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Top Takeaways


  1. While Leo was at the WQA water quality Association show a doctor was discussing how The heart runs on -435 million volts, which requires a lot of electrons to function.
  2. When you don’t have that voltage in the heart, you can experience AFib tachycardia, a heart attack, stroke and death.
  3. These symptoms were exactly what Leo was experiencing at the time, so he decided to sit down with this doctor to find out what minerals could be added to his filtration products to incense energy in water.
  4. Leo was able to engineer equipment that could get water up to -600 million volts.
  5. This turned water into an antioxidant, which allowed Leo to get off all of his heart medications within months of drinking the water.
  6. The water is smaller than normal water, which allows in to penetrate cells and push toxins out.
  7. Healthy water in the combination of high amounts of molecular hydrogen, which produces a negative charge on the water, and trace minerals that are ideal for cellular hydration.
  8. Leo’s Ph Prescription filters filtration is so fine that cysts spores, viruses, bacteria, and much more are getting removed, which provides you with safe, clean water, that’s been re-mineralized and reenergized.
  9. Alkaline water does not always have antioxidant properties, and can even destroy stomach acid depending on how it is made.
  10. Leo uses magnesium oxide to create a safe byproduct of alkaline water.
  11. Leo mixes different materials, and types of carbon to remove chloramines, chlorine and other VCs, fluoride, and heavy metals.
  12. The filters use KDF 55, which makes the carbon last 15 times longer, providing a million plus gallons of home filtration before wearing out.
  13. Tank one of the whole home filtration system removes all the volatile organic compounds like chlorine, cholaramine, and ammonia, and tank two goes after the heavy metals and fluoride.
  14. Leo’s filters use an ion charge resin that absorbs radioactive isotopes and radon from water.
  15. Because EMF, or electromagnetic radiation, from WiFi is causing a positive charge on your body it’s very important to drink water with electrons to counteract the EMF and its very negative health effects.
  16. The water from Leo’s filters detoxes cells, provides energy to the body, acts as an antioxidant, makes your skin feel better, makes clothes cleaner, allows appliances to last long and more efficiently, keeps the gut healthy, and so much more.
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Wendy Myers: Hello everyone, my name is Wendy Myers. Welcome to the Myers detox podcast where we talk about everything related to heavy metal toxicity and detoxing your body, life and environment. Today we have Leo Zimbosky on the show and he is going to be talking about shocking water contaminants. You have to hear this to believe this. And the latest in water filtration technology. There’s a lot of garbage water filters out there that are really only filtering for taste to improve the taste of the water and really doing nothing to filter out all the medications, the radon, the radiation, the bacteria, the parasites and so many other contaminants like heavy metals and chemicals and chlorine and fluoride that cause all kinds of health issues. People are drinking this stuff and they are also showering at it.

Wendy Myers: People are drinking bottled water that is really not hydrating them at all. We’re going to talk about some of the problems with bottled water today. We’ll also talk about the number one toxin in water. Hint it’s testosterone and birth control, which is synthetic estrogen and other shockers in our water. Why most water is dead and does not hydrate you or penetrate your cells, which is will make you sick and why water ionized like Kangen water systems are adding more toxins and heavy metals to the water concentrating heavy metals in water and the exact mechanisms behind that. The difference between alkaline and high pH water and they’re not the same and this is really going to surprise you that these little differentiation that we make on the show today. We’ll talk about why you need a whole house water system. And it’s great to be drinking filtered water.

Wendy Myers: But you also want to be thinking about the water that you’re showering in, that you’re cooking with, you’re washing your clothes in your making coffee with. It’s not enough to only drink filtered water because your shower water also has all these other toxins I just mentioned. And we’re also going to be talking about Leo’s new Derma shower, which you can’t afford a whole house water system is an amazing shower filter that gets all the heavy metals and toxins most shower head filters only get chlorine and fluoride. Not good enough in my book. The Derma shower has like mineral pods and different kinds of vitamins and things you can put in them and shower and minerals and vitamins to absorb them through your skin. It’s so exciting. I cannot wait for this to come out and get one myself.

Wendy Myers: And we’ll also talk about why water needs to not only be clean and filtered, but also energized with electrons to help water absorb. It actually water just because you drink it doesn’t mean it’s absorbing. It needs to be energized to penetrate into your body and hydrate you. And also it needs to be energized with electrons to counteract the harmful effects of EMF like WiFi and wireless internet because these create a positive charge in your body, which is why they cause health issues. So we have to do something to counteract that which is flooding our body with electrons. So Leo is going to tell you how he does that. So such a good show today. This is such an important podcast because so many people aren’t getting water right. They are thinking I’m drinking my eight glasses of water and it’s filtered water. And I’m good to go there on to the next thing. People are not getting this right.

Wendy Myers: And that’s why they don’t feel good. It’s one of the reasons people are not well, and it’s just amazing the difference in your life when you get the water piece right. I know some of you guys listening are concerned about heavy metals in your body. It’s why you’re listening, trying to figure out what to do about them and how to feel better. So I created a quiz. It’s the heavy metals quiz to give you answers about the relative levels of toxins that you have in your body based on a few lifestyle questions. So go to heavy metals, quiz calm. After you take the two minute quiz, there’s a free video series on what to do next. Where do you get started to remove toxins from your body? What’s the best thing to do next? So go to take that. Only take a couple seconds. You’ll be glad that you did. My guest Leo Zimbosky, he’s been involved in the water treatment and purification area for over 32 years.

Wendy Myers: His father and grandfather were also in water purification and they were plumbers as well. And in that time, he has designed and built all kinds of water treatment systems for residential and commercial to pharmaceutical metal and kidney dialysis equipment. He really knows his stuff. In 2008, Leo came up with a way to alkaline, antioxidant and structure water without electricity. And he created design and began the manufacturing of antioxidant structured water products for the health and wellness industries. You can learn more about Leo and his amazing water filtration systems for drinking the home and the shower filters and whole shower systems at Leo, thanks so much for joining the show.

Leo Zimbosky: Thank you, Wendy. I appreciate you having me.

Wendy Myers: So why don’t you tell us a little bit about your background and your reason for dealt developing your pH prescription water filtration devices.

Leo Zimbosky: About 12 years ago, I had a medical emergency. I was having AFib and tachycardia pretty frequently, and I had a really bad spell. I was playing with my kids after dinner one night and we were running around our game room and I went into AFib tachycardia 280 beats per minute. EMTs had to come and they were trying to cardio vert me and get me regular, but their machine was broken. So I heard I was conscious and I heard the doctor speaking with the EMTs through the radio, and they rushed me to the hospital and they cardio averted me several times and injected me with as much chemicals as they could, but they couldn’t get my heart to straighten out and then I flat lined in the room and I remember getting ready to happen because I got a tightness in my chest because my heart sees stuff and then they hit me with adrenaline and woke me up.

Leo Zimbosky: And I was laying there. It was really crazy. My business partner was there because my wife was out of town. Our daughter was having a C section that day, or the day after. So she was in Illinois. And I was laying there and I was just really scared of everything that just happened. And my business partner told me and says listen, “I’m going to go home and change my underwear. You really scared me and I’ll come back and don’t go nowhere tomorrow and see you’re going to be here for a while.” So they checked me into the hospital.

Leo Zimbosky: The doctors ran a battery of tests on me and up until now all they ever done for me was subscribe me like Xanax and medication for anxiety. And I didn’t if you knew me, I didn’t have anxiety. I was very calm. My heart was just doing its own thing. So finally I went and did a heart Cath. They went and looked around for blockages and there was none of those to be found. And they told me that they couldn’t do abrasion therapy only because the inside of my heart wasn’t having any issues.

