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Top Takeaways

  1. Our brain pulses frequency signals through the body to every organ and tissue, which have specific wave forms and electromagnetic keys.
  2. There is good EMF, frequency your body generates to control your cells, and bad EMF, static like radiation that is harmful to the body.
  3. All of our technological devices emit bad EMF, bombarding our systems, and impacting our cell functions.
  4. James’ Purewave mat eliminates this bad EMF from cells and the area around the body, actually shielding the body from bad EMF.
  5. James believes the biggest culprit to disease today is bad EMF which opens up our cells’ receptor walls and allows calcium in.
  6. Because of EMF, our cells are operating with low voltage, and need to be recharged using specific frequencies.
  7. The Purewave mat works by sending out crisscrossed harmonics of all the different frequencies of all the tissues in the body all at once to recharge them.
  8. Many of the PEMF (pulsed electro magnetic field) mats use high voltage that releases EMF that is very harmful to the body.
  9. A safe PEMF voltage is 10 millivolts. The Purewave mat runs on 5 millivolts.
  10. James can see 80 to 100% relief in chronic discomfort after just one session using the Purewave mat.
  11. There are many PEMF competitor mats on the market, but the Purewave mat is the only one that operates with optimal 20 millisecond pulses.
  12. The Purewave system was able to reverse the effects of James’ Ledderhose disease, re-growing bone, normalizing blood pressure, and even healing tendons.
  13. The Purewave mat even has the ability to heal lungs, eye sight, lymphatics, digestion, and can put the body in sympathetic or parasympathetic states.
  14. In order to learn more and purchase a Purewave mat go to purewavenow.com and contact their office!

Wendy Myers: Welcome to the Myers Detox Podcast. My name is Wendy Myers and you can learn more about heavy metal detox, what this podcast is about, on myersdetox.com. Today we have James Goren on the show and he is going to be talking about a very, very important topic and it’s about the voltage in your cells and how your cells work through having a certain electrical voltage and how EMF, electromagnetic fields, and other factors in our environment like dirty electricity lower the voltage in our cells and therefore dramatically negatively impact their functioning.

Wendy Myers: Some ways on how you can improve the voltage in your cells to improve a multitude of health issues, symptoms and disease. Because if your cells work properly, your body will as well. He is one of the consultants at purewavenow.com. This is a company that makes a PEMF mat. It’s a pulsed electro magnetic field mat and they have other devices as well. The company works with hundreds and thousands of doctors around the country delivering pulse electromagnetic field to thousands and thousands of patients and the results are absolutely astounding.

Wendy Myers: This is one of the very first companies in the ’80s to patent their device and everyone following that is just a copy cat and even what we talk about in the podcast producing harmful mats, producing harmful electric waves, harmful EMF in these mats and why buyer needs to beware. We’re going to be talking exactly how the cells work, how the Purewave mat improves cellular functioning to dramatically improve pain, fatigue, and just get the body detoxing better even. We touch on that as well.

Wendy Myers: I know so many of you listening to today’s show are looking to detox their body from heavy metals or looking really just to relieve their symptoms and are trying to educate themselves on the underlying root causes of their symptoms so that they can feel better. Well, I created a quiz to help to determine what your potential levels of heavy metals are in your body. After you take the quiz you get some educational videos, like a little masterclass almost, on some tips and tricks and solutions on how to remove heavy metals from your body.

Wendy Myers: Please go to heavymetalsquiz.com to learn about your levels of heavy metals and what you can do about it. Our guest today, James Goren, is a consultant for purewavenow.com. He started out his career going to medical school and then switched to electrical engineering and making biomedical equipment and servicing this type of equipment and even working for a company that made pacemakers. This is really where he learned so much and where he was really struck by how the body worked electrically and how the cells really need to carry a certain voltage to work properly.

Wendy Myers: He also suffered from a zone debilitating connective tissue disease and was an unrelenting pain for many, many years until he met Toni Goren who is the founder and CEO of purewavenow.com who makes PEMF mats. He had relief from his pain after he started using this type of mat or this specific mat. Since then he has joined the company as a consultant and he’s going to come on the show today to educate us about how the cells work and how this Purewave mat helps the cells to work even better to relieve your symptoms. James, thanks so much for coming on the show.

James Goren: Thank you for inviting me. I really appreciate being able to get some word out there and some knowledge. Maybe I can help out some people.

Wendy Myers: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background, and what health sector you’re in.

James Goren: Ever since I was little, little I knew and I could feel that there was energy that ran through our body and that that’s really what our bodies run on is electrical energy. But it’s not really electrical, it’s electromagnetic. Our brain pulses through the body frequency signals very much like an EKG for the heart, only all the organs in the body had their own specific wave form electromagnetic key. They’re all cut to different tissues, different cells. I knew this when I was younger and I always aimed for finding out more because there’s been no information about this even here 30, 40 years later. I’m 62.

James Goren: It’s just nothing that we learned in school. There wasn’t much about it. They just said, oh yeah, sure. The brain it sends pulse bursts of signals through the body and then the tissues they chime back and they send information back and it’s back and forth and then the cells and the tissues they function and they receive what they need. They put out requests. I aimed straight for medical school and was very much let down as I was approaching and getting close to entering that and ended up going for biomedical engineering, electrical engineering and organic chemistry.

