Transcript #402 The Real Cause of Migraines, Headaches, and Trigeminal Neuralgia with Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.


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  1. Find out what’s in store on this Myers Detox Podcast with Dr. Michael Rankin Jr., who joins the show to discuss the real cause of migraines, headaches and Trigeminal Neuralgia. Dr. Rankin talks about the emotional trauma aspect of pain, the different modalities of emotional trauma release and bioenergetic detox that he uses in his practice, and one of my favorite bioenergetic tools, the Equiscope. If you’ve been dealing with severe headaches throughout your life, this is a must watch episode!
  2. Electrical energetic blockages caused by toxins or emotional issues are the main things Dr. Rankin addresses when it comes to severe headaches of different forms. Learn more about the underlying root causes of these headaches.
  3. Learn about some of the ways Dr. Rankin has addressed headaches in patients.
  4. Find out where you can see some of Dr. Rankin’s patient testimonials, and why it’s important to sometimes seek alternative methods when dealing with something like headaches.
  5. Emotional blocks create a frequency that create inflammation, which will stop blood flow, electrical flow, and oxygen flow, and can lead to headaches. Learn how Dr. Rankin addresses emotional trauma and successfully corrects people’s electric and energetic flow.
  6. Read more about how Dr. Rankin uses various therapies in tandem to address patients underlying health issues including emotional trauma and stored toxins.
  7. Learn how Dr. Rankin uses a device called the photon sound beam to lymphatic drainage, and why it is so important to have healthy lymphatic fluid.
  8. You can learn more about Michael Rankin Junior and his work at


Wendy Myers: Hello, I’m Wendy Myers. Welcome to the Myers Detox Podcast. On today’s show, we have Dr. Michael Rankin Jr. He is someone that I refer many patients to, who are having problems with pain, headaches, migraines, trigeminal neuralgia and any other type of pain. He gets people out of pain fast and it’s long lasting as well. We’re going to go into all the different underlying root causes of migraines, headaches and trigeminal neuralgia, which is typically considered intractable pain that there’s no cure for. We’ll talk about the emotional trauma aspect of pain. We’ll talk about the different modalities that Michael uses like bioenergetic modalities. We’ll talk about the Equiscope. We’ll talk about different modalities of emotional trauma release, bioenergetic detoxification and other modalities that Michael uses to very successfully address these issues. It’s a very, very interesting show today.

Wendy Myers: I know you guys listening are concerned about heavy metal detoxification. Heavy metals are absolutely an underlying root cause of headaches and migraines, as well as other types of pain. If you’re concerned about your heavy metal burden, I urge you to take my quiz at to get an idea of your relative body burden of toxins. After you take the quiz, you get a free video series that answers a lot of your frequently asked questions in regards to how to detox your body, how long it takes and all the other questions that people have when they’re starting on their detoxification journey. Go check that out at

Wendy Myers: Our guest today is Dr. Michael Rankin, Jr. About four years ago, he began working with his father Dr. Michael Rankin, Sr. to run his cancer and chronic illness clinic. Six months into that, he started his doctor of naturopathic degree at Trinity University. Michael has over 200 hours of training at ACIM, the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine, which is run and founded by Dr. Lee Cowden. Michael has studied extensively, in energetic muscle testing in various forms, with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. He’s also certified in assisted lymphatic therapy using a photon sound beam and knows several different deep solar detox modalities, such as laser energetic detox. Michael’s had an office in St. Louis, Missouri for over two years, specializing in severe long-term chronic pain, like trigeminal neuralgia, spinal injuries, sciatic issues, as well as serious food and inhalant allergies, autoimmune issues and autism as well. His practice brings in people from all over the country. You can learn more about Michael Rankin Jr. and his work at Michael, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: You’re so welcome. It’s always great to see you and talk to you.