Leo Zimbosky: They assumed it was on the outside of my heart. So of course, modern medicine is always there to give you plenty of pills to deal with whatever you have. And so I was on six different heart medications for a period of time, and it was really taxing me and making me feel really bad. So we had a water quality trade show coming up in Las Vegas for the WQA water quality Association. I’ve been a member of for over 30 years now. And we already had tickets. We were staying at the Bellagio and we had airfare and my wife even she’s a planner.

Leo Zimbosky: So we get circus Olay tickets and everything. And I remember her coming in my office asking me if I wanted to go and I wasn’t feeling great at all. I was feeling awful. And I said I can feel bad here. I can feel bad in Vegas. It doesn’t matter. So we went and I went to the show and this was the one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. I’m talking about divine intervention. I was walking and went into a slight arrhythmia, and my watch would warn me for that.

Leo Zimbosky: So I had medication to take. And I needed to sit down. I’m at a water quality trade show and I can’t find a glass of water anywhere. So at all my trade shows, I bring a water cooler that I give out our really good water to all of our the vendors and the clients. And so it’s a real win for us. So anyhow, I sat down at a booth where they were getting ready to give a lecture on energetic order. And it was a doctor from Asia and his English was horrible. It was his first time in America and we’re very good friends to this day, this doctor and he explained that the heart ran on negative 435 million volts and it needed a lot of electrons to make it function properly.

Leo Zimbosky: And if you didn’t have that much voltage in the heart, you would have AFib tachycardia, a heart attack, stroke and death. Well, I had them all except the stroke that I knew of at the time. And so I listened. I felt like he was speaking straight to me and I stopped paying attention to my heart rate and I got into his seminar. Because when he started talking about energetic water or water with energy in it, some people call it living water. I thought he was crazy. I’m a third generation plumber from New Jersey. So it was hard to change the way my mind worked. But then when I realized that you could add properties to water to make it act as an antioxidant, and help the body’s function it was pretty amazing.

Leo Zimbosky: So we sat down and went over this together and he sent me home with some minerals that I could add to my filtration products, and that would increase the energy in the water. I did it. I didn’t think that it was going to work. I just I was so skeptical. I had went out and spent several hundred dollars on testing equipment to test for this voltage, which is an ROP meter is one of the things you use and I tested it and I was getting voltage out of the water and I started drinking it. And I started going into a recovery. My recovery took about two or three months and in the same time I was looking for a way to get more voltage in water. So being in engineering background and building equipment, I found a way to get not only 50 million volts negative, I got up to negative 600 million volts. And that’s what our drinking systems have today in them and the heart run on negative 435. So I thought it was ideal to get over 435. Green tea puts out about negative 25.

Leo Zimbosky: But the problem with that is people put it in tap water or just filtered water that starts out with a positive 100 to 300. So it’s a reduction. They’re only reducing how oxidizing it is. But our water is truly acts as an antioxidant because it’s below zero. So having that water within months I got off of all my heart medications and I had the opportunity to share this water with other people that I knew had the similar heart problems because of when you’re sick, you meet people like yourself all the time and I’ve sat in a lot of doctors offices, had a lot of conversations with people around the table. And next thing I knew, I didn’t realize how many people had AFib. So I shared this new water with them. And they had the same results I did. Only one told me no, because the water kept washing the Coumadin out of his blood, and his doctor didn’t like that.

Leo Zimbosky: And the water is smaller, and it gets into the cell and it can pull the toxins out of the cell. So it’s an excellent way to help also with detox. So by getting and penetrating the cell and pushing these toxins out, and also we’ve had great success with diabetics, because they get their blood sticky, and they get all kinds of garbage in it and their glucose builds up. So after this, I realized I was making a paradigm shift in my career from clean water to healthy water. And that’s how that started.

Wendy Myers: Oh, fantastic. Yeah, because I think that your filtration systems are bar none. They are absolutely incredible. And you have every different type of water filter to meet people’s needs from under the sink, drinking water to whole house water filters to full shower systems. I mean, you have everything to meet everyone’s needs. So tells how long have you been in the water filter business?

Leo Zimbosky: I’ve been in the water filtration and purification business my whole life. My grandfather’s plumbing license is 002 in the state of New Jersey. So we’ve been around a long time. My grandfather did all the plumbing for Campbell soup and Camden, New Jersey. And we’ve been working with water issues for a very long time because around New Jersey where I’m from, we’re surrounded by chemical plants. DuPont, Monsanto, you name it. If it’s toxic, it’s there. And so there’s a lot of toxic wells. So the first projects that I was introduced to in my late teens was cleaning up toxic wells and we would get the work from the state. We’d go in and clean up either leaky fuel tanks are dripping into the ground or chemical dump sites. And then we realize with all the water problems that we were having and all the industry in the area, what goes up must come down. When these toxins are going into the air, they rain down acid rain.

Leo Zimbosky: So all the local wells had gotten very acidic from all this acid rain, and we had to make acid neutralizes to neutralize the water or it would eat up the copper that we were installing as plumbers. And we went in there and we fixed the problem. But we made the water really hard because we added a lot of calcium carbonate to the water. And then we had to start working with water softeners to remove the calcium carbonate and a lot of doctors back then were up on that idea because we were adding sodium to the water and people with heart issues were having too much sodium as it was. So that’s when we got into reverse osmosis as a purification method not understanding that there is a difference between clean and healthy water.

Wendy Myers: Yes, tell us that difference because I think a lot of people don’t understand this distinction. And that’s what we’re doing this podcast for is making distinctions. There are so many people that are drinking their eight glasses of water a day and not getting hydrated because they’re missing certain components and I did that I bought a reverse osmosis filter a long long time ago and it had replaced minerals and whatnot, but I still was not getting hydrated. I was drinking, drinking, drinking and was not hydrating me. So tell us the difference between water that’s clean because we know reverse osmosis water technically is clean. There’s no chemicals that are toxins in it, which is great but just eliminate the whole picture for us.

Leo Zimbosky: Sure. Clean water and this is where I have excelled is we are taught the cleaner the water, the better in the water quality Association. And that’s true to a point. I would rather drink reverse osmosis than tap water. A lot of restaurants today will provide reverse osmosis water for you know in a vase that looks really nice and bring it out to you but and that would be fine because I’m not tasting the chlorine or the other chemicals in the water but healthy water is water that has the energy added back. So when you measure healthy water I can measure for molecular hydrogen and that’s a good source of healthy water meaning that it has the negative charge on the water like we talked the ROP and it comes from hydrogen.

Leo Zimbosky: Hydrogen is amazing element. I mean it’s there’s nothing better than molecular hydrogen in water. And then we need trace minerals. Without the trace minerals, we add back about 50 parts per million because the filtration system strips it to zero and then we add it back to about 50 parts per million, which is ideal for cellular hydration. When you don’t have trace minerals, you can’t make electrical function in your body. You can’t make, the water is too solvent and the solvency of the water will strip the body to the point where that you’ll have some massive problems. Now looking back at what I did, I also built kidney dialysis equipment. I built sea water desalinators. We are always working in the Bahamas specially now after the hurricane. So we knew how to get the water extremely clean.

Leo Zimbosky: And then we realized without adding the trace minerals back, you’re going to create future health problems with people. So when we added back about 50 parts per million, we got the negative charge on the water with the electrons and created the water to be and act as an antioxidant. Now the water is clean, it’s living and it’s mineralized for proper cellular hydration and function. It’s not the minerals, it’s not the amount of minerals you’d want in your daily supply. You’d still take your vitamins and minerals, but this water will give you the minerals that you need for proper cellular hydration. And without that it’s like trying to wash your freshly wax car and you see it bubble up. We’ve used petri dishes where we’ve taken the water and we’ve put it into with cells, and without the minerals, it beats off. And as soon as you add trace minerals to the water, you can inject it onto the cells and it draw right into the cell. So it was we found out that 50 parts per million was perfect. And that’s about what we add back.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. And that’s so important to understand that if you don’t have minerals loose in the water in your body, you’re not going to hold on to that water, you’re just going to pee it right out exactly. And not be hydrated because I experienced this phenomenon. So one day I was stuck at Disneyland of all godforsaken places. And the only thing they have there is dasani which is reverse osmosis water, and I was just drinking it and drinking and drinking and by the end of the day, completely dehydrated, totally nauseated because this water was dead, de mineralized water, was not going into my system and providing no hydration at all really, and I can’t even drink reverse osmosis water. Most bottled waters are reverse osmosis and have this same problem.

