Karen Stein

I am the owner of NonToxU.com and GoHealthyWithKaren.com.

I am a Trained Myers Detox Coach, Certified NES Bioenergetics Practitioner and an Emotional Detox Coach as well as a Certified Health Coach and a Dr. Sears Certified Pregnancy Health Coach. I am passionate about helping people lead healthier, more vibrant lives.

I grew up in a family that valued healthy eating, exercise and general
wellness. My parents and even my grandparents, were pioneers in embracing whole foods and alternative, holistic medicine. Even today at 81 and 87 years old respectively, my parents enjoy playing competitive tennis and my father still runs on the beach every week.

I graduated from Lehigh University with a Marketing Degree and immediately entered the corporate world. I held several managerial positions and ran my own company as a lighting designer with a retail showroom operation in New England. I quickly veered off that path when a close family member was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. This diagnosis led us down a path that ended up being 5 unrelated and some rare cancers, over a 10-year period. These cancers included metastatic melanoma, a rare lung cancer, prostate cancer and leiomyosarcoma. Some of these had only a 5-15% chance of survival!

I spent years and years researching and meeting with top experts in their field. I was tirelessly searching to learn all that I could about holistic health, clean eating and safer, less-toxic products to use on our bodies and in our home.

I’d like to share with you the very best from my personal experience that helped to heal my family member. Twenty-five years later, he is still cancer-free. In his specific case, this was without having any chemotherapy.

I believe the immense stress of desperately trying to deal with those cancers, led to my own autoimmune disease. I used the same proven methods to eliminate the symptoms and eventually reverse my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Vitiligo.

When the body burden of toxins and chemicals reaches a certain level, the immune system is over-taxed and this is where disease can set in. This ignited my passion for healthy, clean living and motivated me to become a certified holistic health practitioner and expert in heavy metal identification and detox protocols.

I am continuing the NonToxU.com mission to help people find safer, less-toxic products. I am also adding my expertise as a holistic health practitioner and heavy metal detox expert, to provide information to not just avoid environmental toxins such as molds, chemicals and heavy metals, but to also safely detox and lower the levels of these in the body, resulting in more vibrant health and wellness.


Conditions: Brain Fog, Fatigue,Thyroid, Autoimmune, Anxiety & Stress, Hormone Imbalances, Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Imbalances, Vitamin Deficiencies, Mineral Imbalances, Immune Support

Nutrition: Food Sensitivities, Gut Health, Whole Food & Non-Diet Plans Environmental: Chemical, Mold & Heavy Metal Detox – Person, Product &

Pregnancy Health: Preconception through Postpartum


Karen graduated from Lehigh University, Suma Cum Laude, and later pursued her dual coaching certifications in health and pregnancy. As a certified Myers Detox Coach, she has been trained to analyze HTMA data, which perfectly aligned with her existing specialties in nutrition and chemical & heavy metal detox. Karen and her programs have been featured on numerous podcasts, magazine articles, and website posts. She is a wellness app coach and filmed her “Lifestyle Detox Makeover Course” for GenConnectU.

Karen lives in sunny South Florida and enjoys being outdoors soaking up all that vitamin D all year long!

“I love to make it easy and fun for my clients to become a healthier version of themselves. When I hear that someone slept better, or had energy to play with their kids instead of taking a nap, or felt happier and less anxious, I know I have truly found my passion!”


“After a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease by my general practitioner followed by the typical protocol medication that gave me heart palpitations, it was recommended I see an endocrinologist. With months of waiting to get in for this appointment and symptoms continuing to worsen, I started to work with Karen Stein. 

Through the Hair Mineral Testing and coaching, she walked me through a path of understanding the impact that chemicals have on our lives, in our everyday products and in food. After two months of starting the detox process, some of my most debilitating symptoms that kept me many days from leaving home started to subside significantly. My thyroid levels have normalized and I couldn’t be more grateful that Karen not only entered my life, but helped give me control over my life and health!”
Paula C.

“I have been fatigued for several years with multiple trips to medical doctors who looked at my perfect lab work and put my condition down to age! I am 50 and I wasn’t happy with that answer. With the Hair Mineral Testing Karen showed me exactly what was going on in my body that needed support. It’s been a few months and my general sense of well-being has returned. She always responds to me if I have a question AND she knows the answers to everything!! Karen really knows her stuff. If you let her, she will help educate you and help you heal and regain your strength”
Emma F.

“Working with Karen has been such a positive experience. For a long time I have felt off balance with issues with digestion, fatigue, etc.  Having Karen walking me through the hair test and managing supplements has changed all of that for the better. I look forward to checking in with Karen on my health and I highly recommend her to others”
Carla G.

“Karen is incredibly helpful and easy to work with. Since addressing issues found on my Hair Analysis with an easy to follow protocol, I am feeling better than I have in 25 years! I am even able to attend my grandsons’ baseball games without lifelong allergies! People ask me why I look so healthy & vibrant and I send them to Karen!”
Irene W.