Transcript #374 How to Combat Pain Using Energy Medicine and Emotional Trauma Release with Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.


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  1. Find out what’s in store for this Myers Detox Podcast with Dr. Michael Ranking Jr. joins the show to discuss how you can find physical and emotional pain relief using energy medicine and emotional trauma release! Dr. Rankin also discusses all of the unique and powerful modalities that he uses in his practice, and some of the best tips for combating your pain.
  2. After witnessing some of the incredible success stories of patients in his father’s practice, Dr. Rankin Jr. decided to pursue his own career in helping others heal their chronic diseases and disorders. Learn more about Dr. Rankin Jr’s journey to starting his own practice and some of the incredible successes he’s had with his own patients.
  3. Dr. Rankin Jr uses a bioenergetic device called an Equiscope which corrects the energetic flow in a person’s body, communicating back and forth with a specific area of the body a couple thousand times a minute in order to dissolve blockages that are causing health issues. Learn more about this device and some of Dr. Rankin’s success stories using the Equiscope.
  4. Learn about the bioresonance machine Dr. Rankin uses called the ZYTO scan, and how it works to address issues like heavy metals and Lyme.
  5. Dr. Rankin also uses a device called a bio-photon analyzer, that can actually take a sample of someone’s DNA, andalayze it, and make corrections to someone’s body by the highest propriety of something that might cause disease. Find out more about this device and how Dr. Rankin has used it to address severe allergic reactions and even the effects of poisoning.
  6. Using liquid minerals, Dr. Rankin does a procedure called a mineral cascade, where he will place patients on a pulse electromagnetic frequency mat to open up cells, and add calcium,  magnesium, potassium, and then zinc to the patients body. Learn what the mineral cascade and PEMF mat does to aid in healing.
  7. Find out about another awesome tool Dr. Rankin uses to address anxiety, sleep, equilibrium, and several other areas of the body.
  8. Trapped emotions and trauma in your body can be one of the largest contributors to emotional and physical pain that you are suffering from. Find out how Dr. Rankin addresses emotional trauma and how releasing it can bring about great amounts of healing.
  9. Read Dr. Rankin’s final thoughts and some of his other success stories.
  10. To learn more about Dr. Rankin Jr’s practice and book a consultation go to or reach out to Dr. Rankin directly at 314-546-5128


Wendy Myers: Hello, everyone. I’m Wendy Myers. Welcome to The Myers Detox Podcast. My website is On this show, we learn all about the different  modalities to help you detox your body, but also improve your health. Today, I’m going to be talking to Dr. Michael Rankin, Jr. We’re going to be talking about how to have 100% pain relief using emotional detox techniques and energy medicine. We’re going to talk about all different kinds of energy medicine modalities.

Wendy Myers: Michael has so many different stories about many different clients that have had almost 100% pain relief, using all of the different modalities that he uses. We’re going to talk about all of those and more. We’re going to talk about the Equiscope device and the ZYTO scan using laser and different frequencies. We’ll talk about different emotional trauma releases like the Emotion Code and the EVOX Technique. This is such an interesting show. It was so much fun interviewing Michael. He has such fantastic energy.

Wendy Myers: If you are in pain, you need to pay attention to it. I think people make the mistake of thinking that if they have this physical symptom like pain, it must be their nerves, some physical problem or an injury. They think it must be an injury like they hurt their knee or were running too much. The fact of the matter is, pain is a symptom of an energetic block in the body or a past emotional trauma that is manifesting as a physical symptom. One of the best, fastest and easiest ways to address pain which is incredibly effective is with bioenergetics, energy medicine and emotional trauma release techniques. We’re going to delve into that on this show today.

Wendy Myers: I know you guys listening to this show are concerned about heavy metals and toxins in your body, so I developed a quiz at This quiz will quickly assess your relative level of toxic body burden of heavy metals and chemicals. It  takes two minutes to take it. After you take the quiz, you get a totally free video series that answers a lot of your frequently asked questions about toxins and how to detox them from your body. Go check it out at

Wendy Myers: Our guest today is Dr. Michael Rankin, Jr. Four years ago, he began working with his father, Dr. Michael Rankin, to run his cancer and chronic illness clinic. Six months in, he started his Doctor of Naturopath degree with Trinity College. Michael has 200 hours of training with ACIM, The Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine, which is Dr. Lee Cowden’s group. Michael has studied extensively in energetic muscle-testing in various forms. He’s certified in assisted lymphatic therapy using a photon sound beam and uses several different deep cellular detox modalities, such as a laser energetic detox.

Wendy Myers: Michael has had an office in St. Louis, Missouri for two years, specializing in severe long-term chronic pain like trigeminal neuralgia, spinal injuries, sciatic issues, as well as serious food and inhalant allergies, various autoimmune issues and autism. His practice brings in people from all over the country and the world. You can learn more about Michael Rankin, Jr. and his work at Pain Free Life, LLC . Dr. Rankin, welcome to the show.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Hi. Thank you so much.

Wendy Myers: Why don’t you tell us about how you got started with your practice and focusing on pain, as your specialty?

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Four years ago, actually in January, I was minding my own business and complaining to my dad. I was bored because I took a few months off, for the winter, from a job I’d had for many years. That was great because I didn’t have to work that much and made a great living. I was pretty bored though. He asked me if I could help him solve some tests, to just help him out a little bit. I said, “Sure”.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: We started doing that. He was pretty smart and started adding little jobs here or there. Within the first month, I started seeing all these crazy miracles. It’s the only way I can describe that. People have been through between 20 and 50 doctors, and then all of a sudden, dad would get their pain to go away, or their cancer to go away or whatever.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Realizing that there was no fun in what I was doing, I started a degree as a Doctor of Naturopath,  just a few months in. I started traveling with dad to these conferences and learning from Dr. Lee Cowden, all these different magic tricks that they use. Frankly, I’d never really intended to work on people, because that’s a great deal of responsibility. I really didn’t want to be part of it. I was happy helping in the background.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Then, friends start to ask you about certain things to help them with. So I did little things, here and there. That stuff started working. Then once I finished the degree, I opened an office. We use a device called an Equiscope, which is an energy correction device. Pretty much everything I do in the office is energy correction, be it a pulse electromagnetic frequency or photon analyzer. I also do the Equiscope, of course. We’ve got a couple of energy correction devices for emotional release work. It’s energy, energy, energy. That’s pretty much it. Once I got this device, that’s seriously a miracle tool for pain, I have yet to fail to at least cut someone’s pain in half. Most of the time I get it 90% or down to zero, for all sorts of things.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I specialize in things like trigeminal neuralgia, which if you know anything about it, they call it a suicide pain because it is extremely severe. You’ve got that nerve that spider webs on both sides of the face. I’ve had several people tell me that it’s like a blow torch is literally being taken to the side of their face. It’s unbearable pain. Drugs don’t really do anything for it. I’ve had a couple of friends that have gone through this.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: The first time I did that, I said, “Oh! Okay, I didn’t really expect that to work”. Supposedly there is nothing you can do about it. except for they drill a hole in the side of the head and sever that nerve, which only works about 30% of the time. Then your face is numb, so that’s not a good outcome for most people.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Sciatic pain too, I found to be incredibly easy to fix. The first person that I worked on for sciatic pain was a friend of mine from Facebook. I’d never even met this person before. She had put up a note talking about it. I said, “I think I might be able to do something about that. Why don’t you come on in?”

