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  1. Find out what’s in store for this Myers Detox Podcast with EMF expert, Lloyd Burrell.
  2. Back in 2002 Lloyd began to experience strange symptoms when he was using his cell phone. Learn more about Lloyd’s journey to discovering his EMF sensitivity, and why he became involved in the field.
  3. Even though you may not experience symptoms related to EMF exposure, every one of us are affected by EMFs, and are electrically sensitive in varying degrees. Find out what EMFs are and how all humans, as vibrational beings, are impacted by the different types of electromagnetic frequencies.
  4. The symptoms of EMFs are widespread and include obesity, tinnitus, and tingling in the skin when touching an electrical device like a cell phone. Learn more about the many symptoms of EMF exposure and the diseases it can cause.
  5. 5G, using higher frequency bands than ever used before, impacts our cell membranes, which then impacts the cell’s DNA, and enzymes. This means that 5G can actual impact more than just human health, it can impact the environment, insects, plants, and animals. Learn more about 5G and why it is a concern.
  6. 5G is not about increasing power but increasing density of exposure. When combined with the already many other forms of EMFs is creates a cumulative effect which poses health risks. Learn more about the difference between 5G to 4G, and why reducing your EMF exposure by just a little bit can go a long way.
  7. Lloyd developed a three step approach to protecting yourself from the dangers of EMF exposure, which goes, understand, measure, mitigate. Find out what is involved in each one of these steps, and how even small changes can greatly reduce exposure.
  8. Learn about Lloyd’s 290 page book EMF Practical Guide, that contains over 500 mostly scientific references that provide information in easy, intermediate, and advanced levels.
  9. Pick up a copy of Lloyd’s book EMF Practical Guide  Click here!
  10. You can learn more about Lloyd, his work, his research, and his EMF strategies at


Wendy Myers: Hello everyone. My name is Wendy Myers. Welcome to the Myers Detox Podcast. Today is a fantastic show. We have Lloyd Burrell talking about electromagnetic sensitivity and if EMFs are causing your health issues and what to do about it. We cover the whole gamut, like all the different symptoms that people can have. This is all in the research. This is all in the studies, even studies the telecommunications companies and the government have done themselves. Everything that’s talked about on the show today is science backed. He talks about all the different symptoms, health issues, cancers, all these different things that are attributable to exposure to EMF radiations. We talk about that, we talk about solutions, we talk about his course. He has a new book coming out as well.

Wendy Myers: I’m going to discuss all that and more on the show today including 5G, the difference between 4G and 5G, and all the different issues that you need to know about to protect yourself. I focus on heavy metal detoxification with my clients and they have symptoms from heavy metals in chemicals. I also address the EMF issue with clients as the very first thing. It Is one of the initial things that we do, because EMFs cause so many symptoms in so many issues in the body. We have to prioritize fixing that before we even get to the detox part.

Wendy Myers: You’ve got to address it because the EFMs cause so many different problems. They cause issues with your body’s energy field, with biochemical issues, with sleep, with anxiety and depression. They interfere with your body’s functioning in so many different ways. They have to be addressed so that people are in a better position to detox heavy metals and chemicals. It’s a very important part of the conversation.

Wendy Myers: I know you guys listening are concerned about heavy metal detox and wondering about your toxin levels, so I created a quiz. You can go to and take this quiz. Based on some of your lifestyle factors and environmental exposures, you’ll find out your relative levels of toxins in your body and then learn the next steps. Where do you start, to detox your body? After the quiz you get a free video series that tells you what to do next on your detox journey. So check out and take the quiz today.

Wendy Myers: Our guest today, Lloyd Burrell, found out one day in 2002, after he answered his cell phone and soon after developed highly debilitating symptoms from all types of electromagnetic devices in his home and workplace. He went to multiple medical practitioners who couldn’t help him and wasted thousands on solutions that didn’t work. It took him nearly 10 years to recover his health. He has now made it his life’s mission to raise awareness about the dangers of electromagnetic fields or EMF. He shares the remarkable discoveries he’s made on his journey. Lloyd is a regular speaker at online events, podcasts, radio shows and hosts his own EMF health podcast. He’s also the author of two books on EMFs and the creator of The EMF Health Summit.

Wendy Myers: His latest book on EMFs is available at all bookshops. He’s also married with two grown children and lives in sunny Southwest France. You can learn more about Lloyd and check out his website at

Wendy Myers: Lloyd, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Lloyd Burrell: Thank you, Wendy. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Wendy Myers: Why don’t you tell us a little bit about your journey and how you came to specialize in electromagnetic pollution?

