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Wendy Myers: Our guest today, Dr. Eric Zalinski is trained as an aromatherapist and public health researcher. He started his own online ministry in 2014, along with his wife Sabrina with Dr. Eric, to help people learn how to use natural remedies like essential oils safely and effectively. Now I’m visited by 5 million natural health seekers every year. It has rapidly become the number one source for biblical health and non[inaudible 00:00:43] essential oils education online. An accomplished researcher with several publications and conference proceedings, Dr. Z is a popular speaker and best selling author.

His newest book, The Healing Powers of Essential Oils published March 13th, 2018. I highly recommend you run out and grad that. Dr. Z lives in Atlanta with their four children and his wife Sabrina. You can visit Dr. Eric at

Eric, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Eric: Well, thank you, Wendy. I love you. Everything you’re about, being part of your summits, being part of your podcast. I’m as if not more excited than you and everyone listening. I just love essential oils. I love what you’re doing, I love how we help people together.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I love essential oils. I use them a lot personally at home. I took a bath last night, i love using Lavender Oil, I use some thieves oil, from Young Living, I believe. I’m using essential oils more and more, really craving them, I’m finding. I think it’s really important for people to learn more that my listeners are very interested in health and detoxification. It’s very important, I think, to add essential oils to your health regimen. I love what you’re doing, help educating people about essential oils. Tell us why you became so passionate about essential oils.

Eric: You know, Wendy, before I did what I’m doing, I was a medical writer. I was providing for my family when I was getting my doctorate. One of my clients, commissioned me to write a series of public health reports about oils. I literally knew nothing about it. Nothing at all. This was several years ago. My wife, Sabrina, she’s as foo-foo and beautiful as it comes. She uses her oils and she smells great all the time. I literally just thought they were foo-foo smelly stuffs. Sabrina did, and I marginalized them.

Literally, I’m not going to go play basketball with my buddies smelling like Ylang-ylang. They’re going to take my guy card away. I just couldn’t do it, right? It never was an option, ever. Once I was told, because I had to, it’s my job, I was forced to learn. I was like, “Whoa!” And I started reading study after study, hundreds of studies and I wrote all these reports. I’m like, “There’s something to this stuff.”

Then I started to do an evaluation of the different brands and the different companies. The kicker was literally, 99.9% of everything I found online was biased. Meaning financially biased. You just didn’t mentioned the brand. It’s virtually impossible to find information out there about oils without having that individual either sell, represent or mention a brand. I’m not saying their information is false, but what I’m saying as a public health researcher, that’s like financial bias number 101, you don’t do that.

I decided, why don’t we have a non-branded event. We called it a tele-summit. You’ve done these now, right? In 2015, we hosted the Essential Oils Revolution. My buddy Josh Act, my buddy Joe Winger, and it was huge. We had 165,000 people and it launched me as the go-to essential oil guy. Here’s the kicker, be honest with you folks, I’m not lying here. I didn’t know much about oils. I’m like the investigative journalist. I’m like the researcher, I’m interviewing the experts for my summit, never proclaiming to be an expert. Then people came to me and they’re like, “Dr. Z, we need you to help us. We’ve got no one else.”

Literally, I read over 4,500 comments. 4,500 comments from that Summit and the one thing people, the one bottom line thing people said was, “We need someone to step up, that we can trust that isn’t going to sell oils, that’s going to teach us.” I went to school. I literally went to aromatherapy school, and I’ve been studying, learning, up until now, wrote the book, did the master class. It’s been a really interesting adventure on I wasn’t planning on it, it wasn’t part of my career goals. It wasn’t my smart goal platform, it’s not on my vision board.

It’s awesome because A, I love them and I found so much use to them. My wife and I really relate on a deeper level, because now I’m in her world more. We literally now help millions and millions of people. We’re completely non-branded. It’s been a wild ride.

Wendy Myers: Yes, and I only mentioned the oil because I said Thieves and that’s a specific product of that brand. I like that one. Yes.

Eric: Yeah, but you can. That’s the thing, I won’t even say the name.

Wendy Myers: Yes.

Eric: I trained myself, and people ask me all the time, “What brand do you use?” I’m like, “I’m not saying it.”

Wendy Myers: I’m not a rep, I don’t sell any of these products.

