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Top Takeaways

  1. Kevin Newsome is the founder of Solaris Plant Science, which has a number of plant based ester products, their flagship product being the Catalyst Foundation.
  2. Catalyst foundation is a proprietary blend of plants taken whole and blended to form what is essentially a new molecule.
  3. Catalyst Foundation does one thing. It enters, recognizes, and demolishes harmful salt and low salt markers.
  4. It can aid in the destruction of pathogens, viruses, parasites, fungus, and blood clots, all without leaving any residues.
  5. The Catalyst Foundations can radically help with rashes, a variety of yeast infections, gut issues, food poisoning, bug bites, and can even help clear facial blemishes.
  6. Taking the Catalyst in a double ought capsule will allow the formula to quickly enter the digestive system and attack parasites.
  7. There are reports of the Catalyst Foundation reducing the effects of allergies, and aiding in weight loss.
  8. It can help reduce the effects of Lyme disease, and it has been proven through tests to break down a wide spectrum of molds.
  9. The Catalyst has been also been shown to reduce cataracts.
  10. For animal lovers, the Catalyst Foundation can also be used on pets.
  11. Kevin recommends taking a dropper full of Catalyst Foundation in one or two ounces of water, swishing it around the mouth, and then swallowing it four times a day in order to remove parasites from the body.
  12. The best way to describe what the Catalyst Foundation does is that it goes into a cell, helps eliminate a problem, and then restores the cell
  13. If you take a supplement and it’s not a chemical, the Catalyst Foundation can actually help the supplement carry into the blood stream and be more effective.
  14. Kevin has another product called Candida Rx, also specially formulated with plants, that when mixed with the Catalyst Foundation, can be more effective in breaking down candida.
  15. Catalyst Foundation was originally being developed to break down plaque and clots in blood, but during testing, scientists started to discover many other benefits of the formula.
  16. In some of their original studies, the Catalyst Foundation was able to clean out heavy metals and petroleum from soil. In the same way the Catalyst can help detox heavy metals from the body.

Wendy Myers: Hello, everyone. My name is Wendy Myers. Welcome to the Myers DetoxPodcast. You can learn more about me and detoxification at Today, I have a very special show for you today. We are gonna do a whole show on a product called Catalyst Foundation. This is a supplement I’ve been taking every single day. I absolutely cannot recommend Catalyst Foundation by Solaris Plant Science high enough. We have the maker of it, Kevin Newsome, on the show today. He’s gonna be talking about all the different benefits that you can have by taking this supplement, because it basically goes into your cells and cleans out everything that’s not supposed to be there, so metals, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, infections,candida. All of these types of things can be addressed very simply, and elegantly, and easily with this single product.

Wendy Myers: We’re gonna have the entire show about that, because I really feel like everyone should be on this supplement, because of how effective it is. Enjoy the show today. I’m so excited, because this weekend is Thanksgiving. This podcast is gonna be published on Thanksgiving day. This is recorded a week ago, but I’m excited, because I’m actually going to meet my brother, who I have never met before. It’s a really interesting story. My mother had a baby at a young age, and she wasn’t able to keep it, and so she gave him up for adoption 55 years ago. We’ve been trying to find him and, you know, putting in our request to meet him at Texas Adoption Agency. We just haven’t had any luck in getting in touch with him.

Wendy Myers: I did a 23andMe genetic test on, and so did he. He got a gift from his wife to do this genetic test. Many of you have done genetic tests and whatnot, but you can meet your family by doing that. He found me on the database, and we got in contact. I’m going to meet him for the first time at Thanksgiving, so it’s gonna be a really interesting Thanksgiving for me. For me and my mother, just our story’s come full circle. It’s a lot of like closure and resolution for us. His parents have passed, so he has this new family, and so it’s just gonna be this really joyous event and occasion. I’m really looking forward to I’m gonna tell you guys all about that when I get back, and I’ll have pictures, and videos, and things like that that I’m gonna share in the newsletter on

Wendy Myers: My guest today is Kevin Newsome. He is a founder of Solaris Plant Science. They have a number of amazing products, all based on plant esters. They’re flagship product is this Catalyst Foundation. They also have CandidaRx and a foaming product, it’s just this stuff in a foam, called Derma 180. It’s just an amazing product line. I’m constantly using these every single day, and I wanted to impart you guys a little bit more information about Catalyst Foundation and what it does. Kevin, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Kevin Newsome: It’s good to be here.

