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Top Takeaways

  1. Rob developed a process to take two water molecules, bind the oxygens back into diatomic bonds with four hydrogens, and then make it stable by adding an additional electron to each hydrogen.
  2. Rob realized that our mitochondria actually create a form of this in our body as a fuel source.
  3. Watt-ahh, which is infused with electron rich gas call DiTetra gas, has the ability to donate its electrons to our body, charging up our cells and allowing them to repair and heal.
  4. Watt-ahh It has the ability to go into cells instantly, raise systolic pressures to push out the toxins, and enables the kidneys to carry these toxins out without damage.
  5. Watt-ahh has the ability to kill bacteria and viruses without damaging a cell, as well as healing a wide range of different issues.
  6. In a medical study on vitamin and mineral absorption at the University of Florida, Watt-ahh allowed a 7 to 10 times greater uptake into cells, because Watt-ahh potentiates anything that is put in it.
  7. Watt-ahh can heal wounds incredibly fast and even regenerate parts of the body due to it’s ability to make cells perform proper communication.
  8. Watt-ahh amplifies our body’s redox signaling, what the body uses to notify stem cells and T-cells there’s a problem, so that our body will concentrate more healing power to an area in need.
  9. Watt-ahh has the ability to detox the body of high concentrations of heavy metals.
  10. Because Watt-ahh is not affected, or deadened like normal water from exposure to EMF, it can protect the body from EMF.
  11. Watt-ahh has been seen to help and even reverse symptoms of PTSD, Alzheimer’s, Parkisons, loss of eye sight, and many more.
  12. You can learn about Rob Gourley, his Watt-ahh water, WIT applications, and purchase bottles at


Wendy Myers: Hello! My name is Wendy Myers. Welcome to the Myers Detox Podcast. Today, we’re going to be talking with my friend Rob Gourley. He has such a profound, incredible invention that he bottled in water that we’re going to talk to you about today. I couldn’t be more excited about this podcast, because the potential in human health, in reversing disease, in improving energy, is just profound. I experienced the … He created a water called Watt-ahh. His website,, carries this water. I started drinking it. I could not believe how much better I felt within a couple hours of starting to drink this water.

Wendy Myers: So we’re going to be talking to you about what this water is, what’s in it, what it does to the body, and how it creates changes in the body by feeding your body electrons, hydrogen and oxygen, and all the amazing testimonials over the … The thousands of people that have drank his water over the last 12 years, and the testimonials that they have flooded in. These people have not been prompted or asked for testimonials. They just emailed in his website. They’re all over

Wendy Myers: I even have my brother … His wife has lung cancer. I have her drinking and breathing in the water, nebulizing the water so the gas gets into her lungs. I have my daughter, Winter, on this water. You can feed it to animals. It’s fed to champion racehorses. It’s just amazing. So we’re going to be talking about the importance of electrons in healing the body. We’ll be talking about how mitochondria scavenge electrons to convert those into the energy molecule of the cells, which is ATP. We’ll be talking about the revolutionary gas that releases electrons, oxygen and hydrogen into the body, that’s been infused into the Watt-ahh bottled water, and how this water is showing promise in wound care, dementia, chronic fatigue, macular degeneration, infections and so many health issues of our time.

Wendy Myers: I know so many of you listening to this show are curious about detoxification, want to know what heavy metals you have, how these heavy metals are impacting my health. I created a two minute quiz that you can take … probably will take less than two minutes, to determine your relative level of toxicity in your body. After you take this quiz at, you get a free video series that tell you your relative level of toxins and what to do next, what to do about that. I have an amazing, free educational video detox series that you get for free after you take the quiz. So check it out at

Wendy Myers: Our guest today, Rob Gourley, he is the CEO of AquaNew. He is also the CEO of WIT International. We’ll talk about what that is in a minute, and LSG Partners, LLC of Sarasota, Florida. He’s also a mechanical engineer. But Rob Gourley is an entrepreneur in the field of automobile performance, commercial vessel conversion and mechanical design. He has designed and constructed at least six types of WIT machines that produces gas that’s infused into the Watt-ahh water. But it’s used in many applications in health, beauty, and in renewable energy production. It is a gas produced by the WIT machine that infuses a gas called DiTetra gas into his Watt-ahh water. That’s what the WIT Machine produces.

Wendy Myers: He started working on the energy potential of water over 30 years ago, while serving as a lead shop mechanic on power systems and heavy machinery in Alaska, during the Alaskan pipeline construction project. You could learn more about Rob Gourley and his Watt-ahh water and WIT technology and applications at Rob, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Rob Gourley: Well thank you, Wendy, for inviting us. This has been an honor.

Wendy Myers: So I’m so excited to have you on the show, as you’re so knowledgeable about how the body works. You have really created a revolutionary product that we’re going to talk about on the show today. So let’s just preface our conversation with the number one thing you need to be healthy, to prevent disease, and to feel good and produce enough energy is having healthy mitochondria. So can you tell us how you discovered how to charge up your mitochondria?

Rob Gourley: Well, it’s a long story, but I started studying water almost 45, 50 years ago, and realized that there are healing water under waters that are dead waters. What I realized was that a lot of the science we understand was been a misleading understanding of what water actually is. Many of the cultures consider water to be living and have a spirit. I realized this, and realized that water has memory and has the ability to do far greater things than most people realized.

Rob Gourley: What I was able to do was to develop a process to take two water molecules, bound the oxygens back into diatomic bond with four hydrogens. Then I was able to make it stable by adding an additional electron to each hydrogen, which flew in the face of science, and it took me five years to teach Harvard and MIT that hydrogen can carry far more than one electron.

Rob Gourley: So what we realized was that mitochondria actually creates a form of this as a fuel source. Because if you took a single water molecule and stripped the hydrogens away, you’d leave a nascent oxygen, which would oxidize and kill a cell. So the body got pretty smart, and it leaves an O2 behind, not an O1. So going back and looking at nature and how the body functions, it really enabled to develop … In my world of science, to figure out how to stabilize this and provide a fuel source for the mitochondria.

Wendy Myers: Yes, and so you created a DiTetra guess. People could breathe that in, or you also infused it into water, into a water that you call Watt-ahh. So can you tell us about those?

