Transcript #394 The Ultimate Energetic Detox and How your Sensitivity is Your Superpower with Dr. Karen Kan


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  1. Find out what’s in store for this Myers Detox Podcast with Dr. Karen Kan, who joins the show to discuss how to do the ultimate energetic detox and how your sensitivity is your superpower. Dr. Kan also talks about how she combines conventional medical knowledge with intuitive healing, and how energetic toxin clearing can dramatically improve people’s physical health!
  2. Find out how Dr. Kan went from being a conventional medical doctor to becoming an intuitive healer and light worker.
  3. Energetic detox goes beyond emotional energy and addresses the energy of things in your body, such as the energy of heavy metals that you have within you. Learn more about energetic detoxification.
  4. Learn more about Dr. Kan’s energetic “rescue missions” and how she teaches her students what she calls “Devine muscle testing”.
  5. Statistically people are becoming more sensitive, which leaves them susceptible to negative energy. Find out how Dr. Kan is helping sensitive people to harness their skills for healing and manifesting.
  6. Find out some of the ways Dr. Kan has cleared toxins from her patients, including one patient who was able to better absorb vitamin D after negative energy was released.
  7. One of the easiest ways to start experiencing the ultimate energetic detox is through something Dr. Kan calls the Clearing and Protection Spray Formula, which is a spray bottle that you focus your energies into. Learn more about this process.
  8. Learn more about the services Dr. Kan offers.
  9. You can learn more about Dr. Karen Kan and her work at
  10. To pick up a copy of Karen’s new book Sensitivity is Your Superpower plus $1000 worth of bonus content, click here!


Wendy Myers: Hello, I’m Wendy Myers. Welcome to the Myers Detox Podcast. You can learn more about detoxification on and sign up for our newsletter. We have so much compelling information, the latest news on toxins that are affecting your health and what to do about them. On today’s show, we have my friend Dr. Karen Kan, she’s going to be talking about how to do the ultimate energetic detox and how your sensitivity is your superpower. This is a really interesting show. This is the first of a few shows where I’m going to be talking about spirituality and connecting with our creator. We’ll be talking more about how the planet is ascending right now and going through this amazing transformation. People are becoming more and more spiritual, more aware of their intuition and their intuitive abilities. I want to explore those topics a little bit more.

Wendy Myers: On today’s show, we’re going to be talking about how Dr. Karen Kan combines conventional medical knowledge with becoming an intuitive healer and a lightworker. We’ll talk about simple ways to do an energetic detox, and why 30% of people are highly sensitive people, energetically. We’ll talk about examples of Dr. Kan’s patients, how she did an energetic toxin clearing on them and how it dramatically affected their physical health. It’s really, really interesting.

Wendy Myers: I know you guys listening to the show are concerned about toxins. You are concerned about heavy metals, how they’re affecting your health or what is your body’s burden of toxins. I created a quiz at It only takes a couple of minutes to take it. It will give you your relative levels of your body’s burden of toxins and what to do about those. After you take the quiz you get a free video series that answers a lot of your frequently asked questions about how to detox your body and how to go about it. Go take the quiz right now at

Wendy Myers: Our guest today, Dr. Karen Kan, is a doctor of light medicine and the founder of the TOLPAKAN Healing Method and the Academy of Light Medicine. She’s an Earth Angel, Starseed, and empathic physician. She’s a medical doctor and she’s worked with over 25,000 patients, delivered over 80 babies, and performed over 4,600 healing sessions. She’s able to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. Dr. Kan empowers spiritually conscious sensitive souls to harness their intuition, healing and manifesting superpowers so that they can resonate at their highest vibration in order to anchor in their beautiful future reality of love, peace, joy and harmony for all.

Wendy Myers: As an expert in light medicine, Dr. Kan is a little Yoda from Star Wars, training you to become a self-healing Jedi Master. Working with Dr. Karen Kan and TOLPAKAN Healing is like having a telephone line to the divine and being tapped into a spiritual supercomputer giving you access to divine love, light and truth. She teaches you how to ask the right questions so that you get the wisest answers. You can learn more about Dr. Karen Kan, and her work at Thanks for coming on.

