#501 Lymphatic Drainage – Repairing your Detox System in 4 Minutes Per Day with Dr. Cathy Goldstein

In today’s captivating episode, we dive deep into the world of anti-aging secrets and holistic wellness with Cathy Goldstein. Discover how just four minutes a day can supercharge your lymphatic drainage using the magic of frequency-based applications and bioenergetics.

Cathy, a true skincare visionary, reveals her personal journey of exploring bioactive ingredients and innovative techniques to nourish and revitalize her skin. Tune in as we unveil a groundbreaking Tru Energy skincare, that utilizes frequencies to awaken collagen, elastin, and detoxification. Get ready for a transformative experience as we unlock the keys to timeless beauty and radiant health.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • The key to maintaining youthful skin that goes beyond mere moisturization.
  • How draining your lymphatics is a cornerstone of effective detoxification.
  • How dedicating just four minutes a day to frequency-based applications and bioenergetics can significantly enhance your lymphatic drainage.
  • The power of bioactive ingredients that support your skin’s health and vitality.
  • Tru Energy skincare, and how this frequency-based skincare improves collagen and elastin production.
  • Cathy’s revolutionary frequency based lymphatic drainage tool to dramatically improve lymphatic drainage results.


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About Dr. Cathy Goldstein:

Dr. Cathy Goldstein an Acupuncture Physician is the founder of Multiple Integrative Health Clinics. She has been a columnist for New Vision Magazine and Philadelphia Magazine, a guest lecturer at Jefferson University Medical School, and is a frequent speaker for symposiums and health summits.

Cathy is considered a subject matter expert in BioMedicine through Eastern Medicine. She is an educational instructor nationally and internationally.

Cathy has been practicing and teaching alternative medicine for more than 35 years (since 1988). She specializes in Quantum Energy Medicine technology and Body-Mind-Neuro-Psychology. She has trained with world-renowned practitioners and healers and holds advanced studies in anatomy and physiology.

Cathy’s pursuit of functional health stems from her health challenges and frustrations with Western Medicine. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in her 20s. After multiple hospitalizations and complications, she was still suffering from illness. Cathy began her life path for healing.

She is truly grateful for my experience. She refused to have an illness define her. Through her determination, relentless studies, and trial and error, she has been fortunate to enjoy a healthy life with no signs of Crohn’s disease for over 30 years. Her commitment is to help and educate patients and colleagues on alternative healthcare and root functional health.

You can learn more about Cathy and her work at truenergyskincare.com

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