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  • 04:22 About Dr. Libby Darnell
  • 07:19 What are EMF’s
  • 11:43 How EMF’s affect our body
  • 13:45 Symptoms for EMF overexposure
  • 18:16 Grounding and earthing
  • 31:28 Sources of exposure
  • 35:35 Electrical wires
  • 40:03 Dirty electricity in the home
  • 53:55 Cellphones and cancer
  • 54:57 Where to start in reducing EMF exposure
  • 57:06 The most pressing health issue in the world today
  • 01:00:03 Where to find Dr. Libby Darnell

Wendy Myers: Hello! My name is Wendy Myers. Thank you so much for joining me on the Live to 110 Podcast.

Today, we’re talking to Dr. Libby Darnell about EMF exposure, which is exposure to electromagnetic fields, and how you can detect your level of EMF exposure, and protect yourself in your home and protect the health of your family and your children and your pets because, guaranteed, they are being negatively impacted in their health by exposure to EMF’s from their computers, their cellphones, the smart meter in your home, the electrical wires running into your home and in the ground and cellphone towers.

There are so many sources of exposure today—even your kitchen appliances and sleeping with your wireless Internet on and your neighbors all have wireless Internet. There are so many sources of exposure. And this is a dramatic reason why so many people have health issues today and even many diagnoses of cancer.

So, listen up! This is a very important podcast that you need to take action on today.

I had a fantastic weekend. I spent the weekend with my daughter and a girlfriend of mine and her son. We went to Disneyland all weekend. We really had a fun time. It was just so nice to take some time off work and spend some time with family because I definitely work way too hard trying to get all of you guys healthy.

And I absolutely love what I do. I’m so blessed. I just love waking up every day, excited to learn about health and to teach others about health and figure out how to get the word out to the most number of people. Really, I’m blessed to do my calling every single day—but it does take a toll! I work 12 hours a day. Usually, 60 a week. So, it was nice to take some time off for family.

And I urge you guys to do the same. Have some down time. Just give that to yourself.

But before we get into the podcast, we need to talk about the disclaimer:

Please keep in mind that this podcast is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or health condition and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please keep in mind this podcast is for entertainment purposes only. So please consult your healthcare practitioner before doing anything that we suggest today on the show.

And you guys, I’m so excited that my book is coming up on Amazon. It is called Limitless Energy: How to Detox the Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue. I’m definitely going to have a little chapter on EMF in there because it’s a huge factor in fatigue; and so are toxic metals.

There are so many toxic metals in our environment—arsenic, aluminum, tin, thallium, cesium—that disrupt mitochondrial functioning. Our mitochondria are like little cells, the little organelles actually inside of our cells. And when you have some of these toxic metals, they interfere in nutrient absorption into our mitochondria that makes our body’s energy.

The mitochondria are the little cells’ powerhouses. And when they are starved of nutrients or disrupted in their function and other ways by these toxic metals, you’re not able to make energy at the level that you should be, at the level that your body is capable of.

So, if you want to learn more about this in depth, go purchase my book on Amazon. It’s called Limitless Energy. You just search for Limitless Energy. But also, there’ll be a link in the shownotes to my book as well. And it’ll be available April 29th. You can still purchase it right now, pre-order for April 29th. You’ll get a little download into your phone or your iPad or your computer into your Kindle Reader, and you can check that out.

Pretty soon, we’ll also have the paperback and the Audible version as well. I’m very excited about that!

04:22 About Dr. Libby Darnell

Wendy Myers: Our guest today is Dr. Libby Darnell. She is the founder of Revived Living and creator of The Revived Life program. She helps high-achieving women live their healthiest and happiest lives, so that they can leave an impact and create a legacy.

Dr. Libby is a functional health practitioner and doctor of chiropractic. She works with patients dealing with everything from electromagnetic sensitivity exposure to heavy metal toxicity and adrenal fatigue.

Dr. Darnell graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2010 and founded Planet Chiropractic and Health Solutions with her husband, Dr. Jeremy Darnell in West Dundee, Illinois (just outside of Chicago).

Dr. Darnell has written her own nutrition programs, taught hundreds of one-on-one workshops throughout the Chicagoland area on health and happiness and won Illinois’ Top 10 Chiropractor in 2016.

After getting multiple referrals from her local coaching clients, Dr. Darnell created her online coaching university in order to help her transform the lives of her clients internationally.

You can learn more about Dr. Libby Darnell at

Libby, thank you so much for coming on the podcast.

Dr. Libby Darnell: Oh, thanks so much for having me. I’m so excited to talk to everyone.

Wendy Myers: Why don’t you tell the listeners a little bit about yourself and how you got into the work that you’re doing today?

Dr. Libby Darnell: Absolutely! I’m the Founder of Revived Living. That’s a virtual coaching business, health coaching business. However, I started in a brick-and-mortar office. I’m in the Chicagoland area. My husband and I opened up our office in 2010.

We’re chiropractors by trade. Fast-forward to today, now we’ve got an integrated practice with wonderful, wonderful team members.

But when we opened in 2010, we totally busted our butt. I’m sure a lot of your listeners can appreciate that. You start out a business, and you just do whatever you can to power through and to make it successful. We were wonderfully successful, however I totally tanked my health doing that.

Again, I’m sure listeners can resonate with working 12-hour days for years, and then wondering why, all of a sudden, your hair is falling out, your skin is terrible, your digestion is a wreck, and you can’t really even now articulate the words in your head anymore.

And so, that started this journey for me anyway into exploring the EMF side of things, the electromagnetic frequency side of things, learning all about that. And really, that’s kind of just how I got into it in a real quick and condensed version.

Wendy Myers: And EMFs are something that I think a lot of people may know about or are just not on their radar.

I think even myself, I knew about it for years, and really didn’t pay much attention to it. I was busy doing other things and focusing on other aspects of my health.

07:19 What are EMF’s

Wendy Myers: So, for anyone who doesn’t know, why don’t you tell us what exactly are EMF’s.