Lloyd Burrell: Absolutely, I’d love to do that. What happened was my life changed one day in 2002. I answered my cell phone and it wasn’t that I got some devastating news that my dog had died or something. It was the energy of this device I was using, this cell phone. I was running a rental business at the time. People were calling me to book our rental units for their summer holiday. I was receiving calls on this day in February 2002. I put the cell phone to my ear and I began to feel just a bit weird. It was just strange, a kind of altered spatial awareness, and it went from being strange to unpleasant to unbearable in a really short space of time, literally a few calls.

Lloyd Burrell: I’ve told this story many times to many doctors and I love saying this bit, it got so bad I actually went to see my doctor. After about three or four days of my wife nagging me, my doctor who’s a friend, gave me the once over and basically couldn’t find anything wrong with me. He said, “Lloyd, it’s stress.” I felt like saying, “You’re kidding me, aren’t you? This is not stress.” I didn’t say that, being British and very polite. I could have said something even less polite I guess.

Lloyd Burrell: He said, “Look, go away and you’ll be fine. Take a week off.” So, I took his advice and went away with the kids. We went to Scented Parks, this holiday thing, and I was fine for a week. When I came back Monday morning, the phone rang at like 9:03 AM and boom, there it was, back again. From that point on it was a slippery, slidey slope, literally not being able to use my cell phone because I got so much pain. This burning sensation on the right side of my head next to where I was holding the phone, prickly skin on my face and then all over my body and intense pain in my head like an electric drill was going in there.

Lloyd Burrell: The pain was intense when I was using the phone and then I got all of these other pain symptoms, which were going on when I wasn’t using the phone. It was just getting worse and worse. I was like a zombie. I could sleep and sleep and get up and I was just knackered all the time, which wasn’t me. Lots of other symptoms, all body symptoms, aches and pains in all kinds of strange places which were just unexplainable. I remember I was playing tennis at the time and instead of getting tennis elbow in my right arm, I got it in my left arm. I got all kinds of digestive problems too.

Lloyd Burrell: I was really not in a good place, it was getting worse and I was reacting to everything. Because I realized it was from my cell phone, I stopped using my cell phone. I gave the cell phone to my wife and I started using the computer and then I started reacting to the computer. I was reacting to the TV, I was reacting to the radio in the car, I was reacting when I was going around to friends with whatever they got going on, cordless phones and things. It got so bad that I was even reacting to the corded landlines. I was taking the calls on the corded landline telephone and even with that, I was beginning to burn up. I went from doctor to doctor with my wife and my doctor sent me to various specialists. I had all kinds of tests done and basically they could find nothing wrong with me, which was absurd.

Lloyd Burrell: The only thing they could find was that I got slight high blood pressure. It was very disconcerting to say the least. In fact it was just downright scary. I didn’t know where to go or what to do, so I just kind of told myself I was okay when I wasn’t. It just got worse and worse and worse. Then one day in 2004, I was reading an article about a guy, the CEO of a big food group in the UK. It was telling about this guy and how he couldn’t use his phone. He had to switch the electricity off at night to go to sleep and he was dictating everything to his secretary. He was driving around in a battered old car. They gave a name to this condition he had, which was electrical sensitivity or electrical hypersensitivity, and that was it. I kind of realized I wasn’t the only person on the planet like this.

Wendy Myers: You weren’t crazy, you realized you weren’t crazy.

Lloyd Burrell: I thought I was crazy. That was it, I realized I wasn’t crazy. There was somebody else like this. In fact, there were other people because that was in the article too. From there, that’s when I kind of got a grip and set about looking for solutions. It took me about 10 years really to get my health back on track. Now I share this information, what I’ve learned, and that is the mission I’m on now. To raise awareness about these dangers and shared solutions. It was really just by accident that this all started.

Wendy Myers: That’s great. You have one of the best EMF courses out there and people need this information. It’s so important. It’s why I’m talking about it more and more and interviewing experts like yourself, because there’s so many people out there that are electro sensitive. They are sensitive to EMFs and they’re going to the doctor. The doctor has no clue, even today. They just get labeled as crazy or get a card for a psychiatrist or they’re a hypochondriac, or something. I think you have to be very careful who you’re speaking to when it comes to your health and you need awareness that wifi dramatically impacts your health.

Wendy Myers: Let’s lay the groundwork for this. What exactly is electromagnetic fields and where are we encountering them?

Lloyd Burrell: I’ll just bounce back if I can, on one thing you said there. It’s very true what you’re saying. There are people being affected and there are people getting symptomatic. I regard myself as blessed that I got the reaction. Now, I mean, I thought it was hell and I thought, “Why me?” I was into all that victim mentality at the time, but now in hindsight I realized that it was one of the best things that ever happened because I was able to protect myself from this incredibly dangerous toxin, digital toxin, as we call it. The key thing here is, and that’s what I want to pinpoint and pull out of this little segment, that EMFs affect everybody and everybody is electrically sensitive, our bodies are. This is really key because there’s a lot of people maybe listening to this and thinking, “Poor Lloyd.” Well no, actually, poor you because if you are not protecting yourself, then maybe this could happen to you. I really hope it doesn’t, and in particular I hope it doesn’t happen to your kids.

