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Top Takeaways

  1. Jay Davidson has been honing in on the major upstream sources that are holding people back, and in what order they need to address them.
  2. In order to start we need to understand what’s wrong and what the upstream sources are.
  3. Parasites, Lyme, Bartonella, Epstein-Barr, cytomegalia, and a variety of retroviruses are all major upstream sources.
  4. There are over 80,000 different chemicals that we have hardly studied for the effects on the human body.
  5. Retroviruses embed in our own DNA in a process called reverse transcriptase.
  6. Retroviruses can lay dormant in our bodies until triggered by emotional trauma, or contact with toxins.
  7. The first step in Dr. Jay Davidson’s order of detox is drainage. Opening up the drainage pathways to rid the body of pathogens.
  8. The second step is to tackle parasites in the body by doing a parasiticcleanse.
  9. Heavy metals, mold, bacteria, and Lyme can be stored within parasites.
  10. To properly detox heavy metals Dr. Jay believes you have to do a parasitic cleanse.
  11. Parasites can steal nutrients and disrupt neural transmitters, causing nutrient deficiencies and blocking chemical pathways.
  12. Jay’s number one favorite parasite protocol is taking mimosa pudica seed.
  13. Jay also uses Ayurvedic herbs like Neem, Holarrhena, Triphala, and clove, which are great anti-parasitics.
  14. He recommends being persistent with parasite cleanses, as it can take a long time for the cleanse to properly remove all parasites from the body.
  15. He recommends doing a 30-day drainage, and then moving into a parasitic cleanse.
  16. Jay’s At Home Program provides assessments to help youfigure out what’s going on at your own pace, by watching videos, looking at protocols, and walking through the healing journey.
  17. You can learn more about Dr. Jay Davidson at and his supplements at


Wendy Myers: Hello everyone. My name is Wendy Myers. Welcome to the Myers DetoxPodcast. You can learn more about me and detoxification at Today we have a very special show. We have Dr. Jay Davidson on the podcast to talk about the order in which you need to address your health issues. Many people have heavy metals, they have mold, they have parasites, they have other issues going on, and there’s a plethora of information on the internet about doing a mold protocol, doing a heavy metal protocol, doing a parasite protocol. But where do you begin? What’s the order in which you need to address these issues? That’s a very very important factor when you’re trying to heal your health is doing it in the order in which many people including practitioners like Jay Davidson had discovered is the best way to go about things.

Wendy Myers:  I personally think bioenergetics is very foundational. It’s something that everyone should begin with in their health, doing a NES Health bioenergetics program that we offer here at Myers Detox. That helps to correct a lot of down line issues that people have. It gets their body functioning better in many, many, many different ways. You can learn more about that on and in my podcast, Supercharged which is completely dedicated to bioenergetics. It’s really the future of healthcare. But today, I want to talk to talk about a lot of different things that you can do for parasites, some interesting information on retroviruses, lots of amazing tidbits on amazing supplements you can take for parasites. Dr. Jay Davidson is a wealth of information. He’s always so interesting to talk to. He’s been on the show a couple times, but lots of new stuff that he’s revealing today on the show.

Wendy Myers: I had kind of an upsetting weekend. My dog, Wizard, was found in the pool drowned. I was filming, I was doing some filming with our videographer, and my daughter wanted to show the videographer our dog, wanted to meet Wizard, and they went outside and discovered him in the pool. I was so sad, because he’s been with our family for about ten years. And it just compounded matters, because my dog, Jezebel, died about three months ago. She was hit by a car. It was just really devastating. Jezebel was my very first dog, and just such a smart, amazing dogs, wonderful members of our family, and brought such love and joy like pets do, into our lives. It was also amazing kind of helping my dogs with their health alternatively, using our NES Health bioenergetics program and using our Catalyst Foundation parasite supplement that I would use on them to help with their health.

Wendy Myers: They were really thriving. I was hoping to keep them in our lives for a long time by keeping them healthy doing some of the things that I do for my health like the NES Health bioenergetics. Unfortunately, it was their time to go. Really, really sad about that, but we’re planning in the new year to get a couple new puppies, probably Pomeranians, also, but we may go to a shelter, too, and see if there’s an Pomeranians that we can adopt. So we’re going to start looking around in the new year, and very sad to have our animals pass. It’s really sad having to experience that with losing our two dogs and my daughters dealing with that, learning about death and loss and whatnot. It’s really interesting with that, too. I did a NES Health scan recently, and profound loss showed up on my scan. When we have grief, when we have loss in our family, that resonates at a certain frequency, and that can be picked up by a biofeedback scan like a NES Health bioenergetics scan.

Wendy Myers: It’s just really, really interesting how that came up after my dog, Jezebel, died, and then also after Wizard died. So I just wanted to share that with you guys. But on to today’s show. Dr. Jay Davidson is a very good friend of mine, and I love having him on the show. He is a doctor of chiropractic, and a PSc.D. who completed his undergraduate studies at University Wisconsin Lacrosse, majoring in biology with a biomedical concentration and chemistry minor. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Minnesota. Dr. Jay focuses on functional natural medicine, and he’s also a husband and a father. He’s also a popular speaker and a two-time number one international best-selling author. Dr. Jay was the host of the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit number one, two, and three, and he’s also the host of the Parasite Summit, and a co-host of the Detox Project, which I spoke on, which had over 50,000 participants.