Eric: You know why, Wendy? Because I don’t say the names of these products, I don’t promote them. I literally have the freedom of speech to say what I want to say. A representative, bless their heart, they’re restricted by FDA compliance, so you can’t mention Frankincense and cancer, you can’t say clove and detoxification. You can’t use words …

Wendy Myers: What is the point if you can’t truly educate people? I think that’s what’s so brilliant about what you’re doing is really providing science based information. Your writing is heavy duty. The amount of research you put into it and the scientific references and everything you’re doing, I love that you’re educating people about this. That’s what I want when I’m going to give out essential oils or any topic. I want to see the hardcore science behind that and you’ve done that work. It’s easy. For me, even myself, I’ve just missed essential oils in the past, because I really didn’t know much about them. I thought it was just like massage therapists used them or whatever. It’s easy to dismiss them when there’s a little bit of ignorance there, when you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

Meeting you and learning more about essential oils and trying them, I’ve really been amazed at what they can do for us and like my uncle right now has stage four lung cancer and I know you’ve got an essential oils course right now and you’re teaching people about the essential oils that you can use for cancer, people going through chemo. Can you tell us a little about that?

Eric: Oh, yeah. There’s so much. There really is. A couple things when it comes to cancer and just in general. I don’t know of any other substance in the natural health world, really, and I’m just being real with you all. I don’t know anything that is good for symptom based management like essential oils. Every symptom. Literally, every symptom, every side effect you could think of, you could use essential oils for something, and they’re safe, with virtually no adverse reactions, if you use them the right way.

When I think of cancer, the first thing I think about is the litany of side effects that people deal with from A, the cancer itself. Or B, from the treatments, from the radiation, from the chemo. At the end of the day, everyone battling a disease, especially cancer should be using essential oils, regardless of if they’re on medication or not. That’s the other thing that’s important to think about too. We, I’ve been guilty of it too. Literally, I can count on my hand, and you can tell I have a little bit of a cough, I’m just coming over the flu. It’s life. I’m expressing healthy, flu didn’t kill me, I didn’t have the shot. I feel great, right? A little bit of cough, I can deal with.

I can count on one hand how many times my family of six has been on antibiotics in the last ten years. We use drugs very minimally. I’m on the spectrum of, “hey, let’s do natural first.” I say that to say … Wendy, you know we’re part of this circle. All these dor so-and-so .coms in all of our things that we do. It’s like, if you have an OTC, over the counter drug in your purse, they shun you as a hypocrite. We don’t want to present that to people. This isn’t all or nothing. The one thing that I really like about essential oils are they compliment true integrative healthcare. That’s what I’m all about, integrative healthcare. It’s not you go to oils only or you go to chemo.

If you have cancer, you do what you got to do. The people that we know that are doing really well, they’re doing both. They’re on immunotherapy, they’re using oils, they’re taking chemo, they’re using oils. Some of them are straight vegan, doing gershin, then they’re doing oils, they’re doing fine too. I just want you to realize, and this is so important, that it’s not an all or nothing thing. I’m telling you the research supports it, you always want to use oils with your therapies. It helps chemo perform better. It helps your body react better, it helps your body recover.

With that said, just place the groundwork for cancer as a whole. There’s so much you can do and just think about what cancer patients deal with. Everything from low libido, to fatigue to cachexia to horrible headaches and pain. All these different things, all these different things we could tackle one by one by one. As a whole, I just want to paint the picture … All this is on my website. I actually have a book on Amazon called The Truth About Essential Oils and Cancer, that goes through protocols for all of these things.

I want to encourage you all that yes, you should, and I’m telling you. I know this for a fact, any oncologist worth her weight in gold, will tell you, you can use oils and don’t worry about it. I get infuriated by the ignorance of some medical professionals that say, “Oh, don’t do it. It’s going to hurt.” That’s not what the research says, that’s not what the case studies say. That’s not what the countless people that come to me say.

Our friends that are going through treatments have good doctors that say, “Hey, you know what? I can’t say yes or no what to do, but I’m telling you, don’t worry about it. You can use your Frankincense and just keep on doing what I’m going to tell you to do.” Just so you know, folks, you can fire your doctor. You’re not stuck. You need to find a healthcare provider that supports your way of life, because at the end of the day, I don’t want you to do things in shame. That happens a lot, a lot of people tell me, “Oh, I can’t tell my doctor what I’m doing. I’m doing it in secret.”