Dr. Karen Kan: Hey, Wendy, it’s so great to be here. Thanks for having me.

Wendy Myers: Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself? I find you so interesting. You’re a medical doctor, but tell us how you went from being a medical doctor and then transitioned into being an intuitive healer, essentially a lightworker? Tell us about the work that you’re doing now?

Dr. Karen Kan: A lot of us lightworkers have to go through our own dark night of the soul. What that meant for me was that I absolutely loved medicine. I really did. I love science, I love the people, the patients, not so much the administration, but I really loved it. The only thing was it was really hard on my body. Ever since I was a kid I was one of those little kids that would get sick really easily and fall down and hurt herself. I mean, I couldn’t even walk a block or two without getting cramps. It was silly.

Dr. Karen Kan: Medical school really kicked my butt. All those nights without sleep, studying, exams and all that stuff. Afterwards, I ended up working at UCLA and I loved that. That was great. Then my then husband decided he hated LA, so we tried to move to a different area. At that time I was the sole breadwinner, so I pretty much got burnt out. I was driving two to three hours a day to get to an underserved area. The patients were really difficult and challenging, although I loved them, my body just couldn’t take it anymore. I went into full-blown fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and all that stuff.

Dr. Karen Kan: At that point I was down enough that I felt depressed and I thought life would be better without me. As I was crying myself to bed one night, I realized that I wanted to live and I was going to figure out how I was going to heal myself. Little by little, I got led to the right teachers, whether it be nutrition, spiritual teachers or energy medicine. It was a whole new arena for me as a medical doctor. Although I was already interested in acupuncture and some other more woo-woo alternative modalities, I would never in a million years have imagined I’d go into psychic stuff, go to a class, work with pendulums, talk about chakras and things like that.

Dr. Karen Kan: It was so exciting and it helped me heal so much faster than I think most people with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome do. Unless they see people like you or me, they don’t get better. They don’t get better. They get partially disabled or disabled, and it stays like that for the rest of their lives. I was the exception and healed myself over about two years. I just continued that journey, sharing that with other people and helping my patients. Energy medicine, spiritual medicine, light medicine was what I felt was the biggest impact to my improvement and healing. I can see that for others as well, now. That’s why I’m really excited and gung ho to share light medicine with the world.

Wendy Myers: I want to delve into how you work with people, your methods and things like that. There’s physical detoxification, which we talk a lot about, on the show. We also talk about emotional detoxification, emotional trauma and things like that, but your work goes even deeper than that. It really gets to the root cause of even those things. Can you tell me a little bit about this energetic detoxification that you do with people?

Dr. Karen Kan: First of all, I think it’s great that people even have detoxification on their minds because, in Western medicine, we don’t talk about that. You get a prescription, then you get another prescription, then you get another prescription and then maybe you get to see the dietician who isn’t necessarily that knowledgeable in holistic nutrition. If you look at what people get fed in the hospital, you’ll know that it’s not that healthy. I think it’s great that people already focus on, “Oh, I need to physically detox and maybe take some herbs” or try this or try that. There’s a lot of things these days, these pandemic days, that I think people feel like they need to detox from. Then the emotional detox is super, super important.

Dr. Karen Kan: The next layer is what I call energetic detox. Emotions themselves have an energy too. People can definitely feel it, right? When they’re feeling upset, or angry, or joyful, there’s an energy they can feel with it. Energetic detox also goes into things beyond emotions or beyond emotional energy. For example, if someone has a heavy metal in their body they can have the energetics of that heavy metal as well. People that drink tap water from a big city, oftentimes it’s recycled water, and they’ve shown that there’s a lot of pills and medications that have gone in there. Interestingly, the energetics of all that stay in the water, so you might not have the physical component of poop or physical component of all these medications people dumped down there, but the energetic component is there. Our bodies respond to the energy of the thing rather than the thing itself.