James Goren: I studied these three areas because they came together. This is really how the body functions by covering all aspects of that. When I finished my two years at Tufts-New England Medical in downtown Boston, I was a biomed engineer there and an OR tech. I worked in the OR. I ran all the electronic equipment and this was monitoring equipment, diagnostics, interactive. everything that plugged in the wall or ran on batteries in the entire hospital, I would need to do periodical checkouts monthly or every three months troubleshooting repairs and just a training general knowledge and teaching to the staff.

James Goren: From there I still didn’t have my answers. How does the body work? Nobody seemed to be able to tell anybody exactly how this process works. Then I got an offer to join a pacemaker company in Miami, Cordis Corporation, in 1980 and I started to understand. Because once you go and you start working with people with cardiac areas of work, you’re understanding that it really is electrical signals coming from the brain through an entire chemical pathway. It’s chemical reactions that cause electromagnetic frequency signals. They’re actually talking.

James Goren: The wild part is the body function with all of these signals, there’s about a trillion different types of signals that our body runs on since we have 70 trillion cells in our body as an average. Well, these signals function with very, very small power, small voltage, but they’re functioning between 0 and 10,000 Hertz of frequency. Frequency energy starts out in the realm of sound, what we can hear. Our bodies work only in that area, 0 to 10,000 Hertz. If the power was higher we could actually hear the signals going through.

James Goren: If we amplify those signals using just a radio pickup, mini amplifier with an inductor pickup it’s like a little microphone. You can hear that small, small power signal that the brain is pushing through the whole body. Our system from Purewave with these mats and coils built right in are doing exactly that.

Wendy Myers: This is a mat. It’s a mat that you lay on and get various benefits from. There’s a lot of mats out there. There’s the BEMER and there’s other ones that-

James Goren: iMRS, OMI. It keeps going and going.

Wendy Myers: I’m not a huge fan of those for various reasons. That’s what we’re talking about right now. Let’s continue our discussion about how does this type of mat improve the cells functioning.

James Goren: PEMFs, the standard systems out there they do what my neural stem did. I worked on a neural stem for this pacemaker company. I was the director and project engineer of the first implantable external neural stem. It blocks pain. As soon as you turn it on, boom, pain gone. But how were we blocking the pain? We were blocking these signals that I was talking about. We actually put a pacemaker lead right up into the spinal column to the base of the brain, right in the gateway where the nerves all bundle up and we could target and just flip the switch, shut off pain from the waist down the left side of the body, the right side of the body.

James Goren: The way we did this was we put in EMF. There’s good EMF which is the electromagnetic frequencies or fields and then there’s bad EMFs which is technology caused EMFs. These are static like that. That’s actually radiation by the way. In finding that the body runs on these very small signals, um, we could put EMF into the spinal column right up in these nerve bundles and right out of the pacemaker lead. It was putting EMF all over the outside sheath of the nerves. It was actually static like when you rub the balloon on your belly and you get static and hair can stick up or you can shock somebody when you touch them in the dry weather. That’s EMF.

James Goren: We put EMF right inside the body and surrounded the nerves with EMF and blocked the signals to the brain. This immediately shuts off pain, but it also shuts off all communication coming out of those cells and tissues from that area. And then coming back from the brain to those tissues and cells that’s also blocked.This is something that was a bandaid, it never healed anything. It’s still in use today worldwide. I’m sure they licensed it out to many, many companies.

Wendy Myers: This is the electro stim?

James Goren: Yeah, this is the elecro-

Wendy Myers: I got that when I went to physical therapy when my lower back was hurting. I got on one of those every time I went to the physical therapist and I felt amazing, but then you walk out of the office and go home.

James Goren: You’re good for one day and after they turn it off it all comes back. That became the TENS unit, transcutaneous electrical stimulation. We did it in a very small way directly to the tissues and nerves inside the body with a pacemaker lead. We didn’t cure a thing, but yet we got people their lives back. When they would turn that thing on they could run it for a couple hours. But after two and a half hours back then, the communication is blocked going to the tissues in and out. They start to die off. They putrefy. You’re actually melting the brainstem if you left it on more than two and a half hours.

James Goren: Today they could run it on many people up to six to eight hours. They have a on time where they get their lives back. They could get up out of a wheelchair. I mean really, these people would get up off the operating room table. We’d have them sit up, get off and walk around just by flipping the switch on. It was a lot of crying that went on always. I mean, it was a wonderful thing, just had to be careful how you used it. Anyway, now with technology, cell phones, when these are up against our bodies and they’re very close.

James Goren:  This is a very simple EMF meter. It’s a TriField 100 XE. They are on Amazon, they are like $140. It shows the radiation. Now, it goes right up and I think you can see that. There you go.

Siri: Did you accidentally summon me?

James Goren: No I didn’t, but there we are. That’s Siri talking. She doesn’t like the EMF either. When we’re talking like this, the CMF goes into our tissues and it really shuts off communication for quite a while and it does build up. But we’re getting it more from everywhere we go then then ever before.