Rob Gourley: Yeah, what we were able to create, which is a healing form of water … In Florida, we have a lot of lightning. What we realized very quickly, here in studying nature, was that standard water, the grass doesn’t really grow. It won’t die, but it doesn’t go anywhere. But after a lightning storm, the next day, you’re out mowing, because the grass grew a couple inches overnight.

Rob Gourley: What I started really looking into was how in the … What is happening here with this water that the lightning has something to do with? That’s why the motif on the bottle shows the lightning. So what it’s doing is adding electrons. So I finally figured it out, how to do it and make it stable. We’ve been able to show over eight years shelf life and still have the same molecular structure in the water. So that’s where it basically came from.

Wendy Myers: So what is the importance of electrons for healing the body? I think this also is the same concept as, say, grounding the body, or swimming in the ocean. You’re getting negative ions when you’re doing that, which are helping the body to function properly electrically, because we are very much electrical beings. But the Watt-ahh goes far beyond just grounding. Why don’t we talk about what is the importance of electrons for healing, and how does that tie into the Watt-ahh?

Rob Gourley: Well, we consume electrons every day. We’re electrical creatures. Every plant and animal on this planet is an electrically-driven machine. Basically, what the Watt-ahh has the ability to do, because it’s infused with an electron-rich gas, it has the ability to donate these electrons. That enables the body to do numerous things. If the cell voltage drops below a certain level, the cell will actually. If it gets to a lot higher level, it will actually go into dormant stage. If you go above that, it will function, but it doesn’t have the ability to repair itself, or duplicate itself again. This is by charging the body back up, which is the addition of electrons, that you can actually get cells to repair and heal, and keep us moving ahead in a positive way.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and so when you are able to charge up the body, you see this electrical differential for cellular communication replication, protection of DNA, polarization of the brain, mitochondria being able to produce energy again. That’s why … Because of these benefits, you have such unbelievable testimonials about the water. I, personally … I was just really blown away when I drank … Here’s the water right here, when I drank a bottle of the Watt-ahh. I felt high for about three or four days. I was just … My mind turned on, I felt joy, I wasn’t tired, I was really very stimulated. I just was really, really blown away by how I felt from just drinking this water.

Wendy Myers: So can you tell us a little bit about what the benefits are because this water is kind of charging up the body, feeding negative ions to the body, and how that produces the benefits that we see when people drink it?

Rob Gourley: Well, one of the biggest things is detoxification, which is obviously your specialty. Virtually all diseases are inflammation and toxification-driven. The water being of a positive charge, which is very unusual. It’s the only positive charge has a positive ORP on it that we’ve seen on the planet so far. It has the ability to go into the cell instantly, raise systolic pressures and push out the toxins. Then it also enables it to carry it through the kidneys without damage.

Rob Gourley: We’ve been able to do massive mercury detoxification in some of the gamma radiation without harming the kidneys. No one else has been able to do it, and it’s all done with a form of a water that has a positive charge, so it will go into the cell instantly. Even people with lap band surgery can drink our water, but they can’t drink regular water, because it’s a negative charge. It’s not absorbed in the cells, sits in the stomach and then they get in trouble. But ours is virtually instantly absorbed into the cells and will cross the blood brain barrier, which is why you had the euphoric feeling. It’s the first time your brain’s probably been properly hydrated in a long time, and it’s not done with caffeine.

Rob Gourley: One of the tricks for getting drugs to the brain is to use caffeine, which will cross the blood brain barrier. But it’s not doing hydration, and it’s not doing the brain a lot of favors.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, because I can say I feel much more clearer. I feel better rested, I feel more clear with my brain functioning, with my speaking that I’m doing with my creativity, and just feeling really, really good. It’s just because my body is working how it’s supposed to.

Rob Gourley: That’s correct. I mean, you’re built out of almost 80% water. Once that water loses its charge and starts to become what we refer to as dead water, then you become very sluggish and then all sorts of issues start to appear. If you keep replenishing the water with a high energy form, which all the cultures in the world talk of healing waters … This is long before the internet ever came into existence. So they must be on to something.

Rob Gourley: What we found is that by doing this, you are giving the body the tools it needs to heal itself and also function, but it also … Because the dioxy tetrahydride stabilized form, the crystalline structure, actually works with the body to stabilize peroxide that a group of T cells make. What this enables the body to do is fight infections efficiently. Peroxide will not kill anything quickly, unless it’s extremely high levels. The body doesn’t do that. So the problem is, the peroxide T-cells create at a wound site go away before it ever does any killing of the bad guys that are trying to attack the body.

Rob Gourley: Once it’s mixed with our water, we’ve seen it in perpetuity. It stays there until it’s used. It’s not enough to damage the cell, but it will kill a bacteria and the viral issues. So that’s why we’re seeing so many things suddenly go away on people with wounds that won’t heal. We’re using it in eye treatments, we’re using it in many arenas. It’s just the water. It’s not the water doing the … It’s just that it stabilizes the body’s work, so the body can function as it was intended to.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and I love using the Watt-ahh as a very basic, foundational thing when I’m working with clients, because correcting this issue in the body corrects a lot of downstream problems, whereby people have fatigue, they have brain fog, maybe they have whatever symptom that they have. Correcting the body’s electrical currency, improving mitochondrial functioning and ATP energy production, that’s going to correct a lot of downstream issues that people are kind of symptomatically trying to address with like a supplement or a pill, or going out in the sun or whatever they’re trying to do to attempt to rectify that symptom, or get rid of it.

Wendy Myers: I think using the Watt-ahh is a very basic, revolutionary, foundational way to get the body working. Then whatever’s left over, then you can address that by other means.

Rob Gourley: Correct. And the beauty of the product is it’s an ultrapure form of water. Southwest Research’s first question was, “Where did you get it?”, because they’ve never seen water this pure before. But they couldn’t understand its characteristics. Everything changed in its surface tensions, specific gravity. Everything changed, and they were completely baffled. But it’s an ultrapure form of water. You’re not adding more toxins to the body to deal with a toxic problem. That’s why so many of the medications may have a short term effect of helping you, but then you suddenly then become having all sorts of other problems that you’ve now created. This is an ultrapure form of water.

Wendy Myers: Let’s talk about hydrogen. So a lot of people are taking hydrogen supplements now, and hoping to get a boost from that. But talk to us about how that maybe isn’t actually the problem in just trying to increase hydrogen intake in the body, and if the Watt-ahh adds hydrogen to the body naturally.