Dr. Karen Kan: We can actually take that energy out of the body. That’s why I talk about energetic detoxification. Yes, you can have physical heavy metals and you can have energetic heavy metals. They don’t make you go into their really more esoteric part and realize that there are things that we haven’t really talked about in Western medicine, or even on a daily basis, with our friends and family. Things like curses, negative energies, entities, extraterrestrial frequencies, military frequencies or even just electromagnetic frequencies from our cell phones. These are things that are not life-affirming, generally speaking, to our bodies, to our energy body. We have to honor and respect that this is not very balancing for us.

Dr. Karen Kan: Energetic detox means that we can actually also pull those energies out of the body and we can even deposit if you will, or download and activate as I like to say in my healing modality, positive blueprints and energies as well. The energetic detox is looking at all the different ways in which negative frequencies and energies can affect us and then being able to literally pull or erase those out of our energy bodies.

Wendy Myers: I’m right there with you. Maybe three or four years ago, I wasn’t really buying into the whole idea of psychics, entities or anything like that. I think for me, energy medicine or bioenergetics was my entryway into learning how the body functions energetically. There’s a lot of different types of energetic parasites or harmful energies that dramatically impact your body. I’ve  met a succession of people that have also taught me and mentored me. I’m learning about all these things and I find it really fascinating. You talk about energetic entities and you’ve been described as one of the world’s foremost experts on identifying and releasing dark entities. You work with all kinds of people who were seeking your help when they tried everything else. Can you talk a little bit about that aspect of your work?

Dr. Karen Kan: Sometimes we do what I call rescue missions. What a rescue mission is, is that certain high profile people who are doing good work in the world, are actually the focus of targeted attacks from entities and the humans are not humans, that are influenced by them. If that person, although well-meaning, does not have that skill set or understanding that there’s some energetic sabotage that can happen, then they’re vulnerable. In those cases, oftentimes we’ll go ahead, meaning me, the God Team angel team or our team. We’ll go ahead and do rescue missions. We’ll go ahead and clear and clean some things.

Dr. Karen Kan: For example, there was a medical doctor who had a very popular meditation channel on YouTube. I didn’t know this person at all. One of my students had messaged me and she said, “Look, I’m not really feeling very good after listening to this meditation. Maybe it’s just detox but would you mind checking it out?” I said, “Sure.” I went and pressed play on the YouTube video. This very popular person, I’m not going to say the name, immediately I could feel, just because of experience and not that I’m any more special than other people, but immediately I could feel there was an extraterrestrial overlay that was not supposed to be there. This was not his intention. I shut it off, right, and I said, “That’s interesting.”

Dr. Karen Kan: So one of the things we do or that I teach my students to do is what I call divine muscle testing. We align with the source creator and then we ask questions through our body, through this technique that I’m muscle testing. At that point, what I did was I checked the light score or the alignment with divine light of that particular video on that YouTube channel, and it was in the 60s.

Dr. Karen Kan: Ideally we would like everything to be over 95, but that’s not always possible. When the light score is over 90, then it cannot be interfered with which is really cool. When it has been interfered with then it goes down and down and down. It might’ve started as a light score of say 77, which is generally pretty high. Most healers, even famous people, run in the high 70s and that’s not enough. He was targeted by whoever they were. Extraterrestrials with negative energy are attached to them and they put an overlay on top of it, energetically. I could feel it immediately, so I just went ahead and did that rescue mission. We cleared everything that he had. I did not contact him. I did not tell him about it. We just have a protected detail on him right now.

Dr. Karen Kan: Now, is that possible for every single person? No, I only get to know about who the universe decides that I need to help or know about so I’m not actively looking for people to rescue. I mean, that would be a big job. Probably there’s other people that are there to do that thing so just when I’m called to. In this case, it was my personal student so I felt like I should check it out. Since then I have realized that some of the young people, they’re two million views for this meditation website, and even some of them are archangel so-and-so healing, whatever. Unfortunately, because of the person that made it, their light score was not 90 or above so whatever they made was susceptible and so we’ve had to do some clearings. Again, this is the first time really telling anybody in public that we do this stuff. We just do it in the background and then it’s okay and then we’re good to go.

