Transcript #357 How to Properly Filter Your Shower Water, One of Your Most Toxic Exposures with Leo Szymborski and Dr. Nathan Bryan


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  1. Find out what’s in store for this Myers Detox Podcast with Leo Szymborksi and Dr. Nathan Bryan, who join us to discuss how to properly filter your shower water, one of your most toxic exposures that you experience on a daily basis.
  2. After discovering the impact municipal water had on a water filter his installed in his parents house when he was younger, Leo started developing water filter products. Learn more about his story.
  3. Because municipal water is actually recycled water, some of it even sewage, you are possibly absorbing drug metabolites from pharmaceuticals on top of the many other toxins like chlorine, chloramine, and glyphosate. Find out all of the dangerous toxins that are found in municipal water including testosterone.
  4. Many people are experiencing hormone issues due to drinking water that is unfiltered. Learn about the other symptoms people can experience from drinking and absorbing unfiltered water.
  5. Leo’s and Dr. Bryan’s amazing shower filtration system, DermaShower, can filter out a wide range of toxins like chlorine and chloramine, pesticides and herbicides, plastics and pharmaceuticals. Find out everything that the DermaShower filtration system can filter out.
  6. One of the most exciting features of the DermaShower is the ability to add vitamin pods that will break down while you shower and soak nutrients into your hair and skin. Learn about how these pods work, and the benefits you can experience from using them.
  7. The DermaShower uses a magnesium and tourmaline mix to create water with a close to negative charge, making it an electron donor that can help knock out free radicals. Learn more about the electron capability of water that comes from the DermaShower.
  8. One of the best aspects of the DermaShower is it’s ability to control the pH of your water using magnesium, which benefits your skin. Find out more about DermaShower’s pH control.
  9. There are so many other great perks with owning a DermaShower, like a lifetime warranty, free pod samples, and specialized nutrient pods. Find out DermaShower’s other perks including a pod Dr. Bryan developed that can help increase nitric oxide production in the body.
  10. Read Leo’s and Dr. Nathan’s final thoughts on why it is so imperative to filter your shower water.
  11. To learn more about the DermaShower and all of its incredible benefits click here!


Wendy Myers: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Myers Detox Podcast. I am Wendy Myers of On this show we talk about everything related to toxins and how to detox your body. We discuss strategies to prevent toxin influx into your body and the health issues caused by toxins, as well. On the show today, we have a special treat. We’re going to be talking about how to properly filter your shower water. It’s one of the most toxic exposures that you experience on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day. A lot of people don’t think twice about it. They drink filtered water and call it a day. They’re not thinking about the many, many toxins that are in water. It’s really shocking and sad.

Wendy Myers: Today, we have Leo Szymborski and the esteemed Dr. Nathan Bryan, who is a nitric oxide expert. They’re going to be talking to us about the new shower filter technology that they’ve developed. It’s really cool. This is completely revolutionary because most shower filters remove very little toxins. They’re better than nothing, but most shower filters are wholly inadequate. This is why you’ve never heard me talk about or recommend any on the show, to date, after 350 podcasts.

Wendy Myers: The DermaShower we’re going to be talking about today, I highly recommend. We’ll be talking about the number one toxin in shower water, which is testosterone. That’s pretty gross. A lot of people are taking hormone replacement therapy. They urinate it out. That recycled water gets used again. They just filter it, clean it, add chlorine and put it right back into the water supply. All these medications that people are taking, urinating out and flushing down the toilet, get into our water supply. They are not checked for, along with a lot of other toxic chemicals, in our water supply.

Wendy Myers: We’ll also talk about why your skin absorbs toxins better than if you ingest them orally. Your skin is very good at absorbing toxins and also very good at absorbing vitamins. We’ll be talking about how you can absorb vitamins through your skin while you take a shower. We’ll also talk about this double whammy, where toxins are vaporized during a shower. They get in the shower steam, which you breathe in while you are showering. It’s a twofold problem of toxic exposure and shower water. We’ll talk about some of the health issues caused by toxins in shower water. We’ll also talk about the shower filter I mentioned, the DermaShower.