Rob Gourley: Well, hydrogen by itself is extremely unstable. What we’ve shown is to add the second electron, and we also have the ability to go above that to the hydrogen. So when it goes through the mitochondria, it’s actually scavenging twice the energy per molecule that comes through. That’s why you’re seeing the boost in energy. It also helps the mitochondria function at a much higher level.

Rob Gourley: Basically, adding more hydrogen to the body, it has some effect, but not the same effect that we’re having. It’s also not providing oxygen for the cells in the form of O2, which is a non-oxidizing form. If you break down a water molecule and add hydrogens, and end up releasing an oxygen, it’s going to kill a cell. That’s oxidative stress. This is all balanced. You’re not taking one part of the equation, but you’re leaving the other side open. This is a balanced form of water, where you’re utilizing the hydrogens, but you’re also utilizing the oxygens.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I’ve always been very skeptical of hydrogen supplements. I know they’re growing in popularity. Some people see a boost from taking those, but like you said, it’s kind of missing the point and it negates the need to even take a hydrogen supplement if you’re taking the Wattah.

Rob Gourley: Correct. I agree with you. We’ve seen such an increase in mitochondria output, we’ve actually had clients … And I think you may have seen some of their testimonials. We had one nurse who suffered severe mitochondria disease, been in a wheelchair for 12 years, and now is able to walk a mile and a half.

Wendy Myers: I know you have amazing testimonials on your site. I mean, testimonials from people with Parkinson’s, people with autism. All types of issues improving with taking this Watt-ahh. It’s just very basic. You’re just giving your body electrons and getting it working better as a result. So really, it doesn’t matter what the label or diagnosis is. When you get your body working better, you’re going to see improvements in functioning.

Rob Gourley: We’ve seen that time and time again.

Wendy Myers: How long have you been making the Watt-ahh?

Rob Gourley: Over 12 years.

Wendy Myers: 12 years. Yeah, so you’ve had a lot … Thousands and thousands of testimonials over that time period.

Rob Gourley: That is correct. We don’t solicit any of them. I mean, these are … The patients come to us. It’s just amazing what they’ll tell us, because a lot of these things, we never envisioned when I started this whole thing. It’s just amazing to see. We’re doing a lot in eye healing now, because the eye is one of the fastest healing parts of the body if it has the tools. We’ve been helping people regain full eyesight who’ve been blind for 12 years. No one felt the eye could regenerate, but we’re showing it can be.

Wendy Myers: Oh wow. What are some of the ways you can use it in the eye? Can you put the drops in the eye? Or use the DiTetra gas itself? Or just drink the water internally?

Rob Gourley: Well, we do basically all three. We’d have medical clinics that are using the gas infused into a set of goggles with a nebulizer and some oriental meds that are basically natural. We’re having just incredible results. That’s one of our doctors in Hollywood, Florida. He’s been able to deal with things that none of the eye doctors have ever been able to accomplish. We use it in spray form, we use a real fine mister. Not trying to promote a brand, but Sally’s Beauty Supply sells what they call a 360 sprayer, which is an ultra fine mist for setting hair and makeup. It’s phenomenal for using the water in the eyes, because it actually helps with dry eye syndrome, which most people have, especially in a dry climate like where you are.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and I know so many people are dehydrated. I mean, that’s one of the things I’ve talked a lot about on this show and on my website, because so many people are drinking purified water, thinking that’s enough. The structure is damaged, they don’t have enough minerals, or they’re drinking reverse osmosis water. There’s just always something wrong with what people are doing and people are chronically dehydrated. That’s really the number one thing you have to resolve if you plan to be healthy or want to live a long time disease-free, medication-free.

Rob Gourley: Well, that’s very true. I mean, we’ve shown with the military … We’ve been working with Special Ops and some of the other groups in the military. What they’ve seen is that … We had a group of approximately 20 Special Ops guys. A bunch of them were on Watt-ahh, a liter a day, and others were on four liters of regular water. The ones on four liters a day of regular water were showing brain dehydration. The ones on just a single liter of ours were showing full brain hydration. So we’re seeing better than four to one uptake. Standard water takes about two hours for it to work its way through the body. Then the kidneys will finally dump about 80% of that. So you only get a small amount of actual hydration. We’re seeing hydration virtually almost instantly.

Rob Gourley: So it’s all due to the molecular charge. Cells are normally negatively charged. If water’s negatively charged, you’ve got two south poles pushing against each other. It’s not going to be absorbed easily into cell. We have a positive charge, and the cell’s negatively charge, and it’ll immediately go together.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and maybe I was confused a little bit there earlier, because I was talking about how electrons … Like when you’re swimming in the ocean, you’re feeding your body negative ions, correct?

Rob Gourley: Correct.

Wendy Myers: Is that similar to what’s happening with the water?

Rob Gourley: To a point, yes. You’re harvesting electrons. The thing you’ve got to go back … If you want to go back to the very beginning, there are only two forces in all of nature. There’s magnetism and electrons. Everything in the entire universe is created out of that. The water is actually created using magnetism and electrons. So we’re using the basic tools that enable the whole universe to be created.

Wendy Myers: So let’s talk a little bit about the effects of the water. Like what someone can expect to feel once they start drinking the water. So I drank my first liter … You said to only drink maybe a couple of ounces or an ounce to two ounces and just see how you do. Some people are especially sensitive, and a half a liter may be too much for them. This is like a half liter bottle size. You want to go slow with these things, just in case. You can always increase. But I just said, “Forget it. I’m just going to drink a whole bottle.” So I drank a half a bottle. I felt so amazing. I felt joy, I felt excited about my life, I felt … And I was before, but I just felt very euphoric, and I felt that within a couple of hours of drinking it. I was very stimulated. I had a hard time sleeping that night. I woke up very early, but very energized. I wasn’t tired the next day.

Wendy Myers: I felt like that for about three or four days. Then it began to taper off. I’m not going to stay at that euphoric state, but then it kind of began to taper off. I just feel really good now. I just wake up feeling good, good mood, brain firing really well. So is there anything else that you could explain to the listeners about what they might be experiencing after they start drinking Watt-ahh?

Rob Gourley: We always suggest people start slow, because many people are far more toxic than they ever can possibly realize, through the environmental and work areas and other things they’re exposed to. The worst thing that we’ve seen is when somebody consumes a liter or two the first time, they can end up with a pretty good headache that lasts maybe a half hour, because you’ve suddenly released massive amount of toxins into your body, and your body’s trying to get rid of them. We’ve never had any issues, other than having people to start slow.

