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Wendy Myers discusses everything about coffee enemas, the benefits of doing them, and answers her viewers important questions.

Mindy Pelz

#259 Transgenerational Toxicity – How We Pass Heavy Metals To Our Children with Mindy Pelz

Mindy Pelz talks to us today about how we pass toxins on to our children and how to detox a child. Learn KETO tips for women too.

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I’m always on the lookout for great natural beauty and skin care items. I just discovered Amaranth Oil and am so excited to share it with you today. Amaranth has a fascinating history. It’s loaded with life-sustaining, beauty-enhancing nutrients. So why isn’t it the most …

Safest Nontoxic Cookware & Niacin Sauna Detox Protocol with Bret Bouer

#258 Safest Nontoxic Cookware & Niacin Sauna Detox Protocol with Bret Bouer

Bret Bouer speaks to us today about the safest nontoxic cookware and his Niacin Infrared Sauna Detox Protocol.

#257 Five Myths That Prevent Woman from Healing with Diane Kazer

Diane Kazer speaks to us today about how emotions and unresolved trauma play such a high role in women’s health conditions. We also talk about the path they can to follow to set themselves free from their emotional and physical health issues.

Recipe: Natural Viagra Watermelon Detox Smoothie

I have a really delicious – and easy to make – detox drink that I want to share with you. I call it my “Natural Viagra Watermelon Detox Smoothie”!