Wendy Myers: Yes, I want to talk to you about headaches, migraines and trigeminal neuralgia because these are conditions that plague so many millions of people. There really aren’t a lot of viable solutions to address the underlying root causes of these conditions in traditional, mainstream conventional medicine. Talk to us a little bit about what the underlying root causes are of these issues.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Oh boy, it can be a combination of things. It’s been my experience that there is either an electrical energetic blockage of some kind that could have been caused by any number of reasons, toxin exposures or long-term things that have been in people. I’ve found that when you remove them, suddenly their headaches go away, and all sorts of other things too. Emotional issues are huge. I know, for instance, trigeminal neuralgia, for those who don’t know out there, is one of the most severe pains. I think they compare it to a broken femur and even worse than giving birth. I know a couple of women that I’ve done this on who have given birth naturally, and they say the pain is not comparable. They would give birth 10 times a day in order to get rid of the trigeminal neuralgia pain that they were experiencing on a regular basis. No amount of drugs helps.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: These people are taking morphine, fentanyl and these crazy poisonous drugs that are killing so many people. They don’t know what else to do because it’s been there for so long, for some of these people they call trigeminal neuralgia a suicide pain. It is genuinely one of the most severe pains you can have that affects people on Earth. I have fixed that in my office six out of six times so far. The longest that it’s taken me was I think, was 27 minutes and that lady had it for 17 years. This other lady had it for 10 or 12 years. Another one was affected for maybe only five or six years, and hers was what was considered not to be that bad, at only about a five or six out of 10, on a pain scale. Ten being a broken bone, every day of her life. I mean, these people wake up with it and go to bed with it. Some people can’t sleep, so their adrenals will start to shut down and hormone issues will start to arise.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I mean, no sleep, that’s how they torture people in the military so that’s not a good thing. I know someone personally, very well, that had this issue while driving, minding her own business one day, and it went on like a light switch. She told me that it was like somebody was taking a blow torch and hammering her face at the same time. The trigeminal nerve comes up in spider webs through both sides of your face. A light breeze will set these people on fire to where they’ll just start screaming. This woman that I’m talking about had three children naturally, and she’s only about 5’4″. She’s a small person, has had plenty of injuries and broken bones and had been playing sports growing up. She had passed an eight-millimeter kidney stone at one point. That was excruciating, obviously. She said, “None of these even scratch the surface on the pain for the trigeminal neuralgia issue that came up.”

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: They were giving her IV morphine and it was hardly doing anything. This is a natural medicine person, so was her mother and so was her grandmother. They were trying everything under the sun. She is an emotional release practitioner as well, and a successful one. She was trying everything in her bag of tricks, talking to every doctor she knew. Really, it was hardly making a dent. She had actually told me she had considered suicide at one point, and this is an extremely happy person. She had gone to see a doctor friend of ours, Dr. Lee Cowden. She told me this story herself, she had walked up to him and he knew why she was there.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: They muscle tested her and found out that it was a trapped emotion in her colon that was tied to the same tooth as the trigeminal nerve, and that’s what was affecting it. She had gone off into a quiet corner because it was at this medical conference. She had gone to see him earlier so that she could get in as a patient. She went off by herself and did some famous Emotion Code. That was the procedure she used, the modality, and 30 seconds later it was down to zero. My point is that there’s usually several contributing factors to that kind of pain and things like migraine and headaches that are chronic in people. It really comes down to just finding out what the main driver is.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I have been able to help through detox, either lymphatic therapy or laser energetic detox, which brings a lot of people from all over the country into my office, just for that procedure. Equiscope is another thing I use, which is just correcting energetic electrical flow in the body in various areas, and that’s phenomenal. I mean, I can count on literally one hand the amount of times, maybe seven fingers, that I’ve failed to get where I wanted to go with people in the over two and a half years now that I’ve had my office open. Fixing and being able to identify where those electrical and energetic blockages are coming from is pretty important. So far, I’ve been able to fix trigeminal neuralgia 100% of the time. I would never make a statement like that, especially for something so severe.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I came into your office in St. Louis. I’m a good friend of you and your dad, Michael Rankin Sr. I flew into St. Louis to your office. You guys did the work for me. You did the lymphatic drainage. You did the Equiscope and were testing me before and after with software, to see the efficacy of how much all my various markers improved, like heart rate variability, meridians, chakras, brainwaves and all kinds of other variables. You can see the improvement before and after all of these different modalities that you are using, and I was really, really impressed with the Equiscope. You did that up and down my spine. You were doing things on my teeth to help with things in my jaw. You did a lot of different things to re-establish and improve electrical and energetic coherence, function and flow. Some of the stories that you have told me of people recovering from decades of pain have just been absolutely phenomenal. Can you tell me some about migraines and headaches?

