#353 Harnessing The Power of Energy Medicine with Lloyd Burrell


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  1. Find out what’s in store for this Myers Detox Podcast with Lloyd Burrell, EMF expert, who joins the show to discuss why is it more important than ever to understand energy and how to protect yourself from harmful energies like EMF, electromagnetic fields, wireless internet, cell phones, and more.
  2. When Lloyd had an adverse reaction to using his cell phone, he began searching for answers to his ailment, and discovered that he was highly sensitive to EMF. This lead him down a path of wanting to help others protect themselves from harmful EMF. Learn more about Lloyd’s health journey.
  3. Lloyd is hosting the FREE Healing with Vibration Summit, where 50 expert speakers will teach you how to use vibrational healing, grounding, bioenergetics, red light, and more to protect yourself from harmful EMF. Learn more about what you will find in this amazing summit!
  4. Our biofield or the field of informational energy that surrounds our body, is composed of different vibrations and different densities helps govern many functions of our body including our immune system. Find out more about our biofield.
  5. EMFs affect our body’s on the cellular level, creating adverse biological effects on our cells, our DNA, enzymes, on the voltage-gated calcium channel, and so much more. Find out all of the ways EMFs negatively affect our body and how optimizing our body’s energy field can prevent these effects.
  6. Lloyd’s Healing with Vibration Summit has 50 amazing talks, including one with Lynne McTaggart, a renowned investigative journalist and the author of The Power of Eight and The Field. Find out why her talk is one of Lloyds favorite and most inspirational.
  7. Wendy is a speaker on the Healing with Vibration Summit discussing different strategies on how to protect our energy field from EMF. Learn more about the summit.
  8. Make sure to sign up for Lloyds Healing with Vibration Summit with 50 expert speakers free and online from the 22nd of September until the 28th! Learn how to use vibrational healing, grounding, bioenergetics, red light, and much more to protect yourself from harmful EMF. To sign up just click here!


Wendy Myers: Hello, everyone. I’m Wendy Myers of myersdetox.com. Welcome to The Myers Detox Podcast. On my site and on this show, we talk about every topic related to heavy metal toxicity, chemical toxicity and EMF toxins, as well. That’s why I had my friend, Lloyd Burrell, come on the show to discuss just that. Lloyd is an EMF expert. We’re going to be discussing why it’s more important than ever to learn about your body’s energy field. We’ll discuss how non-native energies like EMF from your wireless router, computer, cell phone, appliances and cell phone towers affect your body.

Wendy Myers: We’ll also be discussing different topics around bioenergetics, energy fields and how EMFs throw a wrench in your body’s communication system which is in the energy field. More importantly, we talk about what you can do to counter the EMFs in our environment by simply addressing the body’s energy field. He’s hosting a Healing with Vibration Summit where he and a panel of 50 different experts, including myself, talk about just that. It will include different solutions to address your body energetically, that also happen to minimize the impact of EMFs. There will be tons of tips on healingwithvibrationsummit.com.

Wendy Myers: I know you guys listening to this show are very concerned about toxins and the level of toxins that you have in your body. Not everyone can afford testing. I created a quiz that will give you your results for the relative levels of toxins that you have in your body. This is based on your lifestyle habits and diet. You can go take that quiz at heavymetalsquiz.com. It only takes a couple of minutes. Afterwards you get a free video series that helps to enlighten you to all types of topics related to detox. How long does it take to detox? What kind of testing is best? Where do you start with detox? It’s a totally free video series that I created for you. You get it after you take the quiz at heavymetalsquiz.com.

Wendy Myers: On the show today with Lloyd Burrell, we’re going to be talking about why the topic of EMF must include how the body works with communication via the body’s energy field. We’ll also discuss how the body’s energy field controls the physical body. We’ll talk about some of the signs and symptoms of EMF sensitivity. We’ll also learn about some top strategies to protect your body’s energy field from EMF.

Wendy Myers: One day in 2002, Lloyd Burrell answered his cellphone. Soon after he developed highly debilitating symptoms from all different types of electromagnetic devices in his home and his workplace. He became very ill. He went to multiple medical professionals who couldn’t help him. Lloyd wasted thousands of dollars on solutions that didn’t work. It took him nearly 10 years to recover his health. He’s been on quite a journey. He’s now made it his life’s mission to raise awareness about the dangers of electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. He shares the remarkable discoveries he’s made on his journey.