Wendy Myers: So, you make an amazing supplement called Catalyst Foundation, and you are the founder of Solaris Plant Science. Catalyst Foundation is a product that you make. It’s something that I use every single day for a multitude of uses, which I’ll get into in a minute. But why don’t you tell us what exactly Catalyst Foundation is?

Kevin NewsomeCatalyst Foundation is a proprietary blend of plants. We start with the whole plant. We take just about everything in those plants, and our chemists formulated a way, almost 15 years ago, to blend those plants. Normally, you couldn’t do this. I have to tell you, we get a lot of calls, “Hey. I mixed this, and this, and this, and I don’t come up with the same thing. Can you tell me how to do it?” Well, no, but … Our chemist blends the plant ingredients, and we actually came up with what most scientists call a new molecule, but it’s those plant bases that you see in the ingredients. Catalyst Foundation only does one thing. It enters the cells. It recognizes salt markers and the low salt markers. It demolishes. Those low salt markers are the things that would harm you and I.

Wendy Myers: Yes. Can you tell us what some of those things would be that the Catalyst Foundation goes into the cell and destroys?

Kevin Newsome: Well, a low salt marker is pathogens, viruses. You know I can’t say that, but I just did. Pathogen, viruses. Parasites are low salt markers. Bugs are low salt markers. It absolutely breaks them down. It will also remove clots. It works on clots. The cool thing about the way it does these things is it does it without leaving any residue, because of something went in and broke a clot or broke down plaque, as you know, that plaque could become dangerous in letting go of the vessel wall or something. Catalyst doesn’t let it do that. It breaks it down with zero residue and does that quickly.

Kevin Newsome: In doing that if you stop and think about all that one thing does, you’ll start to get a picture of why it’s working, why it takes care of the fungus in the body, why some of our products that the main ingredient is the Catalyst, the Foundation, like the CandidaRx, it actually goes in and breaks the issues down that are causing the fungus, that are causing candida, are causing the flu or Lyme disease.

Wendy Myers: Yes. Yeah. I mean, there’s so many different uses for this. That’s why I recommend it to ever single client that I work with on a one-on-one basis, because I use it for so many different things. Number one, I use it as my underarm deodorant, because it works really, really well, but I also tend to get little rashes, and I tend to be prone to fungal rashes. It might be TMI, but I get these fungal rashes. I had one for nine months one time. I was trying everything. I was doing tea tree oil, and I was doing essential oils, and so many different things. I went to the doctor. Nothing worked.

Wendy Myers: Then I tried the Catalyst for the first time. It was given to me by Ian Clark, who’s a really good friend of mine. In three days this rash was gone that I had been dealing with for nine months. It’s just phenomenal for that. I put it on my skin. It clears up all the congestion, blackheads, whiteheads, and things that are bacteria, other things, debris clogging up your pores. I have amazing skin when I use it on a regular basis. I mean, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, any type of rashes it will help with. Vaginal yeast infections, those are caused by Candida. One dose and it’s gone the next day. It’s gone. Yeah.

Wendy Myers: Amazing effects for that, including gut, internal yeast infections that many people deal with, gut dysbiosis, I mean, food poisoning. You can take it internally. I take it with me when I travel, just in case I get food poisoning. It’ll help with anal itching. I mean, that’s caused by yeast, and so that can be really helpful to kill the yeast that’s down there, that lives in our colon and in our rectum, and that can cause little problems if it overgrows. I’ll use it on bug bites, you know, for itching, abrasions, because it kills germs, and even digestion, to help your food digest. Am I missing anything?

Kevin Newsome: Well, we’ve found out that it still does a lot more than we’ve come across. People tell us every day, “Hey. You don’t realize how good this product is,” but we do. We’re told by chemists, “Hey. You don’t understand how good your product is,” but we do understand how good it is. I don’t personally believe in something that will take care of everything in everybody’s life, but I believe we’ve got something close here.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. Yeah. I do too. That’s why I take it almost every single day. I tell clients to take it for a parasite cleanse, because there’s so-

Kevin Newsome: Definitely.

Wendy Myers: Parasite cleanses can be very costly, very involved, with all different types of products, but I really think that Catalyst Foundation is probably the best thing you could do to kill all the critters, whatever types that they are, parasite, or fungal, or viral, or bacteria, kill all that stuff off, and you have the perfect parasite cleanse.