Wendy Myers: Dr. Jay Davidson is admired for his ability to bridge the gap between the scientific health community and the layperson. Dr. Jay is an ambitious researcher and clinician in the health world, and his at-home Lyme disease program is his private community that walks you through the exact protocols that changed his wife’s life from a near-death experience with Lyme disease. He’s also the co-founder of Microbe Formulas. You can learn more about Jay at and learn about his supplement line at Dr. Jay, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Jay Davidson: Thanks for having me, Wendy. I’m excited to chat with you today.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, so you’ve become quite the expert on parasites and so many other health issues like gut health and whatnot. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about what you’ve been doing lately?

Jay Davidson: Yeah, yeah. I feel like it’s kind of been a whirlwind for 2018, but it’s exciting. And I feel like it’s been so much personal discovery, you know, with my own health, which I feel like for all of us, we’re like what’s going on? And all of a sudden you’ll figure out another key or another piece, and you’re like, “Oh, that makes so much sense.” And then all of the sudden gratitude comes in. Like, “Oh, thank you for figuring that out.” So yeah, I guess lately I’ve really been honing in on the order to get people well, because I feel like there’s a lot of education that’s out there. People are very education thirsty and hungry, you know with consuming podcasts and summits.

Jay Davidson:  I feel like, to some degree though, it’s like well how do I categorize things? We almost get lost of like okay, that’s a great piece of information, or that’s like groundbreaking, but then where does that fit in for me? I just feel like today, our day and age, we have our cabinets full of just supplements, and then we kind of like forgot what did I originally order that for? What’s the purpose behind it? So that’s really what I’ve been honing in on is like okay, what are the major upstream sources that are holding people back, and then in what order do we need to address them, and then probably the newest thing is kind of … Well, I mean going farther in depth, which we can chat about today, but also understanding the importance of mitochondria.

Jay Davidson:  You know, just the mitochondrial, which I’ve heard it for years, but at the same time it’s like, if we don’t have the basic mitochondrial energy, no matter what protocol you put somebody on, it’s just like they can crash or they could not feel good even though maybe the protocol’s the right thing and it’s getting them the right direction. It’s just like the body’s not healing.

Wendy Myers: Yes, yeah. So I think that’s a really, really important topic that we’re going to discuss today on the podcast because, like you said, there are so many options out there. People can do parasite cleanse and they can do heavy metal detox. They can do so many other different things. But where do you begin? Like what order do you start? And as a layperson it can be very, very overwhelming. They try different things and they try different programs and try different supplements, just hoping something sticks, something works. So just tell us, where do we start?

Jay Davidson: Well, where we start is, I have to understand what’s wrong or what are the upstream sources. Clinically, the top things I see is parasite infection. And for those that are maybe and a first world country like the US or Australia, and they’re like, parasites, are you kidding me? It’s like, “No, parasites, absolutely.” Which we can talk more about that. Other chronic infection. And I mean, you could put parasites and other chronic infection together. I like to separate them, and when I’m talking about other chronic infection, I’m specifically talking about bacteria like Lyme disease, like Bartonella, specifically talking about viruses like Epstein-Barr, cytomegalia. I mean, there’s a whole bunch of different herpes-type viruses. And then also, retroviruses. And retroviruses are one of those big keys that I’ve actually found out personally is also really related to parasites. So it’s like all these things different connect.

Jay Davidson: So we’ve got parasites, chronic infection, mold in your home, environment, school, work, and then I would say the fourth thing would be toxins, and top of the list would be heavy metals, but I would also want to throw pesticides, radiation up on that list, as well, too as probably top of the list I would put for toxicity.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. And guess what? When you go to your conventional medical doctor, they’re not looking for any of those things, any of those underlying root causes as to what is causing your health issues and what can we do about it? You’re just not getting any information or testing or knowledge about that whatsoever.

Jay Davidson: No. No, absolutely not. I mean, even today I’ll still hear from mainstream medical world detox, “Why would you need to detox? That’s what a liver and that’s what the kidneys are for.” And I’m like, “Are you kidding me? We still have to have this discussion? With over 80,000 different chemicals that have been created by man, we hardly have studied any for safety, let alone how they interact. And to think like it’s not possible for our bodies to be overloaded where we have to assist in getting these chemicals out? When somebody brings that up, I’m like, “Really? I can’t even have a conversation with you, because you have to understand we’re more toxic now than ever.” And if you don’t believe toxicity is an issue, then we have some foundation that we have to somehow lay. But you’d probably do a better job explaining that than I would.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. I don’t even bother trying to make those arguments. I mean, when people pose them on Facebook or whatnot. But yeah, it’s like in some people, their livers just don’t work very well genetically. So forget the liver argument. But I think for the most part, many peoples livers are compromised today, because the liver has to break down all these 80,000 chemicals that we can potentially be exposed to. Retroviruses … That’s something that I’ve talked about once before on the podcast, and it’s a big problem. There’s millions of people with retroviruses, and other infections that you talked about, going to their doctor, not getting a correct diagnosis, and therefore no hope of getting the correct protocol to address it.