Wendy Myers:  When you look at your wireless internet networks, I mean, there’s 30 or 50 or more. If you live in a condensed area like New York City or an apartment building, they’re going to be so many all disrupting your energy field and your cells functioning.

James Goren: Yes, exactly. We need to figure out a way to clean this off. There are companies that are starting to come out with products that really do work in a big way, but the number one so far is this Purewave therapy technology where they patented the elimination of EMF, electro magnetic or interfering fields from the body and the surrounding area. They did it solely to be able to communicate to cells directly with their little very small power electromagnetic signals, waveform signals. They could actually unlock the cells and get them to charge up.

James Goren: That’s their other patent, they charge up the energy in cells actually turning on mitochondrial function and proving it science substantiation is all there. They have hundreds of studies showing how they got to these accolades and patented each aspect of how a cell functions, how it actually communicates in and out to the brain and back. Therefore, they could increase the energy in the cells and cause a calcium cascade dump which is a detox at the cellular level. When we run this system we don’t really feel like we’re detoxing at all, but yet we really are.

James Goren: We know that when you have EMF or the cell phones right next to you for five minutes, your cells they open up those receptors walls that let calcium in. That’s the biggest culprit to, it’s my personal opinion, our disease today that’s hitting us everywhere. You see it all starting up in such a huge way. It’s like everybody. Everybody’s achy and has pain and discomfort and things aren’t functioning. Their cells they’re in dysregulation. They’re lower energy than they should be and the inside of the cell walls become clogged with calcium atoms or silt.

Wendy Myers: Our cells today are working on low voltage. What does that mean? What happens when cells are operating with low voltage, not the amount of voltage they’re supposed to have and how does the Purewave solve that problem?

James Goren: All of the cells in our body are like little batteries. They hold energy and then they therefore will utilize them for different functions. The body does have a priority list. It knows what to use first, second, third. What’s most important. When an area starts to become charged up, it’ll choose in that area what’s the most important thing to give nutrients and supply first before the other area parts in that area?

Wendy Myers: Cells are supposed to operate at a certain voltage and we know EMF is disrupting that. Is there anything else that’s causing that low voltage in the cell and what should the voltage be? Is it 70 millivolts?

James Goren: Yeah, 70 millivolts. On the Internet and everywhere it seems to be the threshold where we want to be above 70 millivolts to have optimally functioning cellular function. In other words, every part of the body, every cell on the body it needs at least three quarters. For instance, young children run 90 to 100 millivolts in all the cells in their body as an average. Of course, different tissues are slightly higher, other tissues are slightly lower, but that’s a pretty good point to hold it at.

James Goren: I’m finding that I can actually measure how much EMF is permeated and stuck all over the tissues of a person just by putting a phone emitting radiation right up against the forearm and having an EMF meter on the other side just like this. When the radiation goes off, if we have very high EMF in here and low cellular energy below 70 millivolts, the needle just pins. This radiation goes in and it sticks.

James Goren: It just cranks that needle all the way up three quarters as if I just put the cell phone right against it and yet it’s going through my entire arm. When I met your children they remain on zero. They’re above 70 millivolts and that seems to be the threshold where EMF doesn’t stick. It just blows off. It just let’s go. We can actually become resilient to electromagnetic radiation or electrosmog radiation as it’s seen everywhere written that way.

James Goren: There’s three ways to remove EMF from the body. One way is to walk outside and walk in the grass and they say go barefoot. It’s probably even better. But I think just walking outside and not being on concrete, that’s the key. Going to the beach has very high ionic charge in the air from the salts from especially near saltwater. But even freshwater, same thing. They have high ionic levels.

James Goren: These ions is what our cells actually use to charge our body with. Being surrounded in them and having them all over your skin and body and all around you, you will absorb and charge up. The earth does that to us naturally, but now we spend all of our days and nights inside on concrete. The hippies used to say go out and hug a tree and you’ll feel better. They weren’t wrong. They really had it right.

James Goren: Because when you do that, you completely ground out all the EMF and static from all the power lines and the fluorescent lights. Even driving in your car in the front seat with a dashboard, you’re getting EMF the entire time. It’s emitting all over you and you can measure it with such a simple meter. Now, most people can measure it, but they don’t know what to do. This is like X-rays, it’s invisible.

James Goren: It’s electronics, and what’s worse is it’s not just electronics, it’s electromagnetic electronics. But this is how the body runs. Every 20 milliseconds the whole body gets a zap, it goes through and the ones that need things will chime back in the same fashion. It’s like music or sound. Our bodies are only working in that area where really our bodies are music boxes. It’s probably why we all love music and the beat and rhythm and harmonizing.

Wendy Myers:  Yeah, and the music frequencies are healing or they’re very jarring and disruptive and irritating.

James Goren: Oh, absolutely true. The ones that are healing have been shown to be the ones that criss-cross harmonics. They actually tickle your healing initiators biologically in your bodies and set up the healing mechanisms. When you’re listening to music and it tickles, that’s it. It just hit. It’s like, oh, I love that song so right away you start getting little tickles. I describe them as champagne bubbles. Very very slight, very subliminal.