Dr. Libby Darnell: Yeah! So, electromagnetic frequencies can also be called EMR, electromagnetic radiation. And essentially, Wendy, you and I vibrate at a certain frequency. Every plant, every animal, every living creature has its own vibrational frequency. And we’ve been doing that since the dawn of time.

And all of a sudden, electricity is introduced. You think about how, in the grand scheme of the existence of the Earth, much a blip on the radar electricity is. And so we’re just now beginning to see the health ramifications of this.

But essentially, anything that uses electricity, whether that’s your refrigerator, your television, your wireless network, your car, whatever that might be, produces a very foreign, very different frequency. And that happens to interfere with our own natural vibrational frequencies.

So, on a cellular level—and for those of you that don’t really care about the science side of things, tune me out for a second. But for the people that are interested in the cellular level type stuff, we all have atoms—electrons, protons, neutrons.

And so what happens is our electrons, when we’re exposed to this foreign frequency, will actually kind of draw toward that source. And as we move away from the source, now they’re oscillating in space (moving around in space). And they weren’t designed to do that. Our electrons are designed to be exactly in one spot. And so now, we’ve got these oscillating electrons.

On another level, we have something called photons. And photons, you can kind of think of as the conductor of your body’s symphony. They organize your body in a sense of space and a sense of time.

And what happens is those photons, when they’re exposed to that frequency, become in complete disarray. Now, there are all these instruments out there in your orchestra that have no idea what they’re doing. Nobody’s leading them. And that’s really representing what your body is doing.

So, because of that, people that are sensitive to EMF’s (which is everybody to a certain extent) can have so many different symptoms. It can affect everything in your body.

So, for me, when I was exposed to this—and I was running a biomeridian. For those people that don’t know what a biomeridian machine is, it uses acupressure points to test for sensitivities in clients. I was running that machine 12 hours a day because I loved it. It got great results for people. And it’s totally safe to be tested on, a machine like that.

But for me, I totally tanked. I mean, I got to the point where I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. If I could sleep 12 hours, I would sleep wake up not refreshed. And fast forward a couple of months of doing that, at one point, my husband and I said, “If is start hearing voice, I won’t be surprised.” I mean, I was going crazy.

And you and I are similar. We’re founded in science. We’re intelligent people, right? And so to have me feel like I was going crazy, I just knew, I’m like, “Okay, something caused this. There is a cause. And if I can find the cause, there’s got to be a solution.”

Dr. Libby Darnell: I had the same experience when I moved from—I was living in Malibu where there were very few homes (a lot of the homes were not occupied, so they don’t have a wireless Internet) and there’s not a lot of cellphone towers. And it’s just very calm and serene. And so, I had slept better than I’ve ever slept in my life when I was living there.

And then, unfortunately, my husband and I split, and then I moved to a home I’ve owned for a long time in Central Los Angeles which is probably EMF capital of the planet after New York or something. And over a few months period, maybe six months, I realized I just was sleeping terribly, and I was waking up every morning like I’ve been hit by a truck, just exhausted and taking every supplement to go to sleep.

All the little tools, the little tricks I had in my bag weren’t working anymore. And it was really affecting my mood and my attitude. It was really disruptive.

And finally… I finally figured it out, that it was EMF’s that were causing that.

Dr. Libby Darnell: Yeah.

11:43 How EMF’s affect our body

Wendy Myers: And so how else can EMF’s affect our bodies? And what kind of symptoms can people have?

Dr. Libby Darnell: I think of it like we all have a bucket that we are filling with toxicity every day. And so depending on what else is in your bucket, those are the kinds of symptoms you deal with.

So, I know you work with clients with heavy metal toxicity issues. One of my clients who had a heavy metal toxicity issue, and then also got exposed to a high level of EMF’s really quickly because her landlord installed the smart meter right by her bedroom (which we can talk about that), she ended up being kind of a walking magnet.

So, she had metal in her body. She actually had some […] Now, that’s really advanced. But somebody who’s also dealing with Lyme Disease, they’ve got this biotoxic illness that they’re going through, and you give them EMF’s, to me, all it’s going to do is heighten whatever you’re already going through.

So, somebody else who’s also having adrenal fatigue, problems like you and I both were experiencing where you can’t even get out of bed anymore and you tank really quickly, well then it’s just going to heighten that experience.

So, it’s almost like a magnifier to whatever is going on.

And if you think about you and myself, when we were going through this—and we’re smart people, we’re in the healthcare profession, we know what we’re doing—had we been the average person who works a different type of job, what would we have done when we’ve lost our health that way?

I mean, I would’ve been committed. I would’ve been on psychotrophic medications. That’s how bad that got.

I think about that. If this was as hard as it was for you and I to figure out the problem, there are people out there that are dealing with this that I know can see so much more major relief doing the things that you and I are going to talk about now. So, I’m so excited for people listening to really get some concrete answers to things that they’re dealing with.

13:45 Symptoms for EMF overexposure

Wendy Myers: And so what kind of symptoms do you think people would be having—I mean, I presume like brain fog—maybe just to help people identify some of the issues and things they might be feeling?

I mean, for me, I definitely felt anger and frustration because I wasn’t sleeping. We can get pretty cranky when we’re not sleeping. What are some other things we might be experiencing?

Dr. Libby Darnell: So, there’s a huge list which can get frustrating for people—anxiety, brain fog, major fatigue. People with acute exposures are going to get skin issues. You could almost walk into a room once you’re already very sensitive, you get another exposure, you’re going to notice skin problems.

You can have hair loss. You can even have some bleeding disorders that come up for no apparent reason at all and widespread pain. I’ve seen a lot of people that get end-stage diagnoses of things like fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome. That’s what a lot of people end up getting diagnosed with, not just the mental health side of things with major depression, bipolar, manic depressive issues. Those are some of those end-stage, but it can scope all in that range as far as symptoms go.

Even something as standard as headaches—for me, right now, I would get a headache in my left temple every time I am exposed to EMF’s. And even my team will notice it now. They’ll say, “Oh, we’ve got to fix her.” Usually, we’re flying or something. You’re exposed to a high level of radiation when you’re flying. So, for me, it’s right here. And so really specific headaches and major, major fatigue and brain fog, for sure.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. And it’s interesting. You bring up pain. And people can have weird sensitivities also. I was noticing, when I’m having my computer on my lap, it got to the point where my thighs would be so irritated. I could just feel I had to take my computer off of my lap.