Leo Zimbosky: Yeah, and one of the things you notice when you drink clean water like that it slapshes around in your stomach. You get all this heavy water in your stomach, but when you drink water that’s very light and has a smaller molecule cluster. Even reverse osmosis water still has a pretty large cluster about 10 to 12 molecules, tap water is about 20. But when you ionized it with the magnesium and the minerals and the energy that we add to the water, that’s called ionization. It makes the water very light so it can penetrate and get into the cell and not only hydrate the cell, but force the toxins out of the cell. And that’s really important. And then you’re getting the water and you never feel it slosh around your stomach. Soon as it hits your mouth, it’s going down your throat, your esophagus. It’s penetrating and absorbing into your at a cellular level. Regular water just goes right there into your gut, and just lays there and waits for the osmosis of the body to force it through.

Leo Zimbosky: And that takes energy. Our water is already been converted and it’s already has its own energy. So it uses its own energy. It’s like tax free water. You know you’re not paying a tax on it. It’s going in and you’re not wasting energy to process it. The body’s water naturally has a negative charge and our fluids have an antioxidant property to it. Without them we start going into being sick. So by doing it this way, it’s awesome because you feel amazing, you get hydrated, you’re not going to have to pee all the time because it’s going to the right places. And most people won’t drink water, because it does make them feel full and when you feel full, you don’t want any more. And because it is sloshing around in their stomach.

Leo Zimbosky: So people actually, a lot of people do not like to drink water because it takes energy to process it and that’s attacks on their body. And it’s just a natural thing, but our water, we had a few people explain to us he says, hey, how come I didn’t drink your water? I want more. I feel like I get thirstier when I want your water. Well, because at first your body’s saying, oh, wow, this is great. We need more. And it’s asking for it, and it’s forcing you back to that faucet to get more, which is awesome. But eventually you catch up, and you get hydrated properly and then it’s normal.

Wendy Myers: I think that’s a good point to make that a lot of people don’t like water. And they don’t like to drink water because they’re listening to their body. They’re listening to correct messages that this is not good water that they’re drinking, whether it’s tap water or a lot of bottled waters. It’s not the kind of water that their body really needs or can realize.

Leo Zimbosky: Yeah, exactly. And I see a lot of people who juice and do things of that nature for health and they should I do that all day instead of drinking water. So it’s just you’re right. The body does have a way of telling you what’s good and what’s not.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. Exactly.

Leo Zimbosky: So when you go to your doctor and they try to take blood out of you, and they have a hard time finding the vein, they say you’re dehydrated. And they used to say that to me all the time. And I couldn’t believe it because I’m the water guy, right? H2O Leo here, and they’re telling me I’m dehydrated. And it made sense when I started having my heart problems that I was dehydrated and de-mineralized. And then when I got that back, my body knew what to do. And it went back into proper working order. And I was just at my cardiologists offices a few months ago because I’m getting a pilot’s license. And they failed me the FAA because of pre existing condition because of my heart attack that I had. And I had to go get a sign off from my cardiologist. And so he had to give me a stress test and all that and he laughed because he started listing off of this medicines he subscribed me 12 years ago, and I said doc come on, none of those.

Leo Zimbosky: And he goes, wow, I was really surprised to see you. I thought something may have happened to you or something. And I said, no, I haven’t done anything I said I just said you won’t believe it. And he already his office has my water coolers in it for filtered water but not healthy water. And so he converted. He put the healthy water filters he wanted the upgrade. And I convinced him but he still I don’t think he’s telling any of his patients about it.

Wendy Myers: No.

Leo Zimbosky: Because they probably won’t listen.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, it’s really sad even doctors are open to what they, their love to make certain recommendations for prepare their medical license or what have you. But so let’s talk about water ionizers. You mentioned that before. What is the difference between a pH prescription, filtration system and water ionizers?

Leo Zimbosky: There’s a lot of differences. The pH prescription filtration system it starts out with our quality premium pre filtration. Water ionizes very rarely have anything more than just a little carbon filter that’s behind a door or it’s on the back of the unit. And that carbon filter removes chlorine but it doesn’t remove chloramines, it doesn’t remove fluoride, it doesn’t remove heavy metals. I mean, I can go on and on and on. There’s a lot of things that will not remove.

Wendy Myers: It’s for taste.

Leo Zimbosky: It’s just for taste right and that’s what all refrigerator filters are and Britta filters, they are for taste and odor. There’s not much more that they do. Even zero water is a misconception. So what we do is we take those things out. We ensure that okay, we’re going to get rid of fluoride because it’s a titan and a toxin. We have to get that out. And the one thing we’ve noticed with ionizers when they just use a very simple carbon filter, when they ionize water they’re doing a negative and a positive plate and on the negative side of the plate is where you’re drinking water comes from and on the positive it goes down the drain as acid. So our H positive is acid water and OH negative is drinking water. But we found out that the fluoride and other heavy metals are increased because it’s going to the mineral side of the plate because it’s ionizing it.

Leo Zimbosky: So we realized that there’s up to about a 30% increase in toxins in the water minus the chemicals like chlorine. And so that’s a real big problem and they’re using titanium platinum coated plates, which the platinum is safe within reason it’s still a heavy metals as you know that it can build up in the body, but it does wear off because you’re using all this energy and that platinum is leaching into the water just like if you’re driving your car down the road, the tires are wearing off onto the road. Well, when that platinum wears off, then you have titanium and titanium is way worse of a toxin. So then you’re going to be putting titanium in the water so that you’re running a risk of a heavy metal issue.

Leo Zimbosky: You’re also running the risk of increasing the toxins coming from the water by ionizing it and pulling those things mineral things like fluoride because it’s aluminum waste product to the drinking side. So what we do is we get rid of all that crap first and then we use earth based medium to create it’s a mixture of magnesium and tourmaline and a few other things, and it creates a lot of energy. And if I was just to fill this filter with water and cap both ends, within 20 minutes, it would go over 600 psi, and the filter would break because it would crack from the pressure. So what we have to do is we have to tie into the drain and the excess pressure that comes out of filter goes down your drain. But the neat thing it backs through one of the membranes and cleans the filter that’s before it.

Leo Zimbosky: So it makes that filter last three times as long as it normally would. So it was a win win adding this new material and it’s also adding back mainly magnesium, calcium, potassium, and it re-mineralizes the water. So you know it’s clean and safe. It’s where I started my career making water clean and safe. And then you also you can measure the voltage just like you can with an ionized. It’s about 600 million volts, which is awesome. That blows people’s minds that it’s not plugged in and it can do that.

Leo Zimbosky: It’s how nature does it. That’s what we figured out. We figured out we went to hot springs and places around the world where these healing waters exist. We measured the voltage and they all had negative voltage and that was one of the key factors. So we replicated it with natural minerals that came out of the ground. And some of the strongest minerals we found comes from ayers rock in Australia. It’s a sacred rock but they do have quarries and mines and we’re able to purchase these minerals and have them made into filtration media. And so it works in people’s homes.

Wendy Myers: That’s so interesting. And then up worked on the topic of metal plates to change the properties of water. That’s the same concept as Kangen water. Because a lot of people buy very expensive Kangen machines and then thinking it’s going to be there a beacon of health, but can you tell us a little about that and the problem with metal plates.

