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Dr. Isaac Eliaz speaks to me today about Pectasol-C, a modified citrus pectin, and how it removes so many toxins without removes vital minerals. You’ll also learn a host of detox tips from this world renowned detox expert. (Visited 1 times, 10 visits today)

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The Dangerous and Hidden Toxins in Your Nail Polish

Do you (or someone you love) paint your nails? If so, you probably think of nail polish as being perfectly harmless, right? After all, it’s marketed to us as safe and fun. But the truth is, most nail polish is an unhealthy cocktail of chemicals …

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Top 5 Supplements to Detox Mercury

Mercury toxicity is currently plaguing millions of people around the world, causing countless, chronic health problems. That is why everyone needs to take preventive steps to both reduce their exposure mercury and safely remove it from their body. Here are the top 5 supplements to help …