And the same thing with my hand if I was just holding my cellphone a lot. I found my hand would start getting sensitive and kind of bothering me, and I’d have to put the phone down. I wasn’t in pain or anything, but a more sensitive person might.

Dr. Libby Darnell: Yes, absolutely. See, I look at that as a blessing because your body is telling you. It’s giving you a pretty clear sign, “Hey, Wendy, this has got to go.”

For example—this is just one example of sources of electromagnetic frequencies—think about new cars nowadays that come out and they’re spouted for being hotspots. We know that wireless is not good for us. Most people are aware of that. But now, we’ve got cars that generate their own wireless, and their own network. You’re tuning into them.

I had a client. She’d be driving down the road. And when she was in the driver seat, the right side of her face would go numb. And then, when she was in the passenger seat, the left side of her face would go numb. That’s how she realized, “Oh, this is a problem.”

And so, when my husband and I bought a new car a couple of years ago, and it was a hotspot car, we had it tested.

We had Dave Setzer come down. He is a member of the IEEE. Don’t ask me what that means because I can’t remember off the top of my head. He’s an electrical engineer, and he’s a senior member. You couldn’t get a higher expert than him. I just did an interview with him last week actually on this topic.

I mean, there are 8000 studies out there to substantiate what you and I are talking about. This is not unknown. There’s been research behind this for years and years. So, this is not something that’s a hoax or any sort of unproven science.

So, when I had him test our car, we had an infant at that time. I had him take his high frequency analyzer, and actually test the car seat where my son sits. The analyzer he uses will go up to 2000 units. And it was off-the-charts.

It couldn’t even register the amount of EMF’s that were coming into my little baby’s car seat.

And that’s an important thing that I wanted to mention because kids are so much more sensitive to this stuff than you and I are. So, if people out there are listening, the people that you want to start working on are your children—and when I say “working on,” I mean remediating their bedrooms, getting the dirty electricity out, turning your wireless off, and that kind of thing.

18:16 Grounding and earthing

Wendy Myers: And so, part of how our bodies work, our cells work, is by electromagnetism. And for millions of years, we walked on the ground barefoot, we lay it on the ground (in our caves or whatever). And our bodies, over millions of years evolved to match the earth’s frequencies, to match the earth’s electromagnetism.

And that’s a part of how nutrition gets into our cell and Omega-3 fats gets into our cells and things of that nature.

And so, when you go from being grounded, so to speak—you guys have probably heard a lot about grounding (grounding mats and grounding shoes and all these new things)—it’s really just about trying to go back to how we were for millennia and trying to re-create that ancient environment where we were grounded.

Can you speak a little bit about that?

Dr. Libby Darnell: So, when it comes to grounding and you end up feeling better when you ground, what you’re actually doing is you’re discharging. So, all these excess energy that we’re exposed to, because we wear rubber-soled shoes, that energy can’t come into our bodies and flow out through our feet into the ground like it’s meant to.

So, if you’re walking around barefoot, that’s how it works. You’re exposed to energy. It goes down through you (just like a wire) out into the earth and you’re discharging.

And you can measure this. When I was tested, I actually had an EKG hooked up to me, and we measured the voltage that was running through my body. And then, once I was grounding or earthing or discharging (whatever you want to call it), I went back to neutral. And so, that’s how that system works.

Now, unfortunately, it doesn’t work as efficiently in America, in England and in Australia (and I’m going to talk about why). We run on something called the y-energy system. And so, essentially, all it means is instead of having energy come from our grid flow through power wires to our homes, power our homes, then back through the grid, back along a neutral wire, it doesn’t work that way.

What we’ve done is we’ve actually put in grounding rods along the way.

So now, about 70% of all the electricity that’s powering our homes travels back to the grid system through the ground.

This has been tested and proven over and over again when it comes to farm animals. We can’t really test humans.

But they can test farm animals and see. We’ll actually measure the voltage within those cows, and then see an increase in miscarriages and increase in birth defects and a massive decrease in milk supply.

So, farmers are actually remediating this problem because it’s costing them money. It’s costing them a lot of money.

So, for me, when I was at my sickest, I would actually go outside—I mean, I’m in Chicago, and it was winter. I would lay almost completely naked in my backyard. That’s how much I needed to feel better.

And it did work for me, but we do have to talk about the fact that now our ground does have a certain amount of electricity that actually runs through it.

So, that’s why a lot of these studies that were done to show the effects of grounding, discharging, whatever you want to call it, they’re actually done in countries that don’t have that same system.

Now, we could fix that. In America, we could fix that by just simply increasing the size of our neutral wire that returns to the grid system. It would be able to handle all of that electricity—or just simply putting up another small one like we have. But that costs money. So you and I both know that unless there’s enough people speaking loudly enough on an issue, that’s not going to happen.

But along those lines, because of that inefficient energy system, we’re also seeing something called “dirty electricity” in our homes.

There’s a really good book called Dirty Electricity by Samuel Milham. It’s super short, and it’s really easy to read. It’s a quick read, and I love it. He’s a medical doctor and he goes through how he discovered the introduction of electricity into America started to correlate to the letter with increase childhood leukemia and all sorts of issues because we’re actually having this excess energy come out through our outlets. So, if we’re not using it all, if we’re not using all of these energy, and it’s this really inefficient system, it ends up coming out and affecting our bodies even more.

And that’s something that your listeners can actually measure in their home in a really inexpensive way. If you get something stetzerizer meter—that’s what I use and I actually give to clients. A stetzerizer meter is about $125. In your shownotes, you can link to the website and tell them where to get that. You can actually plug it into your outlets, and it will measure the amount of dirty electricity coming out of your outlets.

Now, the great thing about that is it’s so easy to fix. It’s incredibly easy to fix. You just plug in a dirty electricity filter, and it will completely solve that problem.

So, for me, the second I introduced those filters, I had an overnight improvement. I could talk for a long time just on the improvements that I’ve seen clients had.