Leo Zimbosky: Yeah. It’s funny when I do a lot of lectures and around the country, and I don’t want to insult people. When you spent $4,000 on something, it’s the last thing you want to hear is that you made the wrong choice, right? So people ask me, what do I think about these science majors including Kangen? And I say, well, it’s relative to your source of water. The problem is we mainly all have municipality water and we live in areas that have municipalities and this municipality water 25% of all major municipalities are using recycled wastewater. So the 25% of the water that we’re getting to our homes comes from the sewage plant. And so Kangen is ionizing all that crap literally. And giving it back to you where we’re removing it. Our filtration is so fine that cysts spores, viruses, bacteria, all that’s getting removed. And then we give you back a safe, clean water, that’s been re-mineralize and reenergize. So these metal plates have a purpose. And if you’re in upstate New York in the Catskills or some places I found in Colorado, even I found some places in California that the water was very pristine.

Leo Zimbosky: And haven’t found any places in Florida yet. But these places, if you run it through an ionizer it will enhance the quality of that water and it can be very, very good. So I always say it’s relative to where your source of water is and what you’re using. But if you’re in the municipality, like the masses, like most of us are, you need a little bit more.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. My concern is any water ran over metal plates is going to be problematic and toxic at some point.

Leo Zimbosky: Well, the metals do get into the water and like I said, platinum is not as toxic as titanium, but it’s still a heavy metal.

Wendy Myers: Yes. And so let’s talk about pH water. So there’s a lot of marketing around pH bottled water and drinking pH, high pH water. What are your thoughts on that and know how high of pH water people need to drink? Does it really make that huge of a difference in people’s health? What are your thoughts?

Leo Zimbosky: That’s a really good question. And when you look at it, there’s a lot of answers for that, because people say I’m afraid to drink too much of this high alkaline water because I’m going to have hapa doses or I’m going to have problems where it’s going to destroy my stomach acid. And that’s very very good thing to think about. Where if you were taking bicarbonate, baking soda, and you were adding it to water every day, so you had purified our water, dasani or whatever you’re using, and you’re adding a tablespoon or half teaspoon, I’m sorry, like half teaspoon of this and you’re drinking it every day, you can overdo it. You can add too much bio carb to your body and you can over alkaline yourself. It’s like people taking tums and all these other things are taking for acid problems, the purple pill, Nexium, all this stuff. They’re creating one problem. They’re not making any stomach acid now.

Leo Zimbosky: And they get gerd and acid reflux and it’s generally because you don’t have enough stomach acid so they’re attacking it the wrong way, but alkaline water that’s made from magnesium and tourmaline the way we do it is not over alkaline. It’s the pH and alkalinity are two different things. The pH of the water coming out of our drinking system is about 9.7. You’re going to get the same pH if you put about a half teaspoon of baking soda and to a glass of water, but it’s not as alkaline because we’re not using all that bio carb. We’re using magnesium oxide and it’s the magnesium coming off our media that’s creating the byproduct of alkaline water. It’s not bad to have some alkaline water in there because it neutralizes some because most people with the Western diet are so over acidic. It’s crazy because it would take 33 glasses of alkaline water to neutralize one glass of soda because the pH, the sodium, the pH and soda is like 2.3.

Wendy Myers: And people are drinking that every single meal. I used to. I used to been guilty of diet coke at every meal. It’s just horrifying.

Leo Zimbosky: Exactly. And then you’re dealing with the plastic molecules on top of it right as you know. You’re safer with regular coke.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, exactly.

Leo Zimbosky: But yeah, so it’s the pH it does have a beneficial factor. I don’t think it’s the driving factor. The driving factor of good water is clean first. I always recommend and then second, the molecular hydrogen and the mineral content for the getting into the cell that’s so important. But alkalinity can be done in so many different ways. And when you’re talking about buying them bottled water, most of that is just bio carb. They use baking soda, things like that because they know that alkalinity will stay. When you do it with we’re making molecular hydrogen, which is the smallest molecule and you try to put that in a plastic bottle it gases through the plastic itself. So by the time you get that water, there’s no negative charge on it. The negative charges gone and the only thing you have left is the alkalinity from the bio carb and bio carb will not put a negative charge on water. So even if it’s alkaline, it won’t have the antioxidant properties.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. And so that’s very, very good distinctions to me because I think people or just really companies are making a lot of money of bottled water. And it’s really horrifying. Nestle is buying up a lot of the different water companies and their water sources around the country and the world. And so I’m a little bit concerned about water scarcity and water prices, because of big corporations consolidating and buying up so much water. So there’s a lot of marketing, they got millions of dollars 10s of millions that goes into marketing water from different pristine sources and pH water and alkaline water and whatnot. So consumers have to be very, very careful. And it makes so much more sense not only from a health perspective, but a cost perspective and an environmental perspective. Although plastic in the world, plastic bottles that we need to be getting a proper working filtration system at home to drink pure water and shower in pure water. Can you talk about your whole house water systems and why that’s really important as well because that’s something a lot of people miss are drinking filtered water, but showering and bathing in toxic water.

Leo Zimbosky: Most of my clients start out with the drinking system and it’s because of jelly cost. And then they realize they really like it. And then I see them our company comes back out services at the next year and they’re really excited to see us and they’re happy to buy their new filters because it’s works so well and it’s actually probably save them a lot of money from not having to buy bottled water anymore or log it from the store or it’s funny a lot of people I said what are you doing when you run out? They say oh, God I hydrate because I won’t drink tap water. And I say well, it would have been nice to have it right here and we can get to your ice maker as well.

Leo Zimbosky: So your ice and your water dispenser the refrigerator would all be clean. They are like yeah, that’s great. But whole house systems is where we really started out. It was before we were doing filtration because we were cleaning up these toxic wells in New Jersey. So we realized if we mix these different materials, these different types of carbon, some carbons remove chloramines, other carbons remove chlorine and other VCs, other filtration medias remove fluoride heavy metals and then we have KDF 55, which makes the carbon last 15 times longer.

Leo Zimbosky: So we’re getting a million plus gallons of our home filtration system before they wear out. But the end resolve is at the shower head or at your sink when you’re brushing your teeth or anything you’re using water for, you’re getting spring like quality water. We’re not taking, we can but we’re not taking the minerals out of the water. We’re taking all the oxidative stress out of the water including all the chemicals and if you ever been in a hot spring, like in Colorado, we go to Steamboat Springs and stuff and you get in a hot spring. It’s the most amazing what are you feel come right out of the rock and it’s hot. And it feels great. And nobody ever complained how hard it was right?

Leo Zimbosky: Hardness was a thing back in the 80s when we were starting out that everybody had to have a water softener, because it was a one size fits all type of filtration system. And a lot of companies are doing that today when you order the product, I don’t care if you have a 10,000 square foot house or a 900 square foot apartment. They’re going to send you the same filter, and it doesn’t work that way. You need to contact time the flow rate as a plumber I understand all these things. We build a system to suit your home, your needs, your family size, and it removes all these really bad things. Your showers feel amazing. Your clothes come out cleaner because you’re not bleaching your clothes and washing the colors out of them. Anything you’re using the water for just works better and your plumbing and appliances aren’t as stressed out because the oxidation of chlorine because it’s an oxidizer or other chemicals that are in your water is not attacking those things.

Leo Zimbosky: So your hot water heaters last longer, they heat better. I mean, there’s all, again as a plumber understanding plumbing appliances that’s where were focused. When we were having the acid rain problem in New Jersey and we were eating up the copper pipes and there was blue green stains in all the sinks and tubs we were still at the cusp of changing over from lead solder to lead free. And I remember we were hoarding the lead solder because it was easier to use. We were against the idea of getting away from lead. We didn’t understand that. This was our livelihood and the new solder was horrible and all these leaks, right? So what we didn’t realize that all those blue green stains is lead is copper, is heavy metals. And not only was the plumbing appliances taking a toll. I can only imagine now knowing what I know what the people were going through. I don’t know how many people probably gotten very sick and heavy metal toxicity and most people probably had no idea that they were or had no resources to figure out that.