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: She’d had this for 15 years, all day, every single day and had been through dozens of chiropractors, acupuncturists and medical doctors. She had tried all the drugs. Tried all the different stretching, therapies, massages or whatever. It might drop the pain 20% to 30%, for a couple of days, and that would be about it. I turned that off like a light switch in maybe six minutes. That’s pretty much what’s been able to happen with all those people.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Serious migraine headaches have become pretty common in my office. One of things that we do from an energetic standpoint, is something called a laser energetic detox. We’re able to do a bioresonance scan on the person and scan them for pretty much any toxin that’s listed in this massive 60,000 plus library. We can then isolate those, and create homeopathics for them at the same frequency of whatever we want to extract from the body and cells. Once we push a laser through it, it fans out that beam and then you can just sweep the body with it.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: There’s a detox reaction that’ll happen for most people, because it’s 150-day detox in an afternoon. I have found very serious allergies. I won’t say their allergies have gone away, but all their symptoms have gone away for anaphylactic deadly allergies. Things that would have required an EpiPen, things that would have killed them before. A lot of their asthma that was so severe they were taking an asthma inhaler, every few hours, for years and years and years. Then all of a sudden, it’s gone. It’s one of those things that I would never believe if I hadn’t done this myself and seen the results, talked to this person myself.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: When I first started working for dad, I’ll be honest, I’ve watched him do this work and I’ve always been really fascinated by it for 10 or 12 years, at that time. When he would talk to me about the emotional release work and doing things with a laser pointer, I’m like, “Okay, I guess so”. Like I said, in that first month, I saw four different miracles. There were two ladies with Epstein-Barr. With one, her husband pretty much had to carry her to the car to come to the appointment that one time. She had been that way for a couple of years. Another lady was on disability for over a year, and was wanting to go back to work. Both of them had gone to zero pain. Collectively, they’ve probably been through 50 or 60 doctors over the course of a few years, since both of them had been dealing with this.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I saw their pain go to zero. I had spoken to these people before and after, because I needed that. I got to hear this for myself. I’m fairly skeptical when it comes to these crazy kinds of things, but not so much anymore. Epstein-Barr, fibromyalgia and there was a stage 4 liver cancer lady. That was in that first month too, where she was in a 10 out of 10 pain, for almost a year and wasn’t able to work anymore. She was a very well known facial reconstructive surgeon, so she had a very successful practice. And I had friends high up the food chain at some of the major cancer hospitals around. I literally talked to her husband the day before, about some testing kits and things. She had told him that she was going to call in a hospice, because they had found another tumor, a fourth tumor, about 19 centimeters on her liver. The pain was so crushing she was done. She was just going to call in hospice and get it over with.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: When I saw dad tell her to take an Epsom salt and baking soda bath, it cut her pain in half. She called back crying and ready to live again. Then the next day, he said, “So, you trust me a little bit now?” With a western trained medical doctor, you can’t really talk to them too much about emotions having such a huge role in chronic illness, pain and things like that. When you cut someone’s pain in half, they’ll do pretty much whatever you tell them to do after that. She did an hour of emotional release work, maybe an hour and 20 minutes, and it was gone. A point two or three, I think I remember, she said. This was a few years ago, a number of years ago.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: After that, I was pretty convinced. Then I just kept seeing it over and over. It happened in my office two years ago. In April, I think it’ll be two years that I started  specializing in pain because that’s what I knew how to do through dad, learning all these different techniques. Other methods will come in and I’ll see if it works. That’s my total backstory, there.

Wendy Myers: Your dad is the very esteemed Dr. Michael Rankin. This is so exciting that you’re talking about this, using bioenergetics and energy medicine to address pain. That’s why I wanted to have you on, because I truly feel like this is the future of medicine. I think people get stuck in this realm of the physical body. If you have a physical pain then there must be some sort of physical solution or you need to take some sort of drug. I know that people get so sick of taking pain medications and feeling foggy, having all of the nausea and side effects from those. They don’t realize there are so many things that they can do.

Wendy Myers: Can you talk about some of the bioenergetic modalities that you’re using? You mentioned the Equiscope. Can you tell us what that is, exactly?

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I do get that question pretty much every day. My easiest answer is, it is an energy correction device or an energetic flow correction device. What it’s doing is using different probes, plates or whatever that you would attach to the body in various areas, where the pain is. It’s basically communicating between the device and the person’s body, a couple thousand times a minute. It’s seeking out those blockages, and it’s literally correcting them nearly instantaneously. That’s why I can help someone’s headache, that’s been there a long time.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I had someone come in about four or six months ago. She was a 50-year-old woman who had had a headache every single day of her life, all day long, for about 40 years. About a third of the time, they would turn into full blown migraines where she’d be bedridden with a mask and an ice pack. She came in for something else. It was some anxiety and gut issues. She says, “Well yeah, I’ve got this headache.” I said, “Oh, well, hey, let’s put a little headband on you and see what happens.”

