My Favorite Ancient Beauty Secret: How to Use Amaranth Oil

I’m always on the lookout for great natural beauty and skin care items. I just discovered Amaranth Oil and am so excited to share it with you today. Amaranth has a fascinating history. It’s loaded with life-sustaining, beauty-enhancing nutrients. So why isn’t it the most famous beauty product around today? Its story has a lot to teach us.

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The Aztec people cultivated this ancient grain hundreds of years ago. They used it as food and medicine, but that’s not all. Amaranth was also a major part of the Aztec religious ceremonies. records that the Aztecs “built statues of their deity using amaranth grain and honey. These statues were worshipped, broken, and distributed for eating. This practice is the primary reason amaranth did not survive as a staple. When the Spanish arrived with Cortez, as part of their efforts to force Christianity on the pagan natives, they outlawed the grain.”

In their efforts to eliminate the grain from Aztec culture, the Spanish burned all of the amaranth fields that they could find. It was almost completely wiped out and largely escaped notice until the 1970s when it was introduced in the United States and started to take root as a respected grain.

The beauty perks are a big reason why amaranth oil is so popular. Amaranth oil can transform your skin and hair and give you a naturally clean, clear and beautiful look that just isn’t possible with chemical, man-made cosmetics.

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