A, I think that’s somewhat dishonest and B, it’s dangerous because you need to let your provider know, especially your pharmacist, if you’re doing stuff. There are certain chemicals in oils that can interact with certain drugs. You want to make sure everyone’s – I get this. People literally hide things from their doctor. I’m like, “Why do you go to that doctor, then?”

Wendy Myers: Yeah, fire them.

Eric: You can’t trust your doctor, you know?

Wendy Myers: You’re so fired! I like that.

Eric: Literally. I get it. PPO, PMO, whatever-O, I get it. It sucks that we’re stuck in this system, but they’re options. With that said, there’s a litany of essential oils and I’m hosting this master class right now. By the time this airs, oh what is it? Whatever next week Saturday and Sunday is. I think March 4th? We’re having a complete replay weekend. Be sure you guys watch lessons 8, 9 and 10. They’re short. Like, 15, 20 minutes. We keep them short, sweet, jam-packed.

Lesson 10 is all about cancer. All about cancer. Lessons 8 is about preventing disease, lesson 9 is about treating disease. The whole system before that is just setting the foundation. Be sure you sign up, it’s free. Take advantage of that. I list all the oils you need for cancer.

We can talk a little bit more about strategies about how to find what works for you, but at the end of the day I just want you all to know there’s hope, and there’s a lot you can do. There really is.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I’m going to send my uncle to watch the episode on cancer, because he’s dealing with chemo and lung cancer right now. I really want him to use essential oils during his treatments. Talk to us about your book. You have one of the number one selling books on Amazon in a lot of different categories. IT’s doing so well. Tell us about some of the things that we can find in the book and learn in the book.

Eric:  Oh, [inaudible 00:12:28]. Do me a favor and give me your uncle’s email, I’m going to give him access to my course for free.

Wendy Myers: Yes, thank you.

Eric: Everyone listening, okay, honor system, if you’re broke, if you have cancer, if you can’t afford treatments, if you can’t afford my master class, I’ll give you my course for free. If you can afford it, don’t lie. Just buy it. I’m giving away a lot of free stuff for widows, elderly on fixed incomes, single moms. I’m a big believer, I can’t outgive the giver. I’m a believer, a – God’s providing, and he’s helping me. We have a lot of people.

If you’re watching this now, email, and say hey, I just listened to a podcast, Dr. Z said if I have a financial hardship, he’ll give me the course. We’ll give it to you, but I’m asking you to please be honest. We get people who lie, and I’m giving away hundreds and hundreds of this. I want to hook up your uncle.

This is full access to all the books, all the digital downloads and everything.

Wendy Myers:  That’s wonderful. I love that.

Eric: Yeah, I’m legit. This is legit folks. Call me out on it. Do it. A, B, my book, boom. You can’t see it, let me see it. This is like my opus magnum.

Wendy Myers: Yes.

Eric:  This is my baby’s baby. Thank god for my wife and kids who just gave me freedom to go up. I live in Georgia and I just spend days and days in the mountains of Georgia writing this book, I just had to get away. The Healing Power of Essential Oils. Super excited about it. I’m excited because Random House, Penguin Random House, the largest publisher in the world picked it up. Which is a big thing, because it’s the first book to get picked up by a major publisher in the last decade, which tells me something that oils are more than mainstream. When you have a powerhouse like Penguin Random House willing to put their energy, time and money behind it, they believe it. It’s a good piece of work, I’m just telling you folks. It will help you.

It’s not one of those A to Z guides where I’m going to tell you everything about every oil. It was actually a health book, and I have a whole section on women’s health where we cover everything from menopause, premenopause, libido, pregnancy, labor, delivery, everything. There’s so many health topics that we have to cover and I have a whole chapter on autoimmunity and there’s a lot to learn about autoimmunity, what’s the cause of autoimmunity. How do you deal with the root cause? That’s the whole point of the book. The whole point of the book is to really be a guide for health and to show you how essential oils can play a piece.

The theme with everything that I do, folks is you really can’t live a McDonald’s lifestyle and expect essential oils to help you. That’s one thing I love about you, Wendy and your work, it’s a holistic lifestyle. Everything, how we relate to our children, our work-life balance, healthy sex life, finances, everything affects how we express health. Everything is connected.

Wendy Myers:  Yes, it is.