Wendy Myers:  But retroviruses, in particular, are interesting because we get those from vaccines. All vaccines, every single one, contain retroviruses. Immunotherapy, some cancer treatments, contain retroviruses. So it’s something that if you had any of those in the past, you could have retroviruses, and the only option is antivirals for those to stop those symptoms. Tell us a little bit more about those.

Jay Davidson: The retroviruses, my good friend, Dr. Todd Watts has been doing a lot of research into that, and also one of our scientists is pretty well-versed in it, and Dr. Judy Mikovits has really been a pioneer in this world. I know Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s been speaking about it, as well, too. It’s something that we need to understand is an epidemic, and we’re not going to see really the magnitude of it probably for another 10 or 20 years even if we made changes now because retroviruses basically embed in our own DNA. They do something called reverse transcriptase, where essentially they’ll have their own DNA, they’ll embed, and they have basically things in them that will allow them to insert their DNA right into ours, and now our DNA has retroviruses in it, and then we’ll transcribe, we’ll replicate, and now we’re having these retroviruses is what they call them DNA that are basically us.

Jay Davidson: So you can argue, as we’re exposed to more and more retroviruses, that we’re becoming less human. It’s an interesting conversation, but the thing that I’ve seen is that retroviruses will be triggered at different times. So, let’s say you have some emotional trauma. You unfortunately lose a loved-one, going through a divorce, something happened like that, a physical trauma car accident, you have a chemical stressor. You get walk out on a golf course and you get exposed to pesticides, you’re in a moldy building without realizing it, all of a sudden you get heavy metal exposure. These stressors can then trigger that retrovirus that could be dormant for 10, 20, 30 years and then all of a sudden activate it. Where you think, “Well, I’m doing great with health. I don’t have any issues.” And all of the sudden now you have a trigger that can then basically trigger these retroviruses that become active. Now all of the sudden we have an issue. And when they’re embedded in our DNA, we’re like wait a minute, this is definitely something that we need to bring attention to and understand.

Jay Davidson: We’ve been experimenting working with some kind of research products in going after them, and one of the newer products, which isn’t out yet, but Dr. Todd Watts gave me some to test out, and of course I always want to test the stuff out and see how it’s going. I took some one morning at a seminar that we were at. The next morning about 9am, took some again, and then around like lunchtime I went to the bathroom. My stomach just kind of felt queasy. Went to wipe, and I’m like, “That didn’t feel right,” I looked down, and this is the second time this has happened in my life. There’s worms hanging from me into the toilet bowl. They’re dead, but I’m like, “Again?” Because the first time was when I started with mimosa pudica seed. About 17 days in at a conference actually that we both attended, my stomach felt kind of rolling and queasy the day before, and then I went to the bathroom and was like, “Oh, I just feel so much better,” but then these things are hanging out of me I had to pull out.

Jay Davidson: The second time it happened, I was on no antiparasitics and I was just addressing retroviruses. That’s what really opened my mind up in the last few months of how connected parasites are with retroviruses. And you can kind of go down the research pathway. It might be good just to interview Dr. Watts, because he’s done so much research in this category, but kind of correlating parasites with the correlation of retroviruses. So, Strongyloides, which is a parasite with different retroviruses, the HCLVs and these different things, and how they’re basically connected. So me, going after retroviruses, all of the sudden I’m pulling more critters out of my rear end, which is like, “What? How’s this happen?”

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and so it’s not enough just to go after parasites. You have to address the retroviruses, as well, correct?

Jay Davidson: Yeah. So you have to address it all, I believe. And I believe that there’s a right order, and I think I’ve figured it out, but I’m always open to learning and always open to growing. You know, so much has changed in just the last few years. But when I look at, let’s assume you have all these issues because the listener might be saying, “Well, what’s the right order?” It’s like, let’s just assume that all these are issues, first of all, so we can map out the order. And then if you don’t have them, great, you can kind of skip some steps. But I’d rather assume that people have a toxicity issue, I’d rather assume them to have a parasite infection then to say I don’t really think so and kind of skip over it, and now it’s like they actually did have it and it threw them off.

Jay Davidson: So it’s super-important to understand the order. The first thing is to understand what’s wrong. So if we just assume that all these pieces are actually part of the puzzle for you, then the first step I would say is drainage, Wendy. Drainage is just about opening the pathways up. Because if you’re going to start to detox, if you’re going to start to kill off pathogens, whether they’re parasites, chronic infections like viruses or bacteria or retroviruses, they have to have somewhere to go. So a drainage pathway would be the colon, making sure you’re going number two regularly. How often? I like to recommend two, if not three times a day when you have something that you’re actually going after on the health side. One to two might be all right. It’s kind of a good number just for the typical wellness side of things, but two to three.

Jay Davidson: I would always err on the side of the bowels moving more than less, because as soon as you start killing things, or as soon as you start detoxing things, if that bowels back up, it backs the whole train up and backs all the body up. The liver bile duct is a really important area, mentioned the liver earlier. The kidneys. We’ve got the lymphatic system, the brain draining into the lymphatic system, the glymphatic system is what they call it. It’s basically the glial cell and lymphatic together. We’ve got the skin as a sweat pathway. So what can we do to open up the drainage pathway to prepare you? And that’s probably one of the most important things I see, where people run into health issues or they run into kind of the “Herksinecrisis” is, they just jump into I’m going to kill stuff or I’m going to detox stuff.

