#508 How to Overcome the Effects of Environmental Toxins and Mold with Dr. Jill Carnahan

On this episode, we have the privilege of learning from Dr. Jillian Carnahan, a Medical Doctor, Functional Medicine Expert, and author of “Unexpected”. Dr. Carnahan tells the compelling story of her path to healing from serious health issues, including breast cancer and Crohn’s Disease, as well as environmental toxins, mold, and emotional trauma. She opens herself up to listeners in the knowledge that many of us will identify with her personal experiences, and with the hope that we can learn how to heal ourselves.

Dr. Carnahan believes that the interplay of toxicity and our infectious burden overwhelms our capacity to heal and it is only when we’re conscious of both and implement the physical and emotional steps necessary to reduce our toxic load that we can find health and healing.

On Today’s Podcast, You’ll Learn:

  • About Dr. Jill Carnahan’s compassionate work to help people detox and heal.
  • The physical and emotional triggers that can cause various ailments.
  • How mold can cause gut impermeability and a myriad of illnesses and what you can do about it.
  • The importance of listening to your body and loving yourself.
  • How Dr. Carnahan’s personal health and emotional experiences led to her passion for healing others.
  • Dr. Carnahan’s favorite detox tips.
  • About “Unexpected”, Dr. Carnahan’s memoir and how you can get a signed copy.


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About Dr. Jill C. Carnahan:

Dr. Jill Carnahan is a Medical Doctor and Functional Medicine Expert. She uses functional medicine to help patients find the root cause of their illness and identify nutritional and biochemical imbalances that may be contributing to symptoms. Dr. Carnahan searches for underlying triggers that contribute to illness through cutting-edge lab testing and tailors the intervention to individual needs. She uses nutrition, supplements, lifestyle changes, or medication to treat illness, and always seeks the gentlest way to help patients restore health.

Dr. Carnahan received her medical degree from Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine in Chicago. She is board certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine. She worked as the medical director at the Methodist Center for Integrative Medicine in Peoria, Illinois, a practice she founded. Thirteen years ago she moved to Boulder, Colorado and opened Flatiron Functional Medicine where she has a widely sought-after medical practice with a broad range of clinical service including nutritional consultations, chiropractic therapy, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

Dr. Carnahan is survivor of both breast cancer and Crohn’s disease and passionate about teaching patients how to live well and thrive in the midst of complex and chronic illness. She is also a widely sought-after inspirational speaker and travels around the world to teach physicians the principles of personalized and functional medicine. She is a prolific writer and speaker, and loves to infuse others with her passion for hope, health and healing!

She has been featured in Shape Magazine, Parade, Forbes, MindBodyGreen, First for Women, Townsend Newsletter, and The Huffington Post as well as seen on NBC News and Health segments with Joan Lunden. She recently published her prescriptive memoir “Unexpected”.

Learn more about Dr. Carnahan at jillcarnahan.com

Unexpected | Get a Signed Copy

In Unexpected, Dr. Jill Carnahan shares her story of facing life-altering illness, fighting for her health, and overcoming sickness using both science and faith so that others can learn to live their own transformative stories.

There have probably been times in your life when you’ve felt all alone and unsure where to turn for answers. It may come with the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness, the loss of a job, a death of a loved one, or an unexpected circumstance that threatened to change everything you know to be true in your life and relationships. In Unexpected: Finding Resilience through Functional Medicine, Science, and Faith, Dr. Jill Carnahan introduces a new paradigm for readers who are going through or want to prepare for those uncertain times.

Dr. Jill’s riveting and compassionate exploration of healing through functional medicine helps replace darkness and fear with hope, resilience, profound healing, unconditional love, and unexpected miracles.

Unexpected reveals practical advice that can be readily used for conditions like mold toxicity, cancer, autoimmune conditions, Lyme disease, and more. Dr. Jill’s raw and honest account of her own challenges in facing a life-threatening illness, living with autoimmunity and mold toxicity, and working in a medical system that has no tolerance for stepping outside the lines, offers a new path of empowerment for taking control of our own health and wellbeing. For the skeptic or the faithful, Unexpected is a valuable guide for living an extraordinary life of love and resilience.

Get a signed copy or leave a name in the purchase notes at checkout if you would like your signed copy to be dedicated.

To learn more or order a book, click here.




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