously, is what’s this so-called life force, a vital force. It has some different names and it was always used in a metaphoric way that there is something, some information system, some type of a control mechanism, right, but nobody could put the finger on and obviously, technology has advanced. We have now more different ways on how we can actually measure things and I think that is exactly.

Harry Massey: You see the vital forces as the body feels, if you like.

Wolfgang S.: Yes, I do. I think we can talk later also a little bit about my experiences with the NES system and how I explored it and compare it a little bit with homeopathy, but I definitely believe that the sort of synonym that has been given by Hahnemann, as far as there’s a life force there, he couldn’t put his finger on it because there weren’t a way for him to measure it or in some form to detect it, but I do believe that this is really the energy and information field that NES refers to as the Human Body-Field so I do believe that this is the master control system that really is important in the interplay of illness and homeostasis.

[00:11:30] Harry Massey: Yeah, well, I think what’s really interesting is from, most of us think as health as some biochemical outcome, but really, when you’re looking at bioenergetics ends up getting beyond biochemistry and that concept of the Body-Field, well, it’s actually the Body-Field that’s really acting as a master control system beyond biochemistry because you know why should a particular molecule do something and you know what’s stirring it and I think one of the things we didn’t mention in about water is water is 99, yeah, it’s over 99% of the molecules in your body if you include the H20 is within the proteins and fats et cetera.

Then when you’re looking inside the cell, most of that is the structured water and it’s, the energy and information, the fields acting within that structured water, it’s actually then that mechanically push this little protein to do that et cetera and it’s an odd idea because we’re so used to looking things from a biochemical point of view, but if you look from a physics point of view of like, well, what’s directing the energy? Why is that, how is something mechanically happening? You need energy, you need to transfer energy and you need some sort of information system or pattern that’s directing that flow and I mean then that’s basically what we mean by the Body-Field is that it’s a field of energy and information.

Wolfgang S.: Right, I mean without oversimplifying, but one could even think of it as almost a computer or a smartphone that we’re all accustomed to. There’s always a piece of hardware and it’s functioning in of itself, but it’s not really doing a specific function and there is information and data that actually instruct the hardware to do something, right, and so one could think of.

Harry Massey: If it crashes, you don’t do too well, you get ill.

Wolfgang S.: Right, right. We get viruses. Viruses corrupt data and then your computer system is [crosstalk 00:13:36].

Harry Massey: Well, I think that’s where the synonym of viruses for computers came from. I mean it obviously it came in reverse, but it works exactly the same way around. I mean a virus is faulty, faulty information because a virus goes into your cell and ends up, basically ends up reprogramming it to do something not so good for you.

Wolfgang S.: Right, right. Also, the interaction between the two don’t live in and of itself. There is always that dependency between these so-called hardware and the actual info system. They don’t exist in and of itself. They’re all dependent and that’s I think also, a very good analogy that one can look at the Body-Field in the same context with our own body as being the hardware.

Harry Massey: Yeah, and have you seen the, I think obviously, some other principles in homeopathy. We talked about vitality I guess is the principle of resonance in Hering’s laws of cure, I mean.

Wolfgang S.: Yeah, I mean coming back to, in the beginning, we talked a little bit about the idea that homeopathy is really based on an energy, medicinal system and it’s really all about the resonance. The experience that I have with the NES system is, because one of the issues, or let me actually back up for a moment and let me start with what are some of the challenges that the homeopathic community as a whole goes through. There may be some masters that are out there, that have been doing this for decades. They certainly bring a lot of experience and have much closer targets when they need to come up with a remedy, but for a lot of us, the issue is we’re sitting down with a client. We’re trying to assess their symptom situation because that’s how homeopathy works. We’re taking in the symptoms of the patient. We’re trying to understand their emotional and their mental state and then identify really, what are the key points and try to map that via so-called rubrics in large books called repertoires that have been written in some hundred-year-old language.