Jay Davidson: I did that. I’m like, “I have mercury and lead,” jumped into it, and then reacted. Leaky gut and allergies flared up, and just a huge reaction, and I’m like wait a minute. And actually at the time I thought, “Well, there’s no way I could detox.” But what I didn’t realize was, I wasn’t doing anything to get my body ready. And that’s really why they look at drainage. So, assuming you’re supporting the drainage pathway, then the next step is the parasite side. You know, there’s a lot of testing out there, but honestly I would say don’t waste your money.

Jay Davidson: I was actually just recently at a seminar this last weekend, and the speaker was talking about he saw some research … I actually emailed him to ask him can you send it my way, and he sent me an article, but he was still looking for the main one he found. But the research was talking about doing a microbiome stool sample, and then actually a physical exam of the colon to check the cultures inside the colon, and how vastly different they were and how much it kind of questions the result of even like microbiome testing. I say that because kind of we’re trained in our society, “Well, let’s run a lab.” Parasites didn’t show up on a lab test, so why do I have parasites?

Jay Davidson: Parasites don’t always come out in every stool sample. The labs are usually pretty jammed, they’re trying to do 20 samples in an hour. They maybe spend three minutes a sample, and if they don’t find it in that time period, it’s negative. But then the other complicating thing is that, when parasites die, some of them actually release an enzyme that will dissolve their own bodies. So by the time it gets sent into a lab, transit time or the time the lab looks at it, I mean there could have been a parasite and now it could be gone or not really recognizable. So I don’t like the parasite tests that are available, at least today. I would rather just put finances to let’s parasite cleanse and see what comes out of you.

Wendy Myers:  Yeah, and there’s thousands of parasites, also. You can’t test for all of those.

Jay Davidson: Yeah. There’s thousands, and I actually just saw some research a few weeks ago. I think it was done actually last year, but I saw it just a few weeks ago that they DNA sequence 10 different parasite species they hadn’t ever sequenced, and they came up with a million new genes. And I’m like, “A million new genes? How far behind are we?” Or like you’re saying, can we really trust a negative. So I would rather assume like you have parasites, let’s cleanse. When you actually see stuff come out of you, you don’t need a test to be like, “Okay, that was it.” Especially if you end up like me where you actually have to pull things out. They’re usually dead, but it’s in the words of Shrek, “Always better out than in.”

Wendy Myers: Yeah. So let’s talk about the order in which we want to do things. Can you expand on that a little bit more?

Jay Davidson: Yes.

Wendy Myers: Where do we start?

Jay Davidson: First step is drainage. Open up the drainage pathway. It could be supplements that help support the liver-bile duct system, it could be doing things like coffee enemas, castor oil packing, liver-gall bladder flushes. It could be things to help move the colon along, support the lymphatic, dry brushing, sauna. There’s all kinds of different things that could be in that regimen.

Jay Davidson: The next thing is, we want to go after parasites. Parasites, the reason why they’re so early in the journey is, mold spores will live inside of parasites. So let’s say that you remediate your house and you are like, “I am mold safe, thank goodness.” But you’re still dealing with chronic inflammatory response syndrome, SEARS, like Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker talks about. It’s because, possibly, that the mold spores are still in your body even though your environment’s clean, because they’re living inside of parasites and replicating. So parasites have to be dealt with the fully clear out mold from your body. Heavy metals, which I know you talk about so often, they’re stored within parasites. So parasites are basically sponges. They’ll absorb six, sometimes eight times their weight in a heavy metal. That’s why I believe, personally, that there’s a parasite epidemic now is because of the toxicity epidemic.

Jay Davidson: So because there’s a vast amount of heavy metal toxicity in our bodies, it creates an environment that actually attracts parasites. Our body says, “Oh, thank you for absorbing those heavy metals.” But now you get the down side of the parasite. And technically the heavy metals are still in your body, because they’re within the parasite. So you have to kill the parasite. Some of that metal will leave with the debris. Some of it will be released, which is why it’s so important to be binding on to these heavy metals, even during a parasite cleanse. But to truly detox heavy metals, I believe that you have to parasite cleanse, first.

Jay Davidson: I did a couple years of chelation for heavy metals and never put it together about parasites until after the fact. I look back now and I’m like, “Gosh, I could’ve saved so much time, probably,” but I also wouldn’t have that same appreciation and wouldn’t be able to have a conversation about it right now. So we’ve got parasites will hold mold spores, parasites will hold onto heavy metals, and then research has also shown that different chronic infections, little ones, little bugs like Lyme disease and bacteria, will live inside of parasites as well. Dr. Allen McDonald actually showed that bacteria like Lyme disease lives safely within nematodes, which is a type of parasite.

Jay Davidson: So for somebody that’s been battling chronic infection, they’ve been going after Lyme disease, they’ve been going after Epstein-Barr and they’re like, “I can’t get well. As soon as I stop my protocol, I crash.” It’s because you’re missing pieces. Either you haven’t addressed the detoxification of the heavy metals that’s part of the biofilm that’s protecting these critters, or you haven’t addressed the parasite that’s housing them. If we start removing the shields that are protecting these critters, everything changes and actually becomes a lot easier.

