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#363 Detox Suppositories vs Chelation Therapy with Spencer Feldman

Spencer Feldman, owner and formulator of Remedylink, joins the show to talk about some of the lesser discussed topics of detox, the difference between using detox suppositories and chelation therapy, and how to prevent getting stuck in a “detox trap”.

The Best Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free Recipes for a Healthier Thanksgiving

If you are anything like me, you are always on the lookout for new and tasty recipes that will help you stay healthy during the holidays. And it can be especially tough to do that around Thanksgiving. To help take some of that stress off …

#362 Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Detox, Liver, and Parasite Cleansing with Josh Macin

Josh Macin joins the podcast to discuss the emotional and spiritual aspects of detoxing. Detoxing is not just about ridding your body of toxins, it also plays a role in releasing trauma, anxiety, and depression, and can help you become more in tune with your …

7 Ways To Beat Stress This Holiday Season

The holidays are among us, and along with the music, decorations, and gift-giving, this season comes with another little gift…stress.  Research shows that people tend to feel more stress, fatigue, and irritability around the holiday season. This can likely be chalked up to financial pressures, …

Stressed? 7 Simple Ways to Survive the Rest of 2020

Dealing with stress is nothing new for most people living in modern societies. With the pressures that come from work, finances, health, and family, it can feel for many people like they’re just trying to survive the day.  The problem with stress is that it …

#361 Do Ionic Foot Baths Really Work for Detox? With Glenn Wilhelm

Glenn Wilhelm joins the show to discuss all the benefits of foot baths, how they help you detox, and debunks some of their biggest misconceptions.