Kevin Newsome: You do. You know, a good way to use it for parasites is to get [inaudible 00:09:15] capsules and make sure it’s a healthy [inaudible 00:09:18] capsule. You put a dropper full in that [inaudible 00:09:22]capsule, and you take now. Now, you have to do it quickly, because there’s not anything that we put up against Catalyst Foundation that the Catalyst Foundation won’t break down, including that capsule. You put it in the capsule. You put it in your mouth and swallow, because within seconds it’s going to dissolve that capsule. That’s an outstanding way to take care of parasites.

Wendy Myers: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Can you just take it with the liquid? Can you just take the liquid or just drink it down?

Kevin Newsome: Oh. Yeah. It works that way too.

Wendy Myers: Okay. Great. What would be the benefits of putting it in the capsule?

Kevin Newsome: It’s just a little bit more direct, as far as you’re swallowing it, it’s going into your digestive system, and that capsule’s gonna hold it in that capsule for a little bit longer, so that it’s gonna get to the parasite just more direct, but it’s gonna take care of the parasites regardless. That’s just our preferred.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. Exactly, because I definitely have clients report to me they have worms coming out of them, long worms, clumps of little worms, and all kinds of stuff coming out of them when they start the Catalyst. You can have yeasty smelling gas, because you have the Candida die off, and then the result of that is you have this yeasty smelling gas within 24 hours of starting the Catalyst, because it’s working. It’s killing the Candida and the fungus.

Kevin Newsome: It is. One of the newest reports that we started getting about a year ago is with allergies. It’s not something that we went after. It’s not something that we heard a lot about, but some people was … Several families where the whole family had severe allergies, they started taking the Foundation, and within a short time they were surprised that they weren’t having to take their allergy medications. Again, more information than we’re supposed to share, but it works on allergies. It works on parasites.

Kevin Newsome: It works on so many different things. It’s an amazing product. People are telling us, “Hey. If we’re taking EPF or Foundation, that it’s actually we’re losing weight.” Now, we’re not gonna start selling it as a weight loss program, but because your body is getting healthy, yes, I’m sure your weight is going to level out.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. Yeah. Because when your body’s dealing with parasites, and fungus, and viruses, and Lyme, and Lyme-like bacteria, and mold, all different types of issues, that’s gonna cause inflammation, which is gonna cause weight gain.

Kevin Newsome: Correct.

Wendy Myers: It’s kind of like you have this Domino effect that helps with your weight. Let’s talk about Lyme a little bit. Like you mentioned, the Catalyst Foundation goes in the cell and kills everything that isn’t supposed to be there.

Kevin Newsome: Correct. We’ve had many practitioners treat people with Lyme Disease successfully. Again, Wendy, you know that these are things, as supplements, we cannot market it that way, but we’ve had so many practitioners take the product, give it to the Lyme Disease patients with success. We have a group of practitioners in California that are using the product today, because a patient walked in that had had Lyme Disease for 18 years. Someone put that bottle in her hand. She started taking it. Within four days she noticed a difference. She went in, and she said, “Something’s going on here.” They started doing the tests again. They said, “You’re getting better. What’s going on?” She said, “Well, I’m taking this stuff.” Well, that whole office with 21 practitioners …

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Kevin Newsome: -vista well that whole office with 21 practitioners uses the product now.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I agree. As soon as I started using it, and I started seeing the results with it I was, like, I have to use this with every single one of my clients and everyone loves it, that actually gets a bottle and starts trying it. Let’s talk about mold.

Kevin Newsome: Okay.

Wendy Myers: Mold is a big issue for a lot of people, it can be very elusive, resistant to treatment, very frustrating thing to deal with. How does catalyst help with mold?

Kevin Newsome: Catalyst will break down the mold, and breaks it down quickly. People should see results in the mold disease, in my background is, I was an indoor environmental consultant. That’s why this product was brought to me in the first place and Kevin, will this stuff, will you test it to see if it will actually take care of mold, and the different surface things. In testing that that’s when I realized because I talked to people that were already taking it when it was just in a mason jar. There was no bottle and they were getting, seeing great results with problems they were having.

Kevin Newsome: So if you take the foundation and you have aspergillus or any of the molds really, it’s gonna break ’em down. We put it up against almost everyone out there and it broke it down.

Wendy Myers: So you’ve tested against every single type of mold that infect people?