Lloyd Burrell: That’s just an aside, but to answer your question…

Wendy Myers: I have one thing I wanted to add there. It’s interesting that you said everyone’s electro sensitive, everyone’s being affected by this and it’s like a spectrum.

Lloyd Burrell: Yes, at a cellular level, yes.

Wendy Myers: It’s a spectrum, like anything. Some people tolerate it better or they don’t feel it, but they might have underlying stress that is always there, or some people are completely debilitated. It’s like anything. There’s a spectrum of how people are affected in the symptoms that they present with.

Lloyd Burrell: Exactly, and I’m quoting studies, What I’m talking about here, and I’m sorry, I’m going to give you a plug from my book because I’ve just written a book.

Wendy Myers: We want it, we want it, plug away.

Lloyd Burrell: There are over 500 references, so there’s a lot of science and it’s all about the science. The simple science of protecting yourself and healing chronic inflammation and living a naturally healthy life in our electromagnetic world. I didn’t like that picture, but my subscribers did. The point is that we’re all electrically sensitive in the sense that it is affecting us and it’s the science that’s saying this, okay? It’s the science. There’s science to back this up, and it’s the point that some people feel it and some people don’t. As you’re saying, there’s a spectrum.

Lloyd Burrell: So to answer your question about what are electromagnetic fields…

Wendy Myers: Yes, just for anyone that may not know exactly.

Lloyd Burrell: Yes because it is confusing. This whole subject is really confusing. There’s a lot of terminology and I didn’t want to know all about this. It scared me because there wasn’t a solution and that’s why I was putting it off. I can understand why people are not drawn to this subject, and that’s what I’ve tried to do with the book, is make it approachable.

Lloyd Burrell: I say “EMFs” all the time and what I mean when I say “EMFs” are electromagnetic fields. Some people, when they say EMFs, they mean something else. They mean electromagnetic frequencies. Some people don’t even use the word “EMFs”, they use “EMR”, electromagnetic radiation. Some people use other words like “radio frequency microwave radiation.” So all this microwave radiation, that’s a subset of this thing which I call EMFs and it is kind of standard, EMFs. I didn’t choose that term by accident. I asked myself this question, “Which term am I going to go with?” I said, “Well this one seems the most widely accepted.”

Lloyd Burrell: That’s what it is. Electromagnetic fields, and electromagnetic fields are everywhere. It’s all about vibration, so we’re in a vibrational universe and we are vibrational beings and everything has a vibration. We are in a sense electromagnetic beings, but this is all natural and our cells are communicating. We’ve got parts of our body, for instance our brain, where we’re taking measurements with devices that are measuring the electrical signals. The same thing with our heart, but our cells are communicating. There’s a chemical component and there’s this electrical bit. It’s intrinsically linked and we get the chemicals and that’s what creates this electrical charge between the outside of the cell and the inside of the cell. I’m always going back to the cell, because that’s what we are, a collection of trillions of cells.

Lloyd Burrell: The point is, here’s the kicker, it’s that these electromagnetic fields from common everyday devices which we’re all using and which we’re not giving a second thought to. Yes, I am talking about cell phones but not just cell phones. It’s all manner of devices. Things like wifi, obviously, which you referred to, but many other things. Our homes are just filled now with these devices which are emitting radio frequency microwave radiation. When I say microwave that makes you think of a microwave oven, right? It’s the same kinds of frequencies. Microwave ovens are at 2.4 gigahertz, most phones between two gigahertz and under one gigahertz, 800 megahertz, something like that, depends where you live.

Lloyd Burrell: We are being impacted by these devices which are taking over our lives and which are emitting these electromagnetic fields. Why is this important? There are thousands of studies and they’re not all in here, a lot are but there are literally thousands of studies. For instance, in 1971 there was a military report which came out. In 1971 there were 2,300 studies on essentially microwave radiation. Studies going back decades on this wireless aspect of it. That is the “why”, because we’ve got these devices and it’s not just about wireless either, unfortunately, folks. It gets even more gloomy.

Lloyd Burrell: There’s wireless and there’s wired. My book is slightly different from any other book. I’ve read pretty much all the books that have been written on this, obviously, because I’ve been online since 2009 rabbiting on about this. I talk about both because it’s not like you can say, “Well, you know, wired, that’s in a wire and it’s okay.” No, no, it’s not okay either and we can’t say that wireless is worse than wired. It depends on so many things. Your personal biological makeup, as you say, this spectrum of how people are sensitive and not sensitive.

Lloyd Burrell: So there’s wired and wireless EMFs, but the general term here is EMFs, and then we’ve got all these categories. We’ve got these two main categories, wired and wireless. I can go further into the detail if you would like.

