How to Get Rid of Cellulite the Biohacker Way

Even people who are happy with their body and shape often complain about not being able to get rid of cellulite, listing it as one of the top things they would change about themselves if they could. Speaking as a former 300-pound guy, this is not just a problem for women!

This is an excerpt of a post by Dave Asprey, author of NYT bestseller The Bulletproof Diet.  You can read the full article on the Bulletproof blog.

Forget buying cellulite products and supplements. Don’t waste your money. Before you spend huge sums of money to try anything from well-marketed cellulite-reducing moisturizers to wraps to expensive med-spa administered light pulses to get rid of these dimpled fat pockets, try out something simpler, cheaper, and effective. (That’s not to say that spa laser treatments, ice, and fat-melting injections don’t have a place if the simple stuff doesn’t work.)

What works naturally transforms you from the inside out rather than superficially applying creams or lasers. Three of the most effective ways I’ve found to reduce cellulite that I use on a regular basis are through acceleration training (whole body vibration),  Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting, and high-intensity interval training.

The Top 3 Bulletproof Ways to Hack Your Cellulite

It helps to know what causes cellulite to figure out how to treat it.  Cellulite makes it’s appearance as enlarged fat cells push through the connective tissue (made partially of collagen) just below your skin. (1) The connective tissue looks a bit like a honeycomb in women. Since these tissues aren’t very flexible, when the fat cells beneath them expand, they push out on your skin and cause dimples and bumps.

And the more fluid and toxins you retain, the larger the cells get, so the worse your cellulite looks. Some toxins, called obesogens, can make fat cells grow very large. Additionally, inflammatory foods make cellulite worse!

Below are the three most effective Bulletproof methods to decrease cellulite.

1. Acceleration Training

Cellulite has been shown to measurably improve with acceleration training. (2,3,4) Acceleration training causes bodily tissues to tighten in response to gravity. The most advanced form, whole body vibration, is used by NASA to grow bones and muscle in astronauts, but the less effective form you probably know of is rebounding, or using a mini-trampoline.

Rafeal Nadal, Queen Latifah, Serena Williams, Olympic Athlete Rebecca Romero, and the whole NFL Broncos team get the extra edge over their competition by using WBV Training.  If it works for them, it can help upgrade your physique.

Vibration Training involves a plate vibrating vertically 30 times per second with your knees slightly bent, and you add in certain exercises such as squats and lunges for a more effective workout. The added vibrations cause 30 additional muscle contractions per second, (compared to rebounding’s 1 contraction per second). All this movement increases lymphatic system circulation, stimulates muscle growth, and is proven to increase bone density. (5,6,7)

Disclosure: I started manufacturing the Bulletproof Vibe in the US after experiencing hip pain and breaking several expensive devices that were made with the wrong specifications…but I did not create any of these scientific studies showing this frequency works on cellulite and other things. (8)

The vibration encourages the flow of lymph fluid, which flushes toxins, which naturally aids in the reduction of cellulite. I can literally see the difference in my occasional muffin top in one session.

Acceleration training also stimulates human growth hormone – the anti-aging hormone that burns those annoying fat cells that cause your cellulite in the first place.[9]

The best part? You only want to jump on for 10 to 15 minutes to see and feel results, and more time every day isn’t necessarily better.  I designed the Bulletproof Whole Body Vibration Plate, or Bulletproof Vibe, so you can easily set one up in your home. I use mine several times a week for short breaks during my workday, especially when I don’t have time for a long walk.

2. Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting

To reduce the appearance of cellulite, you want to shrink the size of the fat cells. One of the most important things you can do to shrink these particular fat cells is to turn on your body’s fat-burning mode (ketosis) so that it eats away at your fat stores.

By using Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting in the morning, and following it with the Bulletproof Diet Roadmap (get it here free) when you eat, you can force your body to rely on fat for energy.  The Bulletproof style of Intermittent fasting gives you the benefits of traditional fasting without having to actually fast.  It allows you to avoid the “hanger” you would get as a consequence of feeling hungry by going long periods of time without food.

To ramp up your intermittent fasting, consume nothing but Bulletproof Coffee and water until about 2pm each day.  Then follow the Bulletproof Diet Roadmap  during the window in which you do eat, which should be about 6-9 hours a day (while fasting the other 15-18 hours a day). Since the Bulletproof Diet is low in both sugar and toxins, your body will eradicate stored toxins, deflate your fat cells, and make your cellulite less visible.

3. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Even if you use a vibration platform and engage in Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting, I recommend HIIT to fight cellulite. It’s the perfect cellulite-blaster because it increases your HGH and burns fat more effectively than regular cardio. (11,12,13) And it takes far less time!

HIIT involves performing very short, very intense rounds of exercise followed by a short period of active recovery. You can do HIIT with weights as well. Here’s what a HIIT workout looks like:

  • Each workout uses only 3-5 compound movements: seated row, chest press, pull down, overhead press, and leg press.
  • You perform only 1 set of each movement per workout.
  • You take each set to the point of positive muscular failure. This is the point where the weight won’t move anymore no matter how much effort you apply.   Each set will last 90-120 seconds.
  • The weight should be heavy enough (usually 75-85% of your 1 rep max) that you will reach muscular failure somewhere between 1.5 and 2 minutes.
  • The weight is moved at a slow tempo for the duration of each set. This should be 6-10 seconds concentric (raising), and 6-10 seconds eccentric (lowering). The movement should be as slow as possible without becoming a series of starts and stops.
  • The next movement should be performed as soon as possible after the completion of the previous one. The time between movements should not exceed 2 minutes.
  • Each workout should not exceed 20 minutes.
  • This workout is performed every 7-14 days.

You can also do HIIT with sprints, which basically means that you:

  • Sprint for 1 minute like a tiger is chasing you
  • Walk for 1 minute
  • Repeat until 15 minutes is up, or you puke, whichever is first

Get more tips on becoming bulletproof by purchasing my book The Bulletproof DietThe Bulletproof Diet is an anti-inflammatory program for hunger-free, rapid weight loss and peak performance.

This is an excerpt of a post by Dave Asprey, author of NYT bestseller The Bulletproof Diet.  You can read the full article on the Bulletproof blog.

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Dave Asprey is a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur who spent 15 years and $300,000 to hack his own biology, losing 100 pounds, upgrading his IQ, and lowering his biological age. He runs the No. 1-ranked iTunes health podcast and The Bulletproof Executive blog about using biohacking to increase human performance — and he invented Bulletproof Coffee.

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