Wendy Myers: Lloyd is a regular speaker on online events, podcasts, radio shows and hosts his own EMF Health Podcast. He’s the author of two E-books on EMFs and the creator of The EMF Health Summit, and now The Healing with Vibration Summit. His latest book, EMF Health Client, is available at all good book shops. Lloyd is married and has two grown children. He lives in sunny Southwest France. You can find Lloyd at electricsense.com. His new summit is online at healingwithvibrationsummit.com. Lloyd, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Lloyd Burrell: Thank you so much, Wendy.

Wendy Myers: Tell us about your path, focusing on healing with vibration and EMFs. What got you started in all of this?

Lloyd Burrell: Well, it’s really this story with the EMFs, this whole experience came out of the blue. I had this reaction to my cell phone, this sort of bewilderment around it not only with myself but with the medical establishment, this lack of solutions, this realization which came from that and a lot of distress, obviously. I was in a bad way, It lasted a long time and nobody could help me. That kind of puts you in a position of really digging deep, which is what I did. I discovered that there was this thing called EMF sensitivity, after over two years of thinking I was going crazy.

Lloyd Burrell: This understanding showed me that there was this thing and it wasn’t only me. I wasn’t going crazy. There were other people like me. I then had the realization that everybody is actually sensitive to EMFs. It’s just that some can feel it and some cannot. I found that out by really doing my homework. That’s to say, looking at the research. That became very clear. There’s a lot of studies on this. EMF’s impact everybody. Some people can feel it and some people can’t. I still can. I don’t get the debilitating symptoms but I can still feel these energies, from time to time.

Lloyd Burrell: From that came the next realization. This was a series of realizations that actually weren’t about EMFs, particularly. It was that I was very sensitive to energy and always have been. It was like the penny dropped and then I began to think back over my life. Thinking of different things which had happened to me. A lot of things made sense. How I’ve always been kind of intuitive, being able to feel people and understand people at some nonverbal level. It’s always just been a bit bizarre.

Lloyd Burrell: I never thought anything of it. A whole bunch of things like picking things up that other people don’t pick up. From that, I realized that everybody is actually sensitive to energy by looking at the research and from this understanding that we are actually energetic beings. This whole story with EMFs is actually an energy story. EMFs are just another kind of energy. It just so happens that this is a rather large problem in our society, and our world, which few people are aware of.

Lloyd Burrell: The Summit was bringing a lot together. On the one hand it was about protecting people. Explaining to people all the different ways that we can be protected from EMFs, which I’ve been doing for a long time. I’ve gone further, looking at the energy aspects of protection. Protection is on one hand and then on the other hand it’s all the things that we can do to utilize energy and to work with energy. That means understanding this phenomena a little bit, what this actually means and how we are energetic beings. These are the things that we’ve been exploring in the Summit, which has just been amazing. I’ve been having a ball, as I was saying before we came on. I’ve been loving it, absolutely loving it.

Wendy Myers: You’re hosting the Healing with Vibration Summit. I was so surprised and thrilled to hear that you are hosting a summit like this because I’m exactly where you were. I started about four years ago, learning about energy medicine and having an awareness about energy medicine. You’re right, you can’t have a conversation about EMF or electromagnetic fields from cell phones, wireless internet and your router without also talking about how the body works. It works through energy. It communicates through energy and EMF interferes with that. I love that you’re having this conversation. Can you talk a little bit about the Summit and things that people can look forward to?

Lloyd Burrell: Yes, it started off very modestly. I was reaching out to people. I got this idea of how I was going to approach it. The twin themes of protection from EMFs and also this notion of using energy, how to use energy, how to work with energy and all the different ways. This wasn’t really that new because I actually wrote a book in 2012 on this very thing. It was the first book I wrote and it was an Ebook. It took me a year to write this book. I pretty much laid it all out there. What I’m talking about now, I’ve gone further but I’ve been on this theme for a long, long time.