James Goren: But then when you hit the best part of the song, oh I love that part of the song. That’s where those harmonics just criss-crossed and that is what this mat actually does. It sends out criss-crossed harmonics of all the different frequencies of all the tissues in the whole body all at once.

Wendy Myers: You’re talking about the Purewave mat.

James Goren: Yeah, I am. Other PEMFs they’re all the same. They just pulse. Bang, bang, bang, bang, power on, power off. They’ll make a saw tooth shape and they say that’s better than the square shape or the square wave was used in NASA. Oh please. NASA they analyzed all of this. They know what they found out there and they won’t use anybody’s technology. Once they research something like this, and they did this 20, 30 years ago, they make their own systems.

Wendy Myers: This kind of Purewave was in the ’80s the very first company to start making these types of mats. They have this patented technology that other people try to copy and are not able to do it. Can you discuss that a little bit?

James Goren: These people from the Purewave technology they’re from Germany and they worked with the Russians as well. They got the first system, their system in space as a test. It was in the Mir Space Station and it’s the only one that’s ever been in space. After that, like I said, they made up their own products. That was that. When they discovered that we could synthetically run the signals through the whole body as if the brain was doing it and cause healing or removing society and make basically all of your cellular function and your brain synapses, your neurons, everything just running optimally by increasing energy up.

James Goren: They went ahead and patented it so that the whole world would have the technology revealed. There’s 146 different PEMF systems out there that I know of and I have not seen any science substantiation showing exactly that it does this to the body or that to the body. They just don’t have that. They’re mostly fluff and marketing and they’re running on the wave of, oh, we’re a PEMF.

Wendy Myers: People have to be very, very careful because some of these PEMF mats can be very, very harmful, can emit very high levels of EMF that might make you feel good temporarily but then ultimately are harming your body.

James Goren: You just hit the nail on the head right there. That’s spot on. Most PEMFs have huge EMF. The WHO, Worldwide Health Organization, shows that 10 millivolts of EMF, electrosmog radiation is the maximum that any person should be exposed to on a daily basis. This system runs when it’s on, on five millivolts. When it’s off it’s on zero. When you look at all these other PEMFs and I run around measuring them with a very simple EMF TriField meter. When you measure them, they’re 680 millivolts or 430 millivolts. When they’re off they’re still running 290 and 330.

James Goren: It shows me that they’re all working like my old neural stem where they’re just blocking the pain signals going to the brain temporarily, but they do all have the one healing aspect that they need to stay in business. This will be a hit or miss. Say for a room full of a hundred people, there’ll be a handful that within a week or two of running a session every day or a couple of times a week, they’ll find some healing aspect that hits instantly in the form of pain loss, maybe circulation turn on. Any number of things, even eyesight glaucoma.All of that.

James Goren: The body only supplies 30% circulation from the heart through the body. This is all through veins and arteries. All the rest is our capillary and micro capillary system. That’s what flows and floods blood in and out with nutrients and removal of waste through the circulatory system. 70% of our body runs that way by pulsing and counting. The whole body is acting like a heart. Okay. Got it? A heart is pumping 30% of the blood and that’s through all the big circulatory a supply.

James Goren: Through all the small microcapillary and capillary system, we pulse five to eight times every 20 seconds as an average for a healthy human being where the blood will flow into these capillaries and it’s like the tide came in and then it withdraws and the tide comes out. It’s really, really important that we do this or we’re going to lose circulation in all of our extremities and surface area and fascia, everywhere. All these PEMF systems, that’s their health aspect. They regulate by pulsing and trying to get close to that 20 millisecond window of pulse and then shut off.

James Goren: When areas are damaged like if you bang your arm, this is an area now that the voltage just dropped in these tissues and my circulation has dropped down. Now, if it’s injured badly, it’ll be cut off with inflammation. I won’t get any supply or very low supply of blood and nutrients to this damaged area. But when I’m pulsing artificially to make sure I get that five to eight vaso squeeze or vascular squeezed motion through the body, these capillaries will do all their best to push in and stimulate and deliver nutrients and supply to the damaged area and then they withdraw and draw out the waste.

James Goren: That’s your healing aspect of all PEMFs. They’ll never hurt anybody. Even though they’ve got very high EMF, they’re not left on, they’re not continuous all day. For those people who run a little too long they’ll find out what it’s like to feel radiation poisoning. It’ll bleed off, but it’s very uncomfortable.

Wendy Myers: That’s why I’ve never recommended any of these mat type devices before because I really didn’t see a lot of compelling evidence. There are a lot of testimonials on the side, but really not anything that was really satisfying to me in order to make a recommendation to my clients to get one. Because I’ve had BEMER contact me trying to get me to represent them and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But with your mat it’s very, very impressive the results that people get. Let’s talk about some of the benefits that can be had from using a Purewave mat.

James Goren: The difference is that we don’t compare the Purewave system to the other PEMFs. We just tell you what ours does. When you look at what ours does and then you look at what others do, you’ll find that any of these MLM companies they’re holding each other’s hand and telling each other the same stories over and over and over so that can each repeat the same thing and get other people to just hook on and buy. That’s not a great thing. We want healing. We want the real deal. The difference is when you are talking to the cells specifically and having them open up and energize, they start functioning optimally to the point where they’re working on fixing and changing for the next 8 to 12 hours just from doing a 15 minute session on this thing.

