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Recent Posts

Protein Powder: A Hidden Source of Heavy Metals

Are there heavy metals hiding in your protein powder? Most likely, the answer is yes. This popular food supplement imparts many health benefits, but the dangers of heavy metals cannot, and should not be ignored. 

#353 Harnessing The Power of Energy Medicine with Lloyd Burrell

Lloyd Burrell, an EMF expert, discusses why is it more important than ever to understand energy and how to protect yourself from harmful energies like EMF, electromagnetic fields, wireless internet, cell phones, and more. We discuss the body’s energy field, bioenergetics, and how EMF throws …

Fulvic Acid for Immunity, Gut Health, and Detox

You may have never heard of fulvic acid; it certainly doesn’t make the headlines very often. However, this crucial soil component may be the missing link to your health and longevity.  In this article, you’ll learn: What is fulvic acid? How fulvic acid boosts immunity …

#352 Best Ways to Combine Infrared Sauna, Ozone, and Red Light Therapy for Optimal Detox with Robby Besner

Robby Besner joins us to discuss the best ways to create an optimal detox regiment by combining infrared saunas, ozone therapy, and red light therapy!

The Top 5 Hormones Sabotaged by Heavy Metals

Hormonal balance is one of the most crucial aspects of your overall health. When your hormones are out of whack, every other system in your body can be affected – your weight, your mood, early onset menopause, and much more.  Unfortunately, in our modern environment, …

How Toxic Are Your Hair Products?

When’s the last time you checked the ingredient label on your hair care products? Being vigilant about what goes on your body (head and all), is crucial if you’re trying to avoid unwanted chemical exposure.  How damaging could you shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, and hair …