#131 The Thyroid and Fat Loss with Damian Dubé

Damian Dubé is an expert in natural healing for the thyroid. Damian is here to share his tips on how you can heal your thyroid naturally, just like his wife did!


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So many thyroid patients are told they have to be on medication for a lifetime but this could not be further from the truth! You can regenerate thyroid tissue and normalize your thyroid function eliminating the need for medication.

About Damian Dubé

Damian Dubé, and his wife Heather Dubé are FDNs and the co-founders of e3 Energy Evolved, a thyroid, adrenal and metabolic restoration system helping women and men create their lifetime-best natural wellness and metabolism. They discovered their e3 Energy Evolved system during their battle to successfully beat Heather’s advanced Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, chronic fatigue & autoimmune disease through nutrition, lifestyle & environmental change. She then transformed her body in 2 years to compete naturally as a US National Level Athlete through their e3 Energy Evolved system for fat loss through functional wellness.

With 50 years education and experience in nutrition, wellness, psychology, athletics and pharmacy, they are Functional Diagnostic Nutritionists, athletes/coaches, and expert contributors for Experience Life Magazine and OnFitness Magazine, and Nutrition Science peer reviewers.

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