I have actually a good friend of mine who was having all sorts of unexplained health issues. He lives a very healthy life just like you and me, and he ended up becoming massively sick in the hospital.

All the tests in the world couldn’t tell him what was going on. And the second he tested where he works every day eight hours a day, these meters will read up to 2000 (and you want to be under 50). His office was testing at 1850.

So, the second he plugged those filters, his health went whoosh. I mean, it was an immediate, overnight response.

So, for listeners, I would recommend, if you have children especially, test their rooms, and at least get some filters in their rooms right away. That would be a great place to start.

Wendy Myers: And what is the filter? Is there a brand that you recommend or how do those work?

Dr. Libby Darnell: Yup, yes. Mm-hmmm…

Wendy Myers: Is it something that you just plug in? Is it like an outlet thing you plug in?

Dr. Libby Darnell: Yeah, absolutely. Actually, I’m just going to reach down real quick, and show you.

Wendy Myers: Yes, show us! We want to see it.

For the audio listeners, you’re going to have to go to YouTube or the blog post on to see what we are talking about.

Dr. Libby Darnell: So, this is a stetzer filter. This was actually invented by Dave Stetzer who I interviewed last week, and who also tested my home years ago. He’s an electrical engineer.

And the really cool thing about him, and the reason I like talking about him, is because he created this filter because people are getting sick. But he was just giving them away. He already had a good business rewinding motors. Don’t ask me what that means. I don’t even know. I walked through his factory, and I’m like, “This is crazy!”

So, he already had a successful business. But people were getting sick. He knew the cause. He knew how to fix it. And so he started making these filters. And people, overnight, felt better and had health improvements.

I mean, we’re talking end-stage cancer, years of infertility issues—you name it. He’s got MS people that had really bad MS saw a remission within two weeks. I mean, that kind of stuff is crazy! And he has pre-imposed MRI scans of all these people.

So, he now sells them just enough to turn a minimal profit. For him, it’s more of about a mission rather than it being about a business because he doesn’t need it.

Now, there are other people out there who make filters that are around the same price point that essentially just ripped off his filter because it’s not a patentable item in the United States. But I liked him as an individual since he’s the one that created it in the first place. So that’s the one that I like to talk about.

So, there’s stetzerizer meters. And there’s stetzer filters just named after him.

So, is one source. And that’s actually—I can talk a little bit about the owner of the store. And then, also, if they go to

Now, if you want somebody to come to your home and test your home for you—which is great because, yes, you can do the meter on your own and actually put in the appropriate number of filters in your home all on your own. But if you want somebody to come and actually test (like I had them test my invisible fence for my dog, which was fine, by the way), I didn’t know, but there’s a cell tower south of my house. You can’t see it unless it’s the dead of winter, and there are no leaves, and I can see just the trees.

But right where I was nursing my son every day, he found that I needed to just get a simple window film that totally blocks it 100%.

And then, I had him test things that I had bought specifically to be EMF-friendly. And there’s a lot of products out there unfortunately that don’t work like I bought an EMF-friendly baby monitor. A baby monitor, if you think about that, it’s sending a wireless signal. So it’s going to have some amount of frequency—it has to; otherwise, it wouldn’t work just like a cellphone.The only way to have a zero EMF cellphone is to turn it off or put it in airplane mode. If it’s going to work at all, it’s transmitting an EMF.

So, that baby monitor that, here, I thought we were doing a good thing, was a total waste of money. It was off-the-charts when we measured it.

And then, I bought from I bought these EMF blankets. They have clothing, and they’ve got uterine wraps for pregnant women. Those work 100%. A hundred percent, they block it off.

So, whenever I fly with my son, I’m using those belly armor blankets. And I give those to clients, to friends that are having kids because I think that’s so important. Again, when we think about this, when you are pregnant and you fly, and you know when you go through the airport security, they won’t let you go through those scanners because they know that it’s not good for your unborn child. But then, as soon as your child is two years old, now it’s totally safe. If you think about that…

And the last time that I flew actually—because I know you [opt out] all the time—the last time I flew, I always feel bad because you’re inconveniencing the TSA agent. They kind of tend to give me a hard time—they didn’t when I was pregnant, but they do now. So, the last time I was flying, this TSA agent said, “Hey, that’s a great choice.” And it totally caught me off guard.

I was like, “Oh, really?”

He goes, “Yup! I think that’s a great choice. Everybody should make that choice.”

I’m like, “[Gasp], so it’s spreading. It’s spreading.”

So, if somebody wanted to actually have someone come to their home and get their home tested and just take care of the problem and fix that, they would go to And that’s where they could have somebody actually come out and get tested.

So, for example, I had just totally remodeled our entire house. We had installed all these really cool dimmer switches. Well, of course then, we go around and we test all these dimmer switches. Let’s just use logic.

So, an amount of energy is supposed to come out through your light bulbs. Now, if you dim it down, where is it going to go? If you stop it from going through your light bulb, it’s going to come out into the surrounding area. And that’s exactly what we were able to test and show.

It’s just really cool. When you get your home tested, you see it all. It’s indisputable evidence on this really expensive equipment that they test with.

But for the average person, I would start by—if people could do this immediately, I would start by putting your WiFi on an outlet timer. If think about your Christmas lights, you have your Christmas lights, and you’re going to plug your Christmas lights in to turn on and off at a certain time. Well, just get the exact, same timer.

You can get them on Amazon for $4 or go to Home Depot. Plug your WiFi in, so that if you have to have your WiFi, that at least it’s off at night, so that you and your children get, hopefully, eight hours not exposed to that frequency.

And the reason that I recommend that is because I’m fully aware that some people listening have a Nest thermostat or have all their appliances that are hooked up to their WiFi, so it’s not like they can just turn it off right now and never have it again.

In an ideal world, yes, we’re going to be hardwired into the cable for our Internet. We’re not going to have our wireless long-term. But if you can start by just turning it off eight hours a day, think about how much less exposure you have them over the course of a lifetime especially if you have children. That would be huge.

Wendy Myers: Yes! I love that idea of having it on a timer. That’s so important. If you’re going to just turn it off at night (like a lot of people are doing), you have to be mindful of that, and you’re going to forget probably half the time.