James Goren: They’ll fix and change in a very, very optimal way. That 20 millisecond pulse a break, this Purewave technology they own the patent on that. But that’s just such a minor component of what can be done when you talk to the cells directly and have them open up and clean themselves out without a feeling of bad detox and then to energize and draw in energy and nutrients at the level of what a child would have if you had that much energy. It was all about energy, how much energy is in the cells and how much work they can do in a short time. With this type of system, the Purewave, we see black and blue marks and injuries, bleeding under the skin, open wounds, hematomas.

James Goren: Everything dissipates right before your eyes about 75% in one session. We’re not allowed to say the P word, pain. We refer to it as severe chronic discomfort caused from injuries, disease, things like that. What do we see in one session? We see 80% to 100% relief and most times these are people that for the first time in 20 or 30 years since an awful car accident or disease it starts to become eliminated every time you run the session. It’s not a bandaid. Your body will fix itself a little bit every single time. Every time you run a session it’s more and more and more.

James Goren: It doesn’t go backwards, it just keeps accumulating. That’s what the real system does. This is the founding company of PEMF. They discovered the technology. They were the first to invent it. They weren’t the first to make PEMF by the way, that was the 1800s, but the first to make a body map where they could energize the whole body on a mat that could be in a person’s home or a clinic and in 15 or 20 minutes their cells are functioning so optimally because they’d been increased in energy. And then that EMF from all of this has been removed from the body, but the effect lasts 8 to 12 hours.

James Goren: That’s another thing. We know when you talk on the phone or you have any kind of EMF radiation very close to you and all over your body, your blood clumps up. It does really low. This is all over the internet. There’s many people out there that do live blood analysis and they’re starting to learn how to utilize that to make people better.

Wendy Myers: The EMF, how does that negatively affect the cells?

James Goren: We know when there’s static on the outside cell membranes, it’s disrupting fields. It’s static. It actually ruins the communication going up to the brain and from the brain back down to those tissues. We’re missing some of the information or not getting it at all. When we pulse with any type of PEMF that’s small, very low voltage like the brain does, microtesla, that very small window is 0 to 40 microtesla. This is where you can talk to the cells. When we do that, we single out all the blood cells. They become slippery.

James Goren: They’re no longer reload or stacked up or sticky. They don’t have static all over them when we’re pulsing. Even though these PEMFs that have high EMF output, the electrosmog, when they’re pulsing the blood separates and it can be shown on most of these ultra small voltage systems like BEMER, iMRS. But when they turn it off, that blood goes right back and coagulates and we’ve seen this and it could be science substantiated by anyone doing live blood analysis. As soon as they shut it off, the cells do not remain single file.

James Goren: PEMFs when they’re running people feel good on them even if they’re harsh and many of them are harsh. People are becoming more sensitive to small electromagnetic radiation that is irritating. They’re starting to realize that when they run a regular standard PEMF system, they feel good. The blood cells separated, all of a sudden their oxygen is increased, their circulation is increased and their timing the pulse bursts on and off, on and off although they’re not optimal. The optimal that was discovered is 20 millivolts.

James Goren: The Purewave technology people in Germany they own the 20 millivolts. They discovered it. They were the first, the founders of the research and they gave it to the world by showing it in patents. That proves that they can charge up a cell, they can eliminate and remove EMF radiation from the cells and the whole body and they cause a calcium cascade dump of cleansing of the cell in a very soft nurturing way that’s not a bad feeling of detox.

Wendy Myers: Let’s talk more about benefits that people will feel. You witnessed working with so many different people using the Purewave mat. What are some of the improvements they see?

James Goren: When you run a Purewave system for 15 minutes, even five minutes in science substantiation, it shows all those blood cells separate and they remain separated for 8 to 12 hours just from running a 15 minute session because we’ve removed and eliminated the EMF from the whole body and then we’ve energized the cells. If they’re up near 70 millivolts surrounding EMF, you’re walking around resilient like children. If we keep our energy up and we come in out of the electrical storm and get rid of this EMF off of our bodies and energize up to that 70 millivolts or a little higher, we’re resilient.

James Goren: We’re walking around like little young children. When we energize up to that level, all these damaged areas, the body will go right after each area on its own, on a priority list. When we lie down on the full body system, this is the length of our entire body, this is what we put in our bed, it turns on and off by itself if you want it to. I like mine to go off at midnight for 24 minutes. It turns on, powers up, runs and powers down and shuts off. It doesn’t make any noise and there’s no lights so it doesn’t wake me. No beeps.

James Goren: And then at 6:00 AM I have it go on and off again before I wake up. Now I’ve been energized all night and we can actually flip the switch and put people into parasympathetic by running the relaxed program. This is a where brain stimulation when it sees a little step up in the lower range between 0 and 15 hertz, the brain will put us into a relaxed state of parasympathetic. That’s what it’s called. That’s where we do the most amount of healing and it’s when we go into a deep sleep and this system does that.