[00:17:00] They’re getting updated as new versions are coming out, but the challenge really is how do you take that information and keep it objective? Now with the best intention that everyone has, there’s always a certain subjectiveness to it. You as a practitioner getting the input and then having to determine what is the important thing and how you translate that so there is, even in that context, a lot of areas where errors can happen, right? It’s human nature that you pick the wrong one. You’re deciding on a certain remedy and the remedies in general have a broader implication as far as the resonance is concerned and that’s I think one of the key differences with the NES system where you have a much more targeted approach in the assessment of what is going on as far as the physical also the mental and the emotional plane is concerned. It takes out that objective, sorry, the subjectiveness of the practitioner and really lets me focus on what the Body-Field itself determines that needs to be repaired. I think this is a huge step forward. I would almost call it homeopathy 2.0.

It’s really an evolutionary step in my opinion because the basis is still the same, that there is a resonance on an energetic resonance basis we induce into the Body-Field that tries to correct this distortions and I think many of us can think of in probably physic classes in the back of our early days in school, where you take a tuning fork and if you match that up with a non-vibrating tuning fork, then you will see that the other tuning fork will start to resonate in the same frequency as the one that has been stimulated and so it’s that effect of transferring that resonance frequency on to the same matter, that is really what’s sort of the key and in correcting this distortions and energy blockages.

Harry Massey: Yeah, yeah. I mean to me, I see it’s like with information as homeopathy 2.0 instead of that idea where you dilute a substance that most likely will create a symptom, instead I think in homeopathy 2.0 we’re saying, well, actually why not give the client or the person the exact information they need to work optimally and obviously that’s what Peter did, was record the optimal information and while we haven’t really said it, but I mean myself, I had chronic fatigue for 10 years and I was actually healed by Peter with this idea. He just gave me the precise information I needed to trigger healing response in all my different organ systems and lo and behold, we’re sitting here today, doing this, which would’ve been impossible before so.

[00:19:30] Wolfgang S.: Right, and just to pick up again on the tuning fork, I have an analogy that I use relatively frequent with clients. It’s based on another physical law where I’m talking about a pendulum, so you think about a pendulum on a wall clock, old clocks have a pendulum. A distortion that happens either through an event, externally, it could be an emotion that trigger, a loved one has passed away or some event at work that took place, that causes a disruption in that energy. If normally, it would come back down, and it wouldn’t leave us with any resonance, but if it doesn’t come back by itself then it’s stuck, but I’m comparing this with a pendulum that is out of swing. It’s not swinging in the frequency that it’s supposed to. When we bring in the Infoceuticals, then we can actually pair it up with the exact correct frequency and over time, the two pendulums essentially start to synchronize itself. As I keep putting always the reference pendulum next to it, it will start to correct itself.

This is sort of the non-scientific explanation, but it resonates with many people because they can understand that there’s a physical law behind it that really addresses that resonance correction at the end of the day.

Harry Massey: Got you, got you and I see, I mean you’ve been using this idea of positive information homeopathy 2.0 for I think a year or so now. What’s been your experience clinically?

Wolfgang S.: Right, so I have a multitude of different cases. I mean they start with cold, flu situations, respiratory issues, cardiovascular back pains. I mean it’s really a very

[00:21:00] broad spectrum and by starting to use the NES system, I was really able to come back with a much more consistent analysis and assessment of the person’s health situation and then correct it in a very specific manner as ProVision is guiding us and delivering, I mean results that go from immediate, using miHealth device. Maybe we’ll talk a little bit later about miHealth device is a part of the NES Total WellNES System. Some of the immediate reactions and pain reliefs that I have seen, all the way to continuous improvements as the patient takes the Infoceuticals on a monthly basis where we do the assessment. What has it done to myself, is I have a lot of my success with using the system. My success means I have success from my clients and that’s really what’s the more important thing to me because at the end of the day, it’s not about me. It’s really about helping the clients that are coming and seeking our help.

It’s the effectiveness, the more target approach and the more consistent results that I’m getting from it so I have to say at this point, I’m switching more and more towards my practices to the NES Total WellNES System entirely and it’s been a real eye opener for me. As I said, it’s not sort of wiping out homeopathy as such. I think the basics of it still remain the same. It’s just the more targeted way of being able to get a client’s assessment and help them in their therapy.

Harry Massey: Yeah, well, it’s more an evolution and I think.

Wolfgang S.: Exactly.

Harry Massey: Like some of the science from the last 21st years helped to explain and improve it out, which Hahnemann just didn’t have access to 200 years ago.