Wendy Myers: Just to give people the overview that this is just everywhere. It’s all around you. It’s only going to get worse. We’re going to be talking about 5G in a second, but just so people can kind of connect the dots about their health issues, what are some of the symptoms that people can be experiencing that are related or caused by EMF radiation? I know one of them is weight gain. I’m really, really concerned that because wifi interferes so much in glucose uptake in cells, that people are going to have higher blood sugar, more diabetes, more weight gain, et cetera because wifi and EMFs are interfering in our body’s ability to metabolize blood sugar. Can you talk about that and other symptoms of EMF toxicity?

Lloyd Burrell: Absolutely. The really strange thing is that EMFs are like nothing else, as I see it, in Lloyd’s world. Lloyd is, I guess, if I’m totally honest and I like to be as honest as possible, a little bit EMF obsessed. I see it through this lens, and there was a time when there was not a day that went by when I wasn’t discovering, “Wow, EMFs can do that too, and oh, and they can do that too.”

Lloyd Burrell: What I’ve come to realize is that EMFs can impact you really in just any way and every way. It seems to be whatever your weakest link is. It’s back down to the cells and they’re being impacted on so many different levels. They could impact your immune system, so it could just cause a bit of a cold or flu. I remember it felt like I had a hangover all the time. Every morning I was getting up and I was dog tired, and it was like my brain was rattling around in my head. You know, when you’ve had too much to drink? I’ve got the dental amalgams, as well, so something is going on there too. There were just so many symptoms, Wendy, it’s really difficult to but I can give you some common ones. The common ones are related to where people are putting their cell phone. That is tinnitus, which is very common. The prickly skin is very common. The tingling is very common.

Lloyd Burrell: The tingling in the hand when people are texting. We’ll get to solutions, I hope, because I like to talk about solutions more than I like to talk about the problems.

Wendy Myers: Yeah.

Lloyd Burrell: You know, people holding a cell phone and getting that tingly skin all day long.  I’ve got a friend who gets it when he’s holding his cell phone. He’s trying not to but he’s got a job and he needs to do that. I know that, but as you’ll see, there’s lots of things we can do to mitigate these effects. Many simple things we can do. It can impact us at every different level imaginable; physical, mental, emotional and  spiritual. In every aspect of our being, of our very being, because it goes back to what I was saying. It’s just so all encompassing and we are these vibrational beings. It’s impacting as a cellular level, if you’re looking at it sort of on a biological level. The very foundation of who we are, so it can be a bad hip, if you’re putting your cell phone on your hip. You know, hip replacements, I was reading about that.

Lloyd Burrell: It can be heart issues, tachycardias, arrhythmias and heart attacks. The year that cell phones were introduced, in 1996, then there was an explosion in cardiac arrests in American athletes. Young people are particularly affected. There’s a whole load of other not quite EMF issues or related issues to do with anxiety issues because of how it impacts us, how it upsets our hormones. We get a hit, literally, because it affects our biology chemically, our biochemistry. It’s just crazy. It’s just mind blowing, how all this can affect you. You’ve got the symptoms and the unfortunate thing is that people are getting symptoms but they’re not making the association between the symptoms and these devices. These are creating these exposures which is not just a cell phone. There’s the wired as well. There’s all this that’s going on in our homes. Electric fields, magnetic fields which are in our homes on our electrical wiring and dirty electricity, as well.

Lloyd Burrell: I know I’m laughing but it’s not a laughing matter, really. All these diseases downstream, and do I like to say diseases because it’s cool? No, because that’s the way I see it, it’s energetic and cancerous. It’s very clear if you’re looking at the studies. There’s so much science here, Wendy. I mean, I don’t know where to start. Just the NTP study, the National Toxicology Program. A $30 million US federal study showing clear evidence of cancer. That’s a very recent study, it’s high profile. An Interphone study, $25 million with a cancer link again. We’ve got big, big studies. There’s the cell phone industry’s own study, after there was a big thing in the 1990s with a lady called Susan Reynard, who died following use of a cell phone. The husband went on Larry King. Motorola shares took a dive. The industry repass was to commission this big study, Dr. George Carlo at the head, to prove that cell phones were safe. They found just the opposite and he was fired but he came out and said the truth, that there was this link. Again it was cancer, that was a link he was talking about, tumors specifically.

Lloyd Burrell: There’s so much science, and people say, “Yeah, but where’s the science? Where’s the science?” There is so much science, it’s just that people are not hearing about the science. It’s only from places like this, perhaps on interviews like this. The truth is people do not go and read the studies. I would not be reading the studies if I was not wanting to share the studies with people like yourself and sharing the information.

