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The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Did the word fasting throw you into a panic? No need to fear. I’m talking about intermittent fasting – fasting for a short period of time. Against their will, cavemen were forced to fast when food was not readily available…even on a daily basis. But actually, …

Myers Detox Podcast #276 Food Pharmacology with Dr. Izabella Wentz

Dr. Izabella Wentz discusses her new book, Hashimoto’s Food Pharmacology, which is all about the ideal diet for anyone suffering from Hashimoto’s – an autoimmune thyroid disease.

The Most Effective Way to Burn Fat: HIIT

If you’re going to spend the time working out, it pays to do a little homework and find out what kind of exercise is optimal for the body. This way you’re not doing too much, too little, or a wasting your time on a workout …

Myers Detox Podcast #275 Why We Unconsciously Resist Exercise and How to Reduce Exercise Stress with Robert Marking

Robert Marking speaks with us today about his revolutionary Pure Harmony Fitness Pendant and all of its amazing benefits.

Best Teas for Detox

There are many, simple, everyday things you can do to support your detox – including drinking tea! A “teatox” can help improve mental clarity, soothe digestive discomfort, and reduce bloat, among plenty of other things. Read on to learn about other ways a tea detox …

Lara Adler

Myers Detox Podcast #274 How Environmental Toxins Can Mess With Your Microbiome with Lara Adler

Lara Adler, a top environmental toxins expert, and Wendy, a top heavy metals expert, duke it out in a head-to-head expose´ on toxins that affect your gut microbiome. To sign up for Lara’s amazing Tools for Teaching Toxicity Course Click Here!