#253 Energetic Healing for Women’s Bodies and Lives with Shanna Lee

Shanna Lee talks to us today about energetic healing and how this is one of the best ways to set your life on the path that you desire. Get ready to be inspired!

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • How childhood trauma can be influencing the decisions you make today and how energy work quickly can help to break unhealthy patterns and set you free
  • WHAT ENERGY FREQUENCY HAS TO DO WITH WEIGHT LOSS and how to harness the power of energy work to achieve your desired weight
  • Shanna’s highly unique approach to working with clients to makes changes in their life personally and professionally


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About Shanna Lee

Be sure to check out Shanna’s new book at https://thesoulfrequency.com/bwm – it’s a GOLD MINE of information!

I LOVE THIS BOOK! Shanna completely rebuilt her life from one of expectation to one based on intuition. After all, it’s not like she was unsuccessful in her “previous life”. Yet, she knew she was unfulfilled. She knew there had to be more. So, she sought it – and she found it.

Now, with her book, The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy Awakened and Authentic Life, she has chosen to share her life-changing journey, as a guide to help you discover a similar path for yourself: with a path toward authenticity, the release of negative patterns, and feeling great in your body. I absolutely believe her book will help you find a way to live a truly healthy and awakened life.

After building a career spanning over 15 years in the real estate sector selling over $200M in residential real estate assets and financing over $85M in commercial multi-family properties and retail strip centers, Shanna Lee realized that while financially successful, she was deeply disconnected from her purpose and ultimately unfulfilled. She discovered that without doing the inner work, we create lives based on expectation instead of intuition. After this miraculous realization, she did what few do, she dismantled one reality and created another from scratch that was fulfilling giving her a unique insight on life and business creation from the ground up.

Through her platform at TheSoulFrequency.com, Shanna Lee teaches women how to live powerfully and authentically, how to feel great in their bodies, confident with who they are, and to connect with their purpose. By locating their deepest truths and raising their energy frequency her clients create fulfilling lives founded on alignment and intuition. She is the host of The Soul Frequency Show podcast and is the author of The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy, Awakened and Authentic Life.

Shanna’s gift of intuitive insight is unparalleled. Her by referral only B2B brand has been a well kept secret where she has coached and consulted for over 300 individuals one-on-one in the areas of personal performance, business development and creative endeavors, including executives of Fortune 500 companies, notable Broadway stars and small business owners. It is her greatest intention, to help others tap into their intuition and create a successful life and business on their terms.

Shanna Lee - Author of The Soul Frequency


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