Wendy Myers: I know that I woke up last year and started learning more and more about tapping into my intuition and learning about the ascension of the planet. There’s lots of crazy events going on right now that I believe are waking people up. People are tapping more into their spirituality, their intuition, their connection with their creator and it’s all tied together. I think it’s a really, really beautiful thing. I’m going to do more shows and topics like this to cover this type of thing because it’s really, really important. It ties into your mental health, your happiness and your physical health when you can tap into your intuition to help guide you to make better decisions for yourself. You wrote a number one award-winning book called Sensitivity Is Your Superpower. You’re helping highly sensitive people energetically detoxify and rid themselves of low vibrational energies. Why is it necessary, specifically for this group?

Dr. Karen Kan: Well, I love helping highly sensitive souls. I mean, I’m one of them so I know what it’s like to grow up with people telling you, stop being so sensitive, grow thicker skin, be like a duck and let the water wash over you. What people don’t understand is that there’s 20% of the population in the studies from the ’70s but now the latest study I think in 2018, shows 30% of the population is highly sensitive. We’re getting more sensitive. What that means is people can feel other people’s emotions really well. They can feel negative energy, easier. People walk into a crowd or a mall and say, “Ooh, I don’t feel good here.” They can actually feel electromagnetic radiation which doesn’t feel good to them. It can get pretty extreme too. It could be coarse fabrics, bright lights or loud sounds. People think, oh that’s terrible, stop being so sensitive.

Dr. Karen Kan: Here’s the thing. My shtick is that sensitivity is part of your spiritual gifts, your superpowers. It’s like someone having really, really big sensors. Those military sensor rays. The radar that goes beep, beep, beep, right? Us sensitive souls have a bigger sensor than the other 70% of the people. We see a lot and feel a lot, and sometimes we don’t know how to interpret it. Instead of trying to get rid of the sensitivity and scrapping the sensor, we actually have access to a lot more information at our fingertips, if we knew how to use it. Even with healing or manifesting.

Dr. Karen Kan: What I’d love to do is share and show the amazingness of highly sensitive people, to be able to hone and harness those skills. To be able to do something positive with it and not suffer from their sensitivity. So they can learn to be able to go no, not this, I don’t need to know that or okay, this is good. Oh, now I want to know what my mom wants for her birthday so I’m going to just tune in and feel it out. It’s so useful and helpful. I think one of the most popular people. I find the right birthday present or the right Christmas present because I can tune in and feel what it is they would appreciate. I think there’s so many people that are suffering from their sensitivity, instead of really feeling empowered by it, so that’s why I wrote the book.

Dr. Karen Kan: Although it’s not a healing modality book, we do share in there a whole chapter on what I call, SOS Clearing. It doesn’t require my methodology to do it. It’s really, really simple but effective clearing and grounding work that we can do every day, just like brushing our teeth, clearing our auras and whatever resonates with that person. To have that tool to be able to feel grounded and feel good in our bodies.

Wendy Myers: I absolutely love your work. You have really inspired me to tap more into my intuition and to do these daily exercises to ground me. I say the commands that you’ve created and things that are really focusing on calling in and co-creating what it is that I want for my life. I really just love your work and I’m so happy to have you on the show to talk about that.

Dr. Karen Kan: Thank you.

Wendy Myers: I want to expose more people to what you can create in your life. People are so much more powerful than they realize. They are so much more in control of their life than perhaps they give themselves credit for. On the flip side of that, people that may be sensitive to other’s emotions can really just feel terrible and have anxiety, depression or get into alcohol and drugs just to try to tune it out. If you’re dealing with addictions or trying to drown out these negative feelings, you may be a very sensitive person. You can use that to your advantage rather than looking at it as something that you need to tune out from.

