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  1. Find out what’s in store for this Myers Detox Podcast with Dr. Michael Platt, who joins the show to discuss how progesterone can help block adrenaline dominance, which is a root cause of many health issues. He also discusses the symptoms of adrenaline dominance and some of the best tips and techniques to help address adrenaline surges.
  2. Dr. Platt’s book Adrenaline Dominance is the only book that’s ever been written that talks about the clinical consequences of too much adrenaline. Learn more about his background.
  3. Adrenaline is a powerful hormone that, when released, can cause a huge release of cortisol and raise blood sugar levels. Learn more about adrenaline overload.
  4. Excess adrenaline can lead to a whole host of symptoms such a trouble sleeping, grinding teeth, frequent urination, cold hands and feet, and much more. Learn about all of the symptoms associated with adrenaline dominance.
  5. Progesterone can be used to block the release of adrenaline, and help your body relieve itself of the many symptoms associated with adrenaline release. Find out how progesterone works to block adrenaline.
  6. Find out about Dr. Platt’s two progesterone cremes he sells.
  7. Find out about Dr. Platt’s estrogen creme that uses a type of estrogen that does not cause cancer.
  8. Another hormone Dr. Platt recommends replacing in woman is testosterone, which can help with many things like incontinence, and even prevent heart attacks. Learn more.
  9. Adrenal fatigue is actually a non-existing condition and is really just a misdiagnosis for adrenaline dominance. Learn more about adrenal fatigue and why the normal treatment approach is counterintuitive.
  10. Find out about some of the patient experiences you can learn about in Dr. Platt’s book.
  11. The number-one cause of addiction is adrenaline dominance. Find out why.
  12. The main function of adrenaline is to provide enough fuel to the brain especially if there is a drop in blood sugar. Learn more about why people have adrenaline surges, other than the fight or flight response.
  13. Creative people are those that have the most adrenaline. Find out why.
  14. Find out some additional things you will learn in Dr. Platt’s book, such as treating conditions like fibromyalgia and chronic interstitial cystitis, as well as the nutritional approaches one can do to prevent adrenaline dominance.
  15. Xenoestrogens and synthetic estrogen can cause endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, gallbladder disease, asthma, migraine headaches and more. Find out why it is essential to use progesterone to counteract these dangerous hormones.
  16. You can learn more about Michael Platt and his groundbreaking work at
  17. To get a special 10% off of Dr. Platt’s amazing supplement line, go to


Wendy Myers: Hey, everyone. How are you doing? I’m Wendy Myers. Welcome to The Myers Detox Podcast. You can check out my work at Please go there and subscribe to our newsletter. It’s amazing. We add so much information, every single day, about detoxification. Everything we do is research based. You’ll learn so much if you go to and opt in for any one of our free ebooks or our newsletter, on the website.

Wendy Myers: Today, we have a really interesting show with Dr. Michael Platt. This show is so good. If you are worried about your hormones, if you want to learn about progesterone, estrogen and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or you feel like you’re constantly stressed all the time. If you feel like you have a lot of anger frequently, you have pain syndromes, you feel like you drink, smoke marijuana or do any types of other drugs to reduce stress, you want to listen to this show. It’s about adrenaline dominance. We’re going to talk about what causes that and how simple it is to address it with progesterone therapy. We talk about some distinctions, like the type of progesterone you need to take and how much of it you need to take. It has to be in a very specific dosage. We’re going to talk about all that and more, on today’s show

Wendy Myers: This is such an interesting show. We’re going to talk about the root cause of so many health issues, which is simply adrenaline surges. We’ll discuss the many symptoms of adrenaline dominance, like poor sleep, urine incontinence, interstitial cystitis where women have to go to the bathroom constantly. This is adrenaline. Basically, ADD and ADHD is just kids with a lot of adrenaline, who can’t focus. Addiction, migraines, fibromyalgia and pretty severe pain syndromes can be tremendously relieved or eliminated with just adrenaline therapy.

Wendy Myers: We talk about how the easiest way to block adrenaline surges is with progesterone cream. You must use a five percent concentration to get the desired effect that you want, which is to block adrenaline. We discuss how to control adrenaline surges with diet, and why men also need progesterone as much as women. It’s not just for women. We’ll tell you how to do hormone replacement therapy properly. We’ll also talk about how to stop cramps, headaches, pain and road rage in just a few seconds. We discuss why creative people and CEOs typically have adrenaline dominance, and if adrenaline dominance is such a huge problem, why is it that more doctors are not aware of it? We never hear about this from our doctor because the solution to this issue is very simple. There is more on that topic on the show today, so tune in.