Wendy Myers: I think a lot of the truth is getting suppressed when you see things like the New York Times publishing articles about how wireless is safe or 5G is safe. I mean, clearly they are being bought. These are public relations articles that are being paid for, for placement, and they purposely mislead the public. One of my biggest concerns is the impact on sleep. We already have a rash of sleep issues and sleep disorders that is only going to increase with the rollout of 5G. Can you talk about that?

Lloyd Burrell: Well there’s two big subjects there you’ve hit on, sleep and 5G. I’d like to talk about both, but let’s talk about 5G because it’s a kind of hot button topic. 5G is the next generation of cellular technology. The “G” just means generation, that’s the first thing to clear up.  People are saying, “Wow, I’ve already got 5G on my modem or my modem router.” Sorry, I say “router”, but that’s not the same. That’s the gigahertz it’s using, the 5.6 or 5.8 gigahertz. That’s not 5G. 5G is a new generation of cellular technology starting out with 1G and we’ve basically moved up the Gs. It was getting more and more evolved, better, that’s what we’re told. Yeah, it’s better, it’s more convenient, it’s faster, you can download a Hollywood movie in the blink of an eye and it’s great. It does your washing and makes your egg and chips or whatever. I don’t know.

Lloyd Burrell: It is amazing, but there is a huge downside. We’re moving for the first time into these frequency bands which have not previously been used before, at anything like this level. They have been used actually by the military level. They have been used by the military for crowd dispersal, to hurt people, and now we’re using them on a massive scale. We don’t know what the effects are going to be. We do have studies, so we’re moving into 5G.

Lloyd Burrell: The difference is that we are going to see if this happens. It is happening because we’ve got test cities, but to make 5G work, 5G’s actually moving into higher frequency bands than at the moment. You remember at the beginning I was saying one gigahertz or two gigahertz, around there for the cell phones. The thing is, those bands are saturated and so the industry is moving into these higher frequency bands because it’s all that they can develop and what they want to do is make money. There’s a lot of money to be made out of this, obviously.

Lloyd Burrell: They’re moving into the higher frequency bands and with these higher frequency bands, unfortunately the higher the frequency we go, the less penetrative power. So what does that mean? It means we have to put the antennas all over the place. Antennas are all over, every third or fourth house, every other lamppost kind of thing. They’re in big cities and we’re putting antennas up in space, satellites, I beg your pardon. Satellites with antennas up in space, like 45,000 the last I heard, to beam down the 5G radiation so that we can get our Hollywood movie at the blink of an eye or whatever. This is the world we’re moving into. 5G is about lots of really cool things like driverless cars if you’re into that, or if you are running low on milk and your fridge sending out a signal to call in a drone, which is going to deliver milk to your doorstep. Yeah, I mean it sounds fantastic, I know. It’s exciting, and I love gadgets.

Wendy Myers: I’m sorry Lloyd, but I can’t wait for that.

Lloyd Burrell: It’s crazy, I mean, it’s great. It’s the kind of thing when you watch a movie and you think, “That is really cool,” but do we want to live in that world? Maybe we do but do we want to live in it when we understand what the dangers are? The dangers are with 5G notably, so already we’ve got lots of dangers in terms of how these frequencies impact our bodies. There is lots of science on how they impact our cells, notably the cell membrane, which is kind of important because when you hear the word membrane you think, “Well, it’s just that thing that goes around the cell.”

Lloyd Burrell: It’s actually the brain of the cell, if you want. It’s really important and it’s impacting the cell membrane, it’s impacting the cell, it’s impacting the DNA, it’s impacting the enzymes. Just every aspect of our being and deregulating it. It’s just this slow, chip, chip, chip or drip, drip, drip micro stressor which you’re fine, you’re fine, you’re fine and then one day you’re not fine. The 5G, we’ve already got all that going on and everybody’s thinking, “That’s okay, I’m fine with a cell phone or whatever,” with what the studies are telling us for all that. Then on top of it we’re adding in 5G and the 5G studies, which are mainly Russian because the Russians are ahead of the game on this thing, with regards to electromagnetic fields research. They’ve really been for decades, ahead of us.

Lloyd Burrell: You have skin problems, immune system issues and also impacts on the environment, on insects, plants and animals. There are studies on this, on impacts on the eye and on the heart, and that’s about the lot of it. It is quite limited, the research we have on this. The truth is we just don’t know where we’re going, but the concern is we’ve already got the 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and now we’re adding in the 5G. What does this mean and do we really want a cell tower on every third or fourth home pointing in at your bedroom? Do we really want that?

Wendy Myers: In front of your child’s school, right next to your child’s school or your child’s bedroom. I know so many families where the child has a tumor, has a brain tumor, and the first thing I think of is EMF that’s contributing to that. One of my best friends from high school, her son has a tumor and the doctor is not looking at EMF as an underlying cause, but I know why. Let’s talk about how much stronger 5G is than 4G. I’ve been traveling around. I was in Italy and Greece last summer. They had 3G there. I just went to Mexico over the holidays. They have 3G there. Not very good wifi signals, it’s very frustrating.