Wendy Myers: I know you guys that listen to this show are very concerned about toxins in your body. That’s why you’re listening. You’re looking for solutions and information. I created a quiz called Based on this lifestyle questionnaire, you can determine the relative level of body burden of toxins that you have. After you take the quiz, you will get your results. We can give you your relative body burden. You will also get a free video series. These videos answer a lot of your most frequently asked questions when it comes to detox, like, “How long does it take? What kind of testing do I need to do?” We answer a lot of questions like that in a totally free video series. Just take the quiz at

Wendy Myers: Our guests today are Leo Szymborski and Nathan Brian. Leo is the President and Founder of pH Prescription, LLC. For over 30 years, he’s worked in the water filtration and purification industry. He really knows what he’s talking about. Within this time, he has designed and developed many different types of water treatment systems. These include custom filters that remove toxic chemicals from public and private wells, medical kidney dialysis machines as well as seawater desalination systems. In his 30 plus years in the water purification business, he successfully developed water equipment that effectively removes harmful contaminants from water.

Wendy Myers: He also developed the Aqua Pellets shower system. It’s a $100,000 shower system that does miraculous things to shower water. Leo’s mission is to continue developing new technology that makes water safe, clean and healthy for all. You can learn more about his work and all of his many different water systems for every imaginable scenario in your home, office or work at Our other guest, Dr. Nathan Bryan, earned his undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the University of Texas at Austin. He earned his doctoral degree from the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in Shreveport, where he was the recipient of the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research.

Wendy Myers: Dr. Bryan pursued his post-doctoral training as a Kirschstein Fellow at the Boston University School of Medicine and the Whitaker Cardiovascular Institute. After a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in 2016, Dr. Bryan was recruited to join the faculty at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, by Ferid Murad, M.D., Ph.D. He was 1998 Nobel Laureate in Medicine or Physiology. He earned this from discovering nitric oxide. Dr. Bryan has been involved in nitric oxide research for the past 19 years and has made many seminal discoveries in the field. His discoveries have resulted in dozens of issued US and international patents. The product technology resulting from his discoveries and inventions has improved patient care worldwide. Thank you guys so much for joining us on the show.

Leo Szymborski: Thank you, Wendy. Thank you for having me.

Dr. Nathan Bryan: Thanks, Wendy. It’s great to be on your show.

Wendy Myers: I am so thrilled to have you both on because it’s so important to be thinking about not only the water that you’re drinking, as being safe and toxin-free, but also the water that you’re showering in. I think people really focus on drinking non-toxic water or clean water. Then, every single day, they assault their body once or twice a day with gallons and gallons of water that contains many different toxins. It’s really shocking. Why don’t you tell me a little bit about both of your stories focusing on water filtration?

Leo Szymborski: About 30 years ago, I started really getting into water filtration purification in a family business. I’m a third-generation plumber by trade. We realized coming from South New Jersey, with all the toxic wells and chemical dumping, we had to deal with a lot of harsh chemicals. Not too many people back then were thinking about their municipal water. There wasn’t really a big issue because they were more concerned, where I lived, with the chemicals that were being dumped in the ground by DuPont and Monsanto. We know their stories. When we started filtering all these things out, I realized that our water needed more attention too.

Leo Szymborski: I remember when I was very young, putting a filtration system in my mom and dad’s house and watching it. I had it in a clear housing and I could see all the sediment building up on it. Within a month, it was really nasty looking. I couldn’t believe what we were taking out. The second thing was the chemicals. Chemicals go right through most filters. You don’t see them, you don’t smell them and you don’t taste them. With chlorine, you do. There are a lot of other ones in the water that are really bad like pesticides and herbicides. Now we have plastic products. They call them PFOS and chromium CR(VI), which are metals that come out of pipes and arsenic that comes out of concrete, that all of our water is hooked into. It was really important to get all these things out of the water.

Leo Szymborski: Most people don’t have the opportunity to do a whole house system or have the luxury or can even afford one. So, we’ve been working on improving the quality of shower filtration for the last five to six years. We came up with a really winning combination of materials that will filter out properly and make the water safe for usage. It will meet all the NSF standards and knock out those bad guys that are in the water. We can get deeper into that later, but it’s really important, transdermally, to not be absorbing these chemicals. Most people will take and buy bottled water or will only drink water that’s filtered. They’ll have a water pitcher or a home filtration system, but they won’t shower in filtered water because you can’t taste it. You don’t realize you’re getting these chemicals.

Leo Szymborski: A lot of people use softeners. They think softeners are the cure and they’re really not, because you’re not removing the chemicals. They make the water feel better, they’re removing the minerals but not the chemicals. People with dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema or any skin conditions should always use filtered water. It’s going to make it so much easier on the health of their skin. That’s what got me started.

Wendy Myers: Can you talk about some of the toxins that are in water, just to illustrate really clearly what it is that you’re showering in every day? Also, talk about our skin’s really good ability to absorb these toxins and mainline them right into our bloodstream.

