Meet Todd Measles

After a computer science degree and over 20 years in the IT industry, Todd has realized that he was meant to help people and is now a NES Health Certified Practitioner. While caring for his wife after her cancer diagnosis, he was introduced to Bioenergetics and quickly saw the powerful advantages of a Bioenergetics scan and treatment, which put him on a path to healing, not only for himself, but others as well.


Healing Philosophy

It is an amazing thing of how much the human emotion has to do with the body field and energy pathways. Todd thinks that with belief, faith and positive emotional intent, the body has a much better chance of healing itself than without it.

About Todd

Growing up on the farm and ranch on the South Plains of Texas and having a current agricultural understanding, he has had years of homeopathic experience and down-home remedies. With this experience, Todd is keenly aware of the pesticides, herbicides and toxins that are abundant in our environment and that it is almost impossible to avoid these toxins in our daily lives.

However, Todd is a firm believer that with a more natural diet, detox regimens, a body field without energy blockages and a good emotional intent towards our good health, we have a much better-than-average prospect of living a more positive, healthy and meaningful life.