Nira Sarlak ter Veld

Nira is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health coach, Emotional Detox practitioner (trained by Niki Gratrix), Myers Detox coach, certified NES Health Bioenergetics practitioner and the founder of Good Life Healing House, a health optimization sanctuary. As a Holistic Health practitioner, she supports and guides her clients to embrace physical and emotional well-being through a unique combination of: whole foods nutrition, targeted dietary strategies, gut health strategies for conditions such as SIBO, blood sugar management, heavy metal detoxification and toxin-free living, circadian rhythm optimization and sleep habits, light therapy, vagus nerve stimulation strategies, minimizing exposure to electromagnetic radiation, fasting for healing purposes, meditation, healing with vibrational sound therapy and other holistic health modalities which helped her personally overcome years of “dis-Ease” (the absence of ease), which is the precursor to disease. 

Healing Philosophy

Nira believes in a multifactorial, bio-individualized, mind-, body-, and soul-based approach to healing and optimum health. She deeply believes in the body’s incredible innate ability to heal itself, when given the opportunity to do so. Besides, she thinks true health is beyond the physical body and most illnesses have significant psycho-emotional, unresolved trauma and stress-related components as the root-cause. When that is unaddressed, we don’t get lasting results.

Nira’s Health Journey: From Illness to Wellness

Nira’s passion for a holistic approach to health came out of her own pain and struggles. 

In 2012- the year following the birth of her first daughter- she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Symptoms such as brain fog, hair loss, dry skin, weight gain, multiple chemical sensitivity, anxiety and panic attacks wreaked havoc on her health. The psycho-emotional challenges led to chronic insomnia and chronic fatigue. After reading everything she could get her hands on, and accepting this “dis-ease” as part of her journey to self-healing and empowerment, she completely changed her diet and lifestyle, and addressed the root cause of the problems through mind-body medicine. Besides, she dove deep into healing her emotional and childhood traumas. Ultimately, she fell  in love with holistic and natural medicine and finally said YES to her calling, which is helping others to heal, thrive, and have a life beyond their wildest dreams. 

About Nira

Nira earned her Bachelor’s degree in French language in Iran, her BA degree in English from Canada, her Master’s degree in Education from the University of Houston in Texas and her coaching certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York. She lived in the Middle-East, Canada, the US, and is currently living in the Netherlands. She speaks fluent Persian, English, and is pretty good in French and Dutch. She is a proud (holistic) mama of two healthy and vibrant daughters. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking nutritious meals from different cultures, listening to podcasts on health and longevity, grounding and walking barefoot in nature, practicing Kundalini yoga, Qigong and doing a daily meditation using vibrational sound therapy. 

“My mission is to hold a safe space for you by listening to you and learning your story in a non-judgemental way. I think compassion and empathy are vital to inspire someone to make a change, and I consider myself deeply compassionate and empathetic to the dreams and fears of the people I am serving.”