Rob Gourley: So we always tell them, “Start slow. If you’re fine with it, then keep moving up.” Most our people that have been with us for years and years now consume somewhere between a liter, a liter and a half a day. If it’s here in the heat … Florida is not like New England. It’s much hotter here. We see a liter a day seems to be a pretty good arena to try to get to. It works wonderful in coffees and teas, because the water will emulsify the oils, and that’s where the flavor is. So you can … On the alcohol side, I do say use extreme caution. Don’t mix it with alcohol because it will transport it instantly into the blood. But it’s a great detox.

Wendy Myers: That actually might be a great tip for some people. Some people are going to be going, “Hmm.”

Rob Gourley: Yeah, I mean if you want to take somebody down with scotch and water, you can …

Wendy Myers: “Here, honey!”

Rob Gourley: Great. One drink’s all it’s going to take.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, so be careful. Whatever you put the Watt-ahh in, it potentiates it. I’ve been actually taking the Watt-ahh with my supplements so that they absorb better, they absorb faster and work better.

Rob Gourley: We did a medical study at the University of Florida on vitamin and mineral absorption. We saw seven to 10 times greater uptake into the cells, especially with iron, which was very interesting for women, because women have a hard time absorbing enough iron, the younger women. We were seeing a tenfold uptake in three and a half minutes with no inflammation of the small intestine, which was unheard of. So young women, especially those who were pregnant, we had seen phenomenal results because they don’t have morning sickness issues because their body can’t handle the toxins. Their body’s able to remove the toxins, and we’re seeing much quicker fetal growth. Normally, they give birth to a child three weeks early, and it’s already like a month ahead of development, because the child is living in an environment now where it’s not swimming in toxins. So now it can properly develop. You’re keeping the young one properly hydrated, and it’s transporting far more nutrients and minerals into it so it can develop quicker.

Wendy Myers: I mean, I think the uses for Watt-ahh is just incredible when you think in terms of all of the different health issues that heavy metals and toxins cause on the body, how they wreak havoc on our hormones, our digestion, our blood sugar issues, brain function. I mean, every single different bodily function and metabolic function of the body is being negatively impacted by the heavy load of toxins that we ingest every day in our environment. I think this is such an amazing way to assist the body and in effect, successfully address so many different issues, like blood sugar issues, fertility issues, hormonal issues, in a simple effective way, very inexpensive with no side effects.

Rob Gourley: Very true. I mean, when you mention the brain, we’ve done a lot with PTSD in the military. It’s hydrating the brain and getting the five endocrine glands back under control. It’s just incredible to see the changes.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, so talk to us about some of your research. You keep mentioning the military, I know that you’re called into hospitals at times to help with patients. Doctors call you up. So what have you discovered during your research of discovering Watt-ahh, developing Watt-ahh, and what are some of the research that has been done with the Watt-ahh?

Rob Gourley: Well, what we’ve learned is wound healing is incredibly fast with this, because the cells have proper communication. We’re seeing virtually no scarring, even in severe burn cases. But the water also is probably one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories out there, so it also has a tendency to block pain. When one burns themselves or serious wounds, were able to deal with a lot of the low-grade bacterial infections, which antibiotics will not touch. Because what’s happening is the body itself is able to take those out once it stabilizes its own peroxide.

Rob Gourley: So we’ve had a lot of cases where kidneys were not functioning properly, both in humans and animals. We’ve done a lot with racehorses. These are multimillion dollar horses that had serious issues, and the vets all said, “Time to put them down.” We said, “No, let’s help them.” In very short order, we have them back on the track.

Wendy Myers: You know what, it’s really interesting how so many of the cutting edge techniques that I’ve discovered that I’ve noticed would champion racehorses that are already being used, have been being used for years. They’re on the cutting edge of health, which somehow tapers over into working for humans. It’s just interesting how I keep discovering that, including with the Watt-ahh.

Rob Gourley: Yes, yes. Also, we’re working with some of the top athletes out there now. Later, we’ll hopefully be able to expose some of the names. But these are some of the elite of the elite that have discovered what we’re doing. What they’re seeing is just incredible, and enhances their ability to see things. It gives you a better 3D perception, because the eye now has enough electrons to process and get a better, full image of what’s happening on the field when one’s playing. The reaction time’s faster. Their lactic buildup’s virtually non-existent.

Rob Gourley: We’ve done it with cyclists, we’ve trained them here in Florida and gone to Denver and crushed everybody, which is impossible. We now have skydivers who are jumping from over 20,000 feet, 22,000 feet. Now they’re trying to go to 31,000 without oxygen, just drinking Watt-ahh, which is … Everyone in the medical world will tell you it’s impossible to survive at 21,000 feet without oxygen, but they’re just consuming Watt-ahh. A liter will last them almost three hours at 21,000 feet.

Wendy Myers: That’s interesting you mentioned that, because one of the issues a lot of people have is lack of oxygen in their body. There’s less oxygen in the atmosphere, especially if they live at higher elevation. So can you talk a little about that?

Rob Gourley: Yeah, I mean, what we’ve seen, we’ve done a lot of work with the athletes out in Denver. I’ve done projects out in New Mexico, and will be up 7,000, 8,000 feet on a mountain. Living here in Florida, that should be a problem for me. As long as I’m consuming at least a liter or a liter and a half a day or more, I’m fine. I don’t notice anything. Everyone else is gasping for air, and I’m climbing up and down the mountain, doing all sorts of geologic work. They’re going, “How can you do this? You’re 70 something years old and you’re leaving us all behind.” I said, “Well, but the water’s providing the oxygen.”

Rob Gourley: You’re actually absorbing more through the water you’re drinking at high altitude than the air you’re breathing through your lungs. That why when you asked earlier about taking hydrogen pills, you’re not adding any oxygen to the body, which is very critical. The cells need that.

Wendy Myers: So, let’s talk about the DiTetra gas. So that was the first discovery, I assume.

Rob Gourley: Correct.

Wendy Myers: You created a machine called the WIT, which produces the gas, which you can … I actually right now, I have my brother’s wife. She has stage four lung cancer, and I have her … Not nebulizing the DiTetra gas, but I have her nebulizing the Watt-ahh to very quickly get the gas that’s in the water, infused into the water, into her body. But there are clinical applications that the DiTetra gas is being used in hospital settings. People can breathe in the gas. Can you talk a little about that and how you discovered it?