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Honestly, Wendy, I wouldn’t believe 10% of this stuff if I hadn’t seen it and done it. I mean, I barely believe it, and I did a lot of this stuff because it sounds so strange. I think I mentioned a couple of these to you before about the migraines, because I do now get quite a few people coming in with migraines. I have them coming from coast to coast. They’ll see one of the testimonials or something. One lady, I can’t believe I didn’t get this one on tape, I didn’t even think about it, but she had had a headache every day for 40 years. I mean, literally, all day, every day of her life that would turn into a migraine. At the time they were blinding, literally affecting her vision in a very significant way. She started vomiting and wouldn’t be able to eat. That happens to a lot of people with severe migraines like that. And that’s not even what she came in for. I don’t even remember, it was some neck pain or something else.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I said, “Well, what’s going on?” She’s like, “Well, I’ve got this headache, but you can’t do anything about that.” I was like, “Well, why? How many doctors have you seen?” She’s like, “I stopped counting at 80.” I was like, “Well, all right. Let’s just see.” I literally just stuck a headband on her and she said, “They were mainly front forward whenever they came on.” I was like, “Well, okay, that makes sense. Let’s work on that area then.” I did and it literally took me less than six minutes and she was so dumbfounded.  She told me her pain was level four or five, I think, before. She had to think about it and that happens a lot when people are in that kind of pain for that long. They don’t recognize not being in pain when it’s been for like 10, 20 or 40 years.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: This one floored me. Really, these days, it takes a lot to put my jaw on the floor because I’ve seen such crazy stuff, so, so many times. This woman, God bless her heart, had a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis when she was 16 years old. When she came to see me from Florida, she was in pain every single day of her life, all day long. It would move to various joints. Sometimes it would be more focused in the lower half, in her knees, hips, ankles and things. Other times, it’d be in her neck and shoulders, every moving joint, which is pretty much where our private stuff is. She was 77 years old when she came to see me. She’s been in pain every day, all day for 61 years. I mean, no joke, never had a break, not one day, not one hour. It would go up and down.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: A good day for her was a four on a 10 point scale, again, ten is a broken bone, right? That would enable her to get out of the house. She’s a very strong, strong woman, not a complainer. She’s only been through five or 10 doctors, I think, and most people like that would have gone through a hundred. She was just told there was nothing they could do. She said, “Okay, it’s just something I have to live with.” I mean, in 61 years, she’s missed weddings, Christmases, funerals, birthday parties and stuff no person would want to miss and this is a very strong lady.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: It took me about an hour, less than an hour, actually, I think it was 55 minutes. We clocked it, because I couldn’t believe she was another one. I’m like, “So, how do you feel?” She starts moving things around and she goes, “Well, I don’t have any pain left.” I was like, “Really? None?” I had made her stand up and move around. She’s shaking her head. She looks down and she looks up at me and she’s like, “Michael, I have no pain left.” I was like, “And how long has it been?” She’s like, “It’s been over six years.” I go, “Would you mind saying that on tape? Because I don’t think anybody’s going to believe that.”

Wendy Myers: You have a lot of testimonials of people being recorded on your website. Can you tell us about your website again?

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: It’s You go to the media page, that will bring you over to the YouTube channel. I moved them over to the YouTube channel because it was slowing down my website. I think there’s close to 30 of them on there now. Honestly, Wendy, they turned out to be a wonderful marketing tool, but that’s not why I started doing it. I legitimately did not think anyone would believe what I was doing. That’s why I started doing them because I am a true skeptic of pretty much all things. I have to see this stuff with my own eyes. If I won’t believe it, I know a lot of other people wouldn’t believe it either.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I can tell a lot of times when I’m telling people that, “This person has had a headache for 40 years, or this person has migraines 48% of their days and we stopped it with light and frequency,” I can see in their face that they’re listening, but they’re not really believing me. I’ll tell them, “You don’t have to believe me. Go here and see if you believe these people because either they’re telling the truth or I should start some kind of acting agency, because I’ve got Oscar winners everywhere.”

Wendy Myers: I think it’s important for people to be open when they have different types of pain, because when you go to a conventional doctor, they’re going to offer pain medication, which will only help to cover up symptoms and not address the root cause.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: That’s right.