Lloyd Burrell: With the Summit, the beautiful thing is, it just snowballed and grew organically. We went from guest to guest. I had this idea that these are the things we’re going to be talking about. Then I just kind of let the universe do its stuff. Every time I was speaking to somebody, I was saying, “Listen, you know, I’ve really enjoyed this. Do you know anybody who could fit into this conversation?” This is how I carried on. At the end of it we have 50 speakers. These are composed of researchers, scientists, building biologists, medical doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, energy practitioners and energy healers. Just everybody and anybody with a certain competence in this. It’s about understanding what we do with our understanding.

Lloyd Burrell: Every speaker, as you know because you were invited and in fact you spoke twice, everybody was sharing three tips. 50 speakers, 150 tips minimum because some actually shared more, There’s a lot of tips. Everybody’s sharing three tips on healing with vibration and that’s really what I wanted it to be. Obviously, there is a little bit of overlap. Some people did kind of say the same thing. I don’t really have a problem with that because nobody says everything the same way. There’s always another understanding to be gained from this kind of thing. It does reinforce certain points, which are fundamentals and there are some really fundamental points with regard to this topic.

Wendy Myers: With the growing threat of EMF and the increasing amounts of EMFs in our environment, it’s so important to be having this conversation. A lot of people focus on their physical body. “How do I eat, diet and exercise to be healthy?” One thing that I love that you’re so passionate about is bringing awareness about another way our body works, which is through vibration. Through the body’s energy field. I feel like people really need to learn about this. They need to learn about how their body works in this way and how to approach their body in that way when they’re looking at different modalities to get better.

Wendy Myers: I can’t tell you how many people I have encountered in my practice, myself included, who are trying a lot of different things physically, Taking a certain supplementation or whatever. They’re trying different protocols and just keep hitting a brick wall and not getting better for years. Then, they finally try something, some energy medicine protocol or bioenergetics and have profound shifts. Can you talk about what our energy field is? Any thoughts on that?

Lloyd Burrell: There are some key concepts to understand here. One of them is the biofield. We talked a lot about this and we had Dr. Beverly Rubik on. The biofield is this official term because when I wrote my book, we talked about the aura. I wasn’t aware of this. This sort of energy that is around us. That’s probably the more common term, but biofield, maybe not everybody’s heard of that. It’s to say that we’re surrounded by this field of organized informational energy. There’s an intelligence which we’re interacting with on a physical level so we can see this physical being. We’re actually multi-level beings. It’s all about vibration, different vibrations and different densities.

Lloyd Burrell: At the most dense, we’ve got this physical being. Then we’ve got these other bodies, and again there’s science behind this, this emotional body, mental body, energetic body, spiritual body and dimensional body. Different researchers have given them different names. We’ve got these different bodies, this biofield which intersects a term officially recognized since 1994, a long time ago, and yet nobody’s heard of it. It’s officially recognized by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. This whole energy thing is like so what? We’ve got a biofield but so what?”

Lloyd Burrell: Well, the “so what” is that this biofield is actually governing what’s going on. Your physical and everything else. All of these different states of being but notably our physical state of being. This physical body because it all kind of trickles down to that. This biofield is governing that. What governs the biofield? The mind. There’s this interaction between the mind and the body and between the spirit, as well. When we say spirit that sounds a bit woo woo. What we’re saying is our place in the universe. With everything that’s going on, I think maybe this is wishful thinking, but people are kind of thinking it’s getting all a bit ridiculous.

Lloyd Burrell: This crisis has been going on. This health crisis and the way it’s been dealt with. What it’s doing to people’s lives. We are supposedly protecting people by this social distancing, masks and so forth. It’s a long, long debate. There might be positive benefits from that, but boy is there a lot of negative to doing all of those things which the authorities are telling us to do. I mean not just telling us, forcing us, when there are so many other ways to tackle this.

Lloyd Burrell: The immune system is barely talked about. If we’re talking about biofield governing the health, mind governing biofield, biofield governing body chemistry and body chemistry governing the immune system. Why aren’t we talking about this which is really important? We’ve got all of this science and it is going back over a hundred years. The 1830s is when we first got talk of this bioenergetics, where the scientists were first seeing that we are actually electrical beings, They’re seeing this electrical force.