James Goren: We just flip the switch and everybody, even the little Chihuahua dogs when they’re barking, barking, barking, it’s like they’re on remote control. It’s like watch this, I’ll put it on, and within one minute, two minutes, that dog just settles right down. It might be the first time a little Chihuahua has ever settled down and it does it on all of them. Every one I’ve tried. That’s something that we do that others don’t do. PEMFs they run one or two frequencies out of that 10,000 Hertz range because they’re not making signals to actually have the keys for every tissue in the body, every cell.

James Goren: They’re just trying to stimulate one little area, 15 Hertz, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. What Hertz is different than power. Hertz is how many pulses per second tick, tick, tick, tick, tick per second. When you tick, tick, tick, the brain counts. It causes a vaso squeeze. Here and there they’ll get a hit or miss. Some people will find some great health change in a fairly short time which is wonderful, but yet all those other tissues in the body remained low energy and they’re dosing them with high EMF the entire time which helps block pain signals.

James Goren: People will be like, oh, my pain, it’s diminished. My hip, it’s not… Oh, that’s so good. But that’s temporary. Their EMF is huge and it’s a very difficult thing to remove from very small pulsed electronic emitters and they don’t have that technology. I have not seen one that has come out with it since this Purewave technology out of Germany.

Wendy Myers: Let’s talk about some of the benefits people will feel. What are some of the changes that you’ve seen and improvements in different health issues that people have reported?

James Goren: Well, I can talk about myself personally. I’m pretty much a poster child. I have my grandmother’s disease. She bestowed that upon me. It’s called Ledderhose disease similar to Dupuytren’s. It’s like they’re sister diseases. I get huge, huge fibroids that form on tendons. My tendons are actually micro tearing. They’re wearing out too soon. That’s a DNA disposition gene that’s broken or not exactly correct. The more you use your fingers and hands and feet, the more the tendons have little micro tears and cause fibroids. They’re wearing out very quickly.

James Goren: I was pretty active through my life with sports and fishing and boating and everything. These huge lumps form with horrible detrimental results. All the nerves wrap up in the areas of the fibroids. They’re pulling and tearing and the pain is excruciating, but then those fibroids break away and go through your blood system or through mine into the brain, into the organs. The teeth, the jaw, that’s an organ. Within two years I went from beautiful teeth like these, and these are my real teeth. I fixed them with this machine.

James Goren: I’m not kidding you. I had full blown periodontal disease, big huge spaces between my teeth, all four and five pockets and mostly fives at the end. Of the two years they told me just prepare in another year you’re going to lose all of your teeth. There’s no stopping it. I looked at getting veneers and they said don’t even bother, you’re already beyond it. The bone had already recessed so far. When I put this system in my bed it was for my feet because right away in one session, the inflammation, what we generally see and what I saw in me is that we came down 75% in size of these big huge fibroids or plantar fibromatosis on the bottom of my feet and in my hands.

James Goren: The pain was 100% eliminated on me in 20 minutes for the first time in my life. It had got so severe I had blood pressure of 195/145 just from the pain. I was at the point where I didn’t want to do any more meds. I refused them. But they said if I hit 200 my heart would explode after that and I’d have to be on them. That’s when we went and tried this thing. In one session I cried. I stood up and the pain was 100% gone and the inflammation was down three quarters of the way. Anyway, we took it home. While we were still at this conference, it was a product that my wife knew about, she just didn’t know how good it was what it could actually do.

James Goren: Then I started reading the research that they show right online and the patents. When you submit a patent, that’s the real deal. It shows how it works, what the mechanism is, what the biological interaction is and how well will it work? That’s the thing. This thing just does it. It’s not a question of that. It’s not, ooh, let me try it and if it works on me I think I’ll want to do this. Uh-uh (negative). It works on people and animals. It even works on plants. Anyway, I had 36 years of occupational chronic asthma from working as a chemist.

James Goren: I was an organic chemist and burnt my lungs out. And then I was on steroid spray for 30 years, Advair. It became Advair. Before that it was two or three different medicines that made Advair. Twice a day I could not get out of my bed until I reached over to my night table, grab the inhaler and took a puff. Otherwise, I’m burning and my chest is on fire every morning and every night for my whole life. I had already got to the point where my heart was running backwards, inverted T-waves. My lungs were always clogged up.

James Goren: They told me it looked like emphysema on my X-rays because of all the phlegm and the junk particles all through my lungs. It was speckled from head to toe. I had hardening of the arteries and high pressure coming out of the bottom of the heart, the bottom artery. That’s me. In that session they told me, “Okay, so now you’ve had a life changing event. We see this always. Stick around, you’ll watch others.” And I did. They said, “We understand you have asthma so we’re going to send you back to the room at the end of the day with a mat. You put it in the bed and run it tonight.”

James Goren: “If you feel like you don’t need to do the puff because you don’t get the big burning and the asthma, then just run the mat and see if you make it through the night and you should and the next morning, same thing.” Sure enough that night I didn’t even have a tickle. I mean, that was incredible. I ran the full body mat. I didn’t even do this little concentrated pillow. That works even better because that targets areas and we could target densities of tissue, layers of tissues specifically. I can target lungs, I can target bone, I can target the eyes, lymphatics, digestion.