Kevin Newsome: We’ve tested it against the ones that represent, you know, the broadest spectrum of molds. We’ve tested against stachy, it broke stachy down. aspergillus, penicillium, and the different molds, yeah absolutely broke ’em down.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic, fantastic. I’m finding so much out that I actually different know before. Because I know the product works because I use it on myself and I give it to my friends and family and my pets, also because pets are prone to parasites and other issues. So I give it to my dogs, I put a few drops in their food.

Kevin Newsome: Oh yes.

Wendy Myers: So what else can this be used for that comes to mind? I know it can help with digestion, kind of breaking down your food. There’s so many uses for it.

Kevin Newsome: Well we mentioned pets, and it’s great with pets. If pets are using it they’re not gonna have parasites. By the way you can put it topically on a tick and within a few moments you can pull that tick off. And I personally just had a recent exposure to a tick. I was on a hike, when I got back I took my shirt off and my left arm was swollen, you know, big red spot and right in the middle of it was a tick that had burrowed in. In just two hours time.

Wendy Myers: Wow.

Kevin Newsome: We put the foundation on it, the catalyst on it and within 15 minutes we had pulled the tick out dead, and it released and just applied the foundation to it over the next few days and all that swelling and all that disease that come in from the tick just went away. Got some great before and after pictures. I’ll have to email ’em to you for that.

Wendy Myers: Yeah please. I’ll put it in the post.

Kevin Newsome: But, in the eyes we’ve had people call us again, practitioners call us. We had a practitioner in another country, his mom had, she had issues with her eyes and she actually had cataracts, and she, he mixed it up and put, he had heard me talk about it on a forum several years before and he remembered. So he did a mixture and he put it in his mom’s eyes and within four days the cataracts were gone. He said “did you know this?” And we said “no we had no idea.”

Kevin Newsome: The funny part about that, within days another woman called, and she owns a health food store up in the north. And she says “hey I had cataracts so I tried catalyst on it”, I said “how’d you use it”, she said “I just put a few drops in”, I said “straight?” You know, because, foundation, the catalyst foundation has a high pH, it’s got a pH of 9.0 so if you put anything with a pH of 9.0 in your eyes it’s gonna burn, and she just said “yeah, it stung a little bit”, well it stung a lot, but it got rid of her cataracts.

Wendy Myers:  Yeah. Hmm.

Kevin Newsome: And again, you know, I know, we don’t sell it that way because we can’t, we’d be shut down in no time, as a matter of fact we have to be careful how we say this but it gets rid of cataracts. It helps with the eyes, amazing eye drop but you have to dilute it. It’s great in the ears, it gets rid of ear infections.

Wendy Myers: Yeah I hadn’t thought of that.

Kevin Newsome: People it directly on a tooth infection, I mean directly, put the drops on there it gets rid of that tooth infection. Different things like that, the deodorant you already mentioned. The derma, the foaming skincare product is an amazing product and we have a lot of people that use that for their deodorant. My wife has added lavender oil to it because she likes the smell of the lavender oil. But great results.

Kevin Newsome: I have people brushing their teeth with it. You know with the foam, they’ll take a few drops of their catalyst on their toothpaste and use it that way. I will tell you if you’re using a regular toothpaste and you put EPF on it, I’m sorry, foundation on it, it’s gonna break down the toothpaste.

Wendy Myers: Yes.

Kevin Newsome: Quickly, so you don’t want to do that.

Wendy Myers: Yeah.

Kevin Newsome: You have to use a natural toothpaste.

Wendy Myers: So when someone’s trying to do like a parasite cleanse for instance, what would be the protocol for that? How would they take the catalyst foundation, and what would be the, the good doses and how do they take it?

Kevin Newsome: You would, for a good, if they know they have parasites okay, then they should put a dropper full in an ounce to two ounces of water. Put it in their mouth, swish it around. I’m giving you the liquid method, you know, to make it easy.

Wendy Myers: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Kevin Newsome: And swallow it. You do that four times a day, and you’re only going to have to do that for a few days and they’re going to see the parasites coming out. They’re going to notice the difference. That’s a great protocol. That is actually a great protocol for almost any severe issues that someone would have. Just one to two ounces of water, put a dropper full in. If it’s not something like parasite, say you could put eight to 10 drops in that one to two ounces of water.

Kevin Newsome: Put it in your mouth, swish it around, hold it for 15 to 30 seconds and swallow. Do that again three to four times a day.

Wendy Myers: Okay, fantastic. And is there any kind of limit to how long you wanna take it? Is there any like, you know, contra indication for taking it like say for a year every day? What are your thoughts on that?