Leo Zimbosky: It’s not like today where you have the internet, you have access to find out what’s going on or get information, which is a wonderful thing. So I look back then and I was like man, how do we survive it and a lot of people didn’t. But getting whole house filtration is imperative. And people after they get it, they always thank me and again say well I should have did that first.

Wendy Myers: Yes, yes.

Leo Zimbosky: Because my skin feels so much better. People don’t realize that dermatitis eggs amongst psoriasis are mainly probably caused by chlorine. Because chlorine kills good bacteria. Its sole purpose is to kill living organism so our skin is like a farm so that our bacteria keeps it healthy. And when we take a shower on topically and even the chlorine has a very small molecular weight and hits the bloodstream. So 1 10 minute shower will kill more gut flora, than drinking eight glasses of tap water. So because of all the chlorine penetrating in through the skin. So what we need is we need to get rid of that and we need to get rid of those toxins being pumped into our bodies. One of the factors among women with breast cancer, the Breast Cancer Fund. org posted this. Women with breast cancer have 60% higher trihalomethanes in their fat tissue than women without.

Leo Zimbosky: And it makes sense because toxins go to fat, because the body has a way of protecting the organs and it forces the toxins into the fat. One thing I noticed when people get start taking prednisone and they blow up like a balloon, because it’s so toxic, right? It does its job to help you get through one thing, but it has a really bad side effect. So same thing with bathing and showering and chlorine. The chlorine is going to find a place to hide out and try how the methane and chloramines are going to go to the fat. And so that’s one of the big things and they also said that people will run a 93% higher chance of getting cancer with chlorinated water than people that do not. The people that have well if the well is not hot. So it’s a trade off.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. And fluoride also causes skin issues as well. It causes acne and a lot of women can go on a fluoride free program and their acne disappears not to mention that fluoride causes a whole host of other problems as well. And so and we didn’t talk about this before, we didn’t want to preface why you want to filter your water. Tell us what type of toxins are in the water that create this dire need to be able to filter your water.

Leo Zimbosky: You just hit it on the head. Fluoride is probably the most toxic neurotoxin in our tap water today. Fluoride, if it was a spill out of the truck on to the asphalt when they’re putting it dropping it off at the water plant, it would eat a whole race through the asphalt. That’s how bad fluoride is. Guys are wearing hazmat suits when they’re handling fluoride. On the back of every toothpaste, it has a warning that says children under six years old should not use fluoridated toothpaste and how many locators said they were crushed with coming out of their mouth and that if they were to swallow this toothpaste to contact Poison Control immediately. Well, a good dentist friend of mine says if a kid even swallow a piece size of toothpaste, it could stop the child’s heart.

Leo Zimbosky: So fluoride is extremely toxic and when people say no, it’s for good, strong, healthy teeth. I just like to educate. I don’t like to argue. So I asked him to read the back of their toothpaste next time just think about this and it has a warning or a disclaimer on it. Just like a pack of cigarettes also says it can cause lung cancer. But fluoride tells you if you ingest it, to call poison control. So my theory is why would we stick anything in our body that we were supposed to put in our mouth that if we’re ingesting it, and topically we’re getting into our blood because fluoride has a molecular weight of about 41 and anything under 150 milligrams makes it to your bloodstream. Chlorine is 35.4> So when you get this in your brush, your teeth is going through your gums, the fluoride is getting into your bloodstream, it’s making its way up to your brain, which is causing problems there as well.

Leo Zimbosky: And fluoride has a host of issues. I mean, they use it for rat poison. It’s a waste product. It’s a waste product that a lot of facilities, as a byproduct of things they make. And that’s where the fluoride comes from, from aluminum, and things like that nature. And the real problem is that when you’re taking the fluoride in, whether it’s through your drinking water, whether it’s through your toothpaste, or whether you’re getting a fluoride treatment at the dentist, you’re getting toxified with it. And it’s calcifying your pineal gland. It’s screwing with your thinking. And I tell people in my lectures that if they don’t care, well, that is the apathy part. Fluoride has a lot of negative effects. And one of the things I do I always show a chart from the EPA of how toxic something is. So the toxicity scale goes from zero to six and lead has a toxicity of four. And arsenic has a toxicity of five, and fluoride is right in between it 4.5.

Leo Zimbosky: We’re allowed 15 parts per million the lead in our tap water says the EPA. We’re allowed 50 parts per million arsenic, which is way more toxic than lead in our water because it’s in the pipes, in the concrete culverts the way the water comes to our homes from the water plant. A lot of times the arsenic doesn’t start at the water plant. It comes from the pipes. And if you’re at the end of that pipe the furthest away, you’re going to get the higher levels of arsenic, but fluoride and you’re allowed 15 to lead, you’re allowed 50 of arsenic, but they allow 4000 parts per billion of fluoride. So that’s extremely toxic, and it’s a real real problem.

Wendy Myers: Who is getting paid?

Leo Zimbosky: I don’t know.

Wendy Myers: To allow this to happen?

Leo Zimbosky: I don’t know I’ve been on a few boards to have it removed. Our county here in Martin County, there’s a great neurologist here. And the people who run this county had gotten rid of it. So we have no Flouride in Martin County, that’s awesome. And Dallas just removed it. And they were getting a lot of heat too, but they didn’t say they removed it for personal reasons or health reasons because then they would be in trouble. So what they said was they removed it to save the county a million dollars a year in floridezation. Because we’re getting plenty of fluoride in our toothpaste and other things. So they stopped flouriding the water in certain counties.

Leo Zimbosky: And it would be great if it stopped altogether, but it’s still it’s still 98% of America uses it. And our goal is knowing what we know is how to get rid of it and hardly anyone’s getting rid of it because of the fact the media is so expensive to get that you put in the tanks to get rid of it. And you have to protect that media. So the tank one of this whole home filtration system removes all the volatile organic compounds like chlorine, cholaramine, ammonia, things that are being added and things that are being picked up out of the wells. And then the water is as clean as most companies will ever give it to you. And then tank two we go after the heavy metals, fluoride and all the rest of that, all the rest of those bad guys.

Leo Zimbosky: And that when you do it in that combination, you’ll get a million gallons of use, which will last most families have for anywhere from five to seven years before you need to rebuild these units. And that’s another good thing. You don’t have to replace our equipment, you replace with it. It’s like a filter change, right? You pull the media out, It can be vacuumed out or dumped out. And you fill the tanks with new media, which we ship out and we work with a plumbing organization however to do that.

Wendy Myers: Great, great. And then let’s talk about wells. So a lot of people have wells like my mother lives in a ranch in Texas and they have a well, and a lot of people will just test their well and say oh and they’re only testing maybe four metals. It just is really ridiculous tests and-

Leo Zimbosky: It’s basic.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, that doesn’t like calcium and sodium and some minerals. And then they get a free and clear hey, your water is not contaminated, and really are not doing thorough checks on the healthiness or cleanliness of the water. Talk to us about wells.

Leo Zimbosky: There’s some testing that I recommend everyone do. Like they can send me their water. And again, I can test for maybe 16 points. But there’s companies out there that are independent. National Laboratories is one, and they’re out of Ohio. And they’ll send you a kit in the mail. You order it, you pre pay for it, and you can talk to a tech, a lab tech there, tell him where you live, he can look up your area and see if what they found in that area. And because there’s thousands of things we could be testing for, and I’ve had a few clients say I want you to test for everything. And it’s like $6,000 to test for everything.

Leo Zimbosky: So I look at them I say-

Wendy Myers: Sign me up.