Jay Davidson: What my good friend, Dr. Todd Watts has been discovering with parasites in the research is, when you have a parasite infection, it actually lifts up your TH2 immune system, drops down your TH1. Well, that makes you more prone to having a viral infection. So the viruses replicate faster, and our immune system can’t clear it out. So somebody that’s dealing with chronic viral load, they have a hard time actually getting well because of a parasite infection is messing up their immune system. I personally went through a lot. Any time I would travel, I’d get sick, kind of grew up always sick. When I finally was clearing parasites out, now all of a sudden my immune system is like titanium. And what I realized was that it was most likely making me prone to getting sick, that my immune system was all off.

Jay Davidson: So parasite’s got to be first in order to clear mold out, in order to fully clear heavy metals out, and then I would say the chronic infection like the virus, the bacteria is kind of the last step because they will use heavy metals to protect themselves. They’ll use parasites to live inside of, and it’ll also mess up the immune system. And then remember, mold will suppress the immune system and make you more prone to that stuff, too. So if you understand like okay, I’ve got Epstein-Barr or I have Lyme disease, the last thing you want to do is just try to go after that critter. You want to approach it in this order because that’s going to speed the process up and you’re less likely to crash, too.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. And it’s also there’s something to be said for strengthening your immune system functioning, because I think for many people, they have compromised immune system functioning for so many different reasons. Nutritionally, stress-wise, EMF, not enough sleep, they don’t take the right supplements for minerals. And we need to do things to fortify our immune system so it can do its job and keep these infection populations and parasite populations under control.

Jay Davidson: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, it’s our lifestyle. And not to leave off your diet, your food, that completely matters. I’d rather have you eat really good food than take 100 supplements. Let’s start with the food. And then, that’s also not to include your mental, emotional traumas or stressors. You know, around the holiday season, there’s the most anxiety, the most depression, the most deaths unfortunately in December than any other month of the year. So there’s a big emotional component to health, as well. But as far as the four big things I mentioned earlier, I’d say that’s kind of more that functional medicine world.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. And you have to be proactively addressing any infections that you have, get the populations down, because the parasite poop, all the mycotoxins are releasing, cause a lot of symptoms and health issues. People have trouble metabolizing that and detoxing it, as well.

Jay Davidson: Yeah, totally. It’s what actually creates food sensitivities and allergies. I mean, allergies are out of the world right now. There’s so many different things that people react to, and dairy allergy is probably one of the biggest symptoms of parasite infection because if you think about this, when you eat food and you have some protein, our bodies should break that protein down into amino acids, which is basically the next step. We use the amino acids to then make neural transmitters. These are the serotonin, the dopamine, you know what actually make us feel good and make our brain cognition normal. And parasites will actually eat the protein to prevent us from getting the amino acid breakdown.

Jay Davidson: A lot of times people will say, “Well, take enzymes with food when you’re parasite cleansing” which I agree, because then basically you’re assisting the protein to be broken down to amino acids, so you’re kind of like not feeding the parasite. But the key is, we have to go after the parasites. Because when parasites are there, they’re basically stealing our nutrients. They’re robbing us from what we should be eating. And then they’re also messing up the neural transmitters and all the other things. So not only are we nutrient deficient, but then it also affects a lot of chemical pathways, as well.

Wendy Myers: So talk about your favorite parasite protocols. What kind of things do you recommend to go after the parasites?

Jay Davidson: The number one thing I like is mimosa pudica seed, and I’ll say that again, because I know when my good friend, Dr. Todd Watts told me … I was speaking onstage about Lyme and hormones, and this guy in the audience started asking me questions like biochemistry. I’m like, “Either he’s a jerk, or he’s like really smart and wants to know some answers.” So we talked afterward, and I’m like, “Oh, this guy’s like genuinely nice. He just really wants to know the pathways and things like that. He thinks very biochemistry.” We went to dinner with some other people that we mutually knew, and he starts showing me pictures. And I’m like, “What is that?” He’s like, “That’s this type of worm, that’s that, that’s that.” I’m like, “I want to try that out.” My curiosity definitely put me in. And he’s like, “Well, this is mimosa pudica seed.” I’m like mimosa pudica seed? He’s like, “Yeah, not the whole plant, not the bark, but the seed is what the sticky stuff is that seems to work really well.”

Jay Davidson: So I started taking it, and that’s 17 days in when I was pulling two worms out of me that was hanging from me into the toilet bowl. It was a crazy story because I’m at a seminar, not speaking, just attending. No reason for the butterflies. My stomach just felt like I had butterflies. As soon as I passed my stool, I’m like, “I feel amazing.” But then I saw the worms and I yell at my wife, because she’s in the hotel room. I’m like, “Heather, get over here. You have to see this.” At the time, my daughter comes running over. She’s like three years old. She looks at me and is like, “Dad, why do you have string hanging from your butt?” I’m like, “Heather, get over here. You have to see this.” She’s like oh just that look like I’m looking, but I don’t want to look, like what is that?