Kevin Newsome: I’ve been taking it now for eight years every single day with no issues. Everyone that I know around me has been taking it that long. The original chemist has taken it every single day for almost 15 or 16 years now, with no, there are, nothing’s going to harm you in this product. We’ve done tremendous grass studies and not only, we’ve done the white mouse study and not only did we not harm any white mice, they got healthier by taking the product, so.

Wendy Myers: So that brings me to my next question, have there been any clinical trials on Catalyst Foundation, or it’s also called EPA MirorCore. So that’s another name-

Kevin Newsome: EPF, yeah.

Wendy Myers: Oh EPF I’m sorry. So it’s also marketed under EPF MirorCore so if you are, so Kevin you’re saying EPF or catalyst foundation, it’s the same exact product.

Kevin Newsome: Its the exact same product, yes. We’ve not done clinical studies that we would release because we want to remain a supplement and we have proven that we do things that go further than what a supplement’s supposed to go. We have done pathogen studies and they have, the pathogen studies have been tremendous. Again those are published and they are on the website. So take a look at those because they show what we’ve done with mold, they show what we’ve done with stachybotyrs, with bacteria’s and fungus. The different things that it kills.

Kevin Newsome: Our favorite saying is, when it goes against a pathogen it can’t not work. When it goes against a bug, it can’t not work. If it’s something in your body for the most part that is gonna harm you, the product is gonna work. In some way shape or form it’s gonna benefit the person taking it. Now back to your original question on this, you can take this product forever. Most of our practitioners say, hey, and we’ve got a great practitioner in Naples, doctor [inaudible 00:22:03], he says “Kevin, I want my patients to take this for the rest of their life” and we feel the same way.

Kevin Newsome: Not because it’s gonna increase our sales, although that always helps, then we can keep producing the product, but because we know what it’s doing to help that person.

Wendy Myers: Yes, yeah. I mean how is this discovered, I mean who discovered catalyst foundation?

Kevin Newsome: It was originally studied, it was being put together to break down plaque and clots in your body. In so doing, as people started taking it to break down the plaque, and the clots, they found out it was doing so much more. We are, we help with leveling blood sugars out. We don’t cure anything but we help with leveling blood sugars out in the body. We help with just about anything that’s gonna attack the body by giving the body the strength to fight back. We restore the cells.

Kevin Newsome: If you had to say one thing about this product, it is that we’re going to go in, we’re going to eliminate a problem within the cell and we’re gonna restore the cell back to it’s original condition. That’s the best way to describe what it does. But, again, when you stop and thing about that’s what it’s doing, that in itself is amazing, because I don’t know of anything else out there that does it. There are a lot of products out there that yes, help cell health. But this goes way beyond just helping cell health. It cleans the issue out of the cell.

Wendy Myers: And, do you think that it cleans out heavy metals from the cells?

Kevin Newsome: Absolutely, hey, some of our original studies we cleaned out heavy metals and petroleum from the soil, so we definitely do it in the body too.

Wendy Myers: Oh, interesting. Yeah ’cause it would obviously have a certain valence or a negative charge to it, that the catalyst would go out and attach to and then clean out.

Kevin Newsome: It does. It’s gonna break down, anything in there, we’ve done some major animal studies and again, for all the animal lovers out there, I’m one too, and we’ve not done anything to harm an animal again, we’ve only helped them. But we’ve done major studies where animals had parasites and bacteria’s, and heavy metals, different contaminates in the body. And the foundation totally cleansed it out, and I’m talking about over a 24 hour period, so that’s just by adding it to their water. We do the same thing in the human body.

Wendy Myers: And so let’s talk about what catalyst foundation is made of, so it reads on the label it has plant esters and then some essential oils, let’s talk a little about those in how they’re maybe made to work together to potentiate each other and then what exactly are plant esters? What’s in it? What’s in the stuff?

Kevin Newsome: Well it’s really, the ingredients that’s listed on the bottle, it’s the, it’s every part of that plant that we can use. That’s why the words essential oils are on there. We didn’t take somebody’s essential oils and add it to our product. We took the oils out of those plants while we were taking the esters, while we were taking the sterile’s, and the other parts of that plant. And the way that we process, which is so unique, and we love it because at least at this time in history no one else processes it the same way, in the way that we process it blends all of that together so that it works together.