Wendy Myers: Or surgery perhaps, and that typically ends in disaster where people not only don’t have resolution with pain, they have more complications.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: They will get worse.

Wendy Myers: It gets worse by nerves being cut or there’s some mistakes, and things like that. I’ve heard of horror stories, it typically doesn’t work. I loved that you guys work on emotional trauma as well, because we know in the research that 65% of physical health issues are from emotional trauma.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: At least. Yes

Wendy Myers: It’s significant, and the medical doctors are not addressing that.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: No, I know a lot of medical doctors. I know some really good ones and I’ve met a lot of people that I wouldn’t let prescribe me a glass of water, even though that’s what most people are low in. I say this gently to any medical doctors that might be listening, especially the newer ones who are just getting out of medical school. They are catastrophically undereducated because they are only taught about drugs. Big pharma took over our medical schools back in the ’20s. It took them only a few years and about $100 million. They’ll make that in an afternoon now.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: A lot of them either don’t know or they’re scared to do anything else, because they don’t want to risk their medical license and the years and years of school and hundreds of thousands of dollars they’ve invested in their education, setting up a practice and all this stuff. Dr. Lee Cowden has had his medical license taken away a couple of times. He’s just stopped even bothering with that. Years ago it was for prescribing vitamin C for people, for high-dose vitamin C and for various other reasons. He’s not alone. There’s hundreds, even thousands of doctors, probably.

Wendy Myers: Dr. Lee Cowden is Dr. Mercola’s personal physician. He’s an incredibly well-respected medical doctor.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Yes, he is.

Wendy Myers: He is respected by everyone that I know in the alternative health community.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I go to a lot of Dr. Cowden’s seminars. I learned a lot of things in school, but all the things that I use to actually heal people in my office, I got from him and ACIM, Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine. That’s the group that he’s put together. I’ve learned muscle testing from Dietrich Klinghardt. John Mercola came and did a couple of talks on things. I mean, Norm Shealy, who is arguably the most famous neurosurgeon in the history of mankind, I learned bioenergetic therapies from him personally, amongst 10 other people. I was really grateful for that experience to learn those kinds of things. That’s where I learned the laser energetic detox, which I use for everything, from migraine, chronic migraines to autism, allergies and asthma.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I am not treating any of these, for the record out there, anybody who might be listening. When you start to remove certain toxins, whether they’re physical, whether they are emotional or whether you correct the energetic flow in the body, these things just fix themselves. I mean, your body is a perfect machine. It’s only things that we do to it that will make it not function the way it’s supposed to.

Wendy Myers: Can you talk a little bit more on how you address emotional trauma or how you test for emotional traumas and address that in the body, to get to the underlying root cause of migraines, headaches and trigeminal neuralgia?

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: In my experience, just to be clear for everyone listening, I, myself, fixed trigeminal neuralgia or the symptoms of it anyway with just correcting electrical flow of the body. Literally, six out of six times, and this is something you’re not supposed to be able to fix. Only 10 years ago, they started drilling a hole in the side of your head and severing that nerve, which only works for the pain about 30% of the time. If you look it up, anywhere from 20 to 30%, depending on what you read, and then your whole face is completely numb. That is a terrible, terrible option. I will start off doing electrical energetic correction on people. If that doesn’t work, I’ll say, “Okay. We’re going to shift this over.”