Dr. Karen Kan: Or to fix. We’re not broken.

Wendy Myers: Yes, exactly. Can you give some examples of toxin clearing or just some examples of clients that you’ve worked with over the years?

Dr. Karen Kan: Well, there’s a lot of different stories. I’ll choose one that’s rather esoteric. I had a patient years ago and we were doing a vitamin D test. Her vitamin D, when we did muscle testing and tuning in, her body was like give me more vitamin D, give me more vitamin D. She was on a fairly high dose but I thought you know what, let’s go ahead and check the blood test. Her blood test came back high and I’m like that’s odd. Being a medical doctor, it’s helpful, because I know a little bit more biochemistry than the average person. Also, I’m a biochemist, so I was like why is that? Asking the right questions is actually my healing modality, healing method. We determined that the reason her body was asking for vitamin D was because the vitamin D was stuck in the blood. It was not being absorbed into the cells. It was related to her vitamin D receptors. Her vitamin D receptors had a negative energy attached to it, related to a curse and entities. Probably in her case, it was inherited.

Dr. Karen Kan: Once we pulled that negative, cursed energy from her and all of her ancestors that it came from, she was able to absorb the vitamin D. We did blood tests and we actually checked it. It’s like okay, it’s better now. It’s better now so her body wasn’t calling for it as much because now she could absorb the vitamin D that she was already taking in.

Dr. Karen Kan: Another former patient of mine had very high liver enzymes. She was taking medication which she knew she needed to detoxify from eventually, but she was really hemming and hawing about it because she was really tolerant to this medication. She was really afraid she wasn’t going to sleep if she wasn’t going to take it. Her doctor, a medical doctor, said, “Look, you have to stop this. Your liver is toxic right now. It’s like your liver enzymes are four, five, six times what they’re supposed to be.” She said, “Well, let me talk to Dr. Karen.”

Dr. Karen Kan: She was coming to me for acupuncture and we did some energy healing. We specifically honed in on the liver and how happy it was, what was going on. Again, there was a negative energy there. I can’t remember exactly what that was, whether it was an inherited emotion, some negative belief or something like that, but we pulled that out and we just kept tabs on it. She came, I think, every other week and we checked her blood test every other week. Within three sessions she was able to go all the way back to normal. The liver, at least on paper, was happy again. We continued working on it. We can check energetically, more accurately than the lab test, how happy the liver is. Her doctor was like, “Did you stop your medication?” She’s like, “No, not yet but I will.” He’s like, “How’d you get your liver better?” She goes, “I don’t know. Dr. Karen does this magic thing.” He goes, “Okay, well just keep doing what you’re doing.” We have a lot of different stories like that.

Dr. Karen Kan: It’s amazing how sometimes one little thing, it could be a negative belief, it could be an energetic infection, it could be even an energetic parasite or a negative emotion like we talked about before. Extraterrestrial dimensional energies like that dimensional rift I talked about earlier, how dimensional energy can sometimes not work well with our body, you can literally pull it out of your field and then your body recalibrates itself. It’s really good to really know yourself and know your body. Be in your body so you can detect these things when things aren’t feeling right.

Wendy Myers: I think people don’t really connect and they almost never hear about this stuff. I’ve tried to tell people about physical detoxification, but you can do emotional detoxification. Traumas have a huge effect on your biology. Then there’s this other spiritual aspect. I mean, there’s clearly a spiritual battle going on in the world right now and it’s an aspect people want to pay attention to, especially if they have exhausted all other things. This is where I found myself as well. I’ve done the physical detox, I’ve done heavy metal detoxes, I’ve done the energetic detox and bioenergetics. It was this spiritual realm, learning about that and addressing that for me personally, that really took me to the next level. It was very shocking. It was very eye-opening. I would not have believed it before but it is there. I think more and more people are awakening to that. If someone hasn’t learned about light medicine or energy clearing yet, but they’re interested, we piqued their interest. What are some of the simple ways to start experiencing the ultimate energetic detox?

