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Top Takeaways


  1. NES has identified the frequencies that are emitted by each of our body parts, allowing them to identify what is a healthy frequency and an unhealthy frequency.
  2. Knowing how our body vibrates allows them to tell a body part to start vibrating in its healthy frequency.
  3. NES can help processes like energy, processing in the cells, detoxing the liver, and many other processes in the body.
  4. NES is ideal for long term chronic problems, and is great at helping the body heal in the order that it naturally wants to heal.
  5. Using a biofeedback scan by placing the device on your pet, you receive about 450 data points that are compiled to show the priorities of what needs to be worked on, with specific protocols relating to this information
  6. Infoceuticals are water and minerals with frequencies imprinted on the molecule, and when ingested, makes the body copy their healing frequencies.
  7. NES is a device that emits pulsed electromagnetic frequencies, and provides feedback so that you can pinpoint healing using the right frequencies.
  8. The Mihealth can calm a pets nervous system, improve immune system functions, liver function, work on meridians to clear energetic blockages, and clear emotional trauma.
  9. NES helps in acute and chronic lameness through general anti-inflammatory protocols, pain protocols, and general digestive protocols.
  10. You can use NES on any animal, but they’re especially great for rescue animals, that have a lot of emotional issues and need to work on the mind body relationship, as well as calming the nervous system.
  11. NES is also great for working animals that go through lots of stress like horses, service dogs, etc
  12. NES is greatly beneficial when it might be difficult to diagnosis an issue in a pet, because, through its biofeedback scan, you can see exactly what areas are having abnormalities.
  13. NES is an amazing screening tool to find energetic blocks to proactively prevent or address issues.
  14. NES instant way to address issues in animals, and can lead to many saved trips to vets.
  15. If you want to improve your pet’s health and wellness and work with Michelle, simply book and appointment HERE!


Wendy Myers: Hello, welcome to the Myers Detox Podcast. My name is Wendy Myers, and on this show we talk about everything related to heavy metal detoxification, but also alternative health as well. Today we have Dr Michelle Elgersma on the show to talk about using bioenergetics for pet health. NES Health Bioenergetics is something I’ve talked about quite a bit. I’m a cohost of the supercharged podcast where we talk everything related to bioenergetics because I truly believe it’s the future of medicine. It just helped me so much and it’s also helped my animals as well.

Wendy Myers: So I wanted to share my story with you guys and also talk about a lot of cases that Dr. Elgersma has in her veterinarian practice and how exactly she is helping animals with this revolutionary protocol. We’re going to talk about how we can use bioenergetics to help pets reduce pain, inflammation, faster recover from surgeries, to help if they have teeth issues, even digestive issues, even emotional trauma, and dogs that maybe have anger and just every type of animal and how it can be helped using this revolutionary protocol.

Wendy Myers: Dr. Elgersma, she is going to be talking about how NES can give your pets a better quality of life and more comfort in their golden years. How NES can help reduce pet medications. How NES can pinpoint and help to reduce emotional issues and help to calm them, making them overall, healthier, happier pets, and how to use NES on your pets exactly. Then, what is NES, more importantly. What is NES Health Bioenergetics? How does it work? What are the treatment protocols and all the 411 on how to use NE.

Wendy Myers: I know so many of you listening are concern about heavy metal toxicity and some solutions to detox your body. That’s why you’re listening to this podcast. I created a quiz to help you very quickly determine your potential levels of heavy metals that you have in your body and also some solutions on how to detox your body. Simply go to, take the two minute quiz and you’ll get a free video series after the quiz to give you tips on where to get started and how to detox your body based on your metal levels that we determine in the quiz.

Wendy Myers: Our guest today, Michelle Elgersma, she has always been passionate about helping animals and this drive led her to the Ontario Veterinary College where she earned a degree in veterinary medicine in 1996. Since graduation, she’s worked with a variety of animals, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, dogs, cats in various settings such as farms, clinics, race tracks, rescues and in homes. Over the years, she began to see the limitations of conventional veterinary medicine and decided to focus on holistic methods. Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine, specifically acupuncture, provided an approach to see past the individual issues at hand and instead address the animal as a whole.