Kevin Newsome: And, again, if you tried to mix those ingredients, and we invite people, hey look, mix it. Because you will not come up with the same product that we have. The product has been reverse engineered, tested for reverse engineering three different times by three major laboratories until the last lab says hey, please don’t bring this back, we can’t tell you what’s in it.

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Kevin Newsome: To take, please don’t bring this back, we can’t tell you what’s in it, we’ve tried, we don’t know what’s in it. We’ve even told them what was in it, well, we can’t find it. We blend the products, we came up with an all natural product, the one that you take, the one that I take, and the one that you love and I love. That is that blend of sterols, esters, oils, that are in that plant. Again, I have to stress this, every ingredient that’s in that plant, that’s usable, we use.

Wendy Myers: I love that it’s an all natural product, there’s nothing in it that’s going to harm you, it’s all natural, just made from plant. It’s just the best parts of the plant, manufactured in a proprietary way, that’s just such an amazing product.

Kevin Newsome: The cool thing about what you just said there, is that it is all natural, it comes up against something like a chemical, it’s going to break that chemical down. As you know, on the bottle, we do not list as organic. Because, number one, in this country, you can put that on your labels all you want, and sorry for of those organic people out there, because I believe in doing everything I possibly can to be organic, but it’s impossible in this country.

Kevin Newsome: But, with our product, if something, a pesticide, and they don’t, because we test our products. Oh man, we go crazy testing them, but if a pesticide came in contact with our product, it’s going to break it down. If you have a pesticide in your body and you take our product, it’s going to break that pesticide down and clean it out of your body. It does the same thing within itself. You drop it in a glass of orange juice, a few drops, and if that orange juice has a contaminant, a pesticide, in it, it’s going to break it down. It’s going to demolish it.

Kevin Newsome: We love this study. We take a juice and we put a few drops of foundation in the juice, and you can sit it on your counter for a week or two, and it’s not going to go bad. We’ve actually had people do that, and after two weeks, drink their orange juice. I believe in the product, but I haven’t drank my orange juice, after two weeks. No, I’ll drink it fresh.

Wendy Myers: That’s why I like taking it with food, because if there are any residues, and there are even organic pesticides, they may be classified as organic, but they’re not that good for you, they can be just as toxic as pesticides used on conventional produce. The catalyst foundation will break that down.

Kevin Newsome: Exactly, it will, and it’ll do it quickly. Another benefit of foundation, is if you’re taking that, and you’re taking another supplemental, as long as that supplement is a valid supplement and it’s not a chemical, it’s going to help that supplement carry into the bloodstream. It’s going to make better use of that supplement, and that supplement will be more effective. As you know, there are many companies trying to figure out ways to make their supplement more effective. Hey, one of the best ways to do it is to take it with catalyst foundation.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, because it’s just going to, like you said, attach on to the things that have a negative charge, correct? Not things that are positively charged?

Kevin Newsome: Correct.

Wendy Myers: Did I say that right?

Kevin Newsome: You did. The other part about it, we’ve sent it to several places to see if they can make our particle size even smaller, and these are companies that specialize in this, but when they get it, they say, hey look, our equipment measures the tiniest out there and we can’t measure your particles, because they’re already smaller than anything we can measure. We’re already beyond nano, and that’s not a term I’m crazy about, because people don’t understand it yet, it kind of freaks them out. Let’s just say we have a small particle size in catalyst foundation, and that helps carry the other things into your body as well.

Wendy Myers: Yes. Yeah, and so, you have another product called Candida RX, can you tell us what is the difference between that and Catalyst Foundation?

Kevin Newsome: We added a blend of some other plants that we know help with Candida. Using that and using the effectiveness of catalyst foundation, we see that breaking the Candida down even quicker. Again, I’ve not seen anything on the market that will come in and with a hundred percent effectiveness, break down Candida, besides this product. We love it.

Wendy Myers: So yeah, I love the Candida RX, because I’ve taken that when I’ve had some yeast issues, or a fungal rash, and what not. It works really, really well, so I highly recommend that. You can use that if you are prone to candida infections, or you’re battling with candida infections and nothing else has worked. One thing I hear over and over again from people, is that they’ve taken supplements or products for candida, and the infection just comes back. They treat it and it comes back, and they can be very frustrated by that. Metals will cause that, many times when people have mercury toxicity, or copper toxicity, that will facilitate the overgrowth of candida. People will be wondering why it keeps coming back, but candida RX can take care of the metals, take care of the infection itself, and prevent it from returning.