Rob Gourley: Well basically, the gas is the primary everything is based on, everything we do. What I was looking for, the reason Watt-ahh came in existence was how to transport the gas. Then I realized that … It took me several years to understand and get it done properly, was to infuse it back into an ultrapure form of water. But the gas machines, the WIT machines, are being used for lung regeneration, all sorts of different lung issues. I can’t say too much on that, but basically, what our doctors are seeing is that lungs are actually regenerating and repairing themselves.

Rob Gourley: Basically, at some of the medical conferences that we’ve gone to, which is quite a few, what they’re saying is on the cancer cells, that once you raise the electronegativity of a cell and provide it with sufficient oxygen, the cancer cells can’t live there. It’s not that we’re poisoning anybody, it’s just we’ve created an environment they can’t live in and reproduce in.

Rob Gourley: The breathing machines are phenomenal for that aspect, because they’re completely charging. One of the issues in the wet applications like the lungs and the kidneys, they don’t like to reheal themselves because they can’t generate a good redox signal. The redox signal’s what calls in stems cells and T-cells to the wound site by using the gas in the lungs, and then also consuming it, having it travel through the kidneys. We’re seeing kidneys basically turn around in several months, to where … My neighbor’s cat, the doctors said that the cat’s not going to live long, because the kidney’s are failing. I put the cat on the Watt-ahh straight, and within two weeks, I had to build a shield around the litter box, because the cat was peeing all the way over the top of the litter box. I said, “I don’t see bad kidneys here, my friend.”

Wendy Myers: It’s funny, because my friend, Sterling Hill, she is a genetics expert, and she own She told me she was … I talk to her frequently, and she told me she was using the Watt-ahh for her dogs. She has like five, six dogs. They’re her little babies. She started telling me all the different amazing side effects she was seeing, and her dogs’ health improved. She finally convinced me to get the Watt-ahh and introduced me to you guys.

Wendy Myers: I wish I’d … I’d known about it for six months. I wish I had started drinking it earlier. But yeah, it’s interesting all the many applications that you can have for the Watt-ahh, and the various improvements and results and benefits that you see with people drinking it, and pets.

Rob Gourley: The pets react quicker, because their body mass is much less than ours. So when they start tanking up on the Watt-ahh, they … I mean, my cat has a twice a day, she drinks a pile of Watt-ahh. I mean, you better be ready. She’ll come flying through the living room, go over the top of the couch, go behind it, up the wall, back out, flying across the hall, down the hall, skids into the doors and bangs around and comes flying back down the hall and shoots outside. It just absolutely supercharges her.

Wendy Myers: That’s how I felt when I first started drinking the Watt-ahh. I totally identify with that. So let’s talk a little bit about the redox signaling that you just mentioned. So tell us what exactly redox signaling is, how that goes haywire in people, and how the Watt-ahh helps to correct it.

Rob Gourley: Well redox signal is what the body uses to notify the stem cells and T-cells that there’s a problem. It’s kind of like in the old days people wouldn’t remember it, but you had the fire alarm on the corner. You had the little red box, and you broke the glass and you rang it. Now the fire department knows there’s a problem on Fourth and Main. The problem is, if somebody cuts the wires, then nobody knows. So now the stem cells and T-cells don’t come to the wound site. So by amplifying that signal, now the fire department thinks it’s a five alarm fire when it’s only a one alarm fire. So they send a whole bunch of guys, and the work gets done very quickly.

Rob Gourley: So by amplifying the redox signaling, which is all a matter of transporting of information through the use of electrons, and once you amp that up, now you’ve got a whole crew showing up to work at your house, not one or two people, which may drag the job out for months on end. Now you’ve got an army there, and it gets done in a couple days.

Rob Gourley: So the redox signaling is very important, especially in areas where you don’t have proper communication, due to dry skin or a burn, especially, and things like that. That’s why we actually immerse them and keep them wet. We do wound healing completely wet. Some of the horses, we actually use a rubber boot and we fill it. Humans, we use like a latex glove or a nitro glove and fill it with water, and change it every day. The healing is just incredible.

Wendy Myers: What you’re saying here, basically, is the Watt-ahh, the electrons in the Watt-ahh, the oxygen that we’re getting, help to restore cellular communication, because that’s really what disease is. It’s the body’s ability to communicate with various places breaks down for many different reasons. Then mitochondria break down for many different reasons, aren’t able to produce the energy that we need that runs this whole process. So the Watt-ahh just reverses that and very, very simply and elegantly increases energy production, restores cellular communication. That’s it.

Rob Gourley: You’re right on the money. I mean, that’s … It’s the old saying. When your batteries run low, you’re pretty well toast.

Wendy Myers: This is why people can’t get better. This is why there’s so many people that are sick, and they try all these different physical solutions. They try supplements, they try medications, they try different protocols, and spinning their wheels. They can’t get better, because they are missing this very, very simple foundational things, which is restoring cellular communication, increasing mitochondrial energy production, and hydration. Doctors, and even functional medical doctors, are just not really addressing this very effectively or at all. That’s why so many sick people don’t get better.

Rob Gourley: Well, the other thing too, is it goes back into what your work’s been in detoxification. I often wonder, when you have a disease which is caused from toxification, they then add more toxins till you’re trying to treat it. We already have a toxin problem. Now you’ve added all these other toxins to it, and then you wonder why the patient doesn’t get better? Where’s common sense in this picture?

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and I mean, it’s tens of millions of Americans who are on five or more medications. My father was on 10 medications when he died. So I 100% agree with you. You can’t add more toxins … Which medications are toxic to the liver, to your body and expect a miracle long-term.

Wendy Myers: So let’s talk a little bit about where can people get the Watt-ahh?

Rob Gourley: Well, either you can go to Amazon and type in AquaNew, or you can go to, which is our main website that we have. We have numerous in different … You can go on our website,, and we have different areas in different states here on the East Coast that carry it. We’d love to have somebody like you carry it out there in your neck of the woods. It would make it worth the while, because once we start shipping truck loads to you, the price of shipping goes way down. The problem is when you ship individually, the UPS and FedEx love you, because they’re going to hit you over the head on shipping.