Lloyd Burrell: When they’re seeing this electrical force moving, this electrical potential shall I say, they’re seeing it moving and they’re giving that the term biomagnetics. That’s when an electric field or current moves and then we get this magnetic field. We’ve got this electric field and this magnetic field. If you’re going to the hospital for your brain, you have the EEG, the ECG for your heart. We’ve got all of these tools which conventional medicine is using. It’s thanks to this bioelectrical nature of ourselves. Yet, we’re barely pulling back the curtain on all the possibilities. Everything that we can do with this.

Lloyd Burrell: This is where I’m going with my Summit is to really open the curtain wide, so that people can go in and use these topics. A little bit of understanding of these theories, the biofield, biophotons, how the body’s communicating through light, the living matrix, this cellular connection but extracellular connection. Also, the quantum aspect. This idea which ancient civilizations have known and accepted means that we can communicate over distance, over a very long distance, through what scientists are now calling the quantum field. There is much science there and so much to do with that science, in a very practical way.

Wendy Myers: I love that you’re so evidence-based and are bringing that into the conversation. I think there are a lot of people, like myself, that are very evidence-based. In the past they have been very turned off and kind of resistant to accepting this energy field, quantum physics or what have you. People can very easily chalk it up to the realm of crystal energy and woo woo type stuff. Especially some of the modalities that are used to elicit changes, effects and shifts in the body’s energy field. I think more often than not, people tend to discount them or dismiss them. Now we have more and more emerging evidence. When you search PubMed and you type in “bioenergetics”, there’s hundreds and hundreds of research articles going on in this exciting field. I truly believe bioenergetics is the future of medicine.

Wendy Myers: Can you talk a little bit about where EMF, or electromagnetic fields, play into this and act on our body? When we work on improving our body’s energy field or optimizing our body’s energy field, how does that give us some sort of minimization of the effects of EMF?

Lloyd Burrell: EMFs impact us in so many ways but the impact is at the cellular level. They’re impacting the cell membrane. There’s a lot of research on that by Dr. Martin Pall. I’ve talked to you about that before. There is just so much science on this, even going back to the post-Second World War. In fact, during the Second World War, the Germans were reputed to have done quite a bit of research on the radar operators. Notably, how this was impacting their eyesight with the creation of cataracts. Obviously, it’s just gotten more advanced since then.

Lloyd Burrell: There’s such a body of science behind this now. What’s unfortunate is that most people have this understanding which is being put out by mainstream media, by our governments and by the conventional sources, that it’s only this heating effect which is insignificant and important. It’s only this thermal effect. If we heat the cells then we’ve got the damage, which is ludicrous because we’ve got thousands of studies which are showing that we’ve got these adverse biological effects. These effects on the cells, effects on the DNA, effects on enzymes and on this voltage-gated calcium channel. This whole mechanism which Dr. Martin Pall has discovered, put two and two together. It was all there, really. He just kind of put two and two together.

Lloyd Burrell: EMFs affect us on this really fundamental level. They affect us very quickly and they affect everybody. The effect is cumulative. Doesn’t that sound like bad news? It is and that’s why it’s bad news if we’re not doing something about it. It’s these EMFs with everything else we’re doing in this modern life that we’re living. These processed foods that we’re eating. This air pollution that we’re all subjected to. This virus that’s maybe out there, that is killing people. It’s all of these different toxins. That’s how I prefer to look at it.

Lloyd Burrell: In my book, I say that EMFs are the modern world toxins because they’ve got this exponential effect on our health. That’s why I’ve given them this important place because that’s what they deserve. People are so attached to their cellphones. They’re so attached to this technology. They’re rolling out 5G and nobody’s batting an eye. Everybody thinks it’s great. It is great in a sense of what we can do with it, but boy in terms of what it’s going to be doing to our health. We haven’t got cast-iron facts because we don’t have the studies. We do have studies on this radiofrequency microwave radiation.

Lloyd Burrell: We do have studies on this millimeter wave which the 5G is going to be using. We’re in uncharted waters with what’s going on with the 5G because we’re inflicting this on the globe, pretty much. We’re putting over 60,000 satellites into space and we’ve put in all these small cells, in cities. Every third or fourth house, there’s going to be these little antennas just outside your bedroom window emitting these frequencies, zapping people with these frequencies, which are going to do Lord knows what.