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: A lot of times, they may have gotten to that point from an emotional standpoint anyway, but what is that doing? People have to understand what that trapped emotion is doing. It is creating a frequency, like a ping in the body, like a little zap that will create inflammation, which will stop blood flow, electrical flow and oxygen flow, which is the root of all disease. Where is that episode? Then you ask, how do we do that? Dad does most of that work. I mean, I’m learning it, but I’ve got Dave Ruth so I use him because he is truly gifted and remarkable at getting to the root of things. Most of the people we both see have already been through, at a minimum, 10 doctors, sometimes upwards of 50 or even 100, literally. Even when they’ve gone through some emotional release with different practitioners, Recall Healing is a really popular one, Emotion Code is a popular one, EVOX was developed and pioneered by Dr. Cowden as well.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Dad really uses all three of those. Most practitioners I’ve met will focus on one modality and that’s their specialty. Dad is fairly impatient when it comes to getting rid of symptoms on people, especially severe pain because he deals with a lot of very serious critical illnesses and cancer. That’s been his passion for more than 15 years. With that comes a lot of pain, typically. If they are focused on an eight out of 10 pain in their liver or their pancreas or wherever, then they’re not really able to focus on anything else. If you’ve ever been in serious pain or if you understand what real pain is and some people don’t, they never had a broken bone before, but most people do. It won’t let your body or mind focus on another thing until you deal with that.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: If they’re dealing with a cancer issue or some kind of very long-term chronic illness that doctors are having trouble finding out. If you get to the emotional root and I have seen with my own two eyes, I’ve talked to these people myself, or frankly, I probably wouldn’t believe it, Wendy. They start off and they’ve gone through 50 doctors. They’ve tried seven different types of emotional release work and they just haven’t gotten there. They’ll come do an hour with dad and he is like, “Oh, it’s this, this and this” before we’ve even done any tests. “Oh, it’s your grandmother. It’s your mom, your husband or whatever.” We’ll address that and go from there.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: If they don’t have a will to live, if they don’t have a will to get better and that we see quite a bit. It’s not necessarily a conscious thing, but subconsciously it’s filling a need for them for some reason. Maybe they’re getting attention. That’s how they got attention from mom and dad when they were little and that’s carried through their life. Maybe it’s keeping a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend in their mind, that’s what’s keeping them there. They’re afraid if they get better, they’ll leave them. Technically, sometimes that might be the case, but what are you sacrificing for that?

Wendy Myers: I mean, people dying do get payoffs from being sick and not everyone is ready to get better.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: That’s right.

Wendy Myers: I mean, that’s just the facts out there.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Yeah. Yeah.

Wendy Myers: Oh, go ahead.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: No, I’m agreeing that you’re absolutely right.

Wendy Myers: Is there anything else that you wanted to add to this conversation about pain? I mean, here at Myers Detox, we focus on detoxification and we also work on emotional trauma. When we ever have someone that’s really, really sick or they have cancer or severe pain or something that’s out of scope of our practice, we send them all over to you guys. You and your dad, Michael Rankin Sr., you guys are bar none, the experts on pain. You have the tools to address the underlying root causes to banish that pain forever. Your dad works on the cancer aspect as well, and is fantastic at that. We refer everyone to you guys as the experts in that field.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I know you wanted to focus on some headache stuff today and pain like trigeminal neuralgia that affects the head too. People will think it’s a severe migraine, only the pain is much, much worse. Again, Wendy, I mean, it’s all over the board. It’s generally a combination. If you’re talking about chronic migraines and chronic headaches, it has been my experience with probably 40 or 50 of those by now, over the years. Once you fix somebody’s migraine that has been there for 20 to 30 years, that inspires a lot of people that there is more hope. That’s why I get a lot of those headache referrals.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I had a lady, this was like four or five months ago, but I was talking to her husband and he said, “Hey, would you want to do a trade for something for my wife? She’s got these migraines and I saw your testimonials. Do you think you can help her out?” I’m like, “Well, you have to fail to really help people with migraines, so sure, send her in.” I worked on her spine and she’s got these temporal issues. I worked on this area and I worked on her spine and she has had one migraine, I think, in the last six months.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Another lady that came in had neck pain that emanated from back here, but it was  from the back of her head and caused this migraine. It’s kind of on the top of the sides of her head. For years, this was going on. I really just took this probe. It has a positive and negative and worked on that area. There was an injury, like a whiplash sort of thing that had happened. She was going to chiropractors and acupuncturists and they just weren’t getting the problem gone. I just worked back there to help that energy flow go back up into that point. I told her to call me if she ever got a migraine and it’s been three or four months now, and I haven’t heard from her. So that was pretty cool.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: It’s usually a combination of an energetic problem and a toxin problem. So you mentioned lymphatic therapy. I do use a photon sound beam that goes really, really deep to get that stuff. That light massage is good for a lot of things, but the lymphatic system is so delicate. It gets squished. Most of it, the 70,000 miles give or take in a human body is about the size of a human hair. When you press it down too much, it’ll stay that way so you’re not really going to move stuff, but this thing will. It pulses electromagnetic frequencies through these glass tubes and it will force those things open, then it can move through toxins in a pretty significant way. Those are detoxes.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I think I’ve mentioned several of these the last time we talked, but one lady had a migraine since she was 12 or 13 years old. She had gotten a bunch of hair products. We had done a bunch of energetic work and we cut her migraines in half. She tracks them. It was 48% of the days because she kept a diary for many years. We had cut them in half and we tracked it over a month or six week period. Then it would plateau and it kept coming up as I’m muscle testing her, that it was a toxin problem. I was like, “You know what, let’s try laser detox and see what happens.” The next day, and this was the first time this had happened, she called me and said, “Hey, I just went for the morning bathroom break and all of a sudden there was this overwhelming smell of hair perm solution that we had extracted.”

