#74 Detox your Household Cleaners with Debra Lynn Dadd

Debra Lynn Dadd talks to me this week about how to detox your household cleaners and use natural alternatives. The cleaners most people are using in the homes are creating a toxic environment that is killing them. Go natural today! Her website will help you identify and find natural, toxic-free, and organic products that are safe to use.


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About Debra Lynn Dadd

560857_10150661023143551_1446102021_nDebra has been researching and writing about how toxic chemicals affect our health and how to make safer choices as consumers for more than thirty years.

When she first found out—back in 1978—that there were toxic chemicals in her own home making her body sick, she wanted to know where they were found in consumer products, how they make us sick, and how we can choose and find safe products.

Debra is still vitally interested in toxics today, now more than ever. We have more safe products to choose from, but also more scientific data about the dangers of the toxic chemicals that still exist in products. There is much in the news today about the dangers of toxic chemicals in consumer products. The resources that she has put together on this website are specifically designed to help you identify and find natural, toxic-free, and organic products that are safe to use. See Debra’s homepage at toxicfree123.com for an overview of everything on this website.

In addition, Debra has learned that to really heal our bodies, we also need to remove the toxic chemicals that are stored within them. Today we are exposed to far more toxic substances than our bodies can process–when enough toxic chemicals build up in our bodies, illness is the result. Debra’s experience with detoxing her body has been so successful, she started a whole new website devoted just to removing toxic chemicals from our bodies. Visit Toxicfreebody.com to learn more about detox.

Debra works so passionately in this field not because she is interested in toxic chemicals, but because she loves life, and toxic chemicals inhibit, harm, and destroy life. Today, eliminating toxic chemicals from our homes and bodies is a prerequisite for good health, flourishing ecosystems, and even spiritual awareness.


Screen shot 2014-08-25 at 12.57.59 AMToxic Free-How to Protect Your Health and Home from the Chemicals That Are Making You Sick. Exposure to toxic chemicals in consumer products underlies virtually every symptom and illness. Toxic chemicals are now so common in our world that reducing toxic chemicals in your home and your body is now necessary for good health. Easy to read and filled with practical tips, Toxic Free tells how to both reduce the amount of toxic chemicals you are exposed to and increase your body’s ability to process and remove the toxic chemicals already stored within it.


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