Jay Davidson: And my mind started racing. I’m like, “Wait a minute, if I, a relatively healthy guy, have these, who else does?” And the only thing I was taking at that time was actually mimosa pudica seed. Do that, by itself could get you some great results. And I had a lot of symptoms. Even like, my nose would harden, I’d get like these scabby boogers inside my nose when I was taking that, so I knew it had this whole systemic effect. It’s amazing for GI tract and just like a gut grabber, gut scrubber, really gut support, which can be used probably in any protocol. But it’s got really great results with parasites and biofilm and candida and those kind of things.

Jay Davidson: But then when I started looking into and using Ayurvedic herbs like Neem, Holarrhena, Triphala, clove, these other Ayurvedic herbs that have been used in India for years with parasites, started getting some more things out. And that’s kind of just opened me up to, “Okay, if it’s an antiparasitic, I’m going to try it out.” So I like varying it up, I like rotation. But I would say kind of that Ayurvedic blend along with mimosa pudica seed is really a great foundation. And then there’s things like tinctures that work really good, too, that absorb systemically that have the classic anti-parasitics, like wormwood, black walnut. We’ve got lomatium. I mean, there’s quite a few great products out there, but the key, I would remind the listener, short little couple-day parasite cleanses? No. Be persistent, be consistent.

Jay Davidson: When I got those two long ones out, the next month and a half, there’s like four to seven inchers, and that was like all my stools. Then it stopped, and I was like, “Oh, thank you. I’m all done.” Then like a month later, stomach started not feeling great, skin started being a little irritated. I’m like, “I wonder if I still have some more parasites?” Went back on, same thing. Went another month of clearing stuff out, and then stopped. I’m like, “Oh, I must be done.” Then the symptoms came back again, and I realized, “Okay, as soon as I stop seeing them doesn’t mean that I’m done. What it means is that either the next round of eggs hasn’t hatched, or there’s another size that’s ready to come out.”

Jay Davidson: So what I’ve kind of found clinically is, big ones come out first, then the smaller ones. So I had some obviously real long like ascarislumbricoides roundworms, then I had smaller ones, then I ended up getting some pinworms, and those are the ones that make your butt itchy. And then of course my wife, her butt started getting itchy. I’m like, “Sorry, hon.” So she started cleansing them.” Because it’s one thing … You’re like, “Well, how do I get them?” Well, even if you’re not intimate with somebody, just living in the same environment. Pets, cats, dogs. Do you let your pets lick you? Especially a dog, it’s like, “Do you know where that mouth has licked before?” Do you let your animals sleep in bed with you?

Jay Davidson:  This is where it’s good … I always look at, “Okay, who’s the most struggling person, health wise. Start with them first. Then as they get a couple months into parasite cleansing, do the rest of the family at the same time, because you don’t want to be sharing the stuff back and forth.” I had a friend that she was having a hard time getting over Lyme disease, and then she actually treated her dog for it, and boom, she was fine. It was like the dog kept giving it back to her. So understand that who’s ever in your household, whether they’re humans or animals, that that can also play a role with your health, too.

Wendy Myers:  So let’s talk about binders. Is it important to take binders when you’re doing parasite cleansing?

Jay Davidson: Absolutely. Yeah, so parasites will produce by-products like ammonia, which is a very alkaline toxin that kind of forms in pockets. So getting on something that helps actually bind the ammonia can help symptomatology like greatly. But then also, when the parasites die, they’re going to release heavy metals, so it’s really important to be on something that can help to bind those heavy metals. Because you don’t want to have them release and then redistribute to some other area and deposit, and then it’s like it’s going to take you that much longer to detox them.

Jay Davidson: And remember, too, bacteria, viruses will also be inside of parasites. So it’s good to be on something that’s immune-boosting, which generally anti-parasitics are, especially the herbal route. So we’ll kind of cover that. But even something for viruses themselves or even retroviruses is good to be on while you’re cleansing, along with binding heavy metals. One of the symptoms … So many stories, you know, but it’s like they’ve all helped me to learn things. I had an outbreak of this rash from my pubic bone up into my armpits, and then basically in the inside of my biceps, so it was symmetrical. It was like this big V. I’m like, “This looks like shingles or chicken pox.”

Jay Davidson: I ran an electrodermal screening machine on the abductor. It’s kind of like askeel newer version. First thing that shows up, chicken pox. I’m like, “Oh my gosh, chicken pox.” And my mind started thinking like wait a minute. I had chicken pox naturally as a kid. That was before the chicken pox vaccine ever existed. I bet you that bug, or that virus, was actually in parasites that I’ve had for a long time. Finally, when I killed the parasite, now that virus came out where my immune system could finally clear it out. So a few weeks later, the rash was gone and I haven’t had an issue. And then the other thing I think about, too, is what my friend, Dr. Todd Watts says is, when you have a parasite infection, it suppresses your TH1 which allows viral replication. But I’m like, “That virus still had to be hiding.” And I also think, Wendy, how many people, when they’re older they get this shingles outbreak. Where does that come from? Is that because they just have parasites and they have these critters still living in them where their immune system hasn’t cleared them out?

Wendy Myers: Yeah, so let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about what your ideal parasite protocol is. You said that you want to cleanse often, you want to cleanse consistently. What is an ideal schedule? I know a lot of people want to do parasite cleanse, they know that’s on their list that they need to do that at some point. What’s the best way to go about that?