Wendy Myers: Yes. Yeah, and the shipping, it is a bit expensive. But when you think about this in relation to the many, many benefits that you get with this Watt-ahh, or how much money you’re spending on supplements every month … I mean, the cost is really low. The cost of a bottle of Wattah is very similar to the cost of just a regular bottle of water. I mean, it’s just … You really can’t find a better value than this Watt-ahh and the many, many benefits it can impart on your body and in your health.

Rob Gourley: We’ve worked our tails off to keep the price low. Many of our doctors that have used waters from Japan and other places were paying $100 a liter for wound healing, and they did nothing. They were saying to me I should be selling this for at least $100 a liter. I said, “Well, nobody could afford it.” That’s not what our goal is. Our goal is to help as many people as possible.

Wendy Myers: So what led you to discover the Watt-ahh and the DiTetra gas? What was the genesis of that?

Rob Gourley: Well, the genesis, when I first went into it, I was working in the oil fields in Alaska. I was up in Prudhoe Bay for many years, up there for almost 25 years. Jimmy Carter had … With the oil embargoes and everything going on, we had heard of some people trying to run engines on water. That’s a whole nother story. I could get into it later with you sometime. But what I realized was that, first of all, they didn’t understand what they were doing. If you were going to run it on, you had to create a different compound from water. So I started working on that originally. Then I realized the oil companies weren’t going to be my best friend.

Rob Gourley: So what we realized very quickly was that this gas had virtually limitless uses. Everything from enabling us to travel in deep space and survive in different planets. I mean, we could survive on the moon and Mars with the technology we have, because we can use it to do anything from welding to providing oxygen to breathe, providing healthy plants. We can grow things with it all off just a couple of solar panels.

Rob Gourley: So it started off as an energy thing, trying to find another source of energy, which will eventually come down the road once the powers that be will either work with us or let it happen. But that’s not something it’s concentrated on right now. Our main concentration’s on the human issues of health and well-being and the animals, and also possibly growing … We’ve been doing hydroponics. We grow extremely healthy plants, which have higher nutrient levels. Even the fiber becomes almost 90% digestible, which is unheard of. You could actually grow grass for cows where they’re not walking around as methane machines.

Rob Gourley: So there’s a lot of various … But it started off on an energy side, and then I realized very quickly that there were other arenas that this had opened up for me. I felt the best one to get into was the medical side, the human health side.

Wendy Myers: Can you talk about some of the ways to use the water. What’s the minimum they should drink per day, the maximum? Or any other tips you can give people?

Rob Gourley: We’ve never seen a maximum, per se. It depends on how hot it is and how much physical work you’re actually doing. We see that a liter a day seems to be a pretty good number. If I’m out bush hogging and doing a lot of work on the ranch here, I’ll consume probably three or four liters a day or more. I don’t have any side effects from it. Basically, a lot of people use it in coffees and teas, because it absorbs the oils and it gives you a much more beneficial … They use it in cooking. Your foods will cook quicker, they’re healthier.

Rob Gourley: We’ve also seen using it in eye care, skin care. We’ve helped a lot of young kids with serious acne using just a facial steamer and using the water in it. Normally, the poor parents have spent 10, 12, 15 thousand dollars on meds, and nothing worked. In four or five days, we have them with clear skin and it’s all done with the use of the water in a steamer.

Wendy Myers: That had not occurred to me to do that. I am going to try that.

Rob Gourley: I mean, the cheapest one and one of the best ones is Con Air. They have a facial steamer. It’s $23. It’s nothing. It’s phenomenal, because you do it … You can either do just the nasal if you have a head cold or nasal issues. You can breathe it just that way, or you can do the entire face. We recommend that on a lot of people if they start to have any queasiness from being around people, and they’re starting to get the sniffles, to use it. It seems to knock it right out. But it also is phenomenal for the skin, because once you warm up the water, it has a far greater penetration into the skin and it goes in and expands the collagen. So the collagen is where the wrinkles come from. It’s not from the skin. The skin is just an overlay, but the collagen’s the foundation. So once you start to expand the collagen, then magically the wrinkles start to disappear.

Wendy Myers: Yes, and so are there any precautions as far as storing the water? Is there an ideal way to store it, like say in the refrigerator?

Rob Gourley: We’ve had … Keeping it even at 70 to 80 degrees for six to eight years, we’ve had no loss of anything. You definitely don’t want to freeze it, because the gas itself won’t freeze. So you can force it out of the water in structure. Once the water molecule freezes, it will force a pocket of gas to appear. That’s about the only way you can get it out of there.

Wendy Myers: Okay, then also, once you open a bottle, is the gas escaping or-

Rob Gourley: No.

Wendy Myers: Do you have to worry about that at all?

Rob Gourley: No, not at all. It’s a molecular bond. It’s a plasma state of … It’s a crystalline structure that’s bonded that will not come out. The only way to get it out is to freeze the two different components. The gas itself, we haven’t been able to freeze it even using liquid nitrogen. That’s 320 degrees below zero. We couldn’t get it to freeze.

Rob Gourley: Pressurization, we’ve had the gas over 3,000 pounds pressure and it stays there indefinitely. So it’s a very stable gas. Water’s it’s closest cousin, so it will bond if we know how to do it. We have to go in with nano structures to get it to bond back in, but once it’s bonded, it’s completely stable.

Wendy Myers: Is there anything, any other tips you can give the listeners about how to drink it or a best use practices?

Rob Gourley: My feeling is feel free to play with it. That’s where we get a lot of … People will call up and they tell us something they’ve done with the water and we all kind of look at each other and go, “Well, I never thought of that one.” It’s something that’s not going to harm you. That’s the beauty of it. It’s non-toxic and even using it on serious wounds and burns, it’s going to promote the healing instantly and prevent infection.

Wendy Myers: I had a really interesting story from your wife. We were talking and she was telling me about a dentist that had the highest levels of mercury that their doctor had ever seen, and that he started drinking the water, and his mercury levels just plummeted.

Rob Gourley: They’re gone.

Wendy Myers: He was just able to detox it out drinking the water. I don’t know what else he was doing, but …

Rob Gourley: Every year he would go and spend a small fortune on chelation. He said it would drop the numbers for maybe a couple weeks, and then they were right back up. So we put him on about a liter, a liter and a half a day for three months. Then he did … I guess it was two or three treatments, probably two hours on the breathing machine.

