Arsenic Toxicity

Arsenic is a very potent mitochondrial poison that saps your energy. You will never have the energy you desire as long as you are arsenic toxic.

Arsenic is an incredibly toxic element that is found in almost every corner of our environment.  It occurs naturally in the earth’s crust, along with some rocks and minerals, and concentrations of it may vary from one area to the next. But that’s not all: arsenic is found in the surface water, groundwater, the air, soils, and even our food (6)!

Arsenic toxicity causes rather vague symptoms that can slowly poison an individual, even leading to death.  Fortunately, with today’s technology found in hair mineral analysis, it is easy to identify the presence of this toxic metal and detox your body from this dangerous element!

Interesting, Napoleon Bonaparte was poisoned by arsenic. How was his murder mystery finally solved 150 years after his death? By hair mineral analysis!

Sources of Arsenic

The main source of arsenic is from conventional (non-organic) chickens. It is added to chicken feed around the world because it makes chickens grow 50% faster, vastly reducing the cost of raising the chickens since they bulk up faster. Additionally, arsenic is added to some commercial chicken feed to kill certain molds and fungi that afflict chickens, especially those raised in filthy conventional operations.  It then shows up in the chicken meat itself, including the eggs.  It can even find its way into all conventional pig products, as they are fed chicken “byproducts” (7).

Arsenic can also be found in (2, 6):

  • Beer
  • Burning of arsenate-treated building materials
  • Coal combustion
  • Commercial chicken feed
  • Contaminated good
  • Conventionally raised poultry
  • Cosmetics
  • Drinking water
  • Fungicides
  • Glass and mirror manufacturing
  • Insecticides
  • Paints
  • Pesticides (and even on our food)
  • Pigments
  • Soil
  • Rice and rice products
  • Seafood from coaster waters (especially oysters and shrimp)
  • Table Salt (where it is used as a non-caking agent)
  • Tap water
  • Wood preservatives / treated wood

Arsenic is used in mining operations, and sometimes is just a natural contaminant of some drinking water and soils. It is also sold as a pesticide where it can be used on such things as fruits, vegetables, rice, and tobacco. You must eat organic to avoid arsenic.

As if that wasn’t enough, inorganic arsenic was, and perhaps still is, used in the beer and wine industries.  The element was also formally used extensively as a pesticide to treat wood as a way to prevent rotting from insects and microbial agents. This includes the wood used for decks and even playground equipment (6)!  The use of arsenic for this purpose of preserving wood has apparently been diminished, as science revealed how toxic it can be (6, 7).

Certainly, as you can see, our exposure to arsenic reaches both far and wide.  That is exactly why it is important to monitor your body for arsenic toxicity.

Symptoms of Arsenic Toxicity

These are often vague, but arsenic is a powerful nerve and enzyme poison.  It is associated with hundreds of symptoms, beginning with what may be called malaise, fatigue, vague aches and pains, weakness, dizziness and many neurological symptoms. It can also cause blood disorders such as anemia, blood sugar disorders, and is implicated in several forms of cancer (6, 8).

The main symptom of arsenic toxicity is fatigue. Arsenic is a very potent mitochondrial poison. This metal poisons the enzymes that transport nutrients into mitochondria – the cell’s energy producers. Without nutrients, the mitochondria do not produce the energy you need and fatigue results.

Specific arsenic toxic symptoms include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Anorexia
  • Brittle Nails
  • Burning in mouth/esophagus/stomach/bowel
  • Confusion
  • Convulsions
  • Dermatitis
  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness
  • Edema
  • Enzyme inhibition
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Fluid loss
  • Goiter
  • Hair loss
  • Headaches
  • Herpes
  • Hyper-pigmentation of the nails and skin
  • Impaired healing
  • Inhibition of sulfhydryl enzymes – Garlicky odor to breath/stool
  • Interferes with the uptake of folic acid
  • Jaundice
  • Kidney damage
  • Liver dysfunction
  • Low grade fever
  • Muscle aches, spasms, weakness
  • Nausea
  • Peripheral neuritis
  • Respiratory tract infection
  • Sore throat
  • Swallowing difficult/Throat constriction
  • Sweet metallic taste
  • Vasodilation
  • Vertigo
  • Vitiligo
  • Vomiting