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: The standard cycle of frequencies that I move through is about five or six minutes. I just did the standard cycle on her. I muscle tested her for the ones that would work for her specifically, out of these 20 or so that I use. My little timer went off for my five-minutes. I said, “How do you feel? How’s the headache?” I always pin them down. You have to in the beginning, on a scale of one to 10, 10 being a broken bone, where is your pain level? She said, “Oh, it’s about four or five today, not too bad.” That was a pretty good day for her.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I said, “So how’s your pain?” I get this all the time. People who have been in pain for that long, they don’t know what to do. They don’t even recognize what it’s like to be out of pain anymore. “Hey, so where’s the pain level now?” She said, “Well, I don’t know. It’s definitely less.” Then I said, “Well, it was a five or six before. Where is it now? What number would you put on it?” She stopped there for another 10 seconds and said, “It’s a zero.” She can’t believe what happened.  I see that kind of thing all the time, with headaches and whatever.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: One of my very favorite migraine stories is this woman that I was actually friends with. She had been dealing with migraines, anxiety and depression before, since she was about 12 years old when she hit puberty. We had actually done quite a bit. She’s a nurse and really good about keeping a diary. She had for many years, when the headaches happened. How often, how long they lasted, what preceded them, what did she eat, what did she drink and things like that. 48% of her days were migraines, where she would stay at home from work and sometimes they’d last for a couple of days.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: The one that got her to finally listen to me and come in, had lasted for two-and-a-half months.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: She was on disability from work. 

Wendy Myers: I can’t imagine that.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Me, neither. Me, neither. She came in and I had already worked on a couple of headaches. I think it was the first session or two, it went from 48% of her days to 19%. Then I think we did a third session and it went down to 10%. We were tracking this over a month-long period. Then we stagnated for a couple of months. I was muscle testing her and toxicity kept coming up over and over. I said, “Let’s try laser detox and see what happens.”

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: This freaks me out, still. She calls me the next day, and says, “Hey, I don’t know if this is too much information, but I just went in for my morning bathroom break. All of a sudden my bathroom smelled like a hair perm solution bottle and just dumped over. I was, “Oh, okay. Well, do you get hair perms?” She said, “Yeah, I did. The last one I got, I was 15.” This woman is 41 years old. So 25 or 26 years ago, was her last perm. That stuff stayed trapped in her body for all that time, and we extracted it with light.

Wendy Myers: I’ve gotten a few of those perms, so I’m a little bit concerned about that.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Yeah?

Wendy Myers: I had an Afro at one point, when I was 10 years old.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: No kidding?  I want to see the pictures.

Wendy Myers: I’m waiting for the smell to come out in a sauna. I’ve heard of people that got perms and were doing infrared saunas. The smell started coming out of their body because it’s exiting the body. It’s crazy how these toxins stay in us for decades.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I’ve done this on a bunch of people now. Another guy was a professional painter, a union painter, painting houses and stuff like that. He had been doing it for 12 years. The next day, he called me and said it smelled like a paint can in his bathroom. I did it on another guy, who’s 54 or 55. I was trying to reduce tinnitus, but it didn’t really do much for that, in all honesty. The next day, he called me and I had started telling people to watch out for any weird smells. He called me and said in his bathroom it smelled like a burning car, gasoline, oil, rubber and stuff. He said it smelled like his dad’s garage or his mechanics garage where he worked for, I don’t know, eight or 10 years, maybe. The last time he worked in that garage, he was 23 or 24, something like that.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Again, for 30 something years these fumes are trapped in this guy’s body. The fact that you can extract it with light and frequency, freaks me out, no matter how many times I do it, but it’s so cool.

Wendy Myers: Tell us about that.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: By the way, the first migraine lady, no more migraines. I think she’s had two or three, in the last eight months since we did it.

Wendy Myers: Nice.

Wendy Myers: That’s after one treatment? That’s the bioresonance machine?

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I use a bioresonance scan. I use ZYTO.

Wendy Myers: The ZYTO, okay.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Then, because I can actually output the vials from that same device, I just create the vials and then laser her. We do several different ones. We do the heavy metals, vaccines, microbes, all the mega toxins, stuff like that.

Wendy Myers: How does that work exactly? You create these vials. They have frequencies. Say, the frequency of mercury, for instance, or the frequency of Lyme, or what have you. You take a laser and shine it through that, and then to the person? How does that all work?

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: They can be in light clothes as long as it’s light colored, because dark clothes absorb too much light. I’ll have them take their shoes and socks off. You’ve got to hit the reflexology points in the palms of the hands and in the feet. That’s really, really important. I was told that by Dr. Cowden, who developed this procedure and who taught it to me. Then you just sweep and that beam will fan out, kind of like a little broom. You just sweep up and down their body, I don’t know, maybe 10 times. I make sure I hit the ears really good, to do all the different acupuncture points in the ear, you just hit them. In most states, they consider shining a laser pointer on an acupuncture point as practicing acupuncture. I’m not an acupuncturist but if you just stand back across the room and fan that beam out, you get all those points. It’s pretty good to go.

Wendy Myers: I had Dr. Doug Phillips on my Heavy Metal segment, talking about how he detoxes people.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I know Doug Phillips. He’s a very nice guy. I’ve met him. He’s a part of ACIM. Obviously, I learned a lot in school and nothing against that school, they were wonderful; wonderful people and good teachers. I loved them all. But, all the actual magic tricks I use to really heal people, I got from ACIM, the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine. Anybody out there who wants some really cool magical medical techniques, that’s the place to go.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Dr. Cowden’s such a sweet and brilliant man. He gets all sorts of really famous doctors that come and teach people. You learn all these cool, different modalities.

Wendy Myers: I’ve met Dr. Lee Cowden. He’s Dr. Mercola’s personal doctor. He’s amazing. He’s just so brilliant.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Yes, he is. He and my dad have been friends since 1975, or something. Lee’s been coming over to our house since I was a little kid. I didn’t really have much contact with him since I was probably 18 or 19, when he saw me as a patient.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I’m not going to lie. Dad had to drag me to these conferences at first, because I really, honestly, had no intention of working on anybody myself. I orchestrated the job that I had in sales because I didn’t like working that much and I certainly didn’t want a bunch of responsibility. I just liked doing my own thing. But now, I seek out the hardest cases I can find. When somebody tells me they’ve been through 30 to 50 doctors, I can’t wait to get to the office.

