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Recent Posts

Myers Detox Podcast #286 How The RCCX Gene Is The Missing Link to Many Complex Illnesses with Michael McEvoy

Michael McEvoy talks to us about a new genetic discovery called RCCX. Attention those suffering with multiple health issues, especially autoimmune illness.

Detox Your Home, Part 4: Living Room

Detoxing your home environment is just as important as detoxing your body. Join me for the next part in my Detox Your Home series, where we go through some easy, actionable steps you can take today to detox your living room and other family areas!

Myers Detox Podcast #285 How Antibiotics Kill Off Your Mitochondria and The Latest In Mitochondrial Medicine and Clinical Trials with Dr. Michael Kucera

Dr Michael Kucera, an expert in mitochondrial medicine, discusses how to preserve your precious mitochondria and increase mitochondrial energy production. We discuss what kills and blocks mitochondrial functioning, the reason so many are tired and sick. Dr Kucera has spent 30 years studying and developing …

Krista Burns

Myers Detox Podcast #284 How Phones and Screen Time Cause Digital Dementia In Children with Dr. Krista Burns

Dr. Krista Burns discusses why children are experiencing digital dementia, the best techniques to prevent and reverse its effects, and her upcoming Digital Dementia Summit.

How to Save Your Toxic Brain

41 million IQ points. That’s what Harvard Medical School professor, Dr. David Bellinger, estimates Americans have collectively lost because of exposure to lead, mercury, and organophosphates, the most common pesticides used in agriculture. Today I want to talk to you about how to save your …

Carla Atherton

Myers Detox Podcast #283 The Role of Toxins in Childhood Chronic Illness with Carla Atherton

Carla Atherton, a child and family heath advocate, speaks to us today about the role of toxins, vaccines, and medications as promoting so many health issues in our children today. Learn what you can do INSTEAD. She is the host of the Children’s Health Summit …