Toxic elements, like arsenic, replace nutrient minerals in enzyme binding sites. When this occurs, the metals inhibit, over-stimulate, or otherwise alter thousands of enzymes. An affected enzyme may operate at 5% of normal activity. This may contribute to many health conditions. Toxic metals may also replace other substances in other tissue structures. The replacement weakens these tissues, such as the arteries, joints, bones and muscles. Toxic metals may also simply deposit in many sites, causing local irritation and other toxic effects.

Health Conditions Caused by Arsenic

Inorganic arsenic is classified by the U.S. Environment Protection Agency, the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Diseases Registry, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a known carcinogen (or cancer-causing agent) (6). It is also recognized as an environmental and occupational pollutant.

Regular exposure leads to cancer and other toxic health effects, including cardiovascular disease, neurological problems, and developmental disorders (2). A 581-participant study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health confirmed the association between arsenic exposure and DNA methylation, a biological process that causes many debilitating and fatal diseases (4, 5). 

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has linked arsenic exposure to high blood pressure and the New York University School of Medicine cites it as a contributor to cardiovascular disease (3, 9). Also, most toxic chemicals adversely affect the male reproductive system and arsenic is one of them; Chinese research has confirmed it reduces semen quality (10).

The EPA has stated that, “Regarding human health effects, the primary target of inorganic arsenic exposure is dependent on the route of exposure” (6).  For example, when the element is exposed to the skin, the adverse symptoms manifest themselves on the dermal layer of the body in the form of lesions, skin discoloration, etc.  When ingested, it affects the gastrointestinal tract and causes such symptoms as nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, even bladder and liver cancer.  When inhaled, this toxic element has been linked to the occurrence of lung cancer (6).

How to Detox Arsenic

  • Iodine
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin C, to some degree (7, 1).

Supplements that Detox Arsenic

1557743_setArsenic can be removed from the body with only two supplements. These miracle supplements are BioSil and PectaClear. Arsenic is what is known as a trivalent heavy metal. It is very difficult to remove from the body unless silica, found in BioSil, is used to mobilize it from tissues. Once it is mobilized, the modified citrus pectin in PectaClear bind to the arsenic (and other metals and chemicals) and remove it from the body with no detox symptoms. Using this method, it will take two years to completely remove arsenic from the body.

Detox Arsenic with Myers Detox Protocol!

Myers Detox Protocol program is the best program out there to remove all heavy metals from the body.  Myers Detox Protocol is superior because it utilizes over 20 different methods at once to remove ALL toxic metals safely and deeply, while replenishing the minerals your body needs. You see, metals can often do the same jobs as minerals. So when we are mineral deficient, the human body is forced to accumulate metals to accomplish certain processes necessary to for us to survive. Myers Detox Protocol helps you restore balance to your body and gives it energy so that it can push the metals out when it no longer needs them to function.

Arsenic is fairly easy to remove from the body using Myers Detox Protocol.  However, arsenic removal with mineral balancing takes 2 years.  This may be because arsenic can settle deep in the nervous system, where it may cause many vague, unusual symptoms that vanish as the arsenic is slowly removed from the body (7).


When investigating and addressing possible arsenic toxicity, we first perform a hair mineral analysis and then review the results to create a Myers Detox Protocol program best suited for your specific body chemistry and metal toxicities.

Here are some notes regarding arsenic levels considered when reviewing your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (7):

  • The ideal hair arsenic level is probably about 0.007 to 0.009 mg%.
  • Arsenic, as with all the toxic metals, may not be revealed on early hair tests when one is on a Myers Detox Protocol program.  It is revealed later as it is eliminated from the body through the skin and hair.
  • At times, a very low arsenic reading appears on a hair mineral analysis.  An arsenic level below about 0.004 mg% or 0.04 ppm indicates a poor eliminator pattern related to arsenic. This means that a person may have arsenic toxicity, but suffers an inability to eliminate it adequately.