Lloyd Burrell: I know.

Wendy Myers: I can function, and 4G is in most of the US. Where I live in Huntington Beach we rolled out 5G in July, and so how much stronger is 5G than 4G?

Lloyd Burrell: 5G is a little bit, we’re kind of using this word 5G but it means all kinds of things. They’re moving into this 5G, this millimeter waveband, so a very small waveband, high frequency but very short waveband, it’s an inverse relationship between frequency and the wavelength. The wavelength, sorry, not waveband, wavelength, is very small. It’s called a millimeter wave because it’s literally in millimeters, a few millimeters. So very small antennas, tiny antennas, small cells. It’s not about strength. That’s the thing, and this is what the industry is going on about. People are thinking it’s about strength and it’s about power. It’s actually about power but in another sense. What’s important is personal power, not the power that we’re talking about.

Lloyd Burrell: What the industry is trying to say is based on basically 1960s, 50 year old plus research, that there are no thermal effects. That these technologies are very low power and that they are very low level. These are all the words that they use, all the terminology. Low power, low level, no heating effect, therefore no problem and that is just so not true. We have this thing called the EMF spectrum and we have ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. All these things I’m talking about, it’s all non-ionizing, which they’re saying is safe because it doesn’t have sufficient energy to break bonds in molecules. The ionizing does, which is like the gamma radiation like what’s used in a nuclear warhead and x-rays and all that kind of thing.

Lloyd Burrell: We’re not arguing about if this is dangerous or not dangerous. It is, okay? Everybody agrees on that. It’s the fact that they say this is not dangerous, this non-ionizing. What the science very clearly tells us is that the effects are virtually identical. It’s just more subtle with this non-ionizing.

Wendy Myers: And it’s cumulative, right? 

Lloyd Burrell: It’s cumulative. Very good point, thank you. It’s cumulative, and so that’s why it’s so important to reduce your exposures, even a little bit, if you can at some point because of this cumulative nature. So it’s low level, it’s subtle, it’s not about the power. The point of 5G is it’s just increasing the density of this exposure. That’s what it is, and it is this cumulative effect and that is what is impacting us. This cumulative effect of all these different exposures. What I talk about in my courses and things is radio frequency radiation, like wireless, electric fields, magnetic fields and dirty electricity. Those are the four categories I talk about. We’ll talk about solutions if you want when you’re ready, but yeah, that’s basically to answer your question about the power. It’s not about the power. It’s low level and we can’t feel it but our bodies and our cells can. It is impacting our cells.

Wendy Myers: I feel like people have this constant low grade stressor that I think they attribute to, “Oh, I have this financial stress,” or “I’ve got family stress” or “It’s my boyfriend, it’s him”. They just constantly feel this stress, anxiety, depression and inner conflict because their body is kind of interpreting it as that, when they don’t realize it’s just this constant pulsating thing acting on their body and their body’s energy field as well. Let’s talk about strategies. Let’s talk about protection.

Lloyd Burrell: Absolutely.

Wendy Myers: Let’s talk about solutions. So what are your favorite strategies to protect yourself from EMF?

Lloyd Burrell: I’ve evolved this approach and this has grown over time. It’s how I dealt with it and it’s how I got my health back on track. I was hypersensitive and I’m still sensitive. I’m sensitive to energy but I no longer have the debilitating symptoms, so that is obviously a big game changer. There were so many things I couldn’t do, so many places I couldn’t go when I was hypersensitive. One of the things I couldn’t do is travel because you were talking about traveling. I also love to travel, particularly to Italy where the food is amazing.

Wendy Myers: And they have 3G.

Lloyd Burrell: I don’t really concern myself with that. I go through the airport radar on the plane and all that. I don’t like all that obviously, but you gotta do what you gotta do to have a good pizza or some good Chianti. So my approach is really simple. It’s a three step approach to this whole thing which we call EMFs. Firstly it’s to understand and that’s what you’re doing today, folks, by listening to me and Wendy here, is understanding this whole thing. Trying to get your brain around it. If you’ve managed to stay with us till this point in the conversation, well done, brownie points. It is pretty heavy. There’s a lot of technical jargon and I’m sure we’ve said things you’ve not understood. I know I’ve got a weird accent, as well, that’s strange or difficult to follow and I say words like “router” when I should be saying “router”, so I apologize for that. I’m just joking.

Lloyd Burrell: It’s understanding and it takes a bit of time but that’s the first thing. Hopefully you’ve picked up a few things which I’ve said because if you don’t understand then you can’t actually deal with it. The way we deal with it is or the second thing is, to measure. First we measure. Getting ahead of myself. We measure by using what’s called an EMF meter and I’ve actually got one here. How handy, and that’s a TriField TF2 meter.