31:28 Sources of exposure

Wendy Myers: And there are so many other sources as well. So, let’s talk about the electric smart meter, which I made the huge mistake about five years ago—it was about four or five years ago. They asked me, “Hey, do you want to switch over to our new-fangled electric smart meter? And then, we as an electric company don’t have to spend our time and money coming to your home to measure your meter.” I said, “Of course!” And now, I’m exposed on a daily basis to a massive amount of EMF’s because of the really strong WiFi signal that’s sent out by this.

So, can you talk about that and how you can protect yourself from your electric meter?

Dr. Libby Darnell: Yes! Oh, for sure, absolutely.

So, depending on what state you’re in, you may have the option to opt out. I was talking to someone last month who is in Utah. She was able to call and pay to have someone actually switch it out, and then just come once a month to check her usage of energy. So that’s how they’re measuring the amount of energy that they want to bill you for. That’s how the utility company is figuring out what Wendy is going to pay every month. You might have that option.

But first off, if you want to know what you have, you go outside and you look. You’re looking on the exterior of your house for a circular metal meter. And it’s either going to have:

If it’s going to be an analog (meaning a healthy, old-school type meter), it’s going to usually have five clocks on it, five clock-looking dials on it. That’s an old analog meter. They have to walk through your yard to read that.

Now, if you’ve got a digital meter, that means instead of seeing those five clocks, you’re going to see a little digital display on there. It could, remote possibility, be wired (meaning it’s not going to be sending that wireless signal) or it could be wired. You’re going to want to call your utility company and ask.

And the way that you want to word this—because I’ve had people lie—is you want to say, “How is my usage transmitted to you? Is it transmitted through a wire or through space?”

If it’s transmitted through a wire, that’s okay.

If it’s transmitted through space, the next question is: “How often is it transmitted?”

Some people, it’s only transmitted once a month. Some people, it’s every 90 days. Most people, it’s every 20 seconds.

Wendy Myers: [Gasp] Wow!

Dr. Libby Darnell: And the issue with that is you can buy some of these smart meter guards. So, they make a guard that will actually house around it. But you want to make sure that there’s something behind the meter.

What you want to do—if you think about that meter, the way that it looks, it’s a circle. It’s transmitting all throughout space—mostly, into your house. So, if we just put a guard in front of it, what you’re actually doing is now you’re taking all of that signal and shooting it right into your house, making matters worse.

So, the best guards out there, has some of them. LessEMF also has window guards if you’ve got a cell tower that is coming through your windows (it’s not going to go through your walls, it’s going to go through your windows). You can actually just put these little window guards on there which are really great.

But you want to get a shield that’s going to go behind the meter, so that even if it has to go out into space, it’s not just going into your house. Those are some of the worst offenders because they transmit such a high signal if you think about how far that signal has to go. It’s such a powerful signal in order to get to a utility company.

That one is huge. People will notice it. Most people, the second it’s installed, can feel it. Your sleep suffers. Your energy suffers. Again, your ability to concentrate suffers. So, you might not end up with MS, but you end up not living a quality of life all because of a smart meter.

Some people can opt out. They can call and ask a switch. And then, some people don’t have that option. But what you can do is you can just put in a good guard right behind it.

Wendy Myers: Right!

35:35 Electrical wires

Wendy Myers: And then, there’s also like myself and my backyard, I have a gigantic electric pole with a million wires coming out of it—wires going to my roof, wires going to all the neighbors. I’m supplying all of their energy and benefiting from all their EMF emissions to power their houses.

And I’ve heard that power lines are actually kind of a low EMF issue. There are definitely higher ones. The smart meters are probably one of the worst offenders.

Can you talk a little bit about power lines? Most people have some amount of power lines near their house?

Dr. Libby Darnell: Oh, yeah. So, for you, yes, the power line is going to be a problem. Then I also am wondering, “Okay, is the grounding rod right there?” because then that means that your ground is the highest charge.

Do you have pets at all?

Wendy Myers: I do… mm-hmmm…

Dr. Libby Darnell: So, think about them walking around out on this energy. It’s in the ground.

But then, also, what happens is it gets into your water intake. This is high level. Your listeners are listening to some pretty advanced stuff right now. But what happens is that electricity comes in through your water intake (just like a magnet). And then, when you touch your kitchen sink, that energy is coming out. Every time you touch it, it zaps.

It actually comes in through your arms. And the way that your muscle fibers are organized, it will go up into your arms because they’re straight muscle fibers.

The second it hits your chest, it starts to dissipate and stay right there.

So, for women, that’s going to be a huge chunk of electricity going right into your breast tissue.

I had my house tested for this. And again, it was just this huge amount. And I was getting zapped every single time I’m touching my faucet.

So, that was a really simple fix. For you, Wendy, if you’ve got one of those grounding rods right there, what I would do for your water intake, you can a) have somebody come out and test your home and b) what I had is I called a plumber and I said, “Hey, I’ve got my metal water pipe. Can you just break it up and put one piece of plastic tubing in there?”

And so he just took out one section. It took him an hour. I paid about an hour’s worth of labor. And then, he just put in a PVC pipe, and it just blocks. So now, instead of having that all-metal piping throughout your house, right near your water intake, you’ve got a plastic interruption. So it completely stops that energy flow.

Wendy Myers: I do have that. I do! I have copper pipes in my house. But near the sink and bathroom, there’s PCV from old repairs where they just used plastic instead of copper. It was cheaper probably.

Dr. Libby Darnell: Yeah, great. Awesome! That is perfect.

Wendy Myers: Yehey!

Dr. Libby Darnell: Yes. Yeah, absolutely.

So, I would just have everybody walk downstairs and look at their water intake. Look at that.

When I had mine done, I knew that that’s not up to code. So, when I sell my house, if they find it, I’m going to have to fix it, but that’s okay. But it’s really great to have it near water intake because then, even your shower heads and all those kinds of stuff, there’s zero transmission.

But yes, it’s going to come. A long story short, yeah, it’s going to be a problem in the power line near your home, and it could be transmitted through space. But the only way to know that would be, again, to have somebody come and test it.