Wendy Myers: I know you guys listening are really concerned about your heavy metal levels and also how to reduce stress, so that you can get into that parasympathetic state. That rest, detox and digest state that you need to be in to optimally get rid of heavy metals and chemicals. I created a quiz. You can find it at You can go there and take just a couple of seconds to take that quiz. You answer some lifestyle questions that will determine your relative body burden of toxins, and after that you get a free video series that talks about how to detox, how long does it take and what kind of tests you need to take. It’s really an amazing video series that I created for you, for beginners and advanced detoxers alike. Go check it out. It’s totally free, at

Wendy Myers: Our guest today, Dr. Michael Platt, is board certified in internal medicine, specializing in hormone and wellness therapy. He is considered to be one of the leading voices in managing excess adrenaline and the use of high-dose progesterone. Following the premature death of his mother from breast cancer, Dr. Platt began the journey of assimilating his knowledge about hormones and the importance of keeping them in balance for optimum health and wellness. In 1995, he opened a clinic in Palm Desert, California where he’s been consulting with his patients and clients, employing his Platt Protocol and natural approach to hormone balance and wellness. Since 1997, The Platt Wellness Center has been a pioneer in the research and advancement of the therapeutic use of progesterone cream and other bioidentical hormones.

Wendy Myers: Dr. Platt is considered an important pioneer in observational, functional, alternative and allopathic medicine focused on bioidentical hormones and adrenaline overload. His award-winning books, The Miracle of Bio-identical Hormones: How I Lost My Fatigue, Hot Flashes, ADHD, ADD, Fibromyalgia, PMS, Osteoporosis, Weight, Sexual Dysfunction, Anger, and Migraines, that’s a mouthful, and his book Adrenaline Dominance: A Revolutionary Approach to Wellness, detail his Platt Protocol. These offer solutions for conditions modern medicine considers incurable, by just using progesterone. His unique breakthrough approach called The Platt Protocol is helping people throughout the world to lead happy, healthy lives. I can attest to that. I take progesterone every day and it’s life changing. You can learn more about Dr. Michael Platt and his groundbreaking work at

Wendy Myers: Dr. Platt, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Dr. Michael Platt: Glad to be here.

Wendy Myers: I’m really excited to have you on because so many women struggle with hormone imbalance and stress, myself included. I wanted to have you come on to talk about your expertise. You wrote a book called Adrenaline Dominance. Can you talk a little bit about that and your background?

Dr. Michael Platt: I went to medical school in New York City and was board certified in internal medicine. The book Adrenaline Dominance is actually the only book that’s ever been written, that talks about the clinical consequences of too much adrenaline. This is surprising, because it’s the underlying cause of many conditions. Unfortunately, we have a medical system where doctors are not trained to treat the causes of illness. They’re just trained to give out Band-Aids. They get very little, if any, training in hormones even though hormones control every system in the body. I’m going to vent a little bit here because our system is controlled by drug companies that have no interest in people being healthy.

Wendy Myers: That’s why I do the show.

Dr. Michael Platt: Yes, so I consider myself a wellness physician and I do treat the cause of illness.

Wendy Myers: That’s what I love about this show. We get down to the root cause of health issues, and stress is a huge factor. The last couple of years, people have been more stressed than ever and are experiencing the negative side effects of cortisol surges and adrenaline surges. What’s going on? Can you explain that mechanism a little bit, about adrenaline overload?

Dr. Michael Platt: In the past, people have always talked about cortisol. What they don’t realize is that the body produces cortisol in response to excess adrenaline. What’s interesting is that adrenaline peaks at 2:30 in the morning. Adrenaline is a very powerful hormone. It’s also a neurotransmitter. A lot of people wake up at 2:30 because adrenaline gives people that urge to urinate, even during the day. When you have to go, you have to go and that’s adrenaline. Once the body releases adrenaline, it creates stress to the body. When people are under stress, adrenaline, the body responds to stress by putting out cortisol to deal with the stress. This is neither here nor there, but a lot of people are concerned about weight. People don’t appreciate the fact that adrenaline is probably the number-one cause of weight gain because the reason the body releases adrenaline is to raise sugar levels.

Dr. Michael Platt: In fact, what the body is very concerned about is that the brain has enough fuel to function. The brain uses more sugar than any other tissue in the body, per weight. Any time the body detects a low amount of sugar or glucose in the brain, it simply puts out adrenaline. When the body releases adrenaline, it creates stress and then the body releases cortisol. The first thing cortisol does is it also raises sugar levels to deal with the stress. Now, while people are lying in bed, they’re producing two hormones that raise sugar. The thing about sugar is, it doesn’t matter whether you’re eating it or if the body’s making it. If you don’t burn it up, then the body stores sugar as fat in your fat cells. I suspect it’s the number-one cause of weight gain and nobody ever talks about it.

Wendy Myers: They talk about cortisol all the time, but it’s more complex than that.