Eric: For those of you who are going to watch my master class, be sure to watch my quick start guide, because I cover that. It’s really important that you are going to die of some sickness, if you’re chronically stressed because you hate your job. I guarantee it. It’s proved. We can’t live under chronic stress, adrenal fatigue, and yes, stress and anxiety and marital problems will affect your health. It’s all about how do I use essential oils to enhance my life? I’m telling you, this is really what blew my mind.

The effect that essential oils literally have on the primal brain, the limbic system, how it can literally change your mood. How it could trigger genes and increase fat burning, decrease unhealthy cravings, kill cancer cells. It’s just so important to remember that most of the drugs that you’re taking, that I’m taking, that are pushed down our throat, are based on the chemical compounds in plants, which are the oils. Why don’t we go back to nature first.

That’s all it is about, folks. It’s like, “Let’s go back to nature first, let’s try it. Then if nature can’t solve it, then maybe we need to go to more of a synthetic model.” Which I’m telling you, 9 times out of 10, people don’t need it. If you live a really good, holistic lifestyle. You get sick sometimes, it’s not a bad thing. Sicknesses don’t, they knock us down a little bit, but they don’t take us out. We got to realize, we want strong, robust immune systems, we want to get the flu. We want to get sick sometimes, because that will prepare us so we don’t get deadly, chronic diseases.

That’s really the book in a nutshell.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and I love that you talk about stress and that’s one of the main reasons that I use essential oils. Stress reduction, I love lavender. I love some of the other essential oils, they just relax me so much and put me in a much better mood. I use them at the end of the day, at the end of my day and to begin my day and in between. I just, I love them. I really encourage people to learn as much as they can and get a nice foundation of how to use essential oils in their everyday life.

Can you tell us about, any kind of really interesting tidbit in your book, that the listeners might really, really enjoy.

Eric: You mentioned something, Wendy, I think that’s really important. Like, what you do. You have a go to solution. You have a go to, what is it? Not a way of life, but you have options. You’re not like, “Oh, I’m stressed. I don’t know what to do.” I do it, and folks, if you are on my master class or Facebook. If you get a comment from me, it’s me, by the way. I don’t pay someone to comment. I think ti’s funny because people ar like, “Are you really commenting?” I’m like, “Yeah, it’s me.” I’m looking at hundreds and hundreds of comments right now from a master class. One thing that’s really breaking my heart, breaking my heart, especially older people, and I want to say older people because older people, in general, on geriatric patients, have not had the benefit that we have, via the internet, of a mass education and they haven’t had natural health solutions like we have. They’ve been really inundated, especially baby boomers.

They’ve been inundated since birth with antibiotics and drugs and the medical system. I’m 38 years old, my kids don’t even know any other better. They’re just like hippies. They just don’t know. Oils and probiotics and gluten free is a way of life. I’m getting a lot of geriatric patients, not a lot but several, that are saying things like, “I don’t know what to do. I’m stressed. I can’t sleep. I have anxiety all the time.” They’re 76 years old and they don’t know how to manage stress and they don’t know how to manage anxiety. I say this not as a criticism, but my heart goes out to people.

If that’s you, if you literally battle stress, anxiety, skin issues or anything and you don’t know what to do, you literally are clueless, that’s the point of the book. That’s the point of my master class, is to give you tools. Wendy, you’re stressed out, you know what to do. At least, you know where to start. Open up Lavender, maybe create a little aroma therapy inhaler, we can just smell. Put some in a diffuser.

The whole point of what I do is to empower people to give them a fishing pole, so when they need it, they can fish. The last thing I want, and you know, you’re beautiful daughter, Wendy, the last thing I want is for your daughter to get a 104 temperature and you rush her to the hospital because you’re clueless what to do. At least you have ideas what to start.

That’s what this is about. Literally, that is what natural health to me is about. Buying the supplements that you sell, Wendy, using essential oils, getting the summits that you offer. Getting educated so when something happens, we know what to do. It’s like there’s power. There literally is an empowerment when, and you know what? If I could read something, I know it’s not story time with Dr. Z, but I quoted – this is such a powerful part. A powerful quote that I think, really exemplifies why I do what I do, and points out to people like the state of health that we’re in.

I quotes a medscapes study, let me see if I can find it. Can I read something quick?

Wendy Myers: Please, please.