So, those meters that I talked about, the stetzer meters, those aren’t going to pick that up. Something called an HF Analyzer (or high-frequency analyzer) would actually read that. That’s a really expensive equipment, and you have to have an advanced degree even to be able to interpret it.

I always tell people it’s like a lab test. Yeah, you can pay to get some lab work done, but what you’re really paying for is someone to interpret it and actually tell you what it means.

And so, for me, even when I look at that equipment, I’m like, “I have no idea. All I know is that’s bad. That’s bad…”

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I know. Speaking of talking about my pets walking on the ground, I do a bio-energetic scan called NES Health with myself, my family, my animals, my clients. And my dog came up as being EMF sensitive on the scan. And I’m actually giving her an infoceutical which has energies in it to protect her from EMF.

She’s obviously very sensitive and was very ill prior to doing this type of program. And now, she’s so much better after a couple of months—massive improvements.

Dr. Libby Darnell: Good. Oh, that’s awesome.

Wendy Myers: And I know part of it is because of the EMF protection, mild EMF protection that NES Health imparts.

40:03 Dirty electricity in the home

Wendy Myers: And so, let’s talk a little bit about some of the other sources that can be in the home. Let’s talk about the electricity in the walls. I know a lot of people are sleeping with their heads next to a wall. And that can dramatically be impacting their sleep. Can you talk a little bit about that? I know we’ve touched on the dirty electricity before, but…

Dr. Libby Darnell: Yes, absolutely.

So, when you’re sleeping at night, you do have dirty electricity circulating through the wiring in your home simply because we’ve got this inefficient system set up. And so, a quick fix again is going to be to install some of those filters.

But what I see some of the biggest offenders are are having big appliances near where we’re sleeping too. And that might be something like having a refrigerator motor on the other side of the wall or having your power grid—I’m sorry, the term is evading me right now, but all of your little switches. Those little fuse box!

Wendy Myers::Yes, yes.

Dr. Libby Darnell: Whew! We got there.

So, having that being on the other side especially next to your kids’ walls, those things are going to be an issue as well in addition to dirty electricity.

So, a good thing to do would be to obviously move beds away from something like your fuse box that you can’t move (that’s in your house, and it’s not moving). So, try to move your children’s bed where your children are sleeping across the house. Find where your smart meter is if you have one, move their beds away from that. That’s going to be a huge, huge benefit for them.

And then, also, when you’re sleeping at night, one of the things is a big hot button (for me anyway) is people are always sleeping next to their cellphones. Teenagers, they’ll have their cellphones, and they’ll have it underneath their head. And they’ll sleep in there all night long.

They’ve done imaging studies showing how it’s impacting your brain.

I have a personal story around this. My 7-year old niece at the end of 2015 was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She had glioblastoma. And it’s inoperable. She was given two months to live.

Her symptoms started out as—she became this klutz kind of overnight. She was really klutzy. And you can just tell when you looked at her, you just pick up something is not right. So that was something that we picked up on right away.

And her mother is a nurse and works for the Mayo Clinic area, so she picked up on it right away too. And even then, it was so advanced that she did end up passing.

But while we were doing everything possible to try to heal Keana, we measured her bedroom, and we measured her school. I would be more than happy to send you some of those graphs if you want. You can see these classrooms that our kids are exposed to, and her bedroom, they were unreadable. It was off-the-charts.

So, here she was at school—and the teachers in her school are having spontaneous late-term miscarriages which is not normal. She’s had multiple teachers in that school pass away from cancer at young, young ages. So it’s not just affecting her. And she was also sleeping there at night.

So, one of the things that we did and we met with Dr. Hilu. And he is just a wonderful, wonderful person. He deals with blood analysis. He’ll take blood, and he’ll put it up on these huge microscopes and blow it up for you. He’ll walk you through layer by layer.

And people that are EMF that are EMF sensitive, instead of seeing freely flowing red blood cells through their bloodstream, they will be all clumped together.

And when we were there—we had six family members—four out of six of us looked like that. Keana, her blood was barely circulating at that point. Obviously, there are variables in the extremes there. We think about that. None of us had symptoms but her, yet four out of six of us showed up being that unhealthy.

And I’ve already been through my challenges. So, here I was, so much better on my healing journey—and it still looked like that.

So, really now, because I was just visiting her family a few weeks ago, now it’s totally safe because they’ve plugged in their filters, and they’ve moved some of those major, big appliances.

Just to give people a rule of thumb, if you’ve got a big television set, that’s going to be drawing a ton of energy. So, you put two extra filters there. A standard rule of thumb is you need two filters for a desktop computer. And then, they’re totally safe.

And I will tell you, Dave Setzer who is one of the big researchers in this area—he’s gone to Russia. Russia actually does studies on humans with this. They actually used EMF’s as a weapon for a while because they know all the different frequencies that they can produce through dirty electricity and actually trigger certain types of cancers depending on which frequency they produced. Isn’t that crazy? It’s just crazy!

Wendy Myers: That might be the reason why microwaves are illegal there. They’ve done the research.

Dr. Libby Darnell: Oh, yeah. Yeah, they have. And they actually do study it on humans.

And so, he actually flew out there, and he spent a lot of time out there doing this kind of research. He was the one when Keana got sick, I just said, “Hey, we’re in Spain. Can you please go fix their home, and then fix her school?”

And so, it’s actually Keana’s father who owns FlutterBusters. And so now, that’s his mission in life, to go around testing homes, and make sure that people don’t run into the same issue.

They do have one other child which is fabulous! But losing a child, definitely, can spark a mission in some people.

And it absolutely has for him. So, he has done wonderful, wonderful things to try to prevent the same thing from happening.

So, with that said, another big source that people could look into as far as a source of electromagnetic frequencies for them is kids are on cellphones a lot, and there’s a real simple fix.

Obviously, if you can play a game on your cellphone in airplane mode, that’s totally safe. Totally safe! I mean, once your phone is in airplane mode, it’s completely safe. If you look at your children’s games, see which ones they’re playing. I don’t care how you do it—some people will bribe. They’ll give them extra screen time if they’ll get rid of the games that you can’t play in airplane mode. But that’s going to be rule number one.