Dr. Michael Platt: It is. Yes.

Wendy Myers: What are some of the symptoms of adrenaline dominance, when someone’s releasing too much adrenaline?

Dr. Michael Platt: Wonderful question. The number-one reason why people have trouble sleeping is adrenaline. Either their mind races or they just can’t fall asleep. Some people toss and turn. Some people grind their teeth. Some people get up in the night to urinate, or have restless leg syndrome. These are all caused by excess adrenaline. When people have a lot of adrenaline, this causes cold hands and cold feet, which always gets blamed on thyroid. It’s actually adrenaline that constricts blood vessels. It cuts off blood supply to areas of the body that are not needed for survival. Another symptom of too much adrenaline is constipation, which they call IBS, irritable bowel syndrome. Also, when people have a lot of adrenaline, they very often carry a lot of tension in the back of the neck. Tension in the neck can actually cause tinnitus or ringing in the ears.

Dr. Michael Platt: It’s the number-one cause of headaches. There’s a type of headache called migraine headaches, that people don’t realize is usually a different headache called occipital neuritis. These are severe headaches. Very often, they shoot into the back of the eye, but they’re always looked at as migraines. That’s why people get Botox injections in the neck. Putting some progesterone cream on the back of the neck gets rid of these headaches immediately, and prevents them. The number-one cause of anxiety is adrenaline. The other thing is that when people have a lot of adrenaline, they can also have depression, because adrenaline is an anger hormone. You may have heard of something called road rage. Road rage is strictly adrenaline, but when people internalize anger, that’s one of the major causes of depression. It goes on and on.

Dr. Michael Platt: There are over 10 million people in this country with fibromyalgia. They have all been told there’s no cure for it. I tell people with fibromyalgia that if they’re going to have chronic pain, this is the best thing they can have because it’s the easiest chronic pain condition to get rid of, just by lowering your adrenaline. Now, you may have heard of a condition called ADHD. There are millions and millions of children that have been diagnosed with ADHD. In fact, probably most children do have it. It’s completely misunderstood. It’s a condition where doctors don’t really understand what it is. Schools don’t understand what it is, and they very often refer to it as a learning disorder. Keep in mind that the most intelligent, successful and creative people in the world have ADHD. How bad can it be?

Dr. Michael Platt: The whole thing about ADHD is that it is not a learning disorder, it’s an interest disorder. In other words, if they’re interested, they’ll focus. If they’re not interested, they will not focus because their mind goes so quickly, because of the adrenaline as a neurotransmitter, that they get very easily distracted if they’re not interested. In fact, the most successful people in the world have two different types of ADHD. When I say two different types, people have heard of kids who are hyperactive having ADHD. There are kids that have trouble focusing but they’re not hyperactive, and they call it ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder. When you have both ADD and ADHD, I call that a mixed type ADHD. The heads of every major corporation usually have a mixed type ADHD. I suspect not one of them ever finished college, by the way. Yet, they’re the heads of corporations.

Wendy Myers: Yes, they’re doers. They don’t need to sit and read books and take tests, things like that. That’s a really, really interesting distinction. There’s a really positive take on that. I just feel terrible for mothers that are dealing with the status-quo and turning their children into zombies with Adderall, which is basically legal methamphetamine. It’s the exact same chemical structure as the street drug crystal methamphetamine. It’s really sad. You mentioned progesterone as a solution to lowering adrenaline. Elaborate on that and how progesterone opposes adrenaline.

Dr. Michael Platt: Progesterone, to be honest with you, doesn’t really lower adrenaline. What it does is it blocks adrenaline. I suspect what it does is it takes up the same receptor sites that adrenaline goes to. It goes to effect immediately. You may have heard of children that have colic.

Wendy Myers: Yes.

Dr. Michael Platt: Colic is caused by excess adrenaline. You take some progesterone cream and rub it on the baby’s belly. In three minutes, the colic is gone. You’ve heard of bed wetting in children?

Wendy Myers: Yes.

Dr. Michael Platt: It’s also caused by excess adrenaline. Some kids deal with it for years, but you can get rid of bed wetting in 24 hours, just by lowering adrenaline. You can also get rid of road rage in 24 hours. Progesterone blocks adrenaline. It is certainly part of the protocol to dealing with adrenaline. I don’t know if you want to go over treatment now or a little bit later, but the other part of treatment is nutritional. What it all comes down to is addressing excess adrenaline for the reason why the body is releasing it. If you know that the body is releasing it just to raise sugar levels, then right away that tells you that if you provide fuel to the brain, the body doesn’t have to use adrenaline to provide fuel. It’s really that simple. 