Leo Szymborski: I’ll start with some of the toxins. I’ll let Nathan talk about the chemicals being absorbed. The main toxin that you’re finding the most, in city water, is chlorine. The secondary is chloramines, which is a chlorine byproduct, that’s got chlorine and ammonia mixed. It’s really hard to get chloramine out of water. Regular coconut carbon in most water pitchers and most refrigerator filters do not remove chloramine. It takes a special catalytic carbon, and that’s what we use. We spend the extra money on the better carbons, where we get better results.

Leo Szymborski: Then you have pesticides and herbicides that we’re finding and plastic products, they call them PFOS. There’s glyphosate, which is in Roundup, which is part of the pesticide family. There are just so many other VOCs that can pop up in our water. Carbon will remove like 4,000 different VOCs, and the KDF helps reduce heavy metals. This combination of materials we use helps to reduce that, but I’ll turn it over to Nathan for the toxicity.

Dr. Nathan Bryan: A lot of people don’t realize, as you mentioned, Leo, that the municipal water is really recycled water. It’s treated water. Some of it comes from our sewage system, so you get a lot of drug metabolites from people who are taking hormone replacement therapy. You’re getting that in your new municipal water. We’re bathing in it. For me, I’ve been in academic medicine and research for the past 20 years. It’s become very clear to me that people are sick for two reasons and two reasons only. Number one, their body is exposed to a toxin or something that it doesn’t need; or number two, their body’s missing something that it needs. If you can address these two fundamental problems, you can change the face of healthcare.

Dr. Nathan Bryan: We have a very sick society, and not just in the US. We have a worldwide pandemic, an epidemic of obesity, diabetes and even now with the COVID pandemic. I think people understand that they need to do the right things. It’s a multi-billion-dollar industry, people drinking bottled water and taking supplements. Supplements are a multibillion-dollar industry, but nobody gives a second thought to jumping in the shower or bathing in municipal water. I think, Leo, you said it perfectly, because you can’t taste it and people just take it for granted. Our skin is one of our biggest organs, outside of our endothelial system or the cells that line the blood vessels.

Dr. Nathan Bryan: Realize that you may be trying to do all the right things like drinking good water, eating a good plant-based diet, getting balanced nutrition and  exercising, yet you’re getting into a toxic soup once or twice a day.. You’re heating this water to say 98 to 104 degrees and you’re volatilizing a lot of this stuff. Then you’re basically intoxicating yourself with a lot of these chemicals. Most people can’t afford really sophisticated home filtration systems. Working with Leo and the great work they’ve done over the past 15 to 20 years at pH Prescription, we’ve developed a product and a technology for a huge unmet need in society. It gives people an affordable source to get clean water today, to bathe in.

Dr. Nathan Bryan: For me, I travel 100,000 air miles a year. I’m in a different hotel and different city every week. When I’m at home, I drink and I bathe in good clean water. When I’m at hotels, I’m getting the recycled water from everybody else. I try to limit my exposure to that but we still have to bathe. This is a portable device that we can actually take with us. Now, I have a source of fresh clean water that I can bathe in not only when I’m at home, but also on the go. As Leo said, the water technology is there. We’ve done things that no one else has done, in DermaShower. I think you’re going to see a huge effect on the health of people once they understand about the toxins and the dangers of not only drinking municipal water, but bathing in municipal water.

Wendy Myers: I am so excited about the DermaShower. When Leo first told me about it, I said, “Oh, my God. Why has no one thought about this before?” I’ve looked at lots and lots of shower filters. They usually only have a small carbon filter. Maybe it’s a coconut carbon filter that’s only getting chlorine and maybe some other chemicals, but it’s very limited. It doesn’t even come close to addressing the majority of toxins that are in water.

Wendy Myers: It’s a twofold problem. Not only are you showering or bathing in water where you’re absorbing toxins through your skin, but you’re also heating this up and breathing in this steam that has chemicals, glyphosate, chlorine and other things, as well. People do not realize how problematic taking a shower is, as far as toxin ingestion goes.

Leo Szymborski: You just said something that reminded me of what I was told by clients over the years when we put home filtration systems in. Their children would bathe for the first time in chemical-free water. A lot of kids have asthma or breathing conditions. I had the mothers and fathers tell me that they noticed that their children had far less episodes while bathing than they did before. It’s because of those chlorine and ammonia gases, which make a chemical called trihalomethane. You’re not only absorbing it transdermally through the skin into the bloodstream, you’re breathing it into your lungs.

Leo Szymborski: Generally, for most people that shower, when you’re in a shower you’re basically in a steam box. You’re not in an open and ventilated area. Most people like it warm, so they get it really nice and hot and steamy in there. They’re making the worst situation possible for chemical absorption and inhalation.