Presently, humanity is exposed to the highest levels of toxic metals in recorded history, up to several thousand times higher than even several hundred years ago due to industrialization. The danger of toxic metals in our environment is greatly aggravated due to low mineral content of our food supply, as well as the contamination of our food supply. If one does not consume preferred minerals in the diet, the body will pick up whatever toxic metals it can from the food, air, and water as substitutes. A key principle to remember is that an abundance of essential minerals in the diet protects the body against toxic metals.

It’s time to restore balance to your body with Myers Detox Protocol!

Myers Detox Protocol program is not about diagnosing or treating any particular disease. It utilizes a hair mineral analysis to design a customized diet, supplement, lifestyle and detox program to improve the entire body’s energy level, reduce stress and improve the metabolic rate of the body.  My program focuses on the wellness model of health care, which is a “state of high resistance to all illness.”  You can achieve this state with Myers Detox Protocol because most importantly, Myers Detox Protocol is wellness-based, not illness-based.

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Wendy Myers, FDN, CHHC, is a functional diagnostic nutritionist, certified holistic health coach and founder of Her passions include getting you healthy, Modern Paleo, retoxing and detoxing. Discover her Myers Detox Protocol and enjoy freedom from fatigue and brain fog with metal detox.

  • marks

    I couldn’t believe it,to read that arsenic is used to Fatten Up Chickens,That says a Big Goodbye to Good Old Colonel Sanders and Big Rooster!Unbelievable!I’m going all out on Learning and Doing whatever it takes,Thank You,When You Find Out What You Don’t Know,Its Very Scary But Awakening,Thanks Wendy!

    • Thank you! Being as informed as possible is always a good thing for all consumers!

  • lina bseiso

    Wendy thank you so much for this i victim of arsenic and cause me alopecia areata and vitiligo. I have always being a very healthy person and suddenly 3 years back i develop this 2 autoinmune diseases. Doctors told me is just stress but i didnt believe this i knew it was something else. I went to thaliand thanks to my inlaws and i discover i have high levels of arsenic in my urine.
    The doctors in thailand told me could be the cause of my issues and to watch for the water that i have being drinking.
    Here in the states the doctors denied that arsenic could be the cause of my issues. Well im being taking vitamines and minerals inlcuding selenium. I have noticed after a month the change in my body and i can prove it.
    Doctors dont want to learn more. people like you helping others to find other solutions to their problems is what we need in this world. I applauded you for doing such a great job and now consider me one more of your followers
    God bless u plzz keep it up.

  • martinmocha

    My wife tried to poison me with arsenic back in the late 90s early 2000s because she was apparently after inheritance and she also covertly took out an insurance plan on me……although we have been divorced for almost 10 years I am having chronic health issues.
    Since being married, my health has hit the toilet in terms of over all malaise, feeling lousy, fatigued, muscle cramps, occasional lateral headaches, GI issues, reflux, GERD, sinus drainage, diabetes type II and now lab tests that show possible impaired renal function although they are back and forth. Generally, I feel lousy and also suffer from sleep deprivation i.e, symptoms of RLS, more aches, cramps, itching and general misery. COULD THIS BE A RESULT OF ARSENIC TOXICITY OR IS IT STILL IN THE BODY AND IF SO, HOW TO VERIFY IT AND HOW TO GET RID OF IT? Is the damage irreversible? Anyone out there on planet earth ready to supply an brillant answer?:-)

    • I’m very sorry to hear this happened to you. I cannot imagine. Some damage may not be reversible. You just have to detox the body and see what issues are left over. You can use BIOsil, pectasol C, Super Lipoic Acid by Life Extension, garlic, glutathione, lithium, NAC, SamE, selenium to detox it. DMSA works as well.