Rob Gourley: When he went in, they took the hair, the blood and the tissue samples looking for mercury. You have to go in overnight, and then the next morning the lab sends the results up. The lead doctor immediately looked at the paperwork, folded it up and threw it in the trash and said, “The lab made a mistake.” So he had to stay another day and they did another set of samples. The next day he comes in and did the same thing, and doctor’s going, “I don’t understand what’s going on here, because we can’t find any mercury in your body, in your hair, your bones, your tissue or anywhere.” He says, “Yeah, what’s new about that?” He said, “Well, that’s impossible.” He said, “Well, some day you’ll learn how to do it.”

Wendy Myers: Yeah, well I love how when people go to doctors or go their practitioner, and if the practitioners never see something, they say, “That’s not possible”, or they give them like, “Oh, you have six months to live.” I think people have to be really aware when they’re talking to someone that this person has a limited knowledge set. They don’t know everything, and there’s so many things out there. There’s so many people like yourself doing incredible things, incredible discoveries, and approaching the body from a very different mindset into like, “How can we resolve this?”, not like this limited kind of mindset that’s limited by people’s skillset or toolboxes. So I think you have to be aware of that when you’re talking to any practitioner or medical doctor.

Rob Gourley: Very true. I mean, we’ve had two cases fairly recently, serious cases of gangrene, where they wanted to amputate. One was a whole leg and the other one was a foot. The doctors actually witnessed the application of the water in the hospital on the leg. This was on a Wednesday, and Monday they were going to amputate this young kid’s leg. His mother actually did the procedures, because the doctors refused. On Monday, when they unwrapped the leg, there was no inflammation, no gangrene, and the leg was already healing. So they prepared the broken bones. He broke the bone in 14 places between the knee and the ankle on an ATV accident. But he’s fine. He’s climbing ladders now, he’s fine.

Rob Gourley: The doctors comment was nice in one way, but upsetting in another. He said, “This is nothing short of a miracle.” But he wasn’t interested in what we did.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I hear that a lot with clients is they have these amazing recoveries. They’re feeling better or what have you, what’s going on with them. The doctor’s just not interested at all.

Rob Gourley: No, not at all.

Wendy Myers: Not curious. It’s just amazing to me. I don’t know. There’s curious people that want to further their knowledge set, want to learn more, curious about the world, furthering their profession, helping people in doing so. And there’s people that are just not. They learn their skillset, and that’s it. They just don’t want … Not interested in anything else.

Rob Gourley: They’re schooled in … That’s all they’ve learned. Their education stopped when they got out of medical school, and that may have been 10 years ago. That’s the sad thing.

Wendy Myers: Or 30. 30 years ago. Let’s talk a little bit about EMF. So EMF damages the body in many, many different ways. I think this is probably one of the biggest threats to people’s health in the coming years with the launching of 5G, the rolling out of 5G, and also the rolling out of 5G satellites, which there are thousands planned over the next few years to be launched into the atmosphere.

Wendy Myers: So what effect is EMF having on us and how can the Watt-ahh protect from that?

Rob Gourley: Well, one of the interesting things, we worked with a group that brought forward to the United States the GBD camera, the gas visual discharge cameras, which were a Russian design that were conceived in the 1800s, but Tesla hadn’t lived and the modern computer hadn’t been built, so this poor Russian scientist couldn’t build what he wanted. He could envision it, but he couldn’t build it.

Rob Gourley: It was about 2005 that it finally came into existence. They’re able to test waters from all over the world. One of the things they noticed was that if you took a bottle of water from Florida and went to New York, it completely showed something different. You moved it to California, it was different again. They were all being affected by EMF, and they were being affected by the gravitational issues of the world and different strengths and different fields that were affecting it.

Rob Gourley: But what they found was if they put a bottle of water next to a computer or a cell phone, or especially a main for any computer, it completely tore the water up. I mean, it was just absolutely evil. But what they did is they took a liter of our water and placed it on top of a main frame computer. Came back a week later and tested it. Hadn’t changed one iota. They had traveled the world with our water, and they buy it in large quantities themselves. That’s all they drink. There was no effect. Our water tested exactly the same here as it does in Tokyo or California or anywhere else. It has the exact same signature.

Rob Gourley: So what we’re seeing is that it’s kind of like Scottie and the Enterprise. If you have a stronger force field than the one around you, you’re going to defend yourself. What the water is, because it is electrically charged and carrying a massive amount of energy, it’s able to defend itself from the weak forces that are coming in. 5G is a form of microwave. That’s why you’re going to see some serious issues.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, people cooked, essentially.

Rob Gourley: Well, you’re seeing it already on the 4G. Look at the European studies. Don’t look at ours. Look at the European studies, and you’ll see all the brain issues that even just showing a toddler playing with a phone on one side of his head being right-handed or left-handed. They’ll show the brain development is radically different on one side of the head versus the other. And that’s with four. So then the 5G is a whole different animal.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, much, much, much stronger. That’s really interesting. I didn’t know about the EMF impacting your water and just having your water near your computer can negatively impact it. Then you’re going to have much less benefits for potentially hydration from that dead water to begin with.

Rob Gourley: Correct.

Wendy Myers: That’s interesting. But drinking the Watt-ahh … So can you explain exactly how drinking the Watt-ahh can help reverse the negative effects of EMF has on our body?

Rob Gourley: Well basically, it’s affecting the water in the body. It’s like you take microwaved water … You put water in the microwave and microwave it to a boil, and let it cool and put it on a plant and it will kill it, because you basically damaged the water that bad. Basically, what we’re trying to do is to replenish the body’s own basic water within the cells with our water, which is a high energy form, which then helps the body to defend itself.

Rob Gourley: It takes time. You’ll see a bigger effect initially, because as you can continually detoxify, the first hit’s the strongest. Then, because now when you’re going back into the cell, it’s at a lower rate, but you’re cutting it by 50%, and then you cut the remaining by 50%, and keep cutting it down. But the first time, there’s a massive detox that’s happening. We’ve seen everything from Roundup … People who have used Roundup were having serious neurological issues. So we’ve been able to help them with the use of the water and also the breathing machines.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, so talk about the breathing machines. So this is a machine … I know that you’re licensing the machines, I’m assuming to doctors or clinics and hospitals. So where can people find these machines to be able to use them for therapeutically.