Dr. Karen Kan: There’s so many different tools and methodologies. None of them are very difficult at all. One of the simplest or easiest things is I actually created a freebie, it’s called the Clearing and Protection Spray Formula. What it is is an energy-infused video, it’s an MP4, that when you play it and you send your attention to a bottle of water or a spray bottle. If you have a bottle of water or spray bottle, all you need to do is focus your energies on that bottle for just about nine seconds or so. On the water and the bottle, and then let the frequencies go oh, that’s what you want me to charge. So then the frequencies go to charge that water. The Clearing and Protection Spray Formula has about 10 beneficial frequencies including a beneficial blueprint of hope, the Ho’oponopono prayer, which is “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you”.

Dr. Karen Kan: Also, the higher-level help of a force field. We did make a little addition to it because we found that entities could not enter the space when they were sprayed but extraterrestrials still could, so we just made a little adjustment so that if it’s not for the highest and greatest good, they don’t come into the space either or they’re repelled from the space. It’s a really nice clearing. You can use this spray too, for example, to clear stones. People that love gemstones and healing stones. Honestly, I can’t keep track of who wants what healing? Is it moon energy, or sun energy or is it salt? I just spray them with the clearing spray because it’s much faster and much easier, and it actually charges them up to their full potential, which is really, really cool.

Dr. Karen Kan: You can actually spray your room, of course. It lasts about 24 hours. If there’s a room that’s heavy, heavy, heavy electromagnetic, for example, some teenagers have 5,000 devices in their house. Their electric guitar and all this stuff, and they sleep there, you may need to do it a little bit more often. There’s a little force field that is there for 24 hours, so we recommend that people spray their bedrooms once a night and then their whole house once or twice a week just to clear the negative energy. It’s easy.

Dr. Karen Kan: For little kids, I really love this. We actually have them create their own bottle spray. You guys can go to the store together and pick up a nice purple bottle and with the three-year-olds, you have little bling stickers and unicorns, and things like that. Then you have them decorate the bottle. You put the water in there. Sometimes we put a little pinch of Himalayan crystal salt because the salt helps hold the frequency really well. Then you charge the water together. I have one of my doctor friends, she’s a naturopathic physician, her kids love the clearing video. They’ll just sit in front of it and go, “I really like this, mom.” Charge the water and then they are empowered to do something about their space and themselves. They get used to that it is good to clear my space when I come home from school or when I’m feeling upset.

Dr. Karen Kan: What I share with parents, because this happened with a former client, was that this 14-year-old was actually becoming quite violent with his baby sister. What I realized is that he was a sensitive soul so he was just feeling everybody else’s stuff. He was full of it so by the time he came home from school and he was just ready to burst. We had a little talk with him. He thought there was something wrong with him and he felt sheepish coming to the office. I’m like, “There’s nothing wrong with you,” and he just looked up and was like, “What?” I said, “I know you probably don’t want to be here but you’re just feeling everybody else’s stuff. You’re extra talented. Let’s make sure that stuff that’s not yours gets off of you.”

Dr. Karen Kan: We just did this thing where the mom tried the spray and he got to spray her, which is really fun because you make mom wet. Then we just asked, “Do you want to try it?” He goes, “Okay.” So mom sprayed him, we had a little laugh again because he’s a little bit wet, and just a few seconds after I said, “How do you feel?” He goes, “I feel calm.” It was just so cute. Then I said to him, “I have a favor to ask. If mom’s stressed out or she’s feeling out of sorts when she comes home would you be willing to spray mom if she asked you?” He’s like, “Sure. I can do that.”  Then I said, “And you know what? If you come home from school and you feel like you’re going to explode you can probably ask mom that too. Mom, are you willing to do that?” Mom’s like, “Oh, sure I’ll do that.” 