Leo Zimbosky: You’re going to have to be more specific. And I give you an example. I just did a job about a year ago for a woman who had three homes very, very wealthy woman, and she was in Palm Beach where we started. And she wanted me to test for everything in all three of our homes. And I said, well, we have everything and then we have pharmaceuticals. Oh, yeah, I want that too. And I said, okay, so the pharmaceutical panel, it tests for 3000 different pharmaceuticals, and fragrances. Fragrances is becoming a real problem order. Because remember, 25% comes from the comes from the sewage department. So laundry detergents, stuff people are wearing, it’s all going down the drain and coming back to us. And so we’re finding these things. Well, it was funny because I was sitting there with her contractor because he has a office in this big mansion down in Palm Beach. And he was like, so what did you find in the water, and I brought the test, and I’m reading it and I said, well, the number one pharmaceutical was testosterone.

Leo Zimbosky: I said I would believe that because say here in South Florida, everybody’s doing anti aging treatments these days. They are taking themselves as hormones. And number two is birth control. And number three we found NX and things like that. But there was 19 different pharmaceuticals that showed up in the panel.

Wendy Myers: I’m wondering why I’m so relaxed after my shower.

Leo Zimbosky: It was funny when I told him testosterone, he ran to the faucet and got a glass of water and drank it, because my doctor told me I have low T, right. So I said, well, number two was birth control and he was like, then Xanax, and so. But there’s a lot of things and, and our goal is let’s focus on getting rid of these things. And it takes multiple media’s to do it. There’s no one tank or one size fits all cure for anyone. And another good example, we do a lot of work in the Bahamas, and we’re doing a big project over there now, and in harbor Island, and one of my clients when he took me to his home that he stays in over there and had some filtration system from our I’m not going to say the company but from this company that was really weak and there were over there is horrible.

Leo Zimbosky: I mean their chemistry understanding. They get rid of a lot of stuff but still loaded with salt because it’s ocean water that’s been converted and their filtration systems did. They don’t have like a standard like we do here in America. I talk about our water like it’s horrible. No, I mean if we went to Mexico or we went to the Bahamas or a lot of other countries, the water is way worse and it’s scary Africa. I’ve to India all these places the water is really really bad. So they meet a standard here in America that is above most countries. But they’re still adding toxins. So we go after these things in wells.

Leo Zimbosky: Mostly they’re testing like you said some things like iron is one of the main tests in a well and pH and magnesium, manganese and hardness and they’ll do some simple tests. And then they’ll say, okay, well, it’s all the things they’re testing for a water softener can fix. So the answer is always a water softener. And in some cases, it’s needed. We have to do it ourselves. But in other cases we have iron filters and things that will pull these things out without adding other chemicals to water from the salts and different things are using the water softeners.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I want to touch on the manganese, not magnesium but manganese because that’s a barely common well contaminant that a lot of people their wells tested fine. The test wasn’t testing for manganese and this is a very toxic metal or mineral slash mineral metal that can cause Parkinson’s like symptoms.

Leo Zimbosky: True.

Wendy Myers: And if you can be misdiagnosed with that, and just have manganese toxicity and some of my clients are just off the charts with it. Texas is very contaminated with manganese. All my clients in Texas have manganese. So it’s something to be really aware of if you have a well.

Leo Zimbosky: Yeah, and one of the ways you can tell you’re on your own if you don’t have iron that’s causing brown stains, manganese will cause black stains. So you can pull the bowl cover off your toilet and go back there and if it’s all black, that’s a good sign that you have manganese in the water. And that would be filtered out through certain types of filtration. We have water filtering media’s that will get that out and focus on that. So we’re not doing other things or adding other damaging things to the water.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. Very very interesting.

Leo Zimbosky: So yeah, there’s this and one of the other things that we’re finding a lot of is radioactive isotopes showing up in wells.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I was going to ask you about that because that’s a big problem that most water filters don’t even touch.

Leo Zimbosky: They won’t touch it and it uses a special cat ion charge or ion charge resin, and that it’ll absorb to that material. When the space shuttles or different things would come back from space, they were coming through and they’re burning through the atmosphere and they would create a lot of radiation on the tiles. And they would take the same resin that we use for water filtration and they would pour it across the space shuttle. And it would suck the radiation off the tiles to protect people from being around it because it was so radioactive when it came back in from all that heat. So these resins are very good for water filtration and they will reduce these isotopes and radon. Also, a lot of people have radon gas coming through their basements and they have to put in these mediation systems to get rid of it because it’s coming up from there from the ground and it makes it generally always when they have it in their home, they have it in their well and you can have your well tested for that as well.

Leo Zimbosky: And we can get those things out with our filtration equipment. So there’s different ways and that’s what makes us really unique because we started out working on wells. So we realize that not every problem is the same and we have to build equipment to suit your need. And then with city water, we’ve seen the same problem that there’s different municipalities that use different filtration methods and use different chemicals and not the same materials are going to remove them. And like I said, Some use fluoride, some don’t. Some municipalities put a lie in the water, which is soap. It’s to protect the pipes, it’s not to protect you and me. Makes their pipes stay cleaner, but it’s still another something that’s going to cause havoc on us.

Leo Zimbosky: So less than 1% of the water that comes into your home is less than one 10th of 1% I’m sorry, is for drinking. The rest of the water from dishes, toilets, showers and it’s washing clothes, so they’re not filtering the water for drinking. But when they say safe, they mean that the safety levels and you’ll see this on a lot of different news channels and stuff the water was tested safe. It’s generally biologically safe. Meaning that it didn’t have bacteria spores or viruses in. It’s not saying it’s safe from chemicals.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, it’s color of free.

Leo Zimbosky: Yeah. You would probably hit in Mexico or something like that or Africa, you would have that problem because and then the people there their bodies are used to it, but for somebody like us, we’d get very sick and so here, yeah, it’s safe at that. It’s safe of short term sicknesses where you’re going to be sick within 24 hours. But it’s not I don’t feel safe for long term, for the toxic poisoning that we’re getting from these things. I don’t think there’s any acceptable amount of arsenic. I don’t think there’s any acceptable amount of lead. I don’t think there’s any acceptable amount of volatile organic compounds. I think that we should have a fighting chance and that we should get rid of those things. And your body is the first thing that will let you know that I thank you for it. I’m 52 years old, and I’m very fortunate. I’ve always had extremely good skin and my kids do too. My daughter is an aesthetician in San Diego and the woman this spa she just went to work for she says, oh my God, you have the most beautiful skin. She goes I know my dad would never let toxic water touch it.

Leo Zimbosky: So it’s awesome. It’s awesome to see and my kids never had acne because they never had fluoride. They never had fluoride on their skin or drinking it. So they had beautiful skin and then when I see people with acne, or people that are all red and diabetic people, the big red caps and stuff and their skin so dry and it just, I just realize how dehydrated they are and how much they you got to watch what you say. And then they’re buying all this bottled water. That’s reverse osmosis and they’re buying dead water and they think they’re doing something good. Every now and then I’ll hand them a card and I’ll do I’ll do something to help them out on my own because not everybody can afford good water. I mean, it’s another thing. A good filtration system isn’t going to be as cheap as other filtration systems that are in disguise. They’ll make them look the same on the outside. But on the inside, it’s totally different.

Leo Zimbosky: When you look at, you can look at cars today and they make all different models of a car where it has disrupt suspension, different interior, different motors, and they drive different they act different but sitting in the parking lot, they look exactly the same. So you wouldn’t know a difference between this one Cadillac or this other, you know, until you bought the options. And our filtration system has all the options available.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, so how tell us where we can find you, where we can get one of your filters.

Leo Zimbosky: Our website is And you can go on the website and order. And ordering from Wendy Myers will get you her discount, save you money, so I highly recommend doing that. And we also provide service. So nationally we have a network of plumbers that we work with that can provide service to get these installed pretty much anywhere in the US. We have them everywhere from Honolulu, Anchorage, Alaska to Maine. So we cover pretty much we’re in Martha’s Vineyard. We’re in Nantucket. We’re in the Hamptons, and every year, we’re traveling through all these really cool fun places and we’re taking care of our clients because a lot of people have a winter home and a summer home specially here in Florida we have a lot of snowbirds.