Wendy Myers: After a year of study, she earned her certification from the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. She launched her own practice in the Pittsburgh area, focusing on acupuncture and other holistic therapies with the mission of bringing strength, health, comfort and joy to our animals and provide the highest quality of life that each one deserves.

Wendy Myers: After working with a dog that was receiving infoceuticals in miHealth sessions before coming to her, she recognized the benefit of addressing body fields to promote wellness in both the bodies and minds of animals. Seeing the NES Health animal wellness system as a natural extension to her approach, Dr. Michelle completed her certification in the beginning of 2017 adding local and remote bioenergetic consultations to her practice.

Wendy Myers: I actually did training with her. I met her at a NES Health training myself. Recognizing that each animal should be helped as an individual, she is dedicated to improving the quality of their lives. If you like what you hear on the show and you want to work with Michelle and have her help your pet, simply book an appointment by going to, you can search for pets and you’ll find out where to book a consultation. Michelle, thank you so much for joining us on the show.

Michelle E.: Oh, well, thank you for asking me. It’s really a pleasure to be here. I’m really excited to talk to you about NES and health and pet.

Wendy Myers: Yes, yes. So you are a veterinarian, you’re a typical conventional medical veterinarian, but you’re also an acupuncturist for animals, which I think is awesome-

Michelle E.: Correct.

Wendy Myers: … You started using NES. So before we can get into too much of that, tell us what your background is. Why did you become a veterinarian and then get into acupuncture and the NES Health?

Michelle E.: Sure. I guess, I became a veterinarian because I liked the animals, which is why a lot of people get into it and it just really excited me to work with them. I worked in conventional practice for 13 years. You just get tired of the routine that you get to a point where you just can’t help the animals anymore. So I was starting to look for other things and that’s when I came across acupuncture. I know some people who I’ve taken the certification and I thought, “Let’s do this, it’s time for a change in my life.” You get to those crossroads and there’s just something you need to do different and that was what I chose to do.

Michelle E.: Really learning about acupuncture Chinese medicine really opened my eyes to all this alternative world out there… We call it alternative, but, I mean, it really was medicine before Western medicine came along. So it’s just really exciting to look at animals as a whole rather than a disease pancreas or a disease liver or a disease skin. We can look at the whole pet and really do what’s best for them. So, which is where NES comes in as well. It’s a more holistic approach to health.

Wendy Myers: Yes. So let’s talk a little about that, about NES Health. Some people listening may not know or have any idea what NES Health is or bioenergetics. So tell us what that is exactly.

Michelle E.: Okay. So bioenergetics, like I say, it’s a holistic approach. So what it isn’t is it’s not a diagnostic tool in terms of it’s not going to tell you whether your dog has liver disease or whether he’s got an eye problem or anything like that. It’s holistic. So it’s basing… We’re going to talk a little bit about physics. So everything vibrates, every molecule vibrates, and it creates magnetic field. As the cells vibrate, organs vibrate, and they all have their own frequencies.

Michelle E.: So what NES has done is they’ve identified these frequencies and what is a healthy frequency and then they can identify what is an unhealthy frequency. What we can do with NES Health it identifies areas that aren’t vibrating correctly, and we can address these vibrations and ask the body to vibrate particular parts in at a particular wavelength, which is what it should be.

Michelle E.: NES helps with energy transfer through the body, the way things move. It helps processes like energy processing in the cell, detoxing the liver, any process in the body and until it just helps maintain health. So it’s just a wonderful thing to do.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. I mean, I love NES because I have two dogs, they passed already. It’s so sad. But I had two dogs, Wizard and Jezebel, and I was using NES Health on them because I got frustrated with, say, my dog Jezebel, she was a little Pomeranian and mini one, and she had lots of intestinal issues. She had bloody diarrhea and she frequently wasn’t peeing, wouldn’t eat for a couple of days. So I would take her to the vet and it’d be the same routine, “Let’s do all these tests,” and spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars in doing x-ray and then, “Oh, we didn’t find anything. Maybe you should take her to a specialist, here’s your bill for $1,000.”