Wendy Myers: It’s not easy to keep your blood sugars level the whole day. I mean, it’s very tempting. People want to eat sugar and refined carbohydrates, and things like that. It’s challenging. I think keto can also be problematic for women that are trying to lose weight. They’re going on these super low-carbohydrate diets. It can be counterproductive for them when their body’s releasing adrenaline to try to raise their sugar levels.

Dr. Michael Platt: Let me repeat. The brain uses more sugar than any other tissue in the body, but the brain can use up fuel within three hours. That’s how quickly the brain can run out of fuel. When that happens, the body keeps on putting out adrenaline to raise glucose. It suppresses gluconeogenesis. People don’t need to know that, but the body converts protein into glucose. This goes on throughout the day and throughout the night. Eating is an exceptionally important part of the approach to controlling adrenaline. Progesterone is mostly known for blocking estrogen. I would say that 99 percent of people in this country, including doctors, believe that progesterone is a woman’s hormone. They don’t realize that men and women have the identical hormones, just different levels, but exactly the same hormones.

Dr. Michael Platt: Men stop making progesterone around the age of 50. What’s interesting is, after the age of 50, men start putting on weight around the middle. The only thing that puts on fat around the middle is insulin. Another thing that progesterone does is it blocks insulin. Not only do men start putting on weight around the middle after the age of 50, they start developing prostate cancer. Prostate cancer, just like breast cancer, uterine cancer, cancer of the cervix and ovaries, is caused by estrogen. Men wind up with higher levels of estrogen than women have, starting in their 50s. Estrogen is the cause of prostate cancer, and so men need progesterone to block insulin, estrogen and adrenaline.

Dr. Michael Platt: In fact, if you think about it, progesterone blocks the three most toxin hormones in the body. It’s really a remarkable hormone that is basically little known by the medical professionals. Right now, the most commonly prescribed type of progesterone is an oral progesterone, something like Prometrium. This comes down to the fact that doctors know so little about hormones. The problem with oral progesterone is it goes straight to the liver and converts into a different hormone, called allopregnanolone. This is why they have people who use oral progesterone take it at night, because one of its major side effects is sleepiness, but it’s not progesterone.

Wendy Myers: Isn’t that a synthetic progesterone?

Dr. Michael Platt: No, it’s natural. It’s bioidentical, but like I say, it is converted into a different hormone. That’s why, if you’re going to be using progesterone, I only recommend creams, which go directly into the bloodstream. They bypass the liver. When you take it orally, it initially goes through the liver. There are progesterone suppositories, which are good for women that have endometriosis and fibroids, but other than that, what you want to use is a cream. The most effective cream there is, is a five percent cream which means that each pump is 50 milligrams. That’s the exact strength you need to block adrenaline. It’s the best strength for blocking estrogen. The lower-strength progesterones very easily go straight to estrogen receptor sites, and actually act like estrogen. What you need is a five percent cream.

Wendy Myers: There’s a lot of progesterone products on the market, but you’re saying many of them are not strong enough to really do the job that people are seeking and provide the results that people are seeking.

Dr. Michael Platt: Ninety-nine percent of them are not good, or I would not recommend them.

Wendy Myers: You have your own products. You have a bio-identical progesterone that’s five percent. Can you talk a little about that?

Dr. Michael Platt: On my website, we offer two progesterone creams. They’re both the same strength. One has oil of lavender, which helps people relax. One is without the oil of lavender but other than that, they’re exactly the same. They are both five percent strength. One is called Platt Pro and the other is called Pro Max. What’s interesting about progesterone is that it blocks adrenaline right away. You may have heard of dogs that have separation anxiety, which is also adrenaline, by the way. You can put progesterone cream inside the ear of the dog, which is like skin, and within a minute their separation anxiety is gone.

Wendy Myers: I started progesterone about 30 days ago or so. I cannot believe it, I took one dose of it, and that night I slept so well. It was amazing. Over the last year, and I’ve talked about this on the show before, about December 2019, I started reading about the pandemic. I felt like this was already here in the United States and there were lots of consequences coming. I was researching it furiously and I was so stressed. I had so much adrenaline going, so much that I wasn’t sleeping well. It was terrible, but when I started working on some different things to work on stress and I heard about you and your work, I started taking progesterone cream. It was amazing how much more relaxed I felt during the day and how much better I slept. It was just so transformative.

Dr. Michael Platt: I’ll put you in charge of my marketing.

Wendy Myers: Yes. You also have an estrogen cream. Can you talk a little bit about that and what kind of role it plays in balancing hormones, or perhaps other stress hormones?