Wendy Myers: It’s a puzzle to figure out. You trained with the best, Dr. Lee Cowden, and your dad, Michael Rankin.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Dr. Norm Shealy comes in, and I’ve learned many things from him. He’s probably arguably one of the famous pain doctors and neurosurgeons in the history of mankind. The fact that I even know this person is pretty staggering to me. You get to learn from people like that. ACIM really draws so many well-known successful people, financially, but also successful in healing people. That’s where I really got to feel so unbelievably blessed to pick up all those tricks.

Wendy Myers: Are there any other bioenergetic modalities that you use, besides the Equiscope and the ZYTO?

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: That’s the go-to usually, but I’ve got something called a bio-photon analyzer, which is really, really cool. A guy named Alan Back designed that. He used to actually make energy weapons for the military, and decided to start making energy healing devices instead, when he left. That’s a really cool one. You can actually take someone’s DNA sample and throw it in the well, all by itself, and it will actually analyze their DNA and then make corrections for what it considers to be the highest priority of something that might be in disease, in that body.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: It’s funny, God bless my dad, he is a device junkie. Any cool medical device, he’s got to have it. Like a bio-photon analyzer. I got his old one because he wanted the new one that was more automated. I didn’t really know what to do with it or anything like that. I just started playing around with it. One day a guy came into my office, I was working on his autistic son. I work with a lot of autistic children, too, doing the detox and energy correction. If I could just fix those kids all day, I would. My real passion is there. This guy brings his son in and I’ve met him several times by this point. I’m working on his son over in one part of the room, and I can hear him breathing from across the room, wheezing horribly. I said, “What’s going on there, buddy? I’ve never noticed that before.” He said, “Yeah, I think I was exposed to mold a month ago. It’s been like this for a month. I don’t know what to do.”

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I came over and I had him stick his hands in this well. It’ll antidote and neutralize this person while you’re doing it. I just hit the button. It was about a two-minute cycle, and I went back to working on his son. Halfway through, he goes, “Hey, how long is this supposed to work? Because I feel like I’m breathing better already.” The dinger went off and I said, “So, take a deep breath.” His eyes bug out, and he says, “I don’t think I’ve taken a breath that deep in 10 years.”

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: This woman I know, who has become a good friend, was poisoned with metronidazole. She went through what was supposed to be a simple medical procedure, and they gave her this. A few days later, she woke up in full body paralysis. She literally couldn’t move for several hours. Her boyfriend had gone off to work already. She was obviously in a full-blown panic. Then her 20/20 vision went blurry. She had no energy. There was incredible amounts of brain fog, shooting neurological pain going from the neck down, all over her body. It was unbelievable, the list of symptoms was a mile long.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: We had already done a whole lot of work on her, and had negated about 90% of those symptoms, everything below the neck. She came in one day and said, “Hey, I’ve still got this brain fog and this other stuff.” I said, “Get a sample of that metronidazole, bring it in.” I just put it in the well with her and a DNA sample, and I antidote and neutralize that and it creates a remedy for it. I lasered her with that.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: After you laser someone, they’ve got to be off of electronics for 25 hours. She calls me 25 hours and one minute later the next day, and says, “Hey, you got to hear this.” She tells me that she was just sitting there watching TV. I think she said there was a little pop that she heard, and then all of a sudden, she felt this fluid coming down through her face and through her neck. All of a sudden, her brain fog was pretty much gone. She wouldn’t let me do that again though, because it freaked her out a little too much. That was really cool.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: For autistic kids who won’t look their parents in the eye, laser detox is the first thing. I start there. We’ll do a little energy correction work on their gut. I do some high frequency stuff, and they’re shutting parasites like a house on fire, the next couple of days. That’s pretty cool.

Wendy Myers: Autistic kids have terrible gut dysbiosis.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Yes.

Wendy Myers: It’s a contributor to their inability to detox in the first place.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Mm-hmm, yes. When you get calls from parents saying, “My eight-year-old is looking me in the eye for the first time,” that is a mind-blowing moment. I haven’t experienced this yet, but Dr. Cowden was telling me he’s done this on kids who were nonverbal at 10 years old, and then a couple of hours later, they start talking. It’s the craziest thing.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: We do a lot of pulse electromagnetic frequency mat mineral cascades. We’ve even been told by the guy who designed this protocol, that it clears out plaque in the arteries, the heart and things like that. Kidney stones will start to break up, or soften, anyway. We said, “Yeah, okay, sure.” We had this guy who does these full-body sonograms. He came in and did one on dad. He checks arterial health, blockages and things like that. Dad actually knows he’s got some blockage there.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: This guy was coming into the Dallas office about once a month or so, for other cancer people we were working with. I think he said he’d cleared up about 70% of the plaque in his arteries in just a little over a month, doing PEMF mat mineral cascades. That’s a really cool thing we’ve been doing, too. Many people are so critically low in minerals. Their bodies aren’t conductive, which is the root of all evil. You can’t move electricity like it’s supposed to, through the body, because we are electricity. We don’t run on it, we are it, every cell.

Wendy Myers: That’s what I’ve been trying to tell people for 10 years, you’re deficient in minerals. You have to have minerals, they’re the spark plugs of the body. If you don’t have that, nothing is going to work. That’s interesting. Tell us about the mineral cascades. What is that exactly? Is that the download of the frequency of minerals?

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: We actually use liquid minerals. We get them from other earth minerals. They’re a very specific type. I think it’s called a double plus calcium, or maybe a double negative, I don’t recall. It’s a very specifically charged type of calcium that they use. Dr. True Ott came up with this protocol. We’ll put them on a QRS PEMF, pulse electromagnetic frequency mat, to open up those cells.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: We start off with calcium. Then we move to magnesium, potassium and then zinc. That particular cascade is well known now, to do all sorts of things, especially infuse minerals into the body. Also for the breakage of the cholesterol, the arteries and things like that. It seems to work really, really well.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic. That’s interesting, using the PEMF mats. Those charge up the cell voltage. A lot of people have low energy cell voltage. Their body’s just not working and not communicating properly.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Yes, that’s right. That’s what it’s all about. When I started working more with the energy meridian system of the body, that we’ve known about for 5,000 years now, my pain-release success level went up. I was already probably helping 80% that walked in the door, but then I started working with that electrical system and opening those things back up. For sciatic pain, I’ve noticed it’s always going down the gall bladder meridian. Gall bladder at 30 is right there. Then, if you gently press around on that and if it lights them up, that’s a weak point. Then, you can either muscle test what the other weak points are going down that line, or if you don’t have that ability, just gently press on those points. It will light them up with a lot of pain, if you press too hard, if it’s a weak point.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Then, I’ll put something on the end of the foot, a Gall Bladder 40, and one on the butt and just boom, literally that’s it. It’s gone. Inside five minutes. It might take less than five minutes. That’s how long the cycle takes, so I don’t have to get them off the table until then. That’s every single time so far. I’ve done it to at least a half a dozen people.