Dr. Karen Kan: It worked out really great because he came home one day from school and said, “Mom spray me.” She did it and he just went “phew”, and he calmed down. They never had a violent episode with his sister again. It is amazing how powerful something simple can be. Now, of course, you can learn from the book or from my Light Warrior Training Camp how to do some of the other energy clearings. Some of my other programs. That one’s the simplest one, because you get immediate feedback. You can even drink it. It only does whatever’s for the highest and greatest good. You’re not going to harm anyone. I know some people are like okay, I’m going to put in my husband’s coffee in the morning.

Wendy Myers: Exactly, exactly.

Dr. Karen Kan: It’s one of those easy things and a lot of people just absolutely love it because it’s free, it’s easy and it’s quick. The thing you can’t do, of course, is if you have a negative energy like an entity portal or something underneath your house, you can’t spray underneath your house. I mean, there’s some practical limitations. At least you have this little force field for a short period of time to help you with that. Then the book, the physical eBook has the links to all my freebies and that’s one of them.

Wendy Myers: You guys can go to a and get links to all these things that Dr. Kan’s talking about. Tell us where we can learn more about your work. Can clients work with you and what that all looks like?

Dr. Karen Kan: Right now, I do a lot of training because I love to teach people and empower them to do what I do. It’s not about me being such a great healer and you need to come to me or anything like that. When my students have success, whether it be healing a friend or themselves, I get totally jazzed. Now, it’s really, really challenging, to be honest, to have a session with me because of my time constraints right now. I really wanted to get the word out and so I’m busy training people. I have a healer training program as well. The healer modality I have is called the TOLPAKAN Healing Method. I have graduates coming from the program. We only graduate about four or five per year so it’s not a big mill that’s running out healers. I spent a lot of time and effort training them and making sure that they’re going to be successful and doing the right thing by people.

Dr. Karen Kan: We have TOLPAKAN Healing Level One which is for anyone, it doesn’t have to be a professional person. They can learn techniques to heal themselves. There’s a three-step process in the TOLPAKAN Healing Method which is align, ask and activate. Align with your inner source wisdoms, your point field and ask the appropriate questions. One of my level two people just recently this week, said in our training program, he says, “I just realized the quality of the question is so important to get the right answer.” I’m like, “Yeah.” We train you how to ask the right questions in activating those healing energies that we all have. I would say 96% of the planet has access to, and then directing them. It’s not hard but it does require some training. If people are wanting to receive and not so much learn the technique, they can definitely book an appointment with any of my level two people.

Dr. Karen Kan: I do have a VIP program right now, it’s closed because I’m full, but every quarter we open up one or two spots to work with me. I have a lot of other self-healing programs. There’s one Autoimmune Healing Secrets, to help people heal from autoimmunity, which is not just physical, there’s actually a mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and dimensional autoimmunity so we share what that’s about.

Dr. Karen Kan: We have an entity program that helps people clear entities with much greater ease. We have the Divine Design Training which is one of my more recent ones, as a response, let’s just say, to the pandemic. We have other ones like the Light Warrior Advanced Healing Program. It really depends on what people are interested in. If they’re not really sure they can always apply for a synergy interview. They can go to Again, the links are in the book. Then we can just see what is a good fit for them.

Wendy Myers: Really, the bottom line of doing this type of work is connecting with your innate intuition, connecting with the creator and the universe to get answers and create the life that you want. I mean, that’s just it in a nutshell. Get the answers that everyone is seeking in improving yourself. I love the work that you’re doing. I highly recommend to everyone to go check out Dr. Karen Kan’s work and her website. Dr. Kan, thanks so much for coming on the show.

Dr. Karen Kan: Oh, my pleasure, Wendy. It was awesome and I wish you and all your listeners well. Thank you for the good work you do.

Wendy Myers: Everyone, thanks so much for tuning in to the Myers Detox Podcast where we explore all types of topics related to physical, emotional and now spiritual healing, and detoxification as well. Thanks for tuning in every week. I appreciate you taking the time to allow me to teach you and share my knowledge, and the guest’s knowledge with you. Thanks for taking the time and spending this hour with us. I truly appreciate it. I’ll talk to you guys next week.