Dr. Michael Platt: I will do that. Estriol is one of the three natural estrogens. What makes it different is it’s the only estrogen that does not cause cancer. Estradiol, which is the strongest of the estrogens, causes six different cancers in women and two in men, but six in women, so it’s not my favorite hormone. Estriol not only is the only one that doesn’t cause cancer, but it’s the only estrogen that is effective for vaginal dryness. It takes about 10 to 14 days to get rid of dryness. After that, use it twice a month just to maintain the lack of dryness. Any time I recommend estrogen, it would be in the form of estriol. Like I say, it’s the only safe estrogen.

Wendy Myers: What’s great is that you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to use these. You mentioned men over 50 don’t have enough progesterone. Well, what about women? I know I’m in menopause. I’m 49 this year, and I’ve gone into menopause. I know I have low progesterone and low estriol. I need some sort of replacement, but it’s great you can use your products without a doctor’s prescription.

Dr. Michael Platt: We have a therapeutic strength of estriol. When women are in the perimenopause, as they’re approaching menopause, the number-one hormone that is problematic is progesterone or a drop in progesterone. When women are in the menopause, now they’re low on progesterone and they’re low on estrogen, they’re low on testosterone, and they’re also low on DHEA.

Wendy Myers: You’re saying I’m a hot mess, just low on everything.

Dr. Michael Platt: I would say you’re hormonally challenged. Testosterone is a good hormone to replace in women. You may have heard of women that have what’s called stress incontinence if they cough or sneeze. A lot of women are wearing Pampers and this and that. Women can lose that muscle control around the urethra. What’s nice about testosterone is that when it’s inserted, intravaginally, you can get rid of stress incontinence in three to six days. You’ve heard of Kegel exercises. You can do Kegels 24 hours a day without testosterone and you’re not going to build any muscle. Once you have the muscle and do the Kegels, in three to six days, the stress incontinence is gone. There’s another type of incontinence called urgency incontinence. This is where women are running to the bathroom and they get some leakage. That’s adrenaline, and you can get rid of it in 24 hours, just by lowering adrenaline.

Dr. Michael Platt: There’s no reason why women have to wear special accessory type panties and stuff. Again, it comes down to treating the cause of the problem, which is problematic for doctors. Testosterone is an important hormone for women because the number-one cause of death in women are heart attacks. I don’t know if you know that, they occur six times more commonly as the cause of death than any other cause of death. For some reason, they don’t talk about that. The thing is that even though men and women get a drop in testosterone as they get older, men are always producing testosterone, just not at the same levels they used to. For women, it drops to really low levels. I suspect, since the heart has more testosterone receptor sites than any other tissue in the body, I feel that it’s the low testosterone that contributes to women’s heart attacks. I think it’s an important hormone to replace.

Wendy Myers: Yes.

Wendy Myers: I think that’s interesting. My grandmother died of a heart attack. I know so many people listening have had loved ones pass for that same reason. That’s why I wanted to do this show, being almost 50 years old, hormone replacement is definitely on my radar right now. You’ve written another book on hormone replacement therapy, on bioidentical hormones. In the past I used to think “Oh, my god. The HRT causes cancer, and there’s this big study that shows how problematic it is,” Today, there’s so many safe ways to replace hormones. I think that’s definitely a personal choice that every person has to make, but I’m like “Well, why live your life with all these symptoms of low testosterone, progesterone and estrogen when it’s so simple and easy to replace them. There’s so many benefits and so little downside.”

Dr. Michael Platt: I’ll go along with that. Yes.

Wendy Myers: Yes.

Dr. Michael Platt: Unfortunately, finding doctors that know about hormones is just not that easy.

Wendy Myers: Yes, isn’t that somewhat challenging to find someone that can test the correct levels and find that delicate balance? Is it something that you need to be testing on a regular basis to get the right levels?

Dr. Michael Platt: Well, yes and no. A woman in the menopause will always have low levels of those four hormones, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA. The problem is that most doctors treat lab tests rather than people. They don’t realize that hormones change all the time, on a daily basis, weekly, monthly and hourly. I always prefer treating people rather than lab tests. I look at lab tests, but I treat people. The other thing is I know you deal with fatigue, and you may have heard of a condition called adrenal fatigue.

Wendy Myers: Yes. Tell us about the difference between adrenal fatigue and maybe the adrenaline dominance.

Dr. Michael Platt: Well, it’s interesting. There is no difference because adrenal fatigue is adrenaline dominance. Adrenal fatigue is a non-existing condition, believe it or not. It’s a misdiagnosis. The reason why it’s a misdiagnosis is that there are a lot of doctors, especially naturopaths, who do saliva tests. The thing about saliva tests is that when you’re dealing with adrenaline, adrenaline is what they call a survival hormone. Part of the survival response is that it cuts off blood supply to areas of the body that do not need it for survival. I mentioned earlier cold hands, cold feet and people that get constipation from IBS. It also cuts off blood supply to the salivary glands. In fact, people with chronic anxiety will also complain about a dry mouth. Because it’s cutting off blood supply to the salivary glands, hormones don’t get into the saliva. When they do a saliva test and there’s a low cortisol level, based on that low cortisol level in the saliva, they diagnose adrenal fatigue. If they did a blood test, they would find that the cortisol level is actually high.