Wendy Myers: Oh, I have one of those too.

Lloyd Burrell: You’ve got one of those too.

Wendy Myers: I have one too.

Lloyd Burrell: How cute, well done. We’ve got the same. That’s a great little meter. I’ve got loads of them. I’ve got a real collection. That’s an amazing meter.

Wendy Myers: Oh nice, I’m jealous.

Lloyd Burrell: Yeah, I’ve got loads of gadgets, I tell you, I love gadgets. That’s a dirty electricity meter. I’m not saying you go out and you have to buy a whole load of meters. I’ve got a bag full of meters here just in case you wanted me to impress you. I’m not saying you have to go out and buy loads of meters but at some point. I’m not even saying today you have to go out and buy a meter, but I’m saying at some point so this is a global approach, okay? A meter like this, as you know, Wendy, measures the three things: the electric fields, the magnetic fields and the radio frequency radiation. The reason I do meter reviews on my website is because this one is actually really simple but some of them are a bit complicated. I explain how they work. Even with this one, you’ll have some questions about how it works. There’s some buttons in the back as well, which maybe you’ve not seen.

Lloyd Burrell: We have to measure at some point. The third thing is and I was surprised now, there’s the mitigation. The mitigation, there’s three steps to mitigation. You can turn off the device which is causing these exposures. You can increase the distance, and this is a really important notion, distance is your friend. I’m sure you’ve heard that before if you’ve had other guests on, somebody’s said that before. Why is distance your friend? Well distance is always kind of your friend with anything that can impact you. It just makes sense. The further away you get from something which is causing harm, even a chemical which is causing harm, the odor of that chemical for instance, then it makes sense to get further away from it. With EMFs, it’s this exponential effect when we’re getting away from, so you just get away a little bit. Literally you can move when you’re using your cell phone. Okay, this is an EMF meter but if you were using your cell phone, just moving it literally millimeters away from your brain, you can reduce the exposure thousands of times, thousands.

Lloyd Burrell: It’s just absolutely mind blowing, this notion of this exponential effect and that’s why really small efforts pay off big in terms of your health even though you can’t feel it. This is a shame, that you can’t feel it. That’s why people like me are talking about this because I have this I can feel it, and not just me can feel it. This is really why I’m talking about it, because otherwise I would just be somebody who’d read a book or read some research and thought it was dangerous. That’s good too and there’s people doing that too, but it’s obviously different when you’ve felt something and you felt it in a bad way. You don’t forget that, so this is not something which I’m going to forget quickly.

Lloyd Burrell: So the three parts of the mitigation is turn off, if you can, turn this thing off. Increase the distance, and thirdly, and it’s thirdly because it’s always the last resort. People get this back to front, that’s to say people suddenly become EMF sensitive, and this does happen. It’s not just me. This happens quite often. I wouldn’t say it all the time but quite often is boom. Just comes on like that, and then it’s like, “Oh my God, I’ve got to shield, I’ve got to shield, I’ve got shield everything.” No, you’ve got to follow this. Understand, measure, mitigate. That’s what you do, and turn off first if you can. Increase the distance if you can, and then you shield.

Lloyd Burrell: Whatever you’re talking about, whether you’re talking about cell phone radiation, whether you’re talking about wifi, whether you’re talking about the EMFs from your electrical wiring, it’s these same overriding guiding principles.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic, and are there any particular products that you really like to help people to shield their body from EMFs? Like anything around the home? What are your thoughts on cell phone stickers? Because, you know, there’s certain little products you can get like cell phone stickers, but that’s only helping with the phone. There’s all this other stuff around. So what are your strategies?

Lloyd Burrell: There is a lot.

Lloyd Burrell: When I became electrically sensitive, I just wanted it to go away and I would’ve paid anything. I would have paid money which I didn’t have. I would have put myself in debt. I didn’t actually put myself in debt but I spent a lot of money buying everything and anything to get rid of the pain. I just wanted the pain to go away. I didn’t want to learn about EMFs. I wasn’t interested. I just wanted it to go away and get on with my life. Go to Italy and drink Chianti and eat pizza. I’m just kidding.

Lloyd Burrell: I just wanted to get on with my life. I didn’t want to know about this, but it wouldn’t go away and nothing I tried worked. Some things I did try did work but they would only work for a short period of time. I just kept coming back to the fact that I was trying everything and this is where my approach came from, that having tried everything, this actual approach works. Now this is obviously a long time ago. This is 2002 when I was buying everything and trying everything. What I say to people now is the harmonizers, the resonators, the diodes, the pendants and so on are all well and good but you need this fundamental, rigorous EMF protection which I’m talking about here. This three step approach.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, there’s no one miracle thing-

Lloyd Burrell: There isn’t.