Wendy Myers: Are there any other tools that you’re using, that you think the audience would be interested in hearing about?

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: These guys right here, are medical devices, actually. They’re inputted with a couple of thousand different mathematical calculations or frequencies, that they’ve devised and isolated. This will be helpful for various things. They’ve got literally a couple of thousand different combinations in here, as well as light, minerals and sound frequencies, as well. This is another one of these things that dad sent me one day, with zero explanation whatsoever. I said, “Oh, yeah. Okay.”

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I put them on my dining room table, where they lived for probably nearly a year. Then he starts telling me all these things that he’s doing with them, with brain work on people. We’ll muscle test where to put these on various parts of the brain, or acupuncture points or whatever. It’s really interesting. You get them on whatever part of the brain. Right back here is the real hot spot for people, usually. Their body will sway involuntarily, in circles, or one lady just leaned over and was almost falling over. I said, “Is that what your body’s naturally doing?” She said, “Yeah. I don’t know what else to do with it”. Then it eventually will slow down. Either they’ll stop or move just in a forward/backward motion, and then it’s unwound.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: This is one of those things, I was like, “Oh, okay, that’s cool. I can feel that in my own body.” That’s a unique effect. It’s pretty eye-widening, all right. What is it doing? I couldn’t really pinpoint anything. I’m a fairly healthy person. I hadn’t noticed any aftereffects or anything. I’m talking to the guy, Nick, who makes these, one morning. The woman I was telling you about with the metronidazole poisoning, she calls me up for pretty much anything that happens now. She had smashed her head on some kind of cabinet, right on the top of her head. It gave her a minor concussion and it threw off her equilibrium. For three weeks, she’s bumping into stuff, falling over, nauseous, she felt like she was seasick, had blurry vision and things like that. She walks in right as I’m talking to this guy. I have him on speakerphone at my desk. I said, “Hey, by the way, Nick, I’ve got this young lady that just came in. Can these things do anything for equilibrium problems?” He said, “Oh, heck yeah. It’s so easy.”

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: He has me take one of these and he has me put it on, just behind the crown chakra, on the skull, I think it’s vessel 20. They call it the point of 1,000 cures in Chinese medicine. He has me put one of these on there, and has her change her depth perception. She looks down at the floor, back at me, over me, back and forth, up and down. I have her look outside, stand around, sit up and sit down. Literally, in 90 seconds, it’s gone. No more symptoms at all. That was another one of those where, once you see them work, now I carry these around with me everywhere I go.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I’ve used them for anxiety myself. I have trouble with sleep every now and then. One morning, I’m watching TV in bed. I took out my little trusty acupuncture app and type in sleep. This points everywhere, so I just stick them on there and watch it. I think I’ll move them a couple of minutes later. I slept like a baby that night. I have a sleep tracker. I was at 85%. I never get up that high, so that was cool.

Wendy Myers: Nice.

Wendy Myers: I’ll have to get him on the podcast.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Oh, yes you should. You absolutely should. He does all sorts of cool things. He does a lot of allergy work.

Wendy Myers: Very interesting.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: That is what he does. It’s the main focus for him. I’ll definitely put you in touch with him. He’s an awesome guy. He’s a super nice guy, too, and brilliant.

Wendy Myers: Let’s talk about emotional trauma. I think people are really not aware of or  underestimate how much their trauma in childhood, or even recently, parlays into physical symptoms. This is something I’m talking about more and more. One of my best friends is Niki Gratrix, who’s a world expert on emotional trauma. Talk about how that plays into your practice and what you do to release it.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: If you talk to any of the doctors we know, who we share patients with and things like that, all chronic illness pretty much comes from a trapped emotion and trauma. It’s like a frequency ping, if you will, that will stay trapped there. Seriously, this is one of those things dad had been telling me about for six or eight years or something like that. In the back of my mind, I wouldn’t say this to him, “Dad, you’re probably getting the supplement and device combination right, and that’s a happy accident.” Whatever. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. I just couldn’t buy into it.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: That first month I saw four people get out of agonizing, crushing pain, in an hour. All together they’d probably seen 150 doctors, over the course of five years, I mean, it’s crazy. Then, I started reading a little bit. 

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I start studying German medicine. I’m just listening a lot. That won’t give me any specifics about patients or anything, but it’ll say, this person was struggling with a lot of anger and that goes to your liver. A grudge can go to the gallbladder. Fear goes to the kidneys. Sorrow and loss will hit your lungs. Shock, obviously will go to the heart, and things like that.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Dad does EVOX. There’s several main modalities for that. EVOX is one, I think it’s pioneered by Dr. Cowden. The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson, who wrote that book. There’s the recall healing guy. I can’t remember his name off the top of my head. Dad really employs all three of those. He told me why. He says individually they’re too slow and he gets bored.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: People that come to me before dad or will reach out to me first and say, “Hey, I saw this testimonial video, can I come in, too?” They’ll come in. One particular friend of mine came in for some all-over body pain, specifically more sciatic but it was really from the head-to-toe. She had spent thousands of dollars on different clinics, doctors, spas, massages or whatever. She came in and I got her to zero point for the first time in several years, in about 20 minutes or something.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I asked, “So when did this start? When did the sciatic pain start?” She said, “Well, it was about four or five weeks ago.” I said, “Well, what happened around that time? Are you grudging on someone?” She had gotten into an argument with her husband. She left pain-free. Maybe a month or two later, she said, “Hey, I need to come in for a little tuneup. It started to creep back.” I said, “You had a fight with your husband, didn’t you?” “Yep, I sure did.” The ones I struggle with, that I can’t fix in my office in a short time, I turn them over to dad and he usually gets them over the finish line.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic. Like I mentioned, we all suffer from emotional trauma.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Sure.