Wendy Myers: Interesting.

Dr. Michael Platt: Their whole approach to treating adrenal fatigue is to raise cortisol levels when they’re already high to begin with, and cortisol is not a happy hormone. I mean, not only does it cause weight gain, it causes osteoporosis and it damages the immune system. Nowadays, it is not a good time to have a damaged immune system, as you know.

Wendy Myers: Absolutely. We want that immune system cranking away. Any other insights from your book Adrenaline Dominance? What kind of things are in the book? How long will it take for people to see results if they follow your advice in the book?

Dr. Michael Platt: In my book, I talk about a patient that came in, the reason he came to see me was every morning he would wake up and vomit. There’s only one thing that’ll cause that kind of vomiting. That’s excess adrenaline. You may have heard of a condition called cyclical vomiting syndrome. Not many people have heard of it, but this is found in children. They start vomiting. They can’t stop. They have to be hospitalized. Again, it’s caused by excess adrenaline. Do doctors know that? No, and you may have heard of women that vomit throughout their entire pregnancy. They call it hyperemesis gravidarum. That’s also caused by excess adrenaline. Do doctors know that? No, but adrenaline is the cause of excess vomiting.

Dr. Michael Platt: So he came in. He’s complaining about the fact that he vomits a lot. He had severe fibromyalgia, which is, again, adrenaline. We’ll talk about that. I had him put some progesterone cream on his arm. He rubbed his two arms together, and then we started talking and about five minutes after I put on the cream, he sat back in his chair and he looked at me and he said “Doc, in my entire life, I’ve never felt this good.” That’s after five minutes. So it’s not a usual response, but people with a lot of adrenaline will have that kind of response. It’s such a powerful hormone. It’s a rage hormone. People can have effects right away, to answer your question.

Wendy Myers: I mean, I certainly felt effects right away. I was shocked at how much better I slept the night I took it, after just one dose. Let’s talk about addiction, also, because there’s a lot of people out there drinking alcohol every night. They are smoking marijuana or using different substances to try to cut their adrenaline. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Dr. Michael Platt: The number-one cause of addiction is excess adrenaline. People get into drugs and alcohol just to relax, just to chill out. All these people go into rehab or detox centers and they pay a lot of money to go through detox. There is not a single center in the country that deals with the reason why people get into drugs and alcohol in the first place. It’s like anger management class. There are anger management classes everywhere. Not one of them talks about adrenaline, and yet that’s the cause of road rage.

Dr. Michael Platt: I’m just saying this whole concept of treating the cause of illness, is so foreign to our whole medical approach. It’s frustrating to me. There was a time that I wanted to change healthcare in this country, but let me tell you something. They put up a lot of road blocks. The people should realize that I’ve surrendered my license because the medical board wouldn’t let me alone. They arrested me three different times, and I’ve never harmed a patient. Anyway, I’m just saying this country is controlled by drug companies. You can’t beat them.

Wendy Myers: Watch out if you’re helping people in any way with simple, inexpensive remedies. They’re going to come gunning for you.

Dr. Michael Platt: Medicine has always been a passion for me.

Wendy Myers: Our medical director, Dr. Bruce Jones, he rescinded his medical license as well because he wanted to be able to practice medicine in whatever way he saw fit to help his patients, without these golden handcuffs and someone telling him how he can work with his patients. You’re not the only one.

Dr. Michael Platt: The main concern the medical board had with me is that I was taking people off medications, but the medical boards are almost 100 percent funded by drug companies. Yet prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death. I don’t know if you know that.

Wendy Myers: Oh, yes.

Dr. Michael Platt: This is another way of saying that doctors are the third leading cause of death.

Wendy Myers: Can you tell us why we never hear from doctors about adrenaline? Why is it not an option?

Dr. Michael Platt: I cannot explain that. To me, it’s so clear that excess adrenaline creates problems. I don’t know how it has been avoided. I don’t know.

Wendy Myers: Stress is the number-one cause of death. That’s what it says in all the research, that stress is the number-one killer. Let’s talk about some underlying root causes of stress, like people that have emotional trauma. They’re going to be releasing more adrenaline than the next person. I recently had a big bout with food sensitivities, where I realized I was sensitive to lectins. I was eating them constantly, all day long. I was having major cortisol rushes, waking up at night, having the urgency to urinate, and things like that.

Dr. Michael Platt: Adrenaline rushes.