James Goren: We found that the brain and the belly are almost identical and they really are, aren’t they? They look the same even. Intestines, brain. They target under the optimal curve, the bell curve for physical and biological effect. It also targets different states of mind, parasympathetic or in the middle or sympathetic. We can flip the switch and run any one of the three. For pro ball players for professional ball games, they increase their stamina and their strength, their endurance and strength, 20% to 30% when they flip that vital switch and they end up breaking their own records on the very first sessions that they try this machine.

Wendy Myers: Well. that is just incredible. I love hearing stories like this where people are using well established technology to do heal our chronic issues and it’s just working with how the body naturally works. Just increasing the cell voltage and then voila the body works how it’s supposed to. It has the energy than it needs to heal.

James Goren: Personally, I never believed the body could heal itself that well. I always felt that it just wasn’t strong enough and maybe it worked when we were younger for some reason, but it doesn’t work now as we’re getting into adulthood. I went through some things. I mean, I had my disease going the whole time. But when I tried this thing and I energized the cells up, you feel good right away. Your brain starts working immediately when it gets a huge increase of oxygen

James Goren: One of the studies with this product showed 80% to 900% increase in oxygen saturation to the tissues. Everybody feels it. They feel it immediately and it doesn’t just wear off. It goes all day. And then when you do it at night, it goes all night. But the key is to relax the body and get rid of these EMFs. They stress us also. When we relax everything functions better.

Wendy Myers: My biggest concern with 5G coming is that the amount of megahertz that it’s pulsing at is just going to be like a jackhammer to our body’s electrical system, our energy field, our pineal gland. It’s just going to be hitting it so hard we’re not going to be producing melatonin. Our bodies are going to be stressed out all the time. Cortisol. There’s going to be a rash of sleep issues in addition to other issues.

James Goren: It’s already happening.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, it’s already happening, but it’s going to get worse.

James Goren: It’s the Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is 3 billion to 6 or 8 billion tick, tick, tick, tick a second. But when you have such tight frequency policies, you actually lose the energy, the voltage or the power. It’s very low. They are trying to make people feel like it would never hurt us. Now on the internet it’s being revealed how it’s hurting us. We have such smart people in the world now and they’re all talking worldwide internationally. It’s photo communication between the cells. One cell on the body when I scratch my nose like this, my feet know it, the whole body knows it.

James Goren: It’s through photon release, actual light energy release that goes between the cells from cell to cell to cell throughout the whole body. Wi-Fi disrupts that and 5G will disrupt that in a big way. We’re going to start losing some communication there. It doesn’t mean necessarily we’re going to damage our tissues. You see, when I’m talking about the one that really hurts us now, it’s 60 Hertz. This is 50 to 60 Hertz of EMF.

Wendy Myers: The cell phone.

James Goren: Yeah. And not just cell phones, it’s everything. Your power outlets, your Bluetooth mouse, your mouse pad. When you plug them in, they’re on zero EMF. The electronics that run the Bluetooth is normally what gives you the big zap of EMF. But these are all 60 hertz. That’s only 60 tick, tick, tick, tick a second. These are very wide wave forms with energy and they pack a punch. When you get Wi-Fi you’re so tight it’s hitting the space between our cells. It’s the energy between all of our particles. But we need that too.

Wendy Myers: And some people are particularly sensitive to EMF. I mean, there’s people now that are just completely debilitated. They can’t go near electronics, they can’t go outside. They just are so sensitive to this and are debilitated because of it.

James Goren: I’ve met quite a few people since beginning my own journey with this. Exactly as you spoke, they cannot even walk into a supermarket because the lights and the freezers, those motors, they get sick. They turn white as a ghost and they will throw up there. It hits them instantly. Those genomic people, the scientists, they came from all over the world last Fall. It was amazing for me. They showed the mechanism of how those people are affected and which gene is causing it. And then they go into the 21 and me and do their whole gene chart and it’s substantiated.

James Goren: They had all these people stand up and give their testimonials and show their charts and what their problems have been throughout their lives. What they found was if you just keep the electromagnetics high around they call it mast cells, your healing initiators through the body. That they can then select properly for healing and fixing different parts of the body. There’s 200 selections that they make. That’s the science behind it. They say it’s like keeping a gas tank full. If it’s full, you run optimally. Even with electromagnetics it’s also needed to stay ahead of everything.

Wendy Myers: Like you have resilience.

James Goren: Yes, exactly. And children do. They really, really do until a certain point. I mean, think about it. Our children today they’re on the phones and the iPads day and night. They probably fall asleep with them right here and it’s not hurting them until their voltage energy drops in all of their tissues, all of their cells in the body and then it hits and then they’re like old people. They’re starting to get achy and cranking and loss of sleep. The number one comment when I see people running these systems at the medical conferences. My wife does these conferences all over, all year long.

James Goren: They always come back the next day and say, “I slept really good. I haven’t slept in 10 years. It was the machine, wasn’t it?” And we’re like, “Yeah, just stand here a couple of minutes.” Sure enough, another doctor walks up. We say, “So did you sleep well last night?” He goes, “Oh my God, I don’t usually sleep. Was it this? Is this what did it?” And I go, “Just stand here.” Before long we have four, five, six doctors all coming up saying the same thing. Now when we go to conferences my wife she says, “All right, let’s see who slept well night.”