Lloyd Burrell: We’ve got a really clear idea. We’ve got a really good idea because there’s so much science. They’re already telling us what these effects are. With this Summit, it’s an opportunity to protect yourself from this. Deal with this EMF question and also dig deeper and start to explore some energy work and bring that into your life. With those two, that’s really what I believe we can do. It’s really about helping humanity. This is how I see this.

Lloyd Burrell: It is so important because we seem to really be going in the wrong direction with this whole thing. People are getting sicker and sicker. The solutions which have been offered clearly do not work. Clearly, with this fundamental understanding that we’re energy beings where frequencies are impacting us, we need to start protecting ourselves from these harmful frequencies and tapping into these beneficial frequencies. It’s really as simple as that.

Wendy Myers: I’m very concerned with the coming of these satellites. More and more are going up every single month and I’m very concerned about the effects they’re going to have on people’s sleep, mood and the function of their body. People are going to be going in droves, to their doctor. Their doctor is not looking at this huge underlying root cause. It’s so important that you’re doing this because people need to learn how their body really works on that energy level. There are a lot of different tools that they can use to protect from this growing threat, the increase of EMFs in their environment.

Wendy Myers: That’s what personally most of my free time is spent on, how to correct my energy field and protect from EMFs. Different strategies on how to do that. That’s why I love that you’re hosting The Healing with Vibrations Summit. Can you talk about some of your favorite talks from the Summit?

Lloyd Burrell: Yes, of course. Just to chime in here, I’m the same and obviously if I’m doing this, it’s because I’m walking the talk here. This is what I’ve been doing for a long time. I became electrically hypersensitive. I went through living hell reacting to everything. Not just my cell phone, my computer, the TV, the radio in the car, the corded lamp light, everything.

Lloyd Burrell: If I’m living normally now. Obviously, I’m living differently than many people but there are solutions. With me it was electrical hypersensitivity but with you it can be heart problems, it can be digestive problems, it can be insomnia. It can be so many things. EMFs can impact us in so many ways like serious diseases, cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. There are just so many different diseases and there are studies behind this.

Lloyd Burrell: In terms of the talks, there are 50 talks. Honestly, it’s a bit like saying, “Which is your favorite child?” There isn’t one which isn’t amazing in some way. There is one which I think the ramifications of are significant. That is my talk with Lynne McTaggart. Lynne McTaggart is an amazing lady, who’s a journalist by trade.

Wendy Myers: I love her. She’s so brilliant.

Lloyd Burrell: She’s amazing. I was very fortunate to get her on. She’s a journalist by training. She just stumbled into this, really through her own experiences. With the number of people I get on, be they researchers, scientists, medical doctors or whatever, they’ve gone down this avenue. It’s because of their own personal experiences and it is the same with her. This miraculous healing that she experienced, she started exploring it and literally she was blown away.

Lloyd Burrell: She couldn’t believe what she had discovered with these experiments she was running. I think from 2007 she has done 33 studies with prestigious universities, to make sure that nobody’s going, “Oh yeah, but it’s fixed, whatever.” They were places like Princeton, Penn State, the University of California, Arizona and universities in Russia and China. She’s really done this properly. There were 33 studies. Twenty-nine out of the 33 studies showed measurable significant effects, measurable significant benefits. The four which didn’t, had a problem with the study. It wasn’t like it didn’t work. There was a problem with the study.

Lloyd Burrell: What is this? Why is this important? Well, it’s people getting together with an intention to heal somebody. Initially, there were a lot of people all over the world on computers. She had servers crashing and all kinds of stuff going on. Then, one night she was having a chat with her husband and she said, “This is getting too big. We need to do it smaller.” He’s a copywriter. They were exchanging ideas and said, “Oh, let’s call it Power of Eight,” so they started doing groups of eight. They noticed with groups of eight people that they got the same miraculous effects. We’re talking about people that were in wheelchairs for years, getting up out of wheelchairs and walking. People with IBS suddenly have no gut problems anymore. People with arthritis where it’s gone, and literally sometimes overnight.

Lloyd Burrell: Doing this thing in different locations with eight people, with a healing intention to somebody in another location and that person overnight has miraculous healing. What’s more, there’s another thing which is important here. Perhaps this is the most important thing. We find there are several things that are really important, but with everybody who was doing this, none of these people were trained meditators. These are just really ordinary “Joes” and “Julie”s. They were ordinary people and there’s a certain protocol to respect, which is not particularly difficult.