Wendy Myers: You also mentioned, Nathan, all the medications that are in this recycled water. I want to talk about some more of the toxins that are in water. We have birth control pills. We have hormones. A lot of people are taking testosterone and estrogens, and we have that in the water. Heavy metals like cadmium, lead, iron, mercury, etc., can be in the water. Arsenic is a more common water contaminant. Uranium is in Southern California and the Southwest United States. Uranium is a big water contaminant that’s in shower water. I could keep going on here. This is a mile-long list.

Leo Szymborski: Yes pesticides and glyphosate. Glyphosate is so water soluble. We get our water in South Florida from Lake Okeechobee. It’s surrounded by farmland. They’re spraying glyphosate  and were actually even spraying it in the lake, to control the algae and the seaweed. Glyphosate is very water soluble. The only way to get rid of it is through absorption, some kind of filtration. It will stay forever. It doesn’t break down. The same is true with hormones and things like that, they’re very water soluble. When we did a test, we did a test for pharmaceuticals in Palm Beach.

Leo Szymborski: The number one hormone that we found was testosterone, because of all the anti-aging clinics and people that are injecting synthetic testosterone into their bodies. Then they’re passing it down the drain. It’s going to the sewer plant and then it’s being recycled. 25% of our tap water is recycled wastewater. That’s what the allowable limit is. That’s pretty much what most municipalities do to save on water conservation, but they’re not testing. They’re not talking about the pharmaceuticals. It’s been on some of the news networks or you can Google, “pharmaceuticals in our tap water”. You’ll see several different mainstream news networks talk about that. You can watch those videos on how they get there, but it’s basically when you take them.

Leo Szymborski: You don’t break them all down. You pass them and they get recycled back into our tap water. Back in the day, people used to dump their drugs down the drain or down the toilet to get rid of them, so nobody would get into them. They weren’t recycling water back then. Now it’s very dangerous. Some of the things people are pouring down the drain like brake fluid, which is super toxic, and other chemicals are getting recycled.

Leo Szymborski: The second biggest problem with recycled water is fragrances that are coming from laundry detergents and things like that. These are toxic. They are things that are being added and they’re getting recycled. There are other problems with them, too.

Wendy Myers: Nathan, can you talk about how all these different chemicals and medications like antidepressants even, are affecting our health? What kind of symptoms can they be causing?

Dr. Nathan Bryan: It is a multitude of symptoms. Different drug classes are used to treat different symptoms and different organ systems. There’s a number of hormone issues. You get girls reaching puberty at 9 or 10 years of age today. You’ve got women reaching menopause in their 30s and 40s. The entire estrogen cycle is completely off. The same thing happens with men. We’ve got men that have feminine qualities now, for a number of reasons. It’s really unknown, you can’t do a controlled test on this. You can’t test one chemical that’s in the water that someone is exposed to and try to explain their symptoms based on that, because there’s so much in the water.

Dr. Nathan Bryan: The other thing is that some people are more susceptible. We now know in this world of COVID, that the weak and feeble, the people that are immunocompromised and have comorbidities like high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity, those are the people that are most susceptible to COVID. Those are also the people that are more susceptible to any disease, not just infectious disease.

Dr. Nathan Bryan: We have to begin to figure out what’s making people susceptible to not just COVID infection, but all these multi-systemic symptoms that their primary care doctor or specialist can’t explain. It’s because it’s not just one thing. We’re exposed to a lot of things. I think that’s why it’s so important to distill chronic disease down to these two fundamental principles of getting rid of what’s toxic in your body and then replace what’s missing. Then the human body heals itself. In that model, there’s no room for drug therapy because the body heals itself. That’s the beauty of the human body.

Wendy Myers: I firmly believe that toxins are the number one primary driver of disease today. This is a quote from Dr. Joe Pizzorno. “Diabetes and so many different health conditions are driven by toxins,” whether people are aware of that or not. One of the most fundamental things that you have to address is the influx of toxins into your body. You have to cut off the source and then remove what’s in you, as well. That’s why I love and highly, highly recommend your DermaShower, to solve this issue. This twofold health issue that’s happening every time you take a shower. Let’s talk a little bit about some of the features of the DermaShower. What types of toxins is it filtering out?

Leo Szymborski: The main toxins are chlorine, chloramine and any VOCs in the water, any volatile organic compounds. That’s the whole gamut of things. Then pesticides and herbicides are removed by this material with no problem. Also plastics, like PFOS. Chromium(VI) is absorbed by this material. There’s so many things that are being removed. Most people take for granted something as simple as a water molecule, but water itself is a solvent. Everything it comes in contact with it’s absorbing. It’s picking it up in its path.