Eric: Are we allowed to? Okay, cool. Storytime with Dr. Z. I’m all about storytime. I’m seriously, I’ve got like, 100 kids. I’ve got four kids, it’s always story time. This is page 11, part one in my book. This is … If you catch this, if you’re listening, if you’re watching, if you catch this, I’m throwing something at you, this will change your life. It’s changed my life, I guarantee it’s part of what’s changed Wendy’s life and it’s what changes the people that follows us.

A Medscape report shares a shocking story of one physician, just one, who blames patients for the misuse of medical treatments because of the sheer volume of people who “flood urgent care centers, seeking care for run of the mill ailments such as simple ankle sprains, sore throats or diarrhea, for one day sunburns, the list goes on.” This doctor says, “None of us would even consider seeing a doctor for such trivial common matters.” This is from a doctor.

The physician stated in an interview, “I see about 50 patients a day. Easily, 75% of them have no business coming to my office. 80% of those patients are expecting antibiotics.” This is from medicine, folks. What this is telling me is we have become woefully unprepared to just take care of ourselves as a society. We don’t know how to garden any more, we don’t know how to cook anymore, we don’t know how to take care of basic things anymore. I say this, not as a judgment, but as a call to action. What do we need to do? Learn.

150 years ago, you learn or you die. Things are different now. We’ve become enabled. The system has enabled us. It’s why I love what you do, Wendy, because you just empower people with education. That’s what this is, my master class, my books. My website, my summits, it’s just to give people power back.

Wendy Myers: Yes. Yeah, I love that because it’s so important to arm yourself with knowledge and not rely, not look at the doctor or worship them or look at them as being able to solve all of your health problems because they’re not. They’re one person to consult with that can give you guidance. Ultimately, it’s really up to you and guiding your care and you have to educate yourselves, just like what you do Dr. Z. You have to educate yourself about alternative health treatments, in order to win your game. If you really want to meet your health goals and thrive and prevent disease, it’s up to you. It’s not going to be up to anybody else.

Eric: How empowering is it? Really, how empowering is it that you can sprain an ankle and you don’t have to rush in the hospital. This is kind of a sad story, but my Uncle lives in San Diego and there’s a genetic condition that my family deals with. My wife’s family deals with, my uncle in law, that deals with a constricted esophagus. Food gets stuck in the esophagus, which can cause my family to choke, my wife’s family.

My wife’s uncle had an episode where he was choking and he couldn’t swallow a piece of food and he went to the ER and literally, two hours later waiting, the food finally dislodged and he swallowed and then he went home. What a waste of two hours. How much time do we waste our time in urgent care centers, just doing something that A will resolve itself or B that we could fix ourselves. It’s just little things like that. Really folks, you’ll just feel so much more … Feel more of a man, more of a woman, more of a husband, more of a father, more of a mother. You’re just like, “I got this. I got life.”

Then you know who to go to when you need help. I’m not a financial guru, I know how to do basic banking, and if i need expert advice, I go to a financial advisor. Same thing with my taxes. I can get by if I have to on the basics.

Anyway, that’s what we do. We show basics and if you want to learn advance strategies, especially with essential oils, get certified in aromatherapy. It’s not for everyone, but for those people who really want to take it to another level, or for those people who want to do it professionally, yeah you need that. For 99% of the people out there, you don’t need certification. Get my book, take my master class, get the basics down, start to use them yourself and learn and you’ll start coming up with things that are really impressive.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, well tell us some more things. I want to know more about what are people going to find in your book? What are some of the chapters in your book and what are some of the things that people might not expect to learn about essential oils?

Eric: You know, the big thing and this is something that is right up your alley is the onslaught of environmental toxins that we have against us, through our cleaning products and body care. People are now starting to catch on that literally your skin is a sponge and that your skin is literally the first layer of, your first barrier of your immune system and if you want to be healthy and strong and not get cancer, not get diabetes, not get auto=immunity, you need to have healthy skin. That means you have to put the right care products on your skin. Not during products, not products filled with chemicals, like propylene, or triclosan or other things.

One thing, we have over 150 recipes in my book to show you how to make everything. Everything from your body care products to just healing solutions, like for Fibromyalgia. One thing that I want to encourage you all to do is to literally DIY, do it yourself as much as possible. I know a lot of us are, I get it. I’m a dad, I’ve got four kids, I’m not in my Betty Crocker test kitchen all day long making stuff. It’s like we do what we can do, but there are little hacks and tricks. Even going to the local health food store and getting a base oil that’s non-toxic and adding some essential oils, that’s a really quick solution to a body lotion now instead of putting whatever junk you’re finding at Walmart. It is so important to minimize those toxins, and cleaners.