Kevin Newsome: Absolutely, and then you can go to a maintenance dose, a low dose, the dose that’s on the bottle. That’s not only going to help you keep that candida away, first off, the foundation is going to break it down, and rid your body of it. So, if it’s coming back, then you’re doing something to bring it back. If you’re taking the catalyst foundation or the candidarx, you’re going to find that it’s not going to come back. I guess you could go out and your diet could be so horrible, that even taking it you could bring it back. Well, hopefully not.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, anything can come back if you have the wrong diet, eat lots of sugar or alcohol and refined grains. You’re feeding candida and it can regrow, but at least you have a weapon in the candidarx, with keeping the populations under control if it does come back.

Wendy Myers: So, let’s talk about the numbing effect that catalyst foundation has. You’ll notice, when you try it, which I’m sure you’re going to after this interview. It’s when you take some drops of it, put it in a glass of water, and drink it down, you can feel a noticeable numbing in your throat, in your mouth area, what not. What is that about?

Kevin Newsome: The product has eugenol and clove in it, and even though it’s a strong version of it, when you get that blend, that’s the numbing effect that you see. It’s really the effectiveness of the product itself. That numbing effect, if you’re not taking it. Our granddaughter, she cut herself badly, on her foot, she had to go to the ER and get stitches, but in the meantime, we put the product on her foot, and it numbed it immediately. She was pretty pleased, even when they put the stitches in. Truly it’s the eugenol, it’s that blend of ingredients, and I like the numbing effect, although I have seen it scare people. They’ll call, most of the time if we get a call like that, I’ll get it.

Kevin Newsome: My son’s throat is numb, is this going to harm them? No, it’s not, it’ll go away in a few minutes, just drink water, and it goes away. That normally satisfies them, but if you’ve got time, I have to tell you a funny story. We had a practitioner tell a woman to put it up her sinuses, to put four drops in her sinuses. She put four dropper fulls in each sinus. So, her whole face got numb, and the next day it was still numb. So, she goes back to the practitioner, and she says, let’s call Kevin and ask him. Kevin, when will her face not be numb any more. I asked, how much did she use? He says, well, four dropper fulls in each nostril, I told her four drops, but she misunderstood. I said, I have no way of telling you that, we’ve not had anyone do that before.

Kevin Newsome: So, I will tell you, it took several days for that numbness to go away in her obviously.

Wendy Myers: Won’t make that mistake again.

Kevin Newsome: Let’s go to the emergency room, and the doctor looked at it and said, there’s nothing in this bottle that would harm you, so you’re okay.

Wendy Myers: Yes, doctor approved. So, let’s talk a little about maintenance dose. We know that you can take it internally, you can take it topically, you can put it on your skin, in your sinus, you can put it on your butt for anal itching, it’s perfectly safe. So, if someone’s going to a maintenance dose, internally, what would that look like after they take a more, intense dose, you said, taking it four times a day.

Wendy Myers: So, what would a maintenance dose look like of catalyst foundation?

Kevin Newsome: Three to five drops, maybe three times a day.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, great. That’s simple enough. So, that’s great, if someone’s doing an intense protocol cleanse, or they have food poisoning, or they have a cold or some sort of viral infection, they can do the intense one dropper full four times day, and then do that for three days, maybe seven days, depending on the severity of the infection. Then go down to three to five drops, three times a day.

Wendy Myers: Hey, great. Well, Kevin, thank you so much for coming on the show. It was such a pleasure having you on to discuss the wonders of catalyst foundation, the benefits, the many uses, the dosage, how to use it. I love this product. I use it every single day, I recommend it to every single one of my clients, and I highly recommend to anyone listening, try catalyst foundation for yourself. You will see the improvements to your skin, in your health, just in your overall appearance. In dealing with parasites, infections, any type of health issue that you have, you’ll find some measurable improvement using catalyst foundation.

Kevin Newsome: Absolutely.

Wendy Myers: Kevin, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Kevin Newsome: Thank you for having me. Please call anytime if you have any questions, we’re always glad to help.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic, and everyone, thanks so much for joining me for the Myers DetoxPodcast. You can learn more about me, Wendy Myers, at We have hundreds and hundreds of podcasts for you, mostly about the topic of heavy metal detoxification. So, take a couple minutes to go on, to review the Myers DetoxPodcast, it would be so appreciated. We will talking to you next week.

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