Leo Szymborski: Even when you have a filtration system on your home, by the time it gets from your home filtration system to your shower, it’s on the second or third floor or  you could have old pipes. The pipes could have lead or copper or even have asbestos. That is getting to you, which is bad. Right there, at the point of entry in your shower, you’re capping that off and protecting yourself from those toxins. I can see a lot of people using DermaShower, even if they have home filtration systems, because it’s going to polish off extra toxins. It’s going to have the ability to add things to the water that we’re going to talk about.

Wendy Myers: I had this exact problem and you came to my home. I’m living in Texas now. I needed to get a whole house filtration system setup in my house. Lo and behold, when you came to do the installation, I had this very old piping and very old galvanized pipes at the main entry of the water into my house. These galvanized pipes have lead in them. They can have other metals that are getting into the water. You recommended that I needed to replace that.

Wendy Myers: If you’re not able to replace them, you can use this DermaShower. If you have issues that prevent you from getting a whole house filter, not to mention the cost of that, the DermaShower can very inexpensively solve this big issue like what I dealt with. For a lot of my clients, it’s simply not feasible to set up a whole house filtration system.

Leo Szymborski: For so long people asked me if I could do this, and would do this. It wasn’t until Dr. Bryan and I started working together, about four years ago, that we figured out that we could because of advancements in media and contact time. You keep looking at what people use or what’s the standard of care. Everybody mimics it. Nobody tries to go out on a limb and do something new. I said, “No, we need more. We need more space. We need more contact time.” That was the biggest part of this. That was the first requirement to what we’re doing.

Wendy Myers: I think it’s so amazing that you can transport it, as well. I assume it’s very easy to install when you’re traveling? Let’s talk about one of the most exciting things about the DermaShower. The fact that you can add vitamin pods, mineral pods and different types of things to the water. Tell us about that very interesting aspect.

Leo Szymborski: I actually have one right here, with me. This is a good example. This part is going to be chrome plated. Underneath it just comes apart really easily. It has a pod in it. This pod will be clear, you’ll be able to see into it. There will be media, beads in here, that will break down over several minutes in the shower. On the bottom of the pod, it has a screen. On that screen is a color. This one’s going to be orange. This one’s probably going to be a Vitamin C shower pod. It has a foil top on it like you would see on a Keurig K-Cup. All you do is you drop that pod into there. This is the bottom part of your shower filter. Even people that are vertically challenged should be able to reach it. You just tighten that up.

Leo Szymborski: Then once you get into the shower, you wash off. You get everything soaped up, wash your hair, wash your body and then you turn this knob. When you turn this knob, it activates the pod. Believe it or not, one of the more difficult parts was making that special valve that would handle the nutrients and handle the temperature, and all that. When you turn that, it starts putting water through the pod itself and breaking down the nutrients that we’re adding. We have several different formulas we’re going to be doing. We have energy formulas, mineral formulas, sleeping formulas. Those minerals will be breaking down in time.

Leo Szymborski: The first minute, a certain amount will break down. Then more the second minute and third minute. Within three or four minutes, this pod will be empty. It’ll be done. Getting those nutrients on the skin is amazing. Some are topical for people dealing with dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema. We have one that we’re working with right now that actually slightly numbs the skin. It almost feels like lidocaine, but it’s from a root. It’s mixed with our aloe vera and a few other formulas. It’s really good for you topically if you’re dealing with any of these skin conditions or even sunburn. It feels nice because it takes the sting out of your skin.

Leo Szymborski: We’ve been working with a sleeping formula for over a year and a half, on a commercial version of this, and have a pretty good formula now with melatonin mixed with lavender. We even have one with CBD in it. All those things are available through the skin. People have been putting on ointments and creams of all types. Since Dr. Brian are I are working together, we’re going to have a formula to topically apply nitric oxide. I think it would be amazing. Nathan can tell you about that more.

Dr. Nathan Bryan: You touched on a lot, because again, most diseases are caused by a nutrient deficiency. Most of us take supplements, but in some people, you can’t absorb certain nutrients without sufficient stomach acid production. There are over 200 million people that are on antacids every day or even prescription drug therapy. Without stomach acid, you don’t absorb nutrients. Even if you’re taking supplements, most people don’t absorb them. They basically pass right through you. In that particular case, even chronically sick people with leaky gut or even cancer patients that have undergone chemotherapy, their gut is completely destroyed. They’re unable to absorb these.