Lloyd Burrell: Anybody can do it. Wendy, say you’re in the middle and then we’ve got me and six other people directing healing at you. The amazing thing was, not only does Wendy get healed miraculously, not always but most of the time, but all of the people that are doing the healing do too. It’s free and there are no side effects. Anybody can do it. Did I say that already? I read the book Power of Eight and I had read her previous books as well. I can’t speak about this enough because this underlines the notion that we’re all a healer.

Lloyd Burrell: I really believe this. I’ve had my own experiences as a healer because I discovered it. I started playing around with energy and stuff with my family and things. Then, I realized I could do things with my hands. I went beyond that, it was with my mother one time. She’s got a really bad back and I rang her this night, I can’t remember if they were in Spain or Portugal. She’d slipped in the shower or she’d gone down to get the soap and her back had just seized up. She couldn’t move. She said, “Oh, I’m in agony.” I said, “Oh, dear.” This was like 7:30 in the evening and this is about 10 years ago, when this happened.

Lloyd Burrell: Anyway, we had this conversation. I didn’t say anything to her. I didn’t say I was going to do anything. I put the phone down and then I just thought, I’ll give this a go. I’ll see if I can do anything long distance. I gave it a go and I just went into this feeling, like a loving feeling. A very deep, moving thing. Something I can do quite easily, just naturally. I did this. I called her the next morning. I said, “How are you doing?” She said, “I’m doing okay.” I said, “What about your back?” She said, “Well, it went away.” I said, “When did it go away?” “Well, just after I spoke to you.”

Lloyd Burrell: I told her what I did and we both knew that was it. It was too strong of a coincidence. There are many stories I could share like that. My own stories and other people’s stories. We’re all healers. That’s why the Lynne McTaggart talk really underlines that. There’s all of these terrible things which are going on in the world. People are suffering unnecessarily. Yet the tools are out there to stop all of this, for nothing, very easily.

Wendy Myers: It’s amazing. Lynne McTaggart is totally evidence-based, also. She’s an investigative journalist and she wrote the book The Field, which is just a seminal work that tries to prove the body’s energy field. It’s amazing and there’s so many other amazing talks on The Healing with Vibration Summit. I talk about different strategies to protect from EMFs, the body field and how that relates to bioenergetics, as well. If anyone wants to participate and learn more about The Healing with Vibration Summit, where do they start? When does the Summit begin?

Lloyd Burrell: This Summit is free and online from the 22nd of September until the 28th. It’s a seven day event. Over those seven days you get access to all of these 50 speakers. It’s healingwithvibrationsummit.com. Go to that page and check it out. You’ll see that you get eight free bonuses, just for signing up. One of them is actually a Lynne McTaggart interview because I just want people to see this. I want as many people as possible to see this, even if they don’t watch any of the Summit which follows, at least to watch that one. Honestly, it’d blow anybody away.

Wendy Myers: You had 200,000 people come to your EMF Health Summit that you put on like a year or two year ago. I know there’s going to be so many people at this event. You guys do not want to miss this. You need to know this information. Maybe you guys have heard me talk about the energy field and bioenergetics, a lot, over the last three or four years. There’s always more to learn. There’s always really interesting new protocols. Researchers around the world are making amazing discoveries and progress in scientifically validating all of these things that you’re talking about on The Healing with Vibration Summit. I applaud you for putting this together. You guys want to tune into this.

Lloyd Burrell: Thank you.

Wendy Myers: What’s the website? Where do we go?

Lloyd Burrell: The website is healingwithvibrationsummit.com

Wendy Myers: Fantastic.

Lloyd Burrell: healingwithvibrationsummit.com. All one word.

Wendy Myers: Great, Lloyd, thank you so much for coming on the show and educating us further about the energy field and how EMFs affect that. Thanks for coming on.

Lloyd Burrell: Thanks so much, Wendy. Thanks for the invitation.

Wendy Myers: Everyone, thank you so much for tuning in every week to The Myers Detox Podcast. We talk about everything related to heavy metals, different toxins and EMFs, a growing toxic threat. This is why I’m talking about it more and more. Thanks for tuning in and I will talk to you guys next week.

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