Wendy Myers: Line up the doctors to tell us who slept.

James Goren: Yeah, get them in here. It’s everywhere. We see it everywhere.

Wendy Myers: Where can we get this mat? Where can we get one of these and benefit from them?

James Goren: You just go to the purewavenow.com website. You can do the contact.

Wendy Myers: You have to do two sessions a day?

James Goren: You should, yes. It’s really designed as a maintenance product. However, in running these health institutes and in putting the products in there, they found within just a week they had so many of their clients coming to the management saying, look, it fixed me, it fixed this, it fixed that. That they saw the changes. They made it required therapy on every person coming to these health institutes that they must have at least three sessions per week because when you do one session, it’s a big wow so it’s really good.

James Goren: But when you do three sessions in one week, it’s really, really good. The changes and the effects and corrections are phenomenal. They’re definite and you see the changes, you feel the changes, you see it on the other people. But then running 6 sessions or 12 sessions, that’s where you’re really set pretty good. It doesn’t go backwards no matter what has changed. With me I had glasses ever since high school and I wore these glasses far away and up close and night driving. I have three different pairs ever since high school.

James Goren: It was getting worse as I’m getting into my 50s and then 60s. I noticed after we were on the system running it automatically in the bed, after three months my teeth corrected. My periodontist said, “Oh my God, what are you doing? It went backwards.” And I said, “What do you mean? Where am I at?” She said, “Look, there are all twos and threes and your gums grew back completely on the bottom jaw.” She goes, “I don’t know about the bone.” I go, “Well, let’s X-ray it.” We X-rayed it. It grew back 50% in most of the big spaces.

Wendy Myers: That’s well established in the research that PEMF grows backbone. We know that.

James Goren: Yeah, that’s fully FDA approved. That’s just with one single frequency only concentrating on the frequency cut codes around bone signals. That’s all. Realize you can do the whole body. Why not? That’s what these people did and that’s where their technology came from. In one month my teeth were completely rejuvenated. My gums were all closed up, no more ridge showing on any of the teeth and my bone has grown back. It’s so good that you would never know I ever had a problem in my whole life.

Wendy Myers: That’s amazing.

James Goren: Oh, and glasses no more.

Wendy Myers: I noticed that. I’m like you look really young. You look really, really healthy.

James Goren: My skin changed, everything. I’m not supposed to say it, but you know.

Wendy Myers: Everything’s working.

James Goren: We call it youthing instead of aging.

Wendy Myers: Yes, anti aging.

James Goren: It’s just a matter of energy and then the cells they have all of their communication. They’re all like stem cells. Every cell on the body has a job and they know what it is. It’s a DNA chart of what they follow, their daily workload. Every cell knows what to do. Problem is when you take a flashlight, half the battery juice is gone and the light dims and that’s how much of a flashlight you’re going to get. When you have a cell that’s running at half power, 40, 50 millivolts, you used to run at 80 or 90 or 100.

James Goren: Well, the cells still there. They keep reproducing, but they keep dysfunctioning and when they reproduce they’re using energy and slowly we lose energy. That’s what aging and disease and injury is. It’s loss of energy in the cells and then those tissues and cells now dysfunction. What this system does is it regulates. It energizes everything back up and things start running optimally and they haven’t lost their instructions. They know what to do just like when we were little children. This is amazing.

James Goren: Now I can understand why maybe 20 or 30 years ago the world wasn’t ready for this and the governments who are very afraid of things like this. But now the doctors are the ones who are bringing this to public. They’re bringing it to their patients, they’re showing how it works. The doctors can show testimonials and studies and we’ve received them. My wife Toni Goren, she gets these things every other day from doctors all over that are running the system and showing the changes in their patients and they’re allowed to tell and show and do more science substantiation to go further with it.

James Goren: Everything works well when the cells are pumped up and energized. I never realized how important that was even through all the years of schooling and experience working in the hospitals. I never realized that that was really the key. They didn’t teach us this. It’s not in the schools. It will be though.

Wendy Myers: Yes it will. If we can help it.

James Goren: You absolutely are. You’re bringing it to the world. Next it needs to be in the medical schools. We need to be teaching even children in high school. This thing is burning radiation and it’s going to be worse when it hits 5G.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I’m really concerned about that. But with tools like the Purewave mat, I mean, you can have protection against EMF and cleaning your body of EMF and reversing the damage the EMF does. You have lots of tools to be able to reverse this damage even though we have 5G coming. We can’t control it, it’s coming. We can control our bodies and the damaging effects that this EMF and dirty electricity and Wi-Fi and everything has on our body. James, thanks so much for coming on the show. So appreciate your really clear, detailed explanation of how the body works and how it’s affected and how the Purewave mat improves its functioning. Thanks for coming on.

James Goren: Thank you Wendy.

Wendy Myers: Everyone, thanks for listening to the Myer Detox Podcast where every week we talk about cutting edge bio-hacking, health technology, heavy metal detoxification and detox protocols. Thanks for tuning in every week and I will talk to you next week.