Ozone Water Sterilizer – Food & Enema Prep Kit (Special Offer!)

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The Ozone Water Sterilizer – Food & Enema Prep Kit comes equipped with the both the Tri-Oxy FRESH and Tri-Oxy Refresh. Safely and powerfully use ozone as liquid sanitizer and/or to create ozonated drinking water for health purposes.

Use the Tri-Oxy FRESH to fight algae, bacteria, fungus, insects, mildew, mold, parasites, and viruses with the power of ozone. Spray and mist with ozonated water to remove insects and pathogens and enhance the growth of your plants.  You can also use this machine to produce ozonated water for purified and oxygen-rich drinking water – or use the ozonated water to clean fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Tri-Oxy Refresh destroys ozone gas as it leaves the water to make the surrounding air safe to breathe while generating ozonated water. It can extend the life of ozone generators, and ozonate water quickly with the 0.5 micron size diffuser pores.


Tri-Oxy Fresh

The Tri-Oxy FRESH water ozonator produces purified, oxygen-rich drinking water by using high frequency and voltage. It is wonderful for a multitude of household uses, including cleaning fresh produce. The device produces energy and attaches together oxygen molecules to create ozone. The FRESH is a high quality ozone machine that is designed to effectively work for many years.

The Tri-Oxy FRESH generates ozonated water in small amounts that can be immediately used for drinking, cleaning, rinsing hands, or washing food. The shelf life of food can be greatly extended with the use of ozonated water.


Tri-Oxy Complete

Natural Center for Biotechnology Information (https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov) studies confirm lung damage from ozone gas exposure. However, multiple studies confirm ozonated water benefits, including increased: glutathione peroxidase, superoxide dismutase, catalase, prostacyclin, red blood cell glycolysis rate, oxygen metabolism; and inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa. This ozone diffuser degasses 100% of excess ozone not dissolved in water, as well as eliminates potential toxic gas exposure and lung damage.

Designed in the USA by Practitioner Eileen Durfee, Tri-OXY Refresh makes drinking ozonated water totally safe by destroying ozone gas as it leaves the water, making the surrounding air safe to breathe. This device also extends life of ozone generators.

Ozonate water in less time with the 0.5 micron size diffuser pores than with the typical sizes of 15 microns or larger!


Tri-Oxy Complete

Certified organic ozone is instantly available with this fantastic device that is perfect for use in the home or garden, as well as for animal care.

The Tri-Oxy COMPLETE is a convenient and intelligent 5mg/hr ozone water generator that gives you the wonderful ozone benefits. The machine is specially created to sterilize and disinfect the home, as well as for commercial applications. The design lets tap water pass through the device and mix with ozone gas automatically, instantly, and continuously. Based on the water temperature, pH, and total dissolved solids, the concentration of the instant on-demand ozonated water with the Tri-Oxy COMPLETE is 2.00 ppm to 3.00 ppm.

*Hoses and sprayer are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with purchase.*