Leo Zimbosky: So we end up doing their homes up north and their homes down here. And just by all the work with the doctors that we’ve done, and all the trade shows I’ve done, it brought us to the west coast and our next manufacturing facility will be in Dallas, Texas. We were really nervous if this Dorian would have hit us. It could have hurt. It could have slowed us down a little bit and we couldn’t afford that. So we decided after this massive hurricane that destroyed the Bahamas that we’re going to open within the next year another manufacturing facility somewhere centralized.

Wendy Myers: That’s fantastic.

Leo Zimbosky: That’ll help on shipping too, that’ll help on shipping to the west coast and all that.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. Because I was so happy when I met you and we were talking about your water systems and I was like God this is just so revolutionary how you have been thinking about water for three over three decades and your entire family. For so many generations has been thinking about water, how to filter water, what are the problems and people’s homes and wells and water systems and just rethinking every aspect of it and you came to my home and installed one of your water filters and I love it because it’s so important to have clean water for cooking, for making bone broth and making your coffee and your teas and it’s not practical to use bottled water for that. It’s not environmentally friendly. It’s very, very expensive, it’s just not practical. So when you think about buying bottled water over a couple year period, you could just have your own water system at home and drink safe water for you and your family.

Wendy Myers: And I’m definitely I think it’s just such an important investment people have to make in their health. And it’s, like you said, it’s not enough to just have clean water, you need to have an energized water as well. And so that’s such a key component like feeding your body electrons is another huge thing missing from so many people. They just aren’t doing things in their environment to get enough electrons. And EMF or electromagnetic radiation from WiFi is causing a positive charge on their body. And it’s very important to drink water with electrons, it’s energized to counteract that very negative health effect that EMF is having on so many people.

Leo Zimbosky: Yeah, I totally agree. And that it just, you can feel your system your circuits working better. My doctor told me with my heart he says, “Leo it’s almost like the way you understand because I’m in the cars and things that run in motors and boats.” He says this is going to make a lot of sense to you because he knows me. He says,” You have a strong heart, you just have a bad wiring system.” And it was that moment that it snapped in my head that there was a charge, there’s something missing. And when I heard this doctor talk out at that water trade show in Vegas, I realized that he had the missing key. He had that that part that charge. And then when I found out that the charge was negative 25, negative 15 million volts I said that’s great, but the hearts negative 435. I need more than that. And we went after that charge.

Leo Zimbosky: And we were talking about the transdermal shower systems, the big commercial ones that we do. We’re getting negative 1200. And because we need a lot of energy and to do that, and negative 1200, you come out of there just feeling like every circuit in your body’s been charged. And it’s amazing. You don’t do it at night because you are never going to sleep. Because you just woke yourself up. I have my son and my nephew, and I have two of my sons working for me. And they take college courses, and they always come here and use our conference room to cram and they’ll stay up all night cramming for a test and then they’ll take what they call super shower in the morning just to give them an energy to get through the day.

Leo Zimbosky: And then they’ll go to school and take their tests and do amazing because it gets rid of brain fog too. And so it is great, and it is good to have all those things and we’re proud that we can do it. I tell you if I didn’t get sick, if I didn’t have the health issues that I had, it would have never, the necessity was the mother of all invention, put it that way. And it was divine intervention for me to, I trained all my life to build an engineer and make things work better and right and meet the standards I had to meet. And then when I realized, wow, there’s a whole health factor on top of just clean water, and clean water itself wasn’t meeting that health factor. We had to add things back. And when we figured that out, it was one of the most exciting things but then I didn’t realize there was people like Wendy Myers, and all these other people out there. I didn’t realize there was going to be people that listen to me, and when I actually went after it, and I decided to give away these units to people I knew who were sick, and I watched them all do well, I was so excited that I knew there was I just had to keep trying and then I ran into people that were like minded. And it just worked when we started.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I mean your system is in Dr. Jill Nikolas house. It’s in my house. So who else do we know that have your system?

Leo Zimbosky: Dr. Josh Axe has my system. I didn’t even he had it. He heard me at a conference somewhere and he ordered it. And he had his plumber install it. And then I kept reading articles from him. And I was I had brought his article. We had somebody who was dealing with psoriasis or eczema. And he was talking, he did a hardcore capralic acid. I remember I printed it out, and I took it to lunch with me. And I was sitting there with people from my office and they go, yeah, he’s our, let me pull him up. And we pull him up on the act program right off the cell phone. And he was our client. I said are you kidding to me, I need to talk to him. So I need to do his podcast right. So it’s me Josh Axe. We have a lot of stars that have our equipment now. Alot of singers for some reason, we get a lot of country singers, which is fun.

Leo Zimbosky: On some of my YouTube videos, you see one Arlo Guthrie did for me, he’s a folk singer. And he’s really neat. He’s the one that coined the phrase, he says, man, because I won’t get glass of water and I left and he goes then I was thirsty again. What’s up with that? I got to call Leo and asked him why I’m I still thirsty? He is a really funny guy. And he called me out of nowhere many, many times just he put me on the phone with other famous people and it was really neat and said, yeah, he needs one of your water systems too. So it’s been really cool having all this support from like even people who not only just have my equipment, they want to share it with people that they know.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I certainly do. I mean, I think it’s just incredible what you’re doing and I really one day I want to get your shower system. Is it that they are high end but they’re amazing. You can program different things through the water. You can put vitamins in the water, you get relaxing water or shower, energizing shower, it’s incredible what this thing does, it’s like top of the line. There’s nothing out there like it.

Leo Zimbosky: No. Now we design that. 12 years ago, I started the concept because I realized that if drinking toxic water was bad, bathing in it was worse. So I said, wow, if drinking good water is good, then bathing in it would be better. But it’s expensive to make that much charge and that much, that the type of water for a two gallon per minute flow rate on across your body. And then we realized that the water that we’re using is solvent and it has all these great properties to be a driver to drive things into your body. So we said, let’s infuse nutrients into it. Let’s add a mixture of combination of things. So we have these minerals that are really micro sized, and they’ll make it into your pores. And we have other things that are bigger molecular weight that will make it into your skin cell, and then your body will slowly feed off of it.

Leo Zimbosky: So it’s like time released, right? So we were playing with the molecular weights. And the doctors we work where they’re just so sharp and they’ve already written like four or five RIB studies that we’re starting to work on. We’ve been doing studies privately with local doctors, my neighbors is a doctor, one of the head doctors for Cleveland Clinic and I like using him because he’s not biased in any way. Because he’s not into alternative health. He’s into modern medicine, which is a horrible name for it. I heard that from another doctor.

Leo Zimbosky: He said that’s horrible name, because nothing modern about modern medicine but he’s the one that’s got the other set of eyes. And it was funny he was suffering from the same conditions more mildly than I was. And I told him about it and he didn’t tell me that he had the same issues. And we ended up putting a water system in his house. And he came to me like two months later and says, hey, my AFib’s gone. And I said, I didn’t know you had it, doc. And he says, yeah I said I do and he says, what you did really helped and I’m on board, what can I do to help you?

Wendy Myers: And that has me frustrating to be a heart doctor and have heart problems.

Leo Zimbosky: Yeah.

Wendy Myers: And you can’t solve your own heart issue.

Leo Zimbosky: No. And now I got approved for my pilot’s license from the FAA because I pass all my test. And it was funny, I had to do a level two stress test. First I had to do a really level two EKG, which they had 30 wires on me, then I had to do a level two stress test. And then I had to do an echocardiogram. And then I had to wear a halter monitor for a month, right?

Wendy Myers: Wow, a month?