Wendy Myers: Even if you haven’t suffered severe emotional, physical or sexual abuse, we all have things we weren’t emotionally ready to deal with. If you have suffered from severe abuse, you want to be looking at that, as the underlying link to why you’re having physical or emotional health issues, or pain syndromes. You need to be addressing that, for sure.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Yes, that’s the root of a lot, if not most of it, unless it’s some kind of toxic exposure. I’ll tell you, the first ACIM meeting I went to with dad, I had gone to a couple of other conferences and frankly, they were a bunch of marketing stuff, I wasn’t really learning all that much. ACIM is completely different. They’re all about teaching.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I went to the big meeting they have once a year, where all these famous doctors come in and do their lectures and all their different modalities. I’ll never forget this, because I was only a few months in working with dad by this point. I’ve seen all these crazy miracles with emotional release work, but I was still, in the back of my mind, thinking that there’s something else. There has to be. It can’t be that easy. It can’t be that kind of thing.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: There are four lectures, three days in a row, so I heard 12 world famous doctors all talking about their modalities, other specialties, gut health, cancer, dentists, just anything. Toxin specialists, brain specialists, anything you can imagine. I’ve listened to these people talk for an hour and-a-half lectures each, talking about their different modalities or whatever. Then their successes and how they’ve implemented it. Almost uniformly, I mean, they damn near repeated the same thing, “Yes, we can fix the gut here, or the cancer here, or whatever, but in the end, it all comes down to what trapped emotion got you there in the first place. If you don’t deal with that, you’re throwing water into the wind.”

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I’m hearing this over and over, and over. Finally, by the third day, I’m pretty sure the last one I heard was this really well known biological dentist. He had worked with Hal Higgins for a long time, and he’s a really great guy. We sent a lot of people to him. I heard a lot of people talk about tumors and other ailments, diseases, that will affect organs or whatever, tied to a bad tooth. I’ve heard this over and over and over again.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I was really interested to hear this guy’s presentation. Sure enough, he’s going through all this, and he says, “Listen, I don’t care if it’s liver disease, a pancreas problem, if your lungs are being affected or you’ve got tumors here or there. You can almost always track it back to a bad tooth.” He says, “But before that, it’s a trapped emotion, that’s what will affect that tooth.” As I heard this dentist say this, and he was the last one I heard, so I left full on convinced that there’s really something to this. Now, years later, it’s one of the first things I’ll ask people, “When did this happen? What exactly happened on that day?”

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: This is a wonderful example. This young lady, who’s about 34, comes to our office maybe four or five months ago. She came for some back pain, which we fixed in five minutes. Because I charge $165 an hour and I don’t want to kick people out in five minutes, I’ll start doing other systemic work on them. Even though I fixed their problem that they came in for. We start talking, and I say, “So, do you have any other issues that you might want to deal with?” She says, “Well, I’ve been getting these urinary tract infections, out of nowhere. I’ve never gotten them in my life before.”

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I remembered something dad had said to me three years prior, in some conference we were at, that bladder issues will be a territorial problem. Somebody’s invading your space or something. So I said, “When exactly did this start happening?” She said, “Well, it was almost exactly six months ago.” I said, “Did something change significantly in your life?” She said, “Well yeah, my boyfriend and I moved in together.” I just chuckled and I said, “Is he a little overprotective, maybe, and invading your space?” She said, “What? How did you know that?” I was just giggling. That sort of stuff is, I see it all the time. It’s just so funny to me.

Wendy Myers: By addressing emotional trauma, you’re still addressing the body energetically, because all these emotions reside in your energy field. The scientists have searched, for years, trying to figure out where are these emotions? They’re not in our physical brain cells. There’s no physical place in our body where these emotions reside. They are in our energy field and they have to be addressed energetically, to release and transmute them. That can be done very, very easily. People don’t realize how easy it is to get rid of trauma and negative emotions.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Truly. It does come down to the practitioner, too. It makes me laugh pretty much every time, when I’ll be talking to someone new. I’m the person who everyone calls, to work with dad, they go through me so I hear all their stories. I’m the one who sets up their appointments and things like that. I’ll be talking to someone and I’ll ask them certain questions, to try and give dad a few notes, just to give him a head’s up. Every once in a while, I’ll get someone who says, “Oh, well, have you done any trauma release work, or anything like that?” “I’ve got a lot of trauma, but I’ve dealt with all that stuff. We’re all good.”

Wendy Myers: Everyone thinks that. I thought that, too, at one time.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Yes, me too. I’m guilty of it. We all are, I think. It’s not the same as locating and isolating where that trapped frequency is, because that’s what it is. It’s so funny, one of these particular ladies who  I’ll never forget, “Oh, I’ve done all that work. I’ve done it for 10 years,” blah, blah, blah, “I don’t need any of that.” She goes in to dad, and he tells me the story later on, after her appointment. Literally, one of the first things out of her mouth in the first three to four minutes of this talk was, “How is your life going on? What were your parents like?” “Oh, I had the most Pollyanna life.” Dad starts muscle testing people right out of the gate, and says, “Oh, what’s this thing with your mother? There’s something definitely with your mother, your dad and mom. She says, “Oh, no, there were some issues, but I really had a Pollyanna life growing up.” She literally used those words.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Then, I don’t know, 20 minutes into the session, she says, “Motherf-ing dad, Motherf-ing,” crazy stuff. Anyway, I think that is one of dad’s true gifts, to be able to get to the root of these things pretty quickly.

Wendy Myers: Can you tell us where we can learn more about you, work with you? I’m sure you’ve piqued the interest of a lot of the audience here.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Oh, sure.

Wendy Myers: How do we work with you?

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: You can call me at 314-546-5128. That’s 314-546-5128 or That’s I would suggest going to the testimonial page and just start going down the list. The top one is some lady, this is a great story, who had gotten herself off the kidney transplant list after a year or something. She’s 70 years old, and has pretty much total kidney failure, so she was not going to make the five-year waiting list and was refusing dialysis. We started doing some work with her. She actually was really funny. I didn’t find any of this out until the testimonial she did, she told me that she was throwing Hail Marys and thought, “I want to live for my husband so I’ll do some research”. She found some really well known kidney doctor, and actually was able to contact him and started talking to him. He said, “You know what? I don’t think I’m the one for you, but I think I know a guy that might be able to help you,” and sent him over to dad.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: She started doing a bunch of emotional release work. She didn’t have a lot of money, so she didn’t do a lot of supplementation or things like that. I think dad was donating a good chunk of time to this wonderful woman, and she’d become a dear friend of ours. She got off the kidney transplant list and was out playing pickleball with her buddies for four or five hours a day, smoking the other old ladies.