Dr. Nathan Bryan: The beauty of what we can do through these nutrient pods is, we can put small molecules like humic and fulvic acids and all these other trace minerals and nutrients in the water, and basically have it delivered transdermally. Even though you can’t take up these trace minerals and vitamins internally, because of digestive issues or gut problems, we can do this transdermally. We’ve seen it. You can actually quantify it. You can measure it. The other important thing we haven’t touched on is this water is basically electric. You can basically create an electric field. There’s an oxidation reduction potential to it. We have high pH.

Dr. Nathan Bryan: It’s a lot of science and sophistication in a really great product that, to me, addresses the two main causes of disease by removing the toxins and replacing the missing minerals and nutrients. That’s exactly what this does.I’m excited about it. I think it’s a game changer.

Wendy Myers: I first heard about it when I interviewed Leo, before, on water filtration, Leo has this $100,000 Aqua Pellet system that can be installed in anyone’s home. You guys had this type of system, this vitamin delivery system there. I thought, “That is just so brilliant to have this option in your shower.” Now you’re bringing the price point down to a few hundred dollars. You can bring this very sophisticated system into everyone’s home. Most people, 95% of people, can afford a system like this. I agree with you. So many people have digestive issues. There’s so much working against our digestion.

Wendy Myers: I am all for transdermal nutrient application  as a way to enhance people’s ability to get better. A lot of people try all kinds of different things and take supplements. They’re not able to get better because they just can’t absorb them. Let’s talk about the electron capability of the water, the pH balance. Let’s talk about that aspect and benefit of the DermaShower.

Leo Szymborski: Some of the material that we’re using is in the media that’s in the filter itself. Actually, I have some right here. I don’t know how well you can see it or not, but there’s little hydrogen bubbles coming off of this material. It’s a magnesium and tourmaline mix, which will be in the filter as well. It’s reductive, so it’ll make the water have a closer to zero or a negative charge, meaning it’s an electron donor. It’s donating electrons to help knock out free radicals. That’s a big deal.

Leo Szymborski: Hydrogen is what does that. In some of the pods, we’re going to be using a formula, an H2 True, which is our hydrogen tablet. Those hydrogen, as soon as they get wet, they’re like Alka-Seltzer. They go nuts. They’re putting off a massive amount of molecular hydrogen. They’re also adding magnesium to the water, which is very healthy, 80 milligrams of magnesium. It feels great. You get a charge from it. It gives you an overwhelming feeling when getting this hydrogen through the skin. Dr. Bryan and I are talking about, in the future, working with nitric oxide products too, for other skin-related health and wellness.

Dr. Nathan Bryan: I’ve had the Aqua Pellet shower system at my home for the past three years. I get a lot of sick people that show up at my house. We’ve got some cool treatment modalities. Sometimes I come home and there’s a line outside, to get into my Aqua pellet. We call it the super shower, because people feel it. They get in and it’s really transformative. Years ago, Leo installed this and it became very popular. I said, “Look, we’ve got to make this accessible to the masses.” As you mentioned, most people can’t afford that system, but it’s so life changing. When people get in it, they want to come back, because from an eight-minute shower you feel completely different.

Wendy Myers: Let’s talk about the hydrogen aspect and the other pH balancing aspects of the shower. What are some of the benefits that people are reporting once they’re using the DermaShower?

Leo Szymborski: Right now, we’re in pre-order mode. We have a handful of them out there. People that are closely working with us, are using them personally. The first thing is, “Wow, what a difference. My skin doesn’t itch anymore,” because we got rid of the chemicals in the water. It really was best to give to people that didn’t have a home filtration system already. For me, I’m not getting attacked by anything because I have a filtration system in my house and so does Nathan. When Nathan and I go out and we do our conferences and things like that, or travel for work, we’re stuck in these hotels. Sometimes I’ve changed the showerhead and sometimes I’ve forgotten. If I don’t change it, my scalp will start itching and I get some issues.

Leo Szymborski: PH is a big deal as well. We can control the pH with the material we use. It raises the pH in the water with the magnesium. We have other ways that we use magnesium oxide in the filter. We’re going to have different filters available for people with different types of water. If you have municipal water, we know what we need to add. If you have well water, we know what we need to add. There’s a lot of people that have on well water that have acidic water. Where I come from, in New Jersey, almost every one of my clients had an acid neutralizer on their whole house. The water was so acidic from all the industry raining down and from all the smokestacks coming out of these chemical plants. It caused acid rain. It destroyed the buffers in the earth that would neutralize it. It made the water acidic.