Wolfgang S.: Right, right and one other thing that probably for those who are practicing homeopathy is– it’s very time intensive. I mean for those who are practicing, they know because dealing with the clients intake, going through the first analysis, you’re spending quite an amount of time on that and with the support of the technology that NES has provided with through ProVision, it reduces that time so that helps me, not only basically assess the client’s situation faster, but I’d be able to help more people in the same amount of time that I use to spend using homeopathy or the classic homeopathy so it’s been quite a revelation for my practice.

Harry Massey: Perfect, perfect and I guess, yeah, we’re going to talk a bit about the future of [crosstalk 00:24:07].

Wolfgang S.: Yeah, that’s right. Harry, why don’t you tell us what you think is in store for us?

[00:24:30] Harry Massey: Oh, God. No, oh, dear, okay. That’s all good. Yeah, basically the future, well, I think it’s a really, really interesting time period because I think there’s a couple of huge trends going on. One is simply a technology trend in that basically technology is sort of, maybe not so generally, but it’s creatively destroying that medicine in a way because with technology that we’ve got with NES, but also with all this huge rise in apps and wearables that we’re entering this future where everyone is going to know everything that’s going on in their body and that completely changes the relationship really between I think the individual and the doctor and I think it’s more going to change to a more functional integrative type approach where the doctor or practitioner becomes more of a guide for people’s health because people are going to know what’s going on within them. I think that’s one thing is this huge rise in Intellimeds and that’s going to have a massive effect.

Then in bioenergetics itself and I guess I never defined bioenergetics, but basically, it’s when we’re looking biology from a broader physics point of view than generally like medicine and this includes functional medicine and traditional medicine. Most people are looking at it from a biochemistry point of view, and I think what’s great is with some of the science that’s coming through and obviously some more technology where we’re basically able to see how energy and information affect the body, and I don’t know, like with the research that Peter did and NES has put together over the past 10 years, a lot of that is it’s almost like we’ve created 500 Ph.Ds. We’ve sort of seen this, the big picture of the Body-Field and how it’s able to control biochemistry and things that are going on in your body.

There’s so much to, I mean God, I think we’ve just got tons of material and boxes and boxes of research, but it’s really going to take 500 Ph.D. students to look at each individual part to fill out those gaps, so I think it’s a very exciting and it’s definitely a very exciting era because we can see the technology’s trend and then there’s looking at biology from a physics point of view trend and I think those two things alone are going to, well, I think ultimately, they are going to change healthcare. Possibly, we’re a little bit early in the curve. We probably are a little bit early in the curve, but more people are joining in the curve and that’s how change happens. It’s like, what do they say, it’s deceptive. It’s deceptive change at first. You don’t notice it and then it creeps up and then it just becomes exponential and then oh, the world has changed, and you know so I think that’s where we are. We’re in this beginning of this curve.

Wolfgang S.: I think what was really appealing also to me is that it’s not an approach that with the bioenergetic approach that NES is taking. It’s not an exclusive approach. It’s really more an integrative approach where you know, it accommodates certain part of the biochemistry, the biology, even traditional Chinese medicine and technology so it’s sort of a blending mold, taking all the things that work and putting it together and I think that’s what is really appealing and still being a natural way of really approaching healthcare because I think we all are swallowing way too many allopathic drugs. I mean we probably don’t anymore because we have a different way, but I think a lot of people out there are still confronted with, “I need to fix the problems so here’s a drug.”, statistics basically says.

[00:29:00] Harry Massey: Well, it’s the most amazing thing isn’t it? It’s like it’s actually the body that heals itself. I mean even in drug medicine, chemistry generally causes some effects, but it doesn’t generally heal like if people get healed, it’s more from a placebo effect in the drug end and I think, well with what we’re talking about with homeopathy and Infoceuticals- homeopathy 2.0, if that’s what we’re naming it. It’s basically, I mean basically you’re triggering a healing response in the body and then the body does the work of healing, and the same, with the analysis side, what it’s looking at as well. What is the best sequence to heal someone rather than I think as a traditional diagnosis is yeah, you know this organ is broken but that doesn’t necessarily, I know it’s a slightly bad analogy of organs being broken but let’s just say an organ isn’t working probably, but traditionally, it’s not actually that good to go in and treat an organ directly like if you try and treat your very stressed out organ, it might fail further.