Wendy Myers: Now, we’re doing that four or five times, I thought, “They have no answers. They have no clue what’s going on. Even if they do know what’s going on, if there’s not a medication for it, sorry, there’s nothing we can do.” It’s kind of the same routine you get at a conventional medical doctor’s office.

Wendy Myers: So I [crosstalk 00:10:06] got to a point where I just didn’t take my dogs to the vet, I just did NES Health on them and their symptoms always resolve or got better. They were happier and they didn’t seem like they were in pain and they seem really happy and alert and walking around. So for me, I just started doing NES Health on them anytime there was any problems.

Wendy Myers: So let’s talk a little bit about, does NES Health replace regular veterinary care? I mean, for me I just got tired of going and not getting answers-

Michelle E.: Right.

Wendy Myers: … I was doing that, but there’s definitely a place for regular veterinary care. Can you talk about that?

Michelle E.: Absolutely. I don’t think it replaces regular veterinary care, especially in acute emergency situations. I think that’s where western medicine really shines. So a broken leg or some acute bloody diarrhea, vomiting, I think there’s a place, I think that’s where medications can really help. It’s the long term chronic problems that the western medicine has a problem with and it’s really a great space for something like NES Health.

Michelle E.: We can come in and we don’t necessarily need a diagnosis. We can help the body energetically. We can help the body the way it wants to heal in the order it wants to heal, and we’ll maybe touch on this a little bit more specifically, and that the body has an innate healing mechanism. It wants to heal in a certain way, it wants to heal in a certain order and that’s not always the order that we think it should be. So by using NES Health and addressing the things that come up in a scan, which we’ll talk about, in the order, it helps the body just be more healthy in the way that it wants to be and it can work through these things and heal itself.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and I love NES. I’ve been using it personally going on about two and a half years now.

Michelle E.: Right.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and I started using… I use it on my daughter Winter and I use it on my dogs and talk about it to everyone that will lend me an ear. But I love it because there’s 45 years of research behind it. It’s an amazing software program where you just do a biofeedback scan. You can just put the… I don’t have one here, but you can just put the scanner on your dogs like their tummy, on any kind of bare skin. You do the scan-

Michelle E.: Actually, you can put it anywhere where it says that it registers a body field.

Wendy Myers: Yeah.

Michelle E.: So you can put it on the fur, some of those thick-haired dogs, you got to get closer to the skin. But I find thin-haired dogs like hounds, you can put it on their shoulder or on their side as long as on the little software it says, “Body field detected,” you’re fine.

Wendy Myers: Okay, great. Yeah, I didn’t know [crosstalk 00:13:09] that you can just put it on their skin.

Michelle E.: Yeah.

Wendy Myers: I’d like to put part talk about fur and for on their skin-

Michelle E.: Yeah, right.

Wendy Myers: But yeah, so you do this biofeedback scan and then it gives you about 450 different data points and then the software compiles that information and it shows us the priorities, what needs to be worked on right now. Then there’s a protocol that you do to correct the issues. Can you talk about the protocol that we do to fix the issues what software sees in the scan?

Michelle E.: Sure. There’s a couple different things we can do. The first thing we’ll talk about is the infoceuticals. So infoceuticals are a liquid, they’re just water and organic minerals and they have the frequencies and printed on a water molecule. By taking those, we’re gently asking the body to copy those frequencies. Again, those are the frequencies for health, so that the correct frequencies, and we have those for different aspects of the body. So that’s one way.

Michelle E.: Another way is by using the miHealth. miHealth is a device… It can do the scanning as well, but it emits helpful electromagnetic frequencies. Again, frequencies. So going by what the scan says, what the software says, we can unblock energy blockages within the body and help energy flow better so communication through the body is much better. So that’s the other way that it can do it.

Michelle E.: It can also identify some lifestyle. So some changes we might want to make to the lifestyle of the pet.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. So I have a miHealth here and this is one of the protocols that you can use to address the issues found on the scan. I love this little device because I literally watched a Lama melt when I did NES Health training. It was so funny because you can do a setting on this device… I don’t know which setting was done. I think it was chill and which relaxes your nervous system, which is really helpful for pets that are anxious or they’re scared for some reason or they have trauma, which my dog Jezebel did.