Jay Davidson: Yeah, well definitely, the quality of your products matter. I mean, obviously I’m biased with Microbe Formulas, but I had done parasite cleanses before and I was like no parasites, I don’t have any issues. I hardly did any international travel. Like, “Of course, that’s not going to be me. I grew up in the United States.” And of course it ends up being probably one of my biggest health things that I’ve found to date. So impactful. I had severe food allergies, severe skin issues, grinding teeth. I mean, I’ve got porcelain crowns on my teeth because I was chipping away the front teeth so much I was ready to break them off thinking, “Oh, I’m just working too much or I’m just too stressed.” No, when you go to sleep, parasites get active. They increase your cortisol, which oftentimes makes you a light sleeper, you wake up. But then what’ll happen is, they’re active during the night when you’re sleeping, and then you’ll clench and grind because you’re stressed out during the sleep, not maybe because of stress during the day but because of the critters inside.

Jay Davidson: I always recommend 30 days drainage, at least, to start with. Open the pathways up. A lot of people like to skip it, and then symptoms pop up, and they’re like, “Oh, now I get it. Now I get why I should start with drainage first.” But I like 30 days of drainage, and then I like to go into the parasite cleanse. And when you’re parasite cleansing, I like persistent and consistent. Now, it of course depends on the products. There’s some products that you want to pulse. Like wormwood, you don’t want to be on that for three months straight. You want to pulse that a little bit more. But I like 90 days off the bat, kind of minimum. Be every day, 90 days, and if you don’t notice any changes after a month, that’s when you start increasing the dosage. You know, the Ayurvedic herbs, the mimosa pudica seed, and there’s something about …

Jay Davidson:  Like my mother in law, she’s like “I’m not noticing anything.” I’m like you work in a dental office, and you’ve got some stomach issues. You have to have parasites. You know? She got to the five capsules twice a day of mimosa pudica seed, and it was like the floodgates opened. She’s like, “I stopped taking it because I couldn’t handle the stuff coming out, and they’re still coming out.” I’m like stay on it. You want to clear that out. So sometimes you have to chip away the wall before it actually breaks for things to come out. But I would say the typical person, minimum 90 days. Most people with health issues, you’re going to have to parasite cleanse at least six months.

Jay Davidson:  The idea is, because people will see, “Well, you know we kind of did the antibacterial, antibiotic, try to kill all the bugs. Should we be doing that with parasites? Should we kind of friend them?” Here’s what I believe. Because parasite cleansing isn’t in our culture, and if we don’t believe parasites are an issue, we don’t look for them, we don’t look for them, we don’t find them. Parasites get built up because of the toxicity epidemic. So what happens is, we need to be consistent, persistent to bring the parasite infection down. And then just periodic cleans.

Jay Davidson: Now, a periodic cleanse could be twice a year. Every spring and fall, you’re going to take a month and hit it hard against the parasites, kind of like the farmers used to do back in the day. Every fall and spring, they cleanse the animals, they cleanse the family. We don’t do that anymore. Periodic could be every full moon. Full moon changes the tie. You know, you’re by the ocean in California, and the water changes. Well, our body is mostly made of water, parasites are mostly made of water, so activity will increase over a full moon.

Jay Davidson:  So if you want to maximize, “Okay, I’m just going to pick a few days to parasite cleanse once a month,” then what I would say is pick around that full moon. So, do two days before the full moon, on the full moon, two days after the full moon. So you’re doing like five days. So you can do more of the longer, initial cleanse. Then you’re just going to do over the full moon, and then really focus when you’re not parasite cleansing around that full moon, focus on detoxing. Focus on clearing the chemicals out that have been built up. And I’ve just seen some great results, clinically with that.

Wendy Myers: How does EMF impact parasites?

Jay Davidson:  Well, yeah. It ticks them off. So EMFs make bugs mad. They make bugs go bad. You know, like so bacteria can turn pathogenic. Same thing with basically parasites. You know, we know mold spores will actually mold in presence of EMF. You know the WiFi, the Bluetooth, all of that, they’ll actually produce 600 times more mycotoxins. They’ll produce a vast majority more. So I always think of EMFs as, it’s basically like the kid that’s tapping your shoulder, “Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom …” you’re like oh, that’s really cute. And then like a day later they’re still doing it, and you’re like, “Are you kidding me? Give me some space.” Like it’s fine for a little bit, but then it just stresses the body out. It’s like that long, sustained just oh, I can’t get energy.

Jay Davidson:  Well, clean your environment out. Remove the Bluetooth, remove the WiFi, make sure you’re not living right next to a cellphone tower. And I know with everything tablet and phone and all that, it’s like well, now you’re just getting silly, Dr. Jay, because now I’ve got to get corded again from wireless? And I would say yes. With EMFs, while some people might be, “Hey, I’m absolutely fine. Not a factor.” Other people, it’s like it magnifies their issues. So it kind of depends on what tipping point you’re on. But the less stress you’re under and the more the environment is for healing, the faster you’re going to get better and stay well.

Wendy Myers:  Let’s talk a little bit about your at home program. You created Dr. Jay’s At Home Program. Tell us more about that.

