#122 Are You Deficient in these Vital Minerals? with Dr. Bruce Jones

Dr. Bruce Jones is a medical doctor and an expert in hair mineral analysis and metal toxicology. He is here to share his expertise on minerals that are vital for your health!

Dr. Bruce Jones, like myself, is in love with hair mineral analysis. This practice truly opens up a new realm of health often ignored by traditional medicine. There are so many patients that simply cannot be helped by conventional medicine and Dr. Jones explains how hair mineral analysis can help to reverse disease and fatigue when all else fails!


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About Dr. Bruce Jones

After working in as a medical doctor in general practice for many years specializing in chronic pain management, Dr. Bruce Jones completed a diploma in horticulture. In late 2010, Dr. Jones was subsequently invited by Professor Avni Sali of the National Institute of Integrative Medicine in Hawthorn, to develop Courses in Integrative Medicine for both medical & natural health professionals, as well as for the general public. There he was a senior lecturer, both in course development and post-graduate medical education.

Several years ago, Dr. Jones completed an advanced diploma in nutritional medicine and subsequently set up his practice Peninsula Clinical Nutrition. Nutritional Medicine is the cornerstone of Integrative Medicine, and as such, offers tremendous possibilities for the treatment of chronic illness, and offers hope for those who despair of getting real solutions through conventional medical channels.

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