Wendy Myers: It’s wonderful to hear your stories of recovery like that, because it is true. You can have this radical remission. It’s not relegated to some sort of miracle or how did that happen. These devices that you’re using are firmly rooted in science. This is the new medicine. This is how medicine is going to be practiced in the future, because the old paradigm doesn’t work for managing chronic conditions.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: That’s right. All you’re doing is creating more chronic conditions. I’m sure we can all agree, we’d probably be a light year ahead of where we are now if all these things hadn’t been suppressed.

Wendy Myers: I’ve dealt with chronic pain myself. After I had my baby, I had a C-section. As I started working out at the six-week mark. I was just doing some super light yoga and I literally lifted my leg up and pulled a muscle, my piriformis muscle. I was a mess. I was in pain and I could barely walk for 10 minutes. It was terrible. Then when that got a little bit better, I started lifting weights. Of course, one of my discs slipped a little bit. That was a couple of years of physical therapy and decompression, doing all this stuff. I was taking Vicodin for the pain. My life was miserable for a couple of years because of that. At that time, I had discovered NES Health Bioenergetics and started doing emotional trauma release, identifying my emotional trauma in these scans. I was doing physical stuff, but I thought this emotional trauma release played a big part in my pain coming completely under control.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Even from an injury, or what you consider was something you did. I brought that up to dad many times, with something like, “Wow, they pulled something, or they were running and all of a sudden, something was painful.” He’s informed me that those are weaknesses that are there already, that are created already. That wouldn’t have probably happened had not there been that frequency weakness, there already.

Wendy Myers: It’s just an energetic block.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: It’s truly fascinating. I find this real-life magic.

Wendy Myers: Yes, absolutely. I find it absolutely fascinating and that’s why I wanted to have you come on. I’m trying to have person, after person, after person, come on and talk about how you address the body with bioenergetics, because this is what you want to be looking at. It’s not about just taking medications, suppressing symptoms or even just taking supplements. Those are great, but there’s very easy, quick ways to address our physical health ailments, or what we think are physical issues.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Yeah. That’s right.

Wendy Myers: Michael, tell us again where we can find you. Do you work remotely with people?

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Until a few years ago, dad’s practice was all remote. For the most part, he would help a few friends out from church or whatever, in Dallas. That was pretty much it.  We’ve probably got people in seven or eight different countries right now. We travel a lot, because we have a lot of people that are unable to travel, or they’re just super wealthy and don’t feel like making the trip. It’s worth it to them to bring us there, and that’s fine. We do travel a lot.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Go to the painfreelifellc website. If you go to the testimonial page, you’re going to see everything from kidney failure being resolved and getting off the transplant list, to the very first person I did a laser detox on who was definitely allergic to all the food. According to the skin and blood tests, allergic to all food. They would go through four to eight EpiPens, a month. They hadn’t eaten a single bite of food without a handful of Benadryl in 17 years. They had an asthma inhaler every couple of hours, for 17 years. I could laser detox her one time, and she got pretty sick from it. She’s a fairly sickly person. She had been taking all these different drugs for nearly two decades. I reached out to her several times over the course of a week and-a-half period. She wouldn’t get back to me, and I thought that was kind of rude. I guess I made her sick, it didn’t work and she’s just pissed at me.

Wendy Myers: She was eating. She was busy eating.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Well, no kidding. She calls me and she says, “Hey, I’m so sorry I’ve been out of touch, but I didn’t want to jinx anything.” “For the last week or so, I have been eating whatever I want. I have had no asthma medications.” It was unbelievable. Her life had completely flipped around on a dime.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Now, in all truth, she’s backpedaled a little bit. We’ve had to do some other work on her, but I mean, this is the most significant allergy list of any human being I had ever come across. When it came to food, inhalant allergies and asthma symptoms. She had been in the ICU, 26 times, in two and-a-half years. She had died once. She had asphyxiated to death in the back of the ambulance and they brought her back. I’ve done this several more times now, on people with asthma, and all their symptoms are gone. There’s no more medications that are needed, especially for some of the ones who might use an asthma inhaler, every once in a while. They just don’t use it anymore. That’s been very cool.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Autistic kids, like I said, I really like working with them. Migraines, all sorts of severe pain. I tell people this all the time, “I don’t care what your doctor said. I don’t care how many surgeries you’ve had or what the injury is. It’s really not that relevant to what I’m doing, moving energy around.” A buddy of mine has got some kind of degenerative disease where his bones were brittle. He’s a motorcycle racer on top of it. He had had a metal titanium rod inserted inside of his femur. Then they were going to do the other one the next year. They screwed this thing inside of his bone. That is a major surgery. He came to see me about three or four days after the surgery was done. He comes on in crutches, he’s limping and doing all this. He’s a seven out of 10, and he’s taking the drugs. I work on him for maybe 20 or 30 minutes, and he pops off the table in zero pain. I couldn’t believe it. He started walking around and I was like, “Whoa dude. Just because there’s no pain doesn’t mean you don’t have to take it easy. That’s a really serious injury, so you gotta watch that”.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I started doing the testimonial videos. They’ve turned out to work pretty well for marketing stuff, but that was not my intention. That’s not why I did it, at all. I did it because the first couple of people that I had done these crazy procedures on, had these results, and I didn’t think anyone would believe me. I’d be out at a dinner party or something and you start talking, “Hey, what do you do? Oh, that’s cool. What do you do?” I’ll start telling these crazy cool stories, because they’re super fun. You can see their faces gloss over a little bit. They don’t believe half of what you’re saying. Here’s my card. Go to the testimonial page. You don’t have to believe me. See if you believe them.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.:, or you can reach me at 214-566-5698, but my main number is 314-546-5128, out in St. Louis, Missouri. Dad is about an hour outside of St. Louis, so both our practices are here now. We really collaborate and work together on half the people that come in. We do travel everywhere. I was in Spain a couple of years ago, working on somebody who had a serious brain injury. We’ll travel all over the place.