Wendy Myers: So my trainer, Cyril [Burke 00:15:36], he’s the one that developed miHealth. They spent about six years in development of this thing and we were doing training and we had a bunch of pets. I had like chickens and there were goats on the Lama and there’s like this petting zoo in the parking lot when I was doing the NES training. He put it on the Lama, I mean, the Lama was standing and just melted within a minute of him just waiving the miHealth because it’s sending this communicative information like operating instructions, so to speak, to calm the Lama’s nervous system.

Wendy Myers: That’s just one example of what this does. So it can work on immune system functioning and work on liver, it can work on your meridians, clearing energetic blockages, clearing emotional trauma, which a lot of animals have if they’d been abused or they just grew up in a kennel where they were just doing mass breeding operations or what have you. We need that type of work for some of our animals. So can you talk any more about the miHealth and what it can do, how it can help?

Michelle E.: Sure. I use mine all the time. I think it’s fantastic. Again, it helps treat emotional issues, but I find animals very receptive to it. I feel that they can feel it more than people can because usually the people, the owners holding the pet when I’m treating it and they almost don’t really notice anything. But the pet will react different when I change to different frequencies. Sometimes they’ll get a little bit more agitated if that area is really blocked or sometimes I’ll use like chill or something to calm the nervous system down, like you said with that Lama and it’ll just help them relax during the rest of the treatment. It’s wonderful. Yeah, I use it a lot.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and I used it… So if like say my dog would be having an episode, my dog Jezebel, she’d be having some diarrhea and all that. She had colitis intestinal issues and I do a scan on her, I figured out what was going wrong and get the little treatment protocol and the miHealth and I just do that on her once or twice a day and she’d noticeably start feeling a lot better, absolutely.

Michelle E.: Yeah. Yes, ad it also helps in acute lameness or chronic or any kind of lameness, you can do like a general antiinflammatory protocol, there’s a general digestive protocol to do while you’re waiting for something else to kick in, like a medication or you’re waiting for a vet appointment or you’re waiting for something else. It’s just a nice thing to have to do.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and if your animal is in pain, also there’s protocols you can do depending on where the pain is or what type of pain and that can be really critical because you don’t want your animal to be in pain. But you can use-

Michelle E.: No.

Wendy Myers: … No, and any other thing you can think of that you can use for different health issues?

Michelle E.: Really, I mean, inflammation is the basis for a lot of health issues. So teeth or skin. I’ve used it postsurgical to help healing of a surgical wound that wasn’t healing quite right, that helps very quickly. So I’ve used it for that. Used it for calming a lot of times, but general inflammatory, but a lot of processes in the body are inflammatory. So any kind of itis in the body it can be used for.

Wendy Myers: So let’s talk about some of the different animals that it can be used for.

Michelle E.: Sure.

Wendy Myers: So it can be used on a turtle or a rat or… What kind of pets are we talking?

Michelle E.: You can use it on anything. Everybody, every animal has a body field because everything resonates, right? So you can use it on anything. We all basically have the same parts. But generally, rescue animals are great because we don’t know their background and they do come with a lot of emotional baggage. So they are great cause you can really dive into the mind-body relationship and working on that nervous system and calming it down and working through some of their issues.

Michelle E.: But then there’s a lot of dogs in like… Well, animals and high stress environments. So some is like therapy and service dog. This can be really useful because it helps them maintain a good physiology, good mental, good emotions and really helps them do their job better. So there’s… Then working animals, horses, you could it on cows, I’m sure that would help them, but really any animal. I mean, all our pets are precious to us and they’re all like our children and we can use it on them all. So it will help them all.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and it’s interesting, Cyril Burke, was commissioned to come in and help a million dollar bull and there’s a video on YouTube. Apparently, what they found out later was this guy paid a million dollar for this bull to breed it. It had some pituitary gland where it was producing way too much testosterone, making it super aggressive and it injured one, I think, or two veterinarians. It actually broke one of there collarbones and then-

Michelle E.: That one was bad.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and so Cyril is using the miHealth and just you see this bull just totally calm down so that someone could get in there and administer treatments. It’s really interesting.

Michelle E.: Yeah, that’s an amazing video to watch, yes.

