Meet Melissa Hall

Melissa embarked on her journey of the human spirit nearly 20 years ago.

While she began her career as an engineer, she quickly realized she was meant to solve other problems. So, she became a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified NES Practitioner with additional studies in the areas of Nutrition, Physiology, Exercise Science, and Pre-Med. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 2004 exposed her to the world of bioenergetics. She was so amazed by it that she ended her Pre-Med studies to pursue it. In addition to healing from her TBI, bioenergetics helped her to resolve the residual effects of childhood trauma as well as her own challenges with chronic illness.

Melissa understands how chronics illness can prevent you from expressing yourself in the world and isolate you from the people and things you love. Her goal is to help you overcome those challenges, so you can be get back to being YOU. She is a natural educator and uses this skill to help her clients understand all aspects of what the NES Scan reveals as well as to empower them on their healing journey. One of her main goals is to ensure that you come away from your sessions well informed, and she often provides additional resources to accompany your NES Protocol, such as books, meditations, or easy lifestyle modifications that add up to big change!

Life is made up of all of the sciences – Nature doesn’t divide it into Chemistry, Biology, or Physics – people do.  All three must be addressed on the path to wellness. Chemistry and Biology are covered by many disciplines. What is often the missing piece is Physics. And Physics encompasses not only our cellular processes but what we think, feel, and believe. Because to be well, we must have a healthy body, mind, and heart!

I want to help people get back to themselves so they can be the fullest expression of the unique light that only they shine!

Melissa currently resides near Raleigh, NC, where she enjoys basking in the beautiful mountain and coastal terrain her area has to offer.