Wendy Myers: I think this is something that can give hope to so many people. It’s such a pet peeve of mine, when a doctor says there’s nothing more that we can do.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Yeah.

Wendy Myers: There’s no cure, or there’s no treatment for this. There is always something that you can do, always.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: That’s right.

Wendy Myers: You’re just talking to someone who has a limited toolbox or doesn’t have the curiosity to go out and learn what it is, that would help their patient population.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: They’re lazy, not all of them are like that, although I’ve run into many. They’ve gotten to the end of their toolbox, and that’s what they know. I mean, let’s be honest, western trained medical doctors are pretty catastrophically undereducated.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I had just gotten the Equiscope device, and I was working on my friends. Just to get some practice and hours, built up, with it. One of my cousins, whose friend is finishing his residency from St. Louis University, here. It’s a good medical school. It’s not like he went down to Tijuana or something. He came over and was asking me questions, because he’d heard some stories from a cousin. He says, “Hey, how does this thing work?” I say, “Well, it’s an energy correction device. We’re opening up the flow, the meridian system of the body.” He’s like, “What do you mean?” In my mind, never in a million years, Wendy, did I think that this guy didn’t know about the meridian system of the body. I just figured there had to be some fancy western medical name for it, that I was unaware of.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: My acupuncture doll’s sitting right there. I go, “You know, the energy system of the body.” He looks down at the ground and says, “I’ve never seen that before in my life.” This guy just graduated from one of the better medical schools in the US. What are we talking about? That is absolutely insane to me. You’re going to throw away 5,000 years of medicine? We’ve been tinkering around with drugs derived from oil. The same guys who own the oil, own the drug companies. You can’t figure out that’s a problem? Anyway, I digress.

Wendy Myers: It’s very frustrating, because there are so many sick people that remain sick for years, even decades, because they completely put their trust in western medicine. There’s a place for drugs. I like drugs when they’re needed. Vicodin saved me when I would have been an absolute mess, when I had the severe lower back pain. If I get in a car accident, I want western medicine for emergency medicine.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Oh, sure.

Wendy Myers: Absolutely.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: If I’m in some kind of trauma, there’s no place I’d rather be in the world than right here, that’s for sure, but when it comes to chronic illness, their hands are bound. Some of these doctors, they’re really good people but they are afraid. They’ll lose their license, their livelihood or their life, for that matter.

Wendy Myers: Yes, absolutely. That’s a very good point. People are fearful or they’ve got their medical bills to pay and a family to support. I totally get it. They’re handcuffed.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I hear this a lot. They’ve got a term for what happens when the people come see me, leave pain-free or symptom-free or whatever, and they go back to see their medical doctors. You might have heard this term before, they call it a “spontaneous miraculous healing”. It’s not anything else, it’s just random.

Wendy Myers: I’ve heard of people detoxing and their symptoms will get better, they do bioenergetics or something with our business, with Myers Detox. Then go back to their doctor who just poo-poos it completely.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Right.

Wendy Myers: “Oh, it’s just placebo”, or “That’s just a bunch of nonsense”. It’s just really interesting, the reactions.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: You know what’s funny, I have had plenty of people, good friends of mine in fact, come over and they’ll just let me work on them, to placate me, I think. They have no expectation of this working, because they’ve been in pain for a long, long time and seen all the medical doctors and whatever. Then I’ll fix it in just a few minutes. My one buddy, I fixed his knee that had been hurting him for a couple of years from some kind of motorcycle accident or something. I did it in four minutes to zero pain. He’s walking around and he says, “This has to be a placebo. This has to be in my head.” I looked at him and I said, “Does it matter? Do you really care? You don’t have any pain anymore. Who gives a crap?”

Wendy Myers: Who cares how it happened?

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Yeah.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I stopped a 36-hour cough I had one time. I think it was a mold exposure. I was walking back from my office and I literally felt something go up my nose. Then, 60 seconds later, my whole head stopped up and I had these crazy, wet sneezes. Then a couple of minutes after that, I had this really loud, dry cough. That went on for five minutes, or about every five minutes for 36 hours, straight. I’d gone down to Atlanta to see my friend Jennifer Bramwith. She’s the one you should really talk to. She’s probably one of the better lymphatic therapists in the country, if not the world. She does a whole lot of detox work, too, so I think you’d love her. She’s just a wonderful human being.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I went in a day early to hang out and bought her a little something else from the training class that we were doing. She noticed this cough, obviously, right away, and she said, “Hey, let’s see if we can do something about that.” She types in her little app, cough. A bunch of acupuncture points come up. She pulls out this little laser pointer, and did the one point here, the 1.1 up here and just little circles about the size of a dime, for about 30, to 45 seconds. My cough stopped. I think I let out one or two more coughs, and it was out. About 12 hours later, when I was at my hotel room,  at 9:00 or 10:00 at night, I suddenly started coughing again. They were really wet and I was coughing up all this crap. It was very different. That lasted for a few minutes and it was gone, permanently.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I’ve used that little laser trick. You were asking about energetic tricks. That’s an awesome one you can use for all sorts of things. I’ve gotten rid of severe anxiety with people. People who were about to straight up go into a panic attack, and then they’re pretty much back down to normalized. It’s super cool.

Wendy Myers: Interesting.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Yeah.

Wendy Myers: Well, Michael, this has been such an interesting conversation. I want to thank you for coming on. I really encourage anyone listening, if you have any issues that you haven’t been able to resolve or you’re in pain, please give Michael a call. You won’t regret it.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I get people coming from all over the country now, in just a year and-a-half, almost two years I’ve had this place open. It’s been pretty cool. Thank you so much, Wendy. It was great talking to you.

Wendy Myers: Thank you so much, Michael. Everyone, thanks so much for tuning in to The Myers Detox Podcast. My name is Wendy Myers. You can learn all about what I do to detox at Thanks for tuning in every week. It’s such a blessing to bring you guys all this information, to help you meet your health goals and improve your life. All I want to do is to help you dramatically improve your life and your health.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: We’re all on the same page.

Wendy Myers: Thanks for tuning in. I’ll talk to you guys next week.