Rob Gourley: Well, I mean, one of the doctors that’s probably the most aggressive is here in Florida, in Hollywood, Florida, is Dr. Walter Campbell. You can go on YouTube and type in Dr. Walter Campbell in Hollywood, Florida, and he’ll pop up. He’s been using it for detox, eye healing, neurological issues, Parkinson’s, you name it, he’s been working with it. He has a great number of videos in there that … He’s staying extremely busy now, because people are seeing what can be done.

Rob Gourley: We have a different … I mean, it’d be another program, but we have a different understanding as to what Parkinson’s is and Alzheimer’s and a lot of these other things. What’s the driving force behind it and how to actually deal with it? The water and the gas have dramatic effects on this. We’ve shown that every time.

Rob Gourley: Same with PTSD. There’s all sorts of things going on in the brain that we feel that many of the doctors don’t really understand yet, and how to reverse these and get them back on a stable keel where they’re not trying to commit suicide and becoming non-productive in society because they become hermits because they’re hurting so bad internally.

Rob Gourley: A lot of this, we’re gaining ground on. Hopefully, we’ll put some more funding towards some of the more medical studies that we keep moving forward to. That’s all expensive. People don’t realize how expensive medical studies are.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, yeah. Have you conducted any studies? You mentioned some universities that were doing some studies.

Rob Gourley: We’ve done studies at the University of Florida. We are now in the process of doing hydrogels. That’s a whole nother project that we’re working on that’s been gone through. We’ve got colostomy products out that we work with one of the local manufacturers who I helped in teaching them how to stabilize dioxides and peroxides. So we have a … He sells to the manufacturers. He doesn’t sell to the public. But he has products now that are like none others, where we have an odor eliminator for colostomy products. It’s not a perfume. This completely eliminates the odor in the bag. You can actually … As tough as it sounds, you can put your nose over the bag and there’s no smell.

Rob Gourley: So what it’s done is give the people who have colostomy bags the ability to go back in public, because the bag won’t vent suddenly and then everybody wondering what happened here.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I had a friend that had colon cancer that had part of his colon removed, and had a colostomy bag. It’s just a terrible stigma that he didn’t want to go out very much because of that.

Rob Gourley: Correct. But now, you would never know they had a colostomy bag. I mean, there’s zero smell. So that’s … We’re working in arenas like that with some of the medical manufacturers to be able to make new products that are not laced with heavy metals and things to carry. The water is probably one of the best little red wagons for carrying vitamins and minerals and things into the body. It doesn’t leave all the garbage behind. In many of these vaccines, we’re using aluminum and mercury. You wonder why you suddenly had an autistic child.

Wendy Myers: Or brain swelling or …

Rob Gourley: You have it. Right.

Wendy Myers: Death in utero, or all the other things that doctors don’t want to talk about or admit.

Rob Gourley: So what they’re finding now is that the water and the gas are phenomenal carrying agents, which leave nothing but hydration behind. So it’s the only pure way we’ve seen to get a lot of … Certain times, you do need a certain … Something added to the cell to help it. But how you get it there is what makes the difference.

Wendy Myers: So let’s talk about this. Like where can I get the Watt-ahh online and any other info that people need to know to learn more about it?

Rob Gourley: You can type in AquaNew on Amazon, or go to, and you’ll the store come up in both places. But also you can go to AquaNew’s website, and then it’ll list some of the areas in the different states that are carrying the water. We’re gaining more and more … People are coming up. Sarasota, we’ve got a bunch of stores. We’ve got some in Georgia, we’ve got some people that are selling up in New York and New Hampshire area. So we’re expanding out.

Wendy Myers: Any concern that it’s bottled in plastic? Do you see any concern with that? Because I know that’s just a question listeners will have.

Rob Gourley: No. The reason we use plastic is glass is pretty evil. Glass actually deadens products, because it seals electrons. So if you store a product in glass over a long period, it deadens it. So what we found out very quickly was that it’ll seal the electrons, which is what makes the water unique and basically deaden it. This is the non-PBA, medical grade plastic. It’s the only thing we can store it in for long periods. You can drink it out of a glass, that’s fine. But you don’t want to store it in it.

Rob Gourley: So the PET 1 bottle is considered the best. It’s the most recycled bottle out there, and it’s the easiest to recycle. So I don’t feel bad about that. It’s the only thing that we can economically put it in to get it to the customer at a reasonable price.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, that’s really, really interesting also. I had no concept of that with the glass steals electrons and deadens any water that’s placed in it. So that just speaks to … There’s no perfect packing material when it comes to water or other products. There’s pros and cons to every bottle or packaging out there.

Rob Gourley: That is correct. I mean, I don’t know if … Your climate’s definitely moister than ours, but when I lived in upstate New York as a young kid down from Corning Glass, we used to go down and buy these glass rods. You take a piece of wool and you start rubbing the glass rod with it, you had a wand that you could throw about a six inch lighting bolt and nail somebody with, because what the glass is doing is stealing the electrons from the wool as you’re stroking it. You keep charging it and charging it. We used to have more fun zapping each other … It was an absolutely loud crack when it came off the end of the glass rod. You come up behind them and poke them behind the head, and you could send them flying. That shows you how many electrons glass is trying to steal.

Wendy Myers: Well, Robert, thank you so much for joining us on the show. This has been so interesting, so educational. I answered all of my questions and asked all my questions regarding the Watt-ahh, because I’ve been drinking this for about six weeks now. I’m just so happy that I discovered this and met you, and I wanted to just shout this to the world, just how revolutionary this water is. I think it might be one of the most important discoveries in regards to health of our times. It’s that important.

Wendy Myers: I love what I do, because I’m able to just impart information to people that can dramatically change their lives and get them moving in the direction of their health that they want to be in, so they can live their life purpose. They can show up in the world how they want to be, not stuck at home and sick and bedridden, and just not being able to function. There’s so many people that are in that situation or going there, because they aren’t getting the information and the answers that they need from their medical doctors where they’re seeking help.

Wendy Myers: So I really commend you, Rob, for the work that you do. So thanks so much for joining us on the show today.

Rob Gourley: Well thank you so much for the opportunity. I’m sure we’ll speak again.

Wendy Myers: Yes, we will. We will. Probably do another show soon.

Rob Gourley: Okay, well thank you very much, Wendy.

Wendy Myers: So everyone, thanks so much for listening and tuning into the Myers Detox podcast, where we just give you all the tools and tips to biohack your body to dramatically improve your health and life. So thanks for tuning in. I will talk to you guys next week.