So, let’s say that your 16-year old teenage son refuses to not sleep with his cellphone, well, bribe him to keep it in airplane mode and not plug it in. When it’s plugged in, it’s drawing dirty electricity from your walls, so it’s kind of like a double hitter. Not only are you getting the EMF’s from the cellphone, but now you’re also pulling electricity from the wall.

So, if it’s in airplane mode, and it’s not plugged in, and you want to use it as an alarm clock, fine! But what I usually recommend for people is any appliance—whether it’s your iPad, your computer—use it when it’s not plugged in. And when you’re charging it, charge it far away from you.

And that kind of leads into the next one. If people use laptops—a lot of listeners use laptops—when you’re using plugged in, it’s using a different type of current… so unplug it. Now, it’s on DC current as opposed to AC current. It’s much, much safer for you.

Like you had mentioned, here, you had your laptop in your lap, well, some people will have their laptop in their lap also plugged in, and that’s next to very important parts of our body that we want to make sure are working.

We think about men. When it comes to sperm cells, they’re replicating sperm cells every 90 days—they get a new batch. Well, women are born with a finite amount of eggs. We get what we are born with, and it dwindles. We don’t make new eggs. For us, that’s how important that is. Don’t use your laptops in your lap.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, they’re going to turn into little sacs of granola. There are not going to be eggs in there.

Dr. Libby Darnell: Yeah! Oh, no!

And when we think about that, how many people are dealing with infertility issues, and then going through very expensive treatments to help with that topic when, really, if we could remediate some of the things that we’re doing at home, it would make such, such a big difference.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. And I ended up getting a Defender Shield EMF soak-her-upper, whatever you call it. So I put my computer on top of that. And that has helped tremendously—not 100%, but I can still feel kind of some sensitivity on my thighs when I’m using it. But I really try to focus more when I’m working having my computer on my desk, rather on my thighs, so I can protect my family jewels just in case.

And then, I also have a little plastic device. It’s called a Hedron. There are many, many devices out there that you can just stick on your phone that will at least help protect you while it is on. Really, really helpful.

But I need actually to get a stetzer meter to find out if this is actually working.

Dr. Libby Darnell: Yeah, yeah.

Wendy Myers: Because there’s a lot of garbage sold out there. You need to be really careful.

Dr. Libby Darnell: Yeah. And I have one on my phone. I had it tested last week. It didn’t work at all. I was super bummed about that. And obviously, I don’t want to say what it was just because I don’t want to bash this company. But there are lots of models out there.

And I know Dave has said that people keep sending him stuff to test—like bio mats, people are plugging bio mats in. Well, the interesting thing about that is they work as long as you don’t plug them in.

So, there are mats that actually have metal woven through them. And so, when you stand on this metal, it’s the same thing as if you stood on aluminum foil. But you can buy a nice-looking mat if you want to. And when you stand on it, you actually give your body a way to discharge just like when you’re earthing. So, you can stand on that mat, and discharge into the mat.

But when you plug it in in America—well, sorry, North America, Australia or England—when you plug it in, you’re plugging it in to dirty electricity and you’re actually charging up.

And I watched him. I said, “No, you can’t. I’ve got clients that have spent thousands on bio mats. You have to show me.” And we tested it. He hooked up again that EKG machine to me—and I actually filmed it because I’m like, “People are going to want to see this.” And so I hooked up on that EKG machine, I stood on the bio mat not plugged in, and I went back to neutral. As soon as he plugged it in, I ramped way, way up because we’re drawing from dirty electricity.

So, yeah, that was really disappointing because I know so many people have spent money on things that, if you take it to Germany, that will work 100%. But all these studies are usually not done here, but then we’re using them here.

And that’s where we run into issues. So, I hope I didn’t disappoint too many people.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I was going to ask you about grounding mats. I know there were a lot of people that I’ve looked at them too, thinking, “Wow! I should have this. I should have this on my bed.” But they’re thousands of dollars. It’s a very hefty investment.

Dr. Libby Darnell: Yes.

Wendy Myers: Aren’t there sheets? I mean, there are sheets that have silver woven into them. Do you know about those and how those can help?

Dr. Libby Darnell: Yeah! I actually use them. Where did I get mind? From So, those do have metal woven into them, and they’re still very comfortable. You won’t know that they’re any different. But you plug them into an outlet.

Now, I have filters in my house, so I don’t have dirty electricity. So, when I’m grounding using that technology, it works. But if you don’t have filters in your house, so you’re already exposed to dirty electricity, and now you plug it in, you’re charging at night. And so that’s where people can run into problems and why some people have had miraculous recoveries when they’re using this as long as they aren’t exposed to dirty electricity.

And one of the questions that I do tend to get around that is, “Okay, I live in a house that was built in 1902. Is it going to be a worse offender than a newly built house?” And the answer is it doesn’t matter at all. There’s no correlation with the age that your house is and the amount of dirty electricity that you need.

I can say that the average sized home needs about 20 filters. But that varies a lot, but 20.

In my house, we needed 60. I do have a pretty big home. But my office, because I did the same thing in my office—and this is actually a really great story. Our office manager, we promoted her. So she’s working way more hours in her office. We just thought, we were wondering, “Is she just not happy? She just didn’t seem happy?” She was still great at her job, but she just didn’t seem happy.

So, we were kind of like, “Wow! Is there something going on at home? Does she not like it here? What’s going on?”

Well, we had Flutter Busters come in and test the office—because we remodeled, so we needed to get it re-tested—and install the amount of filters we needed. And it was a lot less than average. Just for whatever reason, our office is better than our home, and so it was a lot less than the average that were needed.

But her performance, whoosh, went through the room immediately. It was like an overnight thing. So, we sat her down a few weeks later, and we said, “You know, we could just tell that there’s something going on. What’s the change? Not that it’s our business. If it’s not our business, don’t tell us.” But she pointed to the filters. She said, “I don’t know what those are. But you plugged those in, and I’m happier.” We thought, “Well, good! Great investment.