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: She was 15 or 16 the last time she had had one. She was 41 so it was like 25 or 26 years that these had been trapped in her body. I’ve extracted things from paint fumes to gasoline to oil smell. I had a young lady in my office. She had a diagnosis of celiac and Lyme and it caused her head to toe pain. That’s what they told her, right? She was getting migraines and stuff like that too. I laser detoxed her and got her out of pain in about an hour, maybe an hour and a half. It was head to toe so it was a lot of stuff to do there. If it’s isolated, I can usually knock it out in five or 10 minutes, but she had driven for five or six hours away or something. The last thing we did, because you have got to be off electronics for 25 hours, is I lasered her. We do the scan. I identify the things that we want to target that are most important to her body.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: The next day, I got a call from her and I always tell people to be mindful of any kind of weird chemical smells that might come out of you, because that’s very common. Don’t let it freak you out and I want to know if it did happen. She’s like, “Mike, Mike.” It was only hours later, a lot of times it’s the next day, but this has been three or four hours and she was outside. She wasn’t even enclosed in a small space. It’s outside. Her and her husband were walking around and she kept smelling chemical fertilizers and manure for hours and hours afterwards. She kept telling her husband, “Don’t you smell that? Can’t you smell that?” She grew up on a commercial farm. Her parents had a thousand-acre farm, where they raised cattle and pigs and used chemical fertilizers. 

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: People that even grew up near farms will have those same kinds of chemical fuels because they’re spraying from an airplane. A lot of times that’s what they do. It dusts not only under the crop but if you’re within, say, a quarter mile radius, you’re going to be inhaling that stuff and that’s on a not windy day. A lot of time it’s a toxin problem. For instance, I had a young woman, 34 or 35 years old, who’s had uterine pain for at least 20 years. I think she told me 18 or 20 years and we got rid of that in, I don’t know, 15 minutes. Literally, I just started working the energy around her stomach with a positive and negative polarity through a few different frequencies I muscle tested her for, and it was gone. To my knowledge, it’s still gone and this was a good four months ago.

Wendy Myers: Yes

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: I tell these people, “Call me, let me know when and if the pain comes back, I want to track that.”

Wendy Myers: I really love the lymphatic drainage that you’re doing. What’s it called again? The photon beam, right?

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Yeah, the photon sound beam. I’m using that too.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, the photon sound beam for the lymphatic drainage. When I came into your office, I flew to St. Louis to come in. I had a lot of weight on me that you guys have figured out through doing this ZYTO scan. It was lymphatic fluid buildup. I thought I had just gained a bunch of weight from stress or COVID or whatnot. I had a ton of lymphatic fluid that just wasn’t able to drain. For me, it was an emotional trauma, from my ex-husband. I was with this person I didn’t want to be with. They were invading my territory. If you have an emotional trauma around territory invasion, it can cause lymph blockage. You guys were able to release that. I came in and did that physical photon sound beam to help flush my lymphatic out as well. I lost like eight pounds over the next month, following that appointment.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Oh, cool. I didn’t even know that.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, it was crazy. I was very happy with that.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: It was awesome. Here’s a fun side note for people that a lot of people don’t know. Lymphatic fluid is called interstitial fluid. It should flow like water, right? That’s the normal consistency of it. However, all sorts of things can throw that off and make it gelatinous so it will not move freely. Then you get your concentration points, all the areas. God is so smart. It’s in all the areas that bend and pump. That’s what moves your lymphatic system, is movement. Interestingly, if your hormones are off, that will make that fluid gelatinous and not flow as well. As a catch-22, your hormones might be working fine, but if there’s something else, maybe your diet is thrown off, maybe it’s an emotional problem that’s going on and making it gelatinous, that will then also throw your hormones off.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: It’s kind where one can react with the other of many, many things. Those just have been my experience with some pretty prevalent issues. Many people have hormone issues because they are breeding iodine and minerals out of the food. I mean, they literally have patents on this to make the mineral content of, say, broccoli less. Why do you think that they might do that? There’s no reason. It does not help them grow more food. It doesn’t help it grow faster, right? I mean, what is the point of that? One could speculate that, and I don’t want to get our thing blocked, but let’s say this pharmaceutical company owns this chemical company that’s responsible for producing about a third of the world’s food. They’re owned by the same people. So, I don’t know, call me a crazy conspiracy nut, but that doesn’t seem logical to me.

