#55 Reboot your body with Kevin Geary

Kevin Geary talks to Wendy and Leigh about how one reboots their body with diet and fitness, focusing on the mindset and psychology of the process. His site Rebootedbody.com helps men and women overcome the mental and emotional roadblocks preventing them from reaching their weight and health goals.


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About Kevin Geary

Kevin Geary REM rehabKevin Geary is a holistic health coach, writer for the Rebooted Body Blog and host of the Rebooted Body Podcast. Kevin struggled with his own disordered eating on his health and weight loss journey. At one point, Kevin was 60 pounds heavier than he was today. What he learned in his struggle to lose weight and keep it off has been incorporated into his signature Total Body Reboot program. The Total Body Reboot program offers a unique blend of ancestral science and modern psychology to help men and women reprogram their body and mind for sustainable fat loss, vibrant health, and peak performance. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, daughter, and American Pit Bull Terrier Naomi.

Kevin’s Rebooted Body Program

Total Body Reboot combines an unconventional nutrition and fitness curriculum with personal coaching and a supportive community to reprogram your body and mind for sustainable fat loss, vibrant health, and peak performance. Kevin’s six month Rebooted Body Program is the ultimate training tool you need to bust through the rut you run into again and again with your weight and health. Do the same routine, you get the same results. With Kevin’s program, you’ll get a new strategy and approach to health and weight loss and get the results you seek. It’s pretty amazing.

Kevin’s Books

Kevin’s new book REM Rehab is all about troubleshooting pitfalls preventing you from great sleep. Poor sleep is one of the number one things undermining your health and your ability to lose weight. Poor sleep destroys your physical health, locks fat in your fat cells (especially belly fat), kills your focus, drive, and performance, undermines your mental health, and deranges your hormones. Kevin, with co-author Evan Brand, have combined their expertise into a science-based, step by step, practical guide for overcoming common sleep pitfalls and getting the best sleep of your life.

REM rehabSome of what you’ll discover in REM Rehab

  1. The dark side of poor sleep — exactly what it does to your body (in laymans terms) that makes you fat and sick.
  2. The dozens of hidden actions you take each and every day that rob you of sleep and how to fix them.
  3. How to eat specifically for better, deeper, more restorative sleep — which foods to include and which to avoid.
  4. What a perfect bedtime routine looks like from 2 hours out — a step by step guide to setting yourself up for success.
  5. How to “calibrate your cave” and build an environment for PERFECT sleep, every single night.
  6. Sleep hacks, strategic supplementation, advice for dealing with specific sleep problems, and SO MUCH MORE…

Check out Kevin’s other book A Rebooted Body Action Guide: 8 Unhealthy Eating Triggers & How to Conquer Them


There are pervasive physical, mental, and emotional triggers that derail you from reaching your goals no matter how good your plan is or how dedicated you are. It’s time to discover what those triggers are, how they’re killing your success, and how to overcome them. No fluff, just page after page of actionable advice backed up by a support community who shares the same goals as you.

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