Jay Davidson: Yeah, so I was coaching clients one on one. I’ve got some doctors that coach clients one on one, and it was just like we just can’t help enough people. So I created a program, really based around walking people through in the order. I actually have assessments so you can figure out what’s going on and you can really, at your own pace, watch the videos, look at the protocols, and actually walk through healing from the journey. I originally started it for Lyme disease, you know the At Home Lyme Disease Program. And then what I realized was, it’s not only good for people with chronic Lyme disease, but it’s good for people with just chronic issues and autoimmunity and toxicity, because even if you just want to detox, I would tell you you’ve still got to parasite cleanse ahead of time on the front end to really maximize the detoxification that’s coming on the back end to get the results.

Jay Davidson: It always comes back to that, at least in my personal viewpoint, it always comes back to that order. So I just really created an at home program that walks people through that, understanding if they want to run lab tests, what that would look like. I have assessments built in. All the drainage things. I’m a massive fan of coffee enemas. And some of the new things I’ve figured out with coffee enemas is actually adding some … So, the coffee enema solution, just the straight-up coffee, air roasted or light roasted, like that’s all good. But if you have a hard time holding it, you can add some molasses, like a tablespoon of molasses to it. That’ll help. There’s some potassium in there that kind of helps to hold that urge. You can add essential oils like tangerine oil to help to purge that liver bile duct a little bit more.

Jay Davidson: But the newest things that I’ve been doing is actually adding biomolecular oxygen drops to the solution, and then the bioactive carbon minerals to the solution. And oh my gosh, like you do a coffee enema in the morning, you are energized. You are rocking and rolling. It’s like … I’m like, “Oh my gosh, I want to do this every day.” And of course my wife’s like, “Jay, calm down. You get too addicted to all this stuff.” So I do like one a week, now. It’s really beneficial to increase bile production in the liver. It’s really good to get the bile moving, and there’s a lot of parasites that love that liver bile duct. Strongyloides, we’ve got liver flukes, giardia, roundworms.

Jay Davidson:   I was just seeing some research about roundworms migrating from the small intestinal tract up the bile ducts, and then basically reproducing there. And when you think about, “Okay, I’ve got some bile stones.” What are those caused from? That’s probably a toxin that the body’s encapsulating, or it’s a critter that the body is encapsulating. And the longer you leave it there, the bigger and the more stones there are going to be. So we want to create movement in that liver bile duct, so kind of walk people through. How do you do a coffee enema, how do you maximize it, you know all that fun stuff that people don’t really want to talk about but they need to know.

Wendy Myers:   Yeah. I mean, I’m a huge, huge fan of coffee enemas, and there are so many different benefits, and one of them is, you’re changing the pH in the colon, and you kill a lot of critters that way. Your colon becomes less habitable to these creatures, and then you’re increasing bile flow, which is the best binder on the planet. That helps to bind mycotoxins and metals and chemicals and things like that. You’re increasing glutathione production. Just so, so many different benefits for coffee enemas.

Jay Davidson:  Yes, absolutely. And when you look at the liver with phase one and phase two detox, there’s something called phase three detox, which is really like, “Okay, how does it get rid of those chemicals that it processes in the healthiest way?” Which is the majority of what happens when somebody’s not overloaded and the bile’s all not backed up, is it dumps those chemicals into the bile, phase three detox, or really drainage. So if that bile gets stagnant, we’re talking the lymphatic system gets backed up, the brain drainage to lymph gets backed up, if you’re suffering with headaches, fatigue, brain fog and you’re like gosh, I love frankincense essential oil, but if the lymph is backed up, the liver bile duct’s backed up, the colon’s backed up, good luck. You need to really start at the bottom of the funnel, open up the drainage, and it’s like life will change for you.

Wendy Myers: Yes, yes. So let’s talk a little bit about where listeners can learn more about you, your supplements, Microbe Formulas, and about all the protocols that we talked about today on the show.

Jay Davidson: Yeah. Appreciate chatting with you, as always. I just love your interviews, because you ask such great questions. But is the best website. That’s D-R for doctor, and then Jay is J-A-Y, and then Davidson, like Harley Davidson, just unfortunately no relationship to the motorcycle company. That’s the best place. That’s where the At Home Program and things are linked. Otherwise, the supplement company is the website for that.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the supplement line that you have. I’ve had a number of clients go through your parasite protocol, take the Microbe Formulas. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. Highly, highly recommend them.

Jay Davidson:  Thank you. It’s great to hear that.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. So Dr. Jay, thanks for coming on the show. It’s so much fun to interview. You’re such a wealth of information, an absolute expert on parasites. And I agree, parasites are a huge, huge problem and have to be addressed if you’re trying to address any type of health issue. It’s so important.

Jay Davidson: Thank you so much, Wendy.

Wendy Myers: Everyone, thanks so much for joining in today for the Myers Detoxpodcast. Thanks so much for tuning in. I look forward to teaching you guys more in 2019, all about heavy metal detoxification and detoxification of chemicals, also. So have a wonderful new year. It’s such a pleasure to be able to do this podcast every week and teach you guys everything that I’m learning, as well interviewing all these experts like Dr. Jay. So, thanks so much for tuning in.