Wendy Myers: Or that minerals are needed to run our entire body and our nervous system.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: That’s right. Yeah.

Wendy Myers: They’re necessary for it to run correctly.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: If you have no minerals, you’re not conductive. If you’re not conductive, no electrical flow is going through your body. We are electricity. We run on it. Most people know that. They figured out we run on pico current, which is a trillionth of an ampere. A couple of guys got a Nobel Prize for that. I think it was in ’91. Again, if you’re not conductive, very few things will work right in your body.

Wendy Myers: Well, Michael, thank you so much for coming on the show and enlightening us on how to address the underlying root causes of pain. You have so many different modalities to address pain and address it quickly and successfully so people don’t have to keep coming back and be dependent on you. I absolutely love the work that you’re doing. I think it’s really important for anyone, if you have chronic pain or you have a loved one in chronic pain, to give Michael a call. It’s a free phone call. Why don’t you tell us how to contact you and how to work with you?

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: You can reach me at 314-899-9535. That’s 314-899-9535. You can email me at [email protected] If you’re not willing to talk, you can actually text that 314-899-9535 number as well. It’s a work cell phone. There’s also a chat box on the website, There’s a little chat box that pops up. You can start talking to me. I have that wired to my phone. I keep it open pretty much all the time because I’ve had people call in with emergencies. They’ll get on the website at 10 o’clock at night. If I’m not doing anything, I’ll answer them. Anybody can call. It’s a free call. I genuinely enjoy this work, Wendy. I really, really do. It just floats my boat. I spent so many years trying to work as little as possible for as much as possible and now it’s just the opposite. I have so much fun doing this. I can’t imagine doing anything else now, literally genuinely.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic. Yeah, I love the work that you guys are doing. You guys have helped me tremendously. I’m a patient of you and your father, Michael Rankin Sr. I think you do incredible work and will continue to do so. Guys, I highly, highly recommend them. These are people that I use personally, and work with personally. I flew to their clinic in St. Louis. They have the best tools, the most high-tech cutting edge stuff, and are highly recommended. Everyone, thanks so much for tuning in to the Myers Detox Podcast. I’m Wendy Myers. We have over 400 podcasts. We just surpassed that a couple of weeks ago.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: That is so cool.

Wendy Myers: I know.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: So cool.

Wendy Myers: I’m amazed that people keep listening.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: We love your podcast and I’ve gotten calls from these interviews. They’re like, “Oh yeah, I’ve been listening to Wendy for years and years.” You’ve got quite a nice following. I’ve listened to plenty of your podcasts. They’re awesome. So much great information delivered in such a short time. It’s awesome.

Wendy Myers: Thank you. I feel so blessed. I mean, I love what I’m doing also. I wake up every day just so excited to help teach people how to address the true underlying root causes of their health issues and feel better. For me, when I was a patient and I felt like crap every day and I had no joy in my life, I wanted to figure out what to do? What do I need to do to feel better? I was doing so many things and it just wasn’t working. That passion I have for this is born of that pain in trying to help my own health issues. It’s so fun continuing to learn from experts like yourself. There’s so many more conversations I want to have with people. I just want to thank everyone for tuning in every week, and really enabling me to continue to do this, to do this work. Thank you so much.

Dr. Michael Rankin Jr.: Yes. Awesome. Thank you, Wendy. 

Wendy Myers: Thank you. Everyone, I will talk to you guys next week.