Wendy Myers: Are there any testimonials or experiences that you can tell us where you’re really blown away by how the miHealth dramatically improved your treatment protocols when working with some of the pets that you work with?

Michelle E.: I find it beneficial in all the cases that I do. Certainly, one example would be a senior cat that I see, her name is Mimi and, like I say, this senior cat, she has periodic digestive issues. Just doesn’t want to eat, just feels withdrawn and crappy and just isn’t her normal interactive self. I do a miHealth treatment on her. We started her on some Infoceuticals and even the next day she is feeling much better. She’s eating and more interactive. She’s usually a very social cat. The next day or the day after she’s back to herself and it’s this really amazing.

Michelle E.: So that’s one example. Another example I have is a well, middle-aged dog named Buffy. She’s a Beaucerin. She is like the life of the party, but she… Yeah, I mean she is the friendliest dog and she’s the most food motivated dog I’ve ever seen too. But she developed SARS, which is an immune condition of the eye where they suddenly go blind. She was very hesitant. The owner almost thought she had arthritis because she just wasn’t getting around very well and we weren’t… Didn’t realize she’s blind.

Michelle E.: We did a couple protocols on her, but she just be confident she gained after the infoceuticals was amazing. She gets around like she’s a sighted dog now and she’s back to her bouncy, bubbly self. I believe that the infoceuticals were the thing that really helped her, in terms of just making her more confident again and being able to live in her new world. So that was fantastic. I think that really contributed to her journey.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and one thing I also love about NES is that if… A lot of times you don’t know what’s wrong with them and it can be challenging for the veterinarian to figure out what’s wrong with them. So with doing an NES Heath scan, it will just… The scan knows because the biofeedback scan, the scan doesn’t lie. We always know there’s an 85% correlation between the issues found in the scan and in a human beings known issues. So we know it’s highly, highly accurate. Then you can address things that both pet and/or the practitioner and owner or a veterinarian and owner don’t know what’s going on.

Michelle E.: Correct. I feel a lot of animals that have been to multiple veterinarian specialty clinics, it’s like you’d said, they either haven’t had success treating the problem sufficiently or they really can’t find out what’s going on. I just saw a dog today that has been lame in the last time, it’s a two year old dog, it’s gone through x-rays, ultrasound, couple of different vets have examined it and they have no idea why this dog is lame.

Michelle E.: I’ve done… This was the third time I saw the dog and so we did the third treatment today and she is doing great. She is off her medication I think she was on a previcox. So the owner hasn’t been given that and she’s been doing much better. So again, yes, we have no idea why the dog was lame, but it doesn’t matter. We got her feeling better. She’s now a happy two year old Border Collie running around and having a great life.

Wendy Myers: Oh, that’s great.

Michelle E.: Yeah, that’s really amazing to see too.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and when I was in NES Health training, I was… They were showing us some videos, a horse that had been limping around and the doctors weren’t really sure. They’d been trying to treat it, but no success. They did one miHealth treatment on the horse and it started running around. I mean, within a few minutes , it’s just amazing the turnaround time and improvement of symptoms using NES Health.

Michelle E.: Yeah, horses respond really well to things like that because a lot of their problems are just energy blockages. So you unblocked that energy and they respond really well. So horses are really a great candidate for something like this.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. It’s all used on champion race horses. I mean, NES Health, I know, Dr. Steven Sinatra has protocols that he uses with NES for his champion race horses. I know another trainer, Debbie Hart that has before and after training protocols, so before to energize the horses and after to assist in recovery of the race horses. I think that’s really interesting.

Michelle E.: Yes, absolutely. It’s used in show dogs, both performance like confirmation and also agility dogs. So it’s used in animals like that. They respond really well because it does help. It really does help them recover from their exhaustion.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. So let’s talk, does NES Health replace the need for drugs, for instance?

Michelle E.: Certainly not initially. When I first see a patient, we don’t change their medications at all. If they’re on insulin for diabetes or some liver medication or even some antiinflammatory, I don’t change that right away. I wait until things have improved. Maybe I send them for repeat blood work just to make sure some of those things are better before we take them off.