Wendy Myers: Exactly, and I was really fascinated by that discovery. There’s a lot of different underlying root causes of adrenaline surging. Can you talk a little more about that?

Dr. Michael Platt: There are two reasons why there’ll be a surge of adrenaline. Adrenaline is mostly known as a fight-or-flight hormone. Certainly, when people are in danger, the body’s going to be pouring out adrenaline. That’s an extremely unusual reason why the body puts out adrenaline. Most people do not realize that the main function of adrenaline is to make sure the brain has enough fuel. Any time people have had a drop in sugar, the body’s going to be pouring out adrenaline. Some people do a lot of exercise, and they have to realize that the muscles burn up the same fuel, glucose, that the brain uses. They could be living on adrenaline, especially athletes. They live on adrenaline.

Dr. Michael Platt: Adrenaline gives people intelligence. That’s why people with ADHD are intelligent. They have trouble focusing, but they’re intelligent. Children with autism have incredibly high levels of adrenaline, incredibly high. They respond wonderfully to lowering adrenaline. Kids with autism that don’t speak will start talking and they’ll start communicating, but the problem is that when children have all this extra adrenaline, anything is too much of a stimulus to them. They avoid things, but not once you lower their adrenaline. Trying to get groups that deal with autism to understand that kids have a lot of adrenaline is tough.

Wendy Myers: Creative people have a lot of adrenaline also. You mentioned that before we started the show. Can you talk about that?

Dr. Michael Platt: Creative people actually have the most adrenaline. People in Hollywood and whatever. They get into drugs and alcohol, especially in the music industry with drugs and alcohol. I understand that. I mentioned before that you only see bed wetting in creative-type children, because they have the most adrenaline. Women that vomit throughout their entire pregnancy are always extra creative. I think the reason for that is that the creative brain uses up a lot more fuel than a normal brain, because it’s always working.

Dr. Michael Platt: Creative people are the ones that when they’re in a car and somebody else is driving, they’ll fall asleep. The reason for that is that when you’re sitting in a car and you’re looking out the window, the brain is registering all the scenery that’s going by. You’re thinking about where you’re going, you’re talking, listening to the radio, and the brain uses up a lot of fuel just sitting in a car. Other people, when you hear about people that fall asleep when they’re driving, they can go off the road, hit a tree and kill themselves. That’s always low blood sugar, always. Once people get on progesterone, remember I said it blocks insulin? I used to have to slap my face every time I was driving. Ever since I started using progesterone, I have never gotten sleepy in a car.

Wendy Myers: Interesting.

Dr. Michael Platt: People in the military or people in law enforcement, they have a lot of adrenaline to begin with. That’s where PTSD comes from, adrenaline. It’s not hard to get people well. You just have to treat the reason why they’re not well. It’s tough getting doctors to understand that.

Wendy Myers: If anyone is interested in Dr. Platt’s supplement line of natural bioidentical hormones, you could go to and get 10 percent off, just for you guys out there listening. Thank you so much for that, Dr. Platt. Is there anything else you wanted to discuss in regards to your book Adrenaline Dominance. Anything that we missed about that or natural hormones?

Dr. Michael Platt: Well, people have to understand that it’s not hard to be well. It really isn’t. As I mentioned, you have to treat the underlying cause. Let me bring up fibromyalgia, because like I said, there are millions and millions of people with this condition. They have all been told that there’s no cure for it. Yet it’s an easy condition to get rid of. People with fibromyalgia complain of two different things. They complain about pain. The pain of fibromyalgia is actually due to a buildup of lactic acid in the muscle tissue.

Dr. Michael Platt: The other thing they complain about is fatigue. The reason why they complain about fatigue is that they’re pouring out adrenaline. Remember it’s the fight-or-flight hormone. They keep their muscles tense, and when you keep muscles tense, you use up a tremendous amount of energy. So they have pain and they have fatigue. They very often wake up with low back pain and pain alongside of the hip. There are 18 pressure points. People with fibromyalgia go for years before it’s diagnosed, yet it’s a very easy diagnosis to make. Once they start lowering adrenaline, they can get rid of fibromyalgia in three days. That’s how quickly they can get rid of it.

Dr. Michael Platt: There’s another condition called chronic interstitial cystitis. Again, that’s also caused by excess adrenaline. It takes about two weeks to get rid of, but I’m just saying. Have you ever heard of PMDD?

Wendy Myers: Yes.

Dr. Michael Platt: It stands for premenstrual dysphoric disorder. It’s found in about eight percent of women that menstruate. These are the women that, for 10 days out of the month, nobody can live with them because they have severe anger issues and severe mood swings. Again, it’s excess adrenaline, and again, it’s easy to treat but it’s considered incurable. A big part of why they consider these conditions incurable is that they don’t know what causes them. That’s why it’s surprising when you say “Why is it that people haven’t talked about adrenaline?” I don’t know. I don’t know why they haven’t. I’m not sure.

