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Top 5 Nontoxic Sunscreen Recommendations

I used to be a freak about avoiding the sun. I fell for all the uninformed, but well-meaning medical scares about the sun causing skin cancer, from which you must protect yourself at all times.

Myers Detox Podcast #289 The Fifth Vital Sign: Using Your Menstrual Cycle to Unlock Hidden Health Issues with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, a fertility expert, explores the menstrual cycle and how it can give us clues to hidden health issues – it’s the fifth vital sign.

Myers Detox Podcast #288 Upgrade Your Meditation, How to Stop Reacting to Stressors, and What Happens To Your Brain When You Meditate with Ariel Garten

Ariel Garten joins me to discuss all the amazing things meditation can do for your body, and her revolutionary meditation aid device the Muse Headband!

Myers Detox Podcast #287 Copper and Iron Toxicity and Dysregulation, Magnesium’s Role In Detox, Why So Many Are Iron Toxic with Morley Robbins

Morley Robbins joins us to discuss the top things you need to know about the effects copper, iron, and magnesium have on the body and in detoxification.

Top 30 Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas have dozens of health benefits, including prevention and reversal chronic of health issues, detoxing heavy metals and chemicals, pain relief, anti-aging, sports recovery, etc. The list goes on and on… Thousands of studies done for decades prove the benefits of infrared saunas. I …

Myers Detox Podcast #286 How The RCCX Gene Is The Missing Link to Many Complex Illnesses with Michael McEvoy

Michael McEvoy talks to us about a new genetic discovery called RCCX. Attention those suffering with multiple health issues, especially autoimmune illness.