Cleaners, oh lord help me. It is unbelievable to what is in this stuff. If you want to live a detoxed life, toxic free life, it really starts with creating a healthy environment in our home. That’s what it is, just simple things like everyone listening, watching, should stop using hand sanitizer. Immediately. There is no benefit what so ever. Clinically, at all. For people that want to have something on the go, in case of a cut or whatever, a scrape or maybe your hands do get dirty. I get it, you’re changing diapers on the road.

I get it, I go on road trips. An easy solution is to get an ounce bottle, spray bottle, something like this on Amazon. It costs a couple bucks. You fill it up with some water, actually not fill it. Water’s last, but what you do is you do 10 drops of essential oil, 10 drops of witch hazel and 10 drops of an organic green alcohol like everclear, because that helps solubilize because water and oil don’t mix.

You’ve got the witch hazel, the oils and the alcohol. You mix that up in some water, that’s your hand sanitizer. That’s all you need. If you want more of moisturizing effect, you can put 5 – 10 drops of aloe, 5 – 10 drops of vitamin E. That is all you need. All oils are microbial, to some level. If you want something super high power, you mentioned a brand, you mentioned a blend earlier.

Every company has their “immunity blends” usually includes oils like cloves, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, orange, those kinds of oils, are super anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. Literally folks, you don’t need this triclosan, pesticide ridden stuff at the store. I literally ask you to throw it away. Don’t even give it to people. Don’t even donate it at the Salvation Army. It’s poison.

These chemicals have literally been linked to neurotoxicity, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, cancer, auto=immunity. It’s scary. It frightens me to see every kid at my kid’s school with a little hand sanitizer on their lunch box. It’s like, “You guys don’t get it.”

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and especially what horrifies me, that’s at every hospital. Before you go into the room, the nurse has to put this garbage, this neurotoxic, hormone disrupting chemicals on their hands, and then they touch the patient. They have to do it, every time they walk into every single room. It’s just, I really feel for nurses and the amount of toxicity they have to put up with, just from that alone.

Yeah, like you said, every essential oil has anti-bacterial properties. You can pick any oil, any smell that you love and create a hand sanitizer with it. I love it. Also, I think it’s so fun to make your own cleaning products and your own beauty products because fragrance is one of the very, very toxic part of any kind of cleaner or beauty product. Some of these fragrances that are considered proprietary information. That word, “Fragrance” can have 100 different or more chemicals behind them, that’s hiding behind the word fragrance.

You really have to be a smart consumer, not buy products that say “fragrance” or “perfume” in them. Purchase products or make products that have essential oils in them, and then you know that they are totally safe for your body.

Eric: You know what’s interesting, a mutual friend of ours, Steven [Ezel 00:30:37] from [inaudible 00:30:37]. He did a study that, and he does non-toxic laundry solution, give him a shameless plug. Great product, by the way. They did a study and they tested, I forget how many people. They have people a sniff, but a visual test. They gave them two different sets of rags. One rag, which was absolutely the dirtiest looking rag you could think of, a white rag that looked like some mechanic just wiped his hands, which they did. They made it smell beautiful and clean. Then they had a completely white, perfect, crystal clear rag that had no smell. Most of the people chose the dirty rag that smelled good over the clean rag that had no smell. That’s the reason why folks, your Tide and your laundry solutions have that smell, because that’s what people want. They want the fresh fragrance.

Don’t be duped. People are basically, companies are capitalizing on our … It’s like an evolutionary instinctive drive towards smell. At the end of the day, males will go toward female animals with feromes and plants, pollinators will be attracted by the ones that are more fragrant. Seriously, look at the girls at the bar, the guys are going to the ones that smell the best. It’s just how it works, smell attracts, it’s in our nature. You got to be careful, you want the real deal.

The cool thing is, I guess cool, it’s two edged sword. Once you get to your place and you know this Wendy, I know you know this. Once you detox your life, you have zero tolerance towards anything toxic anymore.