Wendy Myers: Not that it’s going to fix everything. There’s a learning curve involved here. You have to know what you’re dealing with. You have to know what’s in your home emitting frequencies. You have to reduce. I 100% agree with you and there’s a lot of different things you can do. There’s Faraday cages so you can at least protect yourself while you’re sleeping. I use a lot of different things around my home and I’m always testing things, but it took me a minute to get there. There is a learning curve and that’s why I love that you have a course to help teach lay people this very, very important information. Can you talk about that and your book, too, of course?

Lloyd Burrell: It’s just out, the book. The EMF Practical Guide. It’s 290 pages, over 500 references, most of them scientific. Lots of science. I wanted to write a really science based book, so I’ve spent most of the last year actually writing this. My next book will be more about energy. It will be about the energy and then I’ll probably stop writing because I’m not a writer, but it had to be done.

Wendy Myers: Well you could have fooled me.

Lloyd Burrell: Thank you. Well what I’m saying is it didn’t come easy and I had a lot of help. I wrote the book and then I asked some people like doctors, building biologists and other experts, the scientific advisor for the Earthing Institute, for instance. About a half dozen or eight people, experts and a master electrician in Canada. I asked them to review certain chapters because I wanted this to be as scientifically accurate as possible. It’s really a solution-oriented book with lots of free stuff you can do, free and easy. It’s in three levels. There’s free and easy, intermediate and advanced. For instance, the Faraday cage and the shielding are all advanced stuff because there’s for and against for all of this. In the title you noticed how I say living a naturally healthy life. Well that’s what I’m all about, the naturally healthy life, because you can’t outsmart Mother Nature.

Lloyd Burrell: You know, actually mother nature is a frequency. The earth is a frequency. We’ve got this human resonance which is a frequency which we’re all connected with. It’s practically the same as our brain, 7.83 hertz per second. We are these vibrational beings. My course is a package with the book with a four part webinar series, EMF Protection Made Simple and some other goodies as well. Some podcast goodies as well on some of the different aspects, for instance EMFs in cars and EMFs in your home office and things like that.

Lloyd Burrell: It’s a really comprehensive answer to this whole EMF question which people are beginning to ask and people need to understand. It is a learning curve, as you say, and I know it’s maybe a lot if it’s the first time you’re hearing about this. If you’ve had other guests on, maybe it’s the things which people have heard today which they’ve heard before. That’s really great. It’s worth it. It’s really worth it and that’s the point, is it’s not because you can’t feel it that it’s not impacting your health.

Wendy Myers: I think it’s really important for anyone interested in health to take the time to learn about this issue in detail. Yes, people can have thyroid issues and have different diagnoses and whatnot. They can make efforts with their diet and their supplements and their exercise and their sleep and try to do all these other efforts when you have to think more upstream. Like, what is this thing that’s impacting my body, this EMF? Solve that, and that solves a lot of things, a lot of problems downstream. I think this is where people need to start with their health. When I’m working with a client, this is where I start them, because that fixes so many other issues. Then we see what’s left over to fix. I can’t stress enough how important this is, how important your work, Lloyd, is. I really think people should get your book and get your course and learn more about it.

Lloyd Burrell: Thank you, and by the way, my book’s full of stories as well, because that’s the thing I’ve noticed is that people connect with stories. They don’t connect with the science. They want to know the science but it’s really the stories. The stories are unbelievable, literally, like a couple who were struggling to get pregnant, or a lady was anyway. Couldn’t for years and went to see, it was actually David, I don’t know if you know him….

Wendy Myers: Yes I do.

Lloyd Burrell: He told me this story. He muscle tested and figured out it was a wifi. They stopped the wifi. Within 30 days she got pregnant.

Wendy Myers: Wow.

Lloyd Burrell: So many stories about that. I’ve got stories like that related to diabetes, related to tinnitus. Honestly it is crazy. It is crazy that people don’t know about this and there’s really easy things they can do to protect themselves and improve their health. Maybe not overnight but really quickly.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, yeah, I agree. Lloyd, thank you so much for coming on the show. Honestly I haven’t read your book yet. I cannot wait to read it because I know that you’ve put so much work into this and you have so many studies. It’s something that I’m going to be reading and I recommend that you guys in the audience also pick up a copy yourself. Where can we find your book and your website?

Lloyd Burrell: You can find it on my website. You can find it on Amazon, of course. I’m not particularly happy with Amazon and what they’re doing these days, but yeah. We have to make compromises. So it’s on my website, and or Amazon, wherever you live.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic. Well, Lloyd, thanks for coming on the show. Everyone, thanks for tuning in to the Myers Detox Podcast, where we talk about every type of toxin, not just heavy metals and chemicals, but EMF toxins as well, EMF radiation. Thanks for tuning in. I’ll talk to you guys next week.