Michelle E.: So I don’t… It’s not initially a replacement, by helping the body heal we can hopefully get them off some of those medications. I have helped diabetic cats get off insulin and so we didn’t need that medication anymore. Arthritic animals not needing as many pain medications. So hopefully, we do some of those things, but initially we’re not going to change that. It’s not a, “Boom, we don’t need them anymore.” It’s a gradual thing, very helpful.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and add there any really amazing recovery stories that you could tell us of animals recovering from pretty grave illness or animals that doctor, other veterinarians that we’re just going to pass and then we were able to keep them alive or anything like that?

Michelle E.: I don’t know if I have any great stories. I think I’ve already… I did have a Dachshund one time who was having horrible gas, he was so bloated and the doctors didn’t know… Couldn’t really help him. Again, nothing really came up diagnostically. We did one miHealth treatment on him, we didn’t even have to do the… There wasn’t time for the infoceuticals to work and he responded beautifully, like the next day he was fine. So that was one.

Michelle E.: I do see a lot of very senior animals in my practice and so I believe it helps them with a quality of life near the end. I don’t think anything can extend life beyond where it should end, but I think NES certainly has helped a lot of senior animals just be better emotionally and mentally, more alert and just more pain-free during this time.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, because my dog Jezebel was edging up towards 13 and she was a miniature Pomeranian and she weighed about four or five pounds and she was getting up there and she had to have her teeth removed at one point. In the scan, her teeth were always coming up, every single scan. Also, her liver would come up and her intestines were small intestine would come because… These were issues I knew she had that she’d had for years and they consistently came up on the scan and I feel like I was able to… I always felt like I was hoping to extend her life with doing NES Health, but it definitely gave her a better quality of life, less pain and faster recovery from her two surgery and lots of other benefits I was really happy about.

Michelle E.: Right. So I think that’s a really good thing about NES Health in that it allows us to do that and help them in that way.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and my dog, Wizard, he had an enlarged heart and in his NES scans, his heart kept coming up. His lungs kept coming up because he was… I took him to the vet just to figure out exactly why this was happening, but in his NES Health scans, his heart and lungs kept coming up. So it came up often enough and he had prolonged symptoms. We need to go and get this checked out and figure out what’s going on. He ended up having an enlarge heart that was putting pressure on his trachea. So we had this constant urge to cough.

Michelle E.: I have had a cat that I’m seeing right now, we’ve been doing scans, hasn’t had a lot of issues we’ve just been doing now for health. We started a bit for arthritis in the back and started coming up and I believe her bladder came up. We did a little bit of work but she ended up having a bladder and kidney infection.

Michelle E.: So it is correlated with what we see. We can’t make any… I wouldn’t diagnose kidney disease often on an NES scan, but certainly if something like that keeps coming up, it’s like, “Yes, there is a problem in this field,” we need to check this out a little bit more and try to help them a little bit more. So yeah, the scans show what’s going on energetically, but it does usually correlate with the physical signs that we see, sometimes they’re a little bit ahead.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I think it’s an amazing screening tool because, like I said, and you said also that if an issue keeps coming up, like the bladder keeps coming up time and time again, maybe it’s time to get that checked out. There’s something going on there. Because the scan is showing energetic blocks and if that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a physical health issue, but if the energetic block has been there long enough, it can cause physical health issues, it can cause a breakdown in communication in that area and then a breakdown in physical functioning that we can then collaborate and follow up with conventional medical testing to find out if there actually is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Michelle E.: Right. We can affect immunity and look at if terrain is susceptible to bacteria or viruses? So we can look at it from that aspect too, in that way.

Wendy Myers: So is there anything you want to communicate to the listeners regarding using NES for their pets or overcoming any of their, maybe thoughts about it that you’ve encountered working with probably thousands of animals and their owners?

Michelle E.: Some people are a little bit that skeptical when I first suggest it, but people see the changes that happen and are just amazed. I also like to suggest that treating your pets is also good for you. I just said saw a recent study that showed that in dogs, dogs definitely take on their owner’s emotions. So they deal with the same things that their owner is going through. So by treating our pets, we’re also helping ourselves too, just because of that communication between your pet and yourself. So really it’s good for your health, it’s good for their health and I think it’s just a wonderful wellness thing to do.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and I also, like I said, love it as an alternative option because I know I got so frustrated going to different veterinarians and looking on Yelp and just feeling like no matter where I turn, I wasn’t getting the answers I was looking for. I wasn’t really getting good suggestions for any type of health option for my pets. Not with diet, not with medications, not what about supplements. I’m like, “Where is a functional veterinarian? Where is this? Does this exist?”