Wendy Myers: Oh, I can tell the difference, and in five seconds, you don’t even have to tell me. I know if it’s an artificial fragrance or it’s an essential oil natural fragrance. I know, just from training myself. It’s a, I don’t know, it’s a sensitivity thing. Women have ten times more sensitive smell than men. Women, I don’t know, they’re just a much more in tune with smells than men are. You’ve got to protect your family and be the one to sniff out these toxins and purchase the products, or make products that are better for your health and your family.

Eric: I would suggest that if someone listening and watching can literally go into Joann’s or arts and crafts Michael’s store, and not get a headache and not get irritated, that’s because you’re suffering from toxic overload. Your body is so insensitive to it. Once you clean your body out, you can’t handle that stuff. It’s just, I just like, I used to smoke. It boggles my mind how, I remember being at the airport smoke bin. This cesspool of smoke and these 50 people in this 100′ X 100′ room just smoking. I remember being there, feeling totally fine. I can’t even walk 100′ near that place without coughing now.

You get hypersensitive to the stuff. To me, I see that as also a layer. You really, you should feel pretty bad going to McDonald’s afterwards. You shouldn’t feel good. For people that go and they don’t, again I don’t have any proof to this but man, your body’s adapted. You need to readapt your body. With that said, folks, give your body time. As you kick these chemicals out of your life, you will find your body craving good, healthy, everything. Food and drinks and smells and your body will repel everything, because that’s again, your evolutionary instinct is to repel the toxins.

Because we’ve been given toxins since birth, our body has adapted to it. Otherwise, everyone in LA would just be wearing smog masks because they couldn’t handle it. Our bodies are so adaptive. Just think about this when you’re living this lifestyle because it’s unbelievable what our body will do if we give it what it needs.

Wendy Myers: Yes. Yeah well, Eric, thank you so much for coming on this show. Why don’t you tell us a little bit more about your course that you have. We’re going to be publishing this podcast, so it’ll be in time for people to be able to take advantage of your replay in your course. It’ll be totally free, so tell us what to expect.

Eric: Yeah, we have ten lessons, it’s a ten part video master class. We cover everything from aromatherapy history to how to properly inhale essential oils, how to ingest them, which, by the way, it is safe to consume essential oils if you do it right, how to apply topical salves. Then we cover all the DIYs. Body care, home care, cleaning products, cooking with oils and then with advanced strategies and protocols like cancer, diabetes and other ailments, that are really just common that we could help people with oils.

Take advantage of it folks, it’s free. We have over 160,000- some people signed up right now. We expect well over 200,000. We’re helping a lot of folks join the mission, because at the end of the day, I don’t want you to be getting your essential oil advice on Pinterest. That’s what a lot of people do. Bless their heart, a lot of that is fun and foo foo, but man, a lot of it is unsafe. I don’t want you to be taking 20 drop morphine bombs, I don’t want you to hurt your liver, so we cover that kind of stuff in my master class. All safe, all evidence based. You are going to love it.

Wendy Myers: Yes, and everyone, I highly recommend Eric is the go to guy for essential oils and learning about non-branded use of essential oils, all the scientific references are there for everything that you’re talking about and writing about and teaching. I really encourage people to, if you don’t know that much about essential oils, or you’re just dabbling, you’re curious, to learn about them, because they’re a very important aspect of approaching your health naturally. It just takes a little bit of investment in your time and effort to learn about that. For the rest of your life, you’re able to utilize what you’ve learned to help address your health issues naturally and I think it’s a really, really important aspect of being healthy.

Eric, thanks for coming on. Everyone, if you want to learn more about essential oils, go to It’s, correct?

Eric: Yeah., yeah. You can pick up my book, Healing Power of Essential, available everywhere books are sold. I think Amazon’s got it for under $12 right now, which is a super sweet deal. Join the group y’all, we’re helping lots of folks.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and where do they learn about the course? Where do they go for the course?

Eric: You want to post a link?

Wendy Myers: Yes. I’ll post a link in the show notes, so that you guys can go there. I hope to see you guys there. I am going to be there, for sure. Join us and everyone, thanks so much for tuning in. I’m Wendy Myers.

Eric: Thanks everyone.

Wendy Myers: Yes. I’m Wendy Myers, you can learn more about detox at If you liked what you heard today, take two seconds to leave a review on iTunes that will help me help more people, when they search for something, they’ll be able to find me more easily.

Thanks for tuning in today and have a wonderful day.