Dr. Michael Platt: My book is the only book ever written that talks about adrenaline, why it happens, the conditions it causes and how to get rid of it. What I would like to comment on for your listeners, is that the nutritional approach to lowering your adrenaline. The brain uses two different fuels. One is glucose. I wish I could say eat a lot of candy and drink soda, but the problem with those kinds of carbohydrates, they produce a lot of insulin. They’re high glycemic types of carbohydrates so the insulin will lower the sugar. It defeats the purpose.

Dr. Michael Platt: The best source of glucose, sugar for the brain, comes from vegetables. In fact, green vegetables are like zero glycemic. They don’t produce any insulin at all. One of the problems when people are trying to lose weight and they go on an intermittent fast, is that they’re going about 18 hours without eating. I don’t recommend that for people with a lot of adrenaline. I don’t recommend a lot of exercise for people that have a lot of adrenaline, because the muscles will burn up a lot of the glucose.

Dr. Michael Platt: The other fuel, which may be even more important than glucose, are ketones, and you talk about a ketogenic diet. The problem with the ketogenic diet is it doesn’t involve a lot of carbohydrates. They’re missing glucose, but you don’t have to be on a ketogenic diet to get ketones. You can get that from coconut oil or MCT oil. Coconut oil is great for cooking because it has a high heat threshold. MCT oil has no flavor, so you can add it to anything. That Bulletproof coffee is one. Once people are providing the right fuel to the brain and using progesterone to block adrenaline, in 24 hours, they are new people.

Wendy Myers: I’m a testament to that. I’m sold. I’m going to be taking progesterone for the rest of my life. Since this podcast is about toxins, there’s a lot of heavy metals and chemicals that interfere with estrogen, and that mimic estrogen. Can you talk about the role these xenoestrogens or synthetic estrogens, from plastics and BPA, that are mimicking estrogen and therefore causing an estrogen dominance even furthering the need for progesterone replacement?

Dr. Michael Platt: The term estrogen dominance is when you have more estrogen compared to progesterone, to counteract it. The problem with the xenoestrogens, and I don’t believe is estrogen dominance, but it’s a toxicity of estrogen. The whole thing about estrogen, and I mentioned that it causes six different cancers, but it also is where fibroids and endometriosis comes from. It causes polycystic ovaries, it causes gallbladder disease, asthma and migraine headaches. Estrogen causes phlebitis, blood clots, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. It’s a toxic hormone. People don’t realize that. This is why progesterone is so important, because it helps to block estrogen.

Dr. Michael Platt: I appreciate my being able to come on, talk to you and do some venting. If people have any questions, they can always get in touch with me either by email at or they can call. The office number is 760-836-3232. I’m always available actually to answer questions. The important thing is that people have to understand that they have to eat correctly to lower adrenaline. Progesterone is easy, and progesterone normally goes on the forearms. They rub the two forearms together, but the back of the neck is a great place for progesterone too. I mentioned babies with colic. Just rub it on their belly. People with restless leg syndrome, rub it on the top of their thighs. It’ll go away in 30 seconds. Any cramps in the calves or feet is also adrenaline.

Dr. Michael Platt: Progesterone is a very safe hormone. The only downside to progesterone is when people have a condition called type 3 diabetes. Type 3 diabetes is insulin resistance in the brain, and it’s a precursor to Alzheimer’s. It’s probably the number-one precursor to Alzheimer’s. There’s no test for it. However, people that have Type 3 Diabetes, if they use progesterone cream, will actually get a surge in adrenaline. The reason for that is that progesterone does create some degree of insulin resistance, and Type 3 Diabetes is insulin resistance of the brain. Aside from that, and that’s a rare side effect, but it happens. People should know that because Alzheimer’s is actually a preventable condition, especially if you know what’s causing it.

Dr. Michael Platt: Anyway, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you for having me, and here’s to happy hormones.

Wendy Myers: Well, thank you so much, Dr. Platt. That was so interesting. I know that our listeners are going to get so much out of that and also some more peace of mind about doing hormone replacement therapy and the many, many benefits that comes with that. I’m a huge fan. I totally endorse hormone replacement therapy, because it’s a key to longevity. It’s a key to feeling well. It can help reverse a lot of symptoms very, very quickly if it has been done correctly. Dr. Platt, thanks for coming on the show. Everyone, thank you so much for joining The Myers Detox Podcast, where every week we have all different types of solutions to help you on your journey to wellness. We look at all of those underlying root causes, because that’s where the magic happens, and help you meet your health goals. Thanks for tuning in. I’m Wendy Myers at I will talk to you guys very, very soon.