Wendy Myers: If I took my dog in, “Do you want vaccinations?” “No. No, I don’t want vaccinations. It’ll make them sicker, thanks.” But for me, I was really happy to find NES, not only for myself, but for my pets also because I was just so frustrated and tired of spending thousands and thousands of dollars to get, “Sorry, we don’t know what’s wrong.” It was just almost ridiculous.

Michelle E.: Well, let’s just say I use it on my pets as well. I have four cats and they don’t like to go to the bed. They don’t like to go to the office. So I end up using the miHealth and the NES system on my pets. So it saved them a few trips to the vet. So it’s been wonderful for me too, I use it a lot, like I said.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and it’s also, like you said, one of those things where you can address issues at home and then if it’s still not resolving, then you can go into the vet.

Michelle E.: Right.

Wendy Myers: Sometimes if something happens in the middle of the night and you have to go to the emergency veterinarian, for me a couple of times I was able to avoid that because I was able to do NES scan and then address the issues with using the miHealth, which would be able to… Which will give you the ability to treat them right away. With the infoceuticals, you would have to wait, you’d have to do the scan and then order the infoceuticals and wait till I have time for them to arrive at your home.

Wendy Myers: So the miHealth is really the way to go if you want to have an instant way to address the issues and the scan with your animal. Then miHealth it’s an investment, but it’s something that-

Michelle E.: It is.

Wendy Myers: … I use for my whole family, myself, my child, my friends, my fiance, my animals. So it’s something that can be used for the whole family.

Michelle E.: Right, I’ve done that in the evening. One of my cats throws up and isn’t feeling well and I’ll run the little by adjust the feature on the scanner and on the cat and by the next morning he’s fine, and it’s like great, if I’ve got to an emergency, a bed as well. So it’s nice to have that option to do that.

Michelle E.: Yeah, I use it on myself, I use it on my husband, anybody, I use it on other pets owners. So it’s a wonderful tool and yes, it’s an investment, but I think it’s a very excellent one for just what it can do and how it’s added the benefits that you get out of it.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. So again, this is a miHealth right here and it’s got almost 200 settings on it that you can use for a variety of issues that come up even without doing a scan. This figure out what’s exactly going on? If your animal is just anxious, say July 4th fireworks or you can use the chill if they’re having trouble sleeping or on sleep, like you said, digestion, you can do a digestion and there are so many different options that you can use just automatically without doing a scan or without having the NES software or practitioner to interpret it or what have you.

Michelle E.: Absolutely.

Wendy Myers: This all come all on one device here.

Michelle E.: Yeah. It’s a good investment.

Wendy Myers: Okay, great. Well, Michelle, thanks so much for coming on the show. Really appreciate your time and illuminating the benefits of NES Health Bioenergetics and using that at the same time as regular veterinary care. Because we can’t replace that and that has its place for infection sometimes, I mean, antibiotics or emergency care.

Michelle E.: Right.

Wendy Myers: We have to have insulin for our animals or what have you. But NES Health has a great way to reduce veterinary expense, perhaps get animals off medication that they need less medication or help them along with any kind of chronic issues or things that just pop up. I think it’s just an amazing way to address pet care and adjust your pet’s health alternatively in one of the most sophisticated ways available. I personally believe for pets.

Michelle E.: I’m with you 100%. I think it’s a great thing to help with their health, with their emotions, with our mental capacity. We love our pets, they’re like our children and it’s important that we keep them healthy so they can have the best life possible. So it was really a pleasure to talk to you. Spread the word about this because I think it’s so important.

Wendy Myers: Yes. Well, everyone, thanks so much for tuning into the Myers Detox podcast where every week we talk about topics related to detox and alternative health and today we’ll talk about pets and helping pets alternatively. So thanks for tuning in. You can learn more about me at Thanks for tuning in. We’ll talk to you next week.