That is an investment I will make over and over again if it’s going to make our team happy.”

So, yeah, that’s just another example.

53:55 Cellphones and cancer

Wendy Myers: And there is a lot of research out there showing that EMF’s in cellphones cause cancer. And there’s a reason so many people are developing cancer and leukemia at younger and younger and younger ages. So this is no joke. Everyone needs to listen to this podcast and take action because your health, undoubtedly, is being affected to some degree by EMF’s—and it’s only going to get worse as our refrigerators become wireless and give us information.

And I know people that have a couple of cellphones that they’re using.

We’re all guilty of improperly using electronics and leaving them plugged into the wall when they’re not being used and charging our cellphone by our head and by our bed and doing all kinds of things like this.

So, I just urge everyone to really take heed of the advice that we’ve given on this podcast.

54:57 Where to start in reducing EMF exposure

Wendy Myers: Is there anything else you want to add to our conversation about EMF’s?

Dr. Libby Darnell: Yes! So, I’ve put together an action step guide for people. If they want to get access to that, they can go to And that’s going to give you my top action steps when it comes to this topic.

And the reason that I made that is because, obviously, some people are going to be listening to this and be completely overwhelmed. There’s one thing that we haven’t actually talked about which was a simple one like lightbulbs, getting rid of your CFL’s which are your swirly lightbulbs. Not only do they have mercury in them, and they leech mercury vapors out into the atmosphere, 70% of the mercury within the first three days when you plug those in—but just a simple switch like unplugging those, putting in incandescent or LED’s. Incandescent are zero emissions.

So, that action step guide will actually walk them through step by step.

And the thing that I like to recommend for people, because this is overwhelming, print it out, cross one thing out off the list at a time. Health is a journey. You and I talked about that. Health is a journey; it’s not a sprint. This isn’t an overnight fix. This is something where we’re just going to cross one thing off, and take it a step at a time as we’re able to.

Let’s say that you hit all of the action steps within maybe six months, think about the health future for yourself and your family—how amazing that would be, how much you’re going to avoid in healthcare costs later, not to mention the time and emotional energy that’s involved.

So, I look at it as being a money-saver when it comes to our whole healthcare.

So, absolutely, if there’s one thing people could do, I’d download that and just cross it off the list as they can go.

Wendy Myers: Yes, because it does seem overwhelming, I know. I’m thinking, “God! I have a lot of work I have to do and take care of.” It’s like, “Darn it! One more thing… I thought I did everything already.”

But there’s always something that we have to work on on our lives for our health, so this is just one more thing to add to the list.

57:06 The most pressing health issue in the world today

Wendy Myers: So, I have a question I like to ask all of my guests. What do you think is the most pressing health issue in the world today?

Dr. Libby Darnell: The most pressing health issue… right now, I’m going to have to go with EMF’s. And the reason I’m going to say that is because if you go into some of our U.S. senators’ offices, they have these filters in place.

People know about this, and they’re not talking about it.

And this is going to make me probably sound bonkers and Wendy’s like, “Oh, my gosh! I’m never talking to her again,” but you look at the biggest contributors of money to our government, utilities and pharmaceutical companies have a lot of money that goes into our government.

And so, there are a lot of reasons why people like you and I have to speak up so loudly about this because nobody else is going to do it for us.

So, for that reason, I’m going to say EMF’s because we’ve got to keep the conversation going because nobody else will.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. And that’s the thing. When you go into your doctor with a headache or you can’t sleep or you have pain, they want to give you a medication or do surgery. And that is not the answer. There’s always an underlying root cause that you need to do your homework about first. And I think EMF is a great place to start because it is easy enough to do so.

Even if you don’t do testing, you can still buy the little filters. We know you’ve got dirty electricity and EMF’s coming out of your pores. So that’s a really good place to start and see how you feel. See if some of your symptoms don’t clear up. And even if they don’t, or they just reduce a little bit, there’s another underlying root cause that can be addressed naturally typically.

Dr. Libby Darnell: So, what’s your answer to that question, I’m curious.

Wendy Myers: Oh, about our most pressing health issue?

Dr. Libby Darnell: Yes, the most pressing… yeah.

Wendy Myers: I mean, definitely toxins of all types. Toxic metals and chemicals I think is huge. And it’s something a lot of people aren’t really paying attention to.

They’re eating right. They’re trying to eat good. They’re taking really good supplements. They are trying to sleep every night or trying to exercise and just generally take care of themselves. But just like myself, when I was doing all those things and still felt like crap, I slowly but surely in my research just kept pushing towards metals and toxins and chemicals.

I realized that was the missing piece of the puzzle in my health… detoxification. And detox is a lifestyle. It’s a journey. Just like you said, it’s not like a little 30-day thing or 1-year or 2-year program that you do. It’s something that you have to constantly work on and think about on a daily basis.

Dr. Libby Darnell: Oh, yeah. Well, amen! That was perfectly said.

Wendy Myers: Yes, thank you.

01:00:03 Where to find Dr. Libby Darnell

Wendy Myers: And so, tell the listeners where they can learn more about you. You’ve said it before, but can you just say it again—what kind of services that you offer and where can listeners go to learn more about you?

Dr. Libby Darnell: So, I’m a virtual health coach. They can find me at I work with people through different—I do initial health testing to see what we’re working with, and then put them in a program that is the best fit for them.

So, I’ve got programs that range anywhere from totally automated, do-it-yourself program up to a 6-month all-intensive bootcamp type program. So, it’s totally dependent on whatever people need.

Thank you for having me on. This was so much fun!

Wendy Myers: Yes! Well, thank you so much for coming on. This is a topic I’ve been wanting to talk about for a really long time. I’m really happy that I met you on Facebook and was able to have you on because I think you’re the perfect person to illuminate in laymen’s terms the importance of EMF. It can be a complicated subject, but you laid it out very simply. Thank you so much.

Dr. Libby Darnell: Oh, yeah. Well, thank you, Wendy.

Wendy Myers: And everyone, if you guys want to learn more about me, you can go to and learn about my healing and detox program at

Thank you so much for listening to the Live to 110 Podcast.