Leo Zimbosky: A month. So my doctor, he sits in for the stress test, because he knew how sick I was. And he hadn’t seen me in a long time, it’s been almost 11 years. And he says, I want to watch you. I want to watch you do the stress test and I’m like, okay, and I’m in decent shape. I’m not in great shape, I’m in decent shape, I take decent care of myself. I eat good, and I try to do some activities.

Wendy Myers: And drinking water.

Leo Zimbosky: The stress test for anybody is tough, because you have to get the heart rate up to a certain number and keep it there. Right? So I don’t care how fit you are. It’s hard to do that. So I’m on this treadmill and I’m holding on and I guess I didn’t look so good because I was tired. And I had to do it for like 10 minutes at this heart level. And he says, are you okay? And I said you see something I don’t because he’s got the big computer screen in front of him. He goes, no, you look fine. I just don’t want you to hurt yourself. So if you feel any pain stop. And I’m like, okay, he goes, you feel pain? I said, no, I’m just tired. And so we got through it and he says I can’t because you pass with flying colors, you pass your stress test. And I said, I kind of knew I would, because I’m not having any symptoms anymore. So being able to do that this is why I’m just so happy to meet people like minded and I can share this with people all over.

Wendy Myers: Yes. So is there anything new coming up? I know that you have your undersea water filter. You’ve got the whole house system. You’ve got water cooler systems, you’ve got the high end shower system that you can program.

Leo Zimbosky: Yes, early in 2020, we’ve been working on this new product called Derma shower. And Derma shower is a shower system that screws up to where your shower head goes, has its own handheld part here or a shower head on it. And it’s not just a shower filter, which is awesome, which is this white part here. It has a removable pod like a cup would be in a cured coffee maker. And these pods are full of different nutrients depending on what you want to achieve. You just drop that pod into this cup, screw it up into here, turn the water on, shower, then turn this activation knob and it activates the pod. So for the first three or four minutes, you want to just use your soaps wash off any perfume, any deodorant, anything that’s on your body that’s not natural that you don’t want to drive into your skin because the pods have drivers in it and it helps drive the nutrients into your body. And then you activate the pod and then you get the nutrients.

Leo Zimbosky: One pod we’re going to use is the energy pod or if you think about calling it the morning expressor shot because it gives you energy to get you going. It has some trace minerals, vitamins, B vitamins and natural caffeine. And then we have another pod that is a central mineral pot that has all the different the minerals in the water all 74 Anak minerals and we have one also the that is vitamin D. And so we’re making some plays on the word sunshine or something like that has vitamin D that’s very good for the skin and very good for the body.

Leo Zimbosky: And then we have a good night formula that has like melatonin, atryptophan. We have all kinds of formulas that we put in there. Lavender oils, essential oils are going in them as well. So you’ll know just from the smell, which pod you have in there, and they’ll be color coded so that they go into the shower rack. And so for the people like me, when you take my glasses off, I couldn’t read something small, but I know that purple is this one I want right now or green or blue or whatever.

Leo Zimbosky: And you put that pod in. So Derma shower has been on the horizon for the last three years since we started. Even years ago, when started Aqua palace, we didn’t realize we could come up with something that works so well. And working with one of the doctors we’re working with, he’s our formulators and he says I can make that happen. So there’s going to be a nitric oxide pod too that is a mixture of materials for cardiovascular health. And my partner is Dr. Nathan Brian. And he’s works with me on Derma shower. And it’s very exciting that we working together because we didn’t think we had synergy for many years because of the fact that my water is an antioxidant. And his nitric oxide isn’t necessarily oxidizer. But then we met another gentleman, Tyler Baron, and we were one of his lectures. And we were both sitting in his lecture I think in Hollywood, Florida. And he talked about how molecular hydrogen is selective at only removing siloed toxins, but it won’t remove necessary oxidizes like nitric oxide.

Leo Zimbosky: So me and Dr. Brian looked at each other and smiled, and gave each other a thumbs up. And we actually started the process of seeing if we could do this. And he has one of the big commercial Aqua pellet shower systems at his place. And he had this huge success with mixing nitric oxide with hydrogen. And it was very easy to get into the skin. So we figured wow, what a great way to introduce it to the world than with Derma shower. And it’s a product that is very, very reasonably priced. And the nice thing is that we’re going to give a lifetime warranty on the hardware. I mean, if people it’s not working, they’re not going to get stuff for it. And it’s going to be an opportunity that they can get these pods delivered straight to them every month.

Leo Zimbosky: And add them to them and they can from an app on their phone or their computer, they can mix up their order and change and get what they exactly what they realized that they want. So it’s exciting. We’ve been playing around with it for a long time. The molds are being made right now. We have prototypes that are working. And we’re just really excited and it’s going to be a very strong beginning for 2020.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I think it’s just incredible. I think this is such a groundbreaking invention, not only because of the pods. I love the current pod idea of taking a mineralized shower, relaxing shower I think it’s just so brilliant, but not only that, but there’s I’ve actually been very disappointed with the shower filtration heads that are out on the market. They only get chlorine and fluoride. They’re not getting heavy metals and a lot of the other toxins that are in the shower water but the Derma shower does get all that stuff and not only that, but it’s got a detachable showerhead and you can add any kind of nutrients that you want the minerals. I think it’s just such a brilliant system and it’s going to be such a good price point so that everyone can afford this.

Leo Zimbosky: Sure. One of the things we did with the shower head, I have a lot of people say well what about giving my child a bath? It’s very important, right? So I made a cradle that this shower head will go into if you have a shower bath combination, and then a cradle goes over this and the water comes out the bottom and fills the top. So they can still use the Derma shower to fill the tub. They can still put nutrients in the tub. And they can also use it to put nutrients on their pets. So I mean, it’s hard to make pets take vitamins, but same thing with children. If you’re giving it to them through the skin, it’s a way better way to apply it. And it’s going to get a better absorption and you’re not fighting the gut, you’re not fighting the, when you take pills you have sometimes problems with the body absorbing them. Because if you don’t have the stomach acid or you don’t have the proper, you’re past them, you past those all this stuff.

Leo Zimbosky: And with ours, we already broke it down. We already made it into something the body can use. And once it hits the skin, it’s already activated and it’s ready to go. So again, just like the water, it’s tax free income. It’s going into your body and all that.

Wendy Myers: I like that, that phrase yet. So Leo, thanks so much for coming on the show. I’m so excited for the Derma shower to come out. It’s not out yet. It’s going to be out in January 2020 or later possibly, and I’m going do a whole podcast just on the Derma shower in January when it comes out. So thanks so much for coming on the show. And tell us again where we can find you and get your water filters.

Leo Zimbosky: A lot of people put an S on the end, it’s not If you want to learn more, you can go on PH prescription and hit on Google. And you’ll see all of our YouTube videos. There’s a whole bundle of YouTube videos there. And I do have a four point PowerPoint presentation on there that talks about fluoride and all the chemicals in the water to take a watch. And there’s other videos one done by PBS that we were on for a while. And so there’s a lot of good information there. But if they reach out to us, they can order their water filtration products.

Wendy Myers: Pretty fantastic. Yeah, so mention Wendy Myers or Myers detox when you call in, and you’ll get a 10% discount. You can also go to Meyers detox comslash water. And we’ll have more information for you there as well.

Leo Zimbosky: Excellent.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic. Well, Leo, thanks so much for coming on the show. I so appreciate it. This is such an informative podcast. And I love talking about water because I think it’s one of those things where people think they’re doing it right. And they’re not. They think they’ve learned about water and are drinking the right water and got that kind of squared away, and they go on to learn about something else. And so many people are not getting clean water right. So thanks for coming on the show and making some more distinctions for us.

Leo Zimbosky: Thank you, Wendy. I appreciate you having me. Looking forward to talking to you again.

Wendy Myers: Yes. And guys, thanks so much for tuning in to the Myers detox podcast where we talk about everything related to detox. Detox protocols, detox tools, and how toxins impact your health. So thanks for tuning in. I’ll talk to you guys next week.