What’s great about these types of approaches is the body will tell you how to treat someone and in what sequence and then ultimately, the body ends up healing itself, like there’s no toxic chemicals left over. I mean the worst outcome is it doesn’t work. The best outcome is a bit like me and you go from being bedridden for years staring at ceiling to being able to run a business.

Wolfgang S.: Right, right. That’s certainly the case. I mean very much the issue with when you look at statistics that are out there, 90 or more percent of the allopathic drugs are blockers, so one has to ask themselves, how does blocking help me to have my energy free flowing and all my systems free flowing? There’s a gap between the approach.

Harry Massey: Yeah, yeah, it’s a lovely expression. It’s like life is basically an energy exchange system and if energy isn’t able to flow and do what it’s meant to do in your body or in fact in any interaction at all, it’s death. If energy doesn’t flow.

Wolfgang S.: Ultimately, yes.

Harry Massey: It’s death. The more things block in the body, the closer you are to getting to death, sorry drug companies.

[00:31:30] Wolfgang S.: Right, so that in and of itself is essentially not a path to really address the root cause, and as you mentioned, the traditional view is really dealing with the location of the symptom and as we know, that can be a relay point where a lot of the, especially the chronic illnesses that we see also in the clinical experience, they all relate out of an emotional issue, a traumatic event that has happened and that has been memorized and that causes an energetic imprint but it sort of relays in a different way. The body basically expresses itself in let’s say pain in the knee or some problems with the liver, whatever it is, but that does not necessarily mean it’s to go in and just address that particular organ with that particular location because you could do that but you haven’t really removed the root cause that’s still there, and I think this is what was, every client that I have, when we go through the scan and we get into the area of let’s talk about some of the emotional and dramatic energetic imprints that we can see with the ProVision scan, and it relays immediately with and resonates with the client.

They immediately say, “Yeah, I do remember. I see the connection between what happened in the past and how it’s blocking me from progressing in my healing process. This is extremely important and I think that’s where NES and the ProVision scan has a dramatic impact.

Harry Massey: Cool, I mean if people obviously as NES can basically analyze people remotely or you can analyze people remotely, how can people get hold of you if they would like you as a practitioner?

Wolfgang S.: Certainly.

Harry Massey: He’s a good [inaudible 00:33:22], by the way.

[00:33:30] Wolfgang S.: Well thanks for promoting my business, but at the end, it’s not really about my business. It’s really, I’d like to help people. You can reach out to me. We’re just in the process of building a new website because we’re updating it with a lot of the NES and the bioenergetic approach but you can find us at That’s I think the information will also be up on Facebook.

Harry Massey: Yeah, the link should be just underneath this video, and also if you want to, I mean if basically you want to know more information about some of these ideas like the research of what NES does and Peter Fraser or myself, the best thing to do is watch The Living Matrix movie, which you can basically watch for free if you opt in at I think there’s also a free book as well, so yeah you get a free book and you can have a movie night as long as you don’t eat popcorn as that’s not particularly healthy, unless you have [inaudible 00:34:32] I showed you, but anyway, that will probably do.

Wolfgang S.: The remote scan, so I think you just touched upon this. That is also a very effective way.

Harry Massey: That’s the future. I didn’t really mention that.

Wolfgang S.: Yeah, maybe you want to talk about that a little bit.

[00:35:00]Harry Massey: Yeah, I mean actually, when [inaudible 00:34:52] you can have a clinic in the cloud, and so basically, Wolfgang can just log in to the internet. He can see all his clients’ results there. Perhaps more importantly, his clients from the comfort of their home are able to see their scan results. They have all this other self-help and health information that is pertinent and relevant to their scan results and then the Infoceuticals are basically drop ships.

 [00:35:30] From Wolfgang’s point of view, he doesn’t need a big fancy office to help people and from the end clients’ point of view, you can basically get your health back from the comfort of your own home without traveling miles in your car to visit
different practitioners and yeah, maybe more important, I guess you can match up the best clients with the best practitioners because you are not restricted to location.

Wolfgang S.: Yeah.

Harry Massey: Perfect. I don’t know, well that was great and I hope that was informative for our audience, and yeah please if you’ve got any questions or anything, there’s a Facebook comment form below or contact us through our website, so thank you very much.

Wolfgang S.: Thank you.


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