Leo Szymborski: Being a plumber by trade, my job was to go fix all the copper leaks and the pin holes in the copper. My dad said, “Man, we can’t even really warranty our work anymore with how bad the water is.” One of my first projects over 30 years ago was creating a really good acid neutralizer. Most people just use crushed marble, but it only changed the pH about a half a point, which is not very high. When you use magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide is very powerful. I can shoot the pH up to three points, which is exponential. That’s a lot. By adding a little bit of magnesium oxide to the filter, we can control the pH of people’s water as well. This does seem to have an effect on your skin, too.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic. Is there anything else that you guys want to add about the DermaShower? Maybe something that we haven’t talked about?

Leo Szymborski: One of the things I’d like to add is that we’re in preorder mode. This fall or early winter is when the first shipments are going to go out. The parts are being manufactured. We have tooling that’s just finishing being made, to make the pods. We’re so close. To preorder the product, I’m going to make an adjustment to the price on the website. It’s set right now at $250. It’s going to be $199. I’m going to change it after this podcast. When you preorder the product, we’re only going to accept so many preorders and you’re going to get sample pods as they’re created.

Leo Szymborski: You’re going to get the opportunity to give your opinion with a questionnaire, on these pods. If you like them or if you don’t like them. You’re going to get a lifetime warranty on the filtration system. I call them big Mr. Potato Head because you can just take them apart and change the part by hand. You don’t need a screwdriver or any hand tools. Most people can do it with just their hand strength. No problem at all. We’ll replace those parts.

Leo Szymborski: If we have any parts that we find that we have problems with, we’ll replace them as well. For the life of it, you’re going to get all the parts replaced. You’re going to have it for as long as you want to use that system or until we make a better one. You’re going to be able to order it for $199. You’re going to get any new pods that we come out with. There’s going to be a lot of opportunities in the future, once we figure out what these mixtures are. We’re going to be sending samples that come in 12 or 24 packs to only the people who preordered, at no additional charge.

Dr. Nathan Bryan: I make nitric oxide. My motive is to deliver nitric oxides through different modalities, in every major market segment around the globe. When Leo and I first discussed whether we could deliver molecular hydrogen, which is in a gas phase, we realized we can deliver nitric oxide. This basically improves the body’s ability to make nitric oxide, which will have a huge effect. Two out of three Americans walk around with an unsafe elevation in blood pressure. That’s mainly because of lack of nitric oxide production. If we can replete this partly or mostly through a transdermal shower system, then that provides a lot of benefit.

Dr. Nathan Bryan: There are other things that the body’s missing that disrupts nitric oxide production. There are other metabolic pathways that we can replete and fix, and allow the body to heal itself and to fix these endogenous pathways. That’s what piqued my interest in this, but the world is much more than nitric oxide. I think it’s very important. It’s been my life’s mission. We also realize there are other important things that the body is exposed to or that it is missing. We can now address those through a very affordable, easy to use technology that’s available to the masses.

Wendy Myers: Nathan, you’re an expert on nitrous oxide. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about that? What is it? Why do we need it? The benefits of receiving it through the DermaShower?

Dr. Nathan Bryan: Nitric oxide is a signaling molecule. It’s produced in the body. It regulates blood flow and oxygen delivery to every cell in the body. It’s probably one of the most important molecules that the body produces. It’s known that the older you get, the less nitric oxide you make. Every single human, chronic disease is characterized by low nitric oxide and low blood flow. It’s also known that if you restore the production of nitric oxide, you can restore oxygen and nutrient delivery to every cell in the body.

Dr. Nathan Bryan: If you’re taking supplements and nutrients, but your body doesn’t have adequate circulation and blood flow to deliver those nutrients to the individual cells or tissues that need it, then you’re not doing the job. What we hope to do and what we’ve been doing, for the past 15 to 20 years, is restore nitric oxide production in the body. To perfuse every cell and organ in the body. Then if we’re delivering nutrients, either transdermally or internally through supplementation, you can actually get the nutrients delivered to the cells and then the cells can do their job.

Dr. Nathan Bryan: We’re not only affecting the delivery of the micronutrients and cells. If you improve circulation, you’re basically removing all the toxic byproducts, cellular metabolites and waste. Without nitric oxide, you can’t do this. That’s what causes chronic disease. This is at the root of every single human, chronic disease, the loss of nitric oxide.

Wendy Myers: This is just so exciting. I cannot wait to wake up and take an energizing shower. Then maybe at lunchtime take a nitric oxide shower, and then a sleep shower at the end of the day. I cannot wait. I think it’s such a brilliant invention, you guys have.

Leo Szymborski: The world will never be so clean. One thing people misunderstand is they take for granted how simple the water molecule is. Like I said, it’s the most solvent molecule. One of the things going on with COVID right now is there’s a lot of problem with stagnant water, even Legionella in our tap water. They’re chlorinating our water more than normal, which is even causing more damage to the body from this chlorine. This chemical gets into your body. It is very toxic. This big filter I was telling you about has a mixture of KDF 55, which is bacteriostatic with carbon. This filter can never grow algae, fungi, mold or any type of Legionella. Most regular carbon filters can. They’re a breeding ground for it.

Leo Szymborski: With this boil water alert that a lot of people are getting, right now, a lot of industry is still shut down because they’re not working. The water is not moving. When the water is not moving, it gets stagnant. We have water filtration drinking systems that will handle this problem for drinking water. For your shower, you don’t have to worry about this filter getting moldy or nasty from stagnant water.

Wendy Myers: I think it’s also important to mention chlorine. If you swallow that, it’s going to kill your gut bacteria and the delicate bacteria on your skin. We are full of trillions of bacteria. We don’t want chlorine anywhere near us, messing up that microbiome. Not to mention the chlorine competes for iodine uptake in the thyroid. This chlorination of the water is one of the top reasons why we have an epidemic of hypothyroidism and other thyroid issues. The thyroid just can’t get enough iodine nutritionally when we have this chlorine competing with, and blocking uptake of iodine in our thyroid. Iodine is used to make thyroid hormones. Can you guys talk about that a little bit?

Leo Szymborski: There’s a study that was done on chemical absorption through the skin. One 10-minute shower is equivalent chemically, not liquidly, chemically, to drinking eight glasses of tap water. This is because of the absorption because the chemical, the molecular weight or the mole weight of the chemical is so light. Chlorine is 35.4. Anything below 150 goes into your bloodstream. Just one 10-minute shower is equivalent to drinking eight-ounce glasses of water, chemically. That’s what people don’t realize, these chemicals are very easily absorbed. Like Nathan said, it’s one of our largest organs. People have a lot of skin conditions, hair loss and oxidation.

Leo Szymborski: When you do things that aren’t good for you, you put bad things in your body, you oxidize faster. That’s the reason why we get wrinkly skin, cataracts and gray hair, because when we age our skin and everything starts breaking down. One of the things that I’ve always been told at 53 years old is that I have great skin, but since I was a teenager, I had home filtration. I had hardly any damage from this oxidation other than when I was traveling and I didn’t have a filtration system with me.

Wendy Myers: Leo, you do have good skin.

Leo Szymborski: Thank you.

Wendy Myers: Very young. Nathan, you do too. What’s your secret?

Dr. Nathan Bryan..: Nitric oxide and clean water.

Leo Szymborski: Same here.

Wendy Myers: Well, guys, it was fantastic talking with you. I’m so excited for DermaShower to come out. I highly recommend it. Where can the listeners grab one when they come out?

Leo Szymborski: Go to a Click on “Filters” and you’ll see DermaShower. I’m going to make it easier to get to. We’re redoing all of our stuff right now. I have my copyright person in the other room, right now, working on all this. I’m going to reduce the price as soon as I walk out of here. I’m going to Shopify and change it to $199 for your show. They can order it at

Leo Szymborski: In the notes, if you’re interested and you want more information, I have a PowerPoint presentation that shows it all, in detail. I can send over a copy of that PowerPoint presentation with every order. It’ll be awesome. Then you’re going to have that lifetime warranty. You’re also going to have those sample pods. All shower systems will come with sample pods, but every time new one’s come out, you’ll be getting them. You’ll be on a mailer of everything that’s going on with DermaShower.

Wendy Myers: Great. That sounds like an incredible deal. I’m excited to get one, as well, when they’re available. I highly recommend everyone to try this out. You need to be filtering your shower water, if we haven’t gotten that point across already. Any parting words or anything you want to say?

Leo Szymborski: I just want to thank you very much for having me on again. I always appreciate that. If anyone has questions, email info@phprescription, I’ll be happy to answer your questions. I want to thank Nathan for coming on with me today. He’s been an unbelievable resource for me and a great friend. I thank you both for being here with me today.

Dr. Nathan Bryan: Thank you, Leo. Thank you, Wendy.

Wendy Myers: Everyone, thank you so much for joining us today for the Myers Detox Podcast. I’m Wendy Myers of You can listen to this show on Spotify, on Amazon Audible, on Pandora, on every different podcast platform out there. Watch it on